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Summer Arts Festival draws audiences of all kinds 7 play, in the most creative ways possible. The three very talented actors, had many quick costume changes, character roll changes, and a lot of personality. The up-close and personal feel that this play exudes allows the audience to thoroughly enjoy the actors’ work. Not only do you get to watch an exceptional group of actors turn Shakespeare into a hilariously modern show, but the audience gets to participate. No, not merely by Twitter, but by chanting, waving, running across the stage, and much more. Theatre-goers be warned: if you do not wish to partake in theatre, but would rather simply watch, do NOT sit in the front row of any section. I braved the warnings, and while I was never personally chosen to interact—just involuntarily had a goblet of water spit into my lap—the boy beside me was used as a “prop” for Romeo and Juliet, and was forced to disappear under one of the actor’s dresses for the scene. Another girl in the front row was supposed to emit a blood-curdling scream, and did, but only after the actors led the audience in a workshop featuring Desdemona’s internal-struggles. A vast knowledge of Shakespeare’s works is not required to enjoy this performance, but as with any parody the


The steps outside Theatre 101 were packed last Thursday night. I had thought I was the only Shakespeare-loving theatre junkie that would venture downtown on a Thursday to see a (free) production of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged), but I was wrong. Walking into Theatre 101, I noticed it was a black-box theatre, so it is, more or less, a large room painted black. There are 3 separate sections of seating situated around the back and side walls: the front wall serves as the backdrop for the “stage”. I say “stage” because there isn’t one; the actors perform, literally, inches from your face. Upon the back-wall of the black-box, there was a large screen upon which a Twitter feed was projected. Before, during, and after the show, the audience, crew, or friends of the actors could tweet @WllmShkspr. The stage manager was tweeting to friends in the audience, while friends of the cast were tweeting their best wishes of “break a leg!”. Some audience members got pretty creative with their tweets, and it was always amusing to see what the stagecrew had to say. The general storyline of the play involves three actors, who cram all of Shakespeare’s works (including sonnets) into a single, two hour

PAUL KURLAK / SPPS Local Blacksburg resident Kathy Smith and her dog Rosie enjoy a musical performance by Gerry Timlin last Friday. Each Friday evening in the summer, various artists play live music on Henderson Lawn. “We’ve been coming here for years. It’s the highlight of our summer,” said Smith of the performances. jokes are exceptionally more funny and appealing. Also, as warned before walking into the door, the production is probably not the most child-friendly, so call a babysitter for the night if this applies to you. Directed by Gregory Justice, The Complete Works of

Firecracker A sweet and sour delight for any Fourth of July celebration. - sarah watson, editor-in-chief

William Shakespeare (Abridged) is a must-see for the summer. Luckily for you, it’s out until July 2nd. Be sure to come early, although it’s free, a limited number of tickets are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Go to for more

information on this show, as well as the rest of the 2011 Summer Arts Festival in Blacksburg.

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