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+ OUTDOOR EDUCATION Year 9 students recently embarked on an expedition style journey in the Upper Tweed Valley region. The boys were able to enjoy activities such as bushwalking, mountain biking and paddling between camp sites. At this stage of the program, boys focus on building skills that will be used on future expeditions. Earlier in June, Year 8 students explored the landscape of Camp Somerset, an experience that introduced them to a range of activities whilst building interpersonal skills.


“On the Outward Bound Program I learnt that as challenging as things can get, as hard as things can be, if you think positively this will lead to positive and rewarding outcomes.”

Outdoor Ed is worth every second to me, because everyone today is stuck on technology. It is so good for our social skills and working together in a team. Even practising leadership skills. It was worth coming and just experiencing the outdoors.”

Collegian Magazine - September 2015  

The Magazine of Brisbane Boys' College