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South Korea, Oklahoma, & Los Angeles

Why did you choose to come to COA? I chose to come to COA for the freedom, the resources, and the challenge to pursue my own interests, as well as the room to be myself and to grow.

What do you like to study and where do you do most of your work? Lately, I’ve been enjoying learning calculus. I find that reading pieces on education and thinking about them is often interesting. It’s also fun digging into a programming project once in a while. I mostly do my work at the library or in bed.

What are your ideas for your senior project? I want to make a video game demonstrating evolution through survival of the "fit enough" and the interactions and community that stem from it.



What was your favorite project at COA? Why? For my final project in Edible Botany I gave a presentation about research concerning the development of perennial grain crops. It’s a fascinating field that has the potential to transform agriculture, and I would love to explore it further.

Why did you choose to come to COA? I came to COA because I could start exploring what I love (botany) as soon as I arrived; the philosophy of human ecology is a very important way of looking at the world; and when I first visited, I knew instantly that this could be my home.

What is your dream occupation and where would you ideally live? I want to live anywhere there are hiking trails and rivers while being a research botanist and university professor


Rhode Island

What has been your favorite class at COA? Intro to Global Health was an incredible 10-weeks packed anthropological and epidemiological perspectives of health. We touched on everything from community health workers in places where there are no doctors, guinea worms, the health penalties of inequality and discrimination, the popular meanings of camel’s milk in the Northern Somali Region... to humanitarian aid, big pharma, maternal mortality, malnutrition, and mosquito-borne diseases! I get goosebumps thinking about it.

What is happiness to you? Happiness to me is cooking for others; a greenhouse full of basil; a long run through the woods; curling up to a woodstove after a long, cold day of stacking wood; knowing Paul Farmer is speaking at our graduation; having conversations with children; and remembering there’s so much more to life than my individual experience and perspective can fathom!


2014 College of the Atlantic Guidebook  

This is the College of the Atlantic Guidebook prospectus for 2014

2014 College of the Atlantic Guidebook  

This is the College of the Atlantic Guidebook prospectus for 2014