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COA Alumna Heads for the National Stage Chellie Pingree ’79 is on the move in Maine By Donnie Mullen ’97

t home in an old white farmhouse a stone’s throw from the ferry landing on Maine’s North Haven Island, Chellie Pingree ’79 serves pancakes to her daughters Hannah and Cecily over a black slate countertop that could be a century old. As she drinks coffee from a Ball jar, Pingree is playfully maternal with her grown daughters (son Asa lives in New York City), chatting about the wheat allergy that she and Hannah share, Cecily’s brood of turkeys, the day’s headlines—read aloud by Maine District 36 State Representative Hannah. They seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s company.


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COA Magazine: Vol 3. No 2. Summer/Fall 2007  
COA Magazine: Vol 3. No 2. Summer/Fall 2007