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In this issue: 2: NEWS 4: Bilbao – a city of images 6: Developing gap in the mid-plus and high end residential market? 7: Real Estate Investments 8: Leveraging the potential of Bulgaria

Dear reader, Welcome to the 80th issue of Colliers Magazine. This probably makes this publication the longest running real estate magazine in Bulgaria – or even the region. We are proud to continue to provide relevant information about the real estate market, and would be glad to hear how we’re doing – and what could be even better. By all accounts, this year is likely to be as challenging as 2010, though in a different way. In this edition of Colliers Magazine, we’re reviewing the prospects for 2011 in both the residential and commercial real estate markets. Have residential prices reached the bottom; will the year of the hare welcome the anticipated positive changes after the ferocious year of the tiger?

10: May the force be with you 12: The tortoise, the hare and the race to the top 14: Residential listings

All too often real estate discussions derail due to a lack of common terminology. Colliers contribution to a more constructive debate includes the new columns found in this Magazine – Real Estate 101, focusing on clarifying terms and terminology. In this edition, columns feature Sustainability and Investment (page 7)

26: Operational shopping malls

Innovation and not doing business as usual is one of the keys to beating the recession. A recent survey showed that medical students, who had attended a 10-week course where they analyse paintings, turned out to be markedly better at correctly diagnosing their patients’ symptoms. Why? Because their attention and ability to observe has increased.

28: Shopping malls under development

The feature about Bilbao on page 4 inspires by showcasing successful practices and provoke thoughts for positive changes in Bulgarian cities.

18: Class A office projects 20: Office offers

We wish you success in your business and beyond.

Disclaimer This magazine has been prepared by Colliers International for advertising and general information only. Colliers International makes no guarantees, representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, regarding the information including, but not limited to, warranties of content, accuracy and reliability. Any interested party should undertake their own inquiries as to the accuracy of the information. Colliers International excludes unequivocally all inferred or implied terms, conditions and warranties arising out of this document and excludes all liability for loss and damages arising there from. This publication is the copyrighted property of Colliers International and /or its licensor(s). © 2011. All rights reserved.

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Mount View 84 000 €

two-bedroom apartment › 96,02 м2, completely finished › Built-in kitchen, ready bathroom › At the foot of Vitosha Mountain; swimming pool and fitness in the complex call +359 2 976 9 976

Serdika Offices announces new tenants

Three new companies from different sectors chose to move their offices in Serdika Offices - Internsnack Bulgaria, part of Intersnack Group, a leading company in the energy sector and an international producer of pharmaceutical products. Tenants will benefit from the many advantages of the project including easily accessible location, high technical specifications and the numerous amenities in the adjacent shopping center.

Novartis chooses a new office location

Novartis, a fast-growing pharmaceutical company, moves its Bulgarian headquarters to a new location. Colliers facilitated the exit agreement and represented the company in making the best choice for a new office solution. Novartis’ choice was ‘Florida’ – an office building that provides central location (close to the military hospital), convenient access, quality specifications and finishing works.

Schenker in Logistics Park Varna Schenker – a major player in the ThirdParty Logistics business, leased 5,000 sqm logistics and office premises in Logistics Park Varna (exclusively represented by Colliers). This is the largest tenant in LPV so far, and the first one in their new building A6. “We are extremely happy to secure this major tenant, especially for a client that Colliers has been representing since the very beginning of its development”, said Anton Slavtchev, Manager – Industrial and Logistics.

Pfizer moves to а new office

The pharmaceutical giant Pfizer moved its Bulgarian head office to the European Trade Center. A few months ago Colliers facilitated the lease transaction, and consequently provided move management services, facilitating the client in organizing and supervising the smooth moving process on all fronts. Colliers is also providing facility management services to Pfizer’s new office premises.

Colliers secures an international company in Polygraphia office center

Ubisoft, a leading international developer, publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment products, has concluded a long-term lease contract with Polygraphia office center - a modern class А office building in the city center of Sofia. The lease transaction was facilitated by Colliers International, who represented the tenant. Ubisoft’s new headquarters will spread on 1,500 square meters, and will fully answer the R&D company expansion needs.

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Colliers International: Positive Outlook for the Logistics Market

The majority of third-party logistics (3PL) providers on the Bulgarian market believes that the overall outlook for the logistics market in 2011 is more positive than in 2010. This is according to Colliers International’s

Busy season for Valuation and Advisory Services team The first half of 2011 has marked a busy season for the Valuation and Advisory Services team. Besides annual recurring port-

second annual survey, conducted among more than 70 major 3PL companies. 76% of the 3PL providers, who participated the survey, believe that 2011 will be a better market year than 2010, while in 2010 the optimistic companies were just 47%. It is worth noting that none from the companies expect a slowdown in their markets (in 2010 they were 29%).

The research shows that FMCGs (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and pharmaceutical companies remain the main drivers in the logistics market for a second year in a row. In 2011, 3PL distribution centers register an increase in the occupancy rate, which is an additional indicator that they have been amongst the active companies on the market.

folio valuations – Colliers has long-term contracts with a number of companies, new requests for valuations have been very high. Nevena Marinova-Bogoeva, the manager of the team, is pleasantly surprised by the high demand not only for Colliers’ valuation services but also for the company’s advisory services. “We were expecting the number

of requests to increase because the beginning of each year is traditionally a very busy period for us. The demand for our consultancy and advisory services has also been increasing, particularly for feasibility and marketability studies, which is a great sign of the increased economic activity and a more active real estate market”.

new tenants. Other brands that have recently joined the biggest mall in Bulgaria are Columbia, offering stylish and functional outdoor clothes and equipment, New Balance (for the fitness fans), Bijou Brigitte for the lovers of custom jewelry and accessories,

Collezione (450 sqm), Roca - the leading bathroom global brand, which will spread its showroom on 350 sqm, Guy Laroche (230 sqm) and Multimaistor service senter (“allin-one” service center – shoemaker, tailor’s, key and battery services, etc.)

CSC moves to Varna Towers CSC, a global leader in providing technologyenabled solutions and services, will move its Bulgarian office in Varna in Varna Towers. The company’s new office will occupy app. 1,760 sqm in the new shopping and administrative center, located on two main crossroads. Colliers provides landlord representation services to the office part of Varna Towers. CSC Bulgaria has two offices in Bulgaria – one in Sofia, and one in Varna (since 2006). The company expansion is yet another testament to Varna’s emerging role as a successful outsourcing destination.

The Mall welcomed new tenants Children and lovers of popular animated character can visit “Nebivala Zemia” (“Fantastic Land”), which is amongst The Mall’s

New stores open in Grand Mall Grand Mall keeps the promise to offer a rich variety of brands for every age and taste. Acqua mania (pets shop), Perfections (baby clothes and shoes), Guess, Cacao Club (chil-

dren fashion), Tempo Sport, Reball “home wars” (family entertainment), KidsPlanet (entertainment center), Mr. Potato, Subway and McDonald’s are amongst the newcomers of the biggest mall in Varna, operated by Colliers International.



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by Nicoleta Popkostadinova Photos © Nikolay Boykov

Bilbao – a city of images Do you know a city where ships sail through the streets? Where mountains are visible from any point? Whose streets are outdoor museums of modern art with some of the most famous works of the 20th century? Where industrial zones easily blend into modern, residential areas? A city, where cultural sites stay intact for more than 700 years?


ilbao - the city for photos” This is one of many advertisements that highlight the qualities of the Spanish city, the center of the northern province of Biscay. Its slogan aims at attracting both tourists and people from the film industry. For the past 25 years, since the city started its transformation, it has deliberately been positioned as a magnet for film makers. Thus the city appears in movies like “James Bond: The World Is Not Enough”, music videos such as “Sweetheart” of Mariah Carey and computer game “Sin City 4”. Attracting mega-budget film and music productions not only successfully supported the goal of Bilbao’s town planning strategy. Today, the place is called “the new center of the urbanism”, and in 2010 it received the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize, considered to be the ‘Oscar’ award in urbanism, for its holistic approach to urban transformation. The Lee Kuan prize was founded by the Singapore Prime Minister, whose work to transform Singapore into a modern me-

tropolis has been recognized internationally. Last year, Bilbao competed with more than 77 cities worldwide, and won in three categories: quality of life, integrity of urban planning and vitality. But Bilbao was not always such an outstanding destination. Until recently it was only a peripheral European city, marked by Basque nationalism, economic decline and severe pollution. Founded in the 14th century as a trading port for the export of iron, in the 19th century it changes from a small town with only seven streets into the second largest industrial center in Spain. However, during the most of 20th century it is a sad picture of the industrialization decline. At the end of the 80ies, it is obvious that Bilbao needs an economic and urban revival. Since then, authorities have systematically and resolutely implemented various initiatives supporting the revitalization of Bilbao.. The start was the renovation of the city’s underground transport system. Today, it is considered one of the top-notch urban developments. Its underground stations are basically made of

stainless steel, glass, and concrete, created by world-famous architect Norman Foster. The branch of the Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art, Guggenheim, opened in Bilbao in 1997, is an unprecedented success. This is the building that became the symbol of the new avant-garde city. Its founder is Frank Gehry, the internationally recognized Canadian-American architect, who like Norman Foster is a Pritzker winner. Guggenheim Bilbao is regarded as one of the most important architectural works in the 2010 World Architecture Survey. Vanity Fair says about it that this is a unique moment in the history of architecture, since it is “one of those moments where critics, academics and public are completely unanimous in their opinion.” The direct impact on the development of the city is an economic boom, caused by the huge interest from tourists and visitors. The phenomenon of how a building can become a catalyst for the development of the entire city is even referred to as “The Bilbao effect”.


New projects and developments do not stop here. As Guggenheim was built on an old timber dock, the French designer Philippe Starck transforms Alhóndiga. The wine cellar dating from 1909 is converted into a multifunctional area with cinemas, fitness center, library and restaurants. The Spanish architect and engineer Santiago Calatrava Valls is the creator of the expressionistic lines of the new airport terminal. He has also designed the famous pedestrian bridge Zubizuri (the “white bridge” in Basque). The renovation of another industrial zone in the heart of Bilbao – Abandoibarra, will be completed in this year. Here you will find the tallest skyscraper in the Basque province - Iberdrola Tower, whose architect is the popular Argentinean Cesar Pelli, creator of the World Financial Center in New York, the International Finance Centre in Hong Kong, the financial districts in London and Tokyo and the Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. This region also hosts Euskalduna, the concert and conferences hall, which offers a mix of modernism and classicism. Bilbao’s transformation policy consists not only in attracting the most prominent architectural studios, but involves many other measures, such as cleaning the river system, which is the water artery throughout the Basque region. Infrastructural projects focused on the new ring road, a new accessibility plan for the whole city and the Artxandra Tunnel. In 2010, public parks

in the city counted 18 in total, with a territory of almost 2 km2. Furthermore, Bilbao has a so-called “green belt” of another 10 km2, of which 1.1 km2 are urban. The city is not only a mixture of modern architecture and avant-garde solutions. Since it was founded 700 years ago, Bilbao has been associated with neoclassical architecture. Most of it can be seen in the Old City which is almost entirely pedestrian. Here are the St. James Cathedral and the church of San Anton, also regarded as symbols of the city and included in his coat of arms. Bilbao is an example of how modern architecture and seven centuries of culture can complement and combine in a completely harmonious urban environment. Poise and pragmatism are the main drivers of Bilbao’s city planning. Balance can be traced through the various architectural periods, while pragmatism is a reflection of the spirit of entrepreneurship of local government. The result is a modern and advanced city with high quality of life for its 350,000 inhabitants, with brilliant facilities and remarkable architecture, full of the greatest names of the 20th and 21st centuries; with careful thought behind the environment, climate and above all – its citizens. It is not by accident that Bilbao’s radical transformation from post-industrial city into a vibrant metropolis is associated with the latest urban development trends.


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Developing gap in the mid-plus and high-end residential market?

Mount View

Sofia Sky

According to a recent Colliers survey, with app. 200 respondents, the popularity of compounds is increasing among Bulgarians. Colliers Magazine asked Tatiana Emilova, Manager - Residential Services why this type of home is increasingly popular, and what will happen on the mid-plus and residential market in 2011.


s. Emilova, what specifically are buyers within the mid-plus and high-end segment looking

for? During the last 12-18 months, we have seen buyers becoming more confident, with much higher expectations and requirements in terms of their future home. People looking for residential property within the mid-plus and high-end segment are often attracted by the so-called “gated communities�. Colliers’ research shows that the most important drivers for buyers in such types of compounds are safety, followed by quality of the property, the maintenance of common areas; large, green areas and the availability of parking solutions. What is the most transacted type of home within this segment, and what is a typical profile of the buyer? Our experience shows that buyers are most frequently choosing 3-5 bedroom apartments as well as single family houses. The typical buyer in the mid-plus and high-end segment is usually a Bulgarian, occupying a senior managerial position, often self-em-

ployed. These buyers are often less dependent on the availability of mortgages, since most purchases have a high degree of self financing. They are predominantly looking for a family home, and have quite specific expectations. Buyers are often attracted by neighbors with a similar lifestyle, and thus new communities are being formed within the developments.

What is the current availability of the mid-plus and high-end residential units, and do you expect new projects of this type entering the market soon? Currently, there are not more than 3-4,000 residential units within this segment, concentrated in the Sofia area. This amount includes both finished homes and projects in final stages of construction. The majority are within developments with more than 50 units (apartments/row houses/houses), and are situated in the southern neighborhoods in Sofia and in Iztok. We have witnessed a stable demand for such kind of projects. Simultaneously, no new large-scale projects have been initiated in 2010, and as the current stock is gradu-

real estate 101

Real Estate Investments


Residential Park Sofia

ally absorbed, available supply is becoming scarcer. Thus, potential buyers might experience that the selection of appropriate properties gets smaller.

What is the current price range of the high-end residential properties, and what trends do you see for 2011? There is a clear expectation that the residential market has reached the bottom in terms of sales prices. Currently, the offered price range in the mid-plus and high-end segment of the market is quite wide, and is typically EUR 1,000 – 1,600/sqm. There are numerous factors that influence the level, such as location, quality, overall concept, scope of finishes, type of property etc. Developers remain flexible, and continue offering concessions like include finishing works, second parking space, payment of notary/transfer fees, as well as various payment options. ‘Lease-to-buy’ remains an attractive scheme in the market, but the success highly depends on the details of the various project schemes. In view of the emptying pipeline, it is likely that developers will take advantage of the

gap between supply and demand, and may adjust prices to new market conditions.

How is 2011 shaping up in terms of residential real estate? With the gradually improvement of the Bulgarian economy, demand of mid-plus and high-end residential real estate is likely to grow. The diminishing supply, on the other side, and the increasing absorption will gradually bring to a qualitatively undersupplied market, which will create an attractive opportunity. I believe we will see international developers entering this segment of the market in the mid-term period. Sales prices will stabilize and might increase slightly. On the whole, the situation on the residential market remains volatile, but I believe the overall development direction is quite clear and not likely to reverse. We are still far from the momentum of 2007-2008 on the residential market, and that is not in sight on the short-term horizon either. But the general perspective for the mid-plus and high-end part of the housing market is positive; demand is increasing and we have excellent opportunities for clients right now.

n real estate terminology, Investment Sale is differentiated from other types of real estate transactions by one important characteristic; an investment sale is a transaction in which the object of sale and acquisition is an income generating property. This type of deal differs from a disposal of land plots or buildings, which do not generate income to the owner. The objective of this type of transaction is to transfer ownership of a commercial, hotels or residential property which will then generate a positive cash flow through renting out of premises to end-users/tenants. In the classic case, an Investment Product - when referred to in the context of real estate - is a commercial property with a stabilized income stream of rental payments, leased out to one or more tenants (end-users). A typical lowrisk investment product for Bulgaria will have lease agreements with more than 5 year term length, strong covenants protecting the landlord (owner of the building) against early termination of the leases, and complete coverage of all operating expenses of the property by the user (the tenant). The pricing of such investment products is generally achieved through a discounting of the rental cash flows with a market supported yield or capitalization rate. By dividing the net annual profits (rent revenues minus nonrecoverable operating costs) from of a commercial property by the appropriate yield percentage, the potential investor arrives at an estimated value for the property. The yield percentage used in this calculation reflects that investor’s opinion of the total risk involved with that particular transaction. A high yield would mean that the particular investor considers a product to be risky, thereby requiring a higher return for the higher risk assumed and lower price. Inversely, a low yield percentage reflects a secure, well performing and low-risk investment, which would consecutively cost more to acquire.



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Leveraging the potential of Bulgaria

Peter Peters; Bulgaria Should Make Best of Its Chances To Shine in Outsourcing

There are some things you can always do. There is a history, a legacy - in a positive sense - in Bulgaria of being intellectually strong and solving tough problems,” says Dr Peter Peters, Senior Partner at McKinsey. “As a government, be ready when the opportunity arrives and do not drag on for years, have a pot of money to dedicate to support these types of initiatives. I know it is very tough to avoid talking about the potential for corruption, but maybe it can be done in a non-companyspecific way.” “Entrepreneurship is needed both on the side of the government and the private business, while those who have already been successful should attempt to encourage others to follow in their footsteps and seize the opportunities when they arrive”. The advice rolls from Dr Peters in a manner that makes it obvious that it is not the first time he is delivering it. With 10 years of consulting experience in the outsourcing and off-shoring sector, he has also been involved in McKinsey’s Eastern European Services and Technology Community conference since the initiative was launched to emulate the success of NASSCOM, the industry group that promotes India’s IT outsourcing sector.

According to Dr Peters, there is no reason why the region, and Bulgaria in particular, could not follow in India’s footsteps. Demographic trends have left a much slimmer talent pool in developed countries to deal with the increasing amount of work coming the industry’s way, which is why even during the recent economic crisis, the industry has seen an increase, albeit at a slower pace, of outsourcing. “India has a talent problem as well when it comes to the jobs that originally went there, the talent pools are depleted in the sense that they’ve (skimmed) the cream from the milk, they are all gone,” he said. “And now you say, ‘where do I find the next level of talent’ and companies are really searching still for a lot of geographies at the moment.” What Bulgaria lacks is a well-known success story instantly recognizable by the industry, such as Skype in Estonia or Luxoft in Russia, which helped build the reputation of Russian programmers being able to accomplish the impossible. “It is a matter of focus; conferences provide a kind of lens on the economy, look at this pool of talent and suddenly people start thinking differently about what could be achieved. If you don’t look through the lens, you don’t see the opportunity.”

The Outsourcing and Off-shoring conference organized by AmCham and InvestBulgaria in cooperation with Colliers International identified a potential for Bulgaria to become a significant destination for outsourcing business. In this double interview Dr. Peters and Mr. Hoch from the McKinsey Düsseldorf office shares their vision.

Courtesy of SeeNews Photos © McKinsey & Company

Detlev Hoch; Niche Focus, Better Marketing Could Boost Bulgarian Outsourcing Sector

Bulgaria could boost its outsourcing sector by finding segments where it has competitive potential and by doing a better marketing job. The only choice Bulgaria has in developing its outsourcing sector is a niche strategy, which in business terminology means Bulgaria needs to find “sweet spots”, says Director at McKinsey Germany, Detlev Hoch “Examples of such a niche focus areas could be in very select segments of IT and engineering services - ship design in 3-D CAD technology, embedded systems development in mechatronics (a blend between mechanical engineering and electronics), green sensoring and monitoring technology, etc. These are small pockets of most valuable expertise and the world needs that kind of know-how and it needs to know that it does exist in Bulgaria,” Hoch said. Hoch sees insufficient marketing as a major obstacle for the development of the outsourcing sector in Bulgaria. “Bulgaria is not marketed enough. One has to fly to Varna or to Sofia to find out about such opportunities, and that is not how modern marketing works.” Hoch also sees room for improvement in the country’s legal system. “Research McKinsey put together for the World Economic Forum shows that the legislation in Bulgaria should be improved, for example, with respect to intellectual property protection. If a company wants to set up shop in a technical discipline and if they want to

patent something here, they want to be sure that their intellectual property rights will be as highly respected as if they were to patent it somewhere else in the EU,” Hoch said. Marketing and legislation are key components of the „business environment“ enabler of an overall framework consisting of a total of five enablers in which Bulgaria has to improve in order to develop its outsourcing industry: infrastructure, financial capital, human capital, demand and Business environment. “Overall Bulgaria ranks below average in most components of these five enablers,” Hoch said, referring to the findings of a McKinsey survey that benchmarked 139 countries worldwide. Hoch sees Bulgaria’s human capital as the country’s strongest potential source of competitive advantage, and believes the number of qualified suitable professionals in engineering and IT services should increase.  “Bulgaria could increase the level of graduates in engineering or computer science or any sort of technical discipline as opposed to liberal sciences, like Business administration or legal studies. And this way you could go back to what used to be a historic intellectual asset in this country. Eventually we stop talking and debating and start doing something.  Putting Bulgaria on the global outsourcing and off-shoring map means taking real action by the government and the businesses and of course making it visible to the rest of the world,” Hoch recommends.


By Joanna Rosenova

May the force be with you Feng Shui for happiness in and outside your home


ccording to an ancient Chinese proverb, before you start improving the world, look around your house three times. Feng Shui (Fen Shui, Fun Shuei, Fei Sha, etc.) is a Chinese system of beliefs to control the calendar, the interior and the exterior, or time and space. “Feng” means “air”, “Shui” – “water”; the other elements in life are metal, fire and wood. Amongst all them is a certain hierarchy and the way they are arranged in the orderly octangular diagram called “bagua”, the wood originates the fire, the fire – the earth, the earth – the metal, the water puts out the fire, the fire melts the metal, the metal cuts the wood, the wood – the earth, and the earth buries the water...No matter their “relationships” are, however, all elements love each other as in fact they are one whole called “chi” or cosmic energy that improves the earth through its variety if metamorphosis. We are the ones to welcome this cosmic energy around us and let it pass comfortably so that it could bring us happiness. No matter whether we have in mind a commercial, office, or residential building, before we start bringing in the good luck, it is good to look outside. This is a number one rule for each Feng Shui specialist respecting himself. He makes sure his working kit always includes a “bagua”, some tables and calculations that are used to check the individual compatibility of a person with the respective place in the specific time. It is also the right compass to find the correct directions – south, north, east and west, as the energies emanated from the four of them are of key importance – first, the location of each building is to be fixed, and then it comes to the exposure and interior design.

The Bagua

The diagram presents the four directions in the world, which are practically valid for every place and responsible for the different status of our existence there and now. To the east is the zone of the family, ambitions and the naturalness. To the west are creativity, children, money and achievements. The north is for the career, intellect, sexuality and abundance, while the south is the place for fame recognition, joy and happiness. The north-east patronizes motivation, studies, self-awareness and intuition; the north-west – mentorship, bravery, friends and spiritual teachers. The south-east supports wealth, growth and interaction, while the south-west – relationships, marriage and followers. In the centre of the Bagua, and respectively in the core of the harmonious space, stand stability, health, balance and welfare in the widest sense of the world.

Tiger and Dragon According to the tradition, the four directions in the world are closely related to the characteristic features of four mystical animals – the Tiger, the Dragon, the Tortoise and the Phoenix. Their energies protect specific parts of the building and the space around it, so that a constant flow of positive energy is secured. What are the main ‘principles’ that should be observed? It is sufficient to look around us and check what kind of buildings, trees, even street lamps are there around our house and to assess the situation. The Tiger should be facing the west. He symbolizes the metal, and takes

lifestyle colliers magazine

By Joanna Rosenova

care of the positive “yin” (or the female) energy in the house. He is also referred to as the “White Tiger” and is believed to guard the “treasures” at home…by growling in a loyal, powerful and mastered way. The “treasures” are also influenced by the opposite direction, occupied by the Green Dragon. Its direction is the east, the element – wood, and the energy that it guards – the “yang” , or active male energy. There is a more liberal principle when it comes to the buildings directions however, which partly releases us from the obligation to refer to a compass. According to it, “the Dragon should be placed to the left, and the Tiger – to the right”. The easiest way is to face the front door and “check” in what form do these animals exist. If, for example, the place of the Tiger or the Dragon is occupied by a park/garden or another empty space instead of a building, rock or a tree, it is a good idea to plant a tree, put additional lighting (i.e. a street lamp), or place a fountain in order to bring good luck in your home and regulate the energies. While we are facing the main entrance, it should be noted that this is the place of the Fire Phoenix. Its optimal direction is the south as it charges its power through the Sun. In order to secure eternal wealth and abundance, it is essential that the space if front of the building is open. In order to complete the harmony at home, look at the back of the building, because this is where the fourth guardian – the Black Tortoise – stays. It is best that it faces the north, and is placed at the foot of a hill, a high building or another height, so that wisdom, stability and persistence is brought for all inhabitants.

Shapes and colors “Chi” energy is in constant movement, so our aim is to let it be active enough in every part of our home. The triangular and rectangular shapes in architecture help its easy spreading. L-shapes and T-shapes, however, can block the “chi” energy. It is considered that irregular geometrical shapes block up the energy streams. They do not allow any development and their matrix is repeated in the dwellers’ lives. For example, it is highly probable for a person living under a roof covering a large part of the house, to feel depressed.

In order to attract positive energy, we also use the power of colors and be very careful whether they are “yin” or “yang”. The “yin” colors include blue, green, pink, white and black. They are basically used to help people recover and relax. Each of them has its own individual qualities and can stimulate certain fields. The blue color creates the feeling of quiet and trust. Violet improves person’s spiritual awareness. Black is the color of concentration. White creates peace and confidence. Green brings freshness, and pink comforts with its amorous vibrations. “Yang” colors are yellow, red and orange. They are loyal when they are to make people enthusiastic and motivated to complete their projects. The red color is a symbol of the power of fire; it could be both constructive and destructive. If we use it moderately, it can bring good luck, joy, authority and strong sexual desire. Similarly, yellow also introduces the energy of the Sun, but is slightly cozier and livelier. Orange has an effect of improving our organizational skills and choosing the right purpose. We should estimate which part to emphasize on and how to express our decision about the appropriate color, thus providing the energy required.

The entrance Before we cross the threshold of the house, there are some more rules from ancient times to consider at our present address. According to the eastern philosophy, the right thing to do is to avoid living in residential buildings in dead-end streets and with roads from all sides. Otherwise we risk either being left without any energy or it will pass too fast and too soon. The buildings around shouldn’t be very close or press against our own one. They must not be too high or close to the horizon, or have sharp and “hostile” edges. We need to be very careful about the flora and fauna around us; the species should be living, as this is a certain sign for a regular stream of space energy. Finally, when we get to the entrance door, it shouldn’t be red, so as not to cause excessive energy fluctuations but rather in light colors with a spacious entrance hall; the door should be open friendly to ourselves and to “chi” energy itself.



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The tortoise, the hare and the race to the top


hen thinking of the Bulgarian market for logistics real estate, the image of a tortoise easily comes to mind; the market is evolving at its own, unhurried pace. The development in the past six months doesn’t fundamentally rock this picture. Growth in stock was a modest 4.3% (equal to 19,000 sqm) in Sofia, with the net absorption at the same level. There is still limited supply of contemporary, speculative stock across the country, but a new submarket has emerged compensating for any lack of supply. This market appears as vacant, owner-occupied warehouse space is being subleased. Real estate experts typically turn to acronyms when defining the movers and shakers of the logistics segment as FMCGs (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and 3PLs (thirdparty logistics providers) are the key drivers of the market. The large, international food retailers constructed large central distribu-

“2011 will be a defining year for many retail chains and malls in Bulgaria. Due to the rapid expansion and reduced consumer demand, some retailers have registered a contraction in revenue. The joint efforts of owners and tenants in the positioning of the mall, attracting visitors through various events and entertainment, and the improvement of various concepts will be essential to the success of retailers.” Iglika Yordanova – Manager, Retail Services tion facilities around Sofia, with the area of Elin Pelin being the preferred location. So what is next for this segment? Will the slow, but steady pace bring the tortoise to the head of the race? The short answer is “not likely”. On the supply side, the market is still characterized by smaller, local developers. Bulgaria has yet to see the international developers that propelled the development of the logistics segment in Central Eastern Europe. Demand will largely depend on the economic growth in

“In the last half year we saw a slight increase in the activities of logistics operators. More and more companies - mainly from food processing, electronics, health & beauty and the automotive sector - are choosing to outsource part of its distribution business to focus on their core business.” Anton Slavtchev – Manager, Industrial Services.

the coming years. The most likely scenario is probably another period of moderate, but steady growth. The retail market has long been the hare of Bulgarian commercial real estate, and the second half of 2010 cemented this position. On a six month basis the amount of contemporary shopping mall stock increased 19.6% (from 450,000 to 560,000 sqm), with a massive 140% increase for the full year of 2010. What might impress even more than the increase in stock is the fact that the market in Sofia basically managed to absorb the 116,000 sqm added by The Mall and Serdika Center in the spring of 2010. With almost 180,000 sqm in the active shopping mall pipeline for Sofia, the question remains when or if the hare will take its fatal nap, or simply continues the sprint?


Discounters still make their mark on the retail landscape, particularly in the big box segment. Lidl simultaneously opened 14 stores, and with the acquisition of the Plus chain they quickly gained foothold on the Bulgarian market. Measured by number of shops, they are still the runner-up though. The proliferation of the supermarket format in Bulgaria is primarily driven by local chains such as Piccadilly, Fantastico and 345, while the remaining types (cash & carry, hypermarkets and discount) are dominated by international chains. Despite the increase in shopping mall inventory, the high streets in Sofia, Varna, Burgas and Plovdiv are doing quite well; vacancy levels are rather moderate, and the percentage of replacements remains single-digit. Signs are beginning to surface, indicating a comeback of the high street. While Bulgarians have eagerly adopted new formats, perhaps the time has come to renew the long held affection for city center

shopping. In Sofia, both Vitosha Blvd, Pirotska and Lege Street are seeing new, recognized fashion retailers expanding with high street locations. The office segment, being the most developed commercial real estate segment, seems to be running in a race of its own. The past six months saw the largest ever increase in the total inventory of office space in Sofia; 150,000 sqm was added to the stock. On an annual base the figure is 256,000 sqm equivalent to an increase of 24%. This means that a fifth of the total office stock is actually completed in 2010. This massive increase is driven by the completion of a few, large projects that were initiated mid-2007, in a more optimistic market. No new projects were initiated in the second half of the year, which means that the pipeline is slowly emptying. The net absorption was a surprisingly robust 60,900 sqm in H2 2010, though not

“Significant movement in the office market is expected in 2011, as a number of lease contracts expire, leading to new deals. The increased optimism among occupiers is likely to reflect in the demand on the office market in the coming months.” Anton Slavtchev – Manager, Office Real Estate Services

sufficient to prevent the vacancy level from increasing – reaching an average of 25.4% of total stock. The majority of the demand was driven by relocation needs. Many occupiers took advantage of the attractive rental rate level for high quality office space in communicative locations. With an additional 150,000 sqm of contemporary office space coming to the market in Sofia in the first half of this year, the competition for tenants is – if not a marathon, more of a hurdle race than a sprint. The segmentation in the market is becoming quite apparent, with a limited number of office buildings experiencing soaring vacancies, while established office locations are faring reasonably well. With increasing absorption the office market is expected to become more balanced in the mid-term horizon. According to the Chinese zodiac, 2011 is the year of the hare – a welcome change after the ferocious year of the tiger. According to the China Daily, 2011 is a special metal-hare year which should make it golden for business. After a couple of challenging years, the players on the commercial real estate market are likely to appreciate even a bronze medal in the race to the top.

Colliers has recently published its half year research reports for the retail, industrial, office and residential markets. The reports are available on-line at


colliers magazine

residential projects

Residential Park Sofia

Key benefits:

Spacious green areas, alleys and parks Intelligent parking solutions Security and controlled access Reliable infrastructure


Malinova Dolina, opposite Business Park Sofia Residential Park Sofia offers a variety of multi-family, row houses and detached houses, a shopping area and office space for sale/rent. The complex features a unique living environment that guarantees safety and a high standard of living for all residents. Situated at the foot of the Vitosha Mountain, Residential Park Sofia offers numerous opportunities for entertainment and relaxation. Completed, with Act 16.


Apartments: 88 – 159 sqm; Houses: 171 – 275 sqm

Commercial area:

Shopping area with stores Café and restaurant Sports facilities and swimming pool Daytime kindergarten, playgrounds Health care center and pharmacy Party hall for celebrations and festivities

Sofia Sky


Key benefits:

The location and the manner in which the development is constructed guarantees an extraordinary view to the city and to the mountain. Sofia Sky is characterized by construction allowing space and view. The infrastructure in the area and within the complex is fully developed, and there are nice shops and restaurants conveniently located in the neighborhood. The homes have good, functional layouts, with green areas and a lovely playground for the residents. Sofia Sky offers a variety of single-family houses, row houses, apartment villas and apartments in different sizes. Completed, with Act 16.


Simeonovo district, Simeonovsko shousse

Green areas, gardens, playgrounds Above and underground parking Security, property management Energy efficient design and construction

Detached Houses: 434 sqm Row Houses: 224 – 338 sqm Apartments: 59 – 164 sqm Maisonettes: from 226 sqm

for more residential information and properties, visit our dedicated website at


Vitosha Tulip


Krastova Vada district, close to Cherni Vrah Blvd. Vitosha Tulips offers a wide selection of apartments ranging from one to three or more bedrooms, penthouses and garden units. Impeccable design, quality materials and a warm, inviting ambience distinguish this unique development. Situated near Vitosha Mountain, the development gives endless possibilities to enjoy natural splendor and fulfils every need of its residents of sports, recreation and total relaxation. Completed, with Act 16.

Key benefits:

SPA centre, indoor pool, sport facilities Beautiful gardens, alleys and recreational areas Contemporary finishing works Professional property management


Apartments: 70 – 191 sqm

Mount View


Vitosha district, next to Simeonovsko shousse Mount View is conveniently located close to all major points of interest, while maintaining the peace and quiet a home should have. Mount View offers apartments with different layout and lies on top of two levels of underground parking. It is surrounded by serene and green landscaping. This development is ideal for singles, families and couples alike. Completed, with Act 16.

Key benefits:

Finishing works and built-up kitchens with appliances Sport amenities within the complex, swimming pool Green areas, children playground Controlled access, 24 hour security


Apartments: 44 – 160 sqm


colliers magazine residential listings

Lagera Tulip Location:

Lagera district


Apartments: 36 – 198 sqm

VIP Complex Loven Park Location:

Dianabad district


Apartments: 70 – 350 sqm

Mountain House Location:

Simeonovo district


Apartments and studios: 68 – 354 sqm

Delta Imoti Location:

Pozitano street


Apartments: 66 - 158 sqm Offices: 69 – 180 sqm

Lagera Tulip comprises four modern apartment blocks, with modern finishing works, designed to take maximum advantage of the local landscape. The complex includes retail and entertainment area, underground parking, recreational facilities, children’s playgrounds and luxuriant gardens, all specifically designed to serve the residents of Lagera Tulip. The project offers an excellent location in proximity to the city center, as well as a convenient access by public transport. Shops, schools and kinder gardens are available in the vicinity. Completed, with Act 16.

The communicative location, the proximity to nature and luxury construction of VIP Complex Loven Park, that offers the opportunity to have individual interior design of each apartment, have turned it into a unique place in the centre of Sofia, which may meet the expectations of the most exigent customers. The architecture of the complex is modern and functional. VIP Complex Loven Park offers multiple amenities including 24 hour security, underground parking places, medical center, supermarket, restaurants and shops. Completed, with Act 16.

Mountain House combines all benefits of property ownership in this part of town – location, transportation, major boulevard, as well as impressive panoramic views are all magnetic force for anyone who values the freedom to choose the best of the best. The residential building offers apartments and studios in an area with complete engineering infrastructure. This is your choice for a home in secure and convenient environment with plenty of green, sun and air, far away from urban vanity and noise.

Luxury six-storey new building in proximity of the city centre with perfect transport connections. It consists of apartments with different sizes and floor plans, shops, offices and underground parking spaces. There are shopping mall, restaurants and cafes in the vicinity. Completed, with Act 16.

for more residential information and properties, visit our dedicated website at


Colliers Hot Offer

Vitosha Tulip 132 000 € three-bedroom apartment

› 133,94 м2, with finishing works › At the foot of the mountain, convenient access › SPA center with swimming pool and fitness, underground parking call +359 2 976 9 976

Residencia Botanica Location:

Boyana district


Apartments: 50 – 200 sqm

Byala Cherkva Location:

местността Камбаните


Apartments: 95 - 105 sqm Houses: 192 – 245 sqm

Residencia Botanica is located in the immediate proximity of the “Botanical garden”. It offers unique comfort and luxury to its inhabitants among diversity of flowers and trees. The complex has very well maintained gardens, recreation areas, open-air kindergarten and exotic fountains around the pavement paths. Residencia Botanica consists of two parts – residential that offers studios of different sizes, apartments and maisonettes and service area including medical center, SPA center, restaurant, supermarket.

Situated at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, the complex consists of row houses and two bedroom apartments located in 8 buildings, each on three floors. The houses and the apartments on first floor have its private courtyard. The units are sold with finishing works and each one has a parking space. The green areas are well utilized and maintained. The complex has also retail area, including a shop, cafe, beauty salon, gym, kindergarten, playground, church.


colliers magazine

class A office projects

European Trade Center

ETC is a landmark office project with excellent location, visibility and accessibility. The office complex offers class A office space, efficient design solutions, multiple amenities and abundant parking space. Among the key tenants are Vivacom, Alcatel-Lucent, Samsung, Special Events Group, Call Point New Europe, Inditex, Pfizer, Playtech, CSMS


Tzarigradsko Shousse Blvd.


Open space flexible layout planning TBA: 72,000 sqm; GLA: 50,000 sqm, floor plate from 1,300 to 1,700 sqm (buildings B,C,D)

Key benefits: ›› Adjacent to The Mall ›› Convenient public transport ›› Excellent visibility and access ›› Easy access to the Central Business

›› Emergency diesel generators, which supplies

Standard office equipment: ›› Suspended ceilings ›› Raised floors ›› Structured cabling system CAT 6

›› Disabled people facilities

TBA: 35,000 sqm; GLA: 28,000 sqm floor plate – up to 4,000 sqm


(several levels, 500 places for the office tenants) and storage facilities ›› A large variety of restaurants, cafes, food court, shops, banks, etc. ›› High optimization of working space,


the common parts of the buildings

›› Centralized fire alarm system ›› Access control with magnetic cards ›› 24/7 CCTV system in common areas ›› 24/7 physical security ›› Façade: energy saving technology, UV rays protection

Serdika Offices offers excellent Class A office space in a landmark project together with the adjoining Serdika Center. The co-existence with the shopping mall brings additional advantage: a perfect atmosphere for a team meeting or a business lunch and after business hours employees can relax at the leisure facilities of the shopping center. The building provides excellent location, high visibility and easy access by public and private transportation.

Open space flexible layout planning

elevators, 1 freight elevator

District and Sofia International Airport ›› Direct access to the underground parking and storage facilities ›› A large variety of restaurants, cafes, shops, banks, modern fitness center and other services ›› Underground parking, over 800 spaces

Serdika Offices

Sitnyakovo Blvd., Broad Center

›› Ventilation and 4-pipe air conditioning system ›› Building Management System (BMS) ›› Independent measurement of electricity ›› 5 high speed passenger

Key benefits: ›› Adjacent to Serdika Center shopping mall ›› Post office, hospital and numerous facilities in close proximity

›› Convenient public transport ›› Excellent visibility and access ›› Easy and fast access to CBD and Sofia Airport ›› Direct access to the underground parking

flexibility in partitioning

Standard office equipment: ›› Suspended ceilings ›› Raised floors ›› 3 meters clear height ›› Ventilation and 4-pipe air conditioning system ›› Double facade with internal blinds ›› Building Management System ›› High speed elevators ›› Centralized fire-alarm system ›› 24/7 CCTV system in the common areas ›› 24/7 physical security

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Business Park Sofia

Business Park Sofia hardly needs any introduction. This project continues to define the office market in Sofia.

Key benefits: ›› Provides efficiency, flexibility and


opportunities to relax and find inspiration ›› Good infrastructure ›› Conveniently reachable from all major boulevards and direct access to the ring road ›› Convenient public transport, free-of-charge shuttle for the office tenants.Within a 10 minute drive from the international airport ›› High level of security ›› Copy center and office supply ›› Shops, bank branches, restaurants,

Mladost 4, next to the Ring Road, at the foot of the Vitosha Mountain, about 20 minutes away from the Central Business District in Sofia


TBA: 300,000 sqm


convenience for corporate tenants

›› Attractive work environment, with abundant

cafes, pharmacy shop, post office

›› Holiday Inn hotel ›› Parking spaces in the buildings and in a separate parking building

Standard office equipment: ›› Suspended ceiling ›› Raised floor ›› Partition walls - dry gypsum ›› Structured cabling system – CAT 6 ›› Access control with magnetic cards ›› 24/7 CCTV system in common areas ›› 24/7 physical security

Bulgaria House

Bulgaria House provides excellent visibility and easy access.


49 Bulgaria Blvd., Motopista RD, Broad Center


TBA: 12,400 sqm; GLA: 10,500 sqm Floor plate from 212 tо 2,200 sqm

Key benefits: ›› Easy access ›› Convenient parking with 65 slots ›› Flexible partitioning ›› Bar& Dinner (in the building) ›› BILLA hypermarket, shops, bank branches and fitness center in close proximity

Standard office equipment: ›› Suspended ceiling ›› Raised floor ›› Partition walls – dry gypsum ›› Ventilation and 4-pipe air conditioning system ›› Independent measurement of electricity ›› 3 elevators ›› Centralized fire alarm system ›› Smoke detectors ›› 24/7 CCTV system in common areas ›› Installed alarm system

Central business district


colliers magazine

office offers

Moskovska 9 Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

9 Moskovska Str. Open space/Partitioned 584 sqm Upon request Tenant ready AT

Grawe Business Center Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

1 Tzar Boris ІІІ Blvd. Open space 244–506 sqm 9-10 Euro/sqm Tenant ready GU

Office Building Este Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

Nikolay Haytov str. Open Space/Partitioned 413 sqm — 1,276 sqm 12 Euro/sqm Tenant Ready GU

Bulgaria 2000 Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

Joan Pavel ІІ sq. Open space / Partitioned 221 sqm 11 Euro/sqm Tenant Ready DB

Business Center "Chameleon" Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

1-3 Cherni vrah Blvd. Open space 273 sqm 9 Euro/sqm Tenant ready AT

Office Building on Parchevich Str. Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

42 Parchevich Str. Partitioned 300 sqm 8 Euro/sqm Tenant Ready KH

The building is located in the very center of Sofia and represents an excellent office solution for companies seeking a prestigeous location in proximity to financial and governmental institutions. The layouts provide flexibility and functionality to the property.

GRAWE Business Center is a new office building located on the corner of Tzar Boris ІІІ Blvd. and Ivan Evstatiev Geshov Blvd., featuring central location, very good visibility and accessibility to major traffic arteries in Sofia. The building has all the necessary telecommunications infrastructure with computer cabling, telephone lines, as well as central air-conditioning, 24/7 video surveillance and physical security in the common areas."

The office part of Este Home and Spa is located in Iztok district. The building offers both open space and partitioned layout. One of the main advantages of the building are the 213 underground parking lots available. The building has raised floors, suspended ceilings, computer cabling, telephone lines, AC and ventilation systems. Video surveillance and 24/7 physical security for the common parts are provided, along with access control to the office premises. This business center is located just few streets away from National Palace of Culture, in close proximity to the metro station. The excellent visibility and the quality finishes are amongst the key benefits of the building. Bulgaria 2000 is an ideal solution for businesses looking for immediate occupation of smaller offices with central location and stylish interiors.

This Class A office building benefits from its excellent location - right next to the National Palace of Culture and in the same time on the crossroad of two of the city's main boulevards. The very low percentage of common areas contributes to the great efficiency of the space. The building has a 4-pipe HVAC system, raised floors and suspended ceilings.

The business center has excellent central location on a cross-street to the pedestrian zone of Vitosha Blvd. There is a variety of shops, restaurants, cafes and etc. in the area. The higher body of the business center in comparison with the low-rise houses in the surrounding area reveals a splendid view from the building. 24-hours physical security, video surveillance of the common areas, SOT and access control for the premises are available.

Central business district

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Platinum Buisness Center Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

26-30 Bacho Kiro Str. Open space 50 – 500 sqm 18 Euro/sqm Tenant Ready GU

Business Center “Doverie” Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

Tintyava Str. Open space 1000 sqm Upon request Tenant Ready AT

Zlatovrah Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

Zlatovrah Str., Lozenetz Open space/ Partitioned 350 sqm 6 Euro/sqm Tenant Ready DB

Office building on Slaveykov Blvd. Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

Pencho Slaveykov Blvd. Open space 120 sqm 6.5 Euro/sqm Tenant ready KH

Office Center Mandarin Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

Nikola Vaptzarov Blvd. Open space 633 sqm — 917 sqm 9.5 Euro/sqm Tenant Ready GU


Combines central location and on-site amenities with state-of-the-art specifications. The standard equipment of the building includes Structured cabling system – CAT 7, power supply through two independent substations, 4 elevators, 24/7 CCTV system in the common areas, 24/7 physical security. The building is in close proximity to the Presidency, the Council of Ministers building, TZUM, Central Bank’s Head Office, other bank institutions, restaurants and cafés. Parking. Services within the building: ONDA, fitness and spa center. Business Center “Doverie” is located on Tintyava Str. in close proximity to Tsarigradsko Shousse Blvd., which is one of the main traffic arteries connecting the suburban areas with the center of Sofia. The office building features excellent visibility, modern architecture and easy access on foot, by public transport or by car. The flexible layout and modern building systems are among its main advantages.

This office building is located on Zlatovruh Str., adjacent to a residential development. The office part has a separate entrance. There are office units on the three floors aboveground with a floor plate of about 350 sq. m. each. Zlatovruh building features high quality finishing works and HVAC system. Server rooms are provided per each floor. 10 underground parking lots included in the rent.

This new office development is located a few minutes away from the National Palace of Culture, in close proximity to Pirogov hospital. It benefits from excellent visibility, easy access on foot, by public transport (bus lines №260, 640, tram №5 and shuttle №39) or by car. The building features access control to the premises and video surveillance of the common areas.

Office Center Mandarin is a modern and functional commercial Class A building, designed to provide contemporary solutions for efficient office space usage, quality of construction and technical facilities. The development features a high level of security, Category 7 cabling and high standards of finishing works. The development is in close proximity to the Central Business District and the Airport and is now fully operational.

Main Boulevards


colliers magazine office offers

Enterprise Buildings Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

10 Dimitar Manov Str. & 12 Emil Berzinski Str. Open space 373 sqm 6 Euro/sqm Tenant ready GU

Business Center Mik-M Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent/Sale Availability Broker

81 Tzar Boris ІІІ Blvd. Partitioned 205-430 sqm 8 - rent; 1056 - sale Euro/sqm Q1 2011 DB

Avi Business Center Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

Tsarigradsko Shousse Blvd. Open space 500 sqm 9 Euro/sqm Tenant Ready AT

High Tech East Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Sale Availability Broker

Tsarigradsko Shousse Blvd. Open space 9,180 sqm 6 Euro/sqm 1,000 Euro/sqm Tenant Ready GU

Adora Business Center Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

8 Racho Petkov Kazandzhiyata Str. Open space 1417–1861 sqm 6 Euro/sqm Tenant ready AT

Sopharma Business Towers Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

Dragan Tsankov Blvd. Open space 277–608 sqm 12 Euro/sqm H2 2011 AT

Enterprise buildings are adjacent to CBD with frontage on Bulgaria Blvd. The available space for rent is 3360 sqm With theirs prime location, the buildings represent an excellent office solution for companies seeking for a prestigeous location with poximity to financial and governmental institutions.

This class A office center is conveniently located in the Hipodruma quarter on Tzar Boris Blvd. The project features 7 office floors and 55 parking spaces on 2 underground levels. The building offers premises with square surface from 102 sqm up to 3,500 sqm with 2-pipe HVAC, 5th category computer cabling and high quality of the finishing works.

AVI Business Center is an office building located on Tsarigradsko Shousse Blvd. The project features high visibility and is in close proximity to the city center, the Airport and Business Park Sofia. AVI Business Center has modern building systems, open–space floor plan and competitive rent levels. Underground parking lots are availabe.

The project High Tech East is located on Tsarigradsko Shousse in the area of the 7th kilometer. It carries the characteristics of a Research and Development building, featuring large open — space floor plates, exceptional weight loads and heavy duty elevator. With attractive rent and sales price levels and good communication and visibility, High Tech East represents a suitable office solutions for clients with corporate needs.

A true class A office building located in one of the most picturesque areas in Sofia. Situated at the skirts of Vitosha, Adora Business Center enjoys the peace and comfort guaranteed by the beautiful view of the mountain while at the same time the tenants of the office building will benefit from the surrounding amenities of Business Park Sofia, IKEA etc.

State–of–the–art, class A office buildings located on the intersection of two of the main transport arteries in Sofia – G.M. Dimitrov blvd and Dragan Tzankov blvd. Being situated on the metro line the project offers a unique combination of prestigious (edge CBD) location and easy access.

Main Boulevards

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Megapark Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

115G Tzarigradsko Shousse Blvd. Open space 4100 sqm Upon request Tenant ready AT

Office building on Sitnyakovo Blvd. Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

Sitnyakovo Blvd. Partitioned 640 sqm 6 Euro/sqm Tenant Ready KH

Benny building Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

2J Vitinya Str. Open space 620 sqm 6 Euro/sqm Tenant ready KH

Datecs Location Layout Floor Plate Size

Tzarigradsko shousse blvd. Open space / Partitioned 850 sqm

Rent with included service charge 8 Euro/sqm Availability Tenant ready Broker GU

Aladin Business Center Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

Megapark is a class A office building situated on one of the main arteries in Sofia - Tzarigradsko Shousse Blvd. The tenants will benefit from the on-site amenities (dry cleaning, restaurant and bank office etc), as well as from the adjacent shopping mall.

This office building is located on Sitnyakovo Blvd., only 5-10 minutes from the center of Sofia. The project offers office areas from 25 -700 sqm, enjoying ample daylight and fresh air from the openable windows. There are good security features in this building, with competitive rental levels for this central location. Open-air parking lots are available.

The new business center is conveniently located in the Hadzhi Dimitar neighborhood, in the vicinity of Vladimir Vazov Blvd. and Gerena stadium. The building offers 5th category computer cabling, raised floors, suspended ceilings, 25 open-air parking spaces, 24/7 physical security and video surveillance of the common areas.

Datecs is located on Tzarigradsko shousse Blvd., just a few minutes drive from downtown and Sofia Airport. The building has total built-up area of approximately 6500 sqm distributed on 8 floors. It offers suspended ceilings, dry-gypsum walls, façade thermal unsulation, high category computer cabling, 2-pipe HVAC and fire-alarm system. One of the key advantages is the good value–for–money proposition.

Slivnitsa Blvd. Open space 220–580 sqm 8 Euro/sqm Tenant Ready GU

Aladin Business Center is centrally situated in the Ljulin neighborhood at the crossroad of Europe and Pancho Vladigerov Boulevards. The location offers excellent visibility and convenience due to the close proximity to the metro station. The project features contemporary finishing works such as raised floors, suspended ceilings and 4-pipe HVAC. Open-air parking is available right next to the building.

G.M. Dimitrov Blvd., Musagenitsa RD Open space 1,100 sqm 9 Euro/sqm Tenant Ready DB

The development of Iztok Tower features contemporary high–standard finishes and building systems and allows functional workspace distribution. Parking spaces are available for tenants in the building and accross the street. The easy access to one of the main traffic arteries in Sofia–Tsarigradsko Shousse Blvd., and the good accessibility by public transportation are important factors when considering Iztok Tower as a possible location for your office.

Iztok Tower Location


Business Park Sofia and suburban areas


colliers magazine office offers

BLU Offices Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

Brussels Blvd. Open space 1,300 sqm 8 Euro/sqm Tenant Ready DB

Astral Business Center Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

Christopher Columbus Blvd. and Prodan Tarakchiev Str. Open space 722 – 922 sqm 8 Euro/sqm Q1 2011 DB

Matrix Tower Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

Ring Road, Mladost IV Open space 600 sqm 5 Euro/sqm Tenant Ready AT

Alfa Business Center Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

Ring Road, Mladost IV Open space 1,240 sqm 6 Euro/sqm Tenant Ready DB

SOFIA AIRPORT CENTER Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability Broker

Cristopher Columbus Blvd. Open space 3,500 sqm Upon request Tenant Ready AT

BLU Offices is situated in the vicinity of Sofia Airport, on Brussels Blvd. The future complex includes two office buildings and Hilton Hotel. BLU Offices is a contemporary multifunctional complex, which combines good location, great visibility, fast connectivity to the city center and sufficient amenities on spot, including conference centre, hotel, restaurants and showrooms.

Class A, eye-shaped, boutique office building, located in Sofia airport area - one of the most attractive business areas in the capital. Easy access to the central business district and to the main arteries of the city is provided by a few independent routes. The building distinguishes with “Double skin” façade, green roof, rooms with clear height 3.15 m as well as the highquality finishing works and building systems. Areas` measurement is made according to the international standard ANSI/BOMA – net usable areas are leased. Matrix Tower is an office building located at the entrance of Residential Park Sofia opposite Business Park Sofia and in close proximity to the planned metro station. It features 4,000 sqm office and retail space with high quality of finishes and building systems and is characterized by relatively good ratio of underground and open parking spaces. Amongst the key benefits of the building are the option for short–term lease and the excellent value for money proposition. Alfa Business Center is located on the Ring Road in close proximity to Business Park Sofia. The project’s total built–up area is 15,812 sqm. The Class A office premises offer with great flexibility thanks to the building’s large footprint, the open space layout and the high level of finishing works. Alfa Business Center features amenities such as cafeteria and a restaurant.

The Class A office building is located minutes from the new Sofia International Airport, and it is built to the highest international standards. Its flexibility supports a wide range of different global businesses. The building’s outstanding features include an efficient ‘H’- like shape that guarantees a low add-on factor and a high level of natural daylight through open atriums and double-glazed windows. The building’s winter garden and the lake in front of the building offer tenants an unparalleled cozy atmosphere. The energy-efficient Building Management System (BMS) monitors outdoor temperature and regulates climate controls with a state of the art Variable Air Volume HVAC system. 24/7 onsite security and CCTV offer occupiers peace of mind while the high ratio of underground parking spaces and many shuttle elevators to the garage offer easy access in and out of the building.

Varna area

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Landmark Centre Varna Location Layout Floor Plate Size Availability

Slivnitsa Str., CBD Open space 1,200 sqm Tenant Ready

Varna Towers Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability

Suburban, Varna Open space 560 — 700 sqm 12 Euro/sqm Finishing works – according to tenants` needs

Business Park Varna Location Layout Floor Plate Size Rent Availability

Suburban, Varna Open space approx. 2,000 sqm office space — 12 Euro/sqm; retail space — 15 Euro/sqm Tenant Ready


Located in the very heart of Varna, in close proximity to the City Hall and the Sea Garden, Landmark Centre Varna offers flexible office solutions with superior specifications in a sophisticated, urban setting. The development is strategically located in the Varna Central Business District, while at the same time less than 10 minutes away from the Varna international airport. The office section has a separate entrance with a spacious ground floor reception area. Underground parking for 72 cars on two levels provides safety and convenience for employees, while professional property management ensures an excellent working environment. The unique combination of features and benefits in Landmark Centre Varna makes the project an excellent office solution for local, national and international businesses alike.

Shopping, entertainment and administrative center located on one of the main crossroads in Varna. Good access by private and public transport and it is within 10 min. drive both from the center of Varna and Varna International Airport. It features two office towers of 12 floors each, class A office space with high quality finishes, flexible floor areas and efficient accommodation options; parking; wide variety of shopping and leisure facilities, restaurants, cafés and a food court. Business Park Varna is a complex of 3 class–A office and multifunctional buildings. The unique location provides easy accessibility, convenience and flexibility to corporate tenants. Businesses can benefit from open– space offices, storages and retail space, as well as from an infinite number of services. High–class communication network, 4–pipe HVAC system with individual temperature control, independent electrical supply system and property management services.


colliers magazine

operational shopping malls

Grand Mall


Vladislav Varnenchik Blvd. in Varna


50,000 sqm retail area (GLA)

Operational since May 2010


Carrefour, Zara, Kino Arena, Humanic, Deichmann, Hippoland, Technomarket, Orange, Pull & Bear, TempoSport, LC Waikiki, Massimo Dutti, Douglas, Terranova, Bershka, Fancy, Beauty Zone, Mango, Guess, Fan Point

The Mall


Tzarigradsko Shousse Blvd. in Sofia


66,000 sqm retail area (GLA)

Operational since April 2010


Carrefour, Kino Arena, Zara, Peek & Cloppenburg, Technopolis, Intersport, Humanic, Deichmann, Multirama, Public, New Yorker, BabyToria, Fancy, Douglas, Sephora, Playground, Marks & Spencer, GAP, Capella Pla, Esprit, Starbucks

Grand Mall is the largest shopping mall in Varna, and is buzzing with visitors. The mall opened in May 2010, and has since attracted a steady footfall. Grand Mall is now positioned as the leading shopping mall on the Black Sea coast. Anchored by Carrefour hypermarket and an 8-hall Kino Arena cinema, Grand Mall has a strong tenant mix with international and local brand favorites and an exciting entertainment offer including casino, dance school and children’s playground. Grand Mall has easy access from Vladimir Varnenchik and Slivnitsa Boulevards and via public transportation from the adjacent bus station. The mall is managed by Colliers International.

THE MALL is the largest operational shopping mall in Bulgaria, and provides an exciting mix of shopping and entertainment for the entire family. THE MALL has a great variety of Bulgarian and International brands providing both depth and width in the visitor offer. The entertainment area of THE MALL is unmatched on the market and the Carrefour hypermarket attracts customers from across the wider catchment area. THE MALL is easy to reach by public and private transportation, and the adjacent business center brings daily, foot traffic. The entertainment zone includes Kino Arena, 16-lane Playground Bowling Centre with electronic games, 2Fit by Boevski fitness and wellness centre and more.


ParkMall Mall Park


Nikola Petkov Str. 52, Stara Zagora


20,000 sqm retail area (GLA)

Operational since October 2008


Park Mall is the first contemporary shopping centre in Stara Zagora and the region. Operational since October 2008, Park Mall offers a modern retail environment and a great variety of Bulgarian and International brands within in fashion and entertainment. The Kino Arena cinema has 6 halls, equipped with the latest digital and 3D technologies, adding to the excellent entertainment offer. Park Mall is in an immediate vicinity to Technopolis and Mr. Bricolage hypermarkets thus forming a genuine retail park in Strata Zagora. The Real Estate Management Service is entrusted to the experienced team of Colliers International.

Piccadilly, Kino Arena, Reserved, XYZ, Cropp Town, Kenvelo, Terranova, Bata, Chipolino, Mango, Sprider, Levi’s

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Bulgaria Mall


Sofia, Bulgaria Boulevard


33,000 sqm retail area (GLA)


In close proximity to the downtown of Sofia, Bulgaria Mall has an excellent location at the intersection between Bulgaria Blvd. and Todor Kableshkov Blvd. The area around Bulgaria Mall has been under massive development with numerous office and residential projects. This provides a reliable catchment area of potential customers living and work-

ing in the neighborhood. Furthermore, the mall is expected to attract clients from the affluent, Southern residential areas. Bulgaria Mall will be anchored by a Carrefour hypermarket, a cineplex and offer more than 140 stores.

Grand Plaza is located in the downtown of Rousse, offering excellent access. The project is part of a complex that includes also offices, a hotel and a sports center. Grand Plaza is a modern international-style shopping center which impresses with its spaciousness. The functionality is optimized with regard to visibility and flow throughout the building. Amongst the anchor tenants is Carrefour hypermarket occupying 10,000 sqm as well as a

7-screen Kino Arena cinema. Grand Plaza will offer more than 120 stores, bowling and playground as well as 1,000 parking spaces. The catchment area includes more than 500,000 people within less than one hour’s drive.

London Sofia Properties/Salamanca Capital

Completion 2013

Grand Plaza


Rousse, intersection of Lipnik and Tzar Osvoboditel Boulevards


37,500 sqm retail area (GLA)


Proekt Ruse AD

Completion 2013

to learn more about any of the projects call + 359 / 2 976 9 976 or write


Mall Pleven


Pleven, Mindilikov Square


17,500 sqm retail area (GLA)

Developer Aladin EOOD

Mall Pleven will be the first shopping mall of this type in Pleven and the region. The project will offer more than 100 retail stores including Carrefour with a supermarket of 2,400 sqm sales area. Mall Pleven will offer an attractive mix of Bulgarian and international fashion stores, food court, spacious and attractive playground, four halls cinema complex and an opportunity for convenient parking.

The catchment area of the mall covers more than 850,000 people, including Pleven and the region within one hour’s drive from the location. The mall offers convenient communication - public transport, 5 minutes walk from the city center, in immediate proximity to the bus and railway station and highway.

Sofia Ring Mall is planned as one of the largest shopping centers in Bulgaria. Sofia Ring is planned as a family-oriented mall, with a rich variety of shopping and entertainment opportunities. Shoppers can enjoy the refreshing mountain environment from the outdoor café and playground areas, or have fun indoor with a unique entertainment offer. The project will be developed as part of a bigger commercial and residential complex, which includes a shopping mall, a mixed-use component and IKEA’s first hypermarket with a total area of 28,000 sqm. Distributed on three levels, Sofia Ring provides a

complete home shopping floor anchored by a 10,000 sqm hypermarket and a 7,000 sqm DIY store. The two upper floors, with over 150 units, are focused on fashion. The mix is complete with a sports anchor, health and fitness facility and food court. A pedestrian connection and common underground parking facility between Sofia Ring and the adjacent IKEA provides a safe and easy access to all visitors. The combined parking will have more than 3,500 parking places, accessed from the Ring Road at strategic connection points.

Completion 2012

Sofia Ring


Sofia, Ring Road, next to IKEA


70,000 sqm retail area (GLA)


South Ring Mall Sofia EAD

Completion 2013


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logistics and industrial listings

for rent A Logistics Park Varna Type

›› Building A6 - 11,500 sqm


Technical specifications ›› Warehouse -10 m clear height ›› Automatic loading doors ›› Loading position - loading bays/ground level ›› Grinded concrete floors with loading

Warehouse and office premises for rent

Varna, Western Industrial Zone, Vladislav Varnenchik Blvd., 10 minutes drive from Varna’s seaport/ international airport/central train station; easy access to major European Transport Corridors.


Land plot - 32,000 sqm ›› Building A1 - 6,400 sqm ›› Building A2 - 3,200 sqm


capacity of 5 tons/sqm

›› Façade thermo insulation- 8 cm ›› Fire detection and sprinkler system Logistics Park Varna is designed to meet tenants’ requirements for storage facilities, cargo handling, and working environment. The project is the first warehousing and storage facility in Varna developed according to international best-practice. Ready-to-use warehousing space for rent. All buildings are professionally

planned for maximum flexibility and facilitating expansion. In addition to standard warehouse space, Logistics Park Varna will provide specialized premises, including temperaturecontrolled storage and optional cross-docking facilities. The project has readily available infrastructure including electricity, water, natural gas and  telecommunication. Additional spaces include offices, parking building, and restaurant. 24/7 physical security, video surveillance and access control, maintenance of common areas and ready infrastructure.

Sofia Airport Center Type

Class A warehouse and office space for rent


Sofia, great proximity to Sofia Airport


29,000 sqm of prime logistic space 124,000 sqm class A offices

Technical specifications ›› Warehouse - 10 m clear height ›› 12 cm thermo panels ›› Warehouse heating system ›› Loading doors at ground level ›› Hydraulic ramps ›› Sprinkler system The logistics section is part of a contemporary business park, comprising class A office center, hotel, conference and recreational facilities. The project is suitable for warehouse and light industrial production and provides flexible design to meet all requirements. Easy access to all major roads and international transport corridors. Infrastructural solutions include two independent sources

of electricity, telephone and internet access, cars and trucks parking. The building provides class A logistics and office space . 24/7 physical security and video surveillance, access control and maintenance of common areas.

Trade Center Europe Type

Warehouse and office premises for rent


Sofia, Iskarsko shousse, near Sofia Airport


Building 15: Warehouse premises - 6,000 sqm Office premises - 4,300 sqm

Technical specifications ›› Warehouse premises - 3,50-5,50 m clear height ›› Loading position - loading bays with levellers ›› Grinded concrete floors ›› Freight elevators ›› Day light in warehouse premises The project offers excellent transport accessibility and convenient public transport. Located only five minutes by car from the Sofia Airport, Tsarigradsko Shousse Blvd. and Botevgradsko Shousse and 10 minutes drive from the center of the city. Fully completed infrastructure and available facilities: customs, bank, warehouses for industrial goods, offices, shops, underground parking, carwash, restaurant, fitness and SPA center; parking lots for small vehicles and vans. 24/7 physical security, video

surveillance and access control, maintenance of common areas and infrastructure.

logistics & industrial listings

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for rent / for sale A ADF warehouse and production facility Type

Warehouse/ light production premises and offices for rent/ for sale


Plovdiv municipality, city of Parvomay


182,730 sqm land plot 21,464 sqm TBA including production area - 12,410 sqm, warehouse - 6,630 sqm, offices and surrounding premises - 890 sqm

Technical specifications ›› Height of warehouse/ production premises - 9 m-12 m

›› Alarm system for gas and fire, sprinkler, central heating, ventilation - available

›› Electricity - 20,000/400 Volt (3

transformers – power 1,600 kVa)

›› Gas - 4 bar/2 bar ›› Water supply - drinkable/ industrial water ›› Loading position - ground level ›› Floor - grinded concrete ›› External walls - thermo-pannels with insulation ›› Cabeling - LAN and telephone ›› Parking spaces - 30 cars/10 trucks "The ADF facility is located in the municipality of Parvomay, less than 25 minutes drive from Plovdiv - the

second largest city in Bulgaria. The facility is easily accessible from both directions of the Trakia highway.The strategic location, effective structures and excellent condition of the production facility makes it an ideal choice for manufacturing or assembly activities. The ADF complex is ready for immediate occupation, and holds all necessary infrastructure and support structures needed for both light and heavy manufacturing. The proximity to key traffic corridors and availability of skilled labor in the area makes it ideal for establishing production in Bulgaria.

for rent A / 3pl UNIVERSAL LOGISTICS Type

Warehouse premises for rent/ for sale


Sofia, entrance from Trakia highway, in close proximity to the crossroads of Tsarigradsko Shousse Bldv. and the Ring Road


TBA of Building 2 12,000 sqm

Technical specifications ›› Warehouse - 10 m clear height ›› Loading position; loading bays with 1.20 m height ›› Grinded concrete floors with loading capacity of 5 tons/sqm

›› Façade thermo insulation - 12 cm ›› Fire detection and sprinkler systems ›› 3PL services The accessibility of the project for the air cargo traffic is excellent. Three Trans-European Corridors (4, 8 and 10) pass in close proximity to the project, facilitating the movement of goods all over Southeastern Europe. Sofia International Airport is located on 8 km away from the project. Telephone and internet access, cars and trucks

parking. Multiple benefits provided: logistics services can be provided, 24/7 physical security, video surveillance and access control, maintenance of common areas and infrastructure. Built-in offices available.

TransCapital Location

Sofia, 247 Botevgradsko shousse


TBA of Logistics buildings 40,000 sqm TBA of Office buildings 12,000 sqm


Logistics terminal Warehouse/ office premises Refrigeration chambers for rent

Technical specifications ›› Warehouse - 9-12 m clear height ›› Loading position - loading bays with levelers ›› Grinded concrete floors with loading capacity of 5 tons/ sqm

›› Façade thermo insulation - 12 cm ›› Fire detection and sprinkler system ›› Refrigeration chambers (-18˚C -20˚C) ›› Temperature controlled pallet places 0˚C +4˚C ›› Warehouse management system ›› 3PL services Business center “Transcapital” has been created to answer the business requirements for a modern warehouse base and a nice working environment. The logistics premises provide full access for all kind of vehicles; the

open space layout allows tenants to be flexible in terms of the leased spaces. The project offers all the necessary facilities for the employees, including cafeteria, bistro and a restaurant. Additional spaces include offices and temperature controlled premises. Telephone and internet access, cars and trucks parking, 24/7 physical security, video surveillance and access control; maintenance of common areas and infrastructure


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FOR RENT B Lomsko shousse Logistics complex Type

Warehouse premises and offices for rent


Sofia, Lomsko shousse blvd.


11,500 sqm land plot 13,500 sqm TBA of the building

Technical specifications ›› Height of warehouse at ground level - 6,5 m to 9 m ›› Height of warehouse at underground level - 4,8 m ›› Warehouse modules size - from 600 to 900 sqm ›› Loading position - 1,1 m ramps at ground level ›› Floor - grinded concrete with 3,5 tonnes/sqm loading capacity

›› Walls - thermo-pannels with insulation ›› Lighting - daylight available The logistics complex is located in the western part of Sofia, near the Ring Road, facing a main boulevard. The underground station is only a few minutes away by car. The building has an administrative part with lobby and reception and app. 2,000 sqm office premises. The lo-

gistics section covers app. 9,000 sqm at the ground level, split in 11 warehouse modules with built-in offices and storage premises on the underground level. There is a truck access and parking space of 2,000 sqm. Services: security, access control and maintenance of the complex.

ZMM - Sofia Type

Warehouse premises for rent


The Northwestern part of Sofia, Voenna Rampa industrial zone


TBA of Logistics Building 12,000 sqm

Technical specifications ›› Warehouse - 4,6 m clear height ›› Technological docking doors - ground level ›› Grinded concrete floors ›› Freight elevators with loading capacity of 2 tones per sqm

›› Second floor loading capacity - 1 ton per sqm ›› Gas heating system The project combines effective warehouse solutions with a pleasant environment. Easy access, available railroad nearby, which is convenient and cost-effective transport solution. Free parking spaces for each tenant. Additional spaces include built-in offices and sanitary premises. Telephone and internet access, cars and trucks parking,


Warehouse and office premises for rent


Industrial Zone Kazichane


TBA of the logistics premises - 1330 sqm (840 sqm with racking system, 400 sqm with shelves and 90 sqm – internal storage zone)

Technical specifications ›› Loading position - ramps ›› Loading door – ground level ›› Clear height – 8-12 m ›› Floor – grinded concrete ›› Facades – thermo panels ›› Individual entrance and fence In proximity to the two major highways in Bulgaria - Е79 и Е80 and Sofia ring-road. The newly-built project offers logistics space and two separate office floors. Own water and sewage system. Installed alarm system. The office premises are situated on two floors (total area of 670 sqm: conference rooms, kitchen, sanitary premises).

public transportation in a close proximity. 24/7 physical security, video surveillance and access control, maintenance of common areas and infrastructure.

logistics & industrial listings

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Axxon logistics and business center Type

Warehouse and office premises for rent


Sofia, Western Industrial Zone


Warehouse - 8,000 sqm Office - 5,600 sqm

Technical specifications ›› Warehouse - 11 m clear height ›› Grinded concrete floors ›› Loading position - ground level/loading bays ›› Façade insulation ›› Fire detection and sprinkler system The logistics center has over 10,000 sqm area and 1,500 pallet places. Additional spaces include modern office premises, reception area, and conference facilities. Telephone and internet access, parking and restaurant. Bus shuttle to the central railway station. Logistics services, 24/7 physical security, video surveillance and access control, maintenance of common areas and infrastructure.

Musachevo Logistics complex Delivery Q2, 2011


Warehouse/ light production premises and offices for rent


Sofia municipality, Elin Pelin district


40,000 sqm land plot - 6,600 sqm TBA of the first phase; 14,000 sqm TBA of second phase of development

Technical specifications ›› Height of warehouse premises - 9 m ›› Fire alarm, sprinkler, heating, CCTV, power generator - available

›› Warehouse module size - 6,000 sqm (divisible) ›› Loading position - 6 ramps ›› Floor - grinded concrete with min 3 tonnes/ sqm loading capacity

›› External walls - 55 mm thermopannels with insulation

›› Lighting - daylight available ›› Built-in offices - 600 sqm The logistics complex is located along the Sofia-Elin Pelin main road, in Musachevo (8 km from Sofia and 10 km from Sofia Airport). The location's great advantage is the

Logistics Park VeDeA Type

Warehouse premises for rent


Town of Bozhurishte, 15 km from the center of Sofia, close proximity to the Ring Road


Land plot - 15,000 sqm Warehouse buildings - 7,000 sqm

Technical specifications ›› Warehouse - 5 m clear height ›› Grinded concrete floors ›› Technological docking doors ›› Loading position - ground level ›› Day light in warehouse premises The project provides convenient transportation solutions (railway/public transportation lines near the complex). Built-in offices available. Telephone and internet access, parking, 24/7 physical security, video surveillance and access control.

direct access to the Ring Road and the convenient access to both highways. The building is suitable for light production and logistics.


colliers magazine logistics & industrial listings

3pl bERS Logistics Center Type

›› Terminal 4 - 7,370 sqm of pallet places,


Technical specifications ›› Warehouse - 12.5 m clear height ›› Loading position - hydraulic ramps ›› Refrigeration chambers -20˚C +18˚C ›› Extinguishing fire alarm and sprinkler system ›› License under HACCP and certificate

Logistics terminal

Ring road, near the northern industrial zone and Sofia Airport, between Trakia and Hemus Highways

Size ›› Terminal 1 - 2,177 sqm of warehouse and offices

›› Terminal 2 - 6,500 pallet places

›› Terminal 3 - 2,192 sqm of industrial fridges, offices and archives storage

industrial fridges and offices

of commodity groups 17 and 20

›› Constant temperature levels secured at the warehouse via geo-thermal energy

bERS Logistics Center offers integrated logistics solutions based on a new, innovative philosophy; complete 3PL services with multi-functional logistics premises. The project is built according to the latest European standards and comprises HACCP-certified logistics space and ef-

ficient administrative premises at a very convenient location. The center is manned 24/7 and warehouse space is settled per pallet space/day. This gives maximum flexibility and optimizes clients’ expenses, as logistics costs are totally variable – and always available. The logistics center is constructed in an environmentally respectful manner. The surroundings are green and pleasant, and the entire center benefits from the unusually high quality of finishes. Offices, refrigeration chambers and archive storage available.

Stad Logistics Center Type

Logistics terminal, office and showroom premises for rent


Sofia Ring–Road at the Kazichene region, between the Hemus and Trakia Highway


TBA of the logistics complex - 5,740 sqm

Technical specifications ›› Warehouse - 12 m clear height ›› Loading position - loading bays/ ground level ›› Fire detection and sprinkler system ›› Warehouse management system with on-line access

›› Temperature and humidity levels measurement ›› HACCP and commodity Group 20 certificates The project offers a combination of modern warehouse premises and showrooms. Integrated logistics services; storage, re-packaging, door-to-door delivery. Domestic and international transportation solutions. Convenient public transportation lines near the center. 24/7 physical security, video surveillance and access control, maintenance of common areas and infrastructure.


Technical specifications ›› Fresh, chilled and frozen products


›› Temperature control between –20˚C +12˚C; ›› 25 loading positions - loading bays and ground level ›› Warehouse management system

Logistics terminal

Sofia region, Municipality of Musachevo, near Elin Pelin, east of Sofia


TBA of logistics building 8,000 sqm

temperature zones

Located in Sofia, Bulgaria, UNIVEG provides logistic services to retailers and producers, such as temperature-controlled logistic and transport solutions for fresh produce (including processed meat and dairy) as well as frozen products; supply chain management of food products from import to storage, order picking and distribution to the restaurants in major Bulgarian cities, as well as daily temperature-controlled transport lines (chilled

and frozen) from Sofia to more than 30 cities throughout Bulgaria and back to Sofia.

logistics & industrial listings

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built–to–suit PJ Logistics Location

Rakovski Industrial Zone


240 000 sqm land plot


Built–to–suit solutions spaces available for rent with specialized facility requirements. Zoned land plots for sale offered with a turn-key development option

Technical specifications

Various built-to-suit options and turn-key solutions: ›› Warehouse ›› Flex buildings ›› Production facilities ›› Distribution facilities ›› High-tech buildings PJ Logistics is situated 17 km from Plovdiv, and only 2.5 km from the Kaufland Central Distribution Facility. Offered services include 24/7 physical security, access control, maintenance of common areas, etc. Electricity, water, sewage, gas.

Industrial Park Sofia East Location

Sofia region, Elin Pelin municipality, 13 km highway drive from Sofia


700,000 sqm land plot


Built–to–suit solutions spaces available for rent with specialized facility requirements Zoned land plots for sale offered with a turnkey development option

Technical specifications ›› Loading docks with hydraulic levelers ›› Cross–docking–ready design ›› Large column spacing of 24 by 18 meters ›› Ample truck maneuvering space ›› Fire detection and sprinkler system Key advantages of the project: strategic location (close to the two main transport corridors - the Trakia and Hemus highways, and direct railroad access to Elin Pelin train station); excellent internal infrastructure, contemporary facilities. When completed, IPSE will provide contemporary facilities including international standard dry warehouses, office premises, convenient parking, and a high-level of security. Advanced telecommunications and high capacity electrical, water and natural gas supply.

Central Distribution Park Location

Western arc of the Plovdiv Ring Road, only 6 km from the city center of Plovdiv


100,000 sqm land plot


Built–to–suit solutions spaces available for rent with specialized facility requirements Zoned land plots for sale offered with a turnkey development option

Technical specifications ›› 5 meters clear height ›› Hydraulic loading bays ›› Grinded concrete floors ›› Sprinkler systems ›› 5 tons/sqm loading capacity ›› Telephone lines ›› High–speed internet access The first high-velocity warehousing in Plovdiv offers excellent internal infrastructure and technical specifications of highest international standard. Central Distribution Park Plovdiv offers superb distribution opportunities for all companies. Being situated only 6 km away from the city center, the project is excellent for all retailers who want to have their warehouse in close proximity to their retail stores. CDP offers high-power electricity sup-

ply, large volume water supplies, sewage/waste water treatment, high-volume gas lines, HVA.


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