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C O A ~ A N N UA L R E P O RT It is with deep gratitude and appreciation that we acknowledge the generosity of our alumni, trustees and friends. This Annual Report recognizes all those who made gifts to College of the Atlantic from July 1, 2003 through June 30, 2004. THE CHAMPLAIN SOCIETY The Champlain Society honors individuals of vision and commitment who contribute $1,500 or more to the college’s Annual Fund. FOUNDER $10,000 + Mr. Edward McC. Blair, Sr. Mrs. Charlotte T. Bordeaux Mrs. Amos Eno Mr. and Mrs. James M. Garnett, Jr. Mr. Samuel M. Hamill, Jr. Claudia Besen and Jay McNally ’84 Mr. and Mrs. John N. Kelly Ms. Casey Mallinckrodt Mr. Roger Milliken Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Milliken Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward Lynn and Willy Osborn Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pierce Dr. Walter Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Sharpe, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde E. Shorey, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Stewart PATHFINDER $5,000–$9,999 Jeffrey Bakken and Linda Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Bass Ms. Jennifer Bicks Estate of Mrs. Frederic E. Camp Michele and Agnese Cestone Foundation Mr. and Mrs. F. Eugene Dixon, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Gagnebin III Mr. Louis Gerald Mrs. Robert H. I. Goddard Mr. and Mrs. John Guth Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Guthrie, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Habermann Cyrus and Patricia Hagge Hon. and Mrs. Charles A. Heimbold Mr. and Mrs. John L. Kemmerer III Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin R. Neilson Mr. and Mrs. William V. P. Newlin Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Robinson, Jr. David Rockefeller Fund, Incorporated Dr. and Mrs. Peter H. Sellers Mr. and Mrs. William Wister, Jr./ Margaret Dorrance Strawbridge Foundation

DISCOVERER $2,000–$4,999 Bar Harbor Banking & Trust Co. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie C. Brewer/ ABL Fund of Maine Community Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cabot Cadillac Mountain Sports Mr. and Mrs. Francis I. G. Coleman Estate of Mrs. Lawrence Cutler Ms. Barbara Danielson Tina and Philip DeNormandie Mr. Larry Duffy Ellen and John Emery First National Bank of Bar Harbor Mr. and Mrs. David H. Fischer Mr. and Mrs. William G. Foulke, Jr. Mrs. Philip Geyelin Rev. James M. Gower Mr. and Mrs. Philip Grantham, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Horace A. Hildreth, Jr./ Seal Bay Fund of the Maine Community Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Melville Hodder Ms. Sherry F. Huber Barbara and Peter Hunt/ The Point Harbor Fund of the Maine Community Foundation Ned and Sophia Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Peter Loring Mrs. Marcia MacKinnon Mrs. Louis C. Madeira Mr. and Mrs. David Milliken Mr. and Mrs. David E. Moore Mr. and Mrs. G. Marshall Moriarty Mr. and Mrs. I. Wistar Morris III/ The Cumberland Mountain Fund Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Eliot Paine/ The Puffin Fund of Maine Community Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson E. Peters Mr. Bruce A. Phillips ’78 Mr. James Stewart Polshek Mr. and Mrs. George Putnam Mr. and Mrs. John P. Reeves John and Carol Rivers Nancy Anderson and Richard G. Rockefeller Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Rosenfeld Mrs. David Scull Jane Tawney and Samuel Shaw Mr. Winthrop A. Short Mr. Kenneth Simon Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Straus Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Rodman Ward, Jr. Ms. Katherine Weinstock ’81 Mr. John Wilmerding Mr. David J. Witham

EXPLORER $1,500–$1,999 Mary Dohna ’80 and Wells Bacon ’80 Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. Blanchard III Susanna Porter and James Clark, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gifford Combs Melissa and Frederick Cook Ellie and Wyatt Courtemanche Ms. Sally Crock Mr. and Mrs. Roderick H. Cushman Dead River Company Mr. and Mrs. George H. P. Dwight Mr. and Mrs. James T. Dyke Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Erikson Ms. Deborah Evans ’82 Mrs. Patricia Q. Foley Mr. William G. Foulke, Sr. Mr. Albert Francke Dr. and Mrs. James C. A. Fuchs Mr. and Mrs. Will Gardiner Mr. Edwin N. Geissler Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Growald Mr. and Mrs. George B. E. Hambleton Mrs. Anne Stroud Hannum Mr. and Mrs. James B. Harrison Mrs. Denholm M. Jacobs Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Johnson III Susan Lerner and Steven Katona Kenduskeag Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Kogod Mr. and Mrs. Keith Kroeger Mr. and Mrs. Anthony A. Lapham Mrs. Francis A. Lewis Mrs. Ronald T. Lyman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Finlay B. Matheson Mr. Francis H. McAdoo, Jr. Grant and Suzanne McCullagh Jon and Sarah McDaniel ’93 Mr. David E. McGiffert Mrs. Donald G. McLean Mr. Charles E. Merrill, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Gerrish H. Milliken Ms. Emily Neilson Nickerson & O’Day, Incorporated Ms. Sandra Nowicki Amb. and Mrs. Henry Owen Ms. Judith S. Perkins Mrs. Dora L. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Allan Stone Ms. Caren Sturges Ms. Ellen Reid Thurman Douglas and Priscilla Williams Mr. and Mrs. James M. Wilson

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COA Magazine: Vol 1. No 1. Winter 2005  

COA Magazine: Vol 1. No 1. Winter 2005