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new &trending FOR 2019

YOUR INSIDER'S LOOK We want you to have everything you need to plan your travel year ahead, so our Product Design Managers got together to bring you an exclusive look at what’s hot and trending for 2019. Inside, our experts tell you all about what’s new, what destinations are trending and what exciting adventures you can only find on a Collette tour. We’ve included everything you need to know to prepare for a successful 2019.

Lavaux, Switzerland 2

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What's Inside 4

COLLETTE BENEFITS Collette offers special resources to travel professionals


MEET THE TEAM Product Design Managers tell all! Michael Moitoso Africa, India, Central and Eastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean ......................................... 8-11 Sandra Pais Canada, New England, Italy and Greece .............. 12-15 Rebecca Picard United Kingdom, Ireland, South Pacific and Asia .................................................... 16-19 Vinette DiGregorio United States. ........................................................................ 20-23 Nadine Paulo Spain, Portugal, Iceland, Scandinavia, Central and South America .......................................... 24-27


COMING SOON Explorations Oberammergau 2020

Cover: The golden sands of Copacabana

Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Bask in the sunshine here on our Highlights of South America tour, and find out why this is one of the most famous beaches in the world.


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travel professionals At Collette, we see travel professionals as an extension of our family. Since you’re so very important to us, we want to support you in every way we can. That’s why we provide many helpful resources to help save you time and help your business grow.


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Online Webinars Our cutting-edge digital resources have one purpose - to help you increase your travellers. From detailed destination and tour information to the latest travel trends and interviews with experts, our webinars keep you well informed and help your business grow.

Travel Presentation Nights Our group educational presentations allow your guests to learn more, get acquainted with one another, ask questions, and most importantly, get excited to travel with you!

Personalized Marketing Materials We’re here to help you get the word out with free personalized e-flyers, print flyers, posters and postcards and a generous postage reimbursement program. We can also create custom marketing materials for a small fee.

More Happy Clients Specialized Business Development Manager

With our 98% satisfaction rate, your clients come home happy and ready to travel again.

Our Business Development Managers are there to make sure you maximize your earnings and your client's satisfaction. 5

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" I have been booking tours wit reason I use them exclusively is knowing that all the details of th hotels, meals, touring, guides, etc. of so I can confidently promote a t in for an experience of a


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with Collette for 17 years & the ly is for that “Peace of Mind” in of the tour, from transfers, flights, etc. have been carefully taken care e a tour knowing my travellers are of a lifetime, every time! "

– Gail M.


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Michael Moitoso Product Design Manager: Africa, India, Eastern Mediterranean and Central & Eastern Europe

nded, e m m o c e r y ll a Loc ed. Collette approv

When I’m designing tours, I always keep in mind that I’m creating experiences that our guests will remember for the rest of their lives. I make sure that I find the most authentic encounters with a destination because those are the ones that create the best, most treasured memories. This year, I’ve been taking an even deeper dive into my territories. I’ve spent a lot of time out on the road, talking to the locals to find incredible encounters that bring our travellers right up close. I’ve added exciting experiences like going to the colourful Holi festival in India, and I’ve found some out of the way encounters with Switzerland that I know our travellers are going to rave about.


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Exciting changes to

Discovering Poland! Whether they are first time explorers, experienced European travellers or visitors tracing their family heritage, guests on this tour always rave about their time in Krakow, Poland. The city tour of historic Old Town features stops at places like the Market Square, St. Mary’s Church, and a poignant journey through history to witness the camps at Auschwitz. Combine all of that fascinating history with plenty of time to visit the many museums, shops, art galleries and cafés and it’s easy to see why Krakow is such a popular stop. Since our guests rave about it, I’ve changed the flow of this tour to end with an extra night’s stay to allow for more time to explore this unique place that’s just brimming with history and old-world charm. Go in April or May to catch the springtime flowers in bloom.

New flow!

Incredible Extension Added to Plains of Africa This incredible tour just got even better! Visit Tsavo National Park on a three-night pretour extension to our Plains of Africa tour. There, we visit the headquarters of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust where orphaned elephants are cared for and reintegrated back into the wild herds of Tsavo. Learn about the many things this wonderful organization does to protect elephants from poachers and loss of habitat due to human population, drought and deforestation. You may even choose to foster your own elephant!


It’s all about the elep


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Be Active in Switzerland! We’re going up, around, and all over in Switzerland! This is a perfect tour for more active travellers who are able to walk far off the beaten path to places that aren’t on the tourist map. We’ll take trains everywhere we go and guests will get a Swiss travel pass to go anywhere they like during their free days. We’ll taste chocolate prepared in ways we never imagined possible and tour vineyards where tourist coaches simply cannot go. You’re going to love all of the unique inclusions that bring you right up close. Find it on: Switzerland: Hidden Trails & Majestic Peaks

Go beyond the typical tourist experience!

Relax in Swaziland One of my favourite things about Swaziland is that it provides a delightful contrast to cosmopolitan Cape Town and Johannesburg. It’s the smallest country in the Southern Hemisphere and one of the last Executive Monarchies in Africa. The people there are welcoming, the culture is relaxed, and the wildlife and landscapes are second to none. It’s the perfect place to relax mid-tour and just take in authentic Africa. Find it on: Spectacular South Africa featuring Swaziland

Enjoy the laid-back culture! 10

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Closing Thoughts


Take Part in India’s Holi: A Festival of Colours Help welcome springtime during Holi, one of India’s major festivals. At this time of year, any bars of caste, class or creed are erased, broken relationships are healed and everyone is a friend. Celebrations are jubilant and drenched in colour as messages of love are exchanged in the streets while clouds of coloured powder and streams of coloured water rain down on revellers. Be one of our first guests to participate in this fun and meaningful celebration that brings you right into the culture. Find it on: India's Treasures and Mysteries of India

Be colourful in India!

The Best of India! India's Treasures 10 Days • 17 Meals This tour is on my list because there’s nowhere quite like India. From the bustling streets to the vibrant colours and everything in between, India is a place that travellers won’t soon forget. On this tour, we do the golden triangle tour that everyone expects in India, but we add some very unexpected surprises that make it a unique experience for our guests. I’ve included important cultural experiences like a visit to a Langar (community dining hall) for a behind-thescenes look at the work that goes into feeding 10,000 people a day. Not only will we have more cultural experiences, but we’ll take a retreat away from the busy city to see the beautiful gardens and greenery of Amber Fort, one of

Coming Soon: Tanzania Wildlife lovers, think about visiting Tanzania. It’s one of the best places to spot the Big 5. It’s home to more than 15,000 lions—that’s more than any other single African country. There are over a thousand species of birds and 25% of the country is preserved as a national park or a conservation area. Your cameras are in for a workout!

the highlights of India.

Best-Seller Exploring South Africa, Victoria Falls & Botswana 14 Days • 23 Meals This tour has the best of South Africa with a perfect combination of wildlife, wine, culture, history, food, and a few unexpected surprises.


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Sandra Pais Product Design Manager: Canada, New England, Italy and Greece

year 2019 is a big riences! for big expe

I’m madly in love with Europe. I love meeting new people, experiencing the local culture, learning history and discovering new ways of life. When I travel, I’m looking to learn and grow from each encounter with the world, so I plan my tours to immerse our guests in the kinds of experiences that expose them to every facet of their destination. I don’t want them to miss a thing. This year, I’m seeing some really exciting trends for Italy and Canada. For Italy, I’m looking at more immersive experiences like a home hosted cooking class, staying overnight on the grounds of a castle and getting around like the natives; on trains, bicycles and even Vespas for the extra adventurous. In Canada, I’ve been focusing on walking culinary tours which will include lots of food sampling in Montreal to delight your palate.


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Trending Destination: Sicily Sicily is the next hottest thing. Just like we’ve seen with the Azores in Portugal, Sicily is the magical place everyone is suddenly re-discovering. It’s a great glimpse of the Italy of yesteryear where old-world traditions flourish in a setting of stunning coastlines and untouched mountains. It’s the crossroads of the Mediterranean where many cultures blend seamlessly and provide visitors with a truly unique experience. • Tour Palermo, the capital city of Sicily • Take a day trip to Taormina, a coastal city perched on a mountainside • Discover the influences left by ancient Greeks and Romans, Arabs and Normans • Meet a countess in her beautiful palace Visit Sicily on: Southern Italy & Sicily featuring Taormina, Matera, Alberobello and the Amalfi Coast and Splendid Sicilia featuring Palermo, Siracusa and Taormina tours.


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Italy for First Timers Many first-time travellers to Europe choose Italy—and for good reason. It has plenty of history, culture, cuisine and iconic spots to explore. I recommend our Italian Vistas or Reflections of Italy tours because they both bring great highlights to introduce first-time explorers to all of the wonderful things Italy has to offer. These tours also include some great local guides that will take you to all the hot spots. Consider visiting during the off season from November to March. The weather is still relatively mild with fewer tourists, lower prices and more relaxed locals.


Fall in love with Italy

Authentic Italian Food Forget everything you know about Italian food. What many of us consider to be Italian food is not authentic at all. You won’t find a plate of spaghetti and meatballs or a hunk of garlic bread in Italy. Instead, you’ll find incredibly fresh, locally-sourced regional delights like fresh pasta, risotto, fish when you’re near the coast, and famous Florentine steak in Florence. Everything is purchased at the market and prepared that same day. If you approach authentic Italian food with an open mind, you’re in for a very big treat and a brand-new definition of Italian cuisine.

Buon Appetito! 14

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Closing Thoughts


Coming Soon: Canada's Montreal

The Allure of Italy Beckons Italy’s Bella Vita featuring Florence, Bologna and Lake Como 9 Days • 11 Meals I am very excited about this tour that launched in 2018 because it offers some incredible insights on how Italians really live. We have the option to take a Vespa tour through the Chianti wine region. We enjoy a home-hosted cooking class in an apartment in downtown Bologna. We overnight in Antico Borgo, and take a private guided tour of the amazing di Tabiano Castello, a castle built between the 10th and 11th centuries. Another great event is a boat tour of Lake Como with a stop in magnificent Bellagio. The incredible highlights of this tour just go on and on. Since this is an Explorations small group tour, it would be a perfect one to add on to your year. With fewer travellers, we are able to get in for a closer look and enjoy some really immersive experiences.

Best-Seller Montreal is no stranger to good food. You can find plenty of iconic Canadian dishes there and with lots of European flair to enjoy out on the streets, Montreal is practically begging for us to explore its sights and flavours on a culinary walking tour. We’ll devour plates of poutine, enjoy bagels like you’ve never tasted before and so much more.

This destination is perfect for travellers who might not want to travel to Europe, but long for a European experience. It’s easily accessible for travellers and offers many natural and historic wonders to enjoy. No matter how you choose to explore, you’ll discover something spectacular around every corner.

Charming French Canada 8 Days • 11 Meals This tour is a great introduction to natural and historic wonders while staying in some of Canada's most iconic hotels.


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Rebecca Picard Product Design Manager: United Kingdom, Ireland, South Pacific and Asia

comfort r u o y f o t u o p Ste rld in! o w e th t le & e zon

Travel has been such a transformative part of my life, and my favourite part of my job is getting to share my experience and knowledge with others. I love to see new places, learn about different cultures, and I love the adventure of experiencing something for the first time. Travel takes me out of my comfort zone, and has taught me so much about the world and myself that I could never get from my backyard or the pages of a book. Many travellers are just like me, so this year, I’ve been focusing on spending less time on a coach and more time experiencing the destination. Whether it’s enjoying the local cuisine, seeing a performance unique to a particular country or city, or taking part in a cooking class, I make sure that our guests will have a fully immersive experience.


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Enjoy the Many Wonders of China China is one incredible place. It’s ancient and modern, rural and cosmopolitan all at the same time. These marvellous contradictions make every turn a new adventure. There’s so much to see and learn, which makes China a great destination for the more adventurous traveller. The food and culture are very different from what’s at home, providing the perfect opportunity to step

outside of your comfort zone. If you can do this, you’ll be rewarded with amazing cuisine, rich history and culture, modern cities, and picturesque landscapes.


China will amaze you

A few of my favourite highlights from this tour include… • A visit to the Great Wall • Seeing the life-sized terracotta army in Xian • Visiting a giant panda in its natural environment

• Learning how to make traditional Chinese dumplings with a local family • Partaking in a traditional tea ceremony • Touring the narrow streets of Beijing by rickshaw 17

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History and Landscapes Abound! Every destination has something to offer any traveller, but some are particularly well suited to visitors with certain areas of interest. History buffs might be attracted to a tour that includes many stops at historic sights. Nature lovers may choose a tour based on the amount of time spent exploring iconic landscapes. I’ve chosen a few of my tours that appeal to those looking to uncover history and those who want to give their cameras a good workout with breathtaking landscapes.

Choose from these 2 amazing tours for a taste of history and architecture: • Discover Scotland: Explore Edinburgh, the Orkney Islands, the legendary Isle of Skye, the Neolithic village at Skara Brae, and Culloden Battlefield. • Wonders of China: Stand before the 8,000 Terracotta Warriors of Xian, walk the Great Wall, tour the old streets of Beijing and Old Town Shanghai.

For natural beauty and iconic landscapes, bring your camera along on these tours: • Irish Splendour: Set off on a trip to follow Ireland’s most majestic coastal route, the incredible Dingle Peninsula. Visit the stunning and iconic Cliffs of Moher. • From the Outback to the Glaciers: Explore the Great Barrier Reef, visit Ayers Rock, take in snow-capped peaks, vistas, gorges and waterfalls in New Zealand’s Southern Alps.


What piques your inte 18

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Closing Thoughts


Edinburgh Military Tattoo One of Scotland’s greatest events is the world famous Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Show. Every August, Edinburgh Castle provides the backdrop for this spectacular show that brings all four corners of the globe together for pomp and pageantry.

Come with us to avoid the trouble of securing tickets to this very special event. It has sold out every year for the past decade, but we can get you a seat!

The Best of the Land Down Under From the Outback to the Glaciers 21 Days • 29 Meals Guests who go on this tour say that they can’t pick a favourite part. Everything is their favourite! Each new experience is another opportunity for adventure. Whether guests are exploring the rugged Outback, cruising Sydney Harbour, meeting wildlife up close or travelling to New Zealand to discover the incredible natural wonders there, this tour ticks off one bucket list item after another. It’s truly the trip of a lifetime and many of our guests say that they wish the tour lasted longer. After being away for 21 days, that’s really saying something about how incredible this tour is!

Best-Seller Cultural Treasures of Japan 14 Days • 21 Meals The intriguing Japanese culture and the

Find it on these tours! • • • • •

British Landscapes Discover Scotland Exploring Britain and Ireland UK by Rail Exploring Scotland & Ireland

country’s distinctive architecture and

Join the locals for pomp and pageantry!

unparalleled natural beauty have our guests begging for more of this magical land.


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Vinette DiGregorio Product Design Manager: United States

ose It’s all about th ows! hidden w

The planning part of any trip I take is my favourite part of the journey. I love getting into the details and researching where to go and what to do. I also love the anticipation of things to come and looking forward to seeing how much our guests enjoy the tours I’ve so carefully designed for them. When I travel, I find that the things I remember the most aren’t so much the iconic locations, but the smaller and more intimate experiences I have along the way. I know this is also true for our guests. This year, in addition to hitting all the must-sees, I’ve been focusing on incorporating unique opportunities and special experiences that you might never have discovered out on your own. Plan on a lot of wonderful surprises this year!


73JU6_Group Preview Mailer_CAD GRP_Mar18.indd 20

2/15/18 11:54 AM


Exciting New Stops Along the Way You’re going to love these new additions to some of my existing tours. They may not be the iconic experiences you’re expecting, but they’re definitely some of the most memorable.

America's Music Cities I’ve given this tour a great little detour. Of course, we’ll still visit all the iconic places you’d expect, but we’re going to take a turn off the Music Highway to visit the West Tennessee Delta Heritage Center to visit a school once attended by Tina Turner! There on display are her costumes, gold records, and other memorabilia donated to the museum by Tina herself.

Heritage of America Here’s another fun detour to Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia where we make a stop at a local bakery for some pepperoni rolls. Back in the day, coal miners needed a quick sandwich to bring to work, so an Italian baker who settled in the area started making them. Today, it’s a staple in the West Virginia area just like pizza is in New York and Philly Cheesesteak is in Philadelphia.

Other tours with new additions… • Southern Charm: New option to go on a walking tour of Bonaventure Cemetery with an expert local historian. • Spotlight on Washington, D.C.: Stay in the newly renovated Washington Marriott Georgetown Hotel. • Spotlight on New Orleans: New Orleans during Carnival is made even more magical with a new Carnival package.


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Our Greatest Hits! Guests love these tour highlights. All of our tours have many very special moments, but our guests seem to agree that these are the best of the best in the U.S.!

Pacific Northwest and California Guests rave about the Rogue River boat ride in Gold Beach, seeing the Redwood Forest, and the diverse scenery throughout the entire trip. From the mountains in Washington to the stunning Oregon coastline and everything in between, these highlights get two thumbs way up from our guests.

The Colorado Rockies featuring National Parks and Historic Trains Travelling on the Durango Silverton Railroad and visiting Rocky Mountain, Arches, Canyonlands and Mesa Verde national parks rank tops with our travellers.

Treasures of Northern California Napa Valley Wine Train All aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train for a luxurious step back in time to the glory days of train travel. Guests on this tour also love seeing Yosemite National Park and taking a cruise on Lake Tahoe.

ts hit These highligh t notes! the righ 22

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2/15/18 11:55 AM

Closing Thoughts


Reasons Why People Love America’s National Parks!

Arrive a Stranger, Leave as a Friend

This is one of our best-selling tours and there are many reasons why! Not only do we visit Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Zion, Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon national parks, but we have a lot of fun along the way!

Southern Charm 7 Days • 9 Meals This is a great tour in a concentrated area that keeps guests off the coach and in two great cities for wonderful immersive experiences. We spend two nights in Savannah, Georgia and two in Charleston, South Carolina. There’s a lot to see and explore! From cobblestone streets to historic homes and a trolley tour of Savannah’s sprawling historic district, visitors get a true sense of this great destination. All of this exploring is made even better by the friendly locals. That famous Southern hospitality will leave you feeling like a member of the family.

Best-Seller Meet with Native Americans

See Bryce Canyon

Take in Mt. Rushmore

Spotlight on San Antonio 5 Days • 6 Meals On this tour, you’re right in the heart of it all! Stay at the Omni La Mansión del Rio located right on the famous River Walk. Visit an olive orchard and sample the goods. Take a cruise down the San Antonio River and understand why so many find it enchanting.

Enjoy cowboy entertainment

Cruise Lake Powell

Visit the Crazy Horse Memorial 23

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2/27/18 3:10 PM

Nadine Paulo Product Design Manager: Iceland, Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal, France, Central & South America

above Tours that go and beyond!

2019 will be an exciting year in travel. As a designer, I am relentlessly looking at the trending destinations that express great potential for our guests. Spain, France, Colombia, Antarctica and Norway are all on my radar for 2019. I love to travel because when I’m abroad, the learning never stops. I want to absorb every aspect of a destination that I can! Increasingly, our guests are looking for the same kind of life-changing journeys, so this year, I’ve planned more interaction with locals, unique culinary experiences, educational opportunities, customization while on tour, varying modes of transportation, and above all, tours that exceed expectations.


73JU6_Group Preview Mailer_CAD GRP_Mar18.indd 24

2/15/18 11:56 AM


2 Great Tours Made Even Better! Finding the pulse of the destination is the first thing I look for when I design a tour. I want our guests to leave feeling like they’ve made genuine connections with the people, the cuisine, the language and the sights, so this year, I’ve enhanced some of our existing tours to bring our guests in for an even closer look.

Highlights of South America In 2019, we’ll focus more on Iguazu Falls, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, places that always leave our guests with a lasting impression. We’ll stand in awe at Iguazu Falls, get a behind-the-scenes look at Rio de Janeiro’s famous Carnival festival, and see a stunning tango performance in Buenos Aires.

Spain’s Classics We will be offering our guests an optional upgrade to the AVE high speed train between Madrid and Cordoba. This will give them the opportunity to spend less time on the coach getting from place to place, and more time experiencing the culture.


Get out there and exp

Discover Panama Tour Highlight: Panama Canal Cruise Every tour has plenty of incredible highlights, but some really stand out. Travelling on the Panama Canal on our Discover Panama tour is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences that is a perennial favourite among our guests. We climb on board the Pacific Queen for a partial transit cruise through two locks of the Panama Canal. We also learn about its construction and operation as we enjoy lunch onboard, revelling in our experiences seeing this incredible feat of engineering firsthand.

All aboard for a great adventure! 25

73JU6_Group Preview Mailer_CAD GRP_Mar18.indd 25

2/15/18 12:29 PM


Getting Back to Nature Through my travels, a common theme of “getting back to nature” has emerged. Guests are really looking to venture into the remote and untouched parts of a destination. My tours deliver on that desire in a big way by truly immersing guests in nature rather than simply observing it.

Costa Rica: A World of Nature Costa Rica is simply teeming with wildlife like howler monkeys, sloths, reptiles, insects and countless varieties of birds. We’ll go right into Tortuguero National Park to spend two nights in a beautiful hotel with all of these amazing creatures just outside your window. Spend another two nights in an eco-lodge within Sarapiquí Rainforest, and take in the spectacular views of Arenal Volcano during your three-night stay at the base of this majestic site. Wake in the morning and sip locally grown coffee. Taste exotic local fruits. Go on a jungle crocodile safari and bird watching cruise. Zip line through the rainforest canopy. Walk among the treetops on a guided tour of Arenal’s hanging bridges. Explore the beaches of Manuel Antonio National Park. There’s just so much nature to be enjoyed on this tour!

Nature, nature and more nature!

Other great tours with outdoor adventures: Cultures of Peru & Bolivia

Machu Picchu & the Galapagos Islands

Spain’s Costa del Sol & The Portuguese Riviera


73JU6_Group Preview Mailer_CAD GRP_Mar18.indd 26

2/15/18 12:17 PM

Closing Thoughts


Engaging Europe: Spain's Culture & WWII's History

Two Incredible Adventures in One! Machu Picchu & the Galapagos Islands 15 Days • 29 Meals This tour is on my list because there is nothing like feeling directly connected with our world’s very beginnings. From the Land of the Incas to the Galapagos archipelago, this dream tour takes guests for a look into the collective history of humankind. We stay overnight at the base of Machu Picchu and wake up in the morning to the sight of this spectacular and mysterious place. And we don’t just explore this “Lost City” once. We do it twice. We’ll also take a cruise to the pristine Galapagos Islands to see one-of-a-kind wildlife. A naturalist guide will escort us on our 5-day eco-adventure to make sure our guests learn and see everything. This tour is a small group Explorations tour. If you have a smaller

The Novelties of Northern Spain

Memorials of World War II

The Novelties of Northern Spain tour embodies the true pulse of Spanish culture. Instead of topically visiting the country, we will take guests on this tour beyond the iconic must-sees; we will not only visit the Sagrada Familia, but its reputable towers as well. We will not only try local tapas in Barcelona, but we will have a hands-on cooking class with locally acclaimed chefs. Guests will be able to choose how to get around (foot, bus, or funicular) and where they will go. They will experience Spain the way they want to and always through the eyes of a local.

Our Memorials of War tour has been created with a distinct focus on World War II history, specifically the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. Our guests will have the incredible opportunity to revisit history starting in London and finishing up in Paris. A three-night stay in Normandy provides us with enough time to fully appreciate the history behind the beaches and their surrounding areas. We’ll also visit the Commonwealth Cemetery for an inclusive experience.

group, or if you’d like to add another tour for the year, Explorations tours are a great option.

Best-Seller Tropical Costa Rica 9 Days • 13 Meals Visit paradise in tropical Costa Rica with its sandy beaches, lush forests, exotic plants, incredible animals and awe-inspiring waterfalls. 27

73JU6_Group Preview Mailer_CAD GRP_Mar18.indd 27

2/15/18 12:41 PM

D E TA I L S C O M I N G S U M M E R O F 2 0 1 8

a new Explorations experience! You know we always strive to have our finger on the pulse of what’s next. And that’s why we’re refreshing the travel experience of Explorations. We’re excited for what’s to come and think you and your guests will be as well. It’s something you won’t want to miss!


73JU6_Group Preview Mailer_CAD GRP_Mar18.indd 28

2/15/18 12:41 PM


s much an inner journey as a collection of active and engaging experiences,

Explorations seeks to take travellers beyond the destination – and invites them to step INTO the destination. Explorations is the conduit for cultivating a deeper, more meaningful connection to the cultures of the world. It is an opportunity to learn, discover, and seek out new things. Travellers will live as locals live, experiencing a slice of everyday life that somehow feels extraordinary. Explorations will guide the way, but travellers will interpret the experiences and moments in their own distinctive way. Explorations makes travel a social and an introspective experience all at the same time. Travellers perceive and learn as they engage and come to see the world in a whole new light. Explorations, left open to interpretation.

Stay tuned for the unveiling!


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Š Oberammergau/Passion Play 2010. Photo: Brigitte Maria Mayer


73JU6_Group Preview Mailer_CAD GRP_Mar18.indd 30

2/15/18 12:41 PM

Oberammergau 2020 Don’t Miss Out on this Iconic Piece of History! 2020 is the year when once again the tiny Bavarian hamlet of Oberammergau, Germany takes the world’s centre stage. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a lifetime experience. Space on all 7 of our incredible itineraries is limited. Book now!


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When they book early with you, they save!*

40 Queen Street S. Mississauga, ON L5M 1K3 source code


Your travellers will receive Collette’s most competitive air-inclusive rates and will be treated to additional exclusive savings* when booking before seat reduction date. When you take advantage of these limited-time offers, your groups will be bigger and – most importantly – happier! *Restrictions apply, call for details


73S58 0318

Call 866.358.0333 or contact your local Business Development Manager. Travel Industry Council of Ontario Reg. #3206405 BC Reg. #23337

Visit us online:

Oberammergau 2020

Travel with the experts! See page 30 to learn more. @collettetravel

Oberammergau/Passion Play 2010. Photo: Brigitte Maria Mayer

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