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Building on the power of dreams.

2004 -2006 President’s Report

Blooming & Booming

Table of Contents MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 NEW BEGINNINGS AND COMING HORIZONS . . . . . . . . . . . 2 CAPITAL CAMPAIGN UPDATE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 CAPITAL CAMPAIGN CUMULATIVE DONOR LIST, 1999 - 2006 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 TOWER CIRCLE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 HOLY FAMILY CIRCLE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 GIFTS IN HONOR OF . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 GIFTS IN MEMORY OF . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 CSE MOURNS THE LOSS OF TWO SISTERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 CSE MAKING HEADLINE NEWS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 PRESIDENT'S COUNCIL MEMBERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 ANNUAL FUND CONTRIBUTIONS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 - INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTIONS BY CLASS/CLUB. . . . . 20 - GRADUATES OF THE LAST DECADE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 - FRIENDS OF THE COLLEGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 - IN-KIND GIFTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 - THE SISTERS OF CHARITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 - CORPORATE MATCHING GIFTS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 - STUDENTS WHO DONATED . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 - PARENTS OF STUDENTS AND ALUMNAE/I WHO DONATED . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 - FACULTY/STAFF/ADMINISTRATION GIVING . . . . . . . . . . 34 CELEBRATE SCHOLARSHIP AND EXCELLENCE DINNER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 MARY MALONE FOLEY SCHOLARSHIP DINNER . . . . . . . . . 35 INDEPENDENT COLLEGE FUND OF NEW JERSEY . . . . . . . 35 STATEMENT OF CURRENT FUND . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36

Board of Trustees 2004-2006 Most Reverend Arthur J. Serratelli, S.T.D., S.S.L., D.D. Bishop of Paterson Sister Maureen Shaughnessy, B.A., M.A. Chair Sister Francis Raftery, B.S., A.M., Ed.D., L.H.D. President and Treasurer Sister Thomas Mary Salerno, B.A., M.A.^ Secretary Sister Regina Martin Keane, B.A., M.A., M.Ed.* Secretary Ulysses J. Brualdi, Jr., B.S.M.E., M.B.A., A.M.P.^ Raul Cesan, B.A., C.P.A.* Kathleen Markey Colyer, B.A. Hugh E. DeFazio, Jr., Esq. Eileen Sullivan Fell, B.A. Patricia Harriman Foley, B.S., M.A. William S. Ford, Jr., B.A. John G. Graham, A.B., J.D. Thomas P. Hollo, B.S. Carl A. Jennings, B.S., Ph.D. Richard W. Keelty, B.A., M.B.A.^ Sister Ann Matthew Lorusso, B.S.N., M.S.N. Margaret Ward Mahoney, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Robert E. Meehan, C.L.U., Ch.F.C.^ Mary Jane Meschino, B.A. Sister Mary Teresa Orbegozo, B.S., M.A.

Office of Institutional Advancement 2004-2006

Alan S. Painter, A.B.

Jeanine Hirsch - Vice President Sister Jane Cavanaugh - Director of College Relations Mary Rydstrom - Director of Annual Fund Donna Lindemeyer - Director of Communications & Marketing Kate McCulloch - Director of Major Gifts

George J. Palmer, B.S., M.B.A.

The President’s Reports of the College of Saint Elizabeth for the years 2004-2006 were submitted to the Board of Trustees at the meetings of the Board on November 4, 2005 and November 3, 2006. The College of Saint Elizabeth does not discriminate on the basis of sex (except as permitted in Title IX, Educational Amendment of 1972 for admission to single-sex colleges), physical handicap, race, age, color and national or ethnic origin, in the administration of its admissions, educational policies, scholarship and loan programs or other college policies, including employment. The College of Saint Elizabeth has filed compliance with the Department of Health, Education and Welfare under Title VI-Civil Rights Act of 1964,Title IX, Education Amendment of 1972 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. Credits: Photography: Kathy Cacicedo, Elite Photographers, Matt Kovacs, Colette Liddy, Donna Lindemeyer, Mary Z. Rydstrom, Courtney Smolen, Dr. Deborah Tulloch, Lily Xa Writing: Susan DeLazaro, Joe Grasso, Jeanine Hirsch, Donna Lindemeyer, Lynn Mantone, Mary Z. Rydstrom Photo and Project Supervision: Jessica Coreschi Design: Linett & Harrison

Elizabeth M. Renyi, B.S., M.S. Francine Cheeseman Shaw, B.A. Andrea J. Simon, B.A., Ph.D. Stephen J. Sweeny, B.A., M.A., M.A., Ph.D. Honorable Shirley A.Tolentino, B.A., J.D., L.L.M. Robert Towey, B.S., CPA Edward J.Yaw, B.A., M.S., Ed.D. ^ Term Ended June 30, 2005 * Term Began July 1, 2005

The College of Saint Elizabeth’s Office of Institutional Advancement makes every effort to ensure that the information published in this report is accurate and complete. If we have omitted anything, or reported it incorrectly, please accept our apologies. Please notify the Office of Institutional Advancement at (973) 290-4450 so that we may correct our records. Thank you!

Message from the President

It is a distinct pleasure to share with you this report on what might be called “The State of the College.” From my perspective as President, I see many accomplishments to celebrate and be thankful for, as well as many goals and creative initiatives that we still strive to fulfill. Here is the State of the College for the 2004/05 and 2005/06 academic years. “Blooming and Booming” rightly describes our campus, which is filled with activity and life. Fall 2004 brought one of the largest entering freshman classes in this College’s history, and Spring 2005 saw our largest graduation with 438 undergraduate and graduate degrees awarded.This past May, another 398 students joined the ranks of our esteemed alumnae/i, eager to make their own intellectual, professional and spiritual contributions to our world. In between, the vitality of our faculty and students was a transforming energy on campus that sparked new growth academically and physically. As you will read in the pages that follow, our academic services have grown, with new off-site programs in education and nursing, and with the dedication of the Sister Margaret Mary Conklin Academic Skills Center. We take seriously our commitment to meet students where they are, whether by offering classes at the workplace, or by providing tutoring and targeted practice. Technology in the service of the academic program is a special focus, and thanks to a federal grant facilitated by U.S. Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen, we were able to install exciting new classroom equipment that takes multi-tasking to new heights. The biggest change experienced on campus was the College’s first groundbreaking in 38 years, on March 25, 2006. Construction on our new building, the Annunciation Center, is moving along smoothly, on schedule and on budget! We all anxiously await the August 2007 opening of this beautiful gathering space for art, music, theology and the arts. The past two years also brought other plant changes including a complete remodeling of Rose Dining Room and the campus bookstore and installation of energy-efficient boilers in four campus buildings.These and many other upgrades are detailed in the pages that follow. Physical improvements are important, but they are only the setting. The real gem is what happens in the lives of our students as they interact with their professors, with one another, and with the entire campus community. Among the stories in this report, you will also read how several departments collaborated to create two meaningful and transformational experiences: the “Encouraging Health in Body, Mind and Spirit” and the Faithful Citizenship discussions. In quite different ways, each of these called the campus family to a maturity often lacking in everyday life. I am extremely proud both of those who organized these wonderful programs and of the enthusiastic and sincere response shown by our students. I thank you, too, for your enthusiasm and responsiveness for your College. Our Annual Fund support continues to grow each year. In 2005-2006, we topped $1.11 million - the highest ever, thanks to your generosity. And our Capital Campaign, as you will read inside, has made great strides, finishing out the 2006 fiscal year with $11.3 million raised for the Annunciation Center. We thank God and all of you, our graduates and good friends, for making our blooming and booming possible. Peace,

Sister Francis Raftery President 1

“New Beginnings & Coming Horizons”

Enriching Student Lives - One at a Time A HOME AWAY FROM HOME Nora Busmane, ’07, knows how exciting and daunting the journey of life into college can be for international students. When she first arrived at CSE from her home in Latvia, she said, “I arrived a week before classes started with two suitcases and an image of what college life was like, which proved mostly incorrect. I didn't even have bed sheets or a pillow!” Nora will never forget how the orientation leaders from the Office of International and Multicultural Affairs organized activities including shopping, registering for classes and a trip to New York City. “This office has helped me with every step into this journey of the unknown, including my adaptation to life at CSE and the United States.” Now a senior at CSE, Nora is a double major in International Studies and Finance, and she fondly refers to the Office of International and Multicultural Affairs as her “home base” on campus. She credits part of her success

(l-r) Nora Busmane, '07, and Tom Sirinides, Director of the Office of International and Multicultural Affairs

(l-r) Sister Margaret Mary Conklin, Associate Professor Emerita of Chemistry, and Theressa LaBerrie, '06

(l-r) Marva Cole-Friday, Director of the Educational Opportunity Fund, and Naome Dunnell, '06

at CSE to Tom Sirinides, Director of the Office of International and Multicultural Affairs. “I had a sense of security during my first year at college knowing that I could go into the office at any time with questions or concerns and would always get an answer,” she said. “Tom serves not only as an advisor and counselor for first year international students, but also as a friend. He knows all the information regarding my legal status here as an international student, and he was my most reliable source for academic support.” In her role as President of the International Intercultural Club at CSE, Nora also worked with Jason Rodriquez, Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs, to promote ethnic and culture diversity within and beyond the College community. According to Jason, “Campus life is enriched because the Multicultural Affairs Office serves the unique needs of students of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We foster an environment in which ethnic and cultural diversity are recognized, understood and appreciated.” A CENTER FOR SUCCESS For Theressa LaBerrie, ’06, campus life was enriched through the tutoring academic resources available in the Conklin Academic Skills Center. The Center was relocated from Santa Maria Hall to Mahoney Library in Fall 2004 making it handicapped accessible and inviting to all faculty and students.The Center is named in honor of Sister Margaret Mary Conklin, Associate Professor Emerita of Chemistry, as a tribute to her more than 50 years of service to the College and her tireless dedication to the students. Sister Margaret Mary began her tenure with CSE in 1957 when she became a member of the Chemistry Department and where she was chairperson for six years. She received five National Science Foundation (NSF) grants that enabled her to participate in the NSF’s prestigious Summer Institutes. In doing so, she enriched the lives of many faculty and students at CSE. 2

“I definitely attribute my desire to become a professor to having worked as a teacher assistant and a workshop facilitator for statistics at the Academic Skills Center,” said Theressa, a double major in Psychology and Sociology. She believes that the new name and location of the Conklin Academic Skills Center help students overcome their hesitation in seeking extra academic assistance. “The facility is amazing,” stated Theressa, “it is much brighter and more inviting, which makes it more conducive to learning. Students really want to hang out there.” The Conklin Academic Skills Center features new computers, air conditioning and rooms for tutoring. The Center is open 46 hours weekly and provides tutoring in a variety of academic subject areas. Theressa explained, “The Center is accessible to everyone. You can tell CSE really understands the needs of its students.” Virginia Reiner, Director of the Conklin Academic Skills Center, readily agrees. “The relocation from Santa Maria Hall to the library has been just unbelievable. Requests to receive tutoring from students have increased 40 percent!”

A WORLD OF OPPORTUNITIES As the first person in her family to attend college, Naome Dunnell, ’06, an English major, utilized the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) program to assist in her transition from high school to college life. “I participated in the EOF summer program during which time I learned hands on, what college life is like,” said Naome. The five-week enrichment program enrolls students in a combination of credit bearing and noncredit bearing courses including Math, Writing and Learning Strategies which “jump-starts” their college career.

Each year, the EOF program accepts up to 20 talented and motivated New Jersey women, all first generation college students, into the program. According to Marva Cole-Friday, Director of EOF, “The program offers academic and financial support for students during their college career including guidance and personal counseling. It also provides specialized tutoring above and beyond what the college may offer.” The program consistently maintains 90-95 percent retention and graduation rates as well as a 98 percent credit completion ratio. Naome said,“The CSE faculty, and in particular the support I received from the EOF office, helped me to be a successful student. It allowed me to go into the world as a confident young woman and opened up doors to endless opportunities.” ■ 3

Encouraging Health in Body, Mind and Spirit If the goal of a liberal arts education is a well-rounded person with a sense of responsibility for self and concern for the world, then CSE is on target. “We’re equally committed to helping our students recognize the importance of the intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical elements of wellness,” said Dr. James Dlugos,Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs. Encouraging good health and creating graduates who educate others to be healthy are easier with advances in the College’s Foods and Nutrition Department facilities and an on-campus wellness initiative.

(l-r) Lyn Lisner and Dr. Jean Burge, Professor of Foods and Nutrition and Director of CSE’s Graduate Program in Nutrition

CSE Orientation Leaders and “Lizzy” the Eagle

In 2005, the Foods and Nutrition Department received a grant from Johnson & Johnson to purchase new technology, including an indirect calorimeter to measure calories burned. The lab also utilizes a body composition analyzer to measure the distribution of muscle and fat in the body. According to Dr. Jean Burge, CSE Professor of Foods and Nutrition and Director of Graduate Program in Nutrition, “Our metabolic lab is the very best of its kind. It allows for a high level of training and research for our students. They can study better, learn better and be healthier.” Campus community members literally “weighed in” during 2004-05, with their participation in the “Wholeness,Wellness and Worth Challenge.” “We gathered those from around campus who are experts in diet, fitness and mental health,” said Dr. Burge. Students, faculty and staff enjoyed healthy meals and fitness programs tailored to a variety of interests with options such as Tai Chi, walking, swimming and dance. Personal consultations with counselors were arranged for all participants in the challenge. “Participants would tell us what holds them back when striving for good health.We focused on balance, not necessarily weight, but fitness, good nutrition and self-esteem,” said Carol Jaworski, CSE Campus Minister, who believes strongly in the connection between a healthy mind and a healthy body.


Ms. Jaworski also facilitated a presentation on Faithful Citizenship which gave the campus community an opportunity to look critically at the candidates in the 2004 presidential election and examine what they represented through the lens of Catholic social teaching. Later, groups of students met to watch the debates and to discuss them afterwards, often staying past midnight immersed in critical conversation. “I was impressed by the students’ involvement in the programs and the great successes in expanding our interdisciplinary, holistic approach,” said Ms. Jaworski.

According to the Msgr. Thomas McDade, CSE’s Scholar in Residence and keynote speaker at the presentation, “The College would fail in its mission if it didn’t deal with the spiritual life of the student. We are equipping students with the tools to live this mission.” “Within these seminars, we relate the mission of the Gospel, the mission of the College and the mission of Catholic Social Teaching to the world,” Msgr. McDade said. ■


Building Infrastructure: Construction,Technology, and Facilities In keeping with its master plan to continually update, improve and maintain buildings and facilities to meet the ongoing student needs, the College of Saint Elizabeth undertook several major projects in 2004 - 2006, including construction of its new Annunciation Center, building renovations, new equipment installations and technology system upgrades. CONSTRUCTION OF ANNUNCIATION CENTER Construction continues on schedule and on budget for the Annunciation Center, a fine and performing arts center that includes a 566-seat theatre, art and music studios, art gallery, computer lab, lecture rooms, and offices for Theology. According to Project Manager Jim Gerrish, more than 25 percent of the construction for the $17 million project has been completed as of June 30, 2006, with occupancy scheduled for August 2007. The steel framework has been erected for the entire building structure and was “capped off ” with the College’s flag. Exterior brickwork began in November 2006, and the roof and windows were installed in time to enclose the building for the winter season allowing construction to continue inside during the cold months.

(l - r) CSE Chief Technology Officer Brad Morton, Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen, and Dr. Brian S. Friedlander, CSE Assistant Professor of Education, with the “Smart Sympodium”

Lizbeth Gallo, Manager of the CSE Bookstore

Chef Anthony Lawrence cooks in the renovated CSE servery

CAMPUS BUILDING IMPROVEMENTS The CSE Office of Finance and Administration managed several building improvement projects during 2004-2006 which were all completed on schedule and at or below budget. Jim Gerrish, Assistant to the Vice President for Finance and Administration, managed the projects, and the Facilities Department also played a key role in their completion. Renovations to the Rose Dining Room and servery areas were completed in the summer of 2004, including a colorful mural depicting historic edifices in Morris County, air conditioning, updated food service stations, new entrance door, flooring and bright lighting.The new ceiling, windows and colorful wall banners add ambience, and the new music/speaker system easily transforms the dining room for special events. Things heated up in Santa Maria, Henderson, Saint Joseph and O'Connor Halls when high efficiency boilers were installed. These stand-alone boilers were fully operational in the fall of 2005 and according to Mr. Gerrish, will result in significant fuel savings for the College. Additionally, a state-of-the-art electronic management system helps the Facilities staff keep things running smoothly. In the summer of 2005, by making dramatic changes to the lighting systems in all CSE buildings, the College received $100,000 cash rebate offered by the State of New Jersey through its SmartStart Buildings Program. “The project will also result in annual savings to the College of $78,000 through lower electric utility costs,” stated Mr. Gerrish. In addition, the College completely renovated the bookstore in Saint Joseph Hall with new glass doors, freshly painted yellow and blue walls reflecting the College colors, new fixtures, flooring, ceiling tiles and beautiful furniture. 6

SCT: NEW ACADEMIC COMPUTING SYSTEM Ron Loneker, Jr., Director of Media Services, and his team have implemented Sungard-SCT PowerCAMPUS, an Enterprise Resource Planning system, which replaces the Quodata system previously used. The project began in November 2004 and was slated for completion in January 2007. According to Mr. Loneker, “The system allows students and staff to more easily do traditional administrative and academic functions. Most importantly, it will allow CSE to offer web-based services such as on-line registration, advisement, schedules and grade access.” OTHER TECHNOLOGY/IMPROVEMENTS/NEWS A federal technology grant to fund initiatives for teachers in math and science was utilized to upgrade two classrooms with a ceiling-mounted LCD projector, recessed ceiling speakers and a “sympodium.” Brad Morton, Chief Technology Officer, explained, “A sympodium is a touchsensitive LCD screen that allows an instructor to dynamically update and manipulate the computer desktop and applications, such as PowerPoint, using a stylus. Each classroom podium also contains a computer connected to the campus network, a DVD/VCR player, a document camera, and a sound system.” The initiatives of the grant were to promote collaboration among the students and expose them to new technologies that they would need in their fields.The grant also included a lesson-planning and e-portfolio tool (Taskstream) for education students, wireless network access in Mahoney Library, and hardware and software to support the Assistive Technology Program.

High-speed wireless internet connections are also available in Saint Joseph Hall, O'Connor Hall's parlor, and Founders Hall's lounge areas. According to Mr. Morton, this will help “provide our students with greater access to College web services and online research tools they need to succeed.” The positive outcome of all the above initiatives exemplifies how CSE is continually improving and building a solid foundation upon which both faculty and students can build success. ■


Preparing Future Educators The College of Saint Elizabeth has always been at the forefront of providing innovative academic programs designed to give students the best liberal arts education. Continuing that tradition, CSE is leading the way in giving future educators the expertise to become highly effective teachers, especially in the field of special education. This includes offering diverse courses in special education addressing many types of disabilities, the creation of a graduate-level Certificate in Assistive Technology, and the establishment of an Office of Disability Services on campus. SPECIAL EDUCATORS Jennifer Ricadela, '05, who graduated with an M.A. in Educational Leadership and a B.A. in Elementary Education and Psychology, is a shining example of how CSE successfully prepares its students to teach in the field of special education. “I selected CSE for the incredible education program,” said Ms. Ricadela. “I think it is one of the only colleges to offer such diverse courses in special education. The College really prepared me to be an effective advocate for the children I teach.” She cited a course that focused on law, including special education laws. “Because of that course, I am the leading authority for legal questions about special education at the Benjamin Franklin School in Newark, N.J., where I teach,” she said.

William Moesch, Coordinator of Disability Services

Sister Francis Raftery, President (center), with Ricadela family members (l - r) Robert, Katrisha, Helen and CSE alumna, Jennifer Ricadela, '05

As a result of attending CSE, Ms. Ricadela is not only a highly successful teacher who positively impacts her students with multiple disabilities, but she also has inspired three members of her family, her father, mother and sister, to attend CSE to pursue their own teaching degrees in special education! CERTIFICATE IN ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY CSE is also the first college in New Jersey to offer a Certificate in Assistive Technology program through the School of Graduate and Continuing Studies. “This 18-credit program is truly a landmark in special education,” said Dr. Alan Markowitz, CSE Director of Graduate Programs in Education. “Although there are similar models, our department is the first to offer a concentration in this area.” The Assistive Technology program teaches graduate students how to use a variety of assistive tools to give children with disabilities the means to access and absorb the same information as their classmates. According to Dr. Brian S. Friedlander, CSE Assistant Professor of Education, “There are countless children with a range of disabilities who can be helped by teachers implementing various kinds of assistive technology. Assistive technology can be the key, to help level the playing field, for the child with a disability. There are software and hardware available to help students with all types of learning disabilities including vision, hearing or reading impaired to be able to access the material on the computer. We show teachers what tools can be used to help almost any child with special needs.” 8

OFFICE OF DISABILITY SERVICES While the Assistive Technology program focuses on how to teach learning disabled students in communities, the Office of Disability Services helps students with disabilities on CSE’s campus. William Moesch, Coordinator of Disability Services at CSE, commented, “We want every student to have the same opportunity to succeed.” With the help of CSE’s student counselors, professors and the students themselves, Mr. Moesch researches innovative ways to put emotionally, psychologically and physically challenged students on equal footing with

the rest of the student body. “An accommodation plan is developed according to the individual needs of every student with a documented disability to ensure they have the tools needed to assist them in their studies,” said Mr. Moesch. By staying true to its mission to be a community of learning in the Catholic liberal arts tradition for students of diverse ages, backgrounds and cultures, CSE is truly a “special” place to receive an education as well as a place to become a proficient professional in the field of special education. ■


Capital Campaign Update A HISTORY OF SUCCESS Over the years, the College of Saint Elizabeth has enjoyed outstanding support from its alumnae/i, trustees, and campus community, even more so when extraordinary opportunities arise. When the College celebrated its Centennial in 1999, the College announced a $25 million Capital Campaign to grow the endowment and annual fund and to pay for renovations to aging campus structures.The Centennial phase achieved success in November 2002, a full year ahead of schedule, and the unprecedented fundraising success allowed the College to upgrade facilities and provided 12 new endowed scholarships. It also paved the way for a second campaign phase dedicated to the first new building in four decades, the Annunciation Center. BUILDING ON THE POWER OF DREAMS The shovel went into the ground March 25, 2006 for Annunciation Center, which is indeed one of the College’s most extraordinary opportunities. Slated to be a dominant feature on the campus landscape, the 44,000-square-foot building

David R. Bixel, President of Semple-Bixel Associates and Capital Campaign counsel to CSE since 1993, died August 22, 2005. Mr. Bixel guided the College’s $25 million Centennial Campaign to success in 2002 and helped launch the Office of Institutional Advancement’s Annunciation Center Campaign.

Members of CSE’s Board of Trustees stand side-by-side with Paterson Diocese Bishop Seratelli, and generous donors of the College as they break new ground on its Annunciation Center, Saturday, March 25, 2006.

Former Poet Laureate Billy Collins, center, pictured with event attendees, from left, Tracy Handerhan; Mary Donovan,'66; Sister Catherine Shea; and Andrew Cammarano; before Mr. Collin’s poetry reading on March 21, 2005.

has captured the imagination of faculty and students as construction progresses.The campus awaits the grand opening in August 2007 and is hard at work planning performances, exhibits, conferences and all the other academic and enrichment activities to take place there. Annunciation Center will serve all students, providing a flexible and attractive facility where the teaching-learning process is surrounded by beauty and enhanced by technology. Home to the Art, Music and Theology and Philosophy Departments, the Annunciation Center will also feature a 566-set theatre, art gallery, Holocaust Education Resource Center, and be the new headquarters for the Center for Theological and Spiritual Development. Classrooms, studios and computer lab will provide gracious and comfortable space for students of all ages and spotlight up-to-date educational technology in the learning environment. UNPRECEDENTED SUPPORT As of June 30, 2006, the College had raised a total of $11.3 million in cash and pledges for the Annunciation Center. The many major gifts include five in the seven figures.The Board of Trustees surpassed their $1 million goal with 100% of trustees participating in the drive co-chaired by Alan S. Painter, Richard W. Keelty and Francine Cheeseman Shaw, '76. Similarly, the Faculty and Staff campaign doubled its participation and dollar goals, yielding well over $100,000. The greatest portion of the funds has come from the College’s generous graduates. Nearly 70% of all Capital Campaign donors are alumnae/i. 10

Two class campaigns, Class of 1957, chaired by Mary Zavada and Class of 1958, co-chaired by Betsy Rossey and Suzzette Levy, have reached their targets, and the rest, led by Class Campaign Co-Chairs Carol Tribus, '65, and Emma Byrne, '65, are actively seeking to widen the base of support and interest. During this Campaign, the College also has received more than $2.2 million for scholarships and other purposes that are outside the building project. At the same time, the College has seen a yearly increase in the Annual Fund, which topped $1.04 million in June '05 and $1.11 million in June '06. Special event fundraising also increased. In April and June 2006, the Scholarship Gala and a scholarship dinner organized by the Family and Friends of Mary Virginia Foley, '44, led by trustee Eileen Sullivan Fell, '57, and friend of the College Kenneth F. Kunzman, each netted more than $140,000.

Inscribe a Name on our Walk of Fame!

Your name or that of a parent, classmate, friend or favorite professor could be a permanent part of the College of Saint Elizabeth’s Annunciation Center scheduled to open in August 2007. Engraved bricks are $200 for a 3" x 6", 3-line brick. Engraved pavers are $500 for a 12" x 12", 3 to 6 -line block. To purchase a brick or block, call (973) 290-4415.

Thank you for your support! (l - r) Volunteer Faculty Campaign Chairs include Dr. Virginia Butera, Dr. Jean Burge, Dr. Anthony Santamaria, Dr. Patricia Heindel, pictured with Jeanine Hirsch, Vice President of Institutional Advancement. Not pictured: Campaign Chairs Dr. Margaret Roman, Monica Luby, and Sister Jane Cavanaugh.

West Coast alums gathered to hear Sister Francis on a Presidential visit to California in January 2006. From left, Ann McCaughen Connell, '67, Carol Segrave,'64, Joan Grennan,'88, Marie Miscione Cassanelli, '48, Mary Dodd Denecour, '53, and Anne Bennis Klyng, '71, were among 25 CSE alumnae who met at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel, Santa Monica.

CAMPAIGN ACTIVITIES To achieve its Capital Campaign goals, the College created a Morris County advisory group chaired by Trustee Alan S. Painter, to help network for major gift support. It launched a mini-campaign chaired by former Communications Professor Marjorie Feinstein to seek special support for the Holocaust Education Resource Center. Three new class campaigns were initiated and foundation grant-seeking work continued. Sister Francis Raftery shared news of the College at Presidential receptions and lunches in Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, and California to elicit alumnae support. Experts, including alumnae Gloria Grieco, Esq., '66, Joan Fissell Hall, '65, and Ellen Zwierzynski, '70, presented financial giving seminars to generate interest in planned gifts, and answered questions on Social Security, insurance and wills.The Institutional Advancement Office also held training sessions for faculty/staff and class volunteers. Activities such as these spread the word about the building project, build excitement about the growth and success of the College, and bring forward dramatic support. NEXT STEPS In late summer and fall 2006, three families created a $1 million challenge to help bring the campaign to completion.The College created the position of Major Gifts Director, hiring an experienced professional to bring in-house the function previously fulfilled by outside campaign consultants, with a special focus on foundation grants.

Many thanks to our Faculty and Staff Campaign Co-Chairs Dr. Jean Burge, Chair and Professor, Foods & Nutrition Department and Director of Graduate Program in Nutrition; Dr.Virginia Butera, Chair and Professor, Art Department; Sister Jane Cavanaugh, Director of College Relations; Dr. Patricia Heindel, Chair and Professor, Psychology Department; Monica Luby, Assistant Professor of Foods & Nutrition, Director, Didactic Program in Dietetics; Dr. Margaret Roman, Professor of English, Director of the Honors Program; and Dr. Anthony Santamaria, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Theology.

More than $12.6 million has been raised as of the printing of this report, and close to 1,000 Capital Campaign gifts received since 2002 under the leadership of Campaign Co-Chairs Thomas and Elizabeth “Beth”Weller Renyi, '69. With this record, thanks to the generous support of alumnae/i, trustees, friends, faculty, staff, and students, the College looks forward to completing its campaign in December 2007. ■


Capital Campaign Cumulative Donor List, 1999-2006 The College of Saint Elizabeth is grateful to the generous alumnae/i and friends who have given leadership gifts during the Annunciation Center Capital Campaign through June 30, 2006. Many gifts are pledges of cash or securities to be paid over the next few years and may include matching gifts from corporations. Others represent promises of support through bequests, trusts, insurance, or annuities. Donors of these gifts are charter members of the New Founders Society, established in 1995 to honor their generosity during their lifetime. We appreciate your generous support! $1 MILLION + Dolan Family Foundation Nancy Dowd, '54 NFS Mary Fitzsimmons † Genevieve Greenwood † Antonia Higginson, '22 † Thomas and Elizabeth Weller Renyi, '69 Sisters of Charity $500,000 + Anna Jackson, '36 † NFS Therese Maloney, '51 Sally Lou McMurray, '54 † NFS Ursula Uttley, '33 † NFS $250,000 + Anonymous, '59 Thomas and Theresa A. Berry, '01 Vivian Infantino, '48 † NFS Margaret Sweeney McBride, '33 † NFS Beatrice Pietroniro Nielsen, '34 † NFS $100,000 + Anonymous, '57 The Bank of New York and the George Link Jr. Foundation Bergen Foundation Les and Carol Brualdi, Jr. Marian Spiegel Cooke, '41 NFS † Kathleen Nulty Culley, '92 Sister Marian Frances Dillon, '00 † Mary Feder, '27 † NFS Adrian M. Foley, Esq. Honeywell International, Inc. Richard and Robyn Keelty Priscilla Lenihan Lawler, '40 † NFS Mary McGrath, '49 NFS Angela Nilan, '30 † NFS Mary Norma Petter, '41† NFS Pfizer Foundation Florence Meehan Rosse, '70 Francine Cheeseman Shaw, '76 Grace Squire, '38 † NFS Francine Cheeseman Shaw, '76 Warner-Lambert Company Mary R. Zavada, '57 $50,000+ Alumnae Association Margaret Connell, '27 † NFS Frances Yang Conti, '35 † NFS Antoinette Dughi, '31 † NFS ExxonMobil Foundation Anita Falla, M.D., '43 Sybilla Farrell, '32 † Marilyn A. Fingerhut, Ph.D., '64 NFS Marie Dolores Henderson Griffin, '34 † Elaine Castellano Grillo, '77 Joan Fissell Hall, '65 NFS Elaine Rottstock Hatcher, '00 Evelyn Engemann Johnson, '29 † Jean Judge, '44 Elena Pietroniro Lasko, '39 † NFS Mary Hagen Lewis, '56 Barry and Barbara Marinan Julianne Decker McDermott, '51 NFS Richard P. McMahon, Esq. Ellen Murray, '55 † Mary Darroch Pramuk Jane Shanley Saunders, '51 † NFS Joseph Saunders † NFS Sydney Tompkins, '41 † Mary Toye, '29 NFS Caroline Caruso Wakefield, '41 1899 Society Anonymous Anonymous, '36 † Anonymous, '65 Anonymous, '95 NFS AT&T Foundation BASF Corporation Marcelle T. Bernard, M.D., '41 NFS Irene Gormley Bleil, '25 † NFS AT&T Foundation BASF Corporation Elvira M. Carota, M.D. Janice Murphy Carty, '63 John and Colleen Cassese Margaret Muller Clarke, '19 † NFS Leonora Burtt Conroy, '41 † Juliet Cozzi, '58


Hugh E. DeFazio, Jr., Esq. Patricia Delaney, '63 Peter Dugan Eileen Sullivan Fell, '58 Rebecca Fields, Esq., '68 John Fiore † NFS Lois Flynn, '30 † Patricia Harriman Foley, '55 Rita Gill, '37 † William and Susan Griffin The Hartenstein Family John Hill † NFS Hooper Holmes Hyde and Watson Foundation JCPenney Company, Inc. Carl and Janet Jennings John Jentz † NFS Dympna Judge Jessich, '55 Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Richard W. Keelty Wanda G. Krzyzak, '29 † Nanna Kurtz † NFS Rose Lanci † Lucent Technologies Marie Henderson Magnier, '53 Kathleen Mallon, '41 † Joyce Daly Margie, '62 Lisa A. Mc Inerney, '02 Cynthia McCann Teresa McGuire † Mary Katherine McKone, '68 NFS Robert E. Meehan, CLU, ChFC MetLife Foundation Milano Foundation Mary Isabel Miller, '29 † NFS Mary Austin Nesbitt, '37 † NFS Victoria Albright Null, '70 Eileen C. O'Connor, '38 NFS Anna Grace Oslansky, '53 Alan and Joann Painter Joyce DeSenti Polio, '73 Mary Rossi, '24 † NFS Mary Lucey Rowan, '54 Mary Scannell, '45

Other Gifts Anonymous Anonymous, '43 NFS† Anonymous, '52 Anonymous, '59 Anonymous, '60 3M Community Affairs Academy of Saint Elizabeth Maryann Acuff '00 Carol Lasch Adamsky, '57 Dorothy Addario NFS Judith Masters Akbar, '78 NFS Patricia Sheehan Allain, '52 Shirley Marry Allgood, '57 Allied Signal Foundation, Inc. Altria Group, Inc. Florence Clisura Aluotto, '52 Myra Amato Mary Louise Connell Ambrose, '57 American International Group Bernice Anglin, '52 Susan Sullivan Annitto, '64 Caroline Apone, '66 Arcadia Publishing Co. ARCO Foundation Alix Ann Arlinghaus, '67 NFS Helen Kayser Arnheiter, '43 † Kathleen Augelli, '58 Margaret Augustine, '76 David and Jane Aussicker Aventis Pharmaceuticals Helen Ax, '57 Joanne Pfundstein Babbitt, '75 Patricia Mulderry Bach, '58 Mary Nolan Bailey, '51 Gretchen T. Banker Linda and James Baratte Flora Barlotta, M.D., '58 Kathleen Beck, CCM, '80 Bell Atlantic Foundation Mary Bellina, '51 Nancy Suckow Bendokas, '51 Adele Dell'Orto Bergen, Ed.D., '52 Berthel, Janet K.

Patricia Gleeson Bligh, '58 Theresa Bocchino Jeanne Heimbold Boehles, '61 Charles and Catherine Boehm Mary Ann Kulpinski Bojak, '65 Elizabeth Borowsky Edith Kerwin Boschian, '52 Kathleen O'Connell Bougas, '69 Mary Congedo Boyle 1939 Marianne Bulman Bozzi, '57 Eileen Walsh Bradley, '52 Frances Ackerman Brandell, '53 Ave Birdsall Bransford, '66 Deborah Dwyer Breither, '80 Lillian Zazzara Brightly, '57 Margaret Coyle Brody, '40 Clara Brophy, '46 Maureen Liebner Brown, R.D., '81 Michael Brown Mary Ann Meyer Brucker, '52 Barbara Brundage, '52 Ann Johnson Brutzman, '52 Katherine Buck Stephanie St. Clair Budelman, '97 Laurette Bulfone-Buscheck, '61 Andrea Gorske Bullard, '61 James Bullaro Jean C. Burge Arlene Debold Burke, '57 Virginia Fabbri Butera Jane Trezenka Butkowsky, '52 Emma Ferraro Byrne, '65 Gail Blodgett Caffrey, '77 Mary Freund Caldwell, '51 Beatrice Jandrisevits Calise, '62 Eileen Callahan, '92 Maria Cammarata, '04 Mary Ellen Lofredo Capron, M.S.,R.D., '80 Patricia Hughes Carr, '57 Margaret Wade Carroll, '58 Rosemary Higgins Cass, J.D., Ph.D., '50 Valerie Van Ness Cauley, '70 NFS Sandra Spenceley Cavanagh, '58 Lorraine Guzzio Chammah, '73

The College of Saint Elizabeth offers special thanks to these members of the faculty, trustees, and administration for their gifts to the Capital Campaign since July 1, 2004. Board of Trustees Kathleen Markey Colyer, B.A., '69 Hugh E. DeFazio, Esq. Eileen Sullivan Fell, B.A., '58 William S. Ford, Jr., B.A. John G. Graham, J.D. Patricia Harriman Foley, M.A., '55 Janet and Carl Jennings, Ph.D. Richard W. Keelty, M.B.A. Sister Regina Martin Keane, M.Ed. Sister Ann Matthew Lorusso, M.S.N. Robert E. Meehan, CLU, ChFC Mary Jane Londregan Meschino, B.A., '75 Joann and Alan Painter, A.B. George J. Palmer, M.B.A. Sister Francis Raftery, Ed.D. Elizabeth Renyi, M.S., '69 Sister Maureen Shaughnessy, M.A. Francine Cheeseman Shaw, B.A., '76 Andrea J. Simon, Ph.D. Sister Alice Sullivan, M.A. Mrs. and Dr. Stephen J. Sweeny, Ph.D. Shirley Hayes Tolentino, J.D.,'65 Robert Towey, C.P.A. Edward J.Yaw, Ed.D. Faculty & Staff Anonymous '65 Sister Elena Francis Arminio, A.M. Jane and Dave Aussicker, M.A. Dr. Harriet Lipman Sepinwall Terri Shawhan, '01 Inez Stanziale, '32 † NFS Margaret Sullivan, '30 NFS Ann Conoscenti Visona, '46 † NFS Ann Egner Waldron, '43 † Elizabeth Tipper Winters, '30 †

Gretchen T. Banker, A.P.N., C. Linda L. Baratte, Ph.D. Dr. Janet Berthel, Ph.D. Elizabeth Bescherer, B.A. Thomas J. Billings, M.A. Katherine M. Buck, M.S.W. Jean C. Burge, Ph.D. Virginia Fabbri Butera, Ph.D. Maria Cammarata, M.S., '04 Sister Jane Cavanaugh, A.M. Dr. Mary Chayko, Ph.D. Brother Paul Chervenie, M.L.S. Sister Elena Francis Colicelli, Ph.D. Sister Margaret Mary Conklin, M.S. Edwin Coolbaugh, M.H.S. Sister Agnes Gregory Craig, M.L.S. Sister Rosalie Curran, Ed.D. Sister Ellen Desmond, Ph.D. Dr. James S. Dlugos, Ph.D. Dr. Lillian Domenico, Ph.D. Sister Gabriel Mary Donahue, Ph.D. Ellen G. Ehrlich, Ed.D. Cynthia Epp, M.A. Ray Favaro Paula A. Fernandes, B.A., '96, Sister Kathleen Flanagan, Ph.D., '65 Sister Patricia Flynn, M.F.A. James P. Gerrish, M.S. Johanna Glazewski, Ph.D., '62 Sister Mary Ellen Gleason, M.A. Betty Bescherer Helen Scott Bijur, '28 † NFS Doris Bill, '53 Thomas J. Billings Emilia Salek Biskup, '77 Maureen O'Keefe Black, '65 Elizabeth Murray Blajda, '61

Sister Anne Haarer, A.M. Dr. Hannelore Hahn, Ph.D. Sister Anita Richard Heilenday, M.S., '50 Patricia Heindel, Ph.D. Dr. Sharon Hellwig, Ed.D. Sister Jean Hemmer, Ph.D., '43 Jeanine Hirsch, M.A. Dr. Herman Huber, Ph.D. Linda Hunter, M.B.A. Dr. Kathleen Hunter, Ph.D. Karine Joly, M.A. Sister Irma Kessler, Ph.D. Margot Klarnet, A.M. Amy Kmetz, M.A. Matthew Kovacs Dr. Paul LaChance, Ph.D. Dr. Cathy Lee, Ph.D. Dr. Kenneth Levitt, Ph.D. Donna Lindemeyer, M.A. Ronald Loneker, Jr., M.A. Monica Luby, M.S. Alan H. Markowitz, Ed.D. Dr. Catherine Martin, Ph.D. Tracey Mascolo, M.A., '96 Rev. Msgr.Thomas J. McDade, Ed.D. Dr.Virginia E. McGlone, Ed.D. Sharon McNulty, M.Ed. Mary Ellen and Peter Merrill, M.S. Kerry Mullins, B.A., '97 Louise A. Murray, D.S.W.

Dr. Alexander Murzaku, Dott. Dawn O'Leary-Singerline, B.A. Sister Rose Marie Padovano, Ed.S. Dr. David Perkins, Ph.D. Sister Francis Raftery, Ed.D. Mary Ann Ricciotti Dr. Margaret Roman, Ph.D., '72 Mary Rydstrom, B.A., '92 Dr. Anthony Santamaria, Ph.D. Angela Clarken Schmidt, '52 Jane Schumann, Ed.D. Dr.Valerie Scott, Ed.D. Sister Mary George Senderak, Ed.D., '59 Dr. Harriet Sepinwall, Ed.D. Susan M. Simonaitis, Ph.D. George Sirgiovanni, Ph.D. Thomas Sirinides, M.A. Sister Marian José Smith, Ph.D. Eileen Specchio, Ph.D. Flora M. Stowe, M.A. Carmen and Marie Toto Deborah Tulloch, Ed.D. Ingrid Vaca-Bullaro, L.P.C. Teresa Walters, D.M.A. Laura Winters, Ph.D. Dr.Thomas Wisniewski, D.Min. Jesse Xun Yu, Ph.D.

Merle Bianchi Chang, '61 Elena Scolamiero Charles, '80 Chayko, Mary T. Jane Grossman Cheetham, '80 Lenore Loe Chen 1939 † Elizabeth Walsh Choquette, '61 Barbara Nelson Christian, '47 NFS

Maureen Neubelt Chu, '51 Marie Corse Cieri, '41 NFS Mary Margaret Trum Cirigliano, '68 Alexandra Clark, '73 Joan DePhillips Clark, '52 Class of, '48 Class of, '62 Nancy Keezer Cline, '76 Anita Praml Coiley, '58 Elena Colicelli, S.C., '72 College of Saint Elizabeth Alumnae/i AssociationWaterbury Chapter Catherine Collins, '58 Kathleen Markey Colyer, '69 Leonard Comes Alice Condren, '25 † NFS Patricia Coyle Conneen, '61 Mary Louise Taylor Connelly, '57 Alice Devine Connolly, '57 Helen Willis Connolly, '45 NFS Patricia Ryan Connolly, '58 Winifred Dorgan Connolly, '62 NFS Mary Hutton Connors, '61 Colette Conroy, '55 NFS Mary Myles Conway, '61 Edwin Coolbaugh Nancy Horsefield Covington, '58 Patricia Potter Criss, '49 Joaneileen Cunning, '92 Katharine Mcdonald Curtiss, '62 Rosemarie Cusumano, '05 Maryanne DiPasquale Czarnecki, '77 Marion Scigliano Daddona, '39 Elizabeth Shay Dahill, '58 Ann Doogan Dalena, '60 Anne Dalton, '77 Margaret O'Brien Dalton, '58 Margaret Mary Dalton, '66 Margaret Reardon Daly, '53 Rima Saldutti Daly, '52 Virginia McDonough Daly, '50 Margaret Gallagher Daraghy, '80 Datascope Corporation Leo and Marion Dauwer Ellen Davis, '52 Rose De Paola Deehan, '50 Clara T. DeFilippis † Ann Kelly Delaney, '82 Karen DeNooyer Margaret Derwin, '57 Ann Lupardi DeVenezia, '56 Mary Joy Cass DeVivo, '71 Jim Dlugos Veronica Beirne Dolan, '47 Lillian Domenico Elizabeth A. Domigan, '65 Maureen Brown Domino, '58 Joseph Donahue Eileen McAllister Donovan, '49 Mary Corcoran Doolan, '31† Jacqueline Garneau Dooley, '57 Joan Horner Dow, '51 Charlene Koenig Dowd, '68 Margaret Downey, '33 † Frances Maraziti Drew, '63 Jean Pirrone Drozdowski, '67 Sheila Grasso Duetsch, '57 Elizabeth Kraus Dumont, '52 Carol Restivo Dunay Kreit, '58 Jane Printon Dunn, '51 Elizabeth Durkin Elaine McLaughlin Dwyre, '58 Doris Dzinsky, '43 Gloria H. Eck Virginia Toohey Eckert, '54 Debra Eckert-Casha Ellen Ehrlich Maurine O'Keefe Eisenmenger, '52 Nanciann Gass Elnicki, '63 Cynthia Epp Carol H. Eyres Ray Favaro Ruth Bokerman Fay, '51 Federated Department Stores Marie Bradshaw Feeney, '52 Paula Fernandes, '96 Deborah B. Ferris Margot Stickley Ferry, '57 Regina Roehrle Fielding, '49 Patricia Murray Finn, '51 Dorothy Nuss Finnegan, '52 Antoinette Goepfert Fitzpatrick, '48 Elysia Gallagher Fitzpatrick, '55 Sister Kathleen Flanagan, '65 Paula Tierney Florentino, '51 FM Global Foundation Conrad and Linda Foa William S. Ford, Jr. Rita Menegus Foti, '58 Carol Sullivan Fowler, '81 Kim Franklin Patricia Franks, '67 Jeanette Fredericks, '94 Fredrickson Foundation Brian Friedlander Elsbeth MacCulley Fullem, '52 Francis T. Gain III Patricia Galagan, '63 Mary Jean Bure Gallagher, '52 Blanche Cholet Gandolf, '45 Mary-Lou Pellegrino Gannon, '61

Suzanne Jacques Gavin, '62 GE Foundation Georgia-Pacific Faith Kramer Germino, '52 Virginia Gallo Gerner, '57 James P. Gerrish Camille Della Volpe Giancristofaro, '60 Kathleen Gibney, '74 Margaret Flaherty Gillen, '45 Ginty's Irish Gifts Edwina Hagan Giuliano, '45 Joyce Gladstein Aline Collins Glavin, '51 Johanna Glazewski, '62 Evelyn Slason Gobstein, '77 Bill Goetz Susan Daly Goldstein, '71 Phyllis Meccia Gorman, '52 Elizabeth Goubeaud, '49 Eileen McGrath Grace, '52 John G. Graham Linda Moore Grant, '45 Ora West Grant, '35 † NFS Mary Jane Strattner Gregory, '44 Maureen Callaghan Griffin, '57 Pamela Horn Griffin, '58 Sister Anne Grimes, S.C., '58 Maryanne Kozel Gross, '52 Carol Martine Gubernat, '57 Jean Marie Gartlan Guilfoyle, '55 Donald G. Haarer Sister Anne Haarer Dr. Hannelore Hahn Lenora Delehanty Halpin, '30 † Mary Egbert Hamilton, '57 Barbara Baldovin Hanlon, '59 Helen Anderson Hanlon, '56 Marion Marcucci Hardy, '60 NFS Kevin M. Healey Helen Byrne Heckman, '69 Kathleen Jeanneret Hegarty, '64 Frank Heilenday Sister Anita Richard Heilenday, '50 Patricia Heindel Sharon Hellwig Sister Jean Hemmer, Ph.D., '43 Carole Muldoon Hennessy, '58 Margaret Sullivan Henry, '70 Christine Seery Higgins, '81 Jeanine Hirsch Hoffmann-LaRoche, Inc. Teresa Nodolski Hofmann, '50 † Yolanda Tomaiuoli Holliger, '59 Marie Tagliabue Horan, '59 AnneMarie Hornyak, '73 Roberta Horton, '59 NFS Barbara O'Sullivan Hourigan, '58 Carol Odell Howard, '58 Herman Huber Barbara Quigley Hungerford, '52 Agnes Finnegan Hunt, '61 Angela Pernetti Hunt, '58 Linda Hunter Ann Mishler Hutzel, '60

We gratefully acknowledge these bequests received in Fiscal Years 2005 and 2006. The generous spirits of the donors live on in all who benefit from their legacies. Claire Armstrong, '47 Helen Barrett, '33 Clara T. DeFilippis Mary Fitzsimmons Rita Gill, '37 Antonia Higginson, '22

Vivian Infantino, '48 Jean Judge, '44 Rosemary Kane, '43 Winifred Kerins, '37 Mary Nesbitt, '37 Sydney Tompkins, '41

Kathleen G. Hyland Mildred Ingram, '60 Medelise Dzinsky Jackson, '47 Mary Louise Turchik Jagoe, '58 Winifred Markell Johanson, '67 NFS Claire Grissing Johnsen, '56 Karine Joly Genevieve Jonte, '39 NFS Margaret G. Jordan, '53 Jean Judge, '44 † NFS Rosemary Kane, '43 † Sister Margaret Kane † Rosemary Moran Karl, '52 Carolyn Musto Kassabian, '58 Julie Kaufmann, '80 Mary Leahy Kaveny, '30 † Sonja Kazmer, '69 Anne Keating, '68 Dorothy Carrigan Kehoe, '58 Joan Showalter Kelaher, '57 Barbara VanNess Ketchum, '60 Claire Ann Dehler Kinney, '57 Margot Klarnet Amy Kmetz Knight-Ridder, Inc. Ann Guarracini Kosco, '76 NFS Matthew Kovacs Mary Dehmer Krasinski, '52 Audry Melkowits Kravarik, '52 Christine Wilk Kulikowski, '66 Yolanda Mazza Kunz, '68 NFS Barbara Arminio La Mort, '71

Paul LaChance Diane Paul Ladner, '61 Patricia Byrnes Lang, '86 Cecilia Romano Laureys, '52 Deborah Tice Leather, '71 Cathy Lee Fiona Ma Lee, '84 Joyce Memminger Lehman, '52 Helen Michel Lennon, '51 Kenneth Levitt Candace Wolfe Levy, '67 Suzzette Sica Levy, '58 Joan Lewis, '52 NFS Judith Cowey Leys, '51 Donna Lindemeyer Kathryn Burre Liptak, '52 Mary Eckel Little, '52 Sheila O'Mahoney Lombardi, '57 Ronald Loneker, Jr. Helen Negrey Long, '50 Mark E. Long Michael D. Loprete Rosemary Reilly Love, '57 Joan Doherty Lovero, '60 Monica Luby Dorothea Fitzpatrick Lucarelli, '59 Marjorie McEntegart Ludecker, '51 Linda Macios, '03 Emily Brown Maher, '51 Alice Cassidy Maloney, '44 Mary Anne Diorio Manning, '72 Kathryn Sullivan Mantineo, '66 Lucy Mao Sigmund, RD, '54 NFS Patricia Markey Ruth Carlin Markey, '45 Alan H. Markowitz Gertrude Marley, '48 Joanne Grimes Marriott, '68 Catherine Martin Tracey Mascolo, '96 Viola Higgins Masterson, '50 Mary Jane Conway Matier, '59 Megan McCarthy, '98 Barbara Drumm McCluskey, '57 Patricia Gavin McConville, '65 Grace Gaffney McCrane, '53 Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. McDade Margaret Sweeney McGann, '51 Patricia Burke McGeehan, '58 Dr. Virginia E. McGlone Elaine Mc Goldrick McGovern, '51 Maureen McGuire, '62 Carol Pompilio McIntyre, '57 Mary Toohey McIntyre, '52 Grace O'Brien McKernan, '52 Margaret J. McLean Sharon McNulty Maria Medina Genevieve M. Mehl, '58 NFS Marie Cacchio Mele, '51 Margaret Madden Melnik, '67 Merck Company Foundation Peter and Mary Ellen Merrill Merrill Lynch & Company Mary Jane Londregan Meschino, '75 Judith Regan Messing, '60 Margaret Ginty Meys, '57 Susan McGlory Michel, '80 Florence Milkiewicz Dorothea Schmidt Montone, '37 † NFS Joyce D. Moscaritola M.D., '60 Patricia Conway Motto, '57 Mary Mullarkey, '58 Elizabeth Dolan Muller, '45 Kerry Mullins, '97 Mary Burns Muoio, '51 Corinne Murphy, '40 † Mary Murphy, '62 NFS Catherine Flaherty Murray, '50 Louise Murray Margaret Pinkman Murray, '58 Patricia Mann Murray, '58 Alexander Murzaku Nabisco Foundation Pien Nagy Sigafoose, '75 Joan Dopieralski Nakielny, '61 Yolanda A. Nargiello, '79 Nasdaq Antitrust Litigation Mary Rose Neff, '57 Mary Hope Kays Nepote, '61 Carolyn Holmes Neumann, '45 New York Life Foundation Kathleen Glasser Newill, '58 Mary Mullen Newman, '71 Carol Niemand, '64 Patricia O'Brien Nociolo, '58 Ann Hackett Noone, '58 Anne Bradshaw O'Brien, '48 Jean O'Brien, '43 † NFS Mary Beth Casey O'Brien, '59 Rosemary Murphy O'Brien, '52 NFS Alice O'Connor, '34 † Marjorie D. O'Connor Norma Minicucci O'Connor, '61 Patricia Hyer O'Connor, '61 Rosemary Marren O'Connor, '58 Jane Murray O'Grady, '35 NFS Dawn O'Leary Ann Nolan O'Neill, '47 George J. Palmer Kathleen Ard Pankratz, '70

Jane G. Parker Mary and Monroe Parker Maeve Flynn Paul, '62 Pearson Education Mr. Henry D. Pelletier, Jr. Marita Fallon Pelletier, '57 PepsiCo Foundation Inc. David Perkins B. Carol and Pierson Mary Ann Blair Pietromonaco, '65 Karen Fryer Pingarron, '61 Melanie S. Pinzuti Joan Wilckens Pittis, '75 Nancy Kelly Plympton, '58 Gaile Benson Pohlhaus, '60 Marycecile Mortenson Pomeroy, '50 † Shirley Pomponi, '71 Genevieve Porte, '62 Diane Possumato, '03 Duane McEwen Post, '61 Beverly Powell, M.D., '67 NFS Gloria Knauf Price, '52 Public Service Electric & Gas Anna Rita Lyons Quinn, '72 Rosina Grogan Quinn, '46 Julia Read † Jeanne Repici Renkun, '62

New Founders Society The New Founders Society recognizes alumnae/i and friends who have made planned gifts to the College of Saint Elizabeth in the form of bequests, charitable remainder trusts and life insurance. All of these gifts help build the College’s endowment, which has grown to more than $18 million in the past decade. To provide for future students, the College seeks an endowment of at least $50 million. For information, please call (973) 290-4455.

Barbara Christinzio Repice, '65 Resurrection Parish Marjorie LaChapelle Reynolds, '57 Marily Rhudy Mary Ann Ricciotti Rita Cassidy Richardson, '37 Anne Gaffney Richter, '34 Dorothy A. Richter Elizabeth Miller Rifino, '54 NFS Cynthia Wilton Riggs, '75 John J. Riordan † NFS Donna Bentges Rocque, '54 Roebling Chapter Society for Industrial Archeology Lawrence and Pamela Roehrl-Lack Carole Garibaldi Rogers, '01 Barbara Gill Rogus, '64 Margaret Roman, '72 Josephine Trigiani Ronca, '61 Helen M. Rosamilia, '58 Maureen Flaherty Ross, '51 Adelaide Finnegan Rossey, '58 Margaret Bennett Rucki, '38 † NFS Diane Pizzi Ruggiero, '57 Marilyn Murphy Ruocco, '51 Toni Ann Russo, '04 Margaret O'Donnell Ryan, '57 Mary Beth McEnroe Ryan, '50 Patricia Dolan Ryan, '52 Mary Zelazny Rydstrom, '92 Henry Sandbach Anthony Santamaria Melissa Sarsten Barbara Ann Klem Schacher, '59 Barbara Jean Schlegel Donna M. Schlegel Richard Paul Schlegel William Maichle Schlegel Angela Clarken Schmidt, '52 Mary Lou Noble Schneider, '59 Richard Schnell Madeline Magnier Schollmeyer, '51 Anne Keller Schreitmueller, '58 Jane Schumann Mary Woodruff Scirocco, '77 Valerie Scott Linda Scully, '76 Filomena Scuro Elizabeth Harrison Segers, '50 Virginia Sejman, '45 Eleanor Owens Selavka, '52 Sister Mary George Senderak, '59 Mary Griffin Shanahan, '52 Sister Eileen Shaw, '60 Margaret Garrity Shea, '49 Mary Kay Hughes Shortt, '52 Andrea Simon, Ph.D. Susan M. Simonaitis George Sirgiovanni, Ph.D. Thomas Sirinides Sisters of Charity Jean Meyers Skevington, '47 Kathleen Mulderry Smith, '61 Mary Lou Popan Smith, '80 Teresa Granata Smith, '36 † NFS Eileen Specchio Anita M. Spellman Judith Spinola, '71 Susan Hornyak Staab, '71


Capital Campaign Cumulative Donor List, 1999-2006 (cont.) Nancy J. Stack Martha McLaughlin Stebner, '58 Maureen White Stickel, '52 Margaret Stokesbury, '44 † NFS Flora Stowe Beatrice Straton, '52 Winifred Sullivan, '31† Elizabeth Reilly Sutherland, '52 Elinor Coleman Sweeney, '51 Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Sweeny Catherine Tansey † Eda Franzetti Tato, '78 Geraldine Felock Tavares, '59 Mary Roach Taylor, '42 Temple Beth Am Textron The Atlantic Philanthropies The Healey Family Foundation The Prudential Foundation Shirley Hayes Tolentino, '65 Kathleen Murphy Toombs, '60 Carmen and Marie Toto Robert Towey

Marie Wong Tsang, '62 Deborah Tulloch Elizabeth Farrell Tunny, '53 Mary Jane Swick Tyler, '61 Russell and Jacqueline Tyndall Kathleen Underwood 2002 Marie Regan Van Houten, '46 Marcia Van Note, '61 Verizon Gloria Todino Verrochi, '48 Patricia Villanova Vetter, '62 Constance Syrigos Vickers, '71 Gina Cabibbo Viruet, '93 Carolyn Palcar Voda, '52 W.K. Kellogg Foundation Mary Jane Waldron, '45 NF Gwen Naef Wall, '59 Katherine Vickers Walsh, '58 Teresa Walters Stephanie Mongiello Wauters, '67 Kathleen O'Connell Webster, '50 Amy Whalen Mary Swift Whalen, '61

Margaret Whelan, '52 Aileen White, '68 NFS Pauline Lucius Williams, '38 † NFS Laura Winters, Ph.D. Wisniewski, Thomas Mary Paula Woods, '39 NFS Josephine Keating Woodward, '69 Clare Stauder Wright, '57 Louise Pao-Ying Luk Wu, '57 Cynthia Young Wynant, '85 Xerox Foundation Edward Yaw Jesse Xun Yu John M. Zavada Mary R. Zavada, '57 Marguerite Ryan Zerrer, '57 Other New Founders Anonymous, '54 Anita Angiulli, '43 Jayne Lair BecVar, '44 Maureen Toner Bongard, '78 Joan Cantrell Brady, '52 Maria Cravanzola, '62

Dolores Dorsey, '50 Alana Edelmann, '70 Carol-Marie Byrne Ellwood, '69 Michele Torchia Feltman, '82 Marilyn Fingerhut, '64 Rita LaTour Goodemote, '41 Anne Marie Greene, '51 Marion Blake Heger, '44 Ellen V. Kelly Mary Mazzarella DeMayo, M.D., '55 Mary McCormick, '52 Dr. Ian Mininberg Joan Wachendorf Murphy, 67 Patricia Brown Murray, '50 Gertrude and Victor Swenson Kathleen T. Taylor, '82 Catherine Vota, C.P.E., '58 Jane Crowe Willard, '53

Tower Circle We are deeply grateful to these individuals, families and corporate foundations whose cumulative giving to the College of Saint Elizabeth totaled $100,000 or more as of June 30, 2006. Your ongoing commitment to excellence in education is a source of strength and inspiration to the College community. Thank you! Anonymous † Anonymous, '54 Anonymous, '56 Anonymous, '56 Anonymous, '57 Anonymous, '59 Anonymous, '95 Allied Signal Foundation, Inc. Alumnae Association Magdalen Fullum Arkell, '37 † AT&T Foundation Bank of New York and the George Link, Jr. Foundation Helen Sheehan Barrett, '33 † Robert Bennett Bergen Foundation Nathalie Calpini Berger, '80 Thomas and Theresa A. Berry, '01 Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Les and Carol Brualdi, Jr. G. William Calascione, Esq. † Dorothy Carleton, '33 † Charles Edison Fund Lenore Y. Chen, '39 † Margaret Muller Clarke, '19 † Ann Meehan Coleman, '25 †

J. Martin Comey Leonora Burtt Conroy, '41 Marian Spiegel Cooke, '41 Kathleen Nulty Culley, '92 Jane Charles Cunniffe, '57 Julia Kerr Davies, '18 † J. Hugh and Nancy Devlin Sister Marian Frances Dillon, '00 † Dolan Family Foundation Nancy Dowd, '54 Alana Edelmann, '70 ExxonMobil Foundation Anita Falla, M.D., '43 Mary Feder, '27 † Eileen Sullivan Fell, '58 Mary Fitzsimmons † Charles and Joan Foerster Adrian M. Foley, Esq. Sister Olive Garty, '37 † George Link Jr. Foundation Genevieve Greenwood † Marie O'Keefe Henderson, '20 † Antonia Higginson, '22 † Frank and Lucille Hoenemeyer Hoffmann-LaRoche, Inc. Honeywell International, Inc.

Independent College Fund of New Jersey Vivian Infantino, '48 † Anna Jackson, '36 † Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Jean Judge, '44 † Richard W. and Robyn Keelty Kathryn Boyle Kelly, '31 † John Kiernan † Pamela York Klainer, '67 Priscilla Lenihan Lawler, '40 † Rita Lenihan, USN, '35 † Barbara Luciano, '77 Marie Henderson Magnier, '53 Therese Maloney, '51 Barry and Barbara Marinan Margaret Sweeney McBride, '33 † Mary McGrath, '49 Eleanor Hess McMahon, Ed.D., '50 † Sally Lou McMurray, '54 † Beatrice Pietroniro Nielsen, '34 † Angela Nilan, '30 † Victoria Albright Null, '70 Judith Katz O'Donnell, '64 Anna Grace Oslansky, '53 Mary Norma Petter, '41 † Pfizer Foundation

Rudolph Pinter † Margaret Purcell, '24 † Jane Micucci Rainis, '76 Elizabeth Weller Renyi, '69 John J. Riordan † Richard Riordan Florence Meehan Rosse, '70 Schering-Plough Foundation Francine Cheeseman Shaw, '76 William E. Simon † Sisters of Charity Grace Squire, '38 † State of New Jersey Margaret Sullivan, '30 Gertrude Swenson Eleanor Tracey, '35 † Ursula Uttley, '33 † Caroline Caruso Wakefield, '41 Elizabeth Murphy Ward, '27 † Warner-Lambert Company Mary R. Zavada, '57

† - Deceased

We gratefully acknowledge all those who plan to leave a legacy of appreciation and blessing for future generations by annuities, trusts and bequests.

Holy Family Circle Our special thanks to the following individuals and corporate foundations who made contributions of $25,000 or more to the College’s Annual Fund and/or Capital Campaign in a single year between July 1, 2004 and June 30, 2006. This exceptional support drives the College forward with great energy and faith in its future. Thank you!


Anonymous, '54 Anonymous, '65 Bank of New York Bergen Foundation Theresa A. Berry, '01 Ulysses Brualdi, Jr. Margaret H. Connell, '27 † ExxonMobil Foundation Eileen Sullivan Fell, '58 Mary J. Fitzsimmons † Adrian M. Foley, Esq. Rita L. Gill, '37 † Genevieve Greenwood † Antonia Higginson, '22 Independent College Fund of New Jersey Vivian Infantino, '48 † Jewish Community Foundation Evelyn B. Johnson, '29 † Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies

Jean F. Judge, '44 † Lois A. Kraft, '95 Mary H. Lewis, '56 Therese A. Maloney, '51 Richard P. McMahon, Esq. Helen N. Murphy, '33 † Mary G. Nesbitt, '37 † Beatrice P. Nielsen, '34 † Pfizer Foundation Mary M. Pramuk Florence Rosse, '70 Mary A. Scannell, 45 Francine Cheeseman Shaw, '76 Charles C. Sirgiovanni Sisters of Charity Sydney W.Tompkins, '41† Caroline C. Wakefield, '41 Mary R. Zavada, '57

Can’t find your name? These lists include gifts made between July 1, 2004 and June 30, 2006. If you made your gift after June 30, 2006, your name will appear in the 2006-2007 Annual Report. Thank you for your gift!

Gifts in honor of Ellieen Ancrum, '80 Sister Elena Francis Arminio Sister Francis Augustine † Dale and Susan Banks Dr. Barbara Bari † Katherine Buck Sister Marie Jonathan Bulisok, '64 Sister Jacqueline Burns, '57 Elizabeth Cavanaugh Sister Jane Cavanaugh, '57 Mary Chester Elizabeth Ann Clarken Class of 1951 Class of 1960 Conchita Ryan Collins, '52 Sister Margaret Conklin, '47 Caitlin Conroy, '06 Sister Maureen Crowley, '63 Sister Ellen Dauwer, '77 Sister Ellen Mary Desmond, Ph.D., '50 Olga DeZayas Sister Eileen Dolan, '57 Nancy Dowd, '54 Julia Egan, '03

Robert E. Egan Marjorie Feinstein Margot Stickley Ferry, '57 Edward T. Ferry Patricia Gallagher Fitzpatrick, '56 Sister Kathleen Flanagan, '65 Sister Patricia Flarity, '52 Sister Patricia Flynn, '62 David Fulton Sister Marguerite F. Goodwin, '41 Mary Jane Strattner Gregory, '44 Lynnette Gronemann Sister Anne Haarer, '62 Margaret A. Healey Sister Anita Richard Heilenday, '50 Dr. Patricia Heindel Sister Jean Hemmer, '43 Dorothy Connors Hennessey, '49 Sister Sheila Holleran Sister Mary D. Hornyak, '57 Gilliam M. Hulsizer Linda Hunter Sister Dorothy Jose Sister Marianne Joyce, '66 †

Sister Mary Kapinos, '50 † Sister Virginia Keane, '60 Anne O'Neill Kellers, '65 Eileen Kennedy Sister Marie Irma Kessler, '60 Margot Klarnet Patricia Byrnes Lang, '86 Murray Laulicht Sister Janet Lehmann, '65 Sister Helen Jean Everett Lichtenberg Eline Lima Sister Alice Lubin, '45 William Luithle Dr. Ann Lux-Krietsch, '60 Sister Hildegarde M. Mahoney, '34 Sister Anita Marcellis, '60 Leo and Yolanda Mazza Mary Mazzarella DeMayo, M.D., '55 Sharon McNulty William and Helen Mertens Mary Jane Trainer Mullaney, '52 Elizabeth Mysiewicz Frank Nolan Sheila Flaherty O'Brien, '53

April Plantamura Sister Francis Raftery Dr. Kathleen A. Reddick Anne Mc Elroy Regan, '48 Sister Frances A. Ritchie Christine Rocco Dr. Margaret Roman, '72 Sister Agnes Vincent Rueshoff, '60 Dr.Valerie Scott Margaret Zech Scotto Sister Mary George Senderak, '59 Dr. Harriet Sepinwall Sister Eileen Shaw, '60 Sister Loretta Maria Sheehy, '24 Michele Silva Dr. George Sirgiovanni Sister Marian José Smith, '36 Chase Stehlgens Janet M.Tice Dr. Joan T. Walters, '61 Dr. Jesse Xun Yu Eugene † and Virginia Zelazny

Doris Kerwin, '49 Virginia Kiernan, '83 Gertrude Carr Koch, '35 Charles and Mary Eileen Koenig Eve Koman Koman Kossey, '48 Sister Elizabeth Henry Krauss, '00 R. Samuel La Monica Mary S. Lacey Helene Regan Larkin, '18 Sister Anna Catherine Lawlor James M. Lennon, Patricia Durnan Lobos, '53 Mary Jane Smith Lomartire, '43 Hardy M. Lowell E. Sheila Luciuk, '00 Tony and Mary Lupardi Sister Theresa Angela Madden, '53 Paul and Margaret Maggio Peter T. and Mary E. Mahoney Sister Cathleen Maloney, '42 John W. Marren Helen Grimm Mason, '43 Francis Edward Mason Leona Adamo Maxwell, '67 Intalo Mazzri Reverend David W. McCarthy Sister Anne Josephine McDermott Anne E. McDermott Mary A. McDonough Sister Blanche Marie McEniry, '27 Agnes Volker McEntee, '41 Sister Anne Cecilia McGarigle, '54 Maryclaire McGuire Marie O'Donnell McHarg Eleanor Hess McMahon, Ed.D., '50 James and Florence McNulty James and Genevieve Mears Anna Mae Forster Melosh, '39 Genevieve Caprio Messina, '35 Mary Ann Ulbrich Meyer, '48 Mary Mackinson Miller, '45 Dr. Raam R. Mohan Nancy Shanahan Moraghan, '52 Clare Coyle Morris, '32 Elizabeth Moscaritola Elizabeth McManus Mullaney, '28 Catherine Muller, '27 Elizabeth Magovern Murphy, '35 Helen Nolan Murphy Vincent and Virginia Murray Loretta Mylott Mary Grace Neagle, '39 Angela Nilan, '30 Anne Gannon Nolan, '48 Jean O'Brien, '43 Grace O'Connor O'Brien, '43 Sister Josephine Marie O'Brien, '41

Sister Mary Catharine O'Connor, '17 Sister Frances Elena O'Leary, '38 John J. O'Neill Catherine O'Sullivan Eleanore Mortenson Palmer, '41 Barbara Belfatto Papetti, '58 Sister Rose Patricia Sister Mary Carita Pendergast, '55 Sister Eleanor Maria Pettit, '39 Mary Lou Pfeiffer, '96 Rose Dougherty Phelan, '37 Helen Phillips Phillips, '23 Louise J. Pirrone Virgil P. Pisapia Joseph Pollard Marycecile Mortenson Pomeroy, '50 Anita Bawo Powers, '24 William T. Powers Helen and Anthony Ray Mary Reinschmidt-Engel, '74 Elisa Renzulli Elizabeth Riggs Sister Therese Aquinas Roche, '54 Grant and Hazel Rome, Jr. Stephen T. Ronan William Ronca Walter and Nellie Rossburg Helen Bittrich Rottstock Sister Marie Rousek, '47 Kathleen Gorman Rurak, C.P.A., '65 John Joseph Schambach Alice Kilkenny Schlatmann Eleanor Carton Schuelke, '36 John Schumann Edith Mortensen Scotti, '88 Eileen Hammill Shaw, '33 Sister Loretta Maria Sheehy, '24 Catherine Smith Robert Snyder Karen Burger Spyer, '72 Elizabeth Connors Stager, '44 Geraldine Ward Steckroth, '70 Julia M. Sullivan John Sullivan Ella M. Sullivan, '32 Elizabeth Ann Strattner Vandenburgh, '46 Sister Mary Hillman Vincent, '04 Sister Constance Marie Wallace, '18 Ursula Weglein Weglein, '60 Philip J. Weiler June White, '84 Marie McGuire Wilson, '29 Shirley Wilton Eileen Prindiville Wyville, '49 Teresa and Stefan Zawadzki

Gifts in memory of Josephine Adamo Glenn Albright Reverend Alfonse M. Arminio Claire Burns Armstrong, '47 Helen Kayser Arnheiter, '43 Mary Nunes Baker, '52 Madalena Balacco Stephen Bari Lena Barlotta Helen Sheehan Barrett, '33 Theodora Baumgartner Baumgartner, '43 Mildred R. Bedell John Bell David Bixel William and Louise Blum Vincent L. Bordonaro Sister Mary Beatrice Bours Thomas and Anna Bradshaw, '48 Raymond F. Brennan Sister Rose De Lima Briody, '19 Ronald and Rita Brown Elizabeth Brundage Margaret Steim Burke, '49 George and Madeline Burry Ruth Busch Anne Marie Newall Butterworth, '58 Neal and Constance Byars Patricia Knaus Cameron, '51 Sister Dorothy Clare Cannon, '45 Cordelia Ann Lelhman Cardinali, '52 Nan and Jim Carey Sister Rita Carmel Veronica Carr Henrietta Carroll Frank and Frances Caruso Nicholas Cautero James Cavanaugh Sister Rose Anita Cerna, '27 Eleanor Ely Chase, '43 Lenore Loe Chen, '39 Marcelle Chenard, Ph.D. Lauretta Clancy Deceased Classmates of, '67 Sister Anne Gertrude Coleman Sister Eileen Conaty, '50 Sister Anna Concilio Nora and Williams Cooper Marion Hogan Copperthwaite, '43 Sister Marie Victoire Corr, '22 Margaret Meseck Cregan, '33 Charles Daino Alice O'Meara de la Haba, '48 Deceased Classmates Evangeline F. Deckert, '24 Zita M. Deckert, '18 Sally Degelmann Robert V. Delaney

Sister Maria Rosa Delgado, '57 Lindsay DellaSerra Frederick and Agnes Dente Daniel F. Dobson Jane Donelan Doherty, '48 James A. Dolan Dorothy Donnelly, '42 Joan Cullen Doris, '49 Ellen Druffner, '46 Diane Robertson Duffy, '60 Reverend Mother M. Elenita Sister Jane Marie Farrell, '22 Dr. John Ferretti Barbara Ficks Barbara Blake Finn, '37 Mary Teresa Rocco Fitzsimons, '82 Catherine Cumiskey Fleming, '51 Grace Sneyers Floriani, '67 Mary Malone Foley, '44 Sister Anne Ford, '00 Sister Mary Holbrow Frederick, '27 Joan Futty Tagg George Gallart Margaret E. Gatley David and Jean Gerrish Sister Mary Carmela Gilroy, '41 William and Florence Glasser Irene Pancani Gloriande, '68 Andrew and Frances Gorske Sister Anne G. Guinee, '54 Maureen Hackett, '60 John F. Harkins Patricia Delaney Havey, '66 Judith Hawkins Wardlow, '61 Helen R. Healey, '24 Kathryn Healey, '22 Jeanne A. Heimbold Thomas Hippe Sister Mary Frederick Holbrow, '31 Charles Holzwarth Sister Elizabeth Houlihan, '34 Lois Lee Hwang, '34 Sister Elizabeth Irene Mary Rapuano Jackson, '68 Anna Jackson, '36 Lillian M. Jennings Sister Ellen Joyce, Ph.D., '60 Sister Marianne Joyce, '66 Jean Judge, '44 Sister Mary Elise Kabis, '32 Julius and Margaret Kajan Rosemary Kane, '43 Sister Mary Kapinos, '50 Mildred Moran Keegan Richard Kehoe Sister Winnifred A. Kelly Sister Thomas Mary Kerin, O.P., '39


CSE Mourns the Loss of Two Cherished Sisters of Charity Sister Mary Kapinos, '50 Formerly Sister Rita Ann, age 76, Sister Mary Kapinos passed away Thursday, August 25, 2005. Sister Mary entered the Sisters of Charity on September 6, 1953, and was a member for 52 years. She received her B.S. in Business from the College in 1950, and her master’s degree from the University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Ind. She taught at the Academy of Saint Elizabeth; the Academy of St.Aloysius in Jersey City; De Paul Diocesan High School in Wayne; and Bayley Ellard High School, Madison. From 1965 to 1971, Sister Mary served as treasurer for CSE. From 1971 to 2005, she was a faculty member and Chairperson in the business administration department at the College. Sister Mary received the Kelligar Medal in 1990, and the Middle States Association recognized her for her 25 years of service as an external evaluator of colleges for accreditation purposes.The New Jersey Society of CPAs presented her with its Outstanding Educators Award in 1996. Sister Mary served on the Board of Directors of the Alumnae/i Association, and she was the Coordinator at two sites of a College-sponsored Volunteer Income Tax Assistance effort from 1986 to 1992. For a number of years, she took responsibility for maintaining the financial records of all student clubs and organizations. “Mary was a woman of deep and fierce commitments. She was fiercely committed to the Sisters of Charity, to our mission and to our values,” said Sister Mary Canavan. Sister Marianne Joyce, '66 Sister Marianne Joyce, formerly Sister Mary Brian, died at the age of 74 on Saturday, October 1, 2005, the Feast of St.Thérèse of the Child Jesus. Sister Marianne entered the Sisters of Charity on October 2, 1948, and was a member for 57 years. Sister Marianne received her B.S. in Elementary Education from the College in 1966 and her master of arts degree from LaSalle University, Philadelphia, Pa. She taught at Saint Stephen in Arlington from 1950 to 1960; at Saint Joseph in Jersey City from 1960 to 1962; and at Our Lady of Grace in Hoboken from 1962 to 1969. She was the director of religious education at Saint Margaret Parish in Morristown from 1970 to 1976. She ministered in bereavement programs for the Shell of Hope in Brooklyn for a year and was then pastoral minister at Holy Name in East Orange from 1977 to 1984. In 1984, Sister Marianne began ministry at the College as administrative assistant to the Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students, a post she held until her illness. Sister Francis Raftery, President of CSE, said,“Sister Marianne Joyce lived in our midst spreading her extraordinary gift of hospitality and love to all those she met students, staff, faculty, administrators, members of the civic community and church community. She had a deep devotion to St.Thérèse who spent her life doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Sister Marianne patterned her life after this great Saint and it was fitting that she return home to God on this day,” said Sister Francis. 16

CSE Making Headline News CSE is always making headline news: coverage includes major network television, tri-state and local cable news, national digest magazine, and state and local newspapers. Below is a sample of how our students, faculty and staff have been featured in the news.

The Annunciation Center groundbreaking appeared in USA Today, WCBS News Radio 880 AM, The StarLedger, and the Daily Record. Both Sister Francis Raftery, President of CSE, and Carol Jaworski, CSE Campus Minister, were interviewed about the $17 million multipurpose complex which will house the art, music and theology departments as well as the Holocaust Education Resource Center and the Center for Theological and Spiritual Development. A 566-seat theater and art gallery will also reside within the 44,000-square-foot building scheduled to open Fall 2007.

In February 2005, WMBC News, Channel 63; WABC News, Channel 7; The Star-Ledger; and the Daily Record interviewed CSE students, faculty and staff about the College’s Wellness Initiative. “Wholeness, Wellness and Worth” was a two-month wellness challenge aimed at students, faculty and staff members, through joint efforts of several key departments. Members of the College community took part in blood pressure screenings, body composition tests, glucose tests, nutrition counseling and more. (WMBC News, February 8, 2005 and April 11, 2005; WABC News, February 7, 2005; The Star-Ledger, February 8, 2005; Daily Record, February 4, 2005)

NJN News (New Jersey Network) and Thirteen/WNET-TV interviewed Dr. Jean Burge, Chair of the Foods and Nutrition Department, and featured how students in the CSE Foods and Nutrition department learn about weight control issues and benefit from a state-of-the-art metabolism lab. (NJN News and Thirteen/WNET-TV, November 30, 2004)

(USA Today, September 2, 2005;WCBS News Radio 880 AM, September 1, 2005;The Star-Ledger, October 6, 2005; and Daily Record, September 1, 2005)

CSE honored the legacy of the Degnan family at its Fifth Annual Scholarship and Gala on Thursday, June 22, 2006 at the Madison Hotel. The Star-Ledger, Daily Record and The Beacon covered this yearly event which honored eight members of the Degnan family (seven CSE alums and one CSE honorary degree recipient) for their philanthropic leadership, professional integrity and service to community. (The Star-Ledger “Morris County,” July 20, 2006; Daily Record, June 23, 2006; Beacon, July 27, 2006)

On January 6, 2006, Women’s College basketball captain Mary Doolan, '06, became the fifth CSE player to score more than 1,000 career points. Her 1,006th career point in her fouryear career came against Fairleigh Dickinson-Florham Park. The Star-Ledger, Daily Record and Ms. Doolan’s hometown newspaper, the Jersey Journal, all covered this special event. (Jersey Journal, November 23, 2005 and January 14, 2006; Daily Record, January 20, 2006; The Star-Ledger, January 17, 2006 and January 26, 2006)

Sister Francis Raftery, President of the College, was interviewed for the June 2005 issue of the Catholic Digest on the importance of a liberal arts education for women in a Catholic institution. According to Sister Francis, the initial impulse when the College was founded in 1899 was a desire to give women more opportunities to enjoy higher education and become leaders in society. The College held its 103rd Commencement exercises on May 14, 2005, when 257 undergraduate students and 182 graduate students received degrees making the Class of 2005 the largest in CSE history. The Star-Ledger, Daily Record, and The Beacon covered the story and The Star-Ledger interviewed Kelvin Dixon of Rockaway, a captain in the Navy, who earned his degree between deployments to Iraq and Bahrain. (The Star-Ledger, May 15, 2005; Daily Record, May 15, 2005 and May 17, 2005; the Beacon, May 12 and May 26, 2005)

CSE alum Mala Kadar was interviewed for a cover story, “Morristown Nurse Off to Help Survivors of Tsunami” in the January 6, 2005 issue of the Daily Record. Ms. Kadar, who lives in Morristown and is a registered nurse at the Catholic Community Services in Newark, collected donated medical supplies at her alma mater which she took to her home country of Sri Lanka. News 12 New Jersey and The Star-Ledger interviewed CSE students and Dr. Harriet Sepinwall, professor of education and co-founder of the Holocaust Education Resource Center, about the campus candlelight vigil, November 8, 2004 as part of CSE's annual week of Holocaust Remembrance.Throughout the week, the Center provided programs, films and classes, all open to the public, on prejudice reduction in society. (News 12 New Jersey, November 9, 2004; The Star-Ledger, November 9, 2004)


President’s Council Members The 2005 and 2006 President’s Council is composed of the College’s generous benefactors who have given $1,000 or more in cash or stock to the College through the Annual Fund, Capital Campaign, and the “Celebrate Scholarship and Excellence Dinner” in a single year between July 1, 2004 and June 30, 2006.They are people from all constituencies whose generosity of spirit goes far beyond their extraordinary annual financial support.The President's Council sustained commitment as a group and as individuals to expanding its membership and levels of support has created unprecedented growth and opportunity at the College. It is a prominent group of alumnae/i, parents, students, faculty, corporations, foundations, and other good friends on whom the President can call for help, expertise, insight, outreach and vision as she leads the College into the future. 1899 FOUNDERS SOCIETY (Gifts over $10,000) Alumnae/i Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous Anonymous, '65 Magdalen F. Arkell, '37†* Helen K. Arnheiter, '43 †^ Theresa A. Berry, '01 * Janice Carty, '63 Lenore Y. Chen, '39 † Kathleen Culley, '92 Grace R. Conway, '49 Marian S. Cooke, '41* Jane C. Cunniffe, '57*^ Anita Falla, '43 *^ Eileen Fell, '58 Marilyn A. Fingerhut, '64 † Elaine Grillo, '77 Anne Marie Greene, '49 Antonia Higginson, '22 †* Barbara L. Hoff, '53 Anna Jackson, '36 †^ Evelyn Johnson, '29 † Kathryn B. Kelly, '31†* Pamela Klainer * Marie H. Magnier, '53* Therese A. Maloney, '51* Margaret S. McBride, '33 †* Mary P. McGrath, '34 * Sister Mary Louise Moran, '56 Mary Jane Mullaney, '52 Maureen Murray, '85 ^ Victoria A. Null, '70 Sheila F. O'Brien, '53 Judith K. O'Donnell, '64 * Anna Grace Oslansky, '53 ^ Elizabeth M. Renyi, '69 * Florence M. Rosse, '70* Valerie Rowe, '68 Francine P. Shaw, '76 Harriett R. Sosely, '58 Margaret M. Sullivan, '30 *^ Ursula Uttley, '33 †^ Ruth B.Varley, '46 Carloine C. Wakefield, '41 Elizabeth C. Walker, '56 Marianne Weber, '80 * Mary R. Zavada, '57 * Friends Ulysses Brualdi John J. Degnan Mary Fitzsimmons * Charles E. Foerster Adrian M. Foley, Jr., Esq. Michael Ko Barry Marinan Robert E. Meehan Richard P. McMahon, Esq. Mary M. Pramuk Harriet Sepinwall Charles C. Sirgiovanni Stephen J. Sweeny Frank Walsh Corporations and Foundations Bank of New York Chubb & Son, Inc. Independent College Fund of New Jersey Jewish Community Foundation Milano Foundation Morris Township Day, Inc. Pfizer, Inc. Sisters of Charity BAYLEY SOCIETY ($5,000-$9,999)\ Alumnae/i Maryann Acuff, '00 Helen M. Barrett, '33 *^† Nathalie Berger, '80 *


Marcelle T. Bernard, '41 Flora M. Barlotta, '58 Emma N. Byrne, '65 Patricia A. Foley, '55 Joan F. Hall, '65 Kathryn M. Healey, '49 † Marilyn A. Hudson, '53 Rosemary Hundt, '68 Kathleen Hunter, '73 Eugenia L. Jacoviak, '55 Claire G. Johnsen, '56 Sister Kathleen Koerner, '58 Mary H. Lewis, '56 Barbara Luciano, '77 *^ Anita W. Magatti, '69 Nancy McCorkindale, '79 Margaret M. McDermott, '56 Monmouth/Ocean County Alumnae Chapter Carolyn H. Neumann, '45 Mary Ellen O'Connor, '75 James R. Oster, '95 Jane Rainis, '76 * Mary T. Reiss, '47 Elissa J. Santoro, '60 ^ Josephine K. Woodward, '69 Friends Marylane T. Burry Virginia Butera John J. Cassese Richard Catenacci Hugh E. DeFazio, Esq. Marjorie Feinstein Carl A. Jennings Gretchen Johnson Richard W. Keelty Alan S. Painter Bea Riccardo Sister Francis Raftery George Ring Barbara Jean Schlegel Richard Paul Schlegel William Maichle Schlegel Susan M. Simonaitis Robert Towey Corporations and Foundations Amelior Foundation The Atlantic Philanthropies Cannon Family Foundation, Inc. The Cesatam Foundation, Inc. Connell Floey LLP DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary US LLP Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP Public Service Electric & Gas The Ryan Family Foundation Wallerstein Foundation for Geriatric Life Improvement KELLIGAR SOCIETY ($2,500-$4,999) Alumnae/i Nancy L. Biello, '97 Laurel J. Brennan, '67 Clara C. Brophy, '46 Julia M. Buonocore, '51 Peggy A. Byrne, '55 Kathryn O. Costello, '67 Leonora B. Conroy, '41 * Juliet A. Cozzi, '58 Mary L. Cruz, '68 Maryanne Czarnecki, '77 Marie J. D'Innocenzio, '48 Maryann R. Dishaw, '80 Nancy E. Dowd, '54 * Frances H. Drew, '63 Alana E. Edelmann, '70 * Paula A. Florentino, '51 Elsbeth A. Fullem, '52 Faith E. Germino, '52 Rita L. Goodemote, '41 Mary Heus, '41 Winifred M. Johanson, '67

CSE Hosts Annual President’s Council Dinner - (l - r) Honoree, Harriet Sepinwall, Ed.D., CSE Professor of Education and Co-founder of the Holocaust Education Resource Center, stands beside Sister Francis Raftery, President of CSE, and fellow honorees Frank and Kathleen Nulty Culley,'92 on September 22, 2005. (Photo by Kathy Cacicedo)

Marie Kenny, '48 Ann G. Kosco, '76 Emily H. Kosobucki, '53 Yolanda J. Kunz, '68 Alice O. Mackov, '47 Viola H. Masterson, '50 Micheline Mathews-Roth, '56 Mary M. McGeown, '55 Lisa A. McInerney, '02 Mary Jane Meschino, '75 Yolanda A. Nargiello, '79 Anne G. Nolan, '48 † Eileen C. O'Connor, '38 ^ Anne V. O'Sullivan, '47 Mary Beth O'Brien, '59 ^ Ellen H. Purcell, '56 Barbara G. Rogus, '64 Helen T. Rovinski, '39 Eileen Ruotolo, '45 Mary Beth Ryan, '50 ^ Virginia M. Sejman, '45 Margaret G. Shea, '49 Margaret E. Smith, '47 Gemma Sullivan, '62 Aurele M.Timken, '53 Elvira Torcivia, '53 ^ Christine E.Virag-Non, '71 Mildred S. Walden, '47

Thomas P. Hollo William J. Marino Joseph Markovish Catherine Martin Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. McDade Abbott Melvin Maureen Mingle Susy Moran Patricia J. Pindar Jerome St. John Timothy M.Tracy Thomas Werblin

Friends Anonymous Thomas E. Baker Linda and James Baratte Elizabeth A. Borowsky J. Martin Comey * William H. Connolly Michael J. Degnan Ray Favaro Thomas G. Ferguson William S. Ford Albert R. Gamper Hannelore Hahn Jeanine J. Hirsch

Alumnae/i Patricia S. Allain, '52 Jayne L. BecVar, '44 Doris L. Bill, '53 Veronica L. Bishop, '63 Carolyn A. Bradley, '74 Dolores Bradley, '50 Mary E. Byrnes '46 Marie P. Cieri, '41 Margaret Mary P. Dalton, '66 Madeline M. Dolan, '53 ^ Ann E. Druffner, '48 Marie C. Druffner, '44 Carol Dunay-Kreit, '58

Corporations and Foundations Anonymous A.L.M Electric Co., Inc. Bay Branch Foundation Business World Hoagn & Hartson LLP Hoffmann-LaRoche, Inc. Honeywell Foundation Merrill Lynch The New York Community Trust SBC Management Corporation Seton Hall University The Robert and Jane Dircks Foundation MAHONEY SOCIETY ($1,500-$2,499)

Ellen A. Farrell, '55 Marie B. Feeney, '52 Rebecca Fields, '68 Joanne J. Freeman, '70 Sister Barbara Garland, '56 Johanna Glazewski, '62 Ann R. Gervais, '55 Mary Jane Gregory, '44 ^ Anne M. Helfrich, '48 Sister Jean M. Hemmer, '43 Mary E. Hennessy, '74 Janet Horton, '83 Margaret G. Jordan, '53 ^ Jean F. Judge, '44 †*^ Patricia A. Larkin, '49 ^ † Joan R. Lewis, '52 Ann M. Lux-Krietsch, '60 Emily A. Maher, '51 Lucy M. Mao Sigmund, '54 Veronica B. Mariani, '53 Gertrude C. Marley, '48 Joan P. McIntyre, '50 Mary K. McKone, '68 Mary McLaughlin, '52 Catherine F. Murray, '50 Patricia A. Murray, '58 Carol Noonan, '50 Karen A. Pingarron, '61 Marycecile M. Pomeroy, '50 † Shirley A. Pomponi, '71 Etta Marie Rizzuto, '51 Carole G. Rogers, '01 Margaret A. Roman, '72 Adelaide E. Rossey, '58 Linda M. Scully, '76 Ruth B. Shiels, '54 Geraldine A.Tavares, '59 Patricia F.Tighe, '76 Caroline I.Timms, '55 Carol Tribus, '65 Lorena E.Tyson, '55 Caroline C. Wakefield, '41 Hayden K. Williamson, '91 Gertrude M. Zaklan, '68 Friends John G. Graham Ronald A. Loneker William B. Pomeroy Virginia E. McGlone John B. Murray Patrick Priest Eileen Specchino John M. Zavada Corporations and Foundations Engelhard Corporation FAPS GE Foundation WG Project Management Inc. SETON SOCIETY ($1,000-$1,499) Alumnae/i Anonymous, '43 † Anonymous, '51 Anonymous, '64 Anonymous, '74 Eleanore A. Adams, '56 Anita M. Angiulli, '43 Claire B. Armstrong, '47 † Margaret A. Augustine, '76 Isabella A. Barletta, '55 Maureen A. Barry, '91 Susan C. Birosak, '04 Catharine E. Black, '55 Patricia G. Bligh, '58 Karen P. Bossieux '73 Mary Ann Bojak, '65 Sister Eileen Bradshaw, '60 Joan F. Brady, '52 Sister Maria A. Brady, '57 Barbara E. Brundage, '52 Mary Ellen Buckley, '66 Leocadia Burke, '51 Bridget Lynn Burns, '68 Virginia Carlin, '53 Rosemary L. Carroll, '61 Rosemary H. Cass, '50 Valerie S. Cauley, '70 Jane W. Charbonnier, '65 Helen M. Cirino, '49 Elizabeth A. Clarken, '56 Michele C. Conlin, '53

Ann Connell, '67 Mary Louise Connolly, '55 Colette M. Conroy, '55 Joan Conroy, '48 ^ Monica K. Corbett, '55 Ann T. Dalena, '60 Sylvia B. DeAngelo, '55 Anne Marie De Luca, '56 Carole K. Delaire, '90 Ann T. Delaney, '82 Sister Ellen M. Desmond, '50 Ann M. DeVenezia, '56 Marie N. DeVita, '49 Mary Donovan, '66 Frances E. Edson, '95 Dorothy I. Eska, '56 Genevieve F. Fagan, '36 Dorothy A. Farrell, '35 ^ Jeanne K. Ferguson, '49 ^ Regina M. Fielding, '49 Eleanor Finkelstein, '40 Patricia M. Finn, '51 Kathryn Fishman, '54 Elysia Fitzpatrick, '55 Mary Lou Flynn, '59 Mary Jean A. Gallagher, '52 Blanche H. Gandolf, '45 Agnes M. Gerrety, '99 Edwina H. Giuliano, '45 Dorothy Gorman, '78 Eileen M. Grace, '52 Kathleen M. Grant, '53 Elizabeth M. Griffin, '47 Maryann Hanisch, '78 Helen Hanlon, '56 Helen Marie Hanson, '43 Alice N. Hart, '60 Sister Mary Lou Hayden AnneMarie Hornyak, '73 Yvonne Imbleau, '49 Eugenia L. Jacoviak, '55 Rosemary A. Kane, '43† Mary K. Kelly, '64 Rita M. Knauf, '47 Dorothy G. Kotler, '70 Laurie Krauss, '04 Audry M. Kravarik, '52 Emma Jayne B. Kretlow, '40 Agnes E. Kristen, '70 Helen N. Long, '50 ^ E. Shelia Luciuk, '00 † Alice C. Maloney, '44 ^ Helen N. Maloney, '51 ^ Margaret C. Manley, '36 Christina Manning, '65 Dorothy E. Matyskiel, '53 Mary Mazzarella DeMayo, '55 Ruth E. McDonough, '41 Margaret S. McGann, '51 Patricia A. McGovern, '48 Mary Ann Meyer, '48 † Susan A. Michel, '80 Elizabeth C. Morrison, '44 Catherine T. Morton, '74 Mary Ann Motiuk, '66 Rosemary B. Murphy, '44 Mary Grace Neagle, '39 Claire A. Nicholson, '41 Carol A. Novrit, '88 Anne B. O'Brien, '48 M. Clare O'Brien, '54 Gertrude L. O'Connor, '43 † Michelle O'Shea, '92 Nancy E. Parker, '68 Victoria E. Pesce, '40 Joan Piga, '50 Barbara M. Pineda, '55 Evelyn D. Powers, '62 Angela C. Schmidt, '52 Mary W. Scirocco, '77 Sister Mary George Senderak, '59 Sister Eileen Shaw, '60 Elaine T. Shawan, '01 Eileen F. Sheridan, '59 Susan Simon, '68 Kathleen M. Skinner, '45 Mary Jo Skutnik, '68 Loretta A. Sloan, '40 Maureen E. Stickel, '52 Ann W. Stuart, '48 Priscilla A.Taylor, '88 Barbara L.Thomas, '55

Audrey S.Thomson, '50 Marie T.Timko, '87 Shirley Tolentino, '65 Marie W.Tsang, '62 Marie Van Houten, '46 Constance C.Vickers, '71 Agatha W. Wahl, '33 Mary Jane Waldron, '45 Jane C. Willard, '53 ^ Doris M. Woolfenden, '52 Mary K.Yauch, '55 Ellen Zimmermann, '62 Friends Edward J. Batta Robert W. Bennett* Nicholas J. Betlow Thomas J. Billings Katherine Buck Mary H. Clark Kevin J. Coakley College of New Rochelle James Dlugos Michael T. Dwyer Leo and Marion P. Dauwer

Amy Kmetz Anne and Kenneth Kunzman Fredrick Lacey Monica Luby John T. Magnier Rev. Msgr.Thomas J. McDade Dorothea B. McDonough John S. McEvoy Margaret J. McLean Robert Meyer Maurice Murphy Patricia E. Murphy Louise A. Murray Gregory W. Neumann George J. Palmer Rev. Dr. Everett C. Parker Christian N. Peter Anthony Santamaria Francis E. Schiller Valerie Scott Laurence A. Short Andrea J. Simon Anita M. Spellman Anna R. Sullivan

Ford Honored at CSE 2006 President's Council Dinner - On September 21, 2006, William S. Ford (center) with his wife Jackie (left) and their family, was presented with with the 2006 President's Award. (Photo by Kathy Cacicedo)

J. Hugh Devlin* Corinne C. Errico Alfonso G. Finocchiaro John F. Friedland Most Rev. Peter L. Gerety, D.D. John J. Gibbons Harvey Ginsberg Douglas and Mary Hager Frank J. Hoenemeyer* Alexander L. Huhmann James Joyce Walter Joyce Fred Kann Colleen Kelly Richard M. Kernan

Deborah Tulloch William T. Walsh Teresa Walters Philip J. Weiler Corporations and Foundations Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Brazos Higher Education Service Corporation Prudential Insurance Company * - President’s Council Charter Member ^ - Lifetime Members † - Deceased

Can’t find your name? This list includes gifts made between July 1, 2004 and June 30, 2006. If you made your gift after June 30, 2006, your name will appear in the 2006-2007 Annual Report. Thank you for your gift! 19

Annual Fund Individual Contributions by Class/Club, July 1, 2004 - June 30, 2006 The College of Saint Elizabeth is deeply grateful for the generosity of its alumnae/i and friends, who have demonstrated their commitment to the College’s ministry through their gifts to the Annual Fund.The class totals represent all gifts of cash or stock made to the Annual Fund during the 2004-2005 and/or 2005-2006 Fiscal Year. Class participation rates are based solely on the number of alumnae/i in each class who made gifts to the Annual Fund. It is extremely important to sustain annual giving, even in the midst of a Capital Campaign. Gifts to the Annual Fund advance the College’s Strategic Plan, enliven our campus community, and ensure a bright future for the College of Saint Elizabeth.We express our deep appreciation to all listed on the following pages for making such remarkable financial success possible.

Your gifts make excellence in education possible! 1929 Number of Class Members: 7 Total Giving 2005: $325.00 Total Giving 2006: $300.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 25% Percentage of Participation 2006: 14% Anonymous Mary Toye 1930 Number of Class Members: 10 Total Giving 2005: 0 Total Giving 2006: $10,000.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 0 Percentage of Participation 2006: 7% Margaret Sullivan 1931 Number of Class Members: 1 Total Giving 2005: 0 Total Giving 2006: $50.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 0 Percentage of Participation 2006: 100% Mary Corcoran Doolan † 1933 Number of Class Members: 19 Total Giving 2005: $6,175.00 Total Giving 2006: $1,050.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 36% Percentage of Participation 2006: 11% Helen Sheehan Barrett † Babette Moller Collins Hilda Salmon Dennis Agatha Whelan Wahl 1934 Number of Class Members: 17 Total Giving 2005: $350.00 Total Giving 2006: $300.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 15% Percentage of Participation 2006: 12% Catherine Malloy Sara Bradley Martinetti 1935 Number of Class Members: 29 Total Giving 2005: $2,410.00 Total Giving 2006: $1,850.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 18% Percentage of Participation 2006: 17% Eloise Eichler Adkins Dorothy Grey Farrell Sister Gertrude Mary Kerin, O.P. Carroll McLaughlin Manville Jane Murray O'Grady 1936 Number of Class Members: 21 Total Giving 2005: $1,650.00 Total Giving 2006: $2,650.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 30% Percentage of Participation 2006: 29% Congetta Adamo Genevieve Feeney Fagan Alba Carleo Lanoway † Janet Gaw Lenney Margaret Manley Rita Smith Nesbit Sister Marian José Smith 1937 Number of Class Members: 22 Total Giving 2005: $725.00 Total Giving 2006: $1,000.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 18% Percentage of Participation 2006: 9% Sylvia Newmark Litwin Dorothy Norton Rose Dougherty Phelan † Rita Cassidy Richardson


† - Deceased

1938 Number of Class Members: 15 Total Giving 2005: $2,850.00 Total Giving 2006: $3,225.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 23% Percentage of Participation 2006: 27% Georgiana Bavosa Cona Charlotte Gavaletz Criswell Winifred Davidson Harback Eleanor Manley Eileen C. O'Connor 1939 Number of Class Members: 28 Total Giving 2005: $23,300.00 Total Giving 2006: $2,775.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 30% Percentage of Participation 2006: 14% Lucille Pinnelli Adams Lenore Loe Chen † Amalia Ruocco Del Giudice Dorothea McHarg Dowd Mary Grace Neagle † Helen Rovinski, M.D. Mary Louis Parsons Sullivan Mary Paula Woods 1940 Number of Class Members: 34 Total Giving 2005: $3,400.00 Total Giving 2006: $5,125.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 39% Percentage of Participation 2006: 44% Berenice Riordan Arthur-Cohan Margaret Coyle Brody Margaret Fitzgerald Donovan Gertrude Duffy Mildred Jarvis Feeley Eleanor Schwartz Finkelstein Joan Stehr Gavin † Marjorie Mintz Hemingway Mary Powers Kennard Emma Jayne Bernholz Kretlow Victoria E. Pesce Frances Geoghan Reamer Mary Amberg Schaedel † Loretta Jones Sloan Celeste Sodano Evelyn Zwigard Tully Evelyn Cuffe Van Gieson Ruth Polan Weisman 1941 Number of Class Members: 49 Total Giving 2005: $15,900.00 Total Giving 2006: $70,565.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 32% Percentage of Participation 2006: 39% Marcelle T. Bernard, M.D. Carlotta Cenedella Catusi Marie Corse Cieri Leonora Burtt Conroy Marie Nesbitt Cosentino Rose De Cresce Frances Bynum Flynn Rita LaTour Goodemote Mary McDonald Heus Mary Hutchinson Marion Ward Joyce Dorothea Brennan Kelley Ellen Hayes Lee Florence Matera Sister Margaret Rose McCarroll Ruth Everett McDonough Claire Byrne Nicholson Ethel Shaw O'Shaughnessy Kathleen McDermit Poole † Jeanne Voelker Punderson Lucille Fehr Ruggieri Clare McEntee Szelewa Caroline Caruso Wakefield

CSE Signs Nursing Agreement - In Spring 2006, CSE entered into an innovative agreement with Saint Clare’s Health System to offer courses at Saint Clare’s Dover campus to employees of Saint Clare’s, who will receive a 50 percent tuition discount for CSE courses. (l - r) Jean Bronock-Zaccone, Corporate Chief Nursing Officer of Saint Clare’s Health System, with Sister Francis Raftery, president of CSE. (Photo by Courtney Smolen) 1942 Number of Class Members: 51 Total Giving 2005: $2,580.00 Total Giving 2006: $2,685.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 43% Percentage of Participation 2006: 35% Lavinia Herlihy Ball Sister Josephine Cartanza Loretta Iaciofano Civitarese Helen Petro DeLia Claire Devine Driscoll L. Frances DeLuca Dunn Antoinette Enrico Jean Boretti Enrico Helen McGrath Gromann Marie Wassel Hall Margaret Lawson Jewell Jessica Clayton Kilduff Catherine Dunn McMannis Laurette Connors McNiel Rosaleen Price Rosemary Murphy Reilly Marie McKenna Rowe

Claire Hogan Saydah Maryrose Farley Swift Mary Roach Taylor Sister Mary Vukmanic,ThD 1943 Number of Class Members: 58 Total Giving 2005: $9,485.00 Total Giving 2006: $6,425.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 41% Percentage of Participation 2006: 28% Amelia Coletti Angelo Anita Angiulli Helen Bindas Margaret McManus Brown Maryrose Stricker Burke Elizabeth Wade Butts Eleanor Ely Chase † Eileen Franz Cickay † Florence Clancy Collins Doris Dzinsky Anita Falla, M.D. Mabel Forster

CSE Graduates Largest Class in History - On May 14, 2005, the College held its 103rd Commencement Exercises with the graduation of 439 students, including 257 undergraduate and 182 graduate students. (Photo by Kathy Cacicedo)

2005 ANNUAL FUND Top 10 Classes in Giving July 1, 2004 - June 30, 2005 Class 1953 1955 1965 1951 1954 1956 1952 1949 1968 1950

Amount $50,654 $41,228 $34,505 $30,800 $30,794 $27,165 $26,820 $26,455 $23,474 $23,360



2006 ANNUAL FUND Top 10 Classes in Giving July 1, 2005 - June 30, 2006 Class 1956 1941 1953 1970 1958 1968 1952 1947 1957 1949

Amount $72,374 $70,565 $49,457 $46,294 $37,694 $34,318 $31,648 $25,555 $24,877 $23,651



Anonymous † Helen Marie Waldron Hanson Rosemary Kane † Evelyn Kerin Anna Epifano Kochan Marjorie Hattersley Leonard Maryalice Beirne Maguire Mary Mahoney Martin Gertrude Leddy O'Connor † Margaret Wise Strenz Miriam Stuhr Wheeler Florence Scudder Wolfe 1944 Number of Class Members: 68 Total Giving 2005: $12,902.00 Total Giving 2006: $8,611.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 34% Percentage of Participation 2006: 25% Jayne Lair BecVar Eleanor Maloney Breslin Marjorie DiPietro DelGaizo Elizabeth Marsac Dobson Marie Druffner Margaret Holmes Farrell Mary Jane Strattner Gregory Jean Judge † Mary Christoph Knoch Adelaide Wunner Koch Alice Cassidy Maloney Mary Ryan McEntee Mary O'Brien McGlennon Elizabeth Clark Morrison, Esq. Rosemary Bolan Murphy Doris Kilminster Newcomb Polly Fleming O'Brien Sophia Del Tufo Pascal Claire Enright Portfolio Gertrude Haas Slowinski Margaret Sullivan Sturtevant Mary Draney Sweetin Anonymous Rosemary Whalen Margaret Reynolds White 1945 Number of Class Members: 61 Total Giving 2005: $21,550.00 Total Giving 2006: $18,225.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 53% Percentage of Participation 2006: 49% Lenore Gechtman Black Carlyle Purcell Brady Jeanne Nittoli Bruno Eileen Degnan Callaghan Helen Willis Connolly

Eleanor Russo DeBiasse Rosemary Contey Edelen Eileen Stuhr Fletcher Blanche Cholet Gandolf Margaret Flaherty Gillen Edwina Hagan Giuliano Mary Green Goris Linda Moore Grant Dolores Pisapia Hollender Ann Reardon Holzwarth Alice Mc Glinchey Kelleher Eileen Hampe Knight Mary Langley Lynch Hester Sullivan Maher Ruth Carlin Markey Verne Bertholet Mathews Margaret Holzwarth McDonough Margaret Coyle McFeely Gloria Perazzo McLaughlin Eleanor Devine McMahon Maria Gallo Mercuro Dolores Duggan Murphy Carolyn Holmes Neumann Catharine O'Hern Eileen Smith Ruotolo Virginia Sejman Kathleen Grant Skinner Ruth LaCapra Tamburello Mary Jane Waldron Carlotta Fugazzi Winslow 1946 Number of Class Members: 59 Total Giving 2005: $17,700.00 Total Giving 2006: $12,135.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 36% Percentage of Participation 2006: 41% Anne Warren Albano Margaret Ames Auer Katherine Carpenter Bell Clara Brophy Mary Elmiger Byrnes Shirleyan Kaiserman Fitzgerald Grace Hemmer Garrigan † Jean Bagger Glynn Barbara Dacey Goss Mabel Evers Keating Harriet Reilly Kelley Margaret James Kiernan † Joan Hurley King Rosemary McCloskey Dorothy Mele McCloskey Marie Connolly McKernan Jeanne Stanton Nolan † Helen Dudek Perrine Rosina Grogan Quinn Catherine Burrus Ritcey Dorothy Bergen Rudeen Evelyn Kenny Slason Kathleen Callahan Sullivan Angela Van Herwarde Sullivan Marie Regan Van Houten Ruth Burns Varley Mary VanFleet Weldon Eileen Caffrey Wyrough 1947 Number of Class Members: 75 Total Giving 2005: $20,040.00 Total Giving 2006: $25,555.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 46% Percentage of Participation 2006: 36% Claire Burns Armstrong † Janice Caffrey Bennet Mary Fran Maguire Carey Barbara Nelson Christian Sister Margaret Conklin, S.C. Betty Ann O'Hare Corio Evelyn O'Brien Darcy Veronica Beirne Dolan Mary Printon Farley Kathryn Reilly Fenton Joan Maher Gaspard Elizabeth Musante Griffin Mary Jane Neumann Hampton Nancy Schroth Jackson † Medelise Dzinsky Jackson Barbara Rudel Johnson Rita Knauf Helen Garland Luboja † Alice Devine Mackinson Alice Mackov Elaine Goodman Martin Mary McGregor Olga Choy Monahan Ann Nolan O'Neill Anne O'Sullivan Mary Cousins Pieslak

Catherine Powers Eileen Redmond Mary Foley Reiss Roberta Donehue Ryan Jean Meyers Skevington Margaret Alvino Smith Mary Dilinski Torrey Dooms Helen Marth Toth Julie Rosati Virok Mildred Schroth Walden 1948 Number of Class Members: 98 Total Giving 2005: $20,409.00 Total Giving 2006: $19,258.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 67% Percentage of Participation 2006: 47% Ernestine Fabris Bangert Margaret McLaughlin Beaudin Eleonora Mazzone Blais Mildred Buchman Bogart Marie Scott Braga Marie Miscione Cassanelli Rosemary Leddy Cavanaugh Philomene Serpico Center Joan Crowley Conroy Jacqueline Roddy Cushing Claire Ardizzone Danis Alice O'Meara de la Haba † Anonymous Marie Tedeschi D'Innocenzio Jane Donelan Doherty † Patricia Callahan Doherty † Ann Druffner Bette Anne Walsh Egan Jean Binet Fattori Antoinette Goepfert Fitzpatrick Anne Brucken Flemming Gloria Keenan Goodness Dorothy McKenna Green Ellen Conroy Gruppo Marie Monaghan Gunning Anne McLaughlin Helfrich Marie La Posta Kenny Eleanor Reynolds Kerby Kathleen Anello LaRosa Jane Dalton Lundergan Beryl Anfindsen Lyons Anne Murray Mac Isaac Virginia Mc Donough Maguire Gertrude Marley Marie Jenco Marrocco June Perazzo Mazza Katherine McFarland Patricia McGovern Eileen McMahon Mary Ann Ulbrich Meyer † Marie Sessa Montalto Mary McDermott Mulholland Jean Coughlin Munning Patricia McEntegart Murphy Anne Gannon Nolan † Regina Hunt Nugent Anne Bradshaw O'Brien

2005 ANNUAL FUND Top 10 Classes by Participation July 1, 2004 - June 30, 2005 Class 1948 1955 1949 1953 1950 1952 1960 1956 1945 1951

Percent 67% 64% 64% 62% 59% 55% 55% 54% 53% 50%

2006 ANNUAL FUND Top 10 Classes by Participation July 1, 2005 - June 30, 2006 Class 1956 1952 1953 1949 1954 1945 1950 1948 1951 1960

Percent 65% 55% 54% 51% 51% 49% 48% 47% 47% 47%

Antoinette Antonicelli Pace Rosemary Neagle Parisi Maude Patterson Frances Collins Ruch Mary Trambley Schreiber Doris Schwing Simpson Jane Donovan Slattery Joan Fenn Spallino Ann Waldron Stuart Margaret Tierney Rita Kramer Titus M. Patricia Tobin Gloria Todino Verrochi Joan Hemmer Vreeland Ruth Beller Weisenfeld May Donnelly Weitze

Nearly 400 Receive Degrees at 104th Commencement - Approximately 398 men and women received their degrees at CSE Commencement Exercises on May 13, 2006 including 217 undergraduates and 181 graduate students. (Photo by Kathy Cacicedo)

Can’t find your name? This list includes gifts made between July 1, 2004 and June 30, 2006. If you made your gift after June 30, 2006, your name will appear in the 2006-2007 Annual Report. Thank you for your gift! 21

Annual Fund Individual Contributions by Class/Club (cont.) GRANTS RECEIVED BETWEEN 2004 and 2006 Private Grants


Borman Family Foundation Chemistry Department Chemistry Department Chemistry Department Charles Edison Fund Honors Program for National Collegiate Honors Council Meetings First Energy Foundation Holocaust Teacher Training Independent College Fund Pfizer Science Initiative for Dietetic Research Capital Campaign-Unrestricted Other Funds for Accreditation Johnson & Johnson Capital Grant for Foods & Nutrition Metabolic Lab FIHE/UPS Venture Project on Assessment Pfizer, Inc. Nursing Forum Schering Corporation Science Equipment Union Foundation Science Equipment TOTAL

1949 Number of Class Members: 126 Total Giving 2005: $26,455.00 Total Giving 2006: $23,651.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 64% Percentage of Participation 2006: 51% Merle Greenwald Anderson Mary McAward Bell Anne Felt Betz Rosemary Hanna Bliss Mary Ann Sexton Brennan Marie Cantlon Carol Rund Celli Helen Monahan Cirino Mary Louise Clarken Grace Reilly Conway Jeanne Loughlin Cooke Mary McGlynn Cooney Rose De Matteis Marie N. De Vita, M.D. Constance Gingras Delorme Elizabeth Quirke DeMarco Rosemary De Phillips Donahue Margaret Feher Donovan Eileen McAllister Donovan Mary Lord Dooley Helene Sachs Downey Marcella Japko Drechsel Betty Barber Eberenz Jeanne Schroth Ferguson



9/3/04 10/21/04 7/1/05

$8,250.00 $8,916.00 $5,411.00









12/14/04 11/18/05

$8,500.00 $2,500.00





12 /7/05

$5,000.00 $88,577.00

Regina Roehrle Fielding Elizabeth Caccavale Gaffney Adelaide Belliotti Gautieri Evelyn Russell Germain Elizabeth Goubeaud Mary Leary Graham Sylvia Hurzeler Griffith Maureen Quirk Harrigan Jane Keliher Healey Mary Alice Talbot Henk Dorothy Connors Hennessey Dorothy Degnan Hunt Yvonne Imbleau, M.D. Vincenza Morici Jasper Roberta Leonard Jones Jeanne Kelly Judge † Eleanor Bittig Keenoy Suzanne Goullet Klein Eleanora Mc Alinden Kolbert Patricia Kenney Larkin † Jane Regan Larkin Doris Cittadino Macaluso Anne Markey Regina Burns McBride Geraldine Wilson McCormack Mary Markey McDonald Eileen Earley McHugh Norma Masini Miele, Ph.D. Sister Jeanne Monahan, O.P. Jane Dalton Monheimer

Alumnae Honored at Circle Rededication - On Thursday, October 19, 2006, the circle outside Santa Rita Hall was rededicated in honor of the Class of 1956 whose contributions to the 2006 Annual Fund totaled more than $70,000. (Photo by Mary Z. Rydstrom)

Ellin McEvoy O'Connor Rosalind Shea O'Connor Anne O'Neill Ouellette Jean Hyland Parker Alice Goerner Pike Anne Guidone Reeves Helen Smith Regazzi Elizabeth Jocham Reilly Joan Haskins Ripp Joanne McGrath Schalk Mary Pat Young Schambach Kenyon Ruth Kierner Schroetter Margaret Garrity Shea Rita Roth Spillane Marie Baggot Squire Barbara Baxter Stabe Suzanne Gobel Stabnick Dorothy Wesolowski Symanski Irene Quackenbush Trella Catherine Colpe Troy Barbara Probst Widmer Constance Connel Young Bernadette Plunkett Zimmermann Barbara Burns Zonino 1950 Number of Class Members: 102 Total Giving 2005: $23,360.00 Total Giving 2006: $17,307.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 59% Percentage of Participation 2006: 48% Elizabeth Azzara Joan Knight Barbato Dolores Bersey Bradley Rosemary Higgins Cass, J.D., Ph.D. Patricia O'Brion Caufield Marie Barry Cosgrove Virginia McDonough Daly Rose De Paola Deehan Sister Ellen Mary Desmond, Ph.D. Dolores Dorsey Mary Eibell Fay Rubin Falcone Joan Larkin Feeney Mary Higgins Finnerty Marie Flatley Louise Haynes Flood Anne Mc Donald Foley Pura Garcia Garcia-Villamil Mary Ann Velie Hall Anne-Marie Hallaert Sister Anita Richard Heilenday Patricia Woods Huot Veronica Haracz Kaczor Josephine Zarro La Monica Helen Negrey Long Eunice Lawless Lukas Dorothy Baldwin Maloney Viola Higgins Masterson Viola Dischler Mateer Ann Maguire McDonough Joan Mathews McIntyre Regina McNamara Elizabeth Carroll Meehan Genevieve Greco Morgan Mary Birkenhauer Mounteer

Catherine Flaherty Murray Patricia Brown Murray Rosemary Kramp Newman Carol Polglase Noonan Patricia O'Brien Werner and Lois Peter Lorraine McArdle Petracca Joan Farrell Piga Marycecile Mortenson Pomeroy † Rita Polifka Reardon Rose Marie Blum Reiner Ann Smith Riordan Vivian Corbett Ruschmann Mary Beth McEnroe Ryan Mary Elizabeth Savage Mary Ann Flarity Savage Elizabeth Harrison Segers Leonora Donahue Sheehan Maria Vacca Sovetts Clare Spitsen Audrey Shire Thomson Angela Tortorello Marguerite Bengivenni Voynick Jasman June Dwyer Waldrup Kathleen O'Connell Webster Philip J. Weiler Lois Judge West 1951 Number of Class Members: 132 Total Giving 2005: $30,800.00 Total Giving 2006: $22,517.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 50% Percentage of Participation 2006: 47% Eleanor Millott Amann Anonymous Mary Nolan Bailey Patricia Gallo Barry Nancy Suckow Bendokas Philomena Iannuzzi Berardo Edith Fioretti Brisson G. Anne Emerling Brown Julia Hoblitzell Buonocore Leocadia Bajek Burke, Ph.D. Carmela Patti Castellone Rita Heule Christensen Maureen Neubelt Chu Joan Harnett Clare Frances McAward Costello Eleanor Cardinal Courter Anna Di Palma Daly Marcella Finn Del Nero Jean Patterson Downing Jane Printon Dunn Irene Minick Esenther Ruth Bokerman Fay Mary Gabrielli Fernandez Patricia Murray Finn Joan Murphy Flaherty Paula Tierney Florentino Genevieve Fusiek Anne Helm Gagliardi Georgette Mailloux Genovese Aline Collins Glavin Marion Faeber Gleason Anne Marie Greene

Inaugural Elizabeth Ann Seton Day - On Tuesday, September 13, 2005, nearly 300 CSE students, faculty and staff members came together to listen and learn about the College’s history and how their own lives and professions are rooted to the College’s mission. (l - r) Dr. Catherine Martin, chairperson and assistant professor of CSE Philosophy/Theology, holds up a photo of the College’s first graduating class with Women’s College student Carmela Resuma, '07; Sister Kathleen Flanagan, professor of Philosophy/Theology and director of graduate program in Theology; Marie N. Pepe, '09; and Marie M. Noël, '07. (Photo by Courtney Smolen)

CSE Welcomes New Chief Academic Officer, James S. Dlugos, Ph.D. - Dr. Dlugos comes to the College from a 16-year career at Washington and Jefferson College in Washington, Pa., where he most recently served for two years as Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty. Helene Lussier Griffin Izolina Namajuska Gylys Nancy Troth Kindle Teresita Kandra Kocan Helen Michel Lennon Judith Cowey Leys Eleanor Shao Min Yuan Li Mary Tassielli Longo Mary Fiolek Loughlin Marjorie McEntegart Ludecker Betty Smalley MacInnes Emily Brown Maher Helen Nolan Maloney Therese Maloney Marijane Coughlin McCurdy Julianne Decker McDermott Margaret Sweeney McGann Elaine Mc Goldrick McGovern Erin Judge McTernan Marie Cacchio Mele Evangeline Gevas Moutis Mary Burns Muoio Sister Kathleen O'Brien Joan Carr O'Connell

Edith Kerwin Boschian Eileen Walsh Bradley Joan Cantrell Brady Anne Fulboam Brebbia Mary Ann Meyer Brucker Barbara Brundage Jane Trezenka Butkowsky Elizabeth Hansen Callan Carmela Lumino Clancy †Ann Conway Clancy Joan DePhillips Clark Betty Twyford Cousins Rima Saldutti Daly Ellen Davis Marguerite Nolan Doran Elizabeth Kraus Dumont Maurine O'Keefe Eisenmenger Marie Bradshaw Feeney Dorothy Nuss Finnegan Sally Foley Mary MacDonald Ford Dolores Depetro Fraterrigo Elsbeth MacCulley Fullem Xenia Carras Gakos Mary Jean Bure Gallagher Faith Kramer Germino Natalie Gibbons Evangelina Sotelo Gonzalez Phyllis Meccia Gorman Eileen McGrath Grace Barbara Quigley Hungerford Rosemary Moran Karl Mary Dehmer Krasinski Audry Melkowits Kravarik Cecilia Romano Laureys Marie Hussey Leary Joyce Memminger Lehman Joan Lewis Kathryn Burre Liptak Mary Eckel Little Grace Vallone Mariorenzi Rose Ferretti Martz Mary McCormick Mary Toohey McIntyre Grace O'Brien McKernan Carolyn Emmons Mercer Mary Jane Trainer Mullaney Rosemary Murphy O'Brien Maureen Mc Elhinney O'Hara Anna Panaccione Gloria Knauf Price Marguerite Griffin Quinn Christine Capozzoli Raso


Betty Jane Nugent Anderson Susan Perrella Bariscillo Mary Jane Glennon Baylies Ann McCloskey Belardo Doris Bill Alice McGuirk Blood Janet Bonar Mary Lou O'Donnell Boylan Patricia Quinn Brennan Ellen Morris Brown Marilyn Dietz Buckley Tina Ferruggia Cardinale Virginia Kajan Carlin Michele Cusack Conlin Marian Tully Conroy Ann Hogan Cook Frances Sgadari D'Amico Joan Landy Damsey, FACMPE Mary Dodd Denecour Madeline McCann Dolan Bernadine Benson Donoghue Mary Evangelista Doyle Marian Maltese Eschleman, RD Elizabeth Hegner Fandel Eileen O'Brien Farrell Marilyn Cantasano Ferrandino Mary Lou Doherty Fieseler

Mary Finn-Williams Joan Pluck Frey Kathleen Bischoff Gorman Kathleen McGough Grant Clare Smith Harkins Kathleen Conaty Hashim Barbara Hensle Hoff Elizabeth Magee Horan Marilyn Weigh Hudson Sister Jean M. Hunter, RSCJ Judith Moore Huston Philomena Lupardi Ippolito Margaret G. Jordan Jacquelin J. Kelly, USA (Ret.) Emily Hahn Kosobucki Dorothy Kilminster Lebeau, CFP Ann O'Neill Lenox Veronica Budrecki Mariani Dorothy Egnor Matyskiel Anonymous Vivian Bosman McCormick Grace Gaffney McCrane Kathryn Fletcher McNamara Mary Alice Cummins Moratz Mary McCarten Morgan Dolores Stauder Murtha Rita Simpson Niccum

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Poet, Essayist Visits CSE - The College welcomed W.S. Merwin to its campus on Wednesday, October 12, 2005. Sponsored by the Sister Alice Lubin Fund, Merwin read select pieces of his work and taught a Master Class workshop on reading and writing poetry. (l - r) Former CSE English Department Chair Sister Alice Lubin points out one of her favorite passages of Merwin's book, Migration, to Merwin and CSE English Professor Dr. Laura Winters. (Photo by Donna Lindemeyer)

2005 ANNUAL FUND GIVING SOURCES $131,842 $45,005

24% 76%

Alumnae/i Gifts 76%

Helen Fergus Ogden Patricia Lord O'Hara Marylin Carroll Quinn Etta Marie Martorano Rizzuto Lorraine Bibeault Robidoux, C.P.A. Maureen Flaherty Ross Madeline Magnier Schollmeyer Mary Jane Duffy Smith Phyllis Pocelinko Spohrer Dorothy Feher Sullivan Elinor Coleman Sweeney Sheila Ann Ferguson Thorp Irene Misdom Villanova Sister Mary Walsh Melva Levy Wood 1952 Number of Class Members: 127 Total Giving 2005: $26,820.00 Total Giving 2006: $31,648.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 55% Percentage of Participation 2006: 55% Patricia Sheehan Allain Florence Clisura Aluotto Bernice Anglin Adele Dell'Orto Bergen, Ed.D. Vilma Stella Boero


Non Alumnae/i Gifts 24%

Eileen Flood Ronan Mary Jane A. Russin Patricia Dolan Ryan Angela Clarken Schmidt Eleanor Owens Selavka Mary Griffin Shanahan Barbara Shay Shay MacDonald Mary Kay Hughes Shortt Dorothy Whaley Smith Maureen White Stickel Beatrice Straton Muriel Cordett Sullivan Elizabeth Reilly Sutherland Grace Leonardis Swenson Carolyn Palcar Voda Barbara Blake Waas Margaret Whelan Rita Hughes Wilson Doris Grippo Woolfenden 1953 Number of Class Members: 113 Total Giving 2005: $50,654.00 Total Giving 2006: $49,457.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 62% Percentage of Participation 2006: 54% Mary Ann Guelfi Abbott

Corporation/ Foundation Gifts $45,005

Corporate Matching Gifts $131,842

Individual Gifts $858,533

2006 ANNUAL FUND GIVING SOURCES $69,624 $121,188


Corporation/ Foundation Gifts $69,624

Corporate Matching Gifts $121,188

Individual Gifts $1,042,478


Annual Fund Individual Contributions by Class/Club (cont.)

Class of 1955 Celebrates 50th Anniversary - Members of the Class of 1955 take a few minutes out of the 2005 Reunion Weekend festivities to participate in a photo at the Madison Hotel. (Photograph Courtesy of Elite Photographers) Constance Zachek Nienstedt Sheila Flaherty O'Brien Anna Grace Oslansky Mary Pedicini Barbara McAward Quinn Angelina Ranieri Elaine Gately Richards Christine Gero Rocco Anne McCabe Schulte Anne Racanelli Simone Elaine O'Brien Simpson Jane Meade Spell Patricia Murray Stanley Aurele McNulty Timken Elvira Venneri Torcivia Elizabeth Shellborn Townsend †Elizabeth Farrell Tunny Ann Groark Walsh Jane Crowe Willard 1954 Number of Class Members: 86 Total Giving 2005: $30,794.00


Rosemary Brown Marsicano Grace McCormack Eileen Carey McCoy Josephine McLaughlin McGurk Dorothy Hayes Milliken Frances Karpovich Mitchell Joan Zarra Monte Evelyn Crowley Mulderry Lorraine Agacinski Mullin M. Clare Foley O'Brien Carol Gannon O'Connell Azella Crysler O'Dwyer Arlene Masini Onnembo Anonymous Elizabeth Miller Rifino Donna Bentges Rocque Nancy Hall Roddy Maureen Brady Scott Isabel Sweetman Shearman Ruth Besson Shiels Mary Fennelly Sullivan Adrienne Barry Thompson



Individual Gifts 83% Corporate Matching Gifts 13% Corporation/Foundation Gifts 4%

Alumnae/i Gifts Non Alumnae/i Gifts

$793,848 $248,027



Individual Gifts 84% Corporate Matching Gifts 10% Corporation/Foundation Gifts 6%

Alumnae/i Gifts Non Alumnae/i Gifts

Total Giving 2006: $21,230.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 49% Percentage of Participation 2006: 51% Norma Reilly Boeckel Joan Leuchten Chown E. Carol Cotter Rose Racanelli D'Alessio Nancy Dowd Mary Lou Williams Dull Dorothy Dittrich Dwyer Virginia Toohey Eckert Barbara Carolla Falcone Kathryn O'Mahoney Fishman Joan Marie Galla Ann Byrnes Garman-Pitcher Elizabeth Coles Good Margaret Coughlin Guthlein Marcia Brown Hand Carol Wiegand Havekotte Geraldine Antes Higham Betty Hoag Virginia Keeling Madeline Di Donna Longo Helen Lord Elizabeth Loughlin Lortie Eileen Murphy Maier Lucy Mao Sigmund, RD

$846,181 $265,920

Della Ryan Walsh Janet McGinness Weis Barbara Collins Wetzel 1955 Number of Class Members: 88 Total Giving 2005: $41,228.00 Total Giving 2006: $13,675.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 64% Percentage of Participation 2006: 39% Isabella Gradone Barletta Gloria Mack Biczak Catharine Black Teresa Boyle Joan Sedlock Boyle Harriett Mulligan Bullock Peggy Welsh Byrne Mary Louise Connolly Colette Conroy Monica Kelly Corbett Doris Bryan Costello Sylvia Loprete DeAngelo Jane Mc Entegart Dooher Anne Grant Dravis Rita Dudak Dwyer Ann Blanchard Evans Marie Glasser Fabry Ellen Farrell

Cecilia Levy Farrell Elysia Gallagher Fitzpatrick Patricia Harriman Foley Sister Maria M. Garner Ann Reilly Gervais Mary Roberts Holsey Eugenia Pikulski Jacoviak Dympna Judge Jessich Anne Reddy Keast Rosemary Brady King Gertrude Fagan Kleissler Elsie Christensen Kleppe Patricia Harrington Lavelle Mary Ann Planeta Leckowicz Eleanor Jungermann Malia Mary Mazzarella DeMayo, M.D. Lucille Talbot McGarry Mary McMahon McGeown Sheila Murphy McGovern Caryl Bissinger Murphy Eileen Parsons O'Neill Barbara Salamone Pineda, M.D. Margaret Henchy Powers Rosalie Cooper Scheckel, Esq. Georgia Holderer Scukas Irene Jelinek Smith Barbara Cella Thomas Caroline Vining Timms Lorena Tyson Cynthia Spray Vignola Joan Flynn Walsh Anne Sweeney Ward Sister Margaret Mary Welch Margaret West Eileen Kelly Wulfhorst Mary Kearns Yauch 1956 Number of Class Members: 90 Total Giving 2005: $27,165.00 Total Giving 2006: $72,374.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 54% Percentage of Participation 2006: 65% Eleanore Adams Gloria Capozzoli Barbieri Ann Griffin Blackwood Faith Gallo Broderick Flora Lu Chen Anonymous Margaret Dowd Connelly Clare Gelston Cummings Barbara Callaghan de Hosson Anne Marie De Luca Ann Lupardi DeVenezia Mary Gately Duffy Patricia McGill Dugan Eileen R. Durnan †Anonymous Dorothy Eska Patricia Gallagher Fitzpatrick Mary Anne Prunier Flemming Angelina LaFalce Galdieri Lucretia Hess Ganley Sister Barbara Garland Janet Christensen Guariglia Helen Anderson Hanlon Patricia Henry Hoffmann Lou-Anne Smith Horsey Claire Grissing Johnsen Nancy Greeley Kerwin Ann Hinch Kilminster Doreen Wishart Kim Mary Hagen Lewis Virginia Walsh Lund Joan Wren Lynch Marie Gero Lynes Lois Perrella Malmberg Margarita Borelli Manhardt Micheline Mathews-Roth, M.D. Maureen Matthews Sarah Ann Yates McAfee Margaret McDermott Mary O'Shea McLoughlin Anne Manning Metzler Marilyn Mongeon Mary Coyle Mongeon Anonymous Angela Dioguardi Morin Patricia Mulvey, P.D. Catherine McCann Murphy Ann Triano Nucciarone MaryLou Gaffney Paturzo Barbara Burns Petrick Norma Hart Potvin Kathleen Moore Preston Beatrice Maloney Puckett Ellen Hanlon Purcell Louise Schlosser Reardon

Catherine Crysler Rowe Irene Magliacane Ruscitto Suzanne Maes Ryan Marylouise Hillman Satterlee Helen Elgrim Searing Eileen Foley Sheridan Jayne Galdieri Stehman Elizabeth Curran Walker Anita Kennedy White Elizabeth McCabe Wikoff 1957 Number of Class Members: 98 Total Giving 2005: $4,872.00 Total Giving 2006: $24,877.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 34% Percentage of Participation 2006: 39% Carol Lasch Adamsky Shirley Marry Allgood Mary Louise Connell Ambrose Helen Ax Kathleen Jannucci Beymer Rosemary Boylan Marianne Bulman Bozzi Sister Maria Brady Lillian Zazzara Brightly Arlene Debold Burke Patricia Hughes Carr Sister Jane Cavanaugh Mary Louise Taylor Connelly Alice Devine Connolly Jane Charles Cunniffe Barbara Bligh Cushing Helen Cerna Dajer Margaret Derwin Jacqueline Garneau Dooley Sheila Grasso Duetsch Margot Stickley Ferry Virginia Gallo Gerner Maureen Callaghan Griffin Carol Martine Gubernat Elinor Heffernan Jansen Claire Ann Dehler Kinney Anonymous Rosemary Reilly Love Carol Pompilio McIntyre Margaret Ginty Meys Beverly Glanville Morgan Eunice Kenny Myatt Cynthia Baxter O'Connell Marjorie LaChapelle Reynolds Mary Cavanaugh Rodimer Diane Pizzi Ruggiero Carol Ann Burke Ryan Margaret O'Donnell Ryan Valorie Doran Schretter Phyllis Cox Spekhardt Louise Pao-Ying Luk Wu Barbara Callahan Young Marguerite Ryan Zerrer 1958 Number of Class Members: 105 Total Giving 2005: $16,133.00 Total Giving 2006: $37,694.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 40% Percentage of Participation 2006: 46% Kathleen Augelli Marietta Azzaro Patricia Mulderry Bach Flora Barlotta, M.D. Patricia Gleeson Bligh Debe Thompson Bogle-Bentzen Nancy Walpole Cappellino Margaret Wade Carroll Sandra Spenceley Cavanagh Mary Ann Murray Clayton Anita Praml Coiley Catherine Collins Patricia Ryan Connolly Julia Connors Nancy Horsefield Covington Juliet Cozzi Maureen Brown Domino Carol Restivo Dunay Kreit Elaine McLaughlin Dwyre Eileen Sullivan Fell Rita Menegus Foti Annamarie Helsper Godvin Claire Flaherty Goldstein Pamela Horn Griffin Sister Anne Grimes, S.C. Carole Muldoon Hennessy Carol Odell Howard Mary Louise Turchik Jagoe Marie Carroll Jamison Carolyn Musto Kassabian Dorothy Carrigan Kehoe Sister Kathleen Koerner





$673,707 $113,646 $6,495 $793,848

$763,829 $75,302 $7,050 $846,181

12.00% -38.00% 8.00% 6.00%

NON-ALUMNAE/I Individuals $184,826 Corporate Matching Gifts $18,196 Corporations/Foundations (No Grants) $45,005

$150,410 $45,886 $69,624

-19.00% 60.00% 35.00%

ALUMNAE/I Individual Alumnae/i Corporate Matching Gifts Other Alumnae/i Gifts TOTAL ALUMNAE/I GIFTS

TOTAL NON-ALUMNAE GIFTS TOTAL ANNUAL FUND SCHOLARSHIP FUNDRAISER TOTAL ANNUAL DOLLARS RAISED Carole Crosta Leone Suzzette Sica Levy Sister Catherine Macaulay Patricia Burke McGeehan Mary Gallagher Meade Genevieve M. Mehl Mary Mullarkey Patricia Mann Murray Margaret Pinkman Murray Ann Hackett Noone Rosemary Marren O'Connor Nancy Kelly Plympton Marie Sanzeri Pohlman Gail Bolwell Ronca Adelaide Finnegan Rossey Anne Keller Schreitmueller Carolyn Meagher Shields Ellen Simmons Harriett Mellor Sosely Martha McLaughlin Stebner Catherine Vota, C.P.E. Janice Houghton Young 1959 Number of Class Members: 110 Total Giving 2005: $8,625.00 Total Giving 2006: $7,986.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 32% Percentage of Participation 2006: 24% Deanna Gero Barry Georgianna Murray Bigley Carol Wolf Borin Anonymous Joan Sharkey Carville Angie Cotroneo Mary Frawley Doyle Patricia D. Eccles Margaret Finn Ehrhardt Mary Lou Flynn Barbara Baldovin Hanlon Carol Zande Harrington Yolanda Tomaiuoli Holliger Marie Tagliabue Horan Roberta Horton Margaret Tomaino Karachuk Norine Daley Kildea Rita Nuss Leyden Kathleen Hull Liebhauser Mary Jane Conway Matier Diane O'Neil Nessar Mary Beth Casey O'Brien Elizabeth M. Place Joann Falco Ranalletti Cynthia Berean Robbins Lucille Hall Rockis Carol Ann Clary Roman Barbara Ann Klem Schacher Sister Mary George Senderak Lois Graham Siegel Geraldine Felock Tavares Mary Ann Villanella Maura White Wolf Marianne Langenus Zajacek Marlene Fioravanti Zweig 1960 Number of Class Members: 104 Total Giving 2005: $13,635.00 Total Giving 2006: $13,450.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 55% Percentage of Participation 2006: 47% Marie Mustello Ambrosio Theresa Umowski Anderson, CDP, CNA Sister Eileen Bradshaw Anita Doherty Brady Karen O'Sullivan Brooks Patricia Quinn Cagnassola













Theresa Gallagher Call Irene Danaher Corrigan Mary Elaine Cotter Kathleen Burke Cozzarelli Judith Brown Cussen Carol Farina DeStasio Cynthia DiDonato Diana Ann Healey Dlouhy Theresa DeCrescenzo Dunsky Anonymous Carole Foley Barbara March Garner Camille Della Volpe Giancristofaro Maureen Hackett †Catherine Sullivan Halligan Marion Marcucci Hardy Elaine A. Hart Alice Noonan Hart Noreen Heimbold Mary Heiss Helmstetter Elizabeth Henchy Ann Mishler Hutzel Mildred Ingram Patricia Markey Keogh Sister Irma Kessler, Ph.D. Barbara VanNess Ketchum Patricia Walpole Kowal Joan Doherty Lovero Ann Lux-Krietsch Priscilla Bleth Maliff Virginia McGarry Ida Meloro Victoria Menotti Judith Regan Messing Catherine McCormick Mitchell Catherine Brown Monahan Betty Jane Nelson Mary Ann Branon O'Dea Virginia Gregori Panicucci Lorraine Andersen Pentlicki Suzanne LaTaif Powers Katherine Quinn Sister Agnes Vincent Rueshoff Elissa Santoro, M.D., P.A. Corinne Bernasconi Schioppo Gail Pastorini Scullion Sister Eileen Shaw Sally Stark Elizabeth Nostas Stiles Marie McCann Swetnam Dorothy Dube Tighe Kathleen Murphy Toombs Joan Zan Grando Trabucchi Margaret Donnellan Vosswinkel Catherine Zazzali 1961 Number of Class Members: 97 Total Giving 2005: $5,556.00 Total Giving 2006: $5,176.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 41% Percentage of Participation 2006: 39% Joan Burst Adler Elizabeth Murray Blajda Jeanne Heimbold Boehles Louise Casale Brandli Constance O'Rourke Breslin Laurette Bulfone-Buscheck Andrea Gorske Bullard Jane Giegerich Busch Merle Bianchi Chang Diane McDonald Chazotte Patricia Coyle Conneen Mary Hutton Connors Mary Myles Conway Suzanne Erichs Crabtree Marsha May Czarzasty

Sandra D'Addario Diane Sheedy Fay Carol Anne McArdle Ford Patricia Fels Freeman Mary-Lou Pellegrino Gannon Mary Gill Laura Holbrow Griffin Agnes Finnegan Hunt Allene Hunt Rentel Patricia Coakley Keane Diane Paul Ladner Delphine Palleria Laufenberg Kathleen Reilly Maybaum Eileen Bumbly Morgan Joan Dopieralski Nakielny Virginia Reiss Nee Jeanne Marshall Nocella Patricia Hyer O'Connor Joan Schablik Parker Karen Fryer Pingarron Duane McEwen Post Margaret Krug Radigan Josephine Trigiani Ronca Katherine Gaffney Ryan Mary Ryan Elaine Stephenson Schnitter Kathleen Mulderry Smith Anita Tedesco Mary Jane Swick Tyler Marcia Van Note Mary Swift Whalen 1962 Number of Class Members: 120 Total Giving 2005: $8,665.00 Total Giving 2006: $6,457.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 37% Percentage of Participation 2006: 32% Wilhelmina Schacht Bartosik Angela Anselmi Byrne Marilyn Cook Carnicelli Antoinette Errico Carter Carol Casey Mary Ann Prakopcyk Chapkosky Winifred Dorgan Connolly Maria Cravanzola Kathleen Garrity Curley Jane Healy Degnan Joyce Del Vecchio Delaney Mary Ann McCormack Everett Katherine Fissell Fagan Vivien Sayegh Finn Kathleen Kober Gacso Elizabeth Garrett Suzanne Jacques Gavin Johanna Glazewski Mildred O'Donnell Greenler Susan Korn Hogan Ellen Nuss Illuzzi Anne Ippolito Mary Coyle King Mary Ann Tarascio Landweer Anonymous Mary Ann Marotto Macaluso Frances Pellegrino MacDonald Beth Cashman MacDonald Carol McCloskey McCrea Mary Melville Mehlig Judith Stradar Menacho Gwen-Marie Moolenaar Mary Murphy Aileen O'Leary Nowatzki Diane Nobile Osnato Rosemarie Mistretta Pilvenis Genevieve Porte Margaret Walsh Quig Jeanne Repici Renkun Mary Ann Restivo Carol Fritz Riddle Moira Weglein Rossiter Patricia Griffin Rubey Dorothy Grillo Scalia Gemma McCarthy Sullivan Josephine Sullivan Anonymous Marie Wong Tsang Anne Lamb Turner Patricia Villanova Vetter Ellen MacIsaac Zimmermann 1963 Number of Class Members: 124 Total Giving 2005: $14,865.00 Total Giving 2006: $13,941.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 33% Percentage of Participation 2006: 29% Veronica Bishop Mary Roberts Bucci Frances Cagnassola Janice Murphy Carty Frances Weigh Collins Elizabeth Verbout Connolly Barbara Cunningham Mary Jane Burke DeBenedictis Patricia Delaney Lucille Luciano DiRenzo

Patricia Alexander Donnelly Frances Maraziti Drew Nanciann Gass Elnicki Lynn Leisentritt Evans Mary Cooper Finnegan Margaret Mary Walpole Finucane Ann Marie Magnier Gronquist Maureen Curry Hanifan Rosemary Adelizio Iversen Linda York Janesko Margaret Carelli Keane Patricia Puglise King Margaret Turner Knab Anne Hoare Koons, M.D. Charlotte Antes Kurst Katherine Long Lavelle Judith Bari Lobbin Elizabeth Wildmann Lucas Janice Levkiv Lyons Cricket Mathias Martin Mary Breslin McLaughlin Rosemary Rush Morse Marie Montecalvo Muh Brenda Baxter Murphy Karen Douglas Natal Karen Leahy O'Bryan Margaret Schuelke Martha Allen Seavey Carole Kubak Sharo Arlene Balzerini Stamm Diane Tarrant Anne Grier Valenzano Cozza Zappa 1964 Number of Class Members: 149 Total Giving 2005: $9,936.00 Total Giving 2006: $6,858.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 34% Percentage of Participation 2006: 25% Carol Hogan Ash Christina Wahl Bailey, Ph.D. Nancy Bosco Barone Susan Bubet Barry Patricia Kargl Benosky Regina Petrik Birchler Patricia O'Brien Blank Catherine Flynn Campen Carol McGreevy Carpenter Kathleen Freeman D'Andrea Nancy Leifheit Dann Anne G. Dente Mary Anne Snyder Drew Marianne L. Egan, Ph.D. Mary Delaney Federico Marilyn A. Fingerhut, Ph.D. Anonymous Noel Burke Gaeta-Egan Jeanne Pascal Gargiulo Karen Fromberg Gelston Carole Woicik Genovese Patricia Bauer Gerke Mary Anne Cramer Grady Dorothy Rayzer Grysko Diane Roberts Hull Dorothy Griffin Kelley Mary Karosen Kelly Jane Bartkowiak Kwieciak Lynn Heurich Lane Catherine Turbett Lippincott Patricia Larsen Lohner Kathleen Koch Ludwigson Patricia Kenyon Maher Mary Timmins Malo Corinne Martinelli Margaret O'Connor McGann Germaine McGrath Kit Murphy-Groves Carol Niemand Carol Rossi Nowak Roseanne Lo Presto Parzek Maria Lazas Pluta Barbara Gill Rogus Mary Ann Schoettly Anonymous Marilyn Adamek Sentowski Dorothy Morowsky Skok Anne Lipinskas Standley Claire Thomas Steigleder Regina W.Townsend Barbara Aguanno Tringali Maria Puga Walsh Elaine Glaser Whitehead Marie Therese Asher Zaloom 1965 Number of Class Members: 138 Total Giving 2005: $34,505.00 Total Giving 2006: $19,927.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 31% Percentage of Participation 2006: 25% Mary Ellen Terenzio Alecci Mary Ann Kulpinski Bojak Emma Ferraro Byrne Mary Jane Gilmour Cameron Jane Watson Charbonnier


Annual Fund Individual Contributions by Class/Club (cont.) Eileen McKiernan Leonard Mary Arena Liggio Kathleen Mylott Londregan Mary Beth Cody Macchia Theresa Chmely Matuch Winifred Cotter McDonough Catherine Cain McKee Mariana Doores Mihalchik Mary Ann Burgess Motiuk Anonymous Carolyn Kyle Querijero Susan Danna Rae Joan E. Regan Mary Famighetti Ryan Marjorie Cretazzo Scott Ann McKeon Seidel Mary Hyer Shuman Ann Strand Rosemary Toletti Georgianna Bolan Tyner Stephanie Woodruff Visokay Maureen Vincent Waters Susan Plum Wetmore Mary Shepherd Wolfson

CSE Holds Annual Scholarship and Excellence Dinner - The College welcomed more than 300 guests to its fourth annual Scholarship and Excellence Dinner, “Jazz & Jewels� on Thursday, June 16, 2005. (l - r) Janice Gamper; honoree Albert R. Gamper, Jr., retired Chairman of the Board of CIT Group, Inc.; Sister Francis Raftery, CSE President; and honoree Sister Thomas Mary Salerno, S.C., '58. (Photo by Joseph Rodak) Catherine Daniels Ward Joan Sullivan Whan

Irma Ferrante Chazotte Sister Margaret Conlon, S.C. Roseann Giglio Czerniach Elizabeth A. Domigan Kathleen Heimbold Emmert Sister Kathleen Flanagan Kathleen Doyle Friel Joann Semiraro Garrity Ellen Cobane Hulsen Joanne Inzano Mary Ann Conroy Kaicher Sharon Kelly Kapica Barbara LeClair Keenan Anne O'Neill Kellers Mary Mrozek Kennedy Rose Marie LaBella Mary Lou Callahan Lauterhahn Mary Griffin Lawlor Mary Jo Fagan Leddy

1966 Number of Class Members: 128 Total Giving 2005: $9,420.00 Total Giving 2006: $6,476.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 39% Percentage of Participation 2006: 30% Susanne Hughes Alexander Caroline Apone Patricia Leddy Bardsley Susan Valickas Benjamin Barbara Blecka Rachel Colavita Boudreau Judith Magrino Bowers Jane Brady Ave Birdsall Bransford Mary Ellen Harkins Buckley

2005 AND 2006 SOURCES OF SUPPORT $2,000,000


$1,500,000 $795,616

$1,000,000 $283,336




Alumnae/i Sisters of Charity Friends Contributed Services

Rita Maggio Anonymous Christina Jordan Manning Rosemary Mooney McAneny Patricia Gavin McConville Judith Kuhn McMahon Marilyn Menegus Judith Cremen Pierce Nancy Koester Randall Christine Rennie Barbara Christinzio Repice Sally Allen Romano Joan Dougherty Ruszkowski Shirley Hayes Tolentino Carol Leonhard Tribus Diane Veith Geraldine Cirlincione Wadia Kathleen Shine Walsh


Board of Trustees



Faculty/Staff/ Administration


Nancy Brown Butkiewicz Corinne Marino Chace Paula Chester Patricia Connors Margaret Mary Dalton Dolores Delli Santi Marilyn Dodd Maureen Hibell Dolan Pamela Doremus Dwyer Jean Kenyon Fischer Ellen Gorman Forbes Patricia Glazier Anonymous Joanne Cembor Hench Lois Egan Higbie Mary Kinney Christine Wilk Kulikowski Maureen Sullivan Leddy

1967 Number of Class Members: 140 Total Giving 2005: $14,782.00 Total Giving 2006: $13,962.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 34% Percentage of Participation 2006: 30% Marie McDermott Andrus Alix Ann Arlinghaus Deborah Sauer Berk Carol Markoski Blume Suzanne Heurich Bree Laurel Brennan Ann Gilland Candido Mary Hoerburger Cariello Rosemary Lalevee Carroll Mary Jo Lyons Clendenny Ann McCaughan Connell Eileen Murphy Connelly Kathryn O'Rourke Costello Ann Marie Argenziano Coyle Carole Melone DeRoberto Rosemarie Sadowski Diedalis Dorothy Donoghue Jean Pirrone Drozdowski Jane Loughlin Fischer Paula McClain Flagel Beth Loman Foley Patricia Franks Eileen Gill Hayes Maureen Green Heilbrun Patricia Finck Hofmann Mary Ann Altengarten Hohensee Winifred Markell Johanson Elaine Keeler Maureen O'Neill Lavin Candace Wolfe Levy Ann McEwan Marnell Margaret Madden Melnik Joan Wachendorf Murphy Sister M. Geraldine O'Brien Maureen Farrell O'Connell Elizabeth Snyder Olmstead Beverly Powell, M.D. Joan Aluotto Rafter Sr. M. Christine Reyelt, M.D. Patricia Cari Rommel Susan Forcino Sachsel Veronica Toner Schmitz Claire Sullivan Skelton Patricia Harvey Sullivan Eileen O'Halloran Sullivan Sister Maureen Sullivan Patricia Bigley Thelander Cecilia Eng Weck Helen Sauder Westfall Janet Mitchell Wintrol 1968 Number of Class Members: 170 Total Giving 2005: $23,474.00 Total Giving 2006: $34,318.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 43% Percentage of Participation 2006: 34% Lyne Crichton Asselin Marguerite Cote Audiffred Ann Popaca Beams Patricia Blake-Flum Bridget Lynn Broadgate Burns Sharon Elliott Caldwell Anne Keever Cannon Patricia Foran Clark Paula White Connolly Barbara Shanahan Conroy Mary Cupo Cruz

Judith Dempsey D'Arcy Danuta Rupacz Dolan Charlene Koenig Dowd Michele Downey Barbara Lauter Eberhard Kathleen Mosher Egan Mary-Beth Hickey Eggers Patricia Feczko Everhart Sister Roberta Marguerite Feil Karen Doyle Felfoldy Patricia Horn Fesen Rebecca Fields, Esq. Patricia McLain Flaherty Elizabeth Painter Gabel Denise O'Rourke Gibson Virginia Barry Gross Susan Schlatmann Harris Patricia Simmons Hughes Rosemary MacIsaac Hundt Anne Marie Bigley Hunter Margaret Mary O'Neill Jamieson Carolyn Pape Keenen Andrea Saldutti Kilby Nancy Roche Koonce Yolanda Mazza Kunz Ellen Schwartz Kwader-Murphy Ellen Geruch Landry Joanne Grimes Marriott Nancy Masuelli Lorayne Loftus Matthews Nancy McNamara Eileen Ritter Meyers Kathryn Miller Mary O'Shea Milne Frances Steiner Nartowitz Elizabeth Vetter Neier Patricia Jackson Ode Nancy Burke Parker Mary Krauss Peter Patricia Tann Pilkington Valerie Del Tufo Rowe Mary Pat Ruane Susan Rizzolo Scerbo Carol Alerine Schebe Judith Seery Maureen Stearle Sherry Susan Ferrary Simon, M.D. Mary Jo Daniels Skutnik Lillian Hickey Strang Donna Calderaro Suckow Candace Pfleeger Taubner Jane Oates Tully Anonymous Deirdre Graham Vignone Joan Weiss Aileen White Mary Jane Ring White Carol Rogers Wild Ann M. Wood Gertrude Zaklan Louisa Di Cecco Zimmermann Ann O'Donnell Zogbaum Dianne Kenny Zoppa 1969 Number of Class Members: 148 Total Giving 2005: $22,728.00 Total Giving 2006: $15,442.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 29% Percentage of Participation 2006: 28% Helen Milkewicz Astarita Susan Marie Bedell Susan Boyd Eileen Gould Boylan Charlotte Cikowski Linda LaMaida Coletta Kathleen Markey Colyer Jean Comeforo Janet Crager Jo Ann Sottilaro Cross Elizabeth Razzo Dangler Jo Ann Fargo Degnan Eileen Martin Dunne Carol-Marie Byrne Ellwood Jane Kilduff Farmer Joan De Lia Flewelling Margaret Jones Flynn Martha Kearney Gordon Carol Fitzgerald Heise Maureen Rizza Ivey Sonja Kazmer Regina Falls Lembrich Lynn Withers Lopes Moira Sheridan Loughlin Anita Westcott Magatti, Esq. Elizabeth Maher Joanne Martin, M.D. Mary Anne Tonero McCauley

CSE Celebrates 20 Years of Hispanic Pastoral Ministry Program - On Monday, October 24, 2005, Alejandro Aguilera-Titus, Associate Director of the Secretariat for Hispanic Affairs, spoke to nearly 100 members of CSE and the local community about the challenges of ministering to people of different cultures and faith traditions. According to Dr. Linda Baratte, Director of the Center for Theological and Spiritual Development, the Hispanic Ministry program at CSE, is the only one of its kind in the U.S., which carries full-academic credit for lay ministry formation in the Spanish speaking community. (Photo by Courtney Smolen) Kathleen Malarkey McCoy Carol Dudich McIntyre Kathleen Mollica Christine Murphy Patricia Saracino Nicolich Patricia Powers O'Brien Margaret Padovano, Esq. Barbara Knauf Perkinson Elizabeth Weller Renyi Joyce Keenan Ruckelshaus Adeline Burke Rufino Louise Senesi Martena Shea Victoria Shim Pamela Cushman Smodis Bush Constance Byars Sullivan Mary Ellen Laux Tarnacki Maureen Murner Theisz Barbara Theriault Kathleen Gaffney Waldron F. Darcy Williams, Ph.D. Josephine Keating Woodward 1970 Number of Class Members: 161 Total Giving 2005: $19,140.00 Total Giving 2006: $46,294.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 38% Percentage of Participation 2006: 27% Joan Mazurek Albin Patricia Katomski Beck Frances Mc Mahon Buckley Pamela Hart Calhoon Nancy McCarthy Caufield Valerie Van Ness Cauley Carol Cheeseman Patricia Quinn Clairwood Barbara Driscoll Coats Mary Lou Tangney Comune Barbara Conroy Cromar Katherine Holzwarth Danneberg Carol Craugh Darrow Barbara Keller Duncan Alana Edelmann Margaret O'Neil Ell

Lyn James Ertle Linda Cericola Fisk Mary Kathleen Mason Fitzgerald Maryrita Foley Joanne Pietrucha Freeman Rose Marcheso Hansen Nancy Castner Harper Ann Comune Hilkert Jonnie Frisbie Holzman Jill Naimoli Kane Pamela Blake Kelly Lillia King Dorothy Gombas Kotler Anonymous Anne Marie Cody Last Jane Lawler-Savitske Margaret Parzych Lewis Mary Anne Ammerman Lumley Patricia Tartaglia Marino Ellen Mc Carthy McCafferty Ann Marie Horvath McCarthy Lynne Zecchin Meisch Rita Devlin Metras Lois Tafaro Monti Victoria Albright Null Mary Boylan O'Grady Margaret Clayton O'Leary Ann Breen O'Malley Jeanne Ruckel Parke Betsy Jamieson Pastine Susan Szymanski Peterson Teresa Gomez Prendergast Carolyn Gudaitis Rizzo Susan Brennan Rolston Patricia Garnier Rolston Florence Meehan Rosse Theresa Rudnicki-Jones Carol Browning Ruiz Rosemarie Smurro Barbara Stampfle Terry Woods Stefanow Lavinia Oergel Trimmer Maureen K.Vanderspurt Judith Plaviak Veglia

1971 Number of Class Members: 153 Total Giving 2005: $9,440.00 Total Giving 2006: $6,505.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 26% Percentage of Participation 2006: 23% Denise Morin Andico Mattie Heyward Bey Barbara Gillespie Blue Mary Harris Byrne Mary Clark Rosemary Clark Anna Grimaldi Colomer Janet Deely Mary Joy Cass DeVivo Stephanie Doores Anne Milnamow Dougherty Rachel Fields Theresa Grandinetti Gilvary Susan Daly Goldstein Ann McMullen Hale Esther Travisano Harris Linda Culp Holmes Virginia DeLia Howell Irene McWilliams Kelly Mary Ellen Egan Kiplok Anne Bennis Klyng Margaret Mullen Kmiec Claire Londress Anne Maher Susan Kinney Malise Barbara McGill-Rudolph, Ph.D. Nancy Toth Munczinski Eileen Wall Mundorff Mary Mullen Newman Ann Alexander O'Brien Beth O'Leary Kathleen Cunningham Patten Virginia Groppenbacher Patten Maria-Louise Del Guidice Pinizzotto Shirley Pomponi Kathleen Cantore Reitsma Anne Golino Riczko Marguerite Dyson Santino Patricia Schuler Sawicki Marybeth Schaedel Judith Spinola Patricia Pellitteri Spreckelsen Susan Hornyak Staab Patricia Martin Stengle Lois Brower Ventura Constance Syrigos Vickers Donnamarie Donegan Villanova Christine Virag-Non Kathleen McKenna Wander Gail Orecchiuto Wiser 1972 Number of Class Members: 146 Total Giving 2005: $4,070.00 Total Giving 2006: $5,479.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 26% Percentage of Participation 2006: 25% Catherine Zvolensky Banach Jean Lavelle Barkovitz Margaret Atkins Behnke Frances Hussey Bixby Donna Frezza Brown Elena Colicelli, S.C. Maryrose Conklyn Patricia Williams Cortese Victoria A. D'Alessio Angela Della Ventura Joan Ellen Angelo Densmore Diane Francfort Eaton Regina Carle Fischer Marguerite Ard Fitzgerald Diane Stahlin Galfy Mary Ann Sodano Gatto-Bingham Eleanor Jones Giles Mary Gill Janet Toth Grogan Ursula Rinecker Grossi Karen Hogan Dorothy Certalic Jorgensen Cecilia Chunka Kaczala Dianna Munley Kemper Maryann Kilduff Lucy Kristen Marie Logue Rosemarie DiLello Maltese Peggy Dunn Mason Joann Krosnowski Molnar Elspeth Corrigan Moore Patricia Constantin Orringer Deborah Cronin Orzechowski Catherine Sheridan Pringle Anna Rita Lyons Quinn Pamela Voorhis Reinhardt Erika Micciche Rieser Margaret Roman

Nancy McManus Ryan Margaret Hanley Thiel Charlotte Carl Toke Sabina Block Wank Jacqueline Washack Mary Conaway Wilson Anonymous 1973 Number of Class Members: 124 Total Giving 2005: $15,445.00 Total Giving 2006: $10,611.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 31% Percentage of Participation 2006: 27% Carley Ward Adams Lorraine Burger Barnicle Kathleen Connolly Baszczewski Karen Pridmore Bossieux Jacqueline Gariano Caffrey Alexandra Clark Elizabeth Ann Mullen Degenhardt Elizabeth Dodd Rita Russoniello Dorgan Gertrude Schultes Duardo Helene Eichler Deidre Kelly Gannon Margaret Brady Gill Judith Sudol Giorgio Constance Colburn Hanson Marie Grosso Hefley Frances Lusky Hehn Anonymous AnneMarie Hornyak Michelle Petitti Hulsizer Kathleen Hunter Patricia Mullin Hurd Janet Betz Kluxen Kristine Olsen Kolarsick Susan George Mautone, M.D. Deborah Heckle McKelvy Patricia McNamara Laura Winsch Nash Kathleen O'Reilly Joyce DeSenti Polio Margarita Pont Maripat Quinn, Ph.D. Linda Filippone Rafferty Laurie Van Iderstine Schnitzer Kathleen Rozanski Schultes Kathleen Van Syckle Solu Annette Stancik Marianna Ochs Suzano Elaine Taylor Taetzsch Karen Walsh Tarricone Mary Jo Scully Vocke Catherine Lockwood Wisneski Patricia Young, M.D. 1974 Number of Class Members: 144 Total Giving 2005: $7,180.00 Total Giving 2006: $7,870.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 30% Percentage of Participation 2006: 18% Patricia Bergen Carolyn Bradley Gay Bucci Susann Nash Byrnes Nancy Campbell Carol Stasiewicz Chambers Maryann Cokelet Cheveralls Carolyn Zincio Cuda Bernadette Vitillo DiFabbio Maribeth Keselica Doria Kathleen Gibney Mary Preston Hardesty, M.D. Roberta Szymanski Harmon Mary Rowland Hennessy Eleanor James Hetzel Jo Ann Auriemma Higgs Anonymous Bernice Williams Holmes Jacqueline Hull Christine Paskowitz Juffe Kathleen Donnelly Kincade, Esq. Susan Knauf Margaret McCormack Kurtulik Kathleen McDonald Littlefield Joanne Johnston Markle Tracye McArdle Elizabeth Catlett Merclean Catherine Thompson Morton Barbara Smith Parker Loretta Langhoff Paschke Linda Macaluso Pellet Adrienne Rarick Sandra Murphy Rollins Marion Mannello Sacharoff Karen Taylor Sachs Ruth Sanders Smith Agnes Vuolo

CSE Students Awarded Lipper Internships - Shiobann Amisial, '07 (right), and Ninochka Jean-Pierre, '07 (left), are among only16 students in the country to be awarded Lipper Interships at New York’s Museum of Jewish Heritage - A Living Memorial to the Holocaust. (Photo by Donna Lindemeyer)


Annual Fund Individual Contributions by Class/Club (cont.) Maryanne Maggio Hanisch Mary Sullivan Harrington Anne Healey Theresa Bauer Jardine Mary Ann Lockwood Langan Therese McCutcheon Linda Lantermann Nick Maureen O'Neill Niclaus Dorothy Morrison Polaneczky Mary Quigley Michele Harris Rensvold Maria Terracciano Ricciardi LuAnn Cherrillo Romano Rosanne Kolbert Sarnese Eda Franzetti Tato Susan Markano Tjon Pian Gi Diane Simone Vezza Mary Costello Vohden Nancy Degelmann Watkinson

CSE Presents Mother Xavier Award to Nancy Kelly Delaney, '82 - (l - r) Nancy Kelly Delaney, '82, President of the Board of Trustees of Employment Horizons, a private not-for-profit corporation based in Cedar Knolls, is congratulated by CSE Director of College Relations, Sister Jane Cavanaugh, at the College's 2004 Founders Day Celebration. (Photo by Lily Xa) 1975 Number of Class Members: 114 Total Giving 2005: $6,550.00 Total Giving 2006: $8,296.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 25% Percentage of Participation 2006: 18% Dagmara Pablo Aguero Joanne Pfundstein Babbitt Patricia Ponton Barratt Mary Ellen Caro Elizabeth Paland Collister Ann Liebrock Gleason Carol Bilella Grant Darlynn O'Donnell Marsh Barbara Leonard Mata Jacqueline Smits Matthews Mary Jane Londregan Meschino Pamela Beusch Moser, M.D. Andrea Kuchtyak Mullen Pien Nagy Sigafoose Mary Ellen Ryan O'Connor Marion O'Leary Overberger Frances Romano Pajak Joan Wilckens Pittis Cynthia Wilton Riggs Nancy Nead Robinson Lynn Everitt Slezak Cynthia Neely Smith Roberta Strater Mary Egan Sweeney Marthe Terry Margaret Mullins Tortoriello †1976 Number of Class Members: 148 Total Giving 2005: $9,625.00 Total Giving 2006: $17,232.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 33% Percentage of Participation 2006: 15% Sheila Watson Amrich, RD Patricia Arndt Margaret Augustine Catherine Auriemma Julia Donnelly Besante Mary Chris Inglis Brauchli Anonymous Claudia Capritti Dianne Collier Chester Tanis Nancy Keezer Cline Anita Colangelo Ellen Decker Geisel Nancy Renzulli Goldberg Sandra Lyng Jensen Mary Ann Brotzman Kindred Ann Guarracini Kosco Sharon Bowin Lefferts C. Susan Preziosi McCandless Kathleen McNamara Christine Pietila Morgan Mary Kay Mullin Julia Joyce Piazza Jane Micucci Rainis


1979 Number of Class Members: 122 Total Giving 2005: $3,047.00 Total Giving 2006: $5,815.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 27% Percentage of Participation 2006: 14% Susan Mary Bator, M.D. Katherine Brieger Christine Camisa Buckelew Mari-Jo Dagostino Alyson Rubin Dehmcke Donna Ann DiMartino Gail Driscoll-Kolchin Margaret Smith Felber Alma Fraser

Janet Gilmore Riley Linda Scully Francine Cheeseman Shaw Barbara Stevenson Cynthia Lockwood Stumpf Patricia Kuna Tamaccio Nancy Thompson Taylor Patricia Foley Tighe Sharon Pelosi Vitiello Marianne Yewaisis 1977 Number of Class Members: 109 Total Giving 2005: $10,735.00 Total Giving 2006: $5,860.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 24% Percentage of Participation 2006: 17% Patricia Bryant-Todd Irene Birdsall Bussell Gail Blodgett Caffrey Sister Patricia Codey, Esq. Michele Coiro Connahan Diana Bulger Cronin Maryanne DiPasquale Czarnecki Sister Ellen Dauwer, Ph.D. Barbara Errickson Mary Ellen Mackinson Fleming Elaine Castellano Grillo Kathleen Morley Hanson Nancy Harris Carol Pedersen Karnas Mary Knodel Barbara Luciano Donna Dolman Malloy Anonymous Wanda J.M. Manzi Veronica Ladach McNally Carol Piraneo O'Hanlon Helen Worley Richardson Loretta Vuolo Schuessler Mary Woodruff Scirocco Debra Stankus Smith Rita Niederberger Usher 1978 Number of Class Members: 140 Total Giving 2005: $4,115.00 Total Giving 2006: $5,709.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 23% Percentage of Participation 2006: 18% Theresa Astrab Gloria Niec Beers Beverly Cooney Bodenlos Maureen Toner Bongard Kathleen Maier Bostock Mary Orban Chambers, RD Connie Gussis Cherrillo Lynn Skevington Coates Mary Ellen Dowd Barbara Finn Elizabeth Smyres Freeman Dorothy Callaghan Gorman

Mary Doolan Scores 1,000th Career Point Basketball player Mary Doolan, '06, joined an elite group on January 6, 2006, becoming only the fifth player in the CSE history with more than 1,000 career points. A ceremony honoring Doolan was held during a home game against the College of New Rochelle on January 28, 2006. (Photo by Courtney Smolen) Ann Dingle Frast Z. Susan Guarda Garity Elizabeth Ann McDonnell Gilbreth Barbara Buchsbaum Gilford Mary O'Brien Greeley Sharon Young Herndon Kathleen Holly Kathleen Smith Imparato Victoria Lambros Colleen Flanigan LeBoeuf Jody Linder MacNicoll Nancy Walsh McCorkindale Yolanda A. Nargiello Jane Dowd Oosterom Jeanne Lampe Pelcher Nancy Ann Charlton Questa Mary Reynolds Teresinha Ho Schlegel Mary Katherine Ribardo Shelffo Lorri Ann Sullivan Georgette Genovese Szwaja Joanne Verdonik Fran McDonough Vogt 1980 Number of Class Members: 133 Total Giving 2005: $11,450.00 Total Giving 2006: $8,244.00

Percentage of Participation 2005: 30% Percentage of Participation 2006: 23% Ellieen Ancrum Kathleen Beck, CCM Nathalie Calpini Berger Deborah Dwyer Breither Laura Reineman Buoncuore Mary Ellen Lofredo Capron, M.S.,R.D. Deborah Szorc Chace Elena Scolamiero Charles Jane Grossman Cheetham Margaret Gallagher Daraghy Maryann Dishaw Terry Getz Cynthia Hoffman Helene Duddy Jnane Kathleen Burke Kaleta Julie Kaufmann Grace Van Syckle Keslar Marita Sweeney Kresge Mary Jean Davis Leahy Phyllis Bramley Magnone Maxine Marks Mary McCoy Eileen Whalen McGovern Bernadette Ryan Meade Susan McGlory Michel Jane Mulligan Sharon Staudinger Perry Julia Micciche Picinich Tamera Reardon-Barrett Donna Rerecich Laurel Pedersen Savino Judith Saxe Sloan Sweeney Scully Elaine Smith Bernice Snyder Josephine Orlando Spinelli Nancy Fabi Szapor Kathleen Doyle Whelply Rosalin Liebelt Youngberg 1981 Number of Class Members: 124 Total Giving 2005: $2,065.00 Total Giving 2006: $1,528.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 18% Percentage of Participation 2006: 15% Pamela Haroski Baldisserotto Ann Chamberlin Boe Maureen Liebner Brown, R.D. Sharon Cifranic Carol Fraind D'Alessio Bernadette Eppich Linda Flores-Tober Carol Sullivan Fowler Anne O'Brien Furnari Theresa Terino Gershner Nancy Slavic Herbert Christine Seery Higgins Mary Ann Percarpio Jones Kathleen McGlory Karkos Wilbur Linder Patrice Kinney Lisy Kathryn Schabacker McGrath Jeanne Kelleher Morris Joanne Wallin O'Brien Elaine Di Marzo Sawka Carol Hanlon Schwaeble Madeline DeFonce Soccodato Veronica Masterson Sullivan, C.P.A. Ricki La Fleur Terzis 1982 Number of Class Members: 118 Total Giving 2005: $2,253.00 Total Giving 2006: $3,540.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 21% Percentage of Participation 2006: 20% Janet Davis Allocca Claire Rochford Bergstrom Ann Rainey Billak Joyce Brown Julianne Nelson Canfield Ann Kelly Delaney Donna Strazza Elsby Margaret McKibbin Favreau Michele Torchia Feltman Eileen Handover Frech Sokol Joyce Soracco Henderson Mary Beth Larson Hurley Judith Lovas Koldewyn Beth Backus Lozier Clare Martorana Anna Raschke McDonald Dorothy McGuire Linda Ferguson Otte Jane Ryan Pattwell

Saw Ean Quah, D.M.D Lisa Garasimowicz Reverri Joan Rielly Mary Savage-Jarani Diane Sharpe Joanne Masterson Spahn Kathleen T.Taylor Susan Kelly Williams Kathleen Wolfe Gloria Zwick 1983 Number of Class Members: 130 Total Giving 2005: $3,470.00 Total Giving 2006: $3,031.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 18% Percentage of Participation 2006: 13% Lorraine Inglese Ankosko Dorise Ciancimino Benson Catherine Sillinski Billington Michelle E. Brody, D.O. Cynthia Bariscillo Buck Mary Ellen Parell CoFrancesco Mary Pat Barry Colicchio Ann Marie Scott Collins Marianne Ferrandino Cornell Anthony Crocamo Suzanne Varnerin Dahlinger Dolores Pena Diaz Janet Pedersen Horton Carolyn Glassman MacPherson Colleen McCarthy Kelley Flynn Olone Ellen Reynolds Annette East Rogers Beth Ann Schoonmaker Debra Tagg Denise Rubin Trimboli Jean Hollis Zimmerman 1984 Number of Class Members: 154 Total Giving 2005: $2,110.00 Total Giving 2006: $2,035.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 17% Percentage of Participation 2006: 14% Barbara Banks Patricia Scarfuto Bergan Virginia Fortt Brockett Elizabeth Macomber Calamito Margaret Keegan Cannata Elaine Gesicki-Desjadon Angela Giannetta Carolyn Harder Griedl Helen Karczewska Jakielski Frances Jerow Fiona Ma Lee Lori San Filippo Lee, R.D. Elizabeth Lowe Anna Marrero Maureen Quinlan McNamara Susan Mimnaugh Louise Conca Naclerio Mary Oswald Michelle Palumbo Margaret King Pelosi Milagros Alicea Perrine Lisa Quartararo Rose Viscariello Rust Barbara Nicholas Sandelands Alexis Shanoian Mary Ann Forrestall Tanis Eileen Donnelly Troise Nadine Wernli Ann Casey Wilson Carmen Iturralde Wood Albertina Zimmer Ellen Hatala Zuppani 1985 Number of Class Members: 119 Total Giving 2005: $5,709.00 Total Giving 2006: $2,440.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 21% Percentage of Participation 2006: 16% Allison Adams, D.M.D. Roxana Russo Caivano Cynthia LaBonce Dent Marey Singalewitch Doherty Mary Powers Gallivan Marilyn George Elizabeth Amatucci Gleason Theresa Gonnella Christine Schadelbauer Haack Cathy Heslin Kathleen Carroll Lamken Louise Mastrovito Tina Papetti Noll Kathleen Rosenkranz Radcliffe Susan Beck Rainaldi Kathleen Conway Russo Maryanna Cheeseman Samuel, R.N. Carmen Feliciano Sanchez Alice Arnold Sharick Theresa Burke Stewart Claire Sullivan Tucciarone Cynthia Young Wynant

Mary Beth Ringgold Young 1986 Number of Class Members: 160 Total Giving 2005: $2,088.00 Total Giving 2006: $2,035.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 18% Percentage of Participation 2006: 10% Ann Anderson Elizabeth Sullivan Armetta Laura Carella Badami Jean Wilcox Bauer Eileen Smith Bennett Mary-Ann Ryan Boden Jeanne Wielechowski Brino Maureen Hutter Chrissinger Mary Natoli Cronin Diane Rome Friedberg Carol Anthony Greenstone Patricia Cisek Kalita Cynthia Southern Kalman Mary Rose Migliazza Ellen Weingaertner Nolan Margaret Hirshkind Nunnermacker Mary O'Donnell LeeAnn Peters Paula Mancini Savage James Schneidmuller Edwin Seda Deborah Myers Smith Donna Henderson Spatidol Victoria Tarleton Jude Trepa Barbara Wade Jennifer Regan Wilson Nancy Brouillette Zuber 1987 Number of Class Members: 158 Total Giving 2005: $2,120.00 Total Giving 2006: $2,425.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 16% Percentage of Participation 2006: 9% Tina Amato Judith Cangialosi Kathleen Higgins Carofine Susan Cartoccio Karen Fisette Kathryn Fitzpatrick Kathleen Crowley Golinski Virginia Brandt Hawkins Laura Beck Hurley Barbara Cisek Jones Magdaline Jarecki Kalafsky Ellen McGee Renee Solimeno Minter Mary Rooney Nalewako Anna Bauer Obom Kathy Weber Rasely Denise Henry Rawding Julia Rickert Nancy O'Neill Rinaldi Mary Melvin Stickler Marie O'Donnell Timko Stephanie Valos Patricia Robertson Zimmerman 1988 Number of Class Members: 154 Total Giving 2005: $2,485.00 Total Giving 2006: $2,401.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 17% Percentage of Participation 2006: 10% Mary Connelly Aromin Lynda Barrood Veronica Best Rena Brello Irene Carrozza Sharon Cepeda Helen Diskin Pegeen Dombrowsky Joan Grennan Joan Hughes Dana Lake Patrick Lanza Alissa Polo Letts Diane McDole Sylvia McGeary Susan Childs Merrick Carol Harbord Novrit Elizabeth Fleming Pellegrino Valerie Hilsky Pronko, C.P.A. Laurie McDermott Reisman Karen Stutzer-Treimel, RN, MS, CCRN Eileen Dolan Tutaj Carmella Vowinkel Virginia Lo Sapio Weis 1989 Number of Class Members: 149 Total Giving 2005: $1,625.00 Total Giving 2006: $1,042.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 15% Percentage of Participation 2006: 13% Elizabeth Brandt Alcamo Lucia Berry Ellen Spinicchia Boyd Rosalie Pirone Cerza

CSE Commemorates Fifth Anniversary of its Center for Catholic Women’s History - On Thursday, March 16, 2006, CSE welcomed Dr. James M. O'Toole, professor of History at Boston College, who presented “Toward a History of the Laity: the Six Ages of Catholicism.” (l -r) CSE Theology graduate student Pauline Alger; Sister Mary Ellen Gleason, CSE Director of Archives; Dr. James O'Toole and oral historian Mariela Monzon, R.N. (Photo by Donna Lindemeyer) Janet Barone DeSenzo Patrice Eannucci Stacy Namnama Eckert Claire Fox Janet Templeton Garrity Suzanne Wells Goldwert Margaret Walsh Holzhacker Renee Fresco Knightes Linda Metcalfe Doris Mierendorf Pamela Troy Moyer Eileen Weber Ng Kelly Fullen Nickerson Maryann Panei, M.D. Deborah Lanno Radler Joan Rizal Rizal Robin Peters Robbins Hope Hanlon Santoro Tawanna Sellars Maura Kelly Souki Catherine Staropoli Antoinette Mellody Unger Elizabeth Zientara-Pringle 1990 Number of Class Members: 155 Total Giving 2005: $1,870.00 Total Giving 2006: $2,055.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 18% Percentage of Participation 2006: 13% Naoko Inoue Banker Elenora Benz, Esq. Ninfa Corrubia Teresa Cloutier DeVincentis Janet DiPasquale Christine McCarthy Gleniewicz Frances Kelly Henig Emma Santiago Hernandez Deborah Hromadka Marie Jaffe Jane Barriero Johnson Tanya Wenstrom Kellstrom Elizabeth Schroeder Kordahl Carol Lincoln Yvonne Maskin Cathleen Moore Richard Myers

Patricia O'Brien Kathleen O'Leary Kathleen O'Neill Janice Krulan Opsal Christine Cavagnaro Rennie Linda Tordo Roche Maria Weigand Singer Susan Torchy Stillwell Judith Streeter Eileen Brennan Timko 1991 Number of Class Members: 163 Total Giving 2005: $4,335.00 Total Giving 2006: $3,666.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 18% Percentage of Participation 2006: 10% Maureen Barry Nancy Best Madeline Candelaria Brzozowski Elaine Cadden Patricia Wall Carhuff Janet Zysling Carson Paula Choa Carol Christie Deirdre Coakley Donna Nocke Dalrymple Linda Yatchisin Dodd Karen Duffy Doreen Ernandez Lynn Fernandez Nancy Genova Elizabeth Froehlich Graebener Giulio Grecchi Jennifer D. Hanifan Ann Marie DiPette Kelemen Jennifer Martino Patricia McBride Jessie Mondestin Christine Hulsart Oppegaard Linda Leanza Slusarz Janice Keeler Sorge Maria Suarez Susan Wierzba Hayden Williamson

CSE Students Help Katrina Survivors - Women's College students returned to campus in March 2006 after traveling to New Orleans to help Hurricane Katrina survivors rebuild their damaged homes. Their work made headline news at home, including WMBC-TV Channel 63, The Daily Record and The Star-Ledger.


Annual Fund Individual Contributions by Class/Club (cont.) 1992 Number of Class Members: 141 Total Giving 2005: $4,945.00 Total Giving 2006: $5,200.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 17% Percentage of Participation 2006: 10% Laura Arzeno Anderson Katherine Bayless Christine Bodon-Daly Rosa Voytac Calderon Eileen Callahan Kathleen Nulty Culley Joaneileen Cunning Alexandra Marquez Forker Denise Fowler Carol Hance Nancie Troy Harris Kristine Kearns Mary Kress Priyanka Kapoor Leffler

Yanire Lopez-Herrara, MSW, LSW Lorraine Palmisano Nemeth Michelle Tracey O'Shea, M.D. Anne Burton Patterson Kimberly Schwartz Pratt Paula Raimondo, R.N. Mary Zelazny Rydstrom Krista Morse Simonsen Christine Sirko Deborah Snead 1993 Number of Class Members: 189 Total Giving 2005: $1,515.00 Total Giving 2006: $1,262.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 10% Percentage of Participation 2006: 5% Roger Biller Mary Ellen Byrne, R.N.,B.S.N.,CDE Karen Carroll Pamela McNelis Cole

Carla Costa Barbara David Diane Szpiech Fattorusso Christine Morrell Flath Jennifer Hanselman Michelle Cabibbo Hart Pamela Kilberg, R.N. Stephanie Korab Frances Lyons Colleen Marshall Matthew Metzger Michelle Norelli Laurene O'Donnell Susan MacGillivray Sammond Christina Siino-Swan Elizabeth Spencer

1994 Number of Class Members: 199 Total Giving 2005: $480.00 Total Giving 2006: $595.00 Percentage of Participation 2005: 6% Percentage of Participation 2006: 5% Judith Dickstein Pamela Ernstrom Jeanette Fredericks Barbara Gano Adele Haley Ronald Hansen Ratha Nithiahnanthan Susan Carroll O'Connor Violet Rambaran Pagan Catherine Stanzione Sharon Troisi Kathleen Denton Uber Teresa Vicente Denise Wallo

GRADUATES OF THE LAST DECADE Special thanks to our newest graduates for establishing a tradition of giving back to CSE. We salute you! Dahlia Abdulkareem, '04 Denise DeGraaff Abney, '95 Maryann Acuff, '00 Thomas Altonjy, '96 Diana Amaya, '02 Laurie Anderson-Reese, '98 Nancy V. Andre, '98 Mary Arnold, '02 Carrie Ballone, '05 Mary C. Barnett, '01 Felicia Barra, '99 Patricia Barter-Varrichio, '96 Brenda Bass, '97 Claudia Bateman, '00 Joyce Baten, '03 Jennifer Bayles, '03 Kristine Beirne, '98 Sheree Starrett Bennett, '03 Theresa Bernaz, '05 Theresa A. Berry, '01 Patricia Bianco, '03 Nancy Biello, M.A., '97 Marie Biringer, '00 Susan Woodley Birosak, '04 Dana Bivona, '01 Debora A. Blanchard, '99 Kelly carroll Boaz, '02 Diana Borges, '01 Kathryn Bradford, '01 Jennifer Braun, '00 Virginia Mary Brennan, '01 Maripat Brennan, '98 Teresa Brennan, '96 Kathleen L. Bressler, '01 Ivan Brown, '06 Stephanie St. Clair Budelman, '97 Beth Burgunder, '05 Joanna Buset, '00 Joanne M. Calafiore, '02 Maria Cammarata, '04 Joseph Campbell, '04 Romina Capozzoli, '05 Patricia Ann Cardillo, '05 Nicole Carr, '04 James Castello, '04 Mary Ellen C. Castillo, '99 Judy Chen-Cooper, '97 Kimberly Shuler Chenoweth, '96 Patricia Chobrda, '98 Carol Chovanec, '03 Melinda Ciattarelli, '04 Sharon Ciliento, '01 Colleen Clarken, '02 Diana Collins, '97 Patricia Conk, '02 Christine Ann Conley, '01 Virginia Connolly, '00 Caitlin Conroy, '06 Jill Conti, '02 Arinthia Conway, ‘00 Suzanne M. Corbitt, ‘98 Lisa Anna Cortese, ‘98 Judy L. Crispino, '01 James Cronin, '00 Elizabeth Curry, '00 Jennifer L. Cusack, '99 Rose Marie Cusumano, '05 Angela D'Addona, '05 Joann Christina D'Amelio, '01 Angelica Daniels, '98 Kathleen Marie D'Annunzio, '01 Carol D'Anton, '02


Diane Dasti, '03 Traci Davies, '99 Jesus Davilas, '00 Megan Quinn Davis, '98 Kara De Loreto, '01 Patti J. DeFilippis, '04 Joan DeLuca, '99 Elizabeth DeMontigny, '99 Tracy A. DenDulk, '98 Christine A. Derites, '02 Nancy Di Dio, '97 Leslie Diegue, '05 Elizabeth L. DiGiorgi, '98 Kelvin N. Dixon, '05 Christina R. Dolan, '02 Susan Dolci, '01 Christy Doleshal, '03 Roxanne Dome, '99 Barbara Donnelly, '98 Mary Doolan, '06 Linda Doran, '95 Shelley Doyle, '04 Kathi Dubin, '95 Elizabeth DuBois, '97

Heidi Dugan, '97 Magnolia Dun, '96 Stephanie Eckert, '00 Susan Eiffe Edmondson, '97 Frances DeMaria Edson, '95 Jean Amy Elliott, '01 Melanie Endres, '01 Sarah C Engel, '02 Heidi Enslin, '00 Maureen Errity, '99 Frank Felty, '05 Tanya Filippone, '98 Judith Fink, '00 Jeannine Fiorentino, '01 Kellen Fitz, '01 Claire Fitzsimmons, '02 Claire Fleming, '03 Robert Fontana, '95 Mary Ford, '06 Tonalee Frame, '05 Patricia Ouirk Frankoski, '97 Deborah Boonstra Frattina, '95 Connie Fronzoni, '95 Ann Ayli Furrer, '01

Rosemarie Gala, '98 Lillian H. Garafola, '00 Patricia Gard, '04 Kristen Stritter Garofano, '97 Theresa M. Gehrke, '05 Agnes Gerrety, '99 Neal Giacomelli, '01 Deborah Giordano, '98 Susan Glanz, '99 Marylou Gonzalez, '01 Barbara Gorlick, '03 Jennifer Goudreau, '97 Elizabeth Grasso, '99 Ann Greszczak, '05 Janet Griffin, '01 Christine K. Grobert, '96 Kathleen Haber, '98 Nancy Hackenberg, '02 Dana Hade, '05 Catherine Hagen, '00 Joyce Halpin, '05 Sue Ann Handschuch, '05 Elaine Hanington, '03 Sylvia R. Haoula, '01

Alumna Ellieen Ancrum,'80, Receives 2005 Mother Xavier Award - Ms. Ancrum is the Director of the Office of the Black Apostolate for the Diocese of Trenton and Dean of Students at Ewing High School in Ewing, N.J. (l - r) Sister Francis Raftery, President of CSE; Bishop John Smith of the Diocese of Trenton; Ellieen Ancrum, '80; Sister Maureen Shaughnessy, General Superior of the Sisters of Charity; and Ms. Ancrum's nieces Myan and Morgan Harris, at CSE’s 2005 Founders Day celebration. (Photo by Courtney Smolen)

Mark Hartmann, '05 Tanya Harvey, '00 Elaine Rottstock Hatcher, '00 Cynthia Hawkins, '03 Janet Hawthorne, '02 Ronald Heck, '04 Marcia Heiden, '96 Carlene Henke, '04 Jerilyn Herbert, '01 Ruth Herr, '96 Barbara Heywang, '95 Susan L. Hill, '00 Kathleen M. Holusha, '01 Maureen Huhmann, '99 Anne M. Hunnex, '02 Michele Jachim, '97 James Jakubowski, '03 Nichole Jenisch, '99 Paula W. Johnston, '05 Susan Jones, '05 Jennifer Jones, '98 Mala Kadar, R.N., '00 Robert Kamenetz, '99 Carol Kane, '05 Mary A. Katz, '98 Mary Ann Keiser, '03 Barbara Kellner, '99 Rosemary Kelly, '98 Pamela J. Kelly, '02 John Kennedy, '04 Christopher Kenny, '96 Lilia Kierez, '04 Matthew Kirsch, '04 Karen E Kirsch, '02 Anne Marie Kitchen, '03 Linda M. Klusick, '02 Karen Kollet, '96 Teresa R. Kolvik, '01 Linda Kostrowski, '96 Judith Kostrowski, '98 Rebecca Kovach, '03 Elizabeth Bornemann Kozakowski, '00 Lynn Kraus, '98 Laurie Krauss, '04 Kelley J. Krick, '04 Stephanie Kucinski, '04 Emily Kuhn, '01 Brenda C. Kull, '98 Linda La Rosa, '00 Elizabeth Lachowicz, '95 Tracey Lambeseder, '95 Jennifer M. LaPlaca, '01 Maryellen LaRusso, '95 Nancy Lavoie, '05 Jessica Lendach, '05 Laura Lesniak, '05 Mary Liguori, '97 Ivy See Lim, '95 Michal Linker, '00 Jennifer Linne, '04 Donna Palumbo Lizza, '96 Kathleen Lorenz, '02 Carmeline Loughman, '01 Cherilynn Louszko, '01 E. Sheila Luciuk, '00 Lenore Luckey, '97 Brian Luing, '97 Kathleen Moore Lukazik, '04 Patricia Luksa, '98 Marguerite Lynch, '01 Dolores Mabin, '02 Patricia MacAniff, '95 Patricia Maciej, '97 Laurel MacKenzie, '00 Melissa Maglaqui, '05 Diane Magliaro, '02 Cindy Makowski, '97 Lynne Martin, '95 Hilda McComber Martinez, '96 Tracey Mascolo, '96 Cristina Linarducci Matthes, '00 Denis F. Mayer, '04 Marcel Mazeau, '00 Nancy McCabe, '96 Theresa McCahill, '97 Jacquelin McCann, '05 Jennifer W. McCarthy, '05 Donna McCoy, '02 Claire McCulloch, '00 Maria McCusker, '05 Danielle Street McDonald, '97 Barbara Ann McGahan, '01 Diane McGreal, '00 Sharon McGrogan, '99 Judith McIntyre, '04 Kristen McLouth, '00 Susan A McSwain, '02 Geraldine Shaw McSwain, '04 Elaine Mercer, '03

Ann Merin, '99 Suzanne Richard Merten, '04 Tara Connors Meyer, '01 Beata A. Mikolajczyk, '99 Celia Milano, '04 Danielle Cavanaugh Miller, '95 Peter E. Millward, '02 Thomas Mlynarczyk, '05 Ann Marie Mohrin, '01 Elizabeth Mooney, '01 Jenny Morrissey, '05 Sevasti Loulla Moshen, '98 Rose Noonan Moy, '00 Janet D. Munoz, '05 Sheryl A. Murphy, '03 Rosanna Senatore Nash, '05 Jennifer Nater, '05 Wendy M. Nelson, '01 Carolyn Neubauer, '03 Melanie Nilsen, '00 Erin M. Nowak, '99 Lois O'Connor, '00 Valerie F. O'Connor, '96 Joyce Ogle, '99 Jeanette Oliveira, '99 Jenny Oliveira, '98 Mary Claire O'Mara, '02 Godwin Ngozi Paul Onukaogu, '02 Ernestina Osei-Bonsu, '99 John Osorio, '02 James Oster, '95 Rosa Pacheco, '04 Angela Palumbo, '96 Laurie Pandorf, '02 Stacey Paoloni, '98 Mary Elizabeth Pasi, '01 Regina Pettorini, '05 Ann Picone, '05 Celia Anita Pitt, '01 Louis Pizzigoni III, '04 Laura Polacek, '03 Tracey Polifka, '02 Jewell Pollard, '99 Maureen Pollock, '04 Andrea Porchiazzo, '02 Susan Prendeville, '99 Rachel Purcell, '03 Patricia Quinn, '04 Carol Nan Radice, '99 Katherine Reid, '99 Susan Reilly, '05 Kathleen Reiser, '04 Babette Reynolds, '95 Jessica Rios, '99 Kathy Roberts, '00

Diana Rodriguez, '99 Carole Garibaldi Rogers, '01 Nancy Rojas, '98 Christi Rokicki, '00 Kathleen Romano, '00 Laura Ronayne, '00 Jacqueline S. Rowland, '01 Linda Ruggiero, '00 Bernice Ruiz, '01 Karen Mentesana Rutkowski, '97 Patricia Rybkiewicz, '99 Christine Sabatino, '03 Margaret Saccaro, '02 Kara Sakowski, '98 Donna Santaniello, '00 Patricia Santen, '00 Jean Sapienza, '01 Enid J. Schey, '01 Carol-Joan Schwarz, '02 Michele Scioscia, '98 Jaclyn Scotto, '05 Melissa Pitts Sefah, '95 Sharon L. Sefcik, '01 Amanda Serpico, '03 Terry Shaffer, '95 Helene Shalotsky, '98 Danielle Shanley, '06 Pavan Sharma, '98 Thomas Sicola, Jr., '98 Suzan Siegel, '00 Michelle Simione, '99 Christa Simpkins, '01 Theresa J. Sinatra, '99 Kathleen Sisson, '00 Salima Small, '02 Susan Smith, '98 Erica Smith, '01 Mary-Jane Snair, '01 Bobbie Jaffe Sobel, '04 Theresa Soda-Gould, '97 Janet Solberg, '99 Soricelli, Carole A. Carol Speck, '97 Anonymous, '96 Alice Starker, '00 Anne Steiner, '97 Katherine Moore Strauss, '01 Maryann Sullivan, '01 Jaime Beth Szewczuk, '01 Katherine Talmadge, '97 Daniya Tamendarova, '02 Maureen Tauber, '03 Manomi Tennakoon, '96 Jean Tirrito, '03 Nancy Tomaszeski, '03

Carmen Torres, '02 Ann Melonakos Trabucco, '03 Barbara Trueger, '99 Kathryn E. Turney, '01 Kimberly Sisco U'Glay, '97 Vasilyeva, Aksana Rebecca Vecchione, '03 Kristin Veeder, '05 Michelle Velez-Jonte, '98 Patricia Verduin, '00 Maria Villalobos, '03 Eloisa Villalobos, '02 Elaine Vincent, '99 Maria Vitale, '02 Mary Vopal, '03 Judith Potter Wajih, '98 Gretchen Walsh, '95 Jane Wazeter, '03 Lynn E. Webb, '01 Robert Weingaertner, '00 Carol Weingaertner, '98 Erica Weinschenk, '99 Cara Stevens Welker, '96 Cynthia Anne Wetter, '01 Linda Wimmer, '98 Barbara J. Winget, '01 Mary Winzinger, '99 Maria Hanlon Woodring, '97 Barbara Wortmann, '97 Helen Zhang, '00


1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006

NUMBER OF CLASS MEMBERS 205 264 240 290 317 363 298 308 247 342 486 432

TOTAL 2004-2005 FISCAL YEAR $8,730 $865 $3,835 $2,260 $2,730 $6,275 $13,811 $2,485 $1,255 $3,010 $800




10% 9% 10% 12% 12% 11% 17% 9% 11% 8% .5%

$2,251 $915 $2,830 $1,972 $1,625 $7,901 $12,851 $1,955 $997 $3,633 $2,137 $50

6% 6% 6% 18% 7% 11% 7% 6% 6% 8% 6% .23%

Can’t find your name? This list includes gifts made between July 1, 2004 and June 30, 2006. If you made your gift after June 30, 2006, your name will appear in the 2006-2007 Annual Report. Thank you for your gift!


Annual Fund Individual Contributions by Class/Club (cont.) FRIENDS OF THE COLLEGE With deep gratitude, we acknowledge the Friends of the College, whose generous support demonstrates their faith and admiration for CSE.


Angelo and Luz Acebo Abraham and Claire Akselrad AlphaStaff Amateur Astronomers, Inc. American Bar Association Marie Anderson Lyman Andrus Anonymous Donor Cardella Ansley Joseph Antoine Vincent Apruzzese Robert and Wilma Archibald Robert and Sally Atkins Scott Atlas Andrew and Freda Attinson Margaret D. Backman Richard and Elizabeth Badolato Elizabeth Baia Donald and Susan Baker Thomas Baker Ballston Lake Emergency Squad, Inc. Brent and Sharon Barash James Barry John and Barbara Barry Maryanne T. Barry Margaret Bartlett Nancy M. Bassano Raymond Bateman Edward Batta Matthew and Janet Bauer Bernard and Halina Baumgarten Bay Branch Foundation Allen and Mary Beaman Judith L. Beelaert Gertrude Behrle Marion Bello Doris Walker Bennett Robert D. Bickford, Jr. Paul G. Bifani Louise Blackburn Justin and Karen Bland Elizabeth Borowsky Les and Carol Brualdi, Jr. Robert and Cassandre Burke Marylane Burry Sister Louise Cababe Sandra L. Caliente Robert Campbell Patricia Ann Cardillo Charles Carella Dolores H. Carney John and Colleen Cassese Richard D. Catenacci Vincent Cautero Arvola Yau-Shin Chan Linda Chan Lucy Chang Michael A. Chang Hal Chen Thomas Y. Chen Arthur Chernin Benjamin and Gaile Civiletti Doris M. Clark-Lewis Paul M. Cohen Guido and Olga Colicelli College of New Rochelle John and Louise Collins Robert and Kathryn Collins Thomas and Mary Collinson J. Martin Comey Laura Connell Jane E. Creel Regina Crimmins Robert Cronheim Mary N. Crump Mary L. Cupo-Cruz Dorothy L. Daly Elizabeth Daniecka Margo and Pera Daniels Gordon Danser Stephen E. Darnell Bernard and Elaine D'Avella Margaret M. Davey Katherine M. Davis, Michael P. Days Nancy DeBlasis Hugh E. DeFazio, Jr., Esq. Robin DeSimone J. Hugh and Nancy Devlin Joan E. Dimaggio Joseph Donahue Judith Dougherty Louise Drummond Dwyer, Connell and Lisbona

Jean Eastman Pauline Echebiri Eileen J. Eilenberger Linda Espeland Essex Fells Country Club Diana B. Everard Dora Faber William and Saralan Faherty Falls Earth Station, Inc. Bruce and Anna Fernald Jeanne Ferrucci Anonymous Robert Ficks Lawrence and Judith Fink Stephen Finkelstein Janice Fiske James and Sandra Fittin Irene M. Foley Linda Forrest Hope Le Francis Michael E. Franzone John and Katina Friedland Janice Garcia Anonymous Donna and Richard Genovese Lorraine S. Gerson David B. Gerstein Cornelius W. Gilsenan Harvey Ginsberg Rosetta I. Giuliano

Patricia Henderson-Kusen Edward and Janet Hennessey Hodgson Russ LLP Frank and Lucille Hoenemeyer Hooper, Beatrice C. Christopher and Heather Hopkins Mary Horn Peter Hornyak Andrew Hulsart Katherine H. Hunter Ying-chen Hwang Peter C. Ibsen June Ierubino James and Valerie Ireland John and Val Irwin Jeffrey M. Isaacs Victor Jacobia Lucie Jacobson Janis C. Jaffe Jeffer, Hopkinson & Vogel Carl and Janet Jennings Gretchen Johnson Paula W. Johnston Putzi Jost James Joyce Walter Joyce Joyce Kahlau Fred and Margot Kann Carol L. Kashow Robert and Ronnie Kaslander

Albert J. Kwiatkowski Mina Kwok Frederick and Mary Lacey Gilbert and Florence Lachow Michael and Mary Lanzo Kathleen M. LaPier Joseph Lasala Raymond T. Latour Lois Lautenberg Sharon Lee Jennifer E. Lepori Rebecca Levine Lori A. Lindquist Maureen Link Irwin and Adele Lipton Rev. Mr. Joel R. Livingston, Jr. James and Gina Lloyd Virginia A. Lloyd Grace Lockwood Deana C. Low-Beer Harry and Elaine Lund Robert and Mildred Macmillan Kathleen Magill John T. Magnier Kent Manahan William and Paula Marino Catherine Martin Andrew and Melissa Mathews Constance McConville Dorothea McDonough

CSE Honors Legacy Family at 2006 Annual Scholarship Dinner - At the Fifth Annual Celebrate Scholarship and Excellence Benefit Gala held on June 22, 2006, eight members of the Degnan family were recognized with the College's Champion of Scholarship and Excellence Award. (l - r back) Sister Francis Raftery; Dorothy Degnan Hunt, '49; Dorothy Callaghan Gorman, '78; John J. Degnan, Esq., '78, Former Attorney General of N.J.; Jane Healy Degnan, '62. (l - r front) Linda Ippolito Degnan, '63; Nancy Wade Degnan, '68 and Eileen Degnan Callaghan, '45. (Photo by Courtney Smolen) Susan E. Giuliano John G. Graham Jenna L. Gress Michael R. Griffinger Phyllis Grossman George Gundrum Kathleen Gwozdz Douglas and Mary Hager John H. and Susan Hale Amy Hansen Dorothy Harbeck Mark Hartman Eileen Hathaway Krell Dawn Healey Bruce G. Hearey Dolores G. Heinzmann Russell Helwig Marie A. Henderson

Eugene Keegan James Kellogg Anne Kelly Colleen Kelly Ellen V. Kelly Grace M. Kelly Sister Margaret Kelly Harold E. and Eleanor Kennedy Robert and Grace Kenney George and Sandra Kenny James and Carol King Isabelle Kirchner Michael Ko Barbara Ann Koegel Steven Koski Anonymous John and Maryann Kruglinski Ken Kunzman, Esq.

McElroy, Deutsch & Mulvaney John S McEvoy William McGloin Christopher and Patricia McGrath Erline McGriff William McGuire, Esq. John McHarg Rev. Frank J. McNulty G. Douglas McWilliams Carl and Elizabeth Menk Frank and Gail Mertz Antoinette Messina-Pagano, Ed.D. Greg and Agnes Mettler Meyer, Robert J. Catherine Milsop Maureen Mingle Sheela Mohan-Peterson Fanny Moncarz

FRIENDS OF THE COLLEGE (cont.) Jerry and Judith Moncarz Paul and Rosemary Monka George and Rosemary Moore The Honorable Howard J. Moraghan Brian and Susy Moran Morano, Vincenza A. Morris Township Day, Inc. John and Barbara Morrison Jacqueline Mueller Patricia Murphy Cecelia Musselman Milos Nemec Gregory and Kyoung Sook Neumann Melda M. Newman Edward and Dawn Northwood Eugene and Lorna O'Hara M. Ellen O'Rourke Maureen and William Orsi Carmine Padovano Alan and Joann Painter James R. Palmer Ruth and Robert Palmer Catherine Paluzzi Everett Parker Marie M. Parry Nancy Pasley Raymond and Theresa Pawlicki Gerald Pawlowski Dolores and Robert Peacock May Pennetta

Werner and Lois Peter Emily M. Pfohl Robert Phelan Elaine L. Pierson Laura Plesnik Joseph and Ruth Pollio, Sr. William B. Pomeroy Walter Popiel William and Megan Pote III Mary Darroch Pramuk-send cc of mail to Sr. Eileen Shaw Mary S. Pratt Patrick Priest Jennifer Pun Stuart and Deborah Rabner John and Gloria Rader Elizabeth A. Ramos Ann K. Reilly Joyce Reilly Bess Riff John M. Roche Eileen C. Rodgers Mary Ann Rodgers Judith Rosenberg Leonard and Mary Rosenstein Susan Rosenthal Philip D. Rowe, Jr. Marjorie Rozman William Ryan Saint Dominic School

Henry Sandbach Lorraine Sautter Marguerite Schaffer Samantha G. Schettino Arthur Seif Robert and Catherine Seiple Patricia Q. Sheehan Nelda T. Sherwood Laurence A. Short Shrank-Epstein, Barbara S. Andrea Simon, Ph.D. Charles C. Sirgiovanni Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth - Western Province Donna Skettini Spieth, Bell, McCurdy & Newell Co., L.P.A. Maleka Stoddart Lewis P. Stolman Student Activities Committee Frank Sturm Anna Sullivan Eileen Sullivan Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Sweeny Dana Taggart Eugenia A. Tahan Joanna K. Taltavall Nat and Beatrice Taubenfeld Anita L. Taylor Temple Emanu-El The Toohig and Holliday Family

Irene Torok Timothy M. Tracy Anna Mae M. Trost Leslie Unger Jane Vardy Anonymous Abby Vine Barbara and Howard Wachenfeld Wachovia Wealth Management Natalie Wallach Mary and Frank Walsh Margaret Wamp Philip J. Weiler Stanton Weissenborn Emmet T. White Mary Lou White Walter and Elsa Williams George E. Wilson William and Elaine Wojcik Phyllis Wolfe Li Xu 2005 John and Donna Yamanis John M. Zavada Cindy Zimmerman Barbara and Edward Zinbarg

IN-KIND GIFTS 2004-2006 Kathleen Gwozdz Hartman Office Furniture, Inc. Elaine Rottstock Hatcher, '00 Ronald Loneker, Jr.

Pfizer, Inc. Paula Mancini Savage, '86 Lewis P. Stolman John M. Zavada

Your generosity makes excellence in education possible.

THE SISTERS OF CHARITY We gratefully acknowledge the Sisters of Charity who serve as faculty, administrators and staff members at the College of Saint Elizabeth, and who contributed more than $795,616 in 2004-2006 for unrestricted support, scholarship, and program assistance through their contributed services. Sister Elena Francis Arminio Sister Maria Angela Brady Sister Jane Cavanaugh Sister Elena Colicelli Sister Margaret Mary Conklin Sister Agnes Gregory Craig Sister Rosalie Curran

Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister

Ellen Desmond Gabriel Mary Donahue Suzanne Faulkner (Sacristan) Kathleen Flanagan Patricia Flynn Mary Nicoletta Gargana (Sacristan) Joan Anne Gallagher

Sister Mary Ellen Gleason Sister Anne Haarer Sister Jean Hemmer Sister Marianne Joyce † Sister Mary Kapinos † Sister Irma Kessler Sister Rose Marie Padovano

Sister Francis Raftery Sister Agnes Vincent Rueshoff Sister Mary George Senderak Sister Marian José Smith

CORPORATE MATCHING GIFTS 2004-2006 Allied Signal Foundation, Inc. Altria Group, Inc. American Association of Bioanalysts American International Group Aramark Corporation AT&T Foundation Automatic Data Processing, Inc. Avaya Communications Aventis Pharmaceuticals Bank of America Bank of New York BASF Corporation BD Matching Gift Program Bechtel Foundation BP Amoco Foundation, Inc. Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Chase Manhattan Corporation Chevron U.S.A. Inc. Chubb & Son, Inc. Church & Dwight Co., Inc. CIT Group Foundation

Colgate-Palmolive ExxonMobil Foundation FirstEnergy Foundation FM Global Foundation Gannett Foundation GE Foundation Gencorp Foundation, Inc. Georgia-Pacific GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Goldman, Sachs & Co. Hoffmann-LaRoche, Inc. Honeywell International, Inc. Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey IBM International Foundation Intel Foundation J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation Jackson National Life Insurance Company John Hancock Financial Services Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Knight-Ridder, Inc. Kraft General Foods Foundation

Lucent Technologies Marion County Engineering Marsh & McLennan Companies Medtronic, Inc. Mellon Financial Corporation Foundation Merck Company Foundation Merrill Lynch & Company MetLife Foundation Mobil Foundation, Inc. Morgan Stanley Mount Olive Board of Education Nationwide Foundation NECA New York Life Foundation Novartis Pharmaceuticals PAR Pharmaceuticals Pearson Education PepsiCo Foundation Inc. Pfizer Foundation Pharmacia Foundation, Inc. Philips Electronics, North America Corporation

PPG Industries Foundation Prudential Insurance Company Public Service Electric & Gas Saint-Gobain Corporation Foundation Schering-Plough Foundation Shell Oil Company Foundation State Farm Companies Foundation Suntrust Bank Telcordia Technologies Textron The Allstate Foundation The Boeing Company The Dannon Company, Inc. The Home Depot The Prudential Foundation Unilever United States, Inc United Technologies Verizon Wyeth Corporation Xerox Foundation

We gratefully acknowledge those current students, parents and members of the College’s faculty, staff and administration who made gifts to the Annual Fund between July 1, 2004 and June 30, 2006. STUDENTS WHO DONATED TO THE 2004-2006 ANNUAL FUND Katrina Cleofe Wendy Curran Jocelyn Drukker Lisa Gerardi Ana Gerena Sheryl S. Granet Beth Holloway

Pamela Klurfield Kathleen Kluxen Maria Leccese Cathy Lee Maryclare MacIntyre Nicole Ellen Mankowski Carmelita Miller

Margaret L. Mittricker Ginette Pierre Vittoria Racioppi Mary Jo Saunders Meghan Shann Susan Swiss Lyndsley Wilkerson


Annual Fund Individual Contributions by Class/Club (cont.) PARENTS OF STUDENTS AND ALUMNAE/I WHO DONATED TO THE 2004-2006 ANNUAL FUND Magda Abdelrohman Franklin Abril Mr. and Mrs. Pasquale Amato Shiobann Amisial James and Linda Ankrom Steve and Jane Applegate Edwin Arocho Marriam Ashraf Karen Bajczyk Nora W. Balliet Marie Bapteus Libia C. Bayona Richard and Virginia Beck Lisa Berg Lark Berhman Jenifer Beyrent Kelly Bezeg Scott Blohm Sean Borde Valdemar and Maria Borges Pierre and Marie Carmel Bosquet Edna Brown Olivia Brown Marisa Bulkilvish Louis A. Buonpane Robert Burgess William and Irene Cafiero Thelma Campbell Lucenilda Campos Mary Caraballo William and Phyllis Carlucci Annemarie Carollo Brenetta Chandler

Francine Coco Maurice and Amy Cohen Robert and Mary Conroy Paula Cook Miguel and Ligia Cordero Tonya E. Cubby Cynthia Cunder Anne Danishek Leo and Marion Dauwer Mary Lou De Simone Marietta Dealaman Mark Desir Karen Despirito Lavarne Dixon James and Maureen Doolan Dina Duarte Lenette Edwards H. Josef and Donna Endres Douglas and Cindy Ernst Thomas and Irene Estler William and Kathy Fainglas Linda Falciola George and Zofia Feulner Ella Filsaima Charles and Joan Foerster William S. Ford, Jr. Shenelle Forde Albert Fornini Maria Fuentes Tom Fung Cherry Ganie John and Nancy Gerhardt Charles Germain

Michelle Glover Ruth Gombas Stephen and Barbara Grant Raymond and Lynda Gronemann Francis Hanley Molly Hanley Anne Hanselman Thomas and Deborah Harris Donna Hoagland Susan Hohner Angie Huang Alexander and Christina Huhmann Howard and Vicki Hunt Kenneth and Diane Iandoli Barbara Jacobs Marc Jean Joseph and Wendy Jones Margaret Kelly Harry and Kathleen Kerrigan Hamma Khalid Angela Kim Mary Kufta Janice Lajiness Edyemae Gayton Larkins William and Flora Leanza Josilene Lima Christopher and Jan Linne Louis Ghislaine Alice Lymore Jolanta McAvoy Kathleen McClear Ursula McGilchrist Kathleen McIntyre

Kathleen Meyer Anello Mighty Maria Miller Stacey Givins Morris Jane V. Morrissey Jocelyn Moses James and Kathleen Murphy Alison Murray Christine Napolitano Laura Nicolette Michael and Nancy Owens Angela Pagan Frank Panarese Kunjamma Paulose Giuseppe Perrotta Lisa Phillips Anthony Plantamura John and Jane Poplawski Carol Rakoncza Patricia Rawls Frank Reihl Linda Resuma Mildred B. Robinson Heidi Rodgers Marshall Rodriguez George and Susan Romano Vincent and Kathleen Romano Sandy Rosanio Ethel Marie Rosato Emily Roseboro Vitantonio and Margaret Rotondi Sandra Sanchez Herbert and Susan Sands

Louis Scibelli Angelo Sciortino Scott and Carol Sendell John Shiraldi Carolina Silva Henry and Catherine Sossong Richard and Phyllis Standish Edward and Carol Stanton Linda Stehlgens Michael and Elizabeth Stoffers Anna T. Suchanski Sylvester Maureen Symczak James and Melinda Talty Miguel and Eliana Tapia Collin Tatem Paul Togno Kimberly Torres Ken Travers John and Henrietta Turner Lauren Udvarnoky Kumar and Aruna Utukuri Luis Velez Loriana Volcy Demetra Warren Richard and Marlene Weinschenk John Wendlocher Patricia White Davida Williams Stephanie Woolridge Janis Wyerosk Steve Zahorbenski Richard Zumpetta

FACULTY/STAFF/ADMINISTRATION GIVING TO THE 2004-2006 ANNUAL FUND Elizabeth Brandt Alcamo, '89 William Alexander Mary Alvey Vincent Aniello David and Jane Aussicker Mary Ann Badenoch Gretchen T. Banker Corinn Banks Linda and James Baratte Darren and Maria Bertalan Betty Bescherer Thomas J. Billings Marjorie Blomberg, R.N. Anita M. Broderick Maria Cammarata, '04 Maryanne Cannarella

Samia Canzonieri Carmen M. Castro Brother Paul Chervenie Elena Colicelli, S.C., '72 Sister Margaret Conklin, S.C., '47 Edwin Coolbaugh Peter and Jessica Coreschi John Crews Sister Ellen Dauwer, Ph.D., '77 Sister Ellen Mary Desmond, Ph.D., '50 Ellen Ehrlich Norman and Marjorie Feinstein Sister Kathleen Flanagan, '65 James P. Gerrish Johanna Glazewski, '62 Sister Anne Haarer

Dr. Hannelore Hahn Sister Anita Richard Heilenday, '50 Jeanine Hirsch Kathleen Hunter, '73 Linda Hunter Carol Jaworski Sister Irma Kessler, Ph.D., '60 Amy Kmetz Renita Krasnodebski Donna Lindemeyer Lyn K. Lisner Ronald Loneker, Jr. Valerie Martin Tracey Mascolo, '96 Maureen Matthews, '56 Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. McDade

Virginia E. McGlone Louise Murray Robert A. Newhouse Sal and Dorothy Prisco Sister Francis Raftery Kathleen A. Reddick Virginia Reiner Joel Reiser Mary Ann Ricciotti Margaret Roman, '72 Paul S. Rossi Sister Agnes Vincent Rueshoff, '60 Mary Rydstrom, '92 Anthony Santamaria Angela Clarken Schmidt, '52 Jane Schumann

Sister Mary George Senderak, '59 Harriet Lipman Sepinwall Susan M. Simonaitis Sister Marian Jose Smith, '36 Eileen Specchio Linda Switzer Donna Tatarka Carmen and Marie Toto Vincent Tunstall Maureen L. Underwood Teresa Walters Laura Winters Jesse Xun Yu

CELEBRATE SCHOLARSHIP AND EXCELLENCE DINNER We are most grateful to the following individuals and corporations for their support of our fourth and fifth annual “Celebrate Scholarship and Excellence Dinners” held on June 16, 2005 and June 22, 2006, respectively. Their financial donations and gift-in-kind contributions helped the College raise over $240,000.


A.L.M. Electric Co., Inc. Accu Speed Adams Addressing Associates, Inc. Alyssa Adonis A-L Services, Inc. Alumnae Association Ancient Order of Hibernians Nancy V. Andre '98 Bank of New York Linda and James Baratte Mary Ellen Barrett Kathleen M. Basile Janet Leonardi Bednar, R.N. '85 Patricia Bianco '03 Binsky & Snyder Service, LLC Birdsall Engineering, Inc. The Honorable Norman Bloch Caroline Bogart '02 Boyar, Suozzo & Motyczka, PA Carolyn Bradley '74 Brazos Higher Education Service Corporation Katherine Buck Business World Maria Cammarata '04 Catherine Flynn Campen '64 Capece ABC Rental Carella, Byrne, Bain, Gilfillan, Cecchi, Stewart & Olstein Chase Education Finance Chubb & Son, Inc. CIT Group Foundation Citigroup Business Services - National Payables Barbara Driscoll Coats '70 Kathleen Markey Colyer '69 Commerce Bank Compass Group, USA Division Connolly, William H. Countryman, Bernadette County College of Morris Cozen O'Connor Attorneys

Kathleen Nulty Culley '92 Elizabeth Razzo Dangler '69 Hugh E. DeFazio, Jr., Esq. Helen Degnan Jim Degnan John Degnan, Esq. Michael J. Degnan Peter J. Degnan Regina M. Degnan Carole Delaire '90 Ann Kelly Delaney '82 DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary US LLP Dolce Hamilton Park Executive Conference Center Mary Donovan '66 Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP Megan Dunfee Debra Eckert-Casha Kathleen Mosher Egan '68 Lisa and Lee Einbinder Carol-Marie Byrne Ellwood '69 Environmental Waste Minimization, Inc. Evelyn F. Powers Interiors Falls Earth Station, Inc. Zulima A. Farber Ray Favaro Norman and Marjorie Feinstein Eileen Sullivan Fell '58 Laurence Fell, Jr. Rebecca Fields, Esq. '68 Flanagan, Elizabeth C. Mary D. Flynn Adrian M. Foley, Esq. Patricia Harriman Foley '55 Brian Friedlander Albert R. Gamper Garden Savings FCU Gateway Security, Inc. James P. Gerrish Goldman, Sachs & Co.

Rita LaTour Goodemote '41 Dorothy Callaghan Gorman '78 John G. Graham Mary Jane Strattner Gregory '44 Dr. Hannelore Hahn Hamilton Park Hotel and Conference Center Sister Mary Lou Hayden '00 Owen Hendry Jeanine Hirsch Hoffmann-LaRoche, Inc. Hogan & Hartson LLP Thomas P. Hollo Honeywell Foundation Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey Margaret C. Horrocks Dorothy Degnan Hunt '49 Linda Hunter Marian N. Keefe Richard W. Keelty Anne O'Neill Kellers '65 Evelyn Kerin '43 Alexander Khandji KLN Steel Products Company Ann Guarracini Kosco '76 Rebecca Kovach '03 KPMG LLP Yolanda Mazza Kunz '68 Ken Kunzman, Esq. Ernest and Veronica Larini Linett & Harrison Advertising, Inc. Jennifer Linne '04 Robert A. Lo Dato Alice Mackov '47 Anonymous '65 Therese Maloney '51 Debra Martin Erinn D. Martin '02 Marlene M. Martin Nancy Masuelli '68

Patricia McBride '91 Sister Maeve McDermott '00 Katherine McFarland '48 Mary McMahon McGeown '55 William McGuire, Esq. Margaret J. McLean Eileen McMahon '48 John J. McMullen David Mehr Debra Melhorn '04 Joseph Melone Merrill Lynch Mary Jane Londregan Meschino '75 Morristown Lumber Muirhead of Ringoes NJ, Inc. Louise Murray Nadaskay Kopelson Architects Dianne Nicolette Gig Nordfors Eileen C. O'Connor '38 Alan and Joann Painter George J. Palmer Pfizer, Inc. Piccolo Café Pitney Bowes Pitney, Hardin, Kipp & Szuch Joan Wilckens Pittis '75 Evelyn Dankanics Powers '62 Prudential Financial Public Service Electric and Gas Company Marilyn Rand '90 Susan Regan Debra A. Regen Thomas and Elizabeth Weller Renyi '69 Bea Riccardo Kathy Roberts '00 Romanelli's Italian Eatery, Inc. Elissa and Martin B. Rosch Russell Investment Group

CELEBRATE SCHOLARSHIP AND EXCELLENCE DINNER (cont.) Elissa Santoro, M.D., P.A. '60 SBC Management Corporation Semple Bixel Associates, Inc. Dr. Harriet Lipman Sepinwall Francine Cheeseman Shaw '76 Sisters of Charity Maria J. Skerett Kristin Soccodato '04

Sparta Locksmiths, Inc. Eileen Specchio Sister Maureen Sullivan '67 Summerfield Suites Hotel Supreme Security Systems, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Sweeny Terra-Mare The Cesatam Foundation, Inc.

The Frank McBride Company, Inc. The PNC Financial Services Group Shirley Hayes Tolentino '65 Lourdes Torres Robert Towey Diana Wagoner '03 Warner-Lambert Company Andrew P. Weisz

Welsh Chester Galiney Matone, Inc. WG Project Management Inc. Edward Yaw Gertrude Zaklan '68 Mary R. Zavada '57

MARY VIRGINIA MALONE FOLEY SCHOLARSHIP DINNER We also thank the following individuals and corporations for their support of the scholarship dinner held in honor of Mary Virginia Malone Foley,'44, on Thursday,April 26, 2006.Their generosity helped raise over $140,000 for the Mary Virginia Malone Foley Scholarship which was established in 2005 by her husband Adrian M. Foley, Esq. Anonymous A.L.M. Electric Co., Inc. Accu Speed A-L Services, Inc. Amelior Foundation Ancient Order of Hibernians Nancy V. Andre '98 Robert and Wilma Archibald Richard and Elizabeth Badolato Bank of New York Linda and James Baratte Maryanne T. Barry Raymond Bateman Edward Batta Bay Branch Foundation Jayne Lair BecVar '44 Gertrude Behrle Betlow, Nicholas J. Patricia Bianco '03 Binsky & Snyder Service, LLC Birdsall Engineering, Inc. John W. Bissell Elizabeth Borowsky Boyar, Suozzo & Motyczka, PA Brazos Higher Education Service Corporation Roger W. Breslin Katherine Buck Business World Robert Butler Brendan T. Byrne Cannon Family Foundation, Inc. Capece ABC Rental Carella, Byrne, Bain, Gilfillan, Cecchi, Stewart & Olstein Joseph N. Carroll Rosemary Higgins Cass, J.D., Ph.D. '50 Gregory J. Castano Richard D. Catenacci CIT Group Foundation Citigroup Business Services National Payables Joann S. Clark Mary H. Clark Timothy S. Clark Kevin J. Coakley Barbara Driscoll Coats '70 John and Louise Collins Kathleen Markey Colyer '69 Compass Group, USA Division Laura Connell William T. Connell Connell Foley LLP Mary Louise Taylor Connelly '57

Katherine Kip Connolly '52 William H. Connolly Philip Corboy Timothy E. Corriston Thomas S. Cosma County College of Morris Mary N. Crump Kathleen Nulty Culley '92 Lois Cullum Paul F. Cullum Bernard and Elaine D'Avella Hugh E. DeFazio, Jr., Esq. John Degnan, Esq. Ralph N. Del Deo Frank G. Del Prete Ann Kelly Delaney '82 Dolce Hamilton Park Executive Conference Center Mary Donovan '66 Durkin & Durkin Michael T. Dwyer Dwyer, Connell and Lisbona Jean Eastman Eckert-Casha, Debra Sandra J. Effenberger Kathleen Mosher Egan '68 Lisa and Lee Einbinder Carol-Marie Byrne Ellwood '69 Environmental Waste Minimization, Inc. Corinne C. Errico Evelyn F. Powers Interiors Paul Fader William and Saralan Faherty Falls Earth Station, Inc. FAPS Patrick Farmer Ray Favaro Norman and Marjorie Feinstein Eileen Sullivan Fell '58 Laurence Fell, Jr. Thomas G. Ferguson Rebecca Fields, Esq. '68 Alfonso G. Finocchiaro Kenneth R. Fischer Edward J. Fleming James Florio Mary D. Flynn Dianne V. Foley Eileen B. Foley Irene M. Foley Mary M. Foley, Patricia Harriman Foley '55 Stephen J. Foley Brian Friedlander

Albert R. Gamper Garden Savings FCU Gateway Security, Inc. GE Foundation Peter L. Gerety James P. Gerrish David B. Gerstein John J. Gibbons Goldman, Sachs & Co. John G. Graham Mary Jane Strattner Gregory '44 Richard J. Grizzetti Dr. Hannelore Hahn Thomas J. Hahn Charles E. Haight Roger Haight John H. and Susan Hale Eleanor K. Hartnett Louise Hatch Owen Hendry Jeanine Hirsch Thomas P. Hollo Honeywell Foundation Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey Dorothy Degnan Hunt '49 Christopher Isinta Margaret G. Jordan '53 Marian N. Keefe Richard W. Keelty Anne O'Neill Kellers '65 Arthur D. Kellner Michael E. Kelly Harold E. and Eleanor Kennedy George and Sandra Kenny Richard M. Kernan Alexander Khandji James P. King Isabelle Kirchner William Kohm Rebecca Kovach '03 KPMG LLP Ken Kunzman, Esq. Frederick and Mary Lacey John LaVechhia Linett & Harrison Advertising, Inc. Robert A. Lo Dato Marilyn Loftus Sam D. Lord Richard Loring Francis Macken Alice Mackov '47 Anonymous '65 Alice Cassidy Maloney '44

Therese Maloney '51 Kent Manahan William and Paula Marino Joseph Markovich Debra Martin Erinn D. Martin '02 Marlene M. Martin Mayfair Farms, Inc. Patrick J. McAuley Andrew McBride Margaret Holzwarth McDonough '45 Mary McMahon McGeown '55 William McGuire, Esq. Margaret J. McLean John J. McMullen Tim McWilliams David Mehr Abbot Melvin Carl and Elizabeth Menk Merrill Lynch Frank and Gail Mertz Doris E. Meyer Douglas J. Milewski Maureen Mingle Neil V. Mody Brian and Susy Moran Hugh M. Moriarity Muirhead of Ringoes NJ, Inc. Maurice J. Murphy John B. Murray Nadaskay Kopelson Architects Janet D. Nevius Dianne Nicolette Frank W. Nolan Gig Nordfors Robert Norris Eileen C. O'Connor '38 O'Connor, Joseph J. John T. O'Donnell Eugene and Lorna O'Hara Ronald L. Olson Tricia O'Reilly Alan and Joann Painter Frederick J. Paternoster Christian N. Peter Patricia J. Pindar Pitney Bowes Pitney, Hardin, Kipp & Szuch Evelyn Dankanics Powers '62 Prudential Financial Public Service Electric & Gas Company Patricia Degnan Regan '47 Ann K. Reilly Joseph Reilly

Deborah L. Reynolds Richard Reynolds Bea Riccardo George Ring Kathy Roberts '00 Romanelli's Italian Eatery, Inc. Martin B. Rosch Russell Investment Group Saint Peter's College Elissa Santoro, M.D., P.A. '60 SBC Management Corporation Francis E. Schiller Semple Bixel Associates, Inc. Dr. Harriet Lipman Sepinwall Seton Hall University Francine Cheeseman Shaw '76 Sisters of Charity Maria J. Skerett Michael J. Slattery Peter Smith Jerome St. John St. Patrick's Guard of Honor Joel H. Sterns H. Carl Sturcke August Sturzeneger Summerfield Suites Hotel Supreme Security Systems, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Sweeny Nancy K. Tagliareni Mr. and Mrs. Louis N. Taylor The Frank McBride Company, Inc. The PNC Financial Services Group The Ryan Family Foundation Carol H. Thompson Shirley Hayes Tolentino '65 Lourdes Torres Robert Towey Diana Wagoner '03 Andrew J. Wallace Mary and Frank Walsh Luke E. Walsh William T. Walsh Warner-Lambert Company Stanton Weissenborn Andrew P. Weisz Thomas Werblin Josh S. Weston WG Project Management Inc. Thomas K. Wood Carol T. Wright Gertrude Zaklan '68 Mary R. Zavada '57 Barbara and Edward Zinbarg

INDEPENDENT COLLEGE FUND OF NEW JERSEY CONTINUES ITS GENEROUS SUPPORT TO THE COLLEGE OF SAINT ELIZABETH The College of Saint Elizabeth continues to benefit from generous corporate and foundation support given through the Independent College Fund of New Jersey. Begun in1953, the Fund makes a single united annual request to corporations and foundations on behalf of the 14 member colleges. For 53 years, the Fund has continued to secure corporate financial support for the state’s independent colleges and to promote a greater understanding of the importance of maintaining the opportunity for choice between public and private education. The Independent College Fund of New Jersey represents all of the state’s fully accredited, privately controlled colleges and universities, except those that are engaged primarily in religious studies. Most gifts are allocated by formula, although a number are designated to specific institutions. Support in 2004 for independent higher education in New Jersey through the Fund totaled $1,285,520. The College of Saint Elizabeth received $71,275.62 from the Independent College Fund. Support in 2005 totaled $1,244,660, with the College of Saint Elizabeth receiving $47,273.50.


College of Saint Elizabeth – Statement of Current Fund Operating Revenues and Expenses for the Year Ended June 30, 2005 $21,775 67.8%

All amounts in $ thousands

Revenues Total Revenues $30,235 - 100%

$3,620 11.8%

$1,575 5.0%

$1,241 8.1% $752 2.6%

Student Tuition and Fees

Government Appropriations

Government Grants and Contracts

$607 2.1%

$435 1.5%

$230 1.2% Gifts and Private Grants

Contributed Services (Sister of Charity)

Endowment Income and Capital Campaign Support

Other Sources

Auxiliary Enterprises

$7,912 25.1%

Expenses Total Expenses $30,235 - 100%

$3,332 10.5%

$6,177 20.5%

$3,205 9.7%

$2,442 7.6% $1,994 6.2% $1,667 5.5%

$971 3.4%

$997 6.3%

$950 3.2%

$588 1.9%


Sponsored Programs


Student Services

Operational and General General Maintenance Administration Institutional of Plant

Student Aid

Staff Benefits Debt Service and Transfers

Auxiliary Enterprises

Note: This summary of operating activities and does not constitute a financial statement of the College.


The College of Saint Elizabeth’s Office of Institutional Advancement makes every effort to ensure that the information published in this report is accurate and complete. If we have omitted anything, or reported it incorrectly, please accept our apologies. Please notify the Office of Institutional Advancement at (973) 290-4450 so that we may correct our records. Thank you!

College of Saint Elizabeth – Statement of Current Fund Operating Revenues and Expenses for the Year Ended June 30, 2006 All amounts in $ thousands

$22,187 66.0%

Revenues Total Revenues $33,591 - 100%

$4,530 13.5% $3,360 10.0% $1,424 4.2% $774 2.3% Student Tuition and Fees

Government Appropriations

Government Grants and Contracts

$664 2.0%

$360 1.1%

$292 .9% Gifts and Private Grants

Contributed Services (Sisters of Charity)

Endowment Income and Capital Campaign Support

Other Sources

Auxiliary Enterprises

$8,089 24.1%

Expenses Total Expenses $33,591 - 100% $5,841 17.4%

$3,662 10.9%

$3,478 10.4%

$3,465 10.3% $2,750 8.2%

$1,893 5.6%

$1,812 5.4%

$1,075 3.2%

$995 2.9%

$531 1.6%


Sponsored Programs


Student Services

Operational and General Maintenance Administration of Plant

General Institutional

Student Aid

Staff Benefits

Debt Service and Transfers

Auxiliary Enterprises

Note - This is a summary of operating activities and does not constitute a financial statement of the College. The College of Saint Elizabeth’s Office of Institutional Advancement makes every effort to ensure that the information published in this report is accurate and complete. If we have omitted anything, or reported it incorrectly, please accept our apologies. Please notify the Office of Institutional Advancement at (973) 290-4450 so that we may correct our records. Thank you!

Topping Off

On November 21, 2006, general contractor Joseph A. Natoli Construction Company placed the flag atop the highest spot on the College of Saint Elizabeth’s new Annunciation Center. Members of the campus community toured the building site and signed the final piece of structural steel. For more information on Annunciation Center or to view construction progress via webcam or photo album, please visit

(Photos courtesy of Joseph A. Natoli Construction Co. and Donna Lindemeyer)

Building on the power of dreams. 2 Convent Road Morristown, NJ 07960-6989 (973) 290-4450 Sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, Convent Station, NJ

President's Report (2004 - 2006)  

The 2004 - 2006 President's Report entitled, "Booming & Blooming." Publication designed by Linett & Harrison.

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