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C O A ~ A N N UA L R E P O RT Mr. Will Bogan Tagget Bonham-Carter Nevada Breniser Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brody Kristine and Mitchell Brown Ms. Cindy A. Burgin Ms. Susan Bussiere Mr. Garrett Butulis Stephannie Paulsen-Cangir and Ali Can Cangir Mr. Robert Cantwell Ms. Barbara J. Carrington Mr. and Mrs. Michael Chambers Ms. Bethany E. Chaney Ms. Sophia Chiang Mr. and Mrs. Robert Chorba Ms. Sally Christ Mr. Kevin Coady Ms. Barbara Colby Mr. John Crawford Mr. Max Cresswell Sue MacMaster and Thomas Cummings Ms. Joy Radle Cutrone Daniel Blattler Ms. Julie C. Day J. H. De Bruija Ms. Donna Delaware Mr. Michael A. Dlugos Margaret and Gregory Donnellon Ms. Tamara Duff Ms. Priscilla Dupont Mr. Mark Dyer Mr. Daniel A. Edlavitch Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Ehrlich Mr. and Mrs. Joel Ellis Ms. Alice Endre Mr. and Mrs. Robert Estes Mr. Donald Esty Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Fecho Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Feldman First Step Recreation Inc. Ms. Janice Flaherty Mr. Thom Forster Sophia Hsieh and John J. Friel Ms. Lisa Gamber Ms. Deborah F. Gardner Edmonds Consolidated School Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gaul

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Jeffrey Zanelotti and Azar Gharakhani Katherine and Christopher Goddard Ms. Lynne Gould Ms. Roberta Grant Ms. Christie Greene Ms. Susan A. Guenter Mr. Michael Hagedorn Ms. Shari Handerhan Ms. Colleen Hansen Ms Nettie Hansen Mr. and Mrs. James V. Hansford Ms. Mary Ann Harriman Mr. and Mrs. Walter D. Hawkins Ms. Victoria Dietz Hopkins Ms. Jean Howell Erin and Mark L. Hudson Todd and Emily Jefferson Mr. Gary Johnson Ms. Debby Jones Ms. Merry Kahn Ms. Madeline Kaplan Ms. Beverly Keesey Carol and Carl P. Kern Ms. C. Joyce Kleffner Mr. Zackary R. Klyver Mr. and Mrs. William R. Knauss Ms. Shari Kraljic Ms. Petra Kretschmann Mr. Ross LaHaye Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lozowski Ms. Barbara Mabry Ms. Cindy Mackin Mr. Michael Maffesoli Mr. and Mrs. Ledalle Mangham Ron Manilla and Diana Marchibroda Ms. Patricia L. Marks Ms. Deborah A. Masse Dr. Pamela P Maxfield Ms. Cynthia McAuley Mr. Thomas Mendez Ms. Francene G. Mertins Ms. Margaret Mintz Mr. Lorenzo Mitchell Dr. Meg Model Ms. Lindsay Morse Judith and E. Dion Mullis Ms. Aliena Ng Jonathan and Maggie Ng Ms. Kristin O’Brien Ms. Susan Knight Ober Ms. Illana Oliva-Ramos

Mrs. Dorothy Panaceck Ms. Lynda Piesch Mr. J. Michael Pilz Ms. Francesca E. Poisson Ralph and Candy Prince Mr. and Mrs. Paul Querry Ms. Mary C. Quinlan Readfield Elementary School Dr. and Mrs. Christian M. Reedy Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Reekseit Mr./Ms. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Richardson Dr. and Mrs. George L. Rodriguez Kenneth Howell Hupart and Ellen Merri Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. Teddy C. Ryan Paul and Annette Schou Ms. Lois V. Seamon Ms. Karrie Shew Ms. Amy Simpson John and Fran W. Sims Mr. Keith Smith Mr. and Mrs. Philip Soosloff, Jr. Ms. Emily Stannard Sheridan and Barbara Steele Stevens High School Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Streibig Ms. Eve Stwertka Ms. Pauline Sulentic John and Judith F. Sullivan Cheryl Crider and Joseph Swift Lisa Golizio and Ronald Taglieri Terrell Independent School District Ms. Claudia Tietze Ms. Cindy Tillett Mr. Douglas Tipton Ms. Susan Trafton Mr. and Mrs. George Trivette Mr. and Mrs. Augustus Trowbridge Troy School District Ms. Barbara Tucker Ms. Wendy E. Turner Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Viechnicki

Jennifer Kleine and Raymond Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Ward-Dahl Ms. Janet C. Watson Ms. Joyce Weatherly Ms. Amy Weissenburger Ms. Carolyn A. Werge Ms. Ann Borzcik Whitney Mr. and Mrs. Jay Williams Mr. and Mrs. James R. Wilson Ms. Meg Zachwieja Mr. Allyn Zanchi ALLIED WHALE PROGRAMS Acadian Whale Adventures Michele and Agnese Cestone Foundation Dick Atlee and Sarah L. Corson Mr. and Mrs. J. Staige Davis Davis Conservation Foundation Ms. Lauren Gilhooley Mr. Walter H. Goodnow Homeland Foundation Maine Coast Sea Vegetables Richard Gillam and Gale R. McCullough Mr. Scott Mercer Dr. Meg Model Ms. Sarah Spruce US Department of Commerce Mr. Dick Wisshack FRIENDS OF THE ARTS Bar Harbor Garden Club Ms. Barbara Simon and Mr. Bruce D. Bender ’76 Ms. Carolyn Berzinis Mr. and Mrs. James G. Blaine Blue Poppy Garden, LLC Mr. Dennis Bracale ’88 Ms. Joan S. Bragdon Ms. Roberta Brush Mr. John Cooper Ellie and Wyatt Courtemanche Steve and Suzie Crase Criterion Theatres Incorporated Ms. Barbara David

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COA Magazine: Vol 1. No 1. Winter 2005  

COA Magazine: Vol 1. No 1. Winter 2005