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Summer and fall events, projects, and more! pg. 4-5

Colleton River's Lifelong Learning Group (LLG) celebrates its 10th Anniversary! pg. 6-7

Operation Santa planning and coordinating is well underway. pg. 16-17

"Heather and I searched the east coast from the Outer Banks to Savannah seeking a place where we could enjoy an active pre-retirement/retirement family escape destination. We found the perfect place when we arrived at Colleton River. The combination of the incredible golf courses with activities that fit our interests were perfect for us. We kid ourselves as we walk and bike in the neighborhood about how fortunate we are living in our own 'nature conservatory.' The beauty of Colleton River is second only to the great folks we have met and enjoyed our time with while here. Colleton River is everything we were looking for and maybe even a little bit more!" - Wallace Nelson

Cover: Life here at Colleton River Club is unlike any other. The natural beauty inspires, and the deep connection our Members share creates an active and fulfilling atmosphere, from the courses to the water‌and everywhere in between. Thanks to Stephen Dickson for sharing a picture of one of his many sunset kayak trips (2nd from left, top).









GM’S Report Where did the time go? With the heat of summer behind us, we want to welcome back our Members.

Culinary Corner Nearly 75 Members enjoyed an amazing meal paired with outstanding wine at the Nicklaus in late September.





LLG Turns 10! Ten years ago, a group of dedicated Colleton Members had the foresight to create the History Exhibit we all enjoy at the Dye Clubhouse. Agronomy One of the main attractions to Colleton River Club and what distinguishes us from other facilities in the Lowcountry, is the vast difference between our two championship courses.




The First Tee On Thursday, September 20th, Colleton River hosted a golf tournament benefitting First Tee of the Lowcountry. The turnout was wonderful!

Bridge Bowl Colleton River Club played host to the 4th Annual Bridge Bowl tennis championship matches. It was the closest one yet!

Membership Update A WARM WELCOME TO OUR NEWEST MEMBERS Dr. David Chadbourne | Klamoth Falls, OR | June 2018 Ed & Tracy Cupoli | Tewksbury, NJ | June 2018 Charles & Julieanne Hirschey | Carthage, NY | July 2018 Mark & Jan Lorion | Kamuela, HI | July 2018 Dave & Leann Ulmer | Toledo, OH | August 2018 James & Elizabeth Carter | Avon, CT | August 2018 Bruce & Joan Cattie | King of Prussia, PA | October 2018

Our community Dog Park is under construction and will be completed and ready for your 4-legged friends this fall! The 1 acre fenced Park includes two separate areas – one for larger dogs and another for smaller pups. The well-landscaped surroundings will have a combination of turf grass and mulch. The area will offer dog watering fountains, seating areas for Members and parking for both cars and golf carts. Stay tuned for details about its Grand Opening! CAPTION: Zoey (Chad & Debbie King), Oak (Rob Steidlitz & Kirsten Hotchkiss) and Chili (Ralph & Sandra Viviano) are excited about making even more furry friends at their new Dog Park!

DID YOU KNOW... There is an outdoor storage area at the Nicklaus Course Maintenance Facility for boats, trailers and even RVs! There are 14 spaces that are up to 30 feet in length, and 6 more that are over 30 feet. There is even the option for overnight rentals. Interested? Call (843) 836-4480

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Lloyd Rothouse President, Executive Committee Al Baker

Ron Waters

Tom Weisenbach

Ray Andrews

Vice President Executive Committee Architectural Review Board

Executive Committee Finance

Executive Committee House & Ancillary

Audit & Risk Management


Dave Drohan

Don Graber

Sam Mollet

Pat Sommers


Marketing & Membership

Governance, Strategy & Asset Planning

Green & Grounds

The River | Fall 2018

A Letter From the President We are glad to have those of you who were away or traveling back now to enjoy all the offerings that Tim Bakels and his management team are planning for our busy fall season. The golf calendar is full including the Men’s and Ladies’ Member Guest events, Ryder and Solheim Cups, Spooktacular and the Club Championship. Many of us will participate in golf tournaments, both here and off campus to benefit organizations such as the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation and the First Tee of the Lowcountry. A couple of our special events include the Cotton Island kayak trip, and LLG luncheons with authors Jim Jordan and Carole Longmeyer. We will, of course, have our casual dining on Wednesdays, Happy Hour on Fridays and Saturday Pub Night, which have been growing in attendance and popularity.

and presentation of the food offerings while training new food service employees in this challenging labor environment. The Facilities Improvement subcommittee is working to refine concepts to improve the Member experiences at the Nicklaus Bar and dining areas, both indoors and on the Veranda. Member forums and focus groups will get underway in the latter part of autumn to involve our Members in the process. The Marketing, GSAP, Audit and Finance committees are all involved in reviewing the concepts of our consultants, Club Benchmarking and Meyers Research. Their recommendations on land acquisition, real estate values and housing options, Club structure, amenities, Membership options, and their analysis of our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats relative to other residential golf communities will be

Al Baker’s ARB committee has updated their guidelines in addition to their active review process in new construction, major remodeling and tree and landscape oversite. Elizabeth Turner, our new ARB administrator, has done a wonderful job on short notice in her role there, which is in addition to managing the cottage rental program. Pat Sommers’ Green and Grounds committee and Jeff Kent and his agronomy team have had their hands full this summer. Dave Drohan’s Golf committee and Matt Lucchesi’s golf professional team have been evaluating feedback from the various tournaments. They will be very busy managing all the golf tournaments and events in the fall. Tom Weisenbach’s House subcommittees have not been idle this summer; they continue to work with the Food and Beverage team to evaluate the real time feedback from the Members on their dining experiences to continuously improve the variety, quality

the basis for discussion at the October 24th Town Hall Meeting. Communications which have been sent to you over the course of the summer have been authored or coauthored by the Chairmen of those committees. I can’t thank Don Graber, Ron Waters, Ray Andrews and Sam Mollet and the Members of their committees enough for giving so much time and effort in developing these concepts. All nine of your Board Members have worked so hard to have a presentation which, with your insights and constructive criticism will lead the way for Colleton River Club to further its vision to become the premier residential golf community in the Southeast and become an even more wonderful place to live.

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GM’s Report Where did the time go? With the heat of summer behind, we want to welcome back our Members who have been traveling and for those of you who remained, we look forward to embracing the cooler weather patterns of the fall season.

It was certainly a busy summer and I will be sharing some of the highlights, but want to first start by thanking you, our Members, for your patience and understanding as we worked with the constantly changing weather predictions of Hurricane Florence. I also want to applaud and thank our managers and their teams who worked swiftly to secure Club facilities and stage for recovery not only once, but twice as the storm changed course, as well as those of the team who remained behind with Security to watch over the Colleton River community during the event. The patience, understanding and collaboration of everyone is truly worth remembering and is part of what makes Colleton River such a special place.

Summer Fun and Fall Events The Club officially kicked-off summer with our Memorial Day Cookout and followed it up with Colleton River’s signature event a week of Independence Day festivities and the July 4th cookout, which culminated in a wonderful fireworks finale. You will be interested to know that on July 4th over 425 Members and their families joined in the evening’s fun and, clearly, a good time was had by all! We said goodbye to summer with the Labor Day cookout, although the weather remained admittedly steamy through the month. But the fun doesn’t stop there! We have a full calendar of events planned for the Fall months. If you are looking for a great way to meet others in 4

The River | Fall 2018

a social environment, consider joining us for Happy Hour every Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the Nicklaus Pub. Enjoy complimentary hors d’oeuvres and special drink pricing. Last month we rolled out The River Guide, a Food and Social Events Planner highlighting Club events throughout the remainder of 2018. The Guide can be viewed on the Member website and copies are available at the Nicklaus Front Desk. Please use and enjoy this new tool as you plan your fall and holiday calendars.

Projects To say there was a lot of project activity on the Colleton River campus this summer is an understatement. The grounds throughout Colleton River have never looked better and islands and masterplan work will continue this fall when seasonal weather supports good planting conditions. Undeveloped lot maintenance, which is expected to be completed in December, is well underway and the installation of updated lot signage has begun. So too has the refurbishment of mailboxes which started with Member requests. With permitting behind us, the Dog Park officially began construction on August 22nd and will be completed soon. Details will be coming your way about the Grand Opening! During the July aeration closure of the Dye course, several projects were completed. They included a total air conditioning (HVAC) system replacement in the Dye Clubhouse with a much more efficient and technologically advanced system that will assure minimal maintenance expenses, less energy consumption, and many years of consistent sustainability of proper delivery of conditioned air. The bag drop access was widened to enhance the entrance and egress from the putting green and 1st tee to the front circle of the Dye Clubhouse. On the front range tee a 150-foot

strip of artificial hitting mat was added which will be beneficial in a number of ways as it creates another option for players to warm up, relieves traffic stress, conserves grass during extreme weather periods, and can be used for teaching clinics. The driving ranges at both the Dye and Nicklaus courses received electrical system upgrades and will now better service range needs. The collars around all twenty one greens were regrassed with Tifgrand Bermuda grass and addressed the problem with encroachment into the greens. This project will standardize the collars, improve the course playability, and increase definition around the putting greens. During the normal aeration closure on the Nicklaus course, we also made some needed improvements. In addition to the concrete cart path repairs, we also added a walkway leading from the front circle of the Clubhouse to the executive offices and fitness center. The new path replaces concrete pavers and provides better access to the south end of the Clubhouse and Nicklaus Golf Shop. Weather delays extended the pond progress beyond the forecasted completion date, but we continue to push on. For our anglers out there, once the lagoon project is complete, we will reintroduce largemouth bass and baitfish to the new ponds with artificial underwater structure to support a healthier pond environment.

Membership Development As you may already know, the Member Experience has, since its inception, been a major contributor to Colleton River attracting new Members to the Club and community. Well over 30% of the couples who participate in this program have become Colleton River Members. Why? It’s typically one of three answers. It is either the two elite golf courses, the natural beauty of the land and surrounding water or the people and the strong sense of community. As we continue to generate an increasing number of leads, the Club needs more ready, willing and qualified Ambassadors to assist in engaging

the prospects while they are visiting. More Ambassadors provides an opportunity for our prospects to experience a wider range of offerings (dining, golf, tennis, water activities, etc.) and ensures guests are placed with Members who have similar backgrounds, interests, etc. If you have an interest in representing Colleton River in the critical role as a Club Ambassador, please contact Larry Ross, Director of Membership Development.

Committee Interest While the year is not over yet, this issue of The River provides me the opportunity to thank the Club’s committee volunteers. Participant expertise and involvement is essential to the successful operation of any private organization, and our private Club community is no exception. Colleton River is fortunate to have such a varied and diverse group of individuals with many talents. Before you know it, we will be preparing for the holidays and I would like to encourage you to start thinking about applying to join a 2019 Committee where you feel your talents would be best suited and where your interest lies. Look for more 2019 Committee information to come your way around December 1st. While I’ve touched on some of the goings on around the community, you will find much more information throughout this edition of The River. See you at the Club!

Timothy Bakels, General Manager

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COLLETON'S LIFELONG LEARNING GROUP CELEBRATES ITS 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Ten years ago, a group of dedicated Colleton Members had the foresight to create the History Exhibit we all enjoy at the Dye Clubhouse. Bert Einloth, Jim Grove, Kris Mak, Maxine Melcher and Paula Williams were the history detectives that researched and collected the artifacts that illuminate Colleton River’s rich story. Their endeavor gave birth to the Lifelong Learning Group (LLG), which continues the legacy of learning, thinking and discussing as a community. Through the years, Paula Williams, Doris Beedie, Sue Glancey, Maxine Melcher, Lynda Rankin and Linda Irgens have helped shape the program into what it is today. All Members of the Colleton community are invited to attend LLG’s events. On-site events are held at the Nicklaus Clubhouse for luncheons or dinners. LLG fieldtrips have taken Colleton River Members to a wide array of destinations including: The Penn Center, SCAD, Mitchelville, Middleton Place, Charleston, the ACE Basin and many more.

"One of LLG's key goals is to inspire Colleton's Members to look beyond the gates of our community." - Paula Williams, LLG's first leader with performer, Marlena Smalls (above)


The River | Fall 2018

The volunteers who serve on LLG’s Committee are seekers of intellectual programming for the mind. LLG programs explore the wealth of history, culture, art and one-of-a-kind ecosystems the Lowcountry offers. They are cultural ambassadors who reach out into the larger community and make positive connections with our neighbors. LLG Committee Members also know that Colleton’s own community is a fertile source of great speakers – like Mary McKane, Keith Wandell and John "Mac" MacIlroy.

PAST AND FUTURE COLLETON MEMBERS, KEITH WANDELL, FORMER CEO OF HARLEY DAVIDSON, MARY MCKANE, ARTIST (WITH LLG COMMITTEE MEMBER, LESLIE KREUZER) AND JOHN MACILROY, AUTHOR, SHARE THEIR STORIES AND SKILLS FOR LLG. "My background is in the music industry so I am very interested in the arts here in the Lowcountry." - Debi Incandela, New LLG Committee Member (right)

The ambassadorial outreach the LLG has cultivated over the past 10 years pays immeasurable qualitative dividends to Colleton River Club. LLG has developed relationships with respected people in the wider community including, The Toomer Family, Emory Campbell, David Lauderdale, The Heyward House, The Hilton Head Island Discovery Center, Waddell Maricultural Center and Port Royal Sound Foundation. These relationships have inestimable value in forming positive opinions about Colleton River Club. LLG’s Committee is refreshed and reinvigorated by new Members who want to contribute their organizational skills to plan an event. In 2018, Angelia Hopkins, Debi Incandela, Sharon Baker and Gale Stafford joined LLG. Debi Incandela has planned an upcoming 2019 LLG evening exploring the history of jazz. - Jeanne Lane

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ON THE LINKS The summer golf season at Colleton River Club was very active! Most notably the Club hosted the Women’s SC Golf Association and two SC Golf Association USGA Qualifiers on both the Nicklaus and Dye courses. The Club was also the host site of the U.S. Amateur and U.S. Senior Amateur Qualifiers. Speaking of USGA qualifying, we had two Colleton River Members qualify for USGA national events! Jonathan Griz qualified for the U.S. Junior Amateur Championship and made the cut to the final 64, while Sophia Burnett qualified for the U.S. Girls Junior Championship. Additionally, Colleton River Member Neal Morrison was first alternate for the U.S. Senior Championship. It is great to see our Members representing Colleton River in these events! Golf rounds are on the rise! Our total summer golf rounds were at an all-time high led by an increase in Member rounds. Total rounds this summer were up over 3,000 compared to last summer. Jeff Kent and his team continue to create great playing conditions for our Members and their guests. Now that we are through our aerification programs the golf courses should be in fantastic condition for the fall season! Have you visited the Learning Center lately? Our Learning Center will be hosting several fitting days this coming fall. Manufacturers such as Titleist, Callaway, Taylor Made, Ping, and PXG are scheduled, so please make a fitting appointment by contacting either the Golf Shop or schedule through Foretees. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience some of the latest technology from these golf club manufacturers. We look forward to a fantastic fall tournament season. Our second year of the Ryder/Solheim Cup will certainly be another exciting event with over 100 men and 60 ladies registered. The return of the Ladies’ Two Day Member-Guest will be a fun event and we expect a full field of 72 teams for our Men’s Member-Guest. These events are a great way to meet other Members. See Page 10 for the fall tournament schedule. - Matt Lucchesi

CAPTION: Ladies’ Member-Guest Results - October 10-12, 2018 Top - Gross Champions Carol Hammond & Jayne Pardus Bottom - Net Champions Kirsten Hotchkiss & Jan Denson

Congratulations to 3 of our Members for their outstanding play over the past few months: Jonathan Griz - U.S. Junior Amateur Championship Sophia Burnett - U.S. Girls Junior Championship Neal Morrison – 1st alternate for the U.S. Senior Championship


The River | Fall 2018

GOLF SHOP UPDATE Be sure to stop by the Pro Shop this fall. In addition to new apparel and gear, we have added "lifestyle" merchandise to our offerings. Big Boards are customizable and make great hostess gifts. Pick up a small Corksicle that is a perfect fit for your golf cart, or the larger version that holds a full bottle of wine for Happy Hour at the dock. Or both!

GOLF TECH The latest addition to the Colleton River Learning Center also includes the latest technology. The K-Vest is a golf swing analysis/training device that uses sensors on the golfer to create a biomechanical analysis of their swing. This golf swing analysis is then assigned a program to help the student get better at their golf swing and golf game. If you’d like a free analysis of your golf swing, send an e-mail to davidl@colletonriverclub.com or call the Learning Center at 843-836-4413. - David La Pour

HOW DOES IT WORK? • Measure: See what the eye can’t see with better, more accurate 3D data. • Diagnose: Better identify the problem with reports and graphs to help you pinpoint the root causes. • Prescribe: Establish the right treatment Program with our library of pre-built corrective exercises and programs. • Treat: Deliver your treatment plan through our biofeedback training to ensure every rep done correctly and counted. • Train: On-site Learning Center training to help you get rehabed better and faster. Track your improvement over time.

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November 2, 2018 Men’s Guest Day November 4, 2018 Twilight Golf November 9-11, 2018 Men's and Ladies' Club Championship November 17, 2018 Mega Men's "774" November 30, 2018 Nine & Dine December 14, 2018 Mega Men's Day

Congrats to our most recent Hole-in-One Members! Jonathan Griz | Mary Ziegler | Jim Griebel Duane Deline | Dr. Barney Maynard 10 The River | Fall 2018


Our Unique Experience One of the main attractions to Colleton River Club and what distinguishes us from other facilities in the Lowcountry, is the vast difference between our two championship courses. The Nicklaus Course offers a parkland feel, dodging and weaving through a mature hardwood and pine overstory while skirting the edge of the salt marshes. At just over 7,000 yards, Jack Nicklaus made the course exceptionally Member friendly and created a memorable finishing stretch that offers long views of the river and majestic sunsets. Not to be outdone, Pete Dye did some of his best work here by artfully creating open windswept links that stretched over 7,400 yards. Although the Dye Course offers generous landing areas, it tests players with a multitude of pot bunkers, an ever-present breeze, and wispy native roughs. The course and Clubhouse are perfectly located to offer dramatic sunrise views of the Port Royal Sound

while enjoying an early round of golf or breakfast on the expansive Clubhouse porch. Although the courses provide the Membership two distinctly different experiences, from an agronomy standpoint their similarities allow us the ability to offer a high degree of consistency. The TifEagle greens lack excessive grain and putt true, providing plenty of opportunities for scoring. Both courses utilize Celebration Bermuda grass on the fairways. This aggressive hybrid Bermuda grass produces a dense and upright surface that provides tight lies, reduces weed pressure, and recovers quickly from divots. Celebration’s aggressive growth characteristics reduce the need to winter overseed saving money and resources while eliminating the problems associated with seasonal transition. The difference in the course designs and the similarities in the maintenance programs make Colleton River Club’s golfing experience one-of-a-kind and enjoyed by both our Members and their guests. - Jeff Kent

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Culinary Corner Sassicaia 4 Course Wine Dinner at the Nicklaus Clubhouse THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2018 6:30PM - COCKTAILS AND LIGHT HORS D’OEUVRES Nearly 75 Members enjoyed an amazing meal paired with equally outstanding wine last month.

Sassicaia (Italian sasso meaning “stone”, indicating the stony field) originated in 1948 when first produced by Incisa della Rocchetta using Cabernet Sauvignon vines. For years, Sassicaia remained personal wine for the family until Rocchetta’s son and nephew convinced him to release it commercially, starting with the 1968 vintage, that was unveiled in 1971. Using the wine as his inspiration, Chef created a delicious 4 course meal perfectly paired with the wine selection. The wine, food, table presentations and views were equally beautiful and enjoyed by all! CAPTIONS: What a Night Chef Robert preparing one of the amazing 4 courses. A perfect evening for the event. The background of the Nick is so beautiful it almost looks fake! | First Course Pasta Carbonara & Parmesan Reggiano, Paired with Masi Masianico | Fourth Course Roasted Leg of Lamb, Garlic Roasted Potatoes & Rosemary Jus, Paired with Sassicaia

12 The River | Fall 2018

Event Central We have all been to the amazing events hosted here at our Club, but in this issue we’d like to feature an event that is a powerful reflection of our Members' spirit of giving. Those that participate in the Pass It Along program get almost as much out of it as the deserving recipients of the donated items. Event Feature - Pass It Along For several years, the Members have showed their gratitude and support to our hourly employees by donating used items in good condition to Pass It Along. Residents have dropped off items such as clothing, household items, furniture, electronics, sporting goods, gardening equipment and tools. Once the items are organized, the hourly staff is invited to shop the donated items free of charge. Any unclaimed pieces are then donated to a local charity. This year’s Pass It Along will be on Wednesday, November 15th at the Dye Golf Course Maintenance area. Drop off between 8am-11am. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please contact Patty Gelinas at 843-757-7868. - Beth Anderson

CAPTIONS: Top - left to right – Alice Tofte, Sandra Wooster, Becky Wobbekind | Bottom - left to right - Barbara Smith, Melanie Andrews, Judy Ryan

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Fitness When dinner rolls around, you need to enjoy your dinner slowly at the dining room table, but we all know it is more enjoyable to sit and eat in front of the TV. But if you're trying to lose weight, force yourself to focus on your food instead of the football game and it will pay off in a far more beneficial way. Being aware of what you are eating can help you lose weight. In fact, most people can lose about 5% of their bodyweight by following a healthy eating plan for a few months and then sustain by eating mindfully! Here are a few helpful hints to guide you to your goals: Step 1 - load up your plate with plant-based proteins such as potatoes or beans. Those types of proteins are very filling. Step 2 - challenge yourself to make your meals last at least 20 minutes. Slowing down helps you get in touch with your hunger and alerts your brain that you are getting full. Step 3 - ask yourself if you want to eat because you’re hungry or if you’re stress eating before you dive into that bag of Cheetos. If you do, that’s okay, it’s completely CAPTION: Members enjoying (well maybe not in the moment!) Boot Camp. | Our Barre Class is so popular it was moved to the Nicklaus Ballroom!

14 The River | Fall 2018

normal! Instead of eating, try something else first such as exercising or reading. Step 4 - if you’re thinking of splurging on a treat, make it something you really love, savor each bite and stop when you're not really enjoying it anymore. Step 5 - don't eat when you're working, reading, or watching TV. It will take some practice at first, but it will become easier with time, and the results will be worth it. Being mindful of what you eat is going to go a long way in changing your eating habits and achieving your wellness goals. As a result, you will start to sleep better, have more energy and overall just feel better! - Stephen Minnaar

ON THE COURTS Hello Colleton River Members. We’re seeing more and more Members returning to the community as we move into the fall season. Our tennis programming is back in action, and we would love to see you out on the courts. The weather is cooling off which makes for perfect tennis conditions. We are planning to add new clay to the courts in October. We’ve also added more of a tennis “feel” in the tennis area in the admin building. We are looking forward to the upcoming season and look forward to seeing you out on the courts! - Mike O'Regan


The Monday and Wednesday tennis programs are up and running. Mondays 9-10:30am Men’s clinic all levels Mondays 10:30 – Noon Ladies 3.5 clinic Wednesdays 9-10am Theme of the week (men and women) Wednesdays 10-11:30am Doubles clinic for 3.5 players and higher (men and women) Our tennis staff is also available for private and group lessons.

Check out Page 20 for details about the Bridge Bowl Championship matches that were held right here on our courts! ColletonRiverClub.com | The River


Colleton River Cares Operation Santa Planning is Underway! This year will mark the 19th year for Colleton River Operation Santa Claus (OSC) helping our neighbors in need. We have a $56,000 goal this year to cover our projected 2018 $28,000 holiday spending budget and our 2019 year-round budget of $28,000. This is an increase of $4,000 over our 2017/2018 expenditures due to rising prices and the addition of deserving children from the Marine Corps Air Station. The OSC fund is a 501(c) 3 fund of the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry. The fund is managed by the Community Foundation of the Lowcountry with all expenditures being approved and monitored by the Colleton River Operation Santa Claus Committee. The fund continues to bring holiday wishes to Bluffton children in need. In our community, over 60% of school children are on free or reduced lunches and their parents continue to be faced with rising rents and the cost of basic needs, which have outstripped increases in wages in the area. Thanks to your generosity, we will once again stock the Bluffton Self Help Toy Store, where registered Bluffton parents can shop for a new pair of jeans, top, jacket, toy, or children’s literature. Children in our 5 Bluffton Pre-K classes will receive their grade appropriate book. Children at Parris Island and the Marine Corps Air Station will

16 The River | Fall 2018

have their holiday wishes fulfilled. Deserving teens identified to us through the Bluffton Boys & Girls Club and the school social workers will receive holiday presents. We will assist Bluffton BackPack Buddies in providing a food basket to feed hungry teens over the holiday break. There will be holiday gifts at the Island House Holiday party, a program for mentally challenged adults; and homeless families at Family Promise will see Santa arrive with a sack full of presents. After these holiday expenditures are made, we hope to have funds remaining to stock the uniform and school supply closets at our 5 elementary and 4 middle and high schools and provide funds to continue the Bluffton BackPack Buddies food box program. We also plan to provide funds for work and school uniforms and shoes for our homeless families and stock the food and supply pantry at Island House. We hope to fund the 1st Books program at MC Riley and Red Cedar Elementary and have funds available to help Second Helpings provide fresh fruits and veggies, milk and cheese to our Bluffton food pantries. Thank you once again for the many Colleton hands and generous donations that make Colleton River Operation Santa a reality for our neighbors in need. Mark your calendar for OSC Wrapping on Dec 5th! - Marsha Murphy

CAPTION: Planning The Operation Santa team “wrapping up” their planning session for the Wrapping event on December 5th. | Back pack buddies Members Sally Mattingly, Vickie Must, Mary McKane, and Dinny Burget manning the Backpack Buddies booth at the Bluffton Farmers Market. | Wrapping Members at last year’s Wrapping Event. Many call it the official kick off of the holiday season! | Cookies Kids enjoyed homemade cookies provided by Colleton River volunteers at the Bluffton Boys & Girls Club holiday day party. | Pictures of clothing Members sorting, organizing and storing clothing to donate to Bluffton Self Help.

A Fun Day on the Course for a Good Cause

On Thursday, September 20th Colleton River hosted a golf tournament benefitting First Tee of the Lowcountry, a charitable organization that teaches life skills and leadership through the game of golf. For the 108 participants the day began with a luncheon at the Nicklaus Clubhouse, followed by play on the course and culminating with a dinner and auction. While this was the first time Colleton River hosted First Tee’s annual tournament, we as a community have supported this important and empowering organization for quite some time. In recent years we have hosted several First Tee events and in 2015 proceeds from the Junior Pro Am went to the charity, totaling more than $100,000.

CAPTION: Greeters Children that have participated in First Tee programs volunteered their time to serve as Greeters for the day! | Member and Greeters Member Grace Chu participated in the Tournament and thanked the Greeters for their time! | Winners image Tournament winners Tom Reilley, Thomas Reilley, Jamie Booth, Brendan Reilley.

ColletonRiverClub.com | The River


CAPTION: Image 1 Members enjoying our waterways on a picture perfect October afternoon! | Image 2 Member Bob Stahl showing off his 40+ pound catch of the day during the Charter excursion. | Image 3 Kenney Baker, Jeb Bagenstose & David McNulty celebrate the 4th | Image 4 Front row LtoR Cheri Kish, Jennifer Hodges, Lynn Bagenstose Second row LtoR Lisa Cornelius, Debbie Proud, Barbara Kaufman | Back Row Susie Drobny | Image 5 Sharon Baker, James Utterback, Al Baker, Bill McDaniel and Stephen Minnaar setting sail on Septembers 28th Fishing Charter excursion.



Colleton Shots


4 18 The River | Fall 2018


CAPTION: Image 1 Jeanne Lane, Ann Marie Neufelder & Stephen Dickson join host Lisa Richardson for September's 843-TV Show. | Image 2 Marilyn McNulty, Bob Rhodes, Mary Lee Rhodes. | Image 3 Kimberly Campbell, Don Campbell, Lisa Ward, Bruce Ward. | Image 4 Sean Hegarty, Kevin Sutter | Image 5 Jim & Marjorie Humphrey | Image 6 Another successful Ladies Love Libations. The "Cowgirl..."



6 3



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CAPTION: Sandy Gillis, Director Deep Well Project Jonathan Watkins, Mainland Tournament Coordinator Sam Boyd, Colleton River Member Kimberly Hall, Director Bluffton Self Help

The Bridge Bowl Tennis Tournament, founded by Member Jonathan Boyd uses the tennis community’s love for the game to give back to local charities, specifically Bluffton Self Help and the Deepwell Project. There has always been an underlying "off island" versus "island" friendly rivalry, and this inherent competition became the foundation for the Bridge Bowl. Made up of an Island Team and a Mainland Team, the competition consists of a series of doubles round robins between each of the teams culminating in a deciding doubles final between the various levels for the Island and the Mainland team. This year a big congratulations goes to the Mainland Team for winning the Bridge Bowl in a thrilling final! 20 The River | Fall 2018

The matches could not have been any closer. It came down to the final tiebreak of the final court. There we over 200 folks that came out to cheer on the players, many of which were our friends and neighbors. It was a wonderful environment for tennis and a great way to show off our exceptional tennis facility and the community as a whole.




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