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june 16, 2011

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New firearm law implemented JOSH HIGGINS news staff writer Legislation on firearm policy is about to change in the town of Blacksburg. Blacksburg is going to alter restrictions on pneumatic weapons, which include paintball, pellet, and air soft guns, so that they can be used on private property within town limits. According to the new legislation, anyone 16 years of age and older will now be allowed to operate pneumatic weapons on private property as long as they are used responsibly and the gun’s projectiles do not pass beyond the property lines. Anyone under age 16 must have adult supervision when using these devices. The new proposal arose from a statewide mandate requiring localities to change their policies on pneumatic weapons by July 1 to parallel a bill passed by the Virginia General Assembly in April. The new law is passed under the Dillon rule, which states that the state government holds superiority over municipal governments. Under the Dillon rule, localities across the state, including Blacksburg, are required to comply to the new state law permitting the use of pneumatic guns on private property within town limits. Members of the Blacksburg Town Council have expressed opposition to the bill out of concern for public safety and beliefs that the bill is unsuited for Blacksburg. “When you’re dealing with pellet guns, there are some out there that

are really powerful,” said Blacksburg Mayor Ron Rordam. “I think that care has to be taken, and that’s why pneumatic weapons were not allowed until the state required us to do so.” Other council members have expressed that the directive from the state legislature does not take into account the differences between localities, which makes the law less applicable in some areas. “Every town is different,” Rordam said. “I think I would have preferred not to do this.” Town council member John Bush believes that the new law was more fitting for rural areas rather than more urbanized regions such as Blacksburg. “In the town of Blacksburg, it just doesn’t make sense to me,” Bush said. “It seems like this is one of those cases where the Dillon rule is clearly an impediment to local authorities and governing officials to be able to promote rules that make sense to their community.” Although the new law will affect anyone within the Blacksburg town limits, it will not affect the regulation of firearms on Tech’s campus. The town of Blacksburg does not have jurisdiction over policies pertaining to Tech’s campus, so the new gun law will not affect university policy. Guns and other weapons will remain prohibited on campus, in accordance with Tech policy. The new policy will, however, affect students that live off campus. Students living off campus will be allowed to use pneumatic weapons

Fire at the new county courthouse CARA MCBROOM news editor


A battle-ready paintballer participates in an elimination match at Wolf’s Ridge Paintball south of Christiansburg this past Sunday. under the new act, as long as they are on private property. Although the new policy has raised some concerns, others believe that raising the restrictions will have some positive outcomes. Paintball guns will now be allowed within town limits because of the new ordinance, which has some paintball players believing that they will have the opportunity to play without the hassle of leaving Blacksburg to find a location. The paintball club at Tech travels to a location in Jefferson

National Forest about 20 minutes away from campus to play. Alex Barker, president of the paintball club, believes that, although the paintball club plans to continue playing at Jefferson National Forest, the lifted restrictions will increase the popularity of paintball in the Blacksburg area. Players will no longer have to travel to Christiansburg and other locations to play. “Anyonethatownspaintballequipment can now play (in Blacksburg),” Barker said.

Christiansburg and Blacksburg fire crews reported to downtown Christiansburg after they received information about the fire at the new Montgomery County courthouse on June 9. According to a Christiansburg press release, the fire was called in to police at 7:46 a.m. by a construction worker. Officials said the blaze was caused by welding work. About 40 construction workers in the building at the time were evacuated but none were reported with injuries.A worker was welding when the styrofoam insulation caught fire. The fire was contained to the roof of the four story building. Damage was considered minimal and was limited to stacks of insulation and two air handler units. Officials claimed that the fire could have spread very easily but the reaction time was quick enough to save the building from being engulfed. The fire was contained by 8:20 a.m. and extinguished by 9:05 a.m. Insurance will cover the damage, which is not expected to delay the courthouse opening in January. The insurance adjuster for the construction firm will assess damage at the site in the next several days. Building has already resumed and no cost estimates have been made at this time.

VT Police help students stay smart and safe ELIZABETH HAYDU news staff writer The Commonwealth of Virginia saw less crime last year than in previous years, according to the latest police crime report. Virginia State Police’s annual crime report showed an overall decrease in crime figures in the state of Virginia in 2010. Violent crime has decreased by 4.9 percent, property crime by 2.8 percent, robbery by 10.1 percent and vehicle thefts by 9 percent. As part of Tech’s initiative to help in the decrease of crime, VT Police offer classes and safety tips to help students stay safe both on and off campus. To combat any increases in crime, VT Police offer a variety of programs and online resources to help keep students

both safe and aware. VT Police hope the basics of hands-on defense train- out cars, and CSI your own crime scene,” Allen said. “If you become a that the programs they offer will help ing. In addition to this class, VT Police CERT member, you learn how to do raise awareness of crime and let the students recognize and prevent crime also offer programs like the Faculty/ everything including triage and are Staff Police Academy, Student Police given all the equipment at the end of on campus. “In the rape aggression class that is Academy and a Campus Citizen’s the class.” Allen views these classes as not only offered, we try to make it as empow- Emergency Response Team or CERT helpful to students, ering as possible,” but enjoyable. Officer Geof Allen 2010 CRIME TRENDS WITHIN VIRGINIA: do encoursaid. “The only men 4.9 % decrease in violent crime compared to 2009 age“I really students to sign in the room are the 10.1 % decrease in robbery up for the classes,” officers for you to decrease in motor vehicle and attempted thefts Allen said. “I have beat up.” 9% heard from (the stuThe Rape decrease in property crime such as 2.8 % dents) that some of Aggression Defense burglary, larceny and motor vehicle theft System is a proKATIE BIONDO/COLLEGIATE TIMES the free classes we offer were their favorgram of realistic, self-defense tactics and techniques. program. These programs are avail- ites here at Tech.” If students are too busy to attend The RAD System is a comprehensive able to any and all students and are any of these classes, they can still read course for women that begins with free of charge. “In the police academies, you liter- some of the safety tips offered online awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance, while progressing onto ally get to shoot machine guns, drive by VT Police. These tips include walk-


ing with a buddy, engraving valuables, and refraining from putting personal class schedules up on Facebook. The VT Police department also urges students to sign up for the VT alert messages for their mobile devices. This helps to keep students informed of crime incidents at the university and in the surrounding areas so they can stay safe and informed. More safety tips, information about the classes and how you can sign up for VT alerts can be found on the VT Police website or by typing in “safety tips” or “VT Alerts” into the search bar on the VT home page. “What I have found with students is that they want to help continue lower the statistics,” Allen said. “Programs like the police academies and the response team classes will allow them to help.”




what you’re saying //comments from online readers... On laws on poverty: Anonymous>> You know, I don’t sympathize with people who flaunt breaking a law in front of police officers (who have to do their job like you or me or anybody else to keep it) no matter what the cause. 18A .09-2 on (Orlando). All they had to do was get a permit, and if they didn’t want to or can’t get multiple permits then there are other ways to go about your business. If it it was something they really wanted to do they would have thought of good way to do it within the law or lobbied to get the law changed.

Anonymous>> Food distribution is a touchy subject these days. You can’t do much of anything without a permit. Some of it stems from food safety concerns. I agree with the point that there are plenty of legal avenues the group could have used to distribute food to the homeless. They chose instead to exploit everyone’s emotions and get some free publicity and outrage at the authorities.

On heart attack: Anon>> Although probably inappropriate to think about, I was wondering the same, because I’ve done the Cascades many times and its an easy hike (just a lot of rocks) compared to other ones around here. Age isn’t a factor, she was very young. I’m guessing maybe it was a factor of both heart problems and weight, more so heart problems since heavier people can easily do the cascades if the pace themselves and rest. Maybe she went too hard on herself? Then again it could be totally random. In either case, my prayers are with her boyfriend and kids

On environmentally responsible: Bob>> I don’t know how you tout Tech being one of the top 311 schools in the nation at anything. All this means is that we’re one of 311 schools around the country making an effort to be environmentally conscious. Now, if this were actually a top 10 or 25 ranking of some kind, it would be something noteworthy. But this just seems to mean we’re doing the same thing every other school is...

blacksburg Hokie fans invited to support Boys & Girls The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Danville Area is calling on Hokie fans to help support the clubs by attending a Hokiethemed pig roast at the Chatham Community Center on June 21 from 6-9 p.m. Three local Virginia Tech football players will be headliners at the event, dubbed “Hokie Football: Past and Present:” Carroll Dale, VT 1959 and Green Bay Packers Kenny Lewis Sr., VT 1980 and New York Jets David Wilson, VT 2013 and George Washington High School graduate Dale will be the featured speaker, and all three will be available to answer questions from the audience. While enjoying the pig roast providedbyVirginiaInternational Raceway’s Oak Tree Tavern, Hokie fans can bid on an array of auction items that includes Hokie football season passes (front row on the 45-yard line), tickets to a Packers-Panthers game, tickets to a Redskin-Panthers game, and tickets to the Darius Rucker and Montgomery Gentry concerts at the Carrington Pavilion. Signed game and game-worn jerseys will be up for auction. There will also be an array of Hokie, Packers, Jets and GWHS sports memorabilia for sale, much of which can be signed by the headliners during the event. An annual sports-themed event is held every year in Chatham, according to Debbie Sparks, the resource development and public relations contact for the clubs. “The clubs in Danville and

Chatham, like the organization as a whole, is set up to be supported by the community it serves,” Sparks said. “This event is one way to do that.” The dinner is being organized and hosted by First Piedmont, and board members Christine Baggerly and Tommy Stump are the event coordinators. Choosing a Hokie theme for this year’s dinner seemed like a good idea, Baggerly said. “The Hokie nation is really powerful in Danville and Pittsylvania County; they’re an enthusiastic group,” Baggerly said. “Having them support the Boys & Girls Clubs, it’s a good pairing.” The clubs provide a safe place for children, ages 5-18, after school. Children do their homework, take part in fun and/or educational events and—one of the clubs’ main goals—learn to make better decisions when they leave the club. “In every community, boys and girls are left to find their own recreation and companionship in the streets,” a news release from the Clubs states. “An increasing number of children are at home with no adult care of supervision. Young people need to know that someone cares about them.” Tickets to the dinner are $40 for adults and $20 for children 15 and younger. Tables are also available for larger groups. To purchase tickets, call Sparks at (434) 792-6617 or Baggerly at (434) 432-0211. -denice thibodeau, mcclatchy newspapers

nation june 16, 2011

New chemical process to reduce future travel costs The University of Texas at Arlington has sold a chemical process invented by researchers on campus that turns natural gas into fuel for airplanes and automobiles. Two years ago, Fort Worth energy company 1st Resource Group Inc. contracted with UTA researchers to create a small-scale, low-cost, gas-to-liquid conversion unit that could be transported from well site to well site. The company’s financial partner, UMED Holdings Inc., will announce a licensing agreement with the university on Friday to commercialize

the process. “This process starts to solve the rising transportation costs we all face,” Douglas McKinnon, chief executive of 1st Resource, said in a prepared statement. He said the researchers proved the process can be cost efficient and commercially viable. The conversion unit’s portability makes the product an attractive buy, Gary Fewell, chief operations officer of 1st Resource, said in a written statement. He said the low price and large quantities of domestic reserves of natural gas will make the process a success.

“When you have a rancher sitting on a natural gas well, and that gas can be converted to an energy source like jet fuel, he is suddenly sitting on a gold mine,” he said. The new process relies on the old Fischer-Tropsch process, used by the Germans during World War II. That process turns natural gas into liquid fuels, and is clean and efficient, but has always been too expensive, researcher Frederick MacDonnell said. But with the UTA invention, the market cost wouldn’t be nearly as volatile as that of crude oil because of the

large, reachable quantities of natural gas in the United States, much if it stranded in areas that aren’t served by pipelines. The federal standards that regulate jet fuel prohibit any substance consisting of more than 50 percent of Fischer-Tropsch processed fuel. That makes 1st Resource’s target market refineries, manufacturers, gasoline companies—any companies that refine jet fuel and diesel. MacDonnell, a chemistry and biochemistry professor at UTA, said the company is most excited that the process doesn’t require a large capital

investment. “We do have something that is financially viable,” he said. The process is still patent-pending. MacDonnell said the company has some investors and is still attracting others to fund the first unit. The agreement is also a big development for UTA. “This advancement demonstrates how university research can respond to market demands,” university President James Spaniolo said in a prepared statement. -collin eaton, mcclatchy newspapers

EPA regulations retire power plant news editor American Electric Power announced the company’s plan to stay in agreeance with a series of regulations proposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. That will impact Appalachian Power’s coal-fueled power plants, including the Glen Lyn plant in Giles County, in addition to almost a dozen other plants in seven states that will have to retire or retrofit in order to meet EPA regulations. After 90 years of service, the Glen Lyn plant will close on or before Dec. 31, 2014, retiring two units, 335 MW of power, and 44 jobs. It is not certain yet whether or not any Blacksburg residents are employed with them now. However, the closure of this plant among several others across the country, will increase the cost of service by 10 to 15 percent by the end of 2014. “The cost of electricity will have to go up as time goes on,” said John Shepelwich, corporate communications manager for AEP. “Either way the cost will go up, but if plants retire early, that cost will go to the customer. We’re trying to spread the increase over a longer period time.” The electric charge that customers see directly relates to the price of labor, copper wire, gasoline, and any other commodity the company needs to provide power. High demand for labor and materials due to a constrained compliance time frame could drive actual costs higher than these estimates.

Communities that have depended on these plants to provide good jobs and support local services will face significant reductions in payroll and property taxes in a very short period of time” MICHALE G. MORRIS AEP CHAIRMAN, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

extend the projected timeline in order to create alternative plans. “We hope that there is still room for negotiation with the EPA about extending the plant life. There will be better alternatives and perhaps there will be a huge innovative plan that will cost less, we don’t know. s It just seems that if you put this relatively short timeline in place, the only thing you can do is to shut a plant,” Shepelwich said. The Glen Lyn plant provides only 335 MW, which is a considerably small amount of power compared to other plants. It may come down to comparing the life of the plant with the cost of retrofitting it to comply with EPA regualtions. The value of the retrofitting ends up being more expensive in this case. “It’s not a good idea to retrofit a plant like that,” Shepelwich said. “If you had a 20-year-old car with 200,000 miles on it, you don’t put a new paint job on it, reapolster it, unless it’s for fun.” Other plants will continue to operate at their sites once they are modified. The Clinch River plant in Russel County has three generating units all run by coal. This plant will be modified so that one of the units is retired and the other two will be refitted to burn natural gas. “A lot of people ask ‘why not Glen Lyn?’ but there is not an adequate supply of gas lines that run near the plant,” Shepelwich said. Rep. Morgan Griffth, R-Salem, issued a statement blaming the EPA for the loss of jobs. “This is what I have been talking about. More burdensome EPA regulations, more jobs lost. The cost of complying with these

regulations is closing one plant in the 9th District and reducing generation at another,” Griffith said. “Why can’t the EPA recognize that their actions kill jobs and destroy the economy not only in Southwest Virginia, but nationwide.”

AEP claims that some jobs would be created from the installation of emissions reduction equipment, however they are still expecting a net loss of approximately 600 power plant jobs with annual wages totaling approximately $40 million as a result of com- june 16, 2011

The cost has to be approved by the Virginia State Corporation committee. Appalachian has a package of four rate filings pending before the State Corporation Commission, with a ruling expected in the fall. Combined, they would generate $115 million in new revenue for the company and, if approved, would mean a 9.6 percent increase in monthly bills starting in 2012 for the company’s 520,000 customers in Virginia. The company said most of the requested increase is related to compliance with previous EPA mandates to install pollution controls at key generating plants, which have cost more than $2 billion. AEP is working with the EPA to


EPA regulations retire the APE Glen Lyn power plant, as well as several other plants by the end of 2014.

pliance with the proposed EPA rules. “Communities that have depended on these plants to provide good jobs and support local services will face significant reductions in payroll and property taxes in a very short period of time,” said Michael G. Morris, AEP chairman and chief executive officer. According to AEP, based on the regulations as proposed, AEP’s compliance plan would retire nearly 6,000 MW of coal-fueled power generation. It would also upgrade or install new advanced emissions reduction equipment on another 10,100 MW, refuel 1,070 MW of coal generation as 932 MW of natural gas capacity, and build 1,220 MW of natural gas-fueled generation. The cost of implementing this plan could range from $6 billion to $8 billion in capital investment through the end of the decade. The plan, including retirements, could change significantly depending on the final form of the EPA regulations and regulatory approvals from state commissions. It is definite that Blacksburg residents will see an increase in price, but according to the EPA, closing these coal-generated plants will save approximately 17,000 lives a year. The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality released that the plant discharged about 217,000 pounds of toxins in 2009 – mostly hydrochloric and sulfuric acids, with smaller amounts of lead and mercury compounds.





Planning forTech’s 150th anniversary



his summer throughout the South, different celebrations are taking T place to mark the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. As these celebrations take place, the planning for these events actually started many years in advance. The same type of planning takes place for major sporting event bids such as the Olympics games. I bring this to the forefront as eleven years from now, in 2022, Tech will mark its 150th anniversary. Virginia Tech celebrated its Centennial in 1972, and that commemoration marker can be seen on the side of Squires Student Center facing the Alumni Mall. It was in 1997 that the university marked the 125th anniversary. I bring up the issue of Tech’s 150th anniversary to raise the question about how the planning process will begin and the types of events that will be a part of the celebration. While it may be LEE JUDGE / MCT too early to get into the specific dates for particular events, it is not too early to begin the conversation and planning for what this event will mean for Tech, its stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, and alumni) and the surrounding community. Just as planning committees are formed several years in advance for such efforts as the university strategic plan, the SACS accreditation or capital campaign, when will the 150th anniversary committee begin its efforts? While the celebration is eleven years away, the planning of the details and marketing for the effort will require the Central Bank of the European that everything is in place much earlier. Union. This would allow for the momentum to Political attendees from the U.S. build for the 150th anniversary celebraincluded the Director of the National tion. Perhaps we can use as a guide how Security Agency and the Deputy the university celebrated or marked the Secretary of State. occasions of its 100th and 125th anniDozens of elected officials and versary. bureaucrats from European Union It is never too early to start thinknations were also present. ing about what this celebration will The following is a small list consist of and how it would be done. of corporate magnates that Clearly one of the biggest variables will attended: the chairman of Cocabe the funding of such an effort. The Cola, Fiat and LinkedIn; the university will need to strike a balCEOs of Amazon, Airbus, Alcoa and ance with the costs and expenses, and a co-Facebook; and former head of I suspect that private support would be Google, Eric Schmidt. available to make this happen. While Of course no sinister gathering we can’t predict what the economic of the global elite is ever complete climate will be in 2022, it will require without Henry Kissinger and David us to be more sustainable than ever Rockefeller, both of whom attended. before. This year the meeting was held Often times when these events hapat the Suvretta House hotel in St. pen, the more visible and prominent Moritz, Switzerland. events are made exclusively for promiCNBC writes that it is just nent donors. We already have events a meeting of friends, and and activities for donors such as the that no agreements on global annual Ut Prosim weekend, and later policy are formed which conthis year, the Annual Capital campaign tradicts their statements that will conclude with a major gala celwhat happens inside the hotel is ebration in October/November. It is a closely guarded secret, and that possible that within the next ten years, “Bilderbergs are probably the most a new Capital Campaign will be rolled influential global network of all out to coincide with the anniversary. time... it’s about getting a consensus Since the planning has not yet started, around a position that then infiltrates I would hope that Virginia Tech conitself into society.” siders a more inclusive approach to the see MEETING / page five 150th anniversary celebrations. This

Media coverage for Bilderberg meetings june 16, 2011

his past weekend a small group of global elite met in secret to T plot the future of the world. That is what dozens of bloggers and reporters for alternative and foreign news outlets are saying about this year’s Bilderberg meeting. Mainstream media in the U.S. largely ignored the meeting, choosing instead to bombard Americans with details about the lewd behavior of a sexual deviant in Congress. This year American outlets wrote a whopping five articles about the meeting. However, this is more than can be said of previous years usually the U.S. media fails to give Bilderberg a single mention. Time magazine gave the most informative piece. Not only did Time cover this year’s meeting, but it explained the history behind Bilderberg as well. The annual meeting was created in 1954 by Prince Bernhard of Holland, “in order to bring together European and American elites.” The meeting is named after the hotel where the first conference took place. Usually 100 to 120 elites flock to the meeting which is held at a different location each year. A bulk of Bilderberg attendees are bankers, politicians, media moguls, European royalty and CEOs of the

world’s largest corporations. Until recently what happened at Bilderberg stayed at Bilderberg. Members were tight-lipped and denied the organization even existed. This changed with the explosion of the alternative media and citizen journalists armed with the latest social media technology. When the Internet is flooded with hundreds of photographs and videos of billionaires and heads of state sneaking into a heavily guarded luxury resort, they are no longer able to deny that they hold annual secret meetings. This year the group even took the extraordinary step of creating a website and published an official list of attendees. After examining the attendance list, one cannot help but wonder why the mainstream media is uninterested in such a gathering. This year’s attendees included the following power brokers from finance: the chairmen of Deutsche Bank, Barclays and Goldman Sachs; the governors of the Bank of Canada and the National Bank of Belgium; the vice chairmen of Citigroup and the former chairman of Chase Manhattan; and the president of

could be a win-win opportunity for alumnithroughouttheCommonwealth and the members of our community. The pomp and circumstance should be open and available to everyone not just those that give money. As the planning takes place, one of the key questions is what type of legacy do we want the anniversary to leave behind at Tech and beyond. Will this be a series of sustained scholarships for students, enhanced research opportunities, etc.? It is not too early to start thinking about what this legacy can be. For example, this issue of legacy is often raised with the expenses generated by an Olympic games. The extreme example is that of the 2000 Olympics in Athens where former venues are just wasting away and not being utilized as promised. My hope is that the committee that is formed will be as broad and inclusive as possible and is willing to think outside of the box about what the 150th anniversary means for Tech and the community. While the ultimate decision will rest with President Steger, such a committee should begin to move forward sooner than later. I also would hope that the committee takes the approach of adding or rotating additional members each year to ensure fresh and current perspectives, as we get closer to the anniversary date. The group should lay a framework that obviously will adjust as we get closer and as the administration changes. It is possible that we may have a new set of university leaders in place by that time and they will also have their own ideas and suggestions. The students, staff and faculty in 2022, should feel that the anniversary has been well planned and that it is responsive to their needs. The onus will be on today’s stakeholders to provide that foundation for a successful celebration. I believe that the 150th anniversary should ensure that it has a focus on the community aspect as well as the landgrant aspect of its role. I stress community, because without the existence of Tech, this community would be very different. No one knows if another institution would have been developed in this area, but the decision to create Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College in 1872 was a fateful one that has a longlasting impact. It will also be the opportunity to set the stage for the next chapter in Tech’s history. If nothing has started yet, then we should start talking and RAY doing something, as we get ready for this PLAZA important mile- regular stone. columnist


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According to Fox News, the secretive nature of the meetings that has sparked conspiracy theories about a small group of powerful elites who are trying to form a new world order. Searching the Internet for information about Bilderberg is a daunting task. Whereas the mainstream media has been derelict in its coverage of such an interesting annual event, hours upon hours of material from alternative media proliferate scores of websites. Some of this material consists of high-quality documentaries that have garnered tens of millions of views on YouTube, such as The Obama Deception and Fall of the Republic. The main theme of these, and other videos, is that a global elite such as those that attend Bilderberg are really the people who run the world, and that politicians like Bush and Obama are bought-andpaid-for puppets who carry out their agenda. It would be easy to dismiss these sorts of views as conspiracy theories cooked up by jobless guys living in their mother’s basement, if were not for the fact that reputable persons believe there may be some truth to them. In an attempt to uncover the truth about Bilderberg, Mario Borghezio, an Italian member of the EU parliament, tried to enter the Suvretta House hotel. Not only was the uninvited Borghezio denied entrance, but security personnel made sure that he left the scene with a bloodied face. The Italian embassy in Switzerland demands answers and has asked for the names of those

responsible for the assault. Members of the Swiss parliament also protested the secretive meeting which took place on their soil. Three of them spoke out against the group at a protest across town, and fellow parliamentarian, Dominque Baettig, tried to enter the hotel as Borghezio had the night before. Baettig was denied entrance but unlike his EU counterpart was not assaulted at the entrance. During an interview Baettig explained that he and other Swiss politicians were against an unelected supranational group making decisions that effect Swiss citizens decisions that range from fighting future wars to a common, integrated economic policy. What actually happens at Bilderberg is anyone’s guess. The vast majority of Americans are still fed information from mainstream news outlets, outlets that so far have kept them in the dark about the annual meeting of the most powerful people in the world. It is safe to assume that a secret meeting of powerful billionaires and heads of state has a greater effect on the lives of Americans than the lewd text messages of a perverted congressman. If we had a true, independent media in this country, it would obsess over flushing out the truth about this secretive group, rather CHRIS than details of a DUNN congressman’s regular secret parts.


mongst the many sad traditions in American politics what A has consistently been proven to be one of the worst is the seeming need Americans have to make their politicians into moral leaders. Whether it is Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, or Thomas Jefferson, Americans have always shown themselves to be horrified at the prospect of seeing one of their politicians as human. Though I have always enjoyed the humor and jokes that come out of these absurd scandals, there are times when we must pause and reflect upon the destroyed careers our childlike fetish has caused. The first point that must be asked is why any of us would even conceive of our politicians having any form of moral compass let alone be fit to be leaders in morality. I would think that the countless scandals of legitimate proportions (e.g. Watergate, Whitewater, Abu Ghraib, ect.) would have convinced Americans that our politicians cannot be trusted to uphold the laws they swore to protect let alone moral issues subject to interpretation but apparently I am wrong. The recent attacks on Weiner which once began as funny have now turned disgusting with the entire democratic establishment calling for his resignation. In light of this, I feel there is a need for us as a nation to readjust the value in caring about the morality of our leaders. I want my political leaders to do what their job entails. Beyond this there is no reason why I should care what they do in their personal lives. So long as they do not break any laws (as Weiner did not) there is no reason that this behavior should interfere with our views regarding their aptitude to serve. More

importantly than this, however, is that I do not want these people establishing themselves as moral leaders. Given their incompetence in conducting their jobs and their flagrant disrespect for our laws and constitutional principles I would prefer them to not contaminate our intellectual heritage any further. I can honestly say that I do not care who my political leaders sleep with or what kinds of pictures they tweet. This may be different from the majority viewpoint but I am simply baffled as to why most Americans would not agree with me. I do not consider myself to be an immoral person nor a virtuous person but simply a regular person when it comes to moral issues. In this manner and looking at my own life I often wonder what things about me would bring about the destruction of a hypothetical political career. By doing this I often wonder if there would ever be a chance of me being elected to any office and remaining there but then I look at my friends, family, and other people I know. After doing this I think to myself how none of us really appear to be that different from the other. That with the exception of a few we all do things that are less than virtuous but this does not make us bad people or unfit to lead. It would benefit many Americans to look at their own lives more often before sublimating their moral shortcoming on our political leaders. In doing so I believe that we would all come to realize that we are living in glass homes and so should not throw rocks.

JASON S. CAMPELL regular columnist

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NHAT V. MEYER / MCT Former Oakland Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha celebrates.


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With the summation of the NBA championship comes the summer sports lull that is usually fulfilled by the start of NFL mini-camps and the start of training camp. Not this year. This year we are being forced to watch endless baseball highlights due to continued arguing over a billion dollar industry. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has reduced his pay to $1 as long as the lockout continues. Players aren’t being paid and are missing out on critical practice time. However, fans have it much worse: they are stuck at home with no hope of a Super Bowl. Stuck with Packers fans bragging about their epic title run. Goodell says that the lockout isn’t just to benefit players and owners though; fans will benefit as well. “That’s why we’re trying to get a better economic model” Goodell told reporters last week. “And I think everyone understands that. You are not being left out of the equation. The fans are a big part of that equation and a big part of the success of NFL football.” He sees costs being passed down to the fan that would be prevented with a better business model. Free agency is a critical time for teams to acquire new players to help supplement their squad. The big signings that occur every year and change the landscape of the NFL excite fans for the coming season. This is when we can stop talking about the Super Bowl champion and have a reason to feel that this year is different. Last year former Carolina Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers was prob-

ably the biggest name amongst freeagent signees. Peppers went on to be a contributor for the Chicago Bears with 8 sacks against constant double teams. Bears fans were sure they were on the right path to win the big game. This year it’s supposed to be whatever team can get their hands on Nnamdi Asomugha, a cornerback who has proven that he can shut down half the field. Unfortunately, he won’t find a home until the lockout finally comes to an end. Our favorite players are also getting into trouble because they have too much time on their hands. Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt was charged with resisting arrest and tampering with evidence this week when he crushed a joint as police approached him. The police didn’t find any drugs on him, but this is likely a situation that would have been avoided if players were focused on the season. Now the Titans are entering the season with a diminished receiving group and are likely facing another sub-par year. Former Giants and Steelers wide receiver Plaxico Burress just got out of jail but can’t sign with a team because of the lockout. Formerly a dynamic game changing receiver and Super Bowl hero, Burress will enthuse the fans of whatever team he goes to - if and when he does actually get signed. I hope Goodell is sincere that the resulting post-lockout business model reduces costs that are being passed down to fans. We are the reason the league is so successful, and the more of the league year us fans lose to the lockout the more interested we will become in things not related to the NFL.

second-worst record in the league in their first year without him) and joined fellow all-stars Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh with the Heat, where they were going to win “… not five, not six, not seven…” NBA championships. He instantly became one of the most hated players in the game. And over the past two weeks, America has watched intently (the most-watched NBA Finals ever) to find out whether or not the king would rise to the challenge (and claim the first of many rings he was absolutely going to win), or falter like he had in the clutch so many times before. Seeing as he’s not the one with a ring on his finger, that question’s already been answered. His statistical drop-off from the regular season to the NBA Finals was astounding. In the history of the game, 56 players have averaged more than 25 points a game and made it to the Finals. Of those 56, LeBron’s margin was the biggest, as he averaged 26.7 points during the regular season, and 17.8 during the Finals, an 8.9 point deficit. And, although questions continue and will continue to be asked regarding LeBron’s ability under pressure, don’t give him all the credit for losing the Finals. The Mavs fought hard in every single game in this series, and deserved that championship; a championship that was the first for, not only the franchise, but also for every player on that team. It was suitable that the five players that were on the floor for the Mavs when the series ended in Game 6 were a specific cast of veterans who contributed highly throughout the playoffs and had dozens of ringless years of experience between them. Nowitzki, Jason Terry (12 years of experience, and the only other Mavs player remaining from the 2006 Finals loss), Jason Kidd (17 years, who finally won a championship in his third Finals appearance), Shawn Marion (12 years, in his first Finals appearance), and Tyson Chandler (10 years, also in his first Finals appearance) are all finally champions. They came back and won after being down 88-73 with six minutes remaining in Game 2, when LeBron and Co. could’ve taken a commanding 2-0 lead in the series. They won three straight games after a heartbreaking Game 3 loss on their homecourt. And, after 21 crazy and draining playoff games, they finally raised the Larry O’Brien trophy in Miami’s building (much like Miami did to them back in ’06). One thing that’s been brought up constantly surround-

RON T. ENNIS / MCT Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, carrying the championship trophy, leads his players after their victory. ing this series is the idea of greatness. And,whetherfansandplayerslikeitor not, people today measure greatness in championships. That’s why LeBron did everything he did to try and win one for his legacy. And there’s a very good chance he will win one someday (if he ever figures out how to perform when his team actually needs him to). But not this year. This was the Mavericks’ year. It was Dirk’s year. It was Jason Kidd’s year. It was Terry’s, and Marion’s, and Chandler’s year. Those guys showed that hard work and perseverance gets the job done; that doing things the right way (and not taking shortcuts by stacking your team) really does pay off. So consider this one a win for the good guys. And enjoy it while it lasts, because, mark my words, LeBron will have at least one ring before his career comes to an end. But not today.

ZACH MARINER -sports editor -sophomore -communication

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The Dallas Mavericks finally have their first NBA championship. After 31 grueling years of title-less basketball, marred by an outstanding amount of regular season success ruined by playoff misfortune, the Mavs can finally call themselves world champions after taking down the lovethem-or-hate-them Miami Heat in six games. Headlining the NBA Finals was the juxtaposition of the team’s two superstars, Dirk Nowitzki and LeBron James. Nowitzki, a model of consistency, has spent all 13 years of his career with the Mavericks since coming to America from Wurzberg, Germany. He has been through hardship. He’s lost in the NBA Finals before. He’s been ridiculed. It was said that he was “too soft” for a seven-footer. That he “didn’t display enough leadership down the stretch” to win a championship. But, he didn’t let it get to him. He continued to work hard, practicing his shot for hours a day with his long-time friend, mentor, and shooting coach Holger Geschwinder. He’s never been much for the limelight – he lets his playing do the talking for him. And, despite never winning an NBA title with the Mavericks, he remained faithful to the team that brought him into the league. Even after he was one of the many heralded free agents during last year’s crazy summer in the NBA. He was already going to the Hall of Fame. He was already going down as the greatest seven-foot tall shooter to ever play this game. Now he finally has a championship ring, avoiding joining the likes of John Stockton, Karl Malone, Elgin Baylor, and Charles Barkley as the greatest players without a title. And then there’s LeBron. One of the most beloved players in the league over the course of his first seven years, he was everybody’s favorite athlete, he was fun to watch. He was the face of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who played less than an hour from his hometown in Akron. He had some success, making the playoffs five out of his seven years with the Cavs, and making it all the way to the NBA finals in 2007, where they were swept by the San Antonio Spurs. He won the Rookie of the Year award back in 2004, and was the league MVP in 2009 and 2010. He led the league in scoring in 2008 and was an All-NBA performer six times. But then, when last summer rolled around, LeBron decided that it was time for him to win a championship. And, so, he abandoned the city of Cleveland, who needed him more than any city has probably ever needed one player (at 19-63, the Cavs finished with the


Mavericks win one for the good guys





Owners, union differ in NBA divide The end of the Finals could mean no more NBA games for a long time unless the owners and players come to an accord on a new collective bargaining agreement. The current CBA expires June 30, so the clock is ticking louder for the two sides to hammer out a deal. If there’s a work stoppage

and it’s anything like the 199899 lockout, when the season was shortened by 32 games, it would ruin the momentum this exciting postseason created. To this point, the two sides haven’t made much progress on the main issues: REDUCTION IN BASKETBALLRELATED INCOME (BRI): Under the

current system, players receive 57 percent of the BRI. It’s projected to be about $3.8 billion this year. Owners’ viewpoint: The NBA says 22 out of 30 teams are losing money, so owners want BRI cut by about $900 million and the remaining split reduced to 50-50. They say the players get a percentage of gross revenue,

Astros possibly to American league

see NBA / page nine


Houston Astros center fielder Michael Bourn makes a diving catch.


sports staff writer A realignment proposal has been raised in Major League Baseball that could radically alter the current leagues. Presently, Major League Baseball is divided into the American League, composed of 14 teams, and the National League, composed of 16 teams. Within each league are three divisions – East, Central, and West. This allows three teams from each division to enter the post-season as division champions along with one additional team in each league as a “wild-card” team, allowing a total of eight teams to enter post-season play. However, Buster Olney of ESPN The Magazine reported that the MLB is in talks to realign the two leagues. Details of the possible change include having two fifteen-team leagues. There are talks of either forming three five-team divisions in each league or dissolving the divisions altogether and having fifteen teams in each league play for five playoff spots. This includes the addition of another wild-card team, thus allowing two

teams who did not win their division to advance into the post-season. The effects of these proposed changes could prove very interesting in the upcoming seasons. Primarily, realignment could prove to make many schedules more fair. Many of the teams that are annually left out of the post-season because they play teams like the New York Yankees or the Boston Red Sox would have a better opportunity to make it into the playoffs if divisions were taken out of the new system. The top five teams in each league would advance. Additionally, having fifteen teams in each league would increase the amount of interleague games. This could prove interesting for fans, as teams that would not normally play in the regular season would square off against each other on a more regular basis. If the realignment proposal is passed, it will mean that one team from the National League will have to switch into the American League to make each league have fifteen teams. The Arizona Diamondbacks have expressed a possibility in switching see MLB / page nine

but the owners want to move to a net system. Players’ viewpoint: They like the current model and dispute that owners are losing that much money with TV ratings, merchandise sales and the digital businesses up. The players have proposed credits for arena-related work and a less reduced share of BRI. INSTITUTING A HARD SALARY CAP, ELIMINATING EXCEPTIONS AND ROLLING BACK SALARIES: There’s a soft cap and teams can exceed it using various exceptions, but face luxurytax penalties. Owners: Hoping to create competitive balance, they want the current $58.04 million cap cut to the about $45 million and phased in over a couple of years. To keep current rosters intact, the owners have proposed rollbacks of players’ salaries. Players: A hard cap won’t affect competitive balance, and since they have signed contracts, the players are steadfastly opposed to their current salaries being rolled back or cut. They’re against losing exceptions, such as the midlevel, bi-annual and minimum salary. ELIMINATION OF FULLY GUARANTEED CONTRACTS: Most NBA contracts are fully guaranteed. Owners: They can shorten or get out of contractual obligations, which also could make players prove they deserve their full salary. Should players be cut, the owners have proposed guaranteeing a certain percentage based on the individual’s salary. Players: They have offered a reduction in the guarantee, but not

the percentages the owners’ proposed. The players also feel if there is a hard cap there is no need to eliminate guarantees, that won’t lock up players long term with a hard cap.

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Labor divide: Proves difficult for all parties


- Manufacturing planner/Expediter REDUCTION IN CONTRACT LENGTHS AND ANNUAL INCREASES: Players can sign for up to six years with 10.5 percent raises with their current teams, and five years with 8 percent raises if they switch teams. Owners: They’re seeking maximum four-year deals with roughly 3 percent raises if a player resigns, and three-year pacts with about 2 percent raises if a player leaves. In many other businesses, employees get only cost-of-living increases – if that. Players: Why reduce contract lengths if the guarantees are reduced and vice versa? The NBA’s maximum length for a contract is the shortest in pro sports, and the 10.5 and 8 percent raises are maximum _ teams don’t have to give the max. In many of these proposals, the players say the owners are trying to protect themselves from themselves.

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Located only 15 minutes from Blacksburg. Mcs is located in Radford Virginia.

SUMMARY: There are other issues being discussed, including a change in the minimum age of players, the length of rookie contracts and a more flexible trading system Overall, the owners want to overhaul and undo what’s been in place and the players want something similar to the current system. The clock is ticking louder.

AL IANNAZZONE -mcclatchy newspapers

MLB league considers team and division realignments from page eight

vertent result of realignment. I am for realignment, as simplifying the current playoff system would create additional post-season games and possibly make unique match-ups occur that are currently unseen. The two leagues would be even and more interleague games would result, which have proven popular with many fans. The final say still rests with the players’ association, who must approve the realignment issue. Also, it still remains to be seen which team will move into the American League. In any result, expect to see big things in the world of Major League Baseball in the upcoming seasons. june 16, 2011

leagues should the proposal pass; however, many look to the Houston Astros as the team that would be best for a league move. If the Astros do move into the American League, it would likely create a rivalry with the Texas Rangers, thus creating more interest with Texas fans. This would be an astounding effect nationwide, as a lack of divisions could possibly lead to more excitement for fans living in a state with two teams. Interleague play would also factor into this, creating more rivalry and thus interest in baseball fans. That could inevitably lead to greater attendance at games, which is something that owners could see as an inad-




‘Friday Night Out’ concerts Songs of summer fill downtown with sound CARA DISILVIO features staff writer

CODY OWENS features staff writer From TOTS to Chipotle and beyond, the sounds of summer blasted through downtown last weekend as the Friday Night Out concert series began. The concert series, presented by Virginia Tech’s School of Performing Arts & Cinema and the Town of Blacksburg, is a part of the Summer Arts Festival, now celebrating its 20th year. The site for each concert is Henderson Lawn, located on the corner of North Main Street and College Avenue in downtown Blacksburg, the rain site being Old Dominion Ballroom in Squires Student Center. “Henderson Lawn is gorgeous,” said Jane Harrison of the School of Performing Arts & Cinema. “People can bring picnics or play with their dogs. Henderson is also the gateway to downtown.” Every Friday will have a different group or artist playing music from a different genre, promising a variety of music. The summer schedule features everything from bluegrass to Caribbean rock, from Irish folk to R&B, making each show a unique experience.“We’ve got just about everything,” Harrison said. “I tried to get bands that appeal to a larger audience.” Each concert is free to the public, giving both students and Blacksburg natives an opportunity to have a blast on a budget.


“They’re free; that’s a big draw for everyone,” Harrison said. “You can go to a concert and then go do something else.” The first Friday Night Out concert featured the music of Surrender Dorothy, a four-man funk rock band that recently performed at Tech’s Wine Festival on June 4. Several hundreds of people, both students and Blacksburg families, came to be entertained by the band and easily filled up the grassy hill of Henderson Lawn. The energetic atmosphere buzzed as friends mingled, kids hula-hooped, and people dined on pizza and Italian ice. Among all the summer fun, Surrender Dorothy played a set that featured everything from ‘70’s rock to reinterpretations of top 40 hits. Among the songs heard Friday were a funky versions of the Rolling Stones’ “Brown Sugar” and the Commodores’ ever-popular “Brick House.” Surrender Dorothy also played a cover Travie McCoy’s recent hit “Billionaire,” although the band jokingly asked the audience to sing “the Gversion” of the chorus in consideration of the children in attendance. The biggest surprise of the night and the biggest crowd-pleaser came at the end of the show as the band played Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” Instead of the familiar guitar riff at the beginning of the song, however, the band’s saxophone player, Dan Royer, brought in the song with a flute solo. I’ll admit that


this was the first time that a woodwind instrument has made me want to jump up and down. “Playing with these guys, you never know what they’re going to throw at you,” Royer said. “You have to be on your toes.” The night of surprises was far from over, though. As the two guitarists walked through the engaged crowd playing, one of the Hokie stilt-walkers seen before many football games made an appearance at the concert. With the band playing “Enter Sandman” and an orangeand-maroon giant striding through the crowd, it was hard not to love being a Hokie, as evidenced by the crowd that night. This Friday’s show will feature the music of Laura Beth & Clover Hollow, an Americana band that released their debut album in December 2010. The band, with an array of talented musicians, backs up the rich voice of Laura Beth Payne. They produce a smooth, vibrant sound that will no doubt entice audiences. The show begins at 6 p.m. this Friday on the Henderson Lawn. Whether audiences are simply looking for a place to lie in the grass with friends while enjoying music, or a fun night on a budget, Friday Night Out concerts are a great way to begin any weekend. If you are going to spend your Friday night out, this is the place to begin.

Fri - Sat 7:00 & 9:30 Sun 3:00 7:00 & 9:30 Mon 10:00 am june 16, 2011

Tues - Thurs 7:00 & 9:30

The Lyric Theatre 135 College Avenue ~ Movieline: 951.0604

A song comes on the radio and it immediately brings you back to when you turned the volume all the way up and lost yourself in the moment. Whether it be lounging by the pool, getting ready for festivities, or driving down the road with your hand out the window, we all have those popular hits we couldn’t help but listen to. These songs come and go, but forever define those few months when you heard it. They could be songs you love—or love to hate—either way they strike a chord somewhere inside. As music becomes a greater constant in our generation’s lifestyle, we look for even better collaborations of playlists and soundtracks to our lives. As the summer of 2011 is in full force, the radio is becoming flooded with new hits that will define the next few months. What songs are going to become the forerunners for our summer playlist? After collaborating multiple lists of various top hits, upcoming releases, and DJ’s choice, I have created a master collection of songs that we can look forward to hearing this summer. The hits are not in any specific order, many are currently played and some were many critics thoughts on upcoming hits for this summer. Here is the master collection of this summer’s top tunes: “The Lazy Song” – Bruno Mars “Party Rock Anthem” – LMFAO “On the Floor” – Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull “Rolling in the Deep” – Adele “Give Me Everything” – Pitbull featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack and Nayer “Don’t Wanna Go Home” – Jason DeRulo “Till the World Ends” – Britney Spears “Hello” – Martin Solveig and Dragonette “Save the World” – Swedish House Mafia “I’m Into You” – Jennifer Lopez featuring Lil Wayne “The Edge of Glory” – Lady GaGa “How to Love” – Lil Wayne “Dirt Road Anthem” – Jason Aldean “E.T.” – Katy Perry featuring Kanye West “Good Life” – One Republic “This is What Rock N Roll Looks Like” – Porcelain Black feat. Lil Wayne “Roll Up” – Whiz Khalifa “The Show Goes On” – Lupe Fiasco “Just Can’t Get Enough” – Black Eyed Peas “Tonight Tonight” – Hot Chelle Rae

These songs seem to be the most popular. Of course there are many songs that could also be on this list but these popular tracks will be played until the end of summer. Whether you love them or not, one of them could be the next song that defines how you looks back on these summer days. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

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By Matt Matera

ACROSS 1 The word? 4 You might need to watch your s 8 Like som e Disneyland passes 14 Downed 15 __ bene 16 It may involve an exaggerated age 17 With 19-Across, serious warnings 18 Not much 19 See 17-Across 20 Hallowee n breakfast pastry? 23 1938 “The War of the Worlds” broadcast, for one

6/16/11 24 Keystone enforcer 25 Blazing 28 Go-aheads 32 __’acte 33 Lone breakfast pastry? 37 Garden product word 38 Attacks 39 Igloos and yurts 41 Sch. attendanc e notation 42 Cherished breakfast pastry? 46 End of a boast 48 Got for nothing 49 Make of ficial 51 Newspaper supply 52 Islamic leader

56 Ones hooked on breakfast pastry? 60 Type of sauce served with falafe l 62 Gaucho’ s weapon 63 Homework amount ? 64 Puck’ s king 65 “Dulce et Decorum est” poet Wilfred __ 66 Flow out 67 Henry VIII et al. 68 Hitch 69 Wall St. monitor

34 Clinton Treasury DOW N secretary 1 Orderly 35 In one piece movement 36 Award with a 2 Nirvana #1 album Sustained “In __” Achievement 3 Scorned lover of category Jaso n 40 “Itsy Bitsy Teenie 4 Lose it Weenie Yellow 5 Michael ’s Polka Dot Bikini,” nemesis on “The for one Office” 43 Broad 6 Boarding pass 44 Endangered generator great apes 7 Sponsors 45 x, at times 8 Brand of nonstick 47 Baseball star who cookware reportedly said, “I 9 Half a city think there’s a 10 Michael of sexiness in infield “Caddyshack” hits” 11 Gallantry 50 Caruso, for one 12 River island 53 A couple 13 NFL stat 54 Acrobat 21 Show-what-youdeveloper know chances 55 Rachel 22 Machinating Maddow’ s statio n 26 Prelate’ s title : 57 Serious lapses Abbr. 58 Zeno’ s hom e 27 Unevenly worn 59 Dangle 29 Cross words 60 Tater __ 30 Actors Rogen 61 __ Simbel, site of and Green 31 Big gun or big Ramses II chees e temples 33 Desire and then Thursday’s Puzzle Solved some

Complete the grid so that each column, row and 3x3 box contains the numbers 1-9. Copyright 2007 Puzzles by Pappocom

(c)2011 Tribune Media Services, Inc.


Solution, tips and computer program at




DIY: FiveWays to Use Mason Jars

Vodka Lemonade Not your grandma’s lemonade. - sarah watson, editor-in-chief

CT Recipes

For some reason, summertime and mason jars seem to strike a chord with crafters everywhere. Commonly used for moonshine, or all-in-one cookie recipes, mason jars tend to be overlooked. Here are 5 summer-time uses for your average mason jar. - ally hammond, features editor

1) Party Favors For summer parties or birthdays, scoop your favorite cake into a mason jar, and bake as directed. When it is cool, dollop some frosting on the top, and decorate with sprinkles. Tie a bow, and secure with hot glue around the lid, and you have personal party cakes.

2) Candle-Holders For some tinted ambient lighting, grab your favorite color (or coordinating colors) of tissue paper. Rip into abstract shapes, or cut into circles, and stick to the outside of the jar with Mod-Podge. Glaze the finished product with an extra layer of Mod-Podge to secure your tissue paper. Set a candle on the inside, and cast a colorful and fun glow over any table.

3) Storage Unit If shelves on your wall are starting to fill up, try utilizing the under-side of them. By hot-gluing or nailing the lids of mason jars to the under-side of the shelf, trinkets can be stored in the jar. Just unscrew, fill, and re-screw the jar into the lid, and extra storage space has instantly been added.

4) Soap Dispenser For the summer, home decorating magazines are filled with glass jars in the bathroom—so why not add a mason jar? By buying a soap pump, and drilling a hole in the lid of the mason jar, you’ve just made a super quick and stylish soap dispenser. Fill it with a colorful liquid soap, and complete your bathroom decorating.

5) A Vase Though this may seem obvious, mason jars make rustic and charming vases. Try taking a bunch of hydrangeas, and wrapping the stems in a color fabric. To secure the fabric, use a twine to wrap and tie a bow, or a thin, white, satin ribbon for a less-rustic look.



Ingredients: 1 cup sugar 1/3 cup water 8 additional cups of water 4 lemons, freshly squeezed Vodka Ice Directions: 1. In a saucepan, combine the sugar and water. 2. Bring the mixture to a boil, but be careful not to burn the sugar. 3. Remove from the stove and let cool. 4. In a pitcher, combine the mixture, lemon juice, vodka, ice and the 8 additional cups of water. 5. Stir and serve in tall glasses.

Express Yourself. june 16, 2011

Write Design Paint Draw

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