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C O A ~ A N N UA L R E P O RT ALUMNI, BUSINESSES, PARENTS AND FRIENDS Anonymous (2) Ms. Andrea Abrell ’96 Acadia Senior College Dr. and Mrs. Peter T. Adler Ms. Heather M. Albert-Knopp ’99 Ms. Cathy Albright Ms. Judith M. Allen Mr. William W. Allen ’87 Mr. Glenn Alper ’93 Mrs. Diane H. Anderson Mr. J. K. Anderson Ms. Genevieve M. Angle ’00 Mrs. Grace W. Arnold Atwater Kent Foundation, Incorporated Ms. Rosemarie D. Avenia ’86 Awards Signage & Trophies Steven ’83 and Marie Baird ’82 Sarah and David Baker Mary Helen and David Baldwin Bangor Letter Shop Bar Harbor Lobster Bakes Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Barnes Ms. Alison Belding Mackey ’95 Mrs. Bobbie Belkin Ms. Katherine M. Bell Robin ’80 and Paul Beltramini ’79 Ms. Barbara Simon and Mr. Bruce D. Bender ’76 Mr. and Mrs. William E. Benjamin II Mr. Glen A. Berkowitz ’82 Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Berlin Ms. Carolyn Berzinis Ms. Sarah Beukema ’95 Ms. Janet Biondi ’81 Mr. and Mrs. Francis I. Blair Hon. and Mrs. Robert O. Blake Ms. Courtney Blankenship ’94 Mr. Jerry Bley ’78 Ms. Edith Blomberg Ms. Barbara Boardman ’80 Ms. Ann Bohrer ’95 Rev. Paul J. Boothby ’88 Dylan C. Bosseau ’98 Ms. Joan D. Bossi

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Mr. Dennis Bracale ’88 Ms. Jessica C. Bradshaw ’03 Mr. Eric Brady ’95 Ms. Virginia Brennan Ms. Letitia Brewster ’75 Ms. Teisha Broetzman ’88 Mr. George I. Brown III ’97 Ms. Marion Fuller Brown Ms. Dawn Cherie Brownrout ’93 Ms. Carla Burnham ’84 Mr. Sherman L. Burson III ’83 Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Burton II Mr. Robert E. Cahill ’84 Roc and Helen Caivano ’80 Ms. Julie Cameron ’78 Mr. Colin Capers ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Carley ’96 Linda K. and John H. Carman Donna Gold and William Carpenter Ms. Jean E. Cass Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Cawley Ms. Marcia W. Chapman Villoo and Sohrab Choksey Ms. Cecily G. Clark Mr. and Mrs. P. Hamilton Clark Hannah S. Sistare and Timothy B. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Clendenin James and Dorothy Clunan Ms. Janis Coates Ms. Pamela Cobb ’83 Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Cohen Mr. Francis Cole ’81 Mr. Timothy Cole ’88 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. Coleman Mr. and Mrs. Tristram C. Colket, Jr. Ms. Nicole Comanducci ’95 Alexandra ’77 and Garrett Conover ’78 Ms. Lisa L. Conway ’91 Mr. John Cooper Dick Atlee and Sarah L. Corson Mr. and Mrs. Melville P. Cote

Ms. Judith Cox Jennifer ’93 and Kevin Crandall ’93 Steve and Suzanne Crase Mr. Jared Crawford ’89 Criterion Theatres, Incorporated Ms. Lisa Damtoft ’79 Mr. John Allen Dandy Ms. Melissa Danskin ’94 Ms. Kate Darling ’76 Mr. Adam Dau ’01 Mr. Andy Davis ’97 Stan and Jane Davis Mr. and Mrs. William H. Davis Ms. Libby Dean ’89 Rose and Steve Demers ’80 Mr. George C. Denby Ms. Catherine Devlin ’93 Mrs. John K. Devlin Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Diana Mr. Scott Dickerson ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Dickey, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. S. Whitney Dickey George and Kelly Dickson M.Phil. ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. Dinsmore Ms. Angela DiPerri ’01 Ms. Chiara Dolcino ’86 Prof. and Mrs. Arthur A. Dole Mr. Stephen H. Dolley Mr. Millard Dority Ms. Becky Mendenhall Dorwart ’83 Down East Enterprise, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Downey Ms. Marilyn Downs ’77 Mr. Peter Drachman ’93 Mrs. William H. Drury Ms. Lucinda Nash Dudley Ms. Lisa Dugan ’90 Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Dupree, Jr. Mr. Scott Durkee ’84 Ms. Jeannette Durst ’91 Ms. Diane J. DworkinWagner ’89 Mr. Peter Dyer Mr. and Mrs. William C. Eacho III Mr. Alden Eaton Eaton Vance Management

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Eder Ms. Stacey J. Eder ’01 Mr. Joseph Edes ’83 Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Ehrlich Mrs. Catherine Elk ’82 Mr. David Emerson ’81 Ms. Carol B. Emmons Dianna and Ben Emory/ The Ocean Ledges Fund of the Maine Community Foundation Jennifer and Thomas Englerth Mrs. Carol B. Stevens Eno Mrs. Bertha E. Erb Ms. Julie A. Erb ’83 Ms. Lynne Wommack Espy ’93 Dr. and Mrs. William E. Evans Sebastian Lousada and Sabra Ewing Mr. Todd Ewing Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Factor Ms. Sally Faulkner ’96 Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Fecho Ms. Joan Feely ’79 Mr. William Fenton Thomas and Carroll Fernald Mr. Thomas W. Fernald, Jr. ’91 Mr. and Mrs. Russell Finn Ms. Cynthia Jordan Fisher ’80 Cynthia and Thomas Fisher ’77 Mr. and Mrs. William M. G. Fletcher Mr. and Mrs. A. Irving Forbes Ms. Arianne Fosdick ’00 Dr. and Mrs. Richard R. Fox Mrs. Ruth B. Fraley Mr. and Mrs. W. West Frazier IV Ms. Susan E. Freed ’80 Mary Jo Brill and Peter Freedman Ms. Ardrianna C. French ’02 Mr. James Frick ’78 Mr. Bruce Friedman ’82 Mr. David Furholmen Dr. and Mrs. Valentin Fuster Mr. Timothy Pierce Gale ’87

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COA Magazine: Vol 1. No 1. Winter 2005  

COA Magazine: Vol 1. No 1. Winter 2005