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“For us, the promise of Colleton River Club is fulfilled regularly through our interactions with the people here. Whether through committee work, on the golf courses, at club events or simply walking the grounds, we enjoy the company of all the Members and staff. Like the unique architecture of our homes, every Member is distinctly engaging and fun to be around. And, just as our homes combine to create a place of great beauty, the people of Colleton River Club together form a community of comfortable friendships that we are so fortunate to enjoy.”


Tim Bakels wanted to give Members an experience as unique as the facility itself.

GM’s Report

Welcome back to our Members who have been traveling and for those of you who remained, we certainly look forward to embracing the cooler weather patterns of the fall season.


-Doug and Becky Brown

ON THE COVER: Morning sunrise over the Dye course’s 12th hole.

The Learning Center Opens



On The Links

Nicklaus is open, handicap posting, the Practice Park and the Borland Course all featured this month.


Culinary Corner

Social clubs, tailgating tips complete with recipes and delicious fall wine selections to delight your palette.

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Event Central

Who to invite, how to invite them, beverage recipe and ideas, suggested food items and more for your Super Bowl Party.

Lifelong Learning

LLG hosts author Angela Williams, performer and storyteller, Marlena Smalls and civil war historian and author Jim Jordan.

Membership Update A WARM WELCOME TO OUR NEWEST MEMBERS Collin & Karen Baron | Fairfield, CT | MAY David & Beth Biegger | Chicago, IL | MAY Sari Kandel | Bluffton, SC | JUNE Martin Brown & Grace Chu | Chester, NJ | JUNE Joe & Tricia Kepner | Oxford, GA | JUNE Robert & Gale Stafford | New Canaan, CT | JUNE Robert & Lynne Schwandt | Cohasset, MA | JULY Ted & Sally Buchter | Loudon, TN | JULY Dennis & Karen Asharin | Mendam, NJ | JULY Spain & Debra Kelley | Hilton Head Island, SC | SEPTEMBER Richard & Laura Colella | Amherst, OH | SEPTEMBER Rodger & Erahfe Wind | Hilton Head Island, SC | SEPTEMBER Dave Keeling & Brook Wind | Danville, IL | SEPTEMBER Phillip & Sarah Cox | Johnson City, TN | SEPTEMBER Brian & Andrea Bramson | Alexandria, VA | SEPTEMBER Robert & Jennifer Wolfe | Cincinnti, OH | SEPTEMBER Kenneth & Sharon Baker | Bluffton, SC | OCTOBER Robert & Patricia Ryder | Babylon, NY | NOVEMBER


Great news! We expect to commence construction of the home for Pedro this month as the funds to sponsor his home have been raised by Colleton River Friends of Habitat. Additional volunteers are always needed and welcome for this home and any of the Habitat homes under construction. Pedro, a part of our Facilities Maintenance team


Vice President, ARB Chair

Lloyd Rothouse

House Committee Chair


Wendy Baker

Marketing & Membership Committee Chair

The River | November 2017

Pat Sommers

Green & Grounds Chair

A Letter From the President Looking To The Future Colleton River Club is in a

facilities, especially in the busier fall and spring seasons. To repeat, Colleton River is great, but we still have competitive weaknesses and inefficiencies that we believe must be addressed for the long term health of our community. Based on a thorough analysis of the overall situation, with clear eyes on the future, your Board retained the McMahon Group to assist it in bringing forward to our Membership a much needed capital plan to improve our Membership’s enjoyment and use of our Club and our competitive posture when recruiting new Members. We know every Member’s personal situation is different but we hope the great majority of Members are excited about the proposed enhancements to our facilities and amenities and are motivated to support them in the upcoming Member vote. We hope you decide to vote for

now is the time to slow down our intensity to continue to improve Colleton’s competitive advantage in the marketplace. The Board of Directors and our Club’s key strategic committees believe that would be very short-sighted and a long term mistake. We hope most of our Members have taken the time to read and understand the latest Long Range Strategic Plan document distributed to Members this fall. It builds on and expands two prior renditions developed by prior boards to help guide our Club’s development into the future. It is based on multiple sources of market research that provided important information on key competitive trends in the retirement community sector, the needs and wants of the next generation of home buyers in such communities, and the strengths and weaknesses of Colleton’s current set of Member amenities. It is also based on the sound projection that in five years our community will expand to approximately five hundred residences (25% more than today), putting substantial stress on our current

the proposed capital improvement items but whatever you do, please thoughtfully review the information material on the proposed improvements and cast both your initial preference vote this year followed by your formal binding vote next year. We sincerely want and need all Members to be heard on these important proposals. Last, on behalf of the full board, I would like to offer our sincere best wishes to all Members for a great holiday season. There are a lot of fun events at the Club in the month of December and we hope all of our Members take the opportunity to enjoy the season with their neighbors and friends at our Club.

great position. Our financial condition is sound, the state of our current facilities is good, our golf courses have just been renovated and our other sporting venues are in good shape. We have survived two hurricanes and three tropical storms and have come through all of them better than we were prior and without any financial impact to our Members. We continue to add new high quality Members to our Club which enhances our Club’s social vibrancy. Average home and homesite sales prices have improved, though not to a level to which we hope to eventually return. And we have entered into an agreement with the Dye development organization to rekindle their enthusiasm and involvement in completing the Dye side build-out. Some would naturally conclude that

has completed all of his requirements, including 400 hours of sweat equity, lessons in home ownership, displaying credit worthiness, and more in order to qualify to purchase his Habitat home. This will be the 11th home that has been sponsored by Colleton River thanks to the generosity of our Members!

Jack Proud, President Dave Drohan

Audit Committee Chair

Ron Waters

Finance Committee Chair

Milton Irvin

Golf Committee Chair

Tom Weisenbach GSAP Committee Chair

ColletonRiverClub.com | The River


GM’s Report Where did the time go? With the heat of the summer behind us, we want to welcome back our Members who have been traveling and for those of you who remained, we certainly look forward to embracing the cooler weather patterns of the fall season. Much has been accomplished since spring and here are some highlights: Summer Fun Summer officially began with our Memorial Day Cookout and Shrimp Boil and we followed it with Colleton River’s signature event – a week of Independence Day festivities and the July 4th cookout which culminated in a wonderful fireworks finale. You will be interested to know that on July 4th over 500 Members and their families joined in the evening’s fun and, clearly, a good time was had by all! We said goodbye to summer with the Labor Day cookout, only to ramp back up with an over the top Grand Opening of our new Learning Center, but more about that in a moment. I would like to extend my thanks to our staff who worked so hard to make these events memorable. Website We are pleased to roll out Colleton River’s new website. We have had great reviews particularly with respect to the Member directory and its functionality. Be sure to take the time to update your profile in areas of specific interest, including activities and programs or other personal information that might help you connect with and discover other Members with similar interests. As with anything new, there will be a bit of a learning curve, but we are confident you will find it minimal and well worth it given the improved capabilities. As we move forward we will continue to make improvements and tweaks, as well as ongoing content updates to ensure it is a helpful resource for you. An enhanced website such as the Club’s is an incredible business tool as well and it will introduce the Colleton River brand and message in an exciting new format. The site has become better optimized so it 4

The River | November 2017

will rank higher on search engines, therefore, allowing prospects to more easily find Colleton River which will help generate more leads. As for Club operations, we expect to see better integration between departments and new efficiencies. Projects It was a very busy summer. The Learning Center opened with a WOW last month. With a growing number of golfers turning to technology to improve their game, Colleton River’s Learning Center is the perfect addition to the Practice Park. Please see details about this amazing new facility and its Grand Opening in this issue’s feature article on pages 4-5. The Nicklaus golf course opened to rave reviews and is in magnificent shape. The re-grassing of the fairways and tee boxes improve playability and durability, while installation of the Better Billy Bunker system at many of the larger sand traps assists with drainage. As you will recall, Hurricane Matthew did the course no favors, but under the watchful eye of Agronomy Director Jeff Kent, along with the recommendations of Architect Jim Lipe and the ad hoc renovation committee, we were also able to take advantage of the opportunity to work on cart paths and additional projects necessitated by Hurricane Matthew. We are sure you will enjoy the experience. The community dock which was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew in 2016, rebuilt this year and bruised by Irma on

CAPTION: Over 500 Members and their families joined in the 4thof July festivities.

its “opening night” debut in September, is available while the floating dock is being rebuilt. I’m sure you will all embrace and welcome its return as one of the community’s favorite gathering spots. Fire Station On the long awaited permanent fire station, we are very happy to report that the Bluffton Fire Department broke ground. The new modern fire station will provide service to Colleton River and surrounding communities. This has been a major insurance cost avoidance project for the Club as a whole and for the majority of our current and future homeowners. Staffing As we’ve shared with you, the overall labor shortage in the Lowcountry continues to be challenging to say the least. In 2016 Colleton River applied for and participated in the government’s H2B Visa program and brought in 12 seasonal guest workers. I am happy to report that we were able to build on our H2B Visa work program and this fall have welcomed over 40 guest workers from South Africa to our team. Onsite Physical Therapy & Wellness Last month Colleton River began its collaboration with Cornerstone Physical Therapy and Wellness. This locally owned and operated outpatient physical therapy clinic in Bluffton, provides one-on-one physical therapy services for a variety of patients. Dr. Matthew Motes, PT, DPT is the exclusive Doctor of Physical Therapy for the residents of Colleton River and he will provide resident’s outpatient physical therapy at the Colleton River Fitness Center, making it more convenient to attend therapy when needed. Physical therapy services will be available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Marketing & Sales Colleton River’s Member Experience program continues to hit home runs. Through the third quarter we have had 25 Member Experience packages and 20 single day tours with a 33% conversion rate. Real estate sales are also moving along with 41 real estate transactions (22 homes and 19 lots) through September 2017 with 3 pending transactions (two homes and one lot). Colleton River now has 373 homes (248 on the Nicklaus side and 125 on the Dye side), nine homes under construction, four in the ARB review process and several major/minor construction projects. Colleton River Club has and continues to seek the expertise of several industry consultants (Bill McMahon from McMahon Group, Ray Cronin of Club Benchmarking and Henry DeLozier of Global Golf Advisors) to ensure Colleton River Club is in line with other top tier Clubs through industry-specific benchmarking. These three groups will also assist Colleton River to realize specific investment and lifestyle objectives. Club enhancements suggested by these consultants are now under consideration, some of which were outlined in the Board’s most recent Capital Plan Update & Schedule. There are exciting times ahead…

Tim Bakels, General Manager

ColletonRiverClub.com | The River


The Learning Center’s Par-Tee When it came time for the Learning Center Grand Opening, General Manager Tim Bakels wanted to give Members an experience as unique as the facility itself. An event that was as current and state-of-the art as the technology offered in this new golf amenity. The popular ‘Topgolf’ concept came to mind and seemed like a perfect fit. And, what better group to plan an event based on a concept that modernizes the game of golf than a team of our “Yo Pros” (young professionals). Jack and Brent from our Food & Beverage team, and AJ and Taylor from the Golf Department, with the guidance of Matt Lucchesi planned every aspect of a fun and engaging experience to celebrate our Learning Center. Members in attendance participated in a 6 hole putting course maze, a Trackman long drive contest,

nearest the hole competition and point-based target range. A creative casual menu including shrimp, BBQ and burger sliders was enjoyed by all.

The Learning Center Amenities This 2,200 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility, with two indoor bays and three covered outdoor bays, is a great place to sharpen your golf game through lessons, clinics, golf schools, club fittings and, of course, practice. Whether you are looking to video your golf swing, TrackMan your drive, or work on your short game, the facility, surrounding Practice Park, and Borland course offer the best game improvement opportunity and golf experience in the Lowcountry. Its proximity to the Halfway Café is an added bonus making the complex a comfortable place for family and friends to come together to practice and play.


The River | November 2017

As Colleton River Club ushers in a new era in golf instruction with the addition of the new Learning Center, we encourage you to join us in keeping with our vision of operating “the finest teaching program for a Club community in the USA” Learning Center Amenities: • Bay #1 – Indoor/Outdoor Teaching & Coaching Bay with 3 camera V1 video system, TrackMan 4 launch monitor including putting analysis, and BodiTrak pressure mat, along with various teaching aids • Bay #2 – Indoor/Outdoor Club Fitting Bay complemented with V1 video system, TrackMan 4 launch monitor, Titleist, Callaway, Ping, and TaylorMade club companies. • Bays # 3-5 – Outdoor covered hitting bays with fans and heaters. Putting surfaces and three holes in each bay for putter fitting and lessons. • Open 9am – 5pm, Tuesday – Saturday

What is Topgolf? Topgolf are premier golf entertainment complexes found throughout the country where the competition of the sport meets your favorite local hangout. You can challenge your friends and family to point-scoring golf games that anyone from the hopeful pro golfer to your 7-year old grandkid can play year round. The goal is to make golf accessible and fun for everyone.

Longest Drive, Ladies’ Division - Ginny Hackbert Longest Drive, Men’s Division - Lee Irving Nearest the Hole, Ladies’ Division - Ginny Hackbert Nearest the Hole, Men’s Division - Lee Irving  Putting Contest - Barney Maynard $50 Golf Shop Gift Certificate to each Winner  

ColletonRiverClub.com | The River


ON THE LINKS Nicklaus Is Open Great reviews are pouring in. The new grass, the upgraded bunkers and perfect conditions has everyone thrilled about our latest upgrades. Thank you to the ad hoc committee, Jim Lipe, LaBar Golf and Jeff’s team, as they successfully created a fantastic playing environment on our Nicklaus Golf Course. Handicap Posting Anytime you play 7 holes or more you must post a score! If 7 to 12 holes are played you must post a 9 hole score. If you play 13 or more you must post an 18 hole score. Scores for unplayed holes must be recorded as par plus any handicap strokes that the player is entitled to receive on the unplayed holes.

not suggested. Be aware of other golfers and please never hit from the viewing areas. Are you ready to put your wedge game to the test? If so, make your way over to the Borland. Six holes, all par threes, measuring in length from 55 yards to 135 yards. A great place to hone your short game, but also a friendly environment for newer golfers to get confortable with course management. The Borland course does require proper golf attire and don’t forget your golf balls, as practice balls are not allowed. Scorecards can be picked up in the Nicklaus golf shop. Good luck and have fun!

Practice Park 7:30 a.m. - Dusk, Tues. - Sun. The best short game area in the Lowcountry. A fantastic learning environment with places to practice every short game shot. Please limit shot distance to 50 yards or less. Putting is premitted but CAPTION: The Borland is perfect for perfecting your game.

News from the Golf Coach Nationally, one of the most coveted amenities at any golf facility is a Learning Center. The new Colleton River Learning Center is one such amenity. This new state-of-theart facility helps on many demographic levels for a residential golf community, with its main purpose being to help the Membership and their guests with playing this great game of golf. Whether you would like to hit in a sheltered bay, get fitted for the best equipment, attend a golf school, or take a video lesson, this multipurpose building is designed to bring value not only to the Club, but also your golf game. Check below for a list of ways to use your new amenity, or stop on by so we can give you a personal tour. Future Golf Instruction Your Golf Instructional Staff will be introducing some great new programs to help the Membership enjoy this new facility and great game of golf. Below is a sample of services that will be offered: • Private & Group Coaching • Golf Performance Training • Custom Club Fitting • TPI Golf Fitness Program • Bagger Vance Golf School • Ambassador Program • Social Media Don’t forget to review your Edufii account and brush up on your previous lesson. This custom training space is dedicated to your personal improvement. If you do not have a training space, check with David to get Edufiied! During my 25 years as a PGA Golf Professional, I have been afforded the opportunity to teach in 40 different cities/ facilities across the country. I can honestly say that Colleton River is the finest overall facility with which I have ever been associated.

“I can honestly say that Colleton River is the finest overall facility with which I have ever been associated.” David LaPour

CAPTION: Congratulations to David for being named “Best Teacher” by Golf Digest!

CAPTION: Hole 16 of the Nicklaus - Ranked as one of the state’s best by Golf Digest.


The River | November 2017

ColletonRiverClub.com | The River


TOURNAMENT RESULTS 2017 Men’s Member-Guest Champions Pine Valley Flight - 29 Rich Timbo Bob Timbo Flight Winners Colleton River – 24.5 Tim Romano Vincent Collins Augusta National - 29.5 Mike Crane Richard Garber

Oak Hill Country Club – 27.5 Tony Weyenberg Andy Todd

Hazeltine National – 26.5 Tom Cranmer Jim Jordan

Oakmont Country Club – 26.5 Rob Muddiman Rum Saplys

Seminole – 24.5 Ken Clark Tom Jacobs

Winged Foot – 31.5 Whit Thornton Eric Bakall

Shinnecock Hills – 28 Jack O’Donoghue John Cummings

Kiawah Island – 25 Larry Cruise John McIlwraith

Cypress Point – 29 Don Graber Raj Soin

Ladies’ Opening Day Champions Lynn Bagenstose Ellen McCann Marjy Humphery Susan Somma

2nd Place Jane Zwerner Marsha Murphy Fran Krieger 3rd Place Marsha Conover Christine Marlowe Nancy Grossman Leslie Kreuzer

Nearest The Hole Sandy Wooster #6 Wendy Hall #13 Straightest Drive Patty Torre #1 Janet Baker #10

Showdown Ladies Fall Member-Guest 1st Net - 127 Wendy Hall Karen McCormick Marcia Kottke Camille DeJianne

2nd Net – 127 Sherry Shaw Jeanne Waldron Denise Brooks Margaret O’Malley

1st Gross - 161 Kelly Petracca Amy Harkins Kate Maguire Chrisann Taras

3rd Net Peggy Mulligan Rosemary Hall Connie Muscarella Barbara Brouse

10 The River | November 2017

Nearest The Hole Marcia Kottke #13 Vivian Coupe #17

AGRONOMY Fall in the Lowcountry provides a remarkable opportunity to enjoy camaraderie on the courses and discover all the new things Colleton River Club has to offer. This past October, Members were welcomed back to the newly renovated Nicklaus Course. During the course closure, we went to great lengths to make numerous upgrades to the course, and while some of these changes are dramatic, many others are subtle improvements that initially may go unnoticed. The improvements made to the bunkers are among the most notable. As soon as you start your round, a new bunker on the first hole awaits errant tee shots and a series of bunkers down the right side of the short par-four fifth hole, tightens what was once a generous landing area. The course Architect, Jim Lipe, added to the strategy on the seventh hole, by artfully placing a bunker to absorb shots that leak right when challenging this par-five. On the ninth hole, changes to the raised sand waste area on the right of the landing area helps to turn the dog-leg left. This feature seamlessly blends into the landscape and offers a glimpse of the mountainous sand waste areas awaiting players on the finishing holes. Along with the addition of new bunkers, implementing “Billy Bunker” technology will be a game changer for the Club from a consistency, playability, and maintenance perspective. This construction technique uses a sub-surface gravel layer that forms a perched water table to enhance drainage and minimize severe washouts. This process enhances the playing conditions by promoting good drainage and reducing sand contamination. Along with a number of new tee boxes on holes five, nine, ten, and eleven, the Club has also implemented a hybrid yardage plaque to accommodate our growing list of players who enjoyed both the white and green tees. The conversion to Celebration bermudagrass tees and fairways was a success and will be a welcomed change from a playability standpoint. Celebration bermudagrass and the use of newer technology turf pigments should provide months of uninhibited enjoyment on the links. The benefits of these changes will be most evident with improved spring playing conditions. Since both courses will now be using the same turf type, our teams will be able to enjoy some

synergy between maintenance activities that will allow us to further enhance the golf experience. The past two years, hurricanes have profoundly affected Colleton River Club, and numerous trees that influence the strategy of the game were lost during these storms. We have taken steps to replace some of the most important specimen trees, and we will continue to seek the guidance of our course designers to improve both courses in this regard. During the storm cleanup process, we salvaged several of the ancient Live Oak logs and repurposed this magnificent wood into custom-made course supplies. The ball washers throughout the course were built from remnants of a tree lost to Hurricane Matthew, while the course benches, water coolers, and trash cans were constructed from a massive Live Oak lost during Irma. Our goal with the new course accessories is to tastefully accent the course without encumbering the golf experience. In addition to these noticeable improvements, we have added and improved catch basins, sub-surface drainage, and have taken steps to reduce standing water along the cart paths. Additional drainage in perpetual wet areas such as the left side of one approach, two approach, three fairway, four tee, six tee, six fairway, ten fairway, thirteen fairway, the catch basin left of seventeen green, and eighteen tee have improved the growing environment and the overall turf condition. Expanded parking areas at the first tee and Half-Way Café, including catch basins and brick curbing, will prevent erosion and control traffic in these highly visible areas. These drainage enhancements further our goal of presenting a cleaner more, playable golf experience. We are all very fortunate to have such a magnificent piece of property to call home. Golf remains the “Greatest Game Ever Played” because it is decided on a field that is everchanging, and the course, along with Mother Nature, has the power to humble even the most accomplished of players. We hope that our members continue to enjoy the golf experience and believe new comers will feel welcomed by all that happens on The River.

Jeff Kent, Director of Agronomy

ColletonRiverClub.com | The River


Culinary Corner Fall is here and there is a slight chill in the air! It’s also time for the social clubs to convene again, and catch up with good friends. Don’t forget the fall oyster roasts, special group dinner gatherings, and of course the camaraderie with fellow Members.

What a great time of year for the region’s best golf, great tournaments, and great football. Regarding football, let’s make it more fun, if that’s even possible! SEC schools each offer a diversity of foods at their tailgates. Hopefully these items will spark an idea for your own take on fall football “porch – gating”. You may even see some of these inspirations at your Club – recipes included! Enjoy!

Robert Wysong

University of Arkansas Coffee – Milk Punch; Coffee, Kahlua or Patron XO Café, vanilla University of Georgia Hot – Spiced Boiled Peanuts, Baked Vidalia Onion Dip, Root Beer Baked Beans Auburn University Bourbon and Buffalo Rock “HOT” Ginger Ale, or Vanilla – Rosemary Lemonade University of Florida Mahi Tacos with Habanero – Peach Salsa University of Kentucky Grilled Flank Steak & “Blue” Sandwiches, or Sweet Bourbon – Pecan Balls

LSU Chicken & Sausage Gumbo and Creole Mustard Potato Salad University of Mississippi White Lightning – Chicken Chili & Mississippi Mud Cookies Mississippi State University Sweet – Hot Baby Back Ribs

USC Warm Turnip Greens Dip University of Tennessee Sweet Potato Biscuits, Honey – Mustard and Plenty of Ham Texas A&M Spicy Queso & Guacamole Vanderbilt Pulled Barbeque Sandwiches & Beer Batter Fried Pickles


Following are a selection of the wines we have chosen:

MEIOMI, Pinot Noir from Monterey, Sonoma & Santa Barbara Counties This medium bodied wine opens with hints of strawberry, plum and sweet bing cherry. The wine finishes with hints of boysenberry, plum, mocha and cherry cola.

This old world wine has a ruby red color with a rich earthy nose, dark fruit flavors with hints of spice and a buttery finish.

Immortal “Old Vine” Zinfandel Red Wine from Lodi Appellation, Ca. This wine displays an earthy nose with rich vanilla and hints of smoke, red fruit and finishes with light toast and spice.

B.R. Cohn Silver Label Red Wine from North Coast, Ca.

University of Missouri Cowboy Nachos with Stewed Pinto Beans, Dry Aged Jack, Jalepeno & Cilantro


As the weather begins to turn cool and the sun sets earlier we in Food & Beverage start to shift our attention to more red wines for the fall months. We look for wines that are more medium/full bodied with hints of pepper and berries.

Sassoregale, Toscana Sangiovese Red Wine from Tuscany, Italy

Executive Chef

University of Alabama Fried Chicken Bites or Simple Grits with flavorful toppings of Bacon, Pepper Jack, Jalapenos

Colleton Fall Wine Selections

This wine combines grapes from the Oak Hill Estate and North Coast Vineyards. The combination of these grapes offers full, rich flavors of berry, cassis and black cherry with hints of vanilla in the background.

Broquel Malbec Red Wine from Mendoza, Argentina This wine presents aromas of fresh red and black fruits, floral notes, earthy minerals, with an elegant touch of smoke, rich and spicy on the palate providing a long pleasant finish. We hope that the members and their guests enjoy these selections’s that are available on our wine list by the glass and by the bottle.



12 The River | November 2017


Even though we don’t know who will be playing as of yet, it is never too early to start planning your Super Bowl Party! Super Bowl LII will be played at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota on February 4, 2018. That will be here before we know it, so below are a few helpful hints that will make sure you don’t fumble on the night of the Big Game! How many guests should I invite? One detail to keep in mind when making your list is how many people can sit around the TV area and not have an obstructed view. Even if don’t watch football on a regular basis, most people will watch the Super Bowl as it is the biggest game of the year and you want to make sure that regardless of where your guest might sit, they are able to see the game. How should I invite my guests? If you want to print and mail an invitation, there are a couple local companies that can assist you. If you are planning early and have a week or so before your printed invites are needed, there are also options available online for printing such as Paper Diva or Vista Print. Evite is a great online invitation resource. You can choose a design or even create your own that will be emailed to your guests. They can reply online and Evite will track the responses. You simply have to go to the website to see who has responded. When it comes to decorating, don’t feel like it has to be themed around one or both of the teams playing. Simply having some items that are football themed works great and can be re-used year after year. You might want to consider going with disposable items when it comes to plates, bowls, cups and cutlery. If you do go this route, make sure that you are choosing sturdy disposable items. You don’t

want that plate of wings or bowl of chili to hit the floor! One additional benefit to going the disposable route is the clean-up aspect. No dirty dishes to wash which allows you and your guests to spend a little more time together once the game is over. Beverages: Having alcoholic beverages available for your guests to enjoy is a very nice touch, but make sure that you are not forgetting those who might not drink alcohol. Having some sodas, bottled water and even tea/coffee available for these guests shows that you really did think about everyone’s needs. These non-alcoholic beverages can also be used as mixers. Regardless of what you choose to serve beverage wise, always make sure that you have PLENTY of ice. Now, what type of food are you going to serve your guests? You want to make sure that you are serving a variety of items that will satisfy everyone. Finger foods are always popular as they are easy to pick up to enjoy and small enough that it allows your guests to try a variety of different items. Items such as sandwiches, chips, dips, veggie trays, wings and pizza have been a long time favorite at Super Bowl parties for this reason. If you want something a little heartier, consider chili or BBQ. Even with these types of options, you are still going to want to have some snack items such as chips, veggies and dips during the evening. Whichever route you choose to go, you always want to make sure that you have plenty of food and that you are replenishing bowls/dishes as they are becoming low. Last but not least, you can choose to have the event catered. This does allow for you to focus on the other details of the event and not clutter up the kitchen.

ColletonRiverClub.com | The River



CAPTION: One of the many 4th activities, Bootcamp at the Fitness Center. Our multiple cardio equipment options provide variety so you’ll never tire of exercising! Our kayak club will be out exploring our surronding waters again this season.

As we embark on another beautiful fall and winter here at Colleton River, we invite you to come join us here at the Fitness Center and discover all we have to offer. Whether its yoga class to destress or a TRX session for that full body workout you have been looking for, or maybe a massage to help workout out all those knots from when your grandchildren were just in town. When you get out of your chair do you feel a pop or soreness on your back? Do you wonder what on earth you could have done to it? Do you think taking it easy by either staying in bed or stopping any activity at all will help? While this approach might be understandable and may even be recommended in the short term, when done for more than a day or two it can actually undermine healing. Instead, active forms of back exercises are almost always necessary to rehabilitate the spine and help alleviate back pain. In the upcoming months, the Wellness and Recreation departments will be offering activities and events ranging from kayaking on the Beaufort River to learning the historical significance of Beaufort during the Civil War, to exploring Hunting Island to observe what type of impact Hurricane Matthew had on the local wildlife.

FLOURLESS CHEWY CHOCOLATE COOKIES INGREDIENTS 3 cups powdered sugar 3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder 1 tablespoon cornstarch 1/4 tsp salt 2 large egg whites 1 large egg 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1/2 cup Semi-Sweet chocolate chips 1/2 cup 60% Cocoa chocolate chips

3. Scoop onto baking sheet prepared with parchment paper. Just do 1 cookie dough scooper full and make sure to spread the cookie with your finger in a perfect circle. 4. Top 3-4 chocolate chip from the 2 tablespoons of chocolate chips set aside on top of each cookie. 5. Place in pre-heated oven and bake for 12-14 minutes.

ON THE COURTS Our summer USTA combo league had a Colleton River team as local champs. Todd Blackwell, Colleton River Member and captain competed with his team at the state tournament in October and finished in the top 10 in the state. Congrats fellas! Spring league will be here in the blink of an eye and we anticipate more teams forming this upcoming season at Colleton River. Information about the spring teams will be available as we get closer to the end of the year (after year end ratings are released around December 1st). On a side note, if you are looking for a team to play on, please don’t hesitate to contact the tennis staff.

Our event calendar is finishing with the Ladies Member/ Guest and the Nick vs. Dye challenge (Nick holds the title from 2016). We’re working on the 2018 calendar, and we will send it out to all of you when it is completed. We completed our yearly top dressing of the courts over the summer so they are in great shape. We hope to end 2017 with lots of court activity and we’re looking forward to a tremendous 2018 tennis year at Colleton River. See you all on the courts!

Your Tennis Staff

PREPARATION 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 2. In a large mixing bowl whisk together powder sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, cornstarch and sea salt. Once well combined mix in egg whites, egg and vanilla until completely combined and batter is smooth. Add in all of the chocolate chips except 2 tablespoon of the 60% cocoa chocolate chips.

14 The River | November 2017


Mondays 9-10:30, Men’s clinic 3.0 and above Mondays 10:30 – Noon, Women’s clinic 3.5 and above Wednesdays 9-10, Theme of the week all levels of play Wednesdays 10-11:30, Doubles strategy and play 3.5 and above

Our tennis staff is also available for private and group lessons. ColletonRiverClub.com | The River


Colleton River Cares Operation Santa This is the 18th year for Colleton River’s Operation Santa Claus (OSC) that assists our neighbors in need. Proceeds from the 2017/18 OSC Campaign will be used to purchase holiday presents and a piece of literature for local children in need, identified to us through our school social workers, US Marines Parris Island, Family Promise, and Bluffton social service organizations. Due to our members’ generosity and

CAPTION OPPOSITE: Left to right are Dave and Denise Drohan, Jeanne Lane, Nan McDaniel, Ed Lane (behind Nan), Mary and Tom McKane, Nancy Taylor, Susan Hooker, Bill McDaniel, and Jim Hooker.

support, we feel hopeful funds will be available to provide supplemental nutritious food boxes through Bluffton BackPack Buddies and continue to help eight Bluffton schools with uniforms, shoes, jackets and school supplies throughout 2018. Last year, Operation Santa Claus raised in excess of $41,000! We thank you for your amazing generosity and support of this wonderful cause. Be sure to watch for your name on the Operation Santa 2017 Donation Tree!

Colleton in Chicago

We recently received a thank you from our chapter of The First Tee for our continued support of this important organization. We at Colleton River share their commitment to teaching ethics, healthy living, life skills and leadership through the game of golf. The First Tee of The Lowcountry, is making great strides towards positively impacting children in the Lowcountry. Their youth programs have grown from 1,468 kids last year to 2,656 kids so far this year and they are projecting to impact over 5,000 kids by

16 The River | November 2017

the end of the year. They are also making golf and its inherent values affordable and accessible by keeping their Driving Range, Par-Three Course and Disc Golf Course open to everyone seven days a week. Colleton River’s donations are used every day to help supply classes with trained coaches and equipment to ensure that every child that wants to attend is welcome. It is just another example of how Colleton River is making a difference in the lives of our youth and in our community.

On Thursday, August 10th, eleven Colleton River Members gathered aboard The Odessy, a small ship that cruises from the Navy Pier in Chicago for a luncheon cruise. This was the 4th consecutive gathering of those of us who spend summers in the Chicago area. All Colleton River Members who have homes in the CAPTION OPPOSITE: Left to right are Jabulani, Sean, Carmo-Lee, Chris, Cilmarie and George

area were invited, as well as those who are visiting during the summer months. Each year the gathering is different, and past outings have included dinners as well as an afternoon at Arlington Park Racetrack. This photo captured the group on deck with the Chicago skyline in the background.

We’d like to welcome back a group of over 40 “H2B” employees from South Africa. We had great success with this program last year and are happy to welcome back some friendly faces as well as many employees new to the program. Their collective experience and enthusiasm brings a great energy to all facets of our Club. Please take a moment to meet these exceptional young people, we believe you’ll feel as we do – that we are lucky to have them as part of our team. ColletonRiverClub.com | The River


Colleton Shots

CAPTIONS THIS PAGE - TOP TO BOTTOM/LEFT TO RIGHT: Just a group photo, Neighbors Meeting Neighbors Events, Neighbors Meeting Neighbors Event, Members Enjoying Septembers Spanish Wine Dinner, Rick Petracca, Ron Littlehale & Al Baker, Paul Dransfeld and sons Thomas and Hans. CAPTIONS OPPOSITE - TOP TO BOTTOM/LEFT TO RIGHT: Donald Summa, Ron Littlehale, Rebecca, & Tony Weyenberg, Al Baker, Stephen, and Donald Summa, Bootcamp - 4th of July, Left to Right - Joe Incandela, Kevin Sutter, Doug Macbeth and Ron Littlehale, Ice cream Sundae Kaylin, Trevor, Karen, Haley, Left to Right - Gianna Littlehale, Tracy Delgado, Debi Incandela, Lynn Macbeth and Sandy Wooster, Ice cream Sundae Winners (14 & up) Drake, Trevor, Kaylin.

18 The River | November 2017

ColletonRiverClub.com | The River



Lifelong Learning Civil War Historian and Author, Jim Jordan Melanie Andrews, LLC Committee Member organized the kickoff event of the 2017-2018-program season. Author Jim Jordan presented an informative and interesting talk about Sherman’s March to the Sea. Forty-five Colleton Members attended this first of two authors’ luncheon series organized by the Lifelong Learning Committee. Jim is the author of SavannahGrey and his newest book

Penny Savannah. Jim, a former financial analyst and financial systems consultant, began his second career as a tour guide in Savannah Georgia and soon turned to writing. His non-fiction book, The Slave-Trader’s Letter-Book: Charles Lamar, the Wanderer, and Other Tales of the African Slave Trade is scheduled to be published in January 2018. It was an enjoyable afternoon in the Nicklaus Clubhouse with good food and lively discussion.

Thanksgiving Day Buffet November 23rd – 11:30am – 2:00pm

Operation Santa Shopping December 5th

Nicklaus Clubhouse

Kayak Tour December 1st – 10:00am – 12:30

Annual Meeting December 9th – 4:00pm – 6:00pm Nicklaus Clubhouse

Ebenezer Creek

Annual Wine Sale & Holiday Open House December 2nd – 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Audubon Christmas Count December 15th – 8:00am

Nicklaus Clubhouse

New Years Eve Dining and Dancing December 31st – 7:00pm – 12:00am

Ladies’ Holiday Tea December 4th – 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Nicklaus Clubhouse

Nicklaus Ballroom

Marlena Smalls When the LLG Committee met to plan the 2017-18 events program they brainstormed how to wrap up 2017’s events with a unique offering – something truly different. When the idea of acclaimed Marlena Smalls came up, some thought, “How are we at going to land someone who has performed for Queen Elizabeth, the White House and the G8 Summit...?” LLG Committee Member, Jo Gambill raised her hand and said, “I will take it on.” Fortunately, since it was created by a mandate of the Colleton Board of Directors in 2007, LLG has created strong bonds in the Bluffton/Hilton Head community. It was these relationships that made it possible to meet and book Marlena Smalls to perform her signature style of singing/storytelling for over 100 Members. Blending stories from her own life with song, Ms. Smalls mesmerized the audience with her own life and her coming-of-age. Riffing along with her piano accompanist, Jerbin Murray on the theme of ‘eyes wide open’, she told stories of growing up in a musical family in Middleton, OH. Encountering racism did not preclude her from pursuing her musical education and later performing worldwide. Ms. Smalls launched into the beloved hymn, Amazing Grace, with words written by former slave trader, John Newton when she noticed

20 The River | November 2017

a Colleton Member singing. Instantly she graciously invited Mary Falvo to join her at the microphone. Ms. Smalls capped a truly memorable evening by honoring a Member’s request that she sing God Bless America. Everyone in the room stood to sing along.

Angela Williams Lifelong Learning Group Co-Chair, Peg Roedel is always on the lookout for speakers who will interest Colleton Members. When she met Angela Williams, whose book, Hush Now Baby, tells the moving story of the African American woman who raised her, Peg knew that she had found an engaging speaker. Ms. Williams told the story of Eva Aiken who came to work for Angela’s family soon after she was born. Young Eva worked on the family’s cotton farm until she became a nurse’s aide and midwife at Berkeley County Hospital. Childless and having lost two husbands, at forty-two, she left the hospital and became a part of the Williamses’ household for twenty-five years. The book emanates from the author’s urge to tell the story of Eva’s wisdom and compassion. Her talk resonated with the passion of an acquired understanding of this remarkable woman’s life. Ms. Williams shared personal reflections of Eva’s influence on her life, of civil rights issues, and the subsequent embarrassment that she knew so little about the consequential woman who remained the central figure in her life until the day she was married. Over forty Colleton Members enjoyed the lunch and presentation and the author sold every copy of the books she brought.

ColletonRiverClub.com | The River


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