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2010 Summer Quarterly Newsletter


Colleton River Communiqué Table of Contents

Please Welcome Our Newest Members! Henry Bartoli Mr. Bartoli resides in Far Hills, NJ

Kevin Boland Club News………………….……… 2 - 5 New Members, President, GM

Mr. Boland resides in Brampton, ON Canada

Hurricane Preparedness….…………. 6 - 7 Chief of Security

The Chiminis reside in Bethany, CT

Pertinent Information…….………… 8 - 9 ARB, Communications, Committee Member Spotlight

Mr. Clarke resides in Oakville, ON Canada

Golf & Greens.……….…..…….... 10 - 13 Director of Golf, Director of Instruction Community Corner..….…………..14 - 19 Executive Chef, Events Coordinator, Kidz Korner, Clubhouse Manager, Connoisseur’s Corner, Director of Operations

John & Diana Chimini Thomas Clarke Ross & Joan Fazio The Fazios reside in Pittsburg, PA

Stephen & Linda Halpern The Halperns reside in Hilton Head, SC

Jeffery & Jane Hearn The Hearns reside in Germantown, TN

Mike & Myra Herzog

Member’s Corner………..….….…20 - 22 LLG Season II,Tennis, New Employee

The Herzogs reside in Colleyville, TX

Extras…….….….......................23 - 24 Member Highlights, Phone List, Hours of Operation, Board Members

Mr. Hostilo resides in Pooler, GA

Michael Hostilo Timothy & Deanna Janowicz The Janowiczes reside in Roanoke, VA

Hale & Cheryl Mayer The Mayers reside in Hilton Head, SC

Christopher & Linda Montague

Hurricane season began June 1st. Are you prepared for the predicted active season? Helpful tips on evacuation, routes and reentry can be found on page 6 and 7 of this edition of the Colleton Communiqué. 2

The Montagues reside in Oakville, ON Canada

Kevin & Renee Montague The Montagues reside in Manakin Sabot, VA

Peter & Janet O’Marra The O’Marras reside in Mississauga, ON Canada

Welcome to Colleton River! We look forward to getting to know you.

Drew Freed, President

A Note From

It has been a fantastic spring season here at Colleton River with a tremendous uptick in Member hosted Guest play, cottage utilization and merchandise sales, culminating with the Spring Member-Member and Town Hall Meeting. These events were well attended, and gave the Board an opportunity to provide the Membership with a review of the activity and Board work over the past several months. This meeting focused heavily on the history, current conditions and future plans for the Nicklaus fairways, an in-depth report on Colleton River’s marketing plan, as well as a financial update.


Tom Dobson, Golf, Greens and Grounds Chair, and Bill Hirchert, Director of Agronomy, provided a thorough report of the grasses used at Colleton River and explained the challenges with the quality of the water. Members participating in the meeting openly welcomed the education which helped them gain better understanding of the science behind course conditioning. Paul Zaffaroni provided the Membership with an understanding of the hard work put forth by the Colleton River Marketing Group as they continue to introduce our outstanding community to potential new Members. Tim Snyder, CFO, shared the Club’s strong performance, as shown in the financials through the 1st quarter of the year. We are still on target to close the year with the budgeted surplus. The alternative membership proposal which was developed and discussed during several focus group meetings has been deferred. The real estate market within Colleton River has rebounded and the Board is considering other options to attract buyers. There are many activities at the Club during the summer months. Please come by and enjoy. See you all at the Club.

CRP Leash Law

Summertime Fun at Colleton River

Board Policy Reminder The CRP Board has spent a tremendous amount of time reviewing our Pet Policy over many months in an effort to maintain a system that is pet friendly, but also ensure that the Club rules and policies are in conformance with Beaufort County ordinances with respect to leash requirements for dogs. During this lengthy process, an inconsistency between the Pet Policy and Club rules was identified, so it was amended with the adopted resolution to the Pet Policy, item #6, resolved as follows: "Dogs shall be kept on a leash or otherwise controlled electronically whenever off an owner's property. Dogs shall be registered, licensed and inoculated as required by law." While we would like to be known as a dog-friendly community and hopefully in the future we will be able to construct a dog run, for now we would remind all dog owners to be considerate of other Members, and especially other Members walking their dogs, to comply with our rules

Create a summertime oasis at the pool with a cold drink in one hand and a great book in the other. Lounge under one of our umbrellas. Summertime beverage ideas can be found on page 15. Bike rentals from the Nicklaus cart barn is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of island life. Contact the Nicklaus Golf Shop for rental details. Breezy afternoons are ideal for lunching outdoors, whether it be on the Dye or Nicklaus verandah. Tips on making your next reservation can be found on page 15. What’s more relaxing than a massage from one of our trained masseuses. An hour of recharging in our enchanting treatment room will maximize your golf game, rehabilitate your muscles and soothe your spirits. Gather your friends and family for a summertime picnic at the community dock. Allow us to create a fresh and invigorating menu with a personalized twist. Contact Christine Hall for inspirations, 843-836-4446. 3


COO/General Manager

Scott Jaccard, CCE

Do you ever ask yourself what truly makes Colleton River special? Our marketing materials extol the first-class amenities and the beauty of our Lowcountry setting, and to the degree it can, the nature of the Membership. But when you really contemplate the essence of what makes Colleton extraordinary, what is “it”? “It” goes beyond the nature or personality of the Membership; “it” is the fundamental spirit of the Membership. If one had to define Colleton’s spirit, I believe it would be fair to say it is the core value that most Members hold of family. As we approach one of our Club’s most cherished celebrations, July 4th, where families gather and celebrate not only the country’s freedom but each other, remember, we are also celebrating the true spirit of Colleton River. I am pleased to announce the beginning of the Journey Towards Excellence (JTE) University, a new concept that is intended to provide the Management Team with career paving opportunities for ongoing professional growth and development. Diana Brown, Human Resource Director (introduced later in my article), has helped us shape this new concept and identify key, core competencies that command proficiency as our supervisory Staff work to obtain their career/professional objectives. While some future developmental opportunities may occur offsite, our first JTE U class, on sales and marketing, took place here. Facilitated by fellow Member Rich Torre, the attendees, Matt Lucchesi, Matt Stewart, David Spivey, Christine Hall, Derrick Garrou and I, found Mr. Torre’s insight enlightening. If you are unaware, Mr. Torre is a professor at Babson College where he teaches graduate level classes. He just completed the spring semester, which consisted of 8 classes, and his fall semester begins in September. Recently, I attended a Large Club Symposium in Atlanta, comprised of forty of the nation’s largest clubs and properties who met to share ideas and information. Club Insights by SureVista, based in East Lansing, Michigan, was the key presenter. They are the owner and developer of Club Insights and Quick Peek, research based “feedback” tools that allow clubs to accurately assess both their strengths and the areas that require improvement. They develop performance improvement research and diagnostics for clients in the golf industry, assisting


them in designing pathways to improve operations and member satisfaction. With our 2010 Member Survey imminent, I and a group of Members collaborated with SureVista to develop a survey that will provide actionable intelligence to be used to achieve greater Member satisfaction. Thank you to the Member Survey Workgroup, consisting of Members Rob Norton, Bert Einloth, and Wendy Baker, for their time and efforts in making this survey relevant. The survey will be disseminated electronically to all Members in mid to late July. Since the last Member survey in 2007, we have welcomed numerous new Members and the economic climate has changed significantly. The diagnostic analysis resulting from this survey will direct the Board and Management with critical decisions and long range planning; your opinion matters greatly. Your input is vital in establishing a true Member perspective and I urge your participation to obtain the most accurate outcomes. Anyone wishing to receive a hard copy version of the survey may contact Sawyer Strelcheck, Communications & Member Services at 843-836-4400 ext. 4443. For more information on SureVista, visit their website at Some of you may have noticed a couple of new faces within our Management Team in the past few months, replacing those who departed CRP to further pursue their careers. Please join me in welcoming our newest addition to the Management Team, Diana Brown, who has more then 23 years of experience in human resources management. Diana accepted the position of Human Resources Director, and will overDiana Brown see the administration of Club Staff. Her wealth of knowledge and experience will further strengthen our ability to continue providing the exceptional level of service to our Members and Guests for which we are known. Her background also includes 10 years as the Director of Human Resources at the Hilton Oceanfront Resorts, plus positions in human resources capacity for hospitals in Chattanooga, TN earlier in her career. She now resides on Hilton Head Island with her husband, Ed. The Fitness Center is again fully operational as we have embarked on an exciting new concept under the

New Art in the Nicklaus

JTE Team Employees

management of Active Private Country Club. As independent hope each of you have an opportunity to take advantage of the contractors, Active (owned by Doug Weary and Derek Lemire) customized fitness programs and services offered. Be sure to stop by the Fitness Center and introduce employs highly qualified fitness profesyourselves the next time you’re at the sionals to manage numerous private Club. communities in the area. As of June 14th, Ken Doucette joined us as the There are many Member events and Fitness Director overseeing both the activities planned for your enjoyment fitness and spa operations. Ken hails this summer as you’ll discover as you from Boston where he was the head peruse this edition of The Communiqué. trainer and fitness manager for the BosI look forward to seeing you all at these ton Sports Club. Active’s philosophy is events, and to our Members heading out to provide personalized service to every for the summer, we wish you safe Member wanting to improve their Derrick Lemire (left) and Ken Doucette (right). travels and look forward to your return. health and wellness. Under Ken’s guidNot pictured: Doug Weary ance, his Team of Professionals will elevate the services we provide to the Membership, helping us, Wishing you and yours a wonderful summer season. again, in reaching our goal of becoming the “best in class.” I think you’ll really enjoy working with Ken and his Staff and

Nicklaus at Melrose We have a new giclee portrait of Jack Nicklaus at the entrance to the Nicklaus Golf Shop. Joe Bowler, the artist who painted it, has some comments about the day Jack posed for the portrait. After Jack Nicklaus’ win at the Masters in 1986, The Melrose Club on Daufuskie Island commissioned Joe to paint a portrait of Jack on their course, which he was designing at the time. Jack arrived by helicopter at the (then still under construction) 18th green. Nicklaus’ arrival had been kept somewhat secret to keep the crowds to a minimum—news travels fast on a small island like Daufuskie. When the greetings and discussions had finished, they were

ready to start shooting pictures when Joe looked up to see what must have been everyone on Daufuskie there in a circle around them, to see the “man” himself. Joe, Marilyn and photographer friend Blaine Waller helped with the photo shoot. Joe painted four or five studies (small paintings for a client to choose from for the best pose and composition). Jack and his wife, Barbara, picked the one of Jack holding the plans for The Melrose Club golf course. They liked the idea of depicting Jack as the architect and not just the golfer as had been done so often. Joe’s painting was a success in that Barbara has said it was always her favorite portrait of Jack.


Hurricane Preparedness

Are You Prepared in Case of a Hurricane?

Chief Jerry Leitner

The 2010 Hurricane Season officially began on June 1 and continues through November 30. NOAA’s (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Climate Prediction Center, a division of the National Weather Service is predicting an “active to extremely active” hurricane season this year. As with every hurricane season, this prediction only shows the importance of having a hurricane preparedness plan in place. Across the entire Atlantic Basin for this six month period, NOAA is predicting a 70% probability of the following:

14 to 23 named storms (top winds of 39 mph or higher), including:

8 to 14 hurricanes (top winds of 74 mph or higher), of which:

3 to 7 could be major hurricanes (category 3, 4,or 5; winds of at least 111 mph)

Should these predictions hold true, this season could be one of the more active on record. A hurricane generally begins as a tropical depression, a loosely organized low pressure system with winds of less than 39 mph. The depression can escalate into a tropical storm, a more organized storm system with winds between 39 mph and 73 mph and with the beginnings of the distinctive shape of a cyclone. It is at this intensity that a name is assigned, thus the term “named storm.” When winds exceed 74 mph and an eye (area of relative

calm and low pressure at the center) is present, the storm has become a hurricane. The graph at the bottom of the page shows the categories of hurricane intensity. REVIEW YOUR INSURANCE Don’t wait until after a disaster to check your insurance policy. Residents living here on the coast may in fact need several insurance policies to protect their homes and property. Now is the time to ask your insurance agent if you are sufficiently covered for any type of disaster. REMEMBER, most homeowners policies do NOT cover for flooding. There is a 30 day waiting period for this type of coverage to take effect and you cannot purchase nor change your homeowner’s policy once a hurricane warning has been issued. The greatest potential for loss of property and/or life in coastal areas related to a hurricane is from the storm surge. Storm surge is simply water that is pushed towards the shore by the force of the winds swirling around the storm. If this advancing surge combines with a high tide, the damage could be catastrophic to our area. EVACUATION Once a tropical depression forms, Beaufort County Emergency Management notifies the Security Chiefs of all plantations in the county, and continually gives updates on the location of the storm, it’s proposed direction of travel and expected strengthening or weakening. If it strengthens into a named tropical storm, all plantations are then put on high alert with updates of progress and direction of travel. Once this storm develops into a hurricane, every plantation is then alerted to prepare for evacuation, again depending on category and predicted landfall. At this time a voluntary evacuation may be issued.






1 - Weak

75 t0 95

4 to 5

Mostly trees and loose objects; no real damage to building structures.

2 - Moderate

96 to 110

6 to 8

Flimsy structures damaged, trees down, some damage to roofing, windows and doors.

3 - Strong

111 to 130

9 to 12

Mobile homes and signs destroyed, some structural damage to small buildings.

4 - Very Strong

131 to 155

13 to 18

Extensive roof, window and door failures, some structural damage to better buildings.

5 - Devastating

Over 155

Over 18

Very extensive roof and glass failure, some buildings blown down or destroyed.

2010 Hurricane Season

Hurricane Evacuation And Reentry

VOLUNTARY EVACUATION Beaufort County Emergency Management will notify Security and the local news media of the voluntary evacuation once it is determined that a hurricane may possibly reach our area. Once issued, the Security Department will begin notification to all Staff, Members, and contractors to prepare their dwellings. Once this warning has been issued, it is suggested that everyone LEAVE EARLY. The longer one waits, the chances for locating motel rooms inland decrease. MANDATORY EVACUATION When it is determined the hurricane will most likely affect our coastline, the Governor will issue mandatory evacuation. Once this has been issued, the Security Department will contact every CRP resident recommending they leave immediately. Those who refuse to leave will be asked to sign a “next of kin notification form.� Those that do evacuate are required to complete an evacuation check out form which is located on the website and leave it at the Main Gate. EVACUATION ROUTES You are strongly urged to leave during the voluntary evacuation so you are free to choose where you intend to seek shelter. Waiting for the mandatory evacuation order gives you no choice. Once exiting the Main Gate there will be three lanes open on 278. The fourth lane (east bound toward Hilton Head will be reserved for emergency vehicles only. Traffic on 278 approaching I-95 in Hardeeville will be directed as follows: The right lane will be directed onto I-95 North. The left lane will be directed to US 17 north and use 278 toward Barnwell, Aiken, and Augusta areas or to exit south on I-95. I-16 will have all lanes open for westbound traffic only. Prior to evacuating, it is recommended that you secure your homes with shutters, or plywood all windows. Remove all objects from the yard that may become projectiles in high winds. Fill sinks and bathtubs with water and close all interior doors. Turn off the electricity. IF YOU HAVE TO EVACUATE You should take with you, insurance policies, mortgage documents, personal items, home inventory items, personal records, etc. Personal items should consist of cash, cell phone and charger, laptop computer, snacks, water and daily living necessities such as clothing, bedding and especially prescription medications. REENTRY Security will be the first allowed to return to the plantation. Homeowners will not be allowed to return until the majority of roadways have been cleared, critical facilities are operational and utility companies have restored service. This could take a considerable amount of time depending on the category of the hurricane.


Architectural Review Board

ARB - Business is Booming!

Sharon Boulware, ARB

2010 began productively in Colleton River! We are delighted to report that eight building permits have been issued since January 1st and we currently have eight home submissions in the review process. All of these homes and home plans are being or going to be built for Members – none are speculative homes. Included in this count is an incomplete spec home which has now been purchased and will be completed within the next nine months. Included in this article are photos of some recently completed homes and several homes currently under construction. The ARB meeting schedule has now changed to the first and third Wednesday of each month. The Committee has recently revised and implemented three sections in the ARB Guidelines & Procedures, with Board approval. These changes were made to assist Members who are building by streamlining the process while also clarifying existing policies to avoid issues from arising later in the building process. Our Guidelines can be accessed via the website under the Club Information tab. Paper copies are also available by contacting Sharon Boulware at the ARB office at 843-836-4494. The revisions are:

Lot 12–79 Oak Tree Rd.

◊ Landscape Plan Submission Requirements ◊ Service Yards

Lot 219–76 Oak Tree Rd.

◊ Construction Parking Policy

The Committee continues to review/approve decks, porch additions, pools, hot tub/spa additions, and upgraded landscape plans. Sales of properties have also been strong, especially considering the economy and when compared to neighboring communities. We have had twenty-one sales since January of 2010 that include developed and undeveloped properties.

Lot 89 – 117 Inverness Dr.

ARB STATISTICS (Updated June 1, 2010)

Developed Homes Completed Cottages Under Construction In Process Totals

NICKLAUS 205 7 4 4 220

DYE 86 2 6 4 ___ 98

TOTALS 291 9 10 (9 custom, 1 spec) 8__ 318

To assist the ARB in maintaining the beautiful look of our community that supports property values, we would like all Member to take note of these Important Reminders:

Lot 112 – 165 Inverness

Lot J-45 63 Magnolia Blossom Dr.

◊ All satellite dishes and irrigation wells require ARB approval. ◊ Structures such as muted color, playground equipment require ARB approval and


must be located in the rear yard with adequate screening from adjacent neighbors and golf courses. ◊ Sculptures and statues require ARB approval and must be located within the setbacks. Lot B-37-6 Hampton Ln. ◊ Any tree removal over six inches requires prior ARB approval. ◊ Landscaping—every owner is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of their property. Plant materials must be pruned, watered lawns must be mowed regularly and natural areas must be kept free of weeds and debris.

Tim Snyder, CFO

CRPC Public Website

Colleton River has partnered with Hargray Communications to provide our very own community information channel. CR-tv Channel 9, the latest enhancement to our Member communications platform, is in the final phase of development and testing. Some of you have already come across test pages as we work to understand and set up the channel. We are in the process of designing this communications platform, which will be available to our Members and Guests who stay on the plantation, on Hargray cable channel 9. The channel will feature the latest community news and event schedules and will provide immediate access to important Club information. Our goal is to bring you the most valuable information for achieving maximum Member satisfaction and Membership growth. We are pleased to offer this service to Hargray cable subscribers and look forward to your comments and suggestions of how we can best use this medium. Thank you in advance for allowing us to come into your home through the convenience of your television.

Hargray Channel 9

New Platform in Communication

Enhancing the Value of Our Real Estate

Peter Elder, Membership Development Committee

Your Membership Development Committee has put forth an ingenious way to market Colleton River to new buyer prospects. It requires your help. First, you should visit our new visitor’s website. A link to this new website will be sent to your e-mail address Thursday, July 8th. Click on that link. When the home page comes up, take the curser and click on “Watch Full Feature” (found under the row of small pictures). Imagine while you are watching this video that thousands of people just like you, all around the country, are seeing it.

We want to give this same experience to 4,000 new buyer prospects. The website, like all websites, is passive. That is, it must wait until someone accesses it. We want to be pro-active and e-mail 4,000 new prospects a link to our new website. They need only click on the link, and, voila, they are at Colleton River. Our Committee would like you and every Member to e-mail this link to 10 friends around the country, inviting them to see where you live or belong. Simply copy the link and paste it into your e-mails. Each of your 10 friends may or may not be a prospect, but they could send it to someone they know who might be. In your e-mail to your friends you might do what I did at the beginning of this letter. Ask each to click on “Watch Full Feature” before they do anything else. I am sure each of us can find an appropriate e-mail wording to say hello to 10 friends by sharing an update to your current address. This idea rests on the premise that you and all of us will e-mail this link to our friends and family, and invite them to pass it on to others.

This is a very stirring piece of cinematography and will convey to any viewer the magic and “specialness” that we all feel about being here.

Thank you for your help in continuing to enhance the value of Colleton River Plantation.

Now use your curser to navigate all around the Colleton River experience (click on the tabs found beneath the Club logo at the top of the home page). Keep imagining the first time visitor doing what you are doing.

Peter B. Elder (If you need help, call Sawyer Strelcheck at 836 4400.)


Golf Operations

Director of Golf

Matt Lucchesi, PGA

I would like to thank the entire Colleton River Membership for their support of the golf operation. We have had a very successful first half of the year, and we couldn’t have done it without you. I certainly look forward to continued success throughout the remainder of the year. Additionally, I would like to thank the Members who volunteered their time during the U.S. Open Qualifier in May. The event consisted of 90 players who competed for six spots. The Dye Course showed its teeth as it yielded only seven scores to par; the lowest score of 68 was shot by local Beaufort County and Nationwide Tour player, Mark Anderson. As for the entire field, the average score shot was 79. This is just another testament to the Dye Course and its demand for precision golf. Don’t miss your opportunity to participate in our summer Reciprocal Program, offered to our Membership from June through September 15. This program is a tremendous chance for our Membership to play golf at some of the Lowcountry’s finest facilities. Colleton River Members will be able to play golf at the reciprocal properties for a very modest fee, and can also host Guests at the reciprocal properties for the accompanied Guest rate of said property. Reciprocal arrangements can be made by contacting any member of our Golf Professional Staff. The TrackMan launch monitor is here! This “state of the art”, doppler radar launch monitor is available to all Members and their Guests looking for the best equipment that compliments their individual swing characteristics. If you’re looking for longer and straighter golf shots, contact our Colleton River Golf Academy Instructors and they will put you on track to success. Did you know Colleton River will be hosting the U.S. Amateur Qualifier? This event is part of our continuing effort to share our exceptional golf courses with the golfing community while providing exposure to our wonderful facilities. We anticipate a field size of 144 players for the event which will be conducted at the Dye Course on July 26-27, 2010. Congratulations to Wesley Long who recently finished 6th in the 52nd Annual South Carolina Junior Championship which was played at Fort Jackson CC in Columbia. Wesley’s rounds of 74-71-67 helped him qualify to represent South Carolina Junior Golf in the state matches against Georgia this July 16-17 at Atlanta CC. Wesley became one of the first players at age 15 to qualify for the Georgia-South Carolina Junior Challenge. Way to go Wesley! Colleton River now has another Certified TPI Golf Fitness Instructor. Last April, Director of Instruction, David La Pour, successfully completed Level One of the Titleist Performance Institute Certification Instructor Program. Both David La Pour and Matt Lucchesi are committed to designing golf fitness programs that will enable you to achieve your golf swing training goals. If you are interested in learning more about TPI, please stop by the golf shop and schedule an appointment for a TPI CGFI Golf Fitness screening.


Colleton River Golf Rules & Regulations Proper Attire All Members and their Guests must be dressed in appropriate golf attire on the golf courses and practice areas. “Bermuda length” shorts (no length shorter than 3 inches above the knee) are permitted on the course, and golf, or collared sport shirts, are also required (no tank or T-shirts). Mock turtleneck shirts are considered appropriate golf attire. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. Belts must be worn and hats and visors are not to be worn backwards. Cargo shorts are not allowed. Ladies may not wear short shorts, tank tops, or halter tops. Blue jean/ denim clothing of any type is not permitted. Members are asked to inform their Guests of these rules in advance. Any Member or Guest registering at the golf shop in clothing that does not comply with the above will not be allowed to play until they change to appropriate attire. Changing shoes or clothing in the parking lot is prohibited. Lightning Policy When the lightening siren is sounded, play and practice must cease immediately until the “all clear” siren has been sounded. One long siren blast denotes suspension of play or practice, three intermittent siren blasts denotes the “all clear.” Golf Shop Registration As a courtesy to other Members, and to assist the Professional Staff, please remember the Club requires all Members and Guests to register with the golf shop prior to play. Cell Phones The use of cell phones is prohibited inside all Club facilities, tennis courts and on the golf courses, including the practice areas. All cell phones must be kept on silent or vibrate mode. Calls may be made from outside all facilities away from the golf courses and practice areas. When using your cell phone in permitted areas, please be respectful of those around you.

2010 Fall Golf Schedule

Equitable Stroke Control



September 23-26

Men’s and Ladies’ Club Championships

October 7

Ladies’ Opening Day

October 8



Double Bogey

10 through 19


Mega Men’s Day

20 through 29


October 14-16

Mixed Couples’ Member-Guest

30 through 39


October 21

Ladies’ One Day Member-Guest

40 or more


October 24

Mixed Couples’ Club Championship

October 27-30

Men’s Fall Member-Guest

November 18-20

Men’s and Ladies’ Fall Member-Member

TOURNAMENT SCORES Tournaments highlighted in BLUE on the schedule to the right will be identified as “tournament scores” with a letter “T” when posted for handicap purposes. Members should return their scorecards to a member of the Golf Professional Staff who will then post the tournament score.

All scores for handicap purposes, including tournament scores, are subject to the application of Equitable Stroke Control (ESC). This mandatory procedure reduces high hole scores for handicap purposes in order to make handicaps more representative of a player's potential ability. ESC is used when a player's actual or most likely score exceeds a maximum number, based on the table above, for the player's Course Handicap from the tees played.

Tournament Information

More Golf News

Congratulations to our Spring Major Event Winners! MEN’S CLUB CHALLENGE March 25-27, 2010

Overall Net Champions

Overall Gross Champions



Larry Grisham John Cook Ron Brunett Mack Moore Lee Brun

Michael Mayhew Keith Sellers Jim Holmes Jim Graham Franklin Newell



Overall Net Champions

Overall Gross Champions

Rick McKinnish David Jett

Richard Fairman Frank Fairman


Overall Net Champions

Overall Gross Champions

Jayme Trainor June Buggie

Gail Kraemer Kamille Caufield

Ladies’ Overall Champions

Men’s Overall Champions

Mary Collins Sandy Helgemoe

Wig Baumann Rich Torre


Colleton River Golf Academy

Director of Instruction

David La Pour, CRGA








In keeping with our vision of operating the finest teaching program for a club community in the U.S.A., the Colleton River Golf Academy has complemented its teaching program with the addition of a new Titleist Performance Institute Golf Fitness Instructor Program and a state of the art TrackMan launch monitor system. The TPI experience will enhance the Fitness building block of the Academy, while the TrackMan launch monitor system will complement the Equipment building block of the Academy. Please see the articles below for more information. The Golf Academy offers very unique and special programs with the goal of creating a fun and productive learning experience for the Members and their Guests. By taking advantage of the Academy and the seven building blocks (and seven Certified Instructors), you will learn how to “Manage Your Golf Game.” Our CRGA Certified Instructors are available for private and group lessons, all of which can be booked online at ForeTees or by calling the Nicklaus or Dye Golf Shops. For more information on our Instructors or teaching program, go to the “Golf Academy” link on the Members’ website. I hope your playing experience here at Colleton River is “Simply . . . exceptional” and I’ll see you on the range! What is your Golf Fitness Handicap? From the Fitness Building Block of the CRGA: Titleist Performance Institute You know your golf handicap, but do you know your golf fitness handicap? A golf fitness handicap is based on your golf fitness along with your golf swing. The TPI process involves an 11-point physical screen that will determine the golfer’s mobility, stability, and balance as they relate to the golf swing. Following the physical screen there is a 1-hour video swing analysis confirming the evaluation results. Once completed, you will get a full report of the results with an explanation of how the physical limitations and swing are affecting your golf game. After these steps are complete, you will be assigned a customized 18-session golf specific training program designed to improve those physical limitations and your swing. Following the 18-sesson workout, which is usually completed in a 3-6 month period, you will be re-tested to determine your new golf fitness handicap. If you are interested in finding out what your golf fitness handicap is, or improving your overall golf game, contact David La Pour or Matt Lucchesi, pick up a brochure in the Fitness Center, or go to the Academy’s website From the Equipment Building Block of the CRGA: TrackMan

If information is power, then we’ve got it in spades at Colleton River. Initially used by club manufacturers and the PGA Tour, the Doppler TrackMan Pro measures the full trajectory of any shot, ranging from short pitches to 400-yard drives, and measures the landing position with an accuracy of 1 foot at 100 yards. The technology delivers precise data without using any modeling (guessing), displaying the actual 3D trajectory in real time. Some of the features that the TrackMan will be able to incorporate are: · · · ·


Professional club fitting Golf set mapping (distances for each club) Combine type skills tests for game improvement Closest to the pin and other related competitions

TrackMan™ Pro Data: Below are just a few of the many data points that TrackMan collects: Club Speed

Ball Speed

Smash Factor

Total Side

Attack Angle

Vert. Launch Angle

Maximum Height

Landing Angle

Club Path

Horiz. Launch Angle


Flight Time

Vert. Swing Plane

Launch Spin


Horiz. Swing Plane

Spin Axis


Dynamic Loft Spin Loft Face Angle

If you are interested in getting clubs fitted or working out with the TrackMan, talk to one of the Academy Instructors and make an appointment that will change the way you look at golf!

Green Readers Unite! April 14th the CRGA hosted a Green Reading Clinic at the Dye putting green and the results were unanimous: Play more break! CRGA’s Director of Instruction, David La Pour, talked about reading two breaks at the Dye, the “ball break” and the “hole break.” The Nicklaus greens usually only require reading the “hole break.” The next Green Reading Clinic is scheduled for October 27th.

Colleton River Golf Academy

CRGA Updates & Highlights

CRGA Student Spotlight

Coming Up

The Colleton River Golf Academy would like to congratulate Susan Key as our spotlight student. Mrs. CRGA’s Matt Stewart & David La Pour with Colleton Key started golf a few years ago Green Readers at the Dye. and has been a regular at the Lady Linksters Clinics on Thursday mornings. As with many golfers, her goal of getting out and playing nine or eighteen holes (“respectably”) is becoming a reality because of her hard work and determination. We applaud her dedication and perseverance and wish her continued success!

Susan Key

CRGA Sneak Peak ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

Weekly CRGA Clinics every Thursday, 5:00 pm, & Friday, 11:00 am, at the Nicklaus range Junior Golf Clinic every Thursday, 4:00 pm, at the Nicklaus range (through August) July 3rd CRGA Practice Day, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Nicklaus range September 4th CRGA Practice Day, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Nicklaus range September 29th CRGA Short Game Golf School, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Nicklaus range September 30th Lady Linksters Opening Clinic, 9:30 am, Nicklaus range October 13th CRGA Special Clinic, “Playing Lesson with the Pro” 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, TBA October 27th CRGA Special Clinic, “Green Reading” 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, Nicklaus putting green

Please note that CRGA golf schools, clinics, and seminars usually require seven day advanced registration. Lesson fees: $65 to $100 per hour depending on instructor and certification.


Food for Thought

Executive Chef Frank Chiasera

Grillin’ and Chillin’ (quick and helpful tips for the grill season) 1. Use charcoal when at all possible which has a much better flavor than gas. 2. Start the fire a good half hour before cooking. 3. Stack the charcoals in the middle of the grill and light. Once they are all hot, spread them out over ¾ of the grill. 4. Keep a “cool spot” on the grill for vegetables or delicate seafoods. 5. Use the best quality meats and seafood. 6. Prime steaks or fresh local seafood and produce (remember you can order any or all of these quality foods from me at 843-836-4430). 7. Season the meat with salt and pepper just before cooking to avoid drying out the meat. 8. Let your steak rest. After cooking a steak you should always let it sit for a couple of minutes to let the juices settle. This prevents the steak from becoming tough or dry. 9. Use foil for seafood or make sure you have a very clean grill rack. After putting the fish on the clean and hot grill rack, do not move it right away, some people do this and it sticks to the rack. The fish will release from the grill when ready. 10. Pesky grill “flare ups” happen and will turn food bitter. To avoid most flare ups, remember, you don’t need to brush a lot of oil on food, just a little. If you are cooking steak, try to trim off all excess fat around the outside of the steak because that’s what’s going to drip down and burn. If there is a flare up, just move the food because the flare up is coming from grease that’s already dripped onto the coals. 11. Try something different! 12. Grill whole lobsters. No need to split them - that is a bigger mess than necessary. Just put them on the grill and let them cook about 10-12 minutes. Then cover them up and let them cool down before breaking them up to serve.

Grilled Local Shrimp, Vidalia Onion and Georgia Peach with pecans and a citrus thyme vinaigrette 16 1 ½ ½ cup Dressing ¼ cup ¾ cup 1t 3 sprigs

Local shrimp peeled, deveined then grilled Georgia peach, sliced then grilled Vidalia onion, peeled and quartered then grilled Pecans, toasted Local greens, cut bite size, cleaned Sweet rice vinegar Olive oil Fresh chopped garlic Garden fresh thyme, chopped Juice of 1 lemon Pinch of salt

Add all ingredients except oil, slowly drizzle in oil while whisking.


We will showcase this recipe, plus other healthy and great tasting vinaigrettes and salad ideas, at Chef Frank’s cooking class on July 29th at 5:30pm. We will be hands-on, inside the Nicklaus kitchen then we will move into the dining room for a 3 course dinner with the fruits of our labor. Please call and make your reservation, as space is limited.

Ed Romano To many Members, the Colleton River dining experience is equally as significant as any of the other great amenities offered on the plantation. Our Food and Beverage Team, like both the Golf and Tennis Professionals, takes great pride in creating exceptional experiences for Members and Guests each and every time you come to the Club. And, just as there are occasions in golf when a Member is able to walk-on without a pre-scheduled tee time, there are also occasions when the same drop-by-todine option will prove successful. However, the first tee would become quite disorderly if everyone just showed up at primetime on Saturday morning expecting to tee-off. For this reason, it is critical to have, and honor, tee-times; dining reservations are just as critical.

Spring Wines

We continue to work to deliver the best service possible in the Food and Beverage operation, so have moved to an improved model in our effort to deliver the experience expected by our Membership. Dining reservations will be taken in 20 minute intervals in the new model as we continue to take advance dining reservations whenever possible. But the shortened interval between reservation times allows for a smoother seating transition in the operation. It is not uncommon for diners to be spread out between the Wine Room, Men’s Grill, River Room and Ladies’ Lounge during the regular a la carte dining; therefore it may appear that the kitchen is not busy to Members and Guests. But servicing multiple dining areas does keep the Staff busy throughout the evening, so this new model is another step

in our effort to minimize frenzied situations and continue to allow us to accommodate late arrivals and drop-by-to-dine diners. A mandatory reservation policy will be in effect for special events, requiring advance notice of reservation changes or cancellations as we also work to accommodate as many Members as possible when seat availability is restricted, plus avoid any unnecessary charges to your accounts.

Around Your Club

Clubhouse Manager

Following our reservation system practices not only allows for an improved flow operationally, but this is more respectful of other Members’ time with later reservations. So make your reservation for the time you would like to be seated for dining, but also let us know if your plans change and you need to cancel. To use the golf analogy again; you wouldn’t reserve an 8 o’clock tee time and show up exactly at 8 am, then putt for awhile before going to the tee. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us accomplish our objective of providing a memorable dining experience for all Members. By making and honoring your reservations, we are confident our Team can provide you with dining experiences that are “Simply . . . exceptional.”

Connoisseur's Corner

Darryn Beck

Get ready to fire up the barbeque and relax by the pool. Frozen drinks and white wine are consumed more during the hot summer months. There are many different options to indulge in, but remember to stay hydrated. Try to add a side of water to your outdoor meal or alternate between water and an alcoholic beverage. Sauvignon blanc and pinot grigio are both lighter than chardonnay and are typically more enjoyable for outdoor fun. When choosing your wine, take into account the dominant flavor. In the case of steaks and legs of lamb (even when marinated), the dominant flavor is the meat itself. Your favorite red will suffice, but Peter Lehmann Clancy’s is a very nice selection for steak that is full flavored and not overly heavy. If you are grilling fish, pair it with a nice sauvignon blanc. The general rule is, “if you can squeeze a lemon on it, drink it with a sauvignon blanc.” Be careful though, if you are coating chicken or shrimp with barbeque sauce, the dominant flavor is the sauce, not the meat and you should choose your wine accordingly. Frozen drinks are popular and fun to make. Margaritas are fantastic and can easily be varied and enhanced. You can buy a standard margarita mix from the store and add a little something extra to make it unique. Other than tequila, try adding peach schnapps, Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Midori or a few fresh strawberries to the blender. Experiment with different flavor combinations and enjoy the sampling. Enjoy all the elements of your summer. The following deserve acknowledgement for ideas presented: and 15

Upcoming Art Society Events

The Colleton River Art Society Activites August 11th, 12th, 13th - Watercolor Class with Nancy Thompson: The Colleton River Art Society is pleased to announce the return of Nancy Thompson who will be teaching a workshop in watercolor. One of the topics to be covered will be how to keep sketch notebooks while traveling. By September 1st - Calling All Photographers - The Colleton River Art Wall: Beginning September 1st, Members’ photography will be on display. If you have a favorite photo you have taken, please have it framed for display during the months of September, October, and November. The photo can be of any subject, in color or black and white, and needs to be at the front desk by September 1st. November 3rd, 4th, 5th - Oil and Acrylics Class with Addison Palmer: The Art Society welcomes Addison Palmer to share this expertise and teach a class; the Palmer family has a long

connection with Colleton River. Addison has graciously loaned Colleton River “Sunrise Silhouette,” an oil/acrylic painting recently on display in the Nicklaus Clubhouse Ballroom. March 17 - Ben Hamm and the Art of Photography: With his large box camera and artistic eye, Ben Hamm has explored the lovely environs of the Lowcountry and beyond. Ben’s book Vanishing Light will be available. LLG Member Sherry Steele is developing this program with the Art Society in support of their efforts to fund future art purchases for the Nicklaus Clubhouse. April 15th - Mary McKane and the Printmaker’s Art: LLG Member Mary McKane will be offering a special demonstration of the printmaker’s art. Tracing the step-by-step process, Mary will illustrate , demonstrate, and explain the varied stages printmaking requires. The Art Society program is presented in support of their efforts to fund future art purchases for the Nicklaus Clubhouse.

Christine Hall Congratulations to the Brides and Grooms who were married at Colleton this spring: April 10th Brant and Suzanna Fulcher May 1st Michael and Catherine Gordon (Savard) May 22nd Ryan and Michelle Gorman May 26th Josh and Jennifer Harville

Private Events Let the Colleton River Event Team assist you in planning and implementing your private event. Whether at the Club, in your home or on a sunset dinner cruise from the community dock, our Team will arrange everything from the catering to the cruise. If you are interested in hosting an event, please contact me at your convenience.

Trivia Night


Trivia Night continues to be a huge success and an event the Membership looks forward to! Upcoming Trivia Night Dates: September 16th October 7th November 4th December 2nd

Team Winners for May Guys and Dolls: Doug and Joanne Phillips, Chris and Adeline Christensen, Karl and Cheri Kish and Doug and Harriet Miller. Congratulations!

Social Calendar

Events Coordinator

2010 Colleton Kidz Korner! Mark your calendars kids because summer is here! Check out the latest details for Kidz Kamp 2010 and remember to look for details on the Club’s website! June 30th July 4th July 5th July 8th July 14th August 4th

More Summertime Fun at Colleton River

Kidz in the Kitchen 4th of July Celebration with Bike and Cart Parade Colleton Family Trip Kidz Night Out Kidz in the Kitchen Kidz in the Kitchen

Kidz in the Kitchen Healthy and Creative Salads ~ Cup Cakes ~ Lunchtime Sandwiches Each class will be focused on team work, learning basic sanitation, weights, measures and presentation, not to mention fun-filled afternoons in the kitchen! Parents are welcome to join these mini chefs the last day to share their creations!

Colleton Family Trip Combine a scenic kayak trip through tidal marshes of Palmetto Bluff's uninterrupted waterways, with familybuilding games, for a family fun-filled day. Go crabbing or try stand-up paddle boarding; no experience necessary. We provide instructions and equipment. Includes snacks and refreshments. 4 1/2 hours. This is one of CRP's most popular family events!

Kidz Night Out The movie selection will be made based on new releases and will be age appropriate. Kids can design and paint their own bowls or coffee mugs. Pottery in Paradise will provide the paint, stencils and ideas to help the kids come up with their own masterpiece.

Hey Colleton Kidz! Have you noticed something special in this edition of the newsletter? Each page has one PURPLE letter; when combined, they spell a special word/phrase for you to find! Once this word/phrase is discovered, contact Sawyer Strelcheck in the Nicklaus Clubhouse for a treat especially for you!!! You can contact Sawyer at 843-836-4400 or by email:


Around Your Club

Director of Operations

David Spivey

Real Estate values may not be where any of us would like to see them, but the activity we have had in the plantation recently is very encouraging. As of June 11, 2010 there have been 19 homes and 16 home sites sold in Colleton River. In comparison, in all of 2009 there were 18 homes and 16 home sites sold and in 2008 there were 11 homes and 21 home sites sold. As you can see, we are on pace to have our best year in the past few in real estate sales. In addition, we have 10 houses under construction with 8 more in the ARB process that will break ground this year. It is wonderful to see the investment being made in Colleton and I think it speaks volumes about the uniqueness and, if I may quote one of our Members, “specialness” of Colleton. With those sales, we sadly see friends going to new places. However, we also get the opportunity to meet new people. Please see the list of our newest Members on page 2 of this newsletter and seek them out so that we can give them a warm Colleton welcome. I have had a chance to speak with many of them and, like our current Membership, they are fascinating and gracious people.

Colleton, along with Belfair and Berkeley Hall, has partnered with Links Magazine to offer a rare opportunity for couples throughout the United States to play several of the best private courses in the Lowcountry. This 3-day event, The Links Lowcountry Couples Tournament, to be held September 10-12th, is a great opportunity for your friends or colleagues to get a taste of what the Lowcountry has to offer. The package includes 4 nights in a cottage at one of our communities, one round of golf each day at one of our courses, breakfast, lunch and evening events (including dinner) at each community, along with prizes and additional daily activities. Links has handled all of the marketing and registration for the event, and already has 34 couples confirmed. This event will bring visibility to Colleton, our neighbors, and the Hilton Head area. People will go home, talk about the event and word will spread. This is a perfect marketing opportunity in a buyers’ real estate market. Please alert the people you know who may be interested in this fantastic opportunity. They may view the sales information in the summer 2010 Links Magazine (Page 18), or visit their website at couplestournament. This event will be Simply…exceptional.

We have a unique marketing opportunity this September which we hope you will all support by welcoming our guests. Living in and visiting Colleton River Plantation usually gives you the opportunity to enjoy one of Chef Frank’s many food and beverage facilities. Always offering the best quality, the experiences we share go hand-in-hand with the fabulous food that is offered. That being said, we would like to spotlight a hidden treasure found right here on plantation. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cram have something special in their own back yard; an elaborate herb and vegetable garden from which two very popular Hilton Head Island restaurants cultivate. What’s more exciting? The Cram family has free reign to enjoy any of the garden’s harvest. As part owner of Alexander's, the Old Oyster Factory and Red Fish, Ric Peterson, one of the Cram’s friends, heads up the garden project, staffing gardeners and bringing his staff out for seasonal classes. The “farm to table” lunch and dinner options are currently offering over 5 tomato varieties, green peppers, eggplant and kale among many other varieties of spring vegetables from this garden.



On Plantation



LLG Season II, 2010-2011

The Lifelong Learning Group: "Just Don't Stand Still" At the age of 101, Norma Young, my friend and mentor, looked at me with her steady, blue-eyed gaze and simply stated that the secret to living a long, productive life was, “You don’t sit down, and you just don’t stand still.” Norma lived by that creed and may have been the poster child for Lifelong Learners in my life. She was a devoted churchgoer…tried singing in the choir where her dedication could not compensate for a lack of pitch…taught Sunday School with fervor for forty years…served as the Mission Society’s energized president for thirty years. Deciding “Folks around here need to learn to grow things,” she created, and for twenty years, led the Growing Together Garden Club. She raised acres of flowers and vegetables and deposited her harvest in bushel baskets on neighborhood doorsteps. Norma welcomed all the neighborhood kids to gather in her kitchen to learn to crochet…to make cookies for Halloween and Christmas…to construct “crazy jugs” for our mothers…to write “proper letters.” At age sixty, she took up oil painting because “I like pretty pictures,” and her teacher was a ninety-year-old who had chosen not

to stand still either. When Norma, at seventy-five, finally joined the Senior Citizens Center in town, she determined everyone there was tired of playing euchre and dominos. She declared, “We need to go see some things…,” and over the next 10 years, she got everyone on planes and buses and headed down the road to California, Florida, the Ozarks, and Williamsburg. For me, Norma Young was a most splendid Lifelong Learner who chose to explore, expand, and examine her life daily. As Colleton River’s Lifelong Learning Group begins Season II in September, it is clear LLG is certainly not “sitting down” and resting on last year’s very successful beginning. With the varied abundance of speakers and fieldtrips on the calendar for LLG’s Season II, no one at Colleton River will be “standing still” for long.

On Behalf of the Lifelong Learning Group, Paula Williams Chair LLG Members for 2010-2011: Dale Baucom, Doris Beedie, Mary Jo Cubbin, Constance Curnow, Bill Dyer, Bert Einloth, Sig Freed, Barb Gates, Sue Glancey, Sara Hall, Kris Mak, Mary McKane, Janice Norton, Rob Norton, Lynne Patti, Lynda Rankin, Sherry Steele, Nancy Taylor

“Kayaking in the Lowcountry: My Adventures on the Waters” with Sue Chapman September 15, Wednesday 12:00—Lecture and Luncheon at the Nick “Swamp Boss” Sue Chapman heads up the Swamp Girl’s Kayaking Tour Group and has joyfully spent years paddling through the natural wonders that make the Lowcountry such a splendidly unique place. All of our kayaking events are being planned by LLG member, Sherry Steele. In sharing her experiences kayaking the spectacular waterways that surround us, Sue Chapman offers us a view of the Lowcountry as seen from the water…drifting with the current and immersed in the natural world. “Kayaking the May River and Picnicking on the Sandbar” with Sue Chapman September 18, Saturday 10:30-1:00—Fieldtrip—Limited to 12 Adult Colleton River Members Following on the heels of Sue Chapman’s Luncheon earlier in the week, we will head to the May River with Sue for a kayaking adventure of our own. No prior kayaking experience is necessary. Along the way, we may see dolphins; fun and enjoyment are guaranteed on this outing. This is our chance to kayak the May River together and have a sandbar picnic as countless Bluffton folks have done for years. “The Bridge Is Open: How the Lowcountry Welcomed the World” with David Lauderdale September 30, Thursday 5:00—Lecture and Dinner at the Nick As an Island Packet columnist, David Lauderdale has had a front row seat to witness the remarkable change in the Lowcountry that began in 1956 with the building of the first bridge to Hilton Head Island. David will be sharing anecdotes about “the occasionally visionary…often eccentric…and completely unique” characters who shaped our Lowcountry community and lifestyle. Who were these people? What were they thinking? What were their values and beliefs? What were the landmark events and issues they wrestled with in developing and nurturing this area? David is a Southern storyteller with a newspaperman’s rare insight into what makes this place and its people so very unique and special.


FAll Calendar of LLG Events

Season II, 2010 - 2011

1st in the LLG Civil War Series: “Lowcountry Plantation Life” with John Monckaitis October 12, Tuesday 5:00—Lecture and Dinner at the Nick With this being the 150th anniversary of the Civil War’s beginning, LLG is pleased to present a series of evenings focused on various aspects of “The War between the States.” Working with the area’s Civil War Roundtable, LLG member Kris Mak is developing this series of events for us. John Monckaitis, the President of the Civil War Roundtable, will be leading off the series on October 12th. His focus that evening will be the unique nature of plantation life as experienced in the Lowcountry. From his extensive reading and research, John says, “Living and working on a Lowcountry plantation was a very different system from elsewhere.” He comes to us to share the stories and history of those who lived that life. “The ACE Basin Tour” with Dr. Al Segars—October 21, Thursday Departs the Nick 7:00 AM—Carpool Fieldtrip—Limited to 20 Adult Colleton River Members The spectacular ACE Basin has been called “South Carolina’s Yellowstone” and is considered by many to be the largest natural and most pristine estuary system in the world. The ACE consists of approximately 350,000 acres of diverse habitats including pine and hardwood uplands, forested wetlands, fresh, brackish and salt water tidal marshes, barrier islands and beaches. Dr. Al Segars, DNR’s Stewardship Coordinator for the ACE Basin and one of LLG’s speakers during our first season, will be our personal guide. Our tour with Al will begin at 9:00 at Nemours Plantation on the Combahee River where plantation life and the rice culture history will be reviewed. We will then caravan by car to the Donnelly Wildlife Management Area and on to the Bear Island WMA. Lunch will be a Colleton River box lunch and will be enjoyed at the Bennett’s Point Field Station. The tour is scheduled to end at 3:00, and participants may choose to drive through Donnelly or go straight home.

Fall Calendar of LLG Events

Season II, 2010 - 2011

“Historic Bluffton Tour: A Walk Back in Time” November 5, Friday—Fieldtrip and Luncheon—Limited to 20 Adult Colleton River Members The Bluffton Historical Preservation Society is pleased to welcome us to Old Town Bluffton, and LLG member Sue Glancey is developing this tour for us. Incorporated in 1852, Bluffton has a long, varied history which includes American Yemassee Indians…signers of the Declaration of Independence… Southern planter families coming in search of May River breezes…and the first calls for “secession” being heard in 1844 under Bluffton’s Secession Oak. During our guided walking tour, we will see the Heyward House, hear the history and stories of Bluffton’s people, neighborhoods, homes, and churches, and enjoy a specially prepared luncheon together at the historic Teel House.


2nd in the LLG Civil War Series: “The Battle of Port Royal” with John Monckaitis November 11, Thursday 5:00—Lecture and Dinner at the Nick Civil War Roundtable President, John Monckaitis returns to us to share the stories of the people, issues, and events surrounding the Battle of Port Royal in November of 1861. LLG member Kris Mak is developing this series of events for us in special commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War’s beginning. Many argue that no other battle in the “War between the States” may have held more strategic significance than the struggle to capture and control the waters of the Port Royal Sound, the largest natural harbor on the East Coast…and in many ways the gateway to the heart and soul of the South.

LLG Save - the - Dates February 3rd, Thursday—Lecture and Dinner at the Nick Kent Harrington, former Public Affairs Director of the CIA, will be speaking on national security issues February 17th, Thursday—Lecture and Dinner at the Nick Gwen Clare, former Ambassador to Ecuador, will be speaking on current affairs in Latin and South America March 21st-22nd, Monday-Tuesday—Carpool Fieldtrip “A Springtime Southern Sojourn: Old Sheldon Church, the Angel Oak, Middleton Place, and Charleston”— Limited to 20 Adult Colleton River Members



Tennis Times

Gavin Cox

Tennis at Colleton has been extremely active this year with excellent participation in the weekly programs, including new faces on the courts. The Nick vs. Dye Challenge had its best ever attendance, resulting in the Nick players finishing as the superior team this year. However, the Dye Members have already started training to win back the bragging rights and trophy next year. The event finished with a wonderful dinner and evening at the Nicklaus Clubhouse. A very special thanks to Bob Stahl who donated a $100,000,000,000,000 (that is one hundred trillion) to the tennis program – however, despite the large number the currency was in Zimbabwe dollars and has no value! Summer in the Lowcountry is traditionally a slower season with fewer league and team competitions, so is a great time

to work on your personal game. Colleton River has a wonderful fitness facility and personal trainers readily available. Use this summer to improve your fitness and flexibility, which in turn will help prevent injuries. Brett and I are firm believers that you don’t play tennis to get fit; you get fit to play tennis. Please remember, with the climbing temperatures and humidity it is important to hydrate both prior, during, and after play. With increased activity, it is important that you reserve your court in advance and please sign in your Guests! Don’t forget that there are junior programs, camps, and monthly socials available for Members and visiting family during the summer. Check the website for details, or call Gavin or Brett for more information. Enjoy the summer and we both look forward to seeing you on the courts. Gavin Cox, 843-816-1665 Brett Robertson, 843-816-2033

Mark comes to us from Ansley Golf Club in Atlanta, GA. He began there as the Assistant Superintendent, and in time, received a promotion to Superintendent. During his tenure, he prepared the course for the 2004 US Open Sectional Qualifier and 2005 US Women’s Amateur tournaments. He also managed the renovation of fairways and tees from Bermudagrass to Zeon zoysia. He successfully completed an extensive bunker renovation to include sod wall bunkers. He worked closely with the Green Committee and the Board in developing short and long term goals. Originally from Hayes Center, Nebraska, Mark grew up on a farm which backed up to the Sandhill Golf Course. It was there that Mark discovered his love for the game of golf and decided to pursue a career in the turf management field. In following his dream, he attended the


Central Community College in Hastings, Nebraska and earned an Associates Degree in Turf Management. He spent his summers interning at three separate clubs where he developed the experience, skills, and knowledge to achieve his goal of becoming a golf course superintendent. Mark is married to Cherish, his wife of four years. They have a 2 year old son named Finn. He enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, fishing, hunting, flying and sports. Please join me in welcoming him to Colleton River Plantation Club. We are thrilled to have Mark as part of the Agronomy Team. Bill Hirchert Director of Agronomy

Welcome to CRPC

Mark Vogler - New Nicklaus Golf Course Superintendent

One, two, three strikes you’re out, thanks to Mr. George Metzger who was asked to throw the 1st pitch at this year’s “Colleton River goes to the Sand Gnats” game. George was recovering from a bum knee, which didn’t stop him from throwing a great pitch! This popular event has more than quadrupled in size since the first event just three years ago.

Of Interest

member Interests

Fellow Members Janice Adams, Deborah Gallagher, Sandra Helgemoe, Adelaide Christensen, Candice Spadafora, Sherry Steele, Pam Davis, Gail Kraemer and Marita Brunner kayaked the Lowcountry with Swamp Girls earlier this year. LLG Season II will hold a fieldtrip here September 18th. Check page 20 for details!

Bob Grace, Billy Adams, Bill Spadafora, John Clancey and Steve Irgens are just a few of our Members who are part of CRPC Friends of Habitat, and its worthwhile endeavor.

2010 Ladies’ Interclub had another successful year! Left to right, top to bottom include photos of Cheri Kish, Wendy Baker, Gail Kraemer, Sheila Sylvester, Wendy Hall, Kathy Clancey, Margaret O’Malley, Pam Davis, Mary Rydzel, Mary Collins, Sandra Wooster, Beau Miller, Sandra Helgemoe, Pam Arway, Marsha Murphy and Karen Anderson.

Not another “Big Fish Story” for Mark Hyner! He proudly snaps a photo with a 29” Redfish he caught right here on plantation. Colleton ladies Bev Stahl, Rebbeca Funk, Julia McLoud and Susie Drobny work on their game at the Linksters Clinic, in style!






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Tennis Cottage Monday-Friday

2010 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Drew Freed President David Kennedy Vice President, Governance, Strategy & Asset Planning Chair Al Thiess Vice President, Audit & Compliance Chair, Architecture Review Board Chair Jerry Brenner Treasurer Finance Chair Tom Dobson Golf, Greens & Grounds Chair Dale Baucom House & Ancillary Chair Paul Zaffaroni Membership Development Chair Sallie Lott Member Relations Chair Tom McKane Board Member






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NICKLAUS CLUBHOUSE Main Telephone: 843-836-4400 Main Fax: 843-836-4401 Executive Fax: 843-836-4402 Title Name Office # E-Mail COO/ General Manager Scott E. Jaccard, CCE 843-836-4400, ext 4444 Director of Golf Matt Lucchesi 843-836-4410, ext 4415 Director of Operations David Spivey, CCM 843-836-4445 Director of Instruction David La Pour 843-836-4410, ext 4413 Chief of Security Jerry Leitner 843-836-4499 Executive Chef Frank Chiasera 843-836-4430 Clubhouse Manager Ed Romano 843-836-4400, ext 4432 Events Coordinator Christine Hall 843-836-4446 Administrative Assistant Kathy Irvin 843-836-4400 ext. 4441 Communications Sawyer Strelcheck 843-836-4400 ext. 4443 Nicklaus Golf Shop Matt Stewart 843-836-4400 Front Desk Julie Johnston 843-836-4400 Fitness Center Ken Doucette 843-836-4448 Nicklaus Golf Shop Tee Times 843-836-4410 Locker Room Manager Steve Chambliss 843-836-4400, ext 4421 Nicklaus Halfway Café 843-836-4460

CONFERENCE & TENNIS CENTER Tennis Shop: 843-836-4447 Accounting Fax: 843-836-4402 Chief Financial Officer Tim Snyder 843-836-4400, ext 4429 ARB Administrator Sharon Boulware 843-836-4494 Accounting Rose Dodson 843-836-4400, ext 4427 Member Accounts Shannon Blake 843-836-4426 Human Resources Diana Brown 843-836-4493 Director of Tennis Gavin Cox 843-836-4447


Clubhouse: 843-836-4450 Golf Shop: 843-836-4420 Derrick Garrou 843-836-4420, ext 4417

NICKLAUS GOLF MAINTENANCE Director of Agronomy Administrative Assistant

Main Number: 843-836-4480 Bill Hirchert 843-836-4480, ext 4481 843-836-4480

2010 Summer Newsletter  
2010 Summer Newsletter  

2010 Summer Newsletter