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C O A ~ A N N UA L R E P O RT Prof. and Mrs. Arthur A. Dole Ms. Lucinda Nash Dudley Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Dupree, Jr. Dr. Dianna and Mr. Ben Emory/ The Ocean Ledges Fund of Maine Community Foundation Mr. Daniel Farrenkopf ’93 Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Felton Thomas and Carroll Fernald Mrs. Ruth B. Fraley Dr. and Mrs. James C. A. Fuchs Mrs. Robert Gann Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Goodman Dr. and Mrs. Robert Gossart Mr. and Mrs. John Guth Mr. Samuel M. Hamill, Jr. Sturgis Haskins Ms. Lisa Heyward Dr. and Mrs. John P. Hoche Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hodges Ms. Betsey Holtzmann Ms. Jennifer Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Hutchins Ms. Laura Johnson Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee Judd Ann Sewall and Ed Kaelber Mr. and Mrs. William R. Kales Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kates Mr. and Mrs. John N. Kelly The Kimball Shop Ms. Barbara Knowles Mr. Thomas F. Leddy Mrs. Paulus Leeser Mr. and Mrs. Carl Little Mr. and Mrs. George Lord Mr. and Mrs. John Lynch Alden C. Wilson Maine Community Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John March, Jr. ’76 Mr. and Mrs. Finlay B. Matheson Ms. Karen McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Keith Miller Dr. and Mrs. David D. Myers Kim and Keating Pepper Dr. and Mrs. Steven Price

Mr. and Mrs. Eben W. Pyne Mona and Louis Rabineau John and Carol Rivers Dr. Burt Adelman and Ms. Lydia Rogers Ms. Shari Roopenian Rooster Brother, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Peter Sellers Mrs. Adele H. Seronde Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Sharpe, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Shubert Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Straus The Swan Agency— Insurance TerraCotta Stylish Stuff Mr. and Mrs. Christiaan van Heerden Ms. Ann Staples Waldron/ Spirit Fund of the Maine Community Foundation Mr. Wally Warren Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Williams Mr. and Mrs. William Wister, Jr. Mr. Jeff Wooster/ Cornerstone Group ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIPS Mr. and Mrs. Alfred P. Barton Davis United World College Scholars Program Dr. Margaret Dulany Lois M. Gauthier Charitable Trust The Agnes M. Lindsay Trust Maine Community Foundation Mr. Charles E. Merrill, Jr. Dr. Bonnie Tai ENDOWMENT GIFTS Ms. Judith M. Allen John and Karen Anderson Mr. John Anderson Bar Harbor Banking & Trust Co. Mrs. Jill Barlow-Kelly Allison Martin ’88 and Elmer Beal, Jr. Mr. Glen A. Berkowitz ’82 Jean and Jim Bodine Ms. Jean R. Bower

Ms. Grace W. Boyd Mr. Benjamin C. Bradley David and Ann Broder Dr. and Mrs. William Bromley Ms. Trisha Cantwell-Keene Ms. Joanne Carpenter Donna Gold and William Carpenter Barbara and Vinson Carter Dr. Donald Cass Ms. Dianne Clendaniel Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cohen Nancy Andrews and Dru Colbert Mr. and Mrs. Rory Connor Mr. John Cooper Isabel Mancinelli and Sam Coplon Ms. Maureen Corr Ellie and Wyatt Courtemanche Gray Cox Mr. Walter Cronkite H. King & Jean Cummings Charitable Fund of the Maine Community Foundation Mrs. Rose Cutler Mr. and Mrs. Lewis S. Dabney Mr. Philip Eaton Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Ehrlich Wendy Rodger and Henry C. Elliott The Ellsworth American Mrs. Ruth M. Epstein Mr. and Mrs. Robert Estabrook Mr. Jim Evans Doreen Stabinsky and David Feldman Margaruitte V. Foisie Trust Mr. Bud S. Fukei Mr. Ernest B. Furgurson Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. George Georgetown Day School Mr. Neil R. Goltz Mrs. Craig Greene Ms. Marion Guggenheim Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Haakenson Ms. Marion T. Hamilton Ms. Nancy P. Hiestand Ingrid and Ken Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Melville Hodder Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hoopes Mr. and Mrs. Reginald D. Hudson Ms. Jennifer Hughes Ms. Jane Hultberg Keith and Sylvia Hunt Mr. Arthur M. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Johnson Ms. Laura Johnson Ann Sewall and Ed Kaelber Ms. Anna Karavangelos Mr. Stanley G. Karson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kates Ms. Dorothy Wills Knapp Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Kogod Ms. Anne M. Kozak Mr. Donald R. Larrabee Mrs. Wadsworth Larson Todd Little-Siebold Mr. and Mrs. Jenkin Lloyd Jones Mr. Gordon Longsworth ’91 Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Lyons Mr. Richard MacDonald Ms. Isabel Mancinelli Arthur and Jane Mason Mrs. Anne A. Mazlish Grant and Suzanne McCullagh Vincent and Nancy McKusick Mr. Ernest McMullen Ms. Patricia Whitney Messler Mr. Joseph A. Minott Dr. Suzanne Morse Mr. Frederick S. Moss ’79 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Neill Barbara Matusow and Jack Nelson Mr. and Mrs. William V. P. Newlin Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward Ms. Mary Katherine O’Brien Ms. Kathryn J. Olmstead Mr. Marvin Ott Helen Hess and Christopher Petersen Estate of Barbara W. Piel Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pierce

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Profile for College of the Atlantic

COA Magazine: Vol 1. No 1. Winter 2005  

COA Magazine: Vol 1. No 1. Winter 2005