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Issue 23-2016

On the cover: Sunset on the 18th hole of the Nicklaus Course is always stunning! This page: The Dye Course peninsula seen from the air really shows how much waterfront our courses have!


THE RIVER | Issue 23-2016


Hurrican Matthew clean up highlights what makes Colleton River special

17 MEMBERSHIP UPDATE 2016 has been a busy and successful year for the Membership department

In This Issue 5



Much to be grateful for as the year comes to a close



Exciting awards and accolades


Utilitize our training staff to meet your fitness goals


Updates on the new practice park and how to use it

Program numbers are continuing to increase


Tips for how to handle hard and fast greens


20 LLG



A look into the Presidential palates

Successful Community Cats & Habitat for Humanity Programs

Fall programs were full of interest and information

Photos from the Garden Club and October “Spooktacular”

Board of Directors Jack Proud - President, Executive Committee Jim Rydzel - Vice President, Executive Committee; Chair: Governance, Strategy & Asset Planning Jim Eisert - Treasurer, Executive Committee, Audit; Chair: Finance Al Baker - Executive Committee; Chair: ARB Wendy Baker - Chair: Marketing Roberta Bowman - Chair: Audit; Special Projects Dave Drohan - Audit; Chair: House & Ancillary Milton Irvin - Chair: Golf Pat Sommers - Audit; Chair: Greens & Grounds

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Note from your Club President

Congratulations to Our New Board Directors: Lloyd Rothouse Ron Waters Tom Weisenbach


THE RIVER | Issue 23-2016

As I write this latest River article, we just enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday. We have a lot to be thankful for at Colleton River. First, as a community we have survived Hurricane Matthew. While there has been extensive damage to our grounds and some homes were damaged, no Jack Proud Club President one was injured by the storm. The clean-up efforts have progressed well and, while much work remains, we have made great progress to achieve a new sense of normal operations. Our community has joined together in a spirit of cooperation and mutual support to help each other and to help the club in our combined recovery efforts. Special thanks again to our entire community (members, staff and key contractors) for such a superlative effort. Our Dye course reopened October 31 to rave reviews. It was a major undertaking and the results are very gratifying. The renovated course will continue to mature with each passing month and, while already great, we will soon have a championship caliber venue to enjoy again. Also, it was equally gratifying to see so many members enjoying the new short game practice area and renovated Borland par three course. The Nicklaus driving range (being restored next summer), the short game area, the renovated Borland course and the new Learning Center are the four pillars of our comprehensive Practice Park. Our new Practice Park will exceed anything being offered by other lowcountry golf communities. Thank you to our Dye Renovation Ad Hoc Committee and to our staff and contractors for such a great outcome. While the year is not yet over, this issue of the River provides me the opportunity to thank our community volunteers serving on the board, the club’s committees (who do great work for our community), and those who work on various ad hoc committees that are formed during the year to help with certain issues. I also want to express appreciation to the members who have volunteered over the years to put together the various groups that facilitate member enjoyment and help welcome new members to our club. Colleton River is famous throughout the lowcountry for its welcoming attitude and inclusiveness, and it’s a credit to all our member volunteers and group organizers. By the time you read this issue of the River, the new year will be upon us and I sincerely hope that each of you have a great end of year holiday season. Thanks for all you do to make Colleton River such a special place.

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General Manager’s Report I want to first start by applauding you, our members, and our staff who worked together through and beyond Hurricane Matthew’s strike. I also want to thank our National Guard, first responders and utility personnel who worked so tirelessly serving others and keeping us safe in the hurricane’s wake. While a trying time, it brought out the best in all of us as everyone rolled up Tim Bakels their sleeves and came together more COO/General Manager than anyone could have imagined. The one aspect of the storm truly worth remembering is exactly that…the kindness, compassion and collaboration of so many.

GOLF It has also been an exciting year here at Colleton River. The Dye course opened and the renovation has taken the course back to what Pete Dye intended. The new design of the Borland has been equally wellreceived offering tee and green approaches for all levels of golfers, including junior and beginners. The new short game area offers a much greater variety of golf shots, simulating course conditions while


THE RIVER | Issue 23-2016

allowing more members to practice at the same time. To finish off the “Practice Park” we are eagerly anticipating construction of the Learning Center. FIRE STATION We were excited to announce November 10th that the ballot for approval of the sale of property to the Bluffton Township Fire District for use in the construction and operation of a permanent fire station passed overwhelmingly. As you know, the fire station is an issue many have been working on for several years. I can assure you that everyone involved is very anxious to put a shovel in the ground and start construction of the new fire station. STAFFING As we’ve shared with you, the overall labor shortage in the Lowcountry has been challenging to say the least. So we got creative! Please join us in welcoming our new team members through our new H2B Visa work program. While the process was initially a cumbersome one, perseverance paid off and we welcomed 12 guest workers, all from South Africa, to our team. We look forward to increasing our number of guest workers in subsequent years.

MEMBER SATISFACTION SURVEY By now you have electronically received the Colleton River 2016 Satisfaction Survey. The data from your responses will provide critical insight into your collective attitudes, needs and wants for the future development of the club. It will be an important tool as the Board renews its work on the long range strategic plan and refreshes the club’s long range financial plan. Please be sure to complete this important survey and take the opportunity to share your thoughts and opinions.

EMERALD CLUB OF THE WORLD Colleton River has once again been designated a 2016 Distinguished Emerald Club of the World by Boardroom Magazine. The Distinguished Clubs award program was developed to help vitalize and preserve the institution of private clubs by fostering a ceaseless drive to ever improve the “Member Experience” provided by private clubs throughout the world. Distinguished Emerald Club status is awarded to only the top 5 percent of clubs.

MAKING LEMONADE OUT OF LEMONS While Hurricane Matthew put a damper on some of our fall events, we made the best of it. Many of you dined at the Halfway Café on October 19th while listening to guitar and vocals by Todd Cowart. The Fall Welcome Back Dinner Social on October 22nd was a great event with entertainment by Sterlin and Shuvette. Hard to believe we could top that night, but from the reviews we received we might have done just that with the Fall Oyster Roast & Boil on November 12th. We had a packed house with another culinary feast provided by Chef Robert and his team. If your dancing shoes didn’t get enough use on October 22nd, they certainly did to the tunes by The Headliners on the 12th.

To be a Distinguished Emerald Club, the club must provide a member experience at a level attained by only the finest clubs in the world. Reputation. Reverence. Admiration. Brand Equity. Fame. Whatever you call it, it is that “X” factor that separates clubs with the most prestigious of memberships. This distinction comes after extensive onsite interviews and amenity tours, a cottage stay and dining on site by a representative of Boardroom Magazine, followed by comprehensive questionnaires/surveys post-visit. This designation is a reflection of our commitment to excellence and our continual effort to improve our Club at every level.

Besides great events, this fall has been full of exciting accolades. I’d like to take the opportunity to touch on the highlights. PLATINUM CLUB OF AMERICA We are proud to share with you that Colleton River has received its fifth consecutive three-year Platinum Club of America designation and has been ranked in the top 5 percent of all private clubs in the country by Club Leaders Forum. The Platinum Clubs of America rankings are determined by questionnaires sent to club managers and presidents of approximately 5,000 private clubs belonging to the Club Managers Association of America (CMAA). This prestigious recognition is based on five aspects of private clubs:

• Quality of Membership • Tradition and Culture • Amenities • Governance • Quality of Management & Staff

HILTON HEAD MONTHLY Each year Hilton Head Monthly celebrates local businesses and communities with the Readers’ Choice Awards, as the “best of the best” places to shop, dine and live, as voted by its readers. Colleton River won Hilton Head Monthly’s 2016 Readers Choice for Favorite Private Golf Club in Bluffton. We are extremely honored to have received such recognition by our peers and the golf and club communities. It is a true testament to the unwavering dedication of our devoted board and committee representatives, outstanding members and professional staff who take pride in the ownership of the Club, serving as ambassadors of Colleton River. It’s our attitude of “family serving family” that makes us special. Congratulations Colleton River! From our family to yours, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and all the best for the New Year ahead.

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Proper Use of Practice Park • Plan practice sessions - set goals • Skills practice versus simulated practice – use Borland for transfer • Ask for help - learn to hit different shots • Keep practice interesting - play games, create competition • Practice with friends

Practice Park Guidelines • • • • •

Keep golf carts on paths Hitting from viewing areas is prohibited Keep practice shots to 50 yards or less Be aware of your surroundings Putting on short game greens is permitted, but not suggested • Return ball rakes back to bag stands • At the completion of practice, please fill divots with sand

Congratulations! Congratulations are again in order for Head Professional, Derrick Garrou, who recently was recognized and honored with the Hilton Head Island PGA Chapter “2016 Professional of the Year” award! Derrick continues to be a wonderful ambassador for Colleton River and the game of golf. Currently, he serves as the President of the Hilton Head Island PGA Chapter and serves on the Carolinas PGA Board of Directors as the At-Large Director for South Carolina.

on the



THE RIVER | Issue 23-2016

The renovated Borland course and Practice Park are a huge success. From concept to inception, everyone is excited about the new asset at our club. Both are fantastic learning environments for every level of golfer. The Borland course was reduced from nine holes to six holes, trees Matt Lucchesi, PGA were removed, and the greens were Director of Golf rebuilt. The renovation has increased the playability of the course, making it much more enjoyable. The Borland offers new golfers an environment to learn course management, etiquette, and pace of play without the pressure of playing on the course. Advanced players are excited about working on their short irons and scoring. This is a great option for those without time to play 9 or 18 holes, as it takes less than 45 minutes to play.

The Practice Park gives you the ability to practice any shot you may encounter on the Nicklaus or Dye. With tight lies, deep rough, new bunkers, and contoured greens, you will never see the same shot twice. Three viewing areas have been added to sit and soak in the view, or to simply take a quick break from practicing. To maintain our new asset we ask members to sand their divots, avoid hitting shots from viewing areas, and please park carts in the designated locations. Additionally, on the left you will find a few helpful recommendations and guidelines to best utilize the Practice Park. The last component required to finish the practice park will be the Learning Center. Once the Learning Center is completed we will have one of the most dynamic practice areas in the country! The Professional Golf Staff is here to assist you in the improvement of your game. If you have any questions regarding it, please don’t hesitate to ask. Enjoy!

You don’t have to drag your clubs and luggage through the airport, you can ship them to your destination, right from the golf shop! We are partnered with Ship Sticks, the world’s most trusted golf bag shipping company. This partnership allows us to ship your golf clubs and luggage to any address in the world at reduced prices! We can ship to a hotel, golf course, or residence! Ship Sticks will email you tracking information, personally track your shipment, send you an arrival notification, and they have an on-time guarantee. We are excited to offer this service and hope you will take advantage of the ease and simplicity of traveling light! Please contact us in the golf shop if you have any questions or would like to use Ship Sticks! Please be advised proper lead time is needed to ensure your clubs arrive at their destination. Shipping fees are based on this lead time. ColletonRiverClub.com | THE RIVER


Ccorner ulinary Robert Wysong Executive Chef

Here are a few of the p resid “favorites” I find inter ential esting: John Adam

Thomas Je

For some reason this fall I became interested in the favorite foods past and future Presidents of the United States. I’m not sure why, but I started to sniff around. What foods and dishes would these men prepare, or have prepared for them? I imagined incredible meals - maybe elaborate state dinners with noteworthy ingredients being fussed over for the various heads of state and their guests. I guess I craved something more interesting than I found!

It must have been a sign of the times because what I discovered was somewhat surprising. I found that their food choices were very limited, plain, and simple. Simple ingredients, simply prepared. There were no traces of fussed over, complicated, or over–thought foods like we have today. For example, George Washington, our first president who was known to live plainly for the most part, simply required a glass of wine and some mutton at dinner. Thank you Mr. President, how would you like your mutton cooked? On the other hand, Thomas Jefferson, so influenced by living and travel abroad, became fond of many unique foods and supporting items, including the waffle iron which he adored. Jefferson was also known for importing large quantities of macaroni, parmesan cheese, figs, raisins, oil and vinegars, not forgetting the anchovies when stocking the pantries of Monticello. It is widely known that Jefferson was quite the food aficionado for his time, living largely off the land and in accordance with nature. What a way to go.

Martha Washington’s Crab Soup Recipe Fresh crabs 1 Tbsp butter 1 1/2 Tbsp flour 3 Hard boiled eggs 1 Whole lemon rind, grated Salt and pepper 4 cups milk 1/2 cup cream 1/2 cup sherry Dash worcestershire sauce


THE RIVER | Issue 23-2016

s - Indian

James Mon

fferson - Ic

e Cream

roe - Fried C

John Quinc

y Adams -

Andrew Ja


Fresh Fruit

ckson - Fre

Martin Va

nch Food

n Buren - O

William H


enry Harris

ysters and


on - Squirr el Stew

Unfortunately, nothing else really jumped out as unique, which is again maybe just a sign of those times. In our new era of government however, I think I am more excited about what we have ahead for the kitchens of Colleton River. Most exciting is bringing in–house charcuiterie by Executive Sous, Chef Ryan McDade. This craft curing, stuffing and smoking technique is his passion and calling card that you will certainly see and enjoy more often. We are also pursuing a micro-farm possibility for our kitchen to bring in more unique and fun items that compliment what we do, and will continue looking for ideas to enhance the culinary offerings you and your families will enjoy. With all that said, it has been a wonderful 2016 cooking at Colleton River, and our team looks forward to a New Year and renewed season. I hope the best of health and happiness to you and leave you with a recipe after my own heart.

Boil enough crabs in salted water to make 1/2 pound crabmeat Combine butter, flour, mashed hard-boiled egg, grated rind of one lemon and salt and pepper to taste Bring milk to boil in a saucepan Pour it slowly into the egg mixture. Add the crabmeat to the milk-egg mixture and cook gently five minutes Add heavy cream; remove from the heat before it reaches a boil Add sherry and a dash of Worcestershire Sauce Serve piping hot

Hot Buttered Rum

· 1 small slice soft butter · 1 tsp brown sugar · Vanilla extract · 2 ounces dark rum · Hot water · 3 cups brown sugar · 1/2 cup unsalted butter · 3 Tbsp honey · 1 Tbsp rum extract · 1 Tbsp vanilla extract · 1 tsp ground nutmeg · 1 tsp ground allspice · 1 tsp ground cinnamon

To Make Hot Buttered Rum Mix: *Mix the ingredients using a beater until everything is blended together *Store in a well-sealed jar in the refrigerator until needed

To Make Hot Buttered Rum Drink: *Pour 1 1/2 ounces of light or dark rum into an Irish coffee glass or mug *Add a heaping spoonful of the hot buttered rum mix *Fill with hot water (not boiling) *Stir well & serve Everyone knows that hosting a party can be a very stressful but worry not - with careful planning and using some of these helpful hints; you will be able to enjoy the celebration just as much as your guest. Make a List: Perhaps the ultimate way to create a less stressful planning process is to live by a list. Plan ahead, and don’t be afraid to delegate. Know what you are Beth Anderson capable and comfortable doing and give Events Manager others things to do. Asking guest to help with a party-related task makes them feel more involved, so never be afraid to ask.

of the staples such as Vodka, Rum, Scotch, Bourbon, a selection of wines and beer stocked. Decorating: Adding some décor to a party can be as simple as using some items from your attic or yard. Small personal touches add so much to the event. As stated before in Make a List, if this aspect is one that you are not comfortable with doing, you always can hire a professional who can assist with bringing your vision to life. Create Comfort: Don’t feel compelled to seat guests around a dinner table. If you have a lot of company, a buffet or stations might be a better way to accommodate everyone. If you are offering this style of dining, make sure that you are offering your guest food items that will be easy for them to enjoy without having to take a seat.

Cook Ahead: Do as much ahead of time as possible. To make it even easier, make arrangements to have your Club cater the event.

Music: Music always sets the mood at a party. Make sure to keep the music low as conversation is what counts at celebrations.

Stock Up: You’ll never run out of nibbles if you shop with an aim to entertain. Keep a stock of cookies, crackers and nuts in your pantry. Maybe event try some long-lasting jarred tapanades and pestos. When mixed with sour cream, these make an impressive dip.

Open Your House: Too many friends and family to host at one time? Have an open house and let them know that they can drop by any time between certain hours on one special day. Your guest will appreciate the flexibility and you will be able to spend more quality time with your guest. When hosting an open house, prepare smaller dishes to bring out throughout the designated time opposed to one large main course. This will insure that the items you are serving are always fresh.

Keep Drinks on Hand: It is always smart to stock up on sodas and mixers. Make sure to have coffee, regular and decaf, along with some tea handy. If you are offering a bar at your event, keep some

ColletonRiverClub.com | THE RIVER



s e ar C

Trap-Neuter-Return method. We trap all new cats that are noticed on the property. The cats are spayed/neutered, given vaccinations and then evaluated. If the cats are deemed social we use Palmetto Animal league or Hilton Head Humane Society to help us place these cats for adoption. If the cats are considered feral (generally generations of cats born in the wild with little human contact and therefore very difficult to socialize), we release and monitor them at several managed feeding stations in Colleton, shown at left. The numbers speak for themselves. Since 2007, we have handled 108 cats. Of those, 33 have been adopted into homes or placed in no-kill adoption centers. We are now currently feeding 30 cats within the plantation (there are a number who have disappeared due to natural attrition and there are a number who we know have passed away). There is no question the program has worked. If the Colleton ferals had not been spayed or neutered, we would have hundreds of stray cats on the property as unspayed female cats can have 2-3 litters per year! So our mission to humanely reduce and stabilize the population has been accomplished.

COMMUNITY CATS PROGRAM ~by Members Pam Dyer and Althea Hicks The Colleton River Community Cat program was established in 2007 and we are happy to report it has been a huge success! Prior to its inception, many individual resident members took the responsibility to humanely trap stray cats found in Colleton, get them vetted and determine their adoptability. But as we saw the number of strays increasing within Colleton River grounds, we realized we had a responsibility to tackle the problem (which is the result of human neglect and abandonment). We then formalized the community cat program with the blessing of Colleton management and help of Amy Campanini, President of Palmetto Animal League. The Colleton River Community Cats group is volunteer based and the mission is to protect the welfare of stray cats that appear within Colleton and halt the reproduction process. We use the world wide accepted humane approach to reduce the population which is the


THE RIVER | Issue 23-2016

The volunteer group keeps detailed records of the cats. Names are given to the cats, and volunteer caretakers are very familiar with each one and its own distinct personality. Now that some of the community cats are getting older (some 9-10 years), we have had to address their medical issues. In addition, we sadly have been forced to humanely euthanize the severely sick or injured. So in addition to costs of food and spay/neuter services, we have seen an increase in veterinarian expenses for our geriatric group in the past two years! We are extremely grateful to Colleton management and the members who have contributed to this program in the past. The program operates solely on donations. If you are interested in donating to the tax-deductible 501-c-3 charity, please make checks payable to Colleton Feral Cat Fund and mail to: Althea Hicks, 3 Laurel Hill Court, Bluffton, SC 29910. Please note that 100% of your contributions go to the care and feeding of the Colleton River cats. This program could not exist without the help of our wonderful Colleton staff and our member volunteers. If you would like to volunteer and have fun feeding our Colleton furry friends, please call Pam Dyer (843-837-8727) or Althea Hicks (843-368-4991).

FRIENDS OF HABITAT FOR HUMANITY The sunset was spectacular for our waterfront Lowcountry boil at the community dock!

The Colleton River Friends of Habitat are working towards building a house for one of our own employees, Pedro Bermudez. This has been a goal for the group since it started volunteering with Habitat nearly 15 years ago. Pedro is in the process of completing all of the requirements to qualify for a home. This current home project is being built in The Glen on Hilton Head Island, the first Habitat Community on the island. Habitat is always looking for volunteers. Any members that would like info about volunteering for this very worthwhile endeavor can contact Bill Spadafora or Dick Fowler for information about getting involved.

ColletonRiverClub.com | THE RIVER


The Kayak Club had a special escort for their excursion to Ft. Fredrika in Port Royal.

Fitness Personal health is starting to become a bigger factor in peoples’ everyday lives and making that change to become healthier is even a bigger factor. The Fitness Center at Colleton River has been the source for many members who are taking control of their healthy lifestyle. We have noticed the amount of participants using the Fitness Center on a daily basis has increased substantially over the years as members are starting to take control of their lives and want to get into better shape and have a healthier lifestyle. Whether you simply want to lose fat, gain muscle, be healthy, or work on specific sport or combination goals, the trainers at Colleton River will tailor your workouts to accommodate. They will work with you to find an appropriate training volume, intensity, and frequency, and will select exercises and progressions to get you where you’re going efficiently. Our trainers, Jessica, Renee and Mike, have created countless customized exercises for our membership to achieve their goals. We at the Fitness Center realize that not everyone has the same fitness goals, and therefore we offer as much advice and guidance as possible. Our trainers will help you lose weight, tone up, gain muscle, increase cardiovascular fitness, increase strength and teach you about exercise and nutrition. We hope you will find that our trainers, Jessica, Renee and Mike, to be useful and an important resource in your quest for a healthier you. ~Stephen Minnaar, Fitness Director


THE RIVER | Issue 23-2016

Hello Colleton River members! I hope everyone is getting back to a normal routine after the devastation of hurricane Matthew. Our courts survived the storm with only one fence down on court six, and our programming and events are back on track. The weather has been amazing since the hurricane, and we hope to continue with a mild winter again. We had a few teams that played over the summer in USTA league play at the Club. As we move towards year end (ratings out in early December), many of you are getting ramped up for Spring adult league. We anticipate more teams forming this upcoming season at Colleton. Stay tuned and we will update the teams, captains, and schedules as we get closer to the season. Our program numbers have increased with many people back in town for the fall. The current schedule is as follows (all times are morning): Mondays 9-10:30 Mondays 10:30 – 12 Wednesdays 9-10 Wednesdays 10-11:30

Men’s clinic Women’s clinic 3.5 and above Theme of the week Doubles strategy and play 3.5 and above

We conducted our 4th installment of Rusty Rackets in October, and had some new faces in the clinic. We and encourage them all to continue to play. Our event calendar is finishing with the Nick vs. Dye challenge in November (Dye holds the title from 2015) and the Holiday Round Robin in December. We are finalizing the calendar of events for 2017, and we will send it out to all of you when it is completed. Over the tail end of the summer we finished a top dressing of all of the courts and they are playing great! We are looking forward to a busy and successful 2017 tennis year at Colleton River. See you all on the courts! ~Colleton River Tennis Staff

on the

C ourts Tips from your Tennis Pro Ever get bored of the same old lingo of tennis terms? Here are a few “cool” terms that are fun to use on the court. KILL ZONE – the area close to net where the on court player should go for a winner HAWKING – very aggressive poaching UPSTREAM – a forward angle movement up at net when poaching FISHING – poor poaching, the net player floats parallel or backwards (sound familiar?) WEEDS – the area located just behind the service line WOODS – the area located just inside the baseline

The Fall Tennis Round Robin was a great event! ColletonRiverClub.com | THE RIVER


Community Coming Together Edgefield Lane is a little known street ending in a cul-de-sac. Our home is the only house on the lane. Hurricane Matthew spared our home and lot, but wrecked havoc in the woods across the street. Two large trees were laid down across Edgefield, but since they blocked neither our driveway or our mailbox, it seemed that removal should be a very low priority.

Members - our friends - begin attacking the trees blocking Edgefield. A half dozen chain saws were at work. It seemed clear to me that the wielders of the chainsaws were actually having a great time running their toys! Two hours after the golf cart brigade arrived, Edgefield Lane was clear. Another example of what we all know, that Colleton River is about community - the people, our friends and neighbors.

Early in the week after the storm, I was having my third cup of coffee in my office. First, one golf cart pulls into Edgefield, and then a small fleet.

When Kelda and I went from absent, distant members to full-time residents almost four years ago, we never expected to become assimilated into the Colleton


THE RIVER | Issue 23-2016

community so rapidly and so completely. Make no mistake, for all the blessings of Colleton — our 1,500 acres, our golf courses, our clubhouses, etc.— it is the membership that makes this community so very special. Our promotional video that plays on our public web site begins with a question, “Where in the world do places like this exist?” We know it is our membership that defines a follow up statement in the promo, “never to be found, never to be repeated, ever again.” ~by Member Dr. Barney Maynard

Membership Update

Attitude is Everything!

2016 has been a busy year for the membership department! Our marketing efforts generated a record number of leads, and as a result we hosted 34 Member Experiences and conducted 27 one-day tours with almost 30% conversion. There were 45 real estate transactions this year (23 home transfers and 22 lot transfers) resulting in 30 new members, the most recent of which are listed below. Many thanks to the Member Experience Ambassadors for their help welcoming prospective members and showing them how special our community is! If you are new to Colleton and have not yet had a New Member Orientation, please contact me to schedule one soon. Members who joined before this program was implemented are welcome to stop by for a handbook or set up a refresher orientation as well! ~Larry Ross, Director of Membership Development

Welcome New Members!

NAME James & Ellen Utterback Don & Kim Thompson Douglas McGregor & Janet Leitch Scott & Kathleen Manning Edward & Kathleen Lynch George & Marilyn DeLong

JOINED Sep-16 Sep-16 Sep-16 Sep-16 Nov-16 Nov-16

With the passing of Liz Berney in 2014, a remarkable service provider embraced by all, we put together an annual service award in her honor. “Attitude is Everything”. This year’s recipient of the award is Mike Tuten, Chief of Security. Please join us in congratulating him!

“Life is Good!” Photo by Member Virginia Blackwell

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THE RIVER | Issue 23-2016

Golf Coaching How to Play your Best on Hard & Fast Greens

a tee when practicing on the Borland; treat it like your second, third, or fourth shot into a green at the Dye. Use a soft spinney golf ball like the Titleist Pro-V1 or Callaway Super Soft.

Play it High

With the arrival of the Practice Park, newly renovated Borland course, and updated Dye course, you may David La Pour, PGA notice some differences in the playing Director of Instruction surfaces, especially the greens. Much like the new Tif Eagle greens at last year’s RBC Heritage event on Hilton Head Island, our greens are firm and fast. Taking a chapter out of the PGA Tour player’s handbook, below are some suggestions on how to play your best in hard and fast conditions:

Practicing Correctly

The grass is the same at the Practice Park, Borland, and Dye (Tif Eagle greens & Celebration fairways). These two practice areas are where I suggest working on your approach shots. Don’t use

Academy Schedule Fireside Discussions with your Golf Professionals January - February

Trackman Club Fitting

Monday – Saturday, 9 am to 4 pm

TPI Golf Fitness Program Personalized - by appointment

Let it fly! If possible, create a high trajectory shot coming into the putting surface so the energy of the shot will dissipate into the ground and not send the ball tracking to the back of the green. High club speed, lofted clubs, and clean contact are some requirements.

Play it Low

Roll it! When Pete Dye designed the course at Colleton River, he left the option open to approach the green/flag with a bump and run shot. With the exception of a few holes, this is the preferred shot for most but it takes practice. Use a 7-iron or hybrid, play it middle or back in your stance, and get to know how the shot comes off of the club (and rolls out), then use it on the course.

Bump & Run Technique with 7-Iron


What is Edufii? The best way to describe it is a personalized golf coaching website. First introduced to the members here at Colleton River last spring, this new and innovative teaching platform allows the coach to document the students’ progress by creating what they call a private web based “Training Space.” We now have the ability to record learning points during the lesson and post the information directly to the students training space to review at home or abroad. The student can also ask questions and the instructor will get back to you with analysis. In my opinion, this is a game changer for golf instruction and literally for student improvement. Be sure to ask you Academy Instructor on how to get “Edufiied”! ColletonRiverClub.com | THE RIVER


Lifelong Learning Group (LLG) Mr. Barnwell was born to a midwife in 1935 when there was no bridge to the mainland. He attended a two-room schoolhouse, and had to leave the island for high school and higher education. He has worked tirelessly to improve health care, affordable housing, education and economic development on the Island. He has used his experience, local connections, and common sense to improve life in the Lowcountry.

Many Colleton members come from places beyond the Lowcountry. Joining this community stimulates many questions about our new home - its culture, history, personalities, flora and fauna. The LLG Committee has taken on the challenge of researching and presenting programs/field trips that are engaging and interesting. We are fortunate to serve a community that embodies the qualities of lifelong learners: critical thinkers, curious readers, creative doers and even skeptics who need the facts to be convinced. In September, LLG kicked off the 20162017 season with a Port Royal Sound Foundation Eco Boat Tour planned by LLG Committee member, Leslie Kruezer. Few things are better than a sparkling sunny day on the water, and Colleton participants boarded the Spartina Marine Education Charter vessel at the Colleton community dock.

Relying on her degree in Marine Biology, Captain Amber Kuehn gave a discussion of the ecology of the Colleton and Chechessee Rivers. After the boat trip, members toured the new Port Royal Foundation museum that features an oyster, crabbing and shrimping exhibit created and donated by our own Colleton members, Beverly and Keith Jennings. Participants called the boat tour and


THE RIVER | Issue 23-2016

museum, ‘fast-paced, full of discoveries and delights, terrific, informative, and an amazing resource in our own backyard’. On November 17, LLG was greatly honored to host Hilton Head residents, Thomas Curtis Barnwell Jr. Mr. Barnwell was inducted into the South Carolina Black Hall of Fame in 2006 and was named to the Hilton Head Island Hall of Fame in 2013 which honors the visionary people who have had a lasting and extraordinary impact on the community. He was also an honorary pallbearer at the funeral of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

He also helped create the Bluffton Oyster Cooperative, the Hilton Head Fishing Cooperative, the Beaufort-Jasper Economic Opportunity Commission, and the Hilton Head Island Rural Water Commission. The Hilton Head Fishing Cooperative was instrumental in stopping the BASF petrochemical plant proposed for Victoria Bluff in 1969. The voice of native islanders and newcomers united to fend off the plant and its anticipated widespread pollution. Tom and his wife, Susan, gave a riveting talk about the history and culture of Hilton Head Island “before the bridge was built”, and the LLG group was truly honored to hear from such an esteemed member of our community.

Garden Club

The Garden Club worked an entire day on bonsai tree projects outside at the Dye Clubhouse. It was a long day, but everyone had a BLAST! In the words of Member Karen Anderson, “gardening is a messy joy!” ColletonRiverClub.com | THE RIVER




Our members really get into the Halloween spirit! October’s “Spooktacular” is always a favorite golf event!


THE RIVER | Issue 23-2016


Dye Penthouse, 10am – 12pm


Nicklaus Ballroom, 7 – 12am



Dye Clubhouse, 5 – 6:30pm

12 LLG - JOHN MORRIS RUSSELL Nicklaus Clubhouse, 5:30 9:00pm

Nicklaus Course, 12:30am

All day




4 – 5 MEN’S AND LADIES’ CLUB CHAMPIONSHIPS Both courses, 8:30 a.m.

17 LLG - TOUR OF SCAD Meet at Nicklaus Clubhouse

21 LADIES’ 9-HOLE FROSTY FAIRWAY EVENT Nicklaus Course, 3:30pm

MARCH 2 LADIES’ PRO-LADY Nicklaus Course, 1pm


Nicklaus Clubhouse, 5:30 9:00pm



Tennis Courts, 5:30 - 6:30pm


Nicklaus Ballroom, 4:30pm


Nicklaus Course, 12:15pm

23-25 PRO MEMBER-GUEST Both Courses, All day


30 LADIES SPRING ONE-DAY MEMBER GUEST Nicklaus Course, 12:15-9pm


Dye Clubhouse, 5 – 6pm

Cheers to the holiday season & a great 2017 at Colleton River!

Photo by Member Doris Tancredi

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Our golf season never ends.

Situated on a private peninsula touched by the Colleton and Chechessee Rivers with views out to Port Royal Sound and the Atlantic Ocean, Colleton River Club in Bluffton, SC forms a perfect union of “the good life” and the long held Lowcountry credo “respect the natural environment”. In return for that respect, Colleton River’s 1,500 acres engulf you in pure Lowcountry charm, with iconic live oaks that wind through a blend of luxurious homes and seven miles of breathtaking water and salt marsh views. In addition to two unique, signature golf courses by Jack Nicklaus and Pete Dye, numerous other amenities complete this vibrant community. Come experience it yourself!

Located in Bluffton, SC near the beaches of Hilton Head Island

ColletonRiverClub.com | 843-836-4466

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The River Fall 2016  

The River Fall 2016