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A trio of intervie ws with Lau Whitmore, Dir ector, and Dav ra id Kitt Plus your chance inside Flux, your to win free tickets, only new arts supp lement



Majority happy with union

A College View shows 69% of survey students are satisfied with the SU’s performance over the past year – page 3

Student rents likely to decrease


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Campus Residenc es yet to comment on university rent whether costs will drop in line with property market the general - page 7

Report by DCU economist shows that a number factors are affecting of the drinks industry, and student jobs with it - page 7



Keegan elected SU president in heated elections




• Recounts called by candidates • New electoral committee forme d • Counting move d to residence

MAEVE FEEHAN news@thecollegeview .com

With the first night of counting ending at 8am on Thursday Alan Keegan has been elect- morning, Melanie Farrell was ed as DCU Students deemed elected as campaigns ’ Union and president with information officer 45% of the with vote in what 964 votes to Andrew was Harford’s most controve one of the 893. Harford promptly called rsial SU elections DCU has a KEEGAN: recount that took ever seen. Debating during lowing evening. place the folThe elections the campaign hustings before competitive than were more In an even tighter voting (P oto:Cia h nG in ty) race, John Nine candidate ever before. Murphy was s announce Lecturer’s View d to the three sabbatica contested have taken – page 13 the education l positions and of president, campaigns and welfare contest by just three information officer votes over rival Mark tion and welfare and educaHowever, it was Egan. officer comthe thirdpared to just place candidate three candidates Heneghan sports Leanne last year. who was first to request a recount. Much of the controver sy throughout the Heneghan three was trailing election surround day long Egan by just 40 votes when ed the poshe sitions of campaign was eliminate d after the first MAEVE FEEHAN & CIAN GINTY s and information and news@thecollegeview handed into the education and count. electoral welfare. With the Irish The real drama mittee for the at all and the team’s historic SU elections. surround- An ing this With both races victory in the On most certainly GAA Academy the Campus expenses receipt Six Nations, being too surfaced year’s SU elections Print receipt did not pay close to call, with the name of for Sports View spoke on the GAA Acad- €135, the name field is marked his posters. I never signed for to three requested several candidates of counting.the second night emy any“Declan Brennan” people who got thing and have director was Melanie Farcaught up in of the votes,complete recounts rell and departno idea what by the unsucces handed in ment written was deemed the action – pages receipts you’re causing the elecas “DCU GAA”. sful SU preselected as idential talking about 20 to 21 toral committe campaign so be careful what Declan s candidate and and informati e, led by Eoin you say.” O’Sullivan, to DCU the GAA Brennan, director of on footballe However, r, Conor Mortime endure over 20 officer for the second time Academy, said hours of counting. in the College he and in Mortimer those involved as many nights. r, View can reveal. the academy had nothing ’s campaign gave to contradic do with Mortimer This newspape CONTINUES tory r has seen a ON PAGE 4 copy He said: “I had ’s campaign. the receipt reports for why of the receipt, nothing to do with Brennan’s which was with name on it was Mortimer’s submitted. campaign

Eddie Holt on consumerism consuming itself


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Confusion over funding of Mortimer’s cam paign

GAA Academy

says they had no

part in SU electio ns



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