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INSIDE: When Art & Science Collaborate Bio Labs Renovation New De Paul Center for Mission and Ministry

A Message from the President Blessings from the College of Saint Elizabeth! Every year, it is my special privilege to share the accomplishments of the College with our alumnae/i and friends, and to honor our donors whose most generous financial support in a difficult economy has made these accomplishments possible. I am pleased to tell you that this has been a special year for a number of reasons, for our College and for me personally. On an institutional level, thanks to the generosity of a major donor, we are proud to unveil a new, $1.2M renovation to our biology labs in this issue (page 2). Improvements like these, as well as supportive events like our Women in Science Day (page 7) will help CSE continue our long tradition of preparing great women in science.

When Art and Science Collaborate They laughed. They listened. They danced in their seats. In the end, they jumped to their feet and cheered. Dolan Performance Hall thundered with the sounds of several hundred campus members, high school students and local residents. They came to the College to see When Art and Science Collaborate: a free, multi-faceted program funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Another important strategic endeavor was the establishment of the De Paul Center for Mission and Ministry. Garnering the energies of the already established Riordan Center for Volunteerism and Service Learning, the Office of Campus Ministry, and the newly established Center for Ministry and Spirituality (formerly the Center for Theological and Spiritual Development), the De Paul Center will serve our ever-changing communities in new and creative ways. This effort is filled with the hope and promise held by St. Vincent De Paul, whose deep commitment to service of the people of God and systemic change continues in this 21st century through the witness of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth and in the mission and values of the College of Saint Elizabeth. It is with a heart overflowing and filled with gratitude that I share with you that I will conclude my term and ministry as President at the College of Saint Elizabeth in June 2013. These 38 years at CSE, with 16 as President, have been a blessing in my life. It has been a gift to work with outstanding leaders over all these years. Together we shared in opportunities to make a contribution in the lives of so many deserving students of all ages and watched CSE continue to grow and thrive as a vibrant community of learning due to the efforts of so many people.

The program, which looked at the interaction of art and science through visual art, poetry, theater, and dance, was conceptualized by Virginia Fabbri Butera, Ph.D., CSE professor of art history and director of the Therese A. Maloney Art Gallery. It included the art exhibition she curated, The Abstract Universe: Microcosm/Macrocosm. “The College of Saint Elizabeth would not have been able to present such an ambitious, cutting-edge program and exhibition without the support from the NEA,” says Dr. Butera. “We are deeply grateful to them for enabling us to bring this thought-provoking event to our community.”

We have also launched a new, innovative general education curriculum (which comprises one third of the degree program, with major courses and electives providing the remaining two thirds). Called CSE Essentials, this curriculum prepares students to meet the challenges of a diverse and interdependent world. Firmly grounded in the Catholic Liberal Arts tradition, CSE Essentials provides students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to think critically, communicate effectively, understand different perspectives, and act ethically. Through CSE Essentials, students will learn about themselves as well as the spiritual, natural, social, ethical, and aesthetic worlds around them. This exciting program involves an emphasis on academic skills, literacy and writing, team-taught multidisciplinary courses, and meaningful service-learning experiences reflective of our Vincentian roots. Find out more on page 4.


Sister Francis Raftery President Clockwise from top: -A  ssunta Sera, Head On, oil on canvas - Nancy Seidman  and Dancers - L isa G. Westheimer, Cosmic Collision, stoneware -W  ill Suarez, All Praise Due, acrylic on canvas -N  ancy Ori, Aquarium, photograph

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This rendering by RBA Group illustrates the general biology/ microbiology laboratories and the laboratory preparation area, all of which will be renovated by December 2012. Plans are under consideration to renovate the remaining four laboratories and the faculty office area.

New Bio Labs Spring to Life! A dramatic renovation demonstrates CSE’s continued commitment to science education for women.

The sounds of hammers and other construction equipment were heard throughout the summer at the College of Saint Elizabeth, as the renovation of the biology facilities got underway. The project is scheduled for completion by the end of the year, and will be in use for the Spring 2013 semester.

The renovation was made possible by the largest single individual donation in the history of the College.

Current biology majors are eagerly waiting for the new facilities. “I am very excited for the new labs and am glad to use them before leaving the College,” says biology major Sophonie Pepe, ’13. “I believe the new labs will enhance the learning process and allow new and more efficient ways of teaching the material.”

“This project is funded 100 percent through donor support, without which we would not be able to move forward,” said Sister Francis Raftery, CSE president. “We are extremely grateful to this alumna, who was a biology major here, for

This project is designed by the RBA Group, Parsippany, N.J., and constructed by The Leegis Group, Union, N.J., who were the architects and general contractors respectively for the redesign of the College’s chemistry laboratories.

grateful alumna gives back


making this renovation possible. The College is blessed with loyal, alumnae/i who remain dedicated to their alma mater, and this gift is another example of their commitment.”

Explains Jim Gerrish, CSE director of special projects, finance and administration, “We want to continue the updated and modern look and feel of Henderson Hall where the science laboratories are located. Both RBA and Leegis know the building, and they did a great job for us with the renovations of the chemistry facilities.” Supporting the CSE Mission In addition to encouraging young women to pursue careers in science with stateof-the-art facilities, CSE, which is the first and now only remaining women’s college in New Jersey, will be promoting its mission to these young scientists. Says Dr. Lillian Fugler-Domenico, “The biology department focuses on the CSE mission to foster social responsibility in our students. We educate them to go back into the community to make an impact on society. We want them to become young scientists and have a major role in this world.”

In Memory of Sister Marian José Smith It was with great sadness that the CSE community reacted to the death of Sister Marian José Smith on October 2, 2012. As professor of chemistry, emerita, Sister Marian José was a renowned scholar/researcher and an extraordinary teacher at the College. In her many roles over her 64 years at CSE, she served as professor of chemistry and coordinator and chair of the department. Until the beginning of this academic year, she continued her research and mentored students in their projects. Recognized with great honors by the American Chemical Society, she also served as chair of the organization. She inspired generations of students to pursue careers in science and medicine. Four of those students, Lorena Tyson, ’55, Dr. Mary Mazzarella DeMayo, ’55, Dr. Barbara Salamone Pineda, ’55, and Eugenia Pikulski Jacoviak, ’55, established the Sister Marian José Smith Scholarship Fund to support science education at the College. From 1988 to 2012 Sister Marian José provided leadership for the Sister Miriam Teresa League of Prayer and was responsible for continuing to champion the cause for the canonization of Sister Miriam Teresa Demjanovich, a Sister of Charity who was an alumna of the College. Sister Marian José ministered as a Sister of Charity for 67 years and was also an alumna of the College. She held a Bachelor of Arts degree in chemistry. She earned her Master of Science degree in physical chemistry and doctorate in biochemistry at Fordham University, Bronx, N.Y. May she rest in peace. 3


cse Essentials A new general education curriculum gives students the tools they need to succeed.

The foundation of liberal arts education at the College of Saint Elizabeth is being re-designed to mirror a changing world and student population. Called CSE Essentials, the newly launched curriculum focuses on the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive after graduation. It is an innovative way to focus on core education – by first determining the end product goals, then designing a curriculum to achieve those goals. “A lot of colleges are revising general education,” says Dr. Kathleen Hunter, area chair of Culture and Humanities at CSE. “Most colleges took what they had and tinkered with it. Our process was completely different. We thought we would wind up with a richer curriculum if we started from scratch.” This process began almost six years ago and relies heavily on faculty input and research from the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) to determine the skills students will need to succeed in the job marketplace and life.

Getting started in 2012 The new general education curriculum has four parts, or Elements, totaling 32 to 38 credits in seven or eight courses, as opposed to as many as 18 courses that totaled between 61 and 70 credits under the old general education curriculum. Classes are targeted, integrated and developmental, while giving students more flexibility to double major and take electives within their major. The first stage of the new curriculum, Element I, was launched in 2012 with first-year students. Each student has been assigned to a learning community comprised of approximately 15 students and two faculty members, one of whom also functions as her academic advisor. Placement into the communities is determined by the student’s level of proficiency in the academic skills necessary for success in college and beyond, and these skills are practiced and developed in the context of one of the traditional areas of the liberal arts. In this setting, students 4

are also introduced to the ePortolio where they will begin to chronicle their learning experiences and provide artifacts and narrative about how they will be meeting the CSE Essentials learning outcomes.

community, collaborative teaching approach started in Element I, but in this case, with interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary teamtaught courses where all the instructors are working together in the classroom at the same time. Classes fall into three general categories: Global Perspectives, Ways of Knowing, and Healthy Living. Some classes already developed for these areas include “The Art of Salsa Making” in which a food scientist, an art historian, and a linguist will engage students in an examination of food and art in the context of Hispanic migration, and “Living Forever,” where a theologian and a biologist will lead students through the processes by which scientists and ethicists determine

The program produces better writers and critical thinkers who have the intellectual and personal skills to achieve great things in today’s society. “CSE Essentials is more streamlined, more focused,” says Dr. Anthony Santamaria, CSE director of general education. “It’s a building block system; everything is connected. We are treating our general education curriculum like a major – each semester builds on the previous.” In addition to the emphasis on writing, each class will have “infusions” from different disciplines and departments on campus, including student life and mission and values. “Initial academic research nationwide by the AAC&U and the US Department of Education shows that this approach works for students,” adds Dr. Santamaria. “Students so far are very happy with the curriculum,” said Katherine Buck, vice president and dean for student life at CSE. “Our program is based on solid research…a lot of time and thought went into it. I thoroughly believe in this holistic approach.”

What the future holds Element II classes will begin in Spring of 2013, further building on the learning

when life exists and the social implications of extended longevity. Elements III and IV are applications and reflections on classroom experiences. Element III, the junior year, is a course on faith, spirituality, and ethics involving a servicelearning lab and project that allows students to engage and apply what they learn. Element IV is a capstone experience in which students complete their ePortfolio and integrate and share their general educational experience in a classroom presentation. “Campus wide, we are very excited and optimistic about this curriculum renewal,” says Dr. Santamaria. “Six years ago, we had opposition and hesitancy from some faculty members, including myself. But our research and discussions during that time convinced us that CSE Essentials is best for our students. We are tearing down silos and teaching to the whole student. We are preparing them for a world that is constantly changing, challenging and shifting.” 5

Inspiring a Healthy Lifestyle — Inside and Out How do we share the spiritual wisdom of the Gospel with an ever-expanding, richly diverse world?

The answer: We create a new home, a new name, and a new way of being!

How do we energize a new generation to discover and live their faith? How do we prepare men and women to serve the Church of the 21st century?

NEW CHANGES FOR A NEW WORLD The De Paul Center for Mission and Ministry

The College of Saint Elizabeth came alive this spring with a multitude of events aimed toward a healthier lifestyle, beginning with a Health and Wellness Fair and Women in Science Day in March, and ending with Wellness Week and a 5K Race/Walk in April.

Women in Science Day Dr. Nieca Goldberg, a leading cardiologist and medical director of the Joan H. Tisch NYU Langone Center for Women’s Health, was

A new home

the year’s highights

In 2011, the nationally known College of Saint Elizabeth Center for Theological and Spiritual Development began plans for a dramatic transformation. “As the needs of the church and its people evolve, we must work to stay relevant and faithful to the Gospel,” says College President Sister Francis Raftery. This was the impetus that united three offices under the banner of a larger, more far-reaching, more community-centric organization, the new De Paul Center for Mission and Ministry.

2011 Summer Institute, “Maturing Faith and Spirituality” An enthusiastic audience turned out to hear renowned speakers such as Dr. Richard Johnson, nationally recognized for his pioneering work in Maturing Adult Faith Formation and Spiritual Gerontology.

A new name The Center for Theological and Spiritual Development is now newly named the Center for Ministry and Spirituality, an entity entirely dedicated to the formation of the laity and spirituality of the people of God. Also joining the De Paul Center is the Office of Campus Ministry and the Geraldine Riordan Center for Volunteerism and Service Learning.

A new way of being “Uniting three offices under one roof creates a synergy that magnifies the impact we can 6

2011 Pastoral Day, “God’s Story, Our Story in the Feast of Life” A gathering of pastoral leaders, religious education directors, clergy and religious joined us for a day of music, prayer, formation and reflection. 2012 Spirituality Convocation, “See, I Make All Things New!” April 21 featured John Cecero, SJ and Rev. Dr. Kathleen Rusnak. The event marked a day of workshops on prayer, worship, ministry and spirituality for the hundreds of people that the Convocation draws annually. All events included English and Spanish-speaking theologians.

the keynote speaker for the annual Women make in the world,” explains Carol Pisani, the De Paul Center’s inaugural director. “As the population around us changes in profound ways, with new immigrant populations expanding and current populations entering new life phases, it was important for us to help foster their growth and further empower their own influence in the Church and the world.”

in Science Day. She stressed the importance

In particular, the Center has launched several new initiatives:

collaboration with the Independent College

• To educate and empower our Hispanic brothers and sisters to live the fullness of baptism through leadership in the Church and the world; • To train professionals who will serve those who enter new life stages by creating a new master’s certificate program in Pastoral Care for the Second Half of Life; • To ignite the development of a new generation of young leaders of the Church and the world. By embracing this 21st century community and aiding in its spiritual growth and development, our community is on course to proclaim the good news of the Gospel to the world.

of women’s heart health as a lifelong effort that begins in young adulthood, before a large

Health and Wellness Fair The Women in Science Day coincided with the Health and Wellness Fair, which featured exhibitors such as the Morristown Memorial Hospital and The Mind, Body, Wellness Center. They offered screenings for cholesterol, glucose, and blood pressure, and information regarding yoga, acupuncture, and acupressure, which gave attendees more ideas and motivation to lead a healthier life.

wellness week

audience of campus community members as well as high school students from across the state. Dr. Goldberg’s appearance was made possible through a grant from the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, in Fund of New Jersey. The event dovetails with the pharmaceutical company’s commitment to education and to fostering women’s interest in science. Another highlight of the day was a panel discussion featuring CSE alumnae in sciencerelated careers, which included a question and answer period for the student audience. Panel members included CSE biology program alumnae and veterinarian Amber Dessaigne, DVM, ’03, and Erica Salerno, Ph.D, ’04, research scientist, as well as foods and nutrition program alumna Emily Pomykala, ’12, B.S., currently working toward her master’s at CSE, and chemistry alumna Michelle Luc, ’99, ’04, a research and development chemist at

Dr. Mark Liponis launched CSE Wellness Week, a series of interactive activities, sporting events, presentations, seminars, and exercise classes that encouraged positive action in mind, body, and spirit. Staying healthy, Dr. Liponis told his audience, is a careful combination of stress management, restorative sleep, exercise, and good nutrition. “Make your plate as colorful as possible!” he encouraged. And his message was enthusiastically received by audience members like Cathy Gruenfelder, foods and nutrition student, ’13 and ’14, and assistant director of the Academic Skills Center at CSE. “Wellness Week was a great example of departments taking their expertise and making it available to the rest of the community.”

The week also featured an on-campus 5K Race/Walk, on April 14. CSE students Brittany Hinton, ’12, and Shannon Tipton, ‘13, placed first and second. Lynne McEniry, CSE academic affairs division coordinator and an event organizer, summed up the week best: “As a campus community, we need to take care of ourselves holistically so that we can better serve each other.”

Above, Dr. Mark Liponis with students from the CSE foods and nutrition program.

L’Oreal USA. 7

happenings on campus

CSE Students Perform Antigone; Showing College Commitment to the Classics In April 2012, the College of Saint Elizabeth continued a treasured 82-year tradition by producing a Greek tragedy performed by students, an event that takes place every four years. “As a Catholic liberal arts college, CSE is committed to sustaining the great works of the past,” says Dr. John Marlin, chair of the CSE English department and the play’s producer. “Greek tragedy gives us profound insight into what it means to be human, and it remains the foundation on which so much of Western drama stands.” Although the weather was uncooperative, causing the play to be staged indoors in Dolan Performance Hall instead of in the Greek Theatre, the spirits of the student actors were never dampened. The play was directed by David Lee, and featured a cast composed of students from CSE as well as several area colleges and high schools who bonded together to produce a great performance.

Honors for Coach Nicole Degenhardt and Sabrina Jarmolinski, ’12 In her first season as a NCAA head basketball coach, Nicole Degenhardt (right) was named Coach of the Year by NEAC. She piloted the CSE Screaming Eagles to a 16-10 overall record and a 13-5 mark in the NEAC, good enough to earn the No. 2 seed in the South Division. Degenhardt becomes the second female basketball coach in NEAC basketball history to win the honor. Sabrina Jarmolinski, ’12, then a senior captain, was All-Conference for the third consecutive season. Jarmolinski (left) was a top offensive threat with over 1,000 career points and a 38.4% average from 3-point range. This is the third consecutive season a CSE woman was selected to the NEAC First Team. Maesoon Deeb, ‘11, a math major, earned the honor in 2010-11; and Sarah Kozlowski, ’10, a communications major, was tapped in 2009-10.

Alexandra Rojas, ’15, as Antigone with fellow CSE student Meghan Coates, ’12, as Ismene, during a performance of the Greek tragedy.

Alumna Diane Da Silva Nominated for NCAA Woman of the Year CSE alumna Diane Da Silva, ’11, was one of 30 women selected nationwide as the top honorees for the NCAA Woman of the Year award. Three finalists were chosen from each division for the award, and Da Silva was selected as the CSE and North Eastern Athletic Conference’s nominee. As a campus leader, Da Silva was the president of the Student Government Association and the president of the Class of 2011. She was a fouryear starter, a tri-sport athlete, and captain of the soccer and basketball teams. Diane Da Silva (center) was selected as the CSE North Atlantic Athletic Conference nominee. She is pictured with Kaitlin Burud, CSE assistant athletic director, and Julienne Simpson, CSE director of athletics. 8

The Therese A. Maloney Art Gallery’s summer exhibition, Layers and Folds, was a collaboration of paintings, collages, sculptures, drawings and mixed media pieces. “This exhibition examined ways in which artists use layers and folds of various materials to suggest space, depth, shapes, landscapes, and emotions,” says Dr. Virginia Fabbri Butera, director of the CSE Maloney Art Gallery.

Both events were offered free to the public and were examples of CSE’s commitment to scholarship and critical inquiry.

Students from both Catholic and public middle and high school filled the CSE Dolan Performance Hall to hear Kurt Goldberger, president of the Kindertransport Association (KTA), and his wife, Margaret, head of the Speakers Bureau of the KTA, tell their story of being saved by the Kindertransport that rescued thousands of children during the Holocaust. This annual school program, which focuses on a different aspect of the Holocaust each year, aims to teach young people the importance of respecting each other’s religion, ethnicity, and beliefs. The Goldbergers’ appearance was part of a special program sponsored by the CSE Holocaust Education Resource Center program, “Choosing to Act: Role of the Kindertransports,” that was co-sponsored by the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education in May.

A Summer’s Evening of Art and Literature

An accompanying event in July, the Adanna Literary Journal’s poetry reading, centered around the theme How Women Grieve. Shown below are many of the 36 poets included in the Journal, who read their works to a standing-room only crowd.

CSE Holocaust Education Resource Center Program Brings Hundreds of Students to Campus

The program began with a 2012 video, Why We Remember the Holocaust, and also included the Emmy Award-winning film, The Power of Good, about Nicholas Winton, who saved hundreds of children during the Holocaust.

Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen Visits Campus In April, students packed into Annunciation Center to listen and to question Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen, 11th District, who spoke to the class as a guest of the world language and cultures program. Eager students waited to hear about the Congressman’s wide-ranging travels on behalf of the American government, covering topics from immigration, North Korea, and Afghanistan, to global warming. The congressman (right) then toured the CSE chemistry labs, which were funded by a federal grant he supported. Also pictured here are Kimberly Grant-Laham, CSE professor of chemistry, and Jim Gerrish, CSE director of special projects, finance and administration. 9

President’s Council Members The 2012 President’s Council is composed of the College’s generous benefactors who have given to the College at the Seton level or higher between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012. They are people whose generosity of spirit goes far beyond their extraordinary annual financial support. The sustained commitment of the President’s Council, as a group and as individuals, has created growth and opportunity at the College. It is a prominent group of alumnae/i, parents, students, faculty, corporations, foundations, and other good friends on whom the president can call for help, expertise, insight, outreach, and vision as she leads the College into the future.

Holy Family Circle (Gifts of $25,000+) Anonymous 1951 Anonymous 1995 Mary Fitzsimmons† Yolanda Mazza Kunz 1968 Joyce Margie 1962 Barbara Drumm McCluskey 1957 Margaret Garrity Shea 1949† Gertrude Swenson† Corporations & Foundations Edward W. and Stella C. Van Houten Memorial Fund ExxonMobil Foundation Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Independent College Fund of New Jersey The New York Community Trust 1899 Founders Society (Gifts of $10,000+) Anonymous 1965 Anonymous 1995 Anonymous † Anonymous Maryann Acuff 2000 Elizabeth Conklyn 1969 Charles and Joan Foerster Sister Barbara Garland, S.C. 1956 William Keeley Teresita Kandra Kocan 1951 Mr. Ronald H. Lataille Barbara Luciano 1977 Donna McNamara and Lawrence A. Cohen Victoria Albright Null 1970 Sheila Flaherty O’Brien 1953 Anna Grace Oslansky 1953 Mary Darroch Pramuk 1942 Elizabeth Weller Renyi 1969 Florence Meehan Rosse 1970 Francine Cheeseman Shaw 1976 Stephanie Mongiello Wauters 1967 Elizabeth Curran Walker 1956 Corporations & Foundations Community Foundation of New Jersey Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Pfizer Foundation Bayley Society ($5,000 - $9,999) Anonymous Joan Burst Adler 1961


Jayne Lair BecVar 1944 Marylane Burry J. Martin Comey Elizabeth Razzo Dangler 1969 John Dolan Catherine Fetherston Adrian M. Foley, Esq. Anne McLaughlin Helfrich 1948 Joanne Higgins 1950† Barbara Hensle Hoff 1953 Marilyn Weigh Hudson 1953 Anna Jackson 1936† Winifred Markell Johanson 1967 Richard W. Keelty Ellen V. Kelly Mary Arena Liggio 1966 Robert E. Meehan Susan Rizzuto Mello Sister Rosemary Moynihan, S.C. 1967 Sharon Staudinger Perry 1980 Jane Micucci Rainis D. Litt. 1976 Mary Foley Reiss 1947 Etta Marie Rizzuto 1951 John C. Rizzuto Valerie Del Tufo Rowe 1969 Mary Scannell 1945† David M. Spillane Gemma McCarthy Sullivan 1962 Viola Sutherland, Ph.D. Eda Franzetti Tato 1978 Marie Wong Tsang 1962

Emma Ferraro Byrne 1965 Peggy Welsh Byrne 1955 Janice Murphy Carty 1963 William H. Connolly, Jr. Grace Reilly Conway 1949 Mary L. Cupo-Cruz 1968 Mary Wade Degnan 1968 James S. Dlugos Madeline McCann Dolan 1953 Alana Edelmann 1970 Patricia Harriman Foley 1955 Faith Kramer Germino 1952 Elaine Castellano Grillo 1977 Margaret Gogarty Thomas and Betsy Hollo Rosemary MacIsaac Hundt 1968 Emily Hahn Kosobucki 1953 Mary Jane Londregan Meschino 1975 Robert J. Meyer Mary Jane Trainer Mullaney 1952 Mary Beth Casey O’Brien 1959 Anne V. O’Sullivan 1947 James Oster 1995 Sister Francis Raftery Ms. Katherine A. Regan Bea Riccardo Mary Jane Robertson Sandra Murphy Rollins 1974 Micheline Mathews Roth, M.D. 1956 Aurele McNulty Timken 1953 Margaret Donnellan Vosswinkel 1960

Corporations, Foundations Bon Secours Health System Colgate-Palmolive Crum and Forster Foundation GE Foundation The Leegis Group, Inc. Robert Sydney Needham Foundation Prudential Insurance Company Public Service Electric and Gas Company St. Joseph’s Hospital The Walter and Louise Sutcliffe Foundation Switzer Foundation Verizon

Corporations, Foundations PepsiCo Foundation Inc. Tom Cullen Construction UNK IBM International Foundation A.L.M. Electric Co., Inc. Monmouth/Ocean County Alumnae Chapter William T. and Marie J. Henderson Foundation The Robert and Joan Dircks Foundation Morris Township Day, Inc. Morristown Memorial Hospital Investors Savings Bank Binsky & Snyder Service, LLC Merck Company Foundation Russell Investment Group State of NJ Commission on Holocaust Education Mercury Insurance Services Block Vision, Inc. Gartner The Matching Gift Center Trinitas Hospital

Kelligar Society ($2,500 - $4,999) Christina Wahl Bailey, Ph.D. 1964 Flora Barlotta, M.D. 1958 Marcelle T. Bernard, M.D. 1941 Patricia Gleeson Bligh 1958 Susan Boyd 1969

Alumnae Association Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey Public Service Electric & Gas Saint Clare’s Hospital, Inc. Mahoney Society ($1,500 - $2,499) Anonymous 1958 Anonymous 1970 Anita M. Angiulli 1943 Elizabeth Azzara 1950 Isabella Gradone Barletta 1955 Doris Bill 1953 Veronica Bishop 1963 Vilma Stella Boero 1952 Carolyn A. Bradley, Ph.D. 1974 Joan Cantrell Brady 1952 Julia Hoblitzell Buonocore 1951 Mary Clark 1971 Maryanne DiPasquale Czarnecki 1977 Vincent Doherty Mary Donovan 1966 Nancy Dowd 1954† Ann Druffner 1948 Fran DeMaria Edson 1995 Marie Bradshaw Feeney 1952 Norman and Marjorie Feinstein Barbara Finn 1978 Mary Lou Flynn 1959 Sheilah A. Flynn 1964 Joanne Pietrucha Freeman 1970 William S. Ford, Jr. Blanche Cholet Gandolf 1945 Mary Jane Strattner Gregory 1944 Joan Fissell Hall 1965 Mary Rowland Hennessy 1974 Dr. Kathleen Hunter and Mr. Arthur Leyenberger Eugenia Pikulski Jacoviak 1955 Margaret Graf Jordan 1953 Mr. and Mrs. George Keelty John C. Kelly Ann Guarracini Kosco 1976 Ernest and Veronica Larini Maureen O’Neill Lavin 1967 Ann Lux-Krietsch, M.D. 1960 Anita Westcott Magatti, Esq. 1969 Therese Maloney 1951 Gertrude Marley 1948 Rosemary O’Brien McCormack 1944† Marla K. McIntyre Mary Breslin McLaughlin 1963 Frank and Gail Mertz

Gwen-Marie Moolenaar 1962 Joyce D. Moscaritola, M.D. 1960 Frank W. Nolan, Jr. Dennis O’Brien Anne Bradshaw O’Brien 1948 Alan and Joann Painter George J. Palmer Nancy Burke Parker 1968 Margaret M. Pego Karen Fryer Pingarron 1961 William B. Pomeroy Nancy Nead Robinson 1975 Carole Garibaldi Rogers 2001 Mary-Catherine Fagan Rogers 1952 Eileen Smith Ruotolo 1945† Dr. Harriet Lipman Sepinwall Mary Griffin Shanahan 1952 Gertrude Haas Slowinski 1944 Margaret Sullivan 1930† Emmet T. White Peggy R. White 1944 Hayden Williamson 1991 Nick Wood Corporations, Foundations Allister Business Solutions AT&T Foundation Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Chartwells Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Goldman, Sachs & Co. Humana IBM International Union of Operating Engineers PNC Bank The RBA Group RBS Citizens Bank Seton Society ($1,000 - $1,499) Anonymous 1974 Nancy V. Andre 1998 Bernice Anglin 1952 Margaret Augustine 1976 Joanne Marie Pfundstein Babbitt 1975 Robert Bennett Theresa A. Berry 2001 Nancy Biello, M.A. 1997 Susan Woodley Birosak 2004 Mary Ann Kulpinski Bojak 1965 Constance Breslin 1961 Carolyn M. Buck-Luce Bridget Lynn Broadgate Burns 1968 Jane Trezenka Butkowsky 1952

Mary Elmiger Byrnes 1946 Eileen Callahan 1992 Sister Maryanne Campeotto 1974 Marilyn Cook Carnicelli 1962 Maureen J. Carroll 1959 Rosemary Higgins Cass, J.D., Ph.D. 1950 Valerie Van Ness Cauley 1970 Helen Monahan Cirino 1949 Jean Comeforo 1969 Colette Conroy 1955 Mary Myles Conway 1961 Kathryn O’Rourke Costello 1967 Kathleen Nulty Culley 1992 Katharine Macdonald Curtiss 1962 Margaret Mary Dalton 1966 Judith Dempsey D’Arcy 1968 Leo and Marion Dauwer Ellen Davis 1952 Ellen MacIsaac DeMaris 1962 Marie N. De Vita, M.D. 1949 Sister Ellen Mary Desmond, Ph.D. 1950 Ann Lupardi DeVenezia, D. Litt. 1956 Elizabeth A. Domigan 1965 Doris Dzinsky 1943 Mr. John Eardly Julia Egan 2003 Robert and Corinne Errico Anita Falla, M.D. 1943 Mary Beth Delaney Federico 1964 Eileen Sullivan Fell 1958 Regina Roehrle Fielding 1949 Rebecca Fields 1968 Magdalene Figuccio Marilyn A. Fingerhut, Ph.D. 1964 Eleanor Schwartz Finkelstein 1940 Vivien Sayegh Finn 1962 Patricia Gallagher Fitzpatrick 1956 Frances Bynum Flynn 1941 Mary Gentilesco Arnold Johanna Glazewski 1962 Douglas and Mary Hager Mary Egbert Hamilton 1957 Helen Marie Waldron Hanson 1943 Frank and Lucille Hoenemeyer Yolanda Tomaiuoli Holliger 1959 Ellen Nuss Illuzzi 1962 Elinor Mostello Iracane 1969 Kathleen McGlory Karkos 1981 Mary Mrozek Kennedy 1965 Marie La Posta Kenny 1948 Carol-Marie Byrne Kiernan-Ellwood 1969 Audry Melkowits Kravarik 1952 Emma Jayne Bernholz Kretlow 1940 Deborah Tice Leather 1971 Joan Lewis 1952

Mary Hagen Lewis 1956 Jennifer Linne 2004 Robert Lodato Kathleen Mylott Londregan 1966 Ronald Loneker, Jr. Helen Negrey Long 1950 Joan Doherty Lovero 1960 Beth Cashman MacDonald 1962 Marie Henderson Magnier 1953 Emily Brown Maher 1951 Alice Cassidy Maloney 1944 Helen Nolan Maloney 1951 Peter Mancuso William and Paula Marino Viola Higgins Masterson 1950 Dorothy Egnor Matyskiel 1953 Mary Mazzarella DeMayo, M.D. 1955 Mary Morley McCarthy 1957 Carol McCrea 1962 Deborah M. McCreery, Esq. Dorothea McDonough Patricia McGovern 1948 Lisa A. McInerney 2002 Mary Toohey McIntyre 1952 Mary Katherine McKone 1968 Michael A. Meyer 2012 Susan McGlory Michel 1980 Nancy Morgan Mary Ann Burgess Motiuk 1966 Mary Mundth Mary Murphy 1962 Catherine Flaherty Murray 1950 Louise Murray Maureen Murray 1985 Yolanda Nargiello 1979 Carol Polglase Noonan 1950 Alice Noonan Hart 1960 Mary Ellen Ryan O’Connor 1975 Morris W. Offit Eileen Parsons O’Neill 1955 Victoria E. Pesce 1940 Barbara Pineda, M.D. 1955 Peter Plamondon Margaret Walsh Quig 1962 Mary Frawley Ring 1959 Most Rev. Frank J. Rodimer, D.D. Adelaide Finnegan Rossey 1958 Philip D. Rowe, Jr. Mary Pat Ruane 1968 Hope Hanlon Santoro 1989 Laura Sawhill Carol Alerine Schebe 1968 Angela Clarken Schmidt 1952 R. F. Schreitmueller Maureen Brady Scott 1954

Marilyn Adamek Sentowski 1964 Diane E. Sharpe 1982 Sister Eileen Shaw, S.C. 1960 Terri Shawhan, D. Min. 2001 Isabel Sweetman Shearman 1954 Eileen Foley Sheridan 1956 Susan Ferrary Simon, M.D. 1968 Joseph C. Skinner Mary Jo Daniels Skutnik 1968 Gary Paul Spillane John Patrick Spillane Michael J. Spillane Noel A. Spillane Timothy Kevin Spillane William David Spillane Judith Spinola 1971 Susan Hornyak Staab 1971 Donna Calderaro Suckow 1968 Janet Lake Sullivan 1968 Lorri Ann Sullivan 1979 Geraldine Felock Tavares 1959 Barbara Cella Thomas 1955 Elvira Venneri Torcivia 1953 Lorena Tyson 1955 Mary Purcell Ullmann 1968 Patricia Verduin 2000 Constance Syrigos Vickers 1971 Florence Vogel 1961 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ward Amy Whalen Jane Crowe Willard 1953 Louise Currie Wilmot, Radm USN 1964 Doris Grippo Woolfenden 1952 Mary Kearns Yauch 1955 Gertrude Zaklan 1968 Mary R. Zavada 1957 Corporations, Foundations AT&T Boyar, Suozzo & Motyczka, PA Broadridge Financial Solution North Jersey Chapter - Alumnae/i Association Northern New Jersey Parish Nursing Network Office of Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver Saint Barnabas Health Care System Sister of Charity - Assumption / All Saints Convent Tri-County Scholarship Fund Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Etta Marie Rizzuto Honored by Children with Scholarship in Her Name

Mello, center, and her mother meet with Sister Francis.

In March 2012, the children of alumna Etta Marie Martorano Rizzuto, ‘51, established the Etta Marie Martorano Rizzuto Endowed Scholarship Fund to honor their mother. In establishing the scholarship, her daughter Susan Mello wrote, “I have witnessed firsthand the joy the College has brought to my mother as I escort her to numerous Christmas concerts, art openings, and President’s Council Dinners. These opportunities led me to witness the positive impact CSE has on so many young women, both today and 60 years ago when my mother graduated. I am amazed and thankful for the women I meet at these events, women who graduated in the ‘30s, ‘40s, and ‘50s and blazed a path in the world, allowing those who followed, like me, to more readily achieve success in today’s competitive environment. These events have brought me closer to my mother, who is an amazing role model. We can think of no better way to honor her than to establish this scholarship in her name.”


Gifts in Honor of Sister Elena Francis Arminio Sister Francis Augustine Sister Jacqueline Burns Maria R. Cammarata Sister Jane Cavanaugh Dorothy Chan Pei Joseph Ciccone Elena Colicelli Conchita Collins Kathleen M. Colyer Mr. and Mrs. George Thomas Cullinen Sister Elizabeth Dalessio

Sister Ellen Desmond Sister Eileen Dolan Marjorie Feinstein Sister Patricia Flynn Claire Ford Sister Anne Haarer Helen Marie Hanson Courtney Hartmann Sister Anita Richard Heilenday Patricia Heindel Sister Jean Hemmer Linda L. Hunter Kathleen Hunter

Regina Martin Keane Sister Marie Irma Kessler Catherine Lee Sister Janet Lehmann Sister Alice Lubin Mary Mazzarella DeMayo Robert Meehan Marie Noel Peggy O’Neill Carol Pisani Sister Francis Raftery Christine Rocco Sister Agnes Vincent Rueshoff

Sister Mary George Senderak George Sirgiovanni Ann Stuart Peter J. Sutherland Theology Department Deborah Tulloch Mary Jane Waldron Elmer and Marjorie Williams Jesse X. Yu

Bequests By creating a will or estate plan that includes the College of Saint Elizabeth, these alumnae/i have built a legacy of enormous impact. They have helped open the door of higher learning to a new generation of deserving students, who will follow in their footsteps at CSE.

tower circle - lifetime giving

The following bequests were made to the College in fiscal year 2011-2012. We gratefully acknowledge the kindness of these individuals, whose spirit will live on in the achievements of all who benefit from their generosity.

We are deeply grateful to these individuals, families and corporate foundations whose lifetime giving to the College of Saint Elizabeth total $100,000 or more as of June 30, 2012. Your ongoing commitment to excellence in education is a source of strength and inspiration to the College community.

Winifred Aste 1915 Mary J. Fitzsimmons Joanne P. Higgins 1950

Anonymous Anonymous 1951 Anonymous 1954 Anonymous 1956 Anonymous 1957 Anonymous 1965 Anonymous 1995 Magdalen Fullum Arkell 1937† Helen Sheehan Barrett 1933† Robert Bennett Nathalie Calpini Berger 1980 Theresa A. Berry 2001 Les and Carol Brualdi, Jr. Marylane Burry G. William Calascione, Esq.† Dorothy Carleton 1933† Maureen J. Carroll 1959 Margaret Muller Clarke 1919† Ann Meehan Coleman 1925† J. Martin Comey Margaret Connell 1927† Leonora Burtt Conroy 1941† Grace Reilly Conway 1949 Marian Spiegel Cooke 1941† Jane Charles Cunniffe 1957† Julia Kerr Davies 1918† Jane Karpinski Demshock 1938† J. Hugh and Nancy Devlin Sister Marian Frances Dillon 1900† Dolores Dorsey 1950† Nancy Dowd 1954† Alana Edelmann 1970


Anita Falla, M.D. 1943 Dorothy Grey Farrell 1935† Sybilla Farrell 1932† Mary Feder 1927† Eileen Sullivan Fell 1958 Mary Fitzsimmons† Adrian M. Foley, Esq. Sister Olive Garty 1937† Alice V. Gogerty 1951† ? Anne Marie Greene 1951† Mrs. Genevieve Greenwood† Elaine Castellano Grillo 1977 Marie O’Keefe Henderson 1920† Antonia Higginson 1922† Helen Hoover 1940† Rosemary MacIsaac Hundt 1968 Vivian Infantino 1948† Anna Jackson 1936† Jean Judge 1944† James Kane† ? Kathryn Boyle Kelly 1931† John Kiernan† Pamela York Klainer 1967 Priscilla Lenihan Lawler 1940† Rita Lenihan, USN 1935† Maria Lonergan 1935† Mary Loughren 1930† Barbara Luciano 1977 Marie Henderson Magnier 1953 Therese Maloney 1951 Lucy Mao Sigmund, RD 1954† Barry Marinan†

Margaret Sweeney McBride 1933 Nancy Walsh McCorkindale 1979 Mary McGrath 1949 Eleanor G. McMahon† Eleanor Hess McMahon, Ed.D. 1950† Richard McMahon† Sally Lou McMurray 1954† Mary Jane Trainer Mullaney 1952 Carolyn Holmes Neumann 1945 Beatrice Pietroniro Nielsen 1934† Angela Nilan 1930† Victoria Albright Null 1970 Judith Katz O’Donnell 1964 Anna Grace Oslansky 1953 Mary Norma Petter 1941† Rudolph Pinter† Mary Darroch Pramuk 1942 Margaret Purcell 1924† Jane Micucci Rainis D. Litt. 1976 Elizabeth Weller Renyi 1969 John J. Riordan† Richard Riordan Florence Meehan Rosse 1970 Valerie Del Tufo Rowe 1969 Francine Cheeseman Shaw 1976 William E. Simon† Charles C. Sirgiovanni† Grace Squire 1938† Margaret Sullivan 1930† Gertrude Swenson† Eleanor Tracey 1935† Ursula Uttley 1933†

Robert G. Kribs Lucy Mao Sigmund, RD 1954 Mary A. Scannell 1945

Margaret Garrity Shea 1949 Margaret M. Sullivan 1930 Gertrude Swenson

Caroline Caruso Wakefield 1941 Elizabeth Murphy Ward 1927† Mary R. Zavada 1957 Corporations, Foundations

Allied Signal Foundation, Inc. Alumnae/i Association AT&T Foundation Bank of New York Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Dolan Family Foundation Charles Edison Fund ExxonMobil Foundation Hoffmann-LaRoche, Inc. Honeywell International, Inc. IBM International Foundation Independent College Fund of New Jersey Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies George Link Jr. Foundation Merck Company Foundation Monmouth/Ocean County Alumnae Chapter The Prudential Foundation Public Service Electric & Gas Schering-Plough Foundation The New York Community Trust Edward W. and Stella C. Van Houten Memorial Fund Warner-Lambert Company

Students Investigate Careers in Science with Help from Our Corporate Neighbors

On March 14, 2012, Dr. Nieca Goldberg, medical director of the Joan H. Tisch NYU Langone Center for Women’s Health (pictured with students), gave the keynote address for Women In Science Day in the Annunciation Center on campus. Approximately 250 students from area high schools took part in this annual event that introduces attendees to an array of scientific fields. In addition to Dr. Goldberg’s speech, an expert panel composed of CSE alumnae and current students discussed their current and future science careers. The event was made possible through the support of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. Says Joanne Fillweber, J & J’s manager of corporate contributions, “It is important to support events like the CSE Women in Science Program. By offering an interactive, hands-on forum for young women to explore these possibilities, we can increase women’s interest in science and start connecting colleges and universities to secondary school students and teachers who share a passion for science.”


Gifts in Memory of The New Founders Society recognizes alumnae/i and friends who have made planned gifts to the College of Saint Elizabeth in the form of bequests, charitable gift annuities or life insurance. For information, please call (973) 290-4468.

Dorothy Addario Judith Masters Akbar 1978 Antoinette Anastasia 1951 Anita M. Angiulli 1943 ◊ Alix Ann Arlinghaus 1967 Jayne Lair BecVar 1944 Mary Bermingham 1939 ◊† Marcelle T. Bernard, M.D. 1941 Helen Scott Bijur 1928† Irene Gormley Bleil 1925 Irene Blake Bockius 1919† Maureen Toner Bongard 1978 Joan Cantrell Brady 1952 Mary Slevin Brennan 1916† Anne Emerling Brown 1951 Madeleine Henegan Burke 1926† Mary McBride Burnett 1932† Sophie Campbell 1927† Dorothy Carleton 1933† Valerie Van Ness Cauley 1970 Barbara Nelson Christian 1947 Marie Corse Cieri 1941† Margaret Muller Clarke 1919† Franklin Clayton 2007 Alice Condren 1925† Margaret Connell 1927† ◊ Helen Willis Connolly 1945 Dorothy Connolly 1935† Winifred Dorgan Connolly 1962 Colette Conroy 1955 Frances Yang Conti 1935†

Marian Spiegel Cooke 1941† Ninfa Corrubia 1990 Maria Cravanzola 1962 ◊ Mary Smith Crecca 1933† Georgiana Allen Daly 1942† William H. Daly ◊ Julia Kerr Davies 1918† Anne Davis Smith† Jane Karpinski Demshock 1938† Dolores Dorsey 1950 ◊† Nancy Dowd 1954† Antoinette Dughi 1931† Alana Edelmann 1970 Mary Louise Egan 1949† Kathleen Eldracher† Ray Favaro Mary Feder 1927† Michele Torchia Feltman 1982 ◊ Martin F. Fetherston, Sr.† Marilyn A. Fingerhut, Ph.D. 1964 John Fiore† Ann Flynn 1928† Sister Olive Garty 1937† Janet Geraghty-Deutsch, M.D.† Estelle Farley Girard 1943† Rita LaTour Goodemote 1941† ◊ Frances Blondin Govett 1927†

New Founders Society Helps Ensure College’s Financial Future CSE deeply appreciates the generosity of alumnae/i and friends who are members of the New Founders Society. Established in 1995, the New Founders Society recognizes those who plan legacy gifts through a bequest, life insurance benefit, charitable gift annuity, or other deferred gift, that help fund student scholarships, faculty development, and the preservation of the campus for future generations. Dr. Antoinette Anastasia, ’51, specified her bequest be used for the future upkeep of the biology facilities. “I had a very good, solid foundation in all aspects of my program including biology,” she says. “It has stood me well all these many years. Sister Anna Catherine Lawlor (legendary chair of the CSE biology department) taught me everything I needed to know and there was not one area where I felt I was deficient. So many gifts have been given to me, and this is my way of showing gratitude for the gifts I have received. I would encourage anyone who can to ‘give back’ to the College.”

14 14

Kelli Bryant Grahill 1987† Ora West Grant 1935† Anne Marie Greene 1951† Mary Jane Strattner Gregory 1944 Joan Fissell Hall 1965 Marion Marcucci Hardy 1960 Margaret Hauber 1930† Gertrude Hayes 1916† Marion Blake Heger 1944 ◊ Bernice Silva Hicks 1945† Antonia Higginson 1922† John Hill† Roberta Paul Horton 1959 ◊ Catherine Hueber 1932† Vivian Infantino 1948† Carlotta Irving 1929† Anna M. Jackson 1936† John Jentz† Winifred Markell Johanson 1967 Genevieve Jonte 1939 ◊ Jean Judge 1944 ◊† Kathryn Boyle Kelly 1931† Ellen V. Kelly Carol-Marie Kiernan- Ellwood 1969 ◊ Anne Kocher 1931† Ann Guarracini Kosco 1976 Lois A. Kraft Robert G. Kribs† Yolanda Mazza Kunz 1968

Nanna Kurtz† Elena Pietroniro Lasko 1939† Priscilla Lenihan Lawler 1940† Rita Lenihan, USN 1935 Joan Lewis 1952 ◊ Mary Loughren 1930 ◊† Helen Madden 1925† Dorothy Magovern 1924† Lucy Mao Sigmund, RD 1954† Mary Mazzarella DeMayo, M.D. 1955 ◊ Margaret Sweeney McBride 1933† Margaret McCabe† Rosanna Lang McClurg 1928† Mary McCormick 1952 ◊ Julianne Decker McDermott 1951† Eleanor McElroy† Mary McElroy 1926† John S. McEvoy Mary McGrath 1949 Catherine McIntyre 1924† Mary Katherine McKone 1968 Eleanor Hess McMahon, Ed.D. 1950 ◊† Sally Lou McMurray 1954† Lawrence McTiernan† Margaret Meehan 1933† Genevieve M. Mehl 1958 Kathryn Merrey 1922† Mary Isabel Miller 1929† Ian Mininberg Catherine McCormick Mitchell 1960 Dorothea Schmidt Montone 1937† Lillian Powers Moran 1948† Constance Griffith Muldoon 1947 Mary Murphy 1962 Isabelle Horan Murphy 1928† Joan Wachendorf Murphy 1967 Helen Nolan Murphy 1933 † Patricia Brown Murray 1950 ◊ Mary Grace Neagle 1939 ◊† Mary Austin Nesbitt 1937† Beatrice Pietroniro Nielsen 1934 ◊† Angela Nilan 1930† Grace Halligan O’Brien 1943† Rosemary Murphy O’Brien 1952 Jean O’Brien 1943† Eileen C. O’Connor 1938 ◊† Mary Ellen Ryan O’Connor 1975 Judith Katz O’Donnell 1964

Jane Murray O’Grady 1935† Kathryn Paterno 1933† Marita Fallon Pelletier 1957 Henry D. Pelletier, Jr. Mary Norma Petter 1941 ◊† Rudolph Pinter† Axelina McKinlay Porter 1939† Beverly Powell, M.D. 1967 Josephine McGowan Powers 1929† Ina Pyne Jane Micucci Rainis D. Litt. 1976 Sister Margaret Reardon† Claire Lawlor Rhea 1936† Gladys Gutmann Rhein† Elizabeth Miller Rifino 1954 John J. Riordan ◊ Mary Rossi 1924† Margaret Bennett Rucki 1938† Eileen Smith Ruotolo 1945† Donn Ruotolo Jane Shanley Saunders 1951† Joseph Saunders† Joseph Scavuzzo Rosemary Belbey Seymour 1935† Jean Shanley 1942† Margaret Shea 1927† Teresa Granata Smith 1936† Regina Soemer 1935† Grace Squire 1938† Inez Stanziale 1932† Margaret Stokesbury 1944† Margaret Sullivan 1930† Gertrude Swenson† Kathleen T. Taylor 1982 Mary Toye 1929 Eleanor Tracey 1935† Ursula Uttley 1933† Ann Conoscenti Visona 1946† Catherine Vota, C.P.E. 1958 ◊† Mary Jane Waldron 1945 Florence Wall 1913† Frances Wall 1940† Alice Monahan Walsh 1929† Elizabeth Murphy Ward 1927† Catharine West 1931 ◊† Aileen White 1968 Jane Crowe Willard 1953 Pauline Lucius Williams 1938 ◊† Mary Paula Woods 1939 ◊† Anonymous 1927† Anonymous 1938 Anonymous 1948 Anonymous 1949 Anonymous 1951† ________________________ Key: ◊ Charter Member † Deceased Member

Eleanore A. Adams Sister Grace Almas Frances G. Ambrose Mother M. Elenita Barry Rosalie Bartiromo Dorothy Barton Doris Zemaitis Bauer Patricia Beadle Sister Mary Beatrice Arthur N. BecVar Robert J. Beiner John Bell Nancy Bell-Malley Nancy J. Bendokas Mary Bindas Sister Mary Boulton Reddy and Mary Catherine Brown Rose Brown Elizabeth Brundage Mary Jane O’Brien Byrne Catherine Cahill Robert and Agnes Campbell Sister Rita Carmel Mariana Cassidy Mary Catherine Sister Rose Anita Cerna Mary Louise Clarken Joseph Clarken Frank Codispoti Sister Anne Gertrude Coleman Sister Anna Concilio Sister Margaret M. Conklin Elizabeth S. Dahill Anne G. Deely Sally Degelmann Catherine DePalma James DePalma Sister Eileen Dolan Veronica B. Dolan Joan E. Donnelly Ellen K. Druffner Marie C. Druffner Sister Francis Elena August Esposito

Joan K. Feeney Shirley Feinstein Marilyn A. Ferrandino Martin F. Fetherston Ronni Fink Paul M. Finnerty Mary Teresa Rocco Fitzsimmons Alice & Edward Flood Mary V. Foley Beth L. Foley Matthew P. Foley Kathleen A. Ford Sister Mary Frederick William E. Garland Adelaide M. Gautieri Frances and Harry Goodman Sister Marguerite F. Goodwin Barbara A. Hadel Patricia A. Havey Helen R. Healey Sister Carol Heller W. James Heuer Noel Hinch Theresa Hirsch Sister Mary Frederick Holbrow Mary Horn Sister Elizabeth Houlihan Ruth Hunter Patricia Huot Sister Mary Kathleen Hutchinson Lois Hwang Sister Marie Imelda Sister Elizabeth Irene Sister Marianne Joyce Sister Ellen Joyce Sister Mary Elise Kabis Sister Mary M. Kapinos Sister Virginia Keane Mary K. Kelly Sister Anne Kelly Jean L. Kennedy Rosemary King Gertrude B. Koch Charles and Mary Eileen Koenig

Lena G. Kristeller Josephine A. La Monica Sister Anna Catherine Lawlor Grace M. Leary Sister Rose Lima Kathryn R. Liptak Tony and Mary Lupardi Jean Marie Mackinson Sister Theresa Angela Madden Hester E. Maher Sister Hildegarde M. Mahoney Kathleen H. Mason Leo and Yolanda Mazza Rev. David W. McCarthy Grace K. McCrane John McCrea Kristen McCulloch Sister Anne J. McDermott Mary McDonald Catherine McDonough Sister Blanche M. McEniry Sister Anne C. McGarigle Maryclaire McGuire Joan P. McIntyre Marie McSharry Mary Ann Meyer Anthony and Jean Michaels Lena & Stephen Mongiello Sister Helen M. Morris Sharyn C. Mosca Elizabeth Moscaritola Marjorie Mulligan Alexandra A. Mulvihill Sophia A. Mulvihill Rita Murphy Ellen L. Murray Agustina S. Nogueras Patricia J. O’Brien Sister Mary Catharine O’Connor Daniel J. O’Hern Dr. J. Henry O’Hern Vita G. Pagano G. Frederick Pascal Sister Mary Pauline

Sister Mary Carita Pendergast Sister Eleanor Maria Pettit August J. Pirrone Mary H. Plamondon Heather Ward Poges Joseph Polyak John P. Power Rosemary Reilly Rosalie Reitter Sister M. Christine Reyelt Michael Rizzuto Paul Rizzuto Christine Rocco Patricia Rocks Anthony J. Rosenkranz Evelyn Russell Mary Ryan Bonnie Saller Mary A. Scannell John Joseph Schambach Alice Kilkenny Schlatmann Sister Loretta Maria Sheehey Elaine R. Simpson Kathleen M. Skinner Catherine Smith Sister Marian José Smith Rita R. Spillane Anne V. Schreitmueller Patricia R. Stahlin Martha M. Stebner Jayne R. Stehman Beatrice A. Straton Maryrose F. Swift John and Mary Szymanski Mary Terry Janet M. Tice Margaret A. Tortoriello Sister Joseph Vanderbeek Katherine M. Walsh Marie Weigand June H. White Aracelis Wicks Rita M. Wilson

The Therese A. Maloney Art Gallery, housed in Annunciation Center, is a magnet drawing students, faculty, staff, and neighbors to its art exhibitions. The Gallery was made possible through the generosity of Therese A. Maloney, ’51.


individual contributions by class july 1, 2011 — june 30, 2012

The College of Saint Elizabeth is deeply grateful for the generosity of these alumnae/i. Special congratulations to the Class of 1962, our 2012 Circle of Dedication winners, who raised the most gifts through the class agent program! For details, visit and type “class agent program” into the search box.

1929 Mary V. Toye 1938 Georgiana Bavosa Cona Winifred Davidson Harback 1939 Dorothea McHarg Dowd 1940 Eleanor Schwartz Finkelstein Mary Powers Kennard Emma Jayne Bernholz Kretlow Victoria E. Pesce Evelyn Zwigard Tully 1941 Marcelle T. Bernard, M.D. Frances Bynum Flynn Mary G. Hutchinson Ellen Hayes Lee Florence Matera Jeanne Voelker Punderson 1942 Lavinia Herlihy Ball Loretta Iaciofano Civitarese Helen Petro DeLia Claire Devine Driscoll Jean Boretti Enrico Marie Wassel Hall Jessica Clayton Kilduff Laurette Connors McNiel Mary Darroch Pramuk Marie McKenna Rowe Mary Roach Taylor 1943 Anita M. Angiulli Helen Bindas Frances Ciccolini Cocchia Florence Clancy Collins Doris Dzinsky Anita Falla, M.D. Jane Warren Hagen Helen Marie Waldron Hanson


Phyllis V. Hassan Marjorie Hattersley Leonard Elizabeth Diehl Reichlen Miriam Stuhr Wheeler† Florence Scudder Wolfe 1944 Jayne Lair BecVar Dorothy Crysler DeVine Virginia Crysler Flanagan Mary Jane Strattner Gregory Joan Yunker Higgins Marie Morrow Klemm Alice Cassidy Maloney Rita Wade Marinello Rosemary O’Brien McCormack† Doris Kilminster Newcomb Adrienne Morris Parsons Sophia Del Tufo Pascal Gertrude Haas Slowinski Rosemary Whalen† Peggy R. White 1945 Carlyle Purcell Brady Jeanne Nittoli Bruno Eileen Degnan Callaghan Blanche Cholet Gandolf Mary Green Goris Eileen Hampe Knight Sister Alice Lubin Mary Langley Lynch Ruth Carlin Markey Dolores Duggan Murphy Catharine O’Hern Eileen Smith Ruotolo† Mary Scannell† Mary Jane Waldron Mrs. Carlotta F. Winslow 1946 Margaret Ames Auer Katherine Carpenter Bell Mary Elmiger Byrnes Shirleyan Kaiserman Fitzgerald Teresa Giordano Mabel Evers Keating

Harriet Reilly Kelley Joan Hurley King Dorothy Mele McCloskey Rosemary McCloskey Rosina Grogan Quinn Evelyn Kenny Slason Angela Sullivan Marie Regan Van Houten Mary VanFleet Weldon Eileen Caffrey Wyrough 1947 Janice Caffrey Bennet Madeline Creed Burns Mary Fran Maguire Carey Evelyn O’Brien Darcy Mary Printon Farley Joan Maher Gaspard Betty Farrell Geiger Mary Jane Neumann Hampton Mary Smith Hanlon Medelise Dzinsky Jackson Barbara Rudel Johnson Elizabeth Ryan Lyons Alice Devine Mackinson† Elaine Goodman Martin Sister Patricia Mary McMullen Marjorie Magnier Nugent Anne V. O’Sullivan Eileen Redmond Patricia Degnan Regan Mary Foley Reiss Roberta Donehue Ryan Margaret Aubin Sheridan Jean Meyers Skevington Helen Marth Toth 1948 Anonymous Margaret McLaughlin Beaudin Mildred Buchman Bogart Marie Scott Braga Marie Miscione Cassanelli Philomene Serpico Center † Jacqueline Roddy Cushing Margaret-Mary del Tufo Marie Tedeschi D’Innocenzio

Ann Druffner Bette Anne Walsh Egan Jean Binet Fattori Antoinette Goepfert Fitzpatrick Maureen Smith Fountain Dorothy McKenna Green Ellen Conroy Gruppo Anne McLaughlin Helfrich Marie La Posta Kenny Eleanor Reynolds Kerby Jane Dalton Lundergan Anne Murray Mac Isaac Virginia Mc Donough Maguire Gertrude Marley Marie Jenco Marrocco Katherine M. McFarland Patricia McGovern Marie Sessa Montalto Mary McDermott Mulholland Joanne Pouchot Murphy Patricia McEntegart Murphy Regina Hunt Nugent Anne Bradshaw O’Brien Mary Lutz Reynolds Frances Collins Ruch Jane Donovan Slattery Ann Waldron Stuart Margaret Tierney Rita Kramer Titus Gloria Todino Verrochi Clare Davidson Winslow 1949 Mary McAward Bell Marie Cantlon Carol Rund Celli Helen Monahan Cirino Ellen Doyle Conry Grace Reilly Conway Patricia Potter Criss Rose De Matteis Marie N. De Vita, M.D. Rosemary De Phillips Donahue Eileen McAllister Donovan Mary Lord Dooley Helene Sachs Downey Betty Barber Eberenz

Regina Roehrle Fielding C. Elizabeth Gaffney Evelyn Russell Germain Mary Leary Graham Maureen Quirk Harrigan Jane Keliher Healey Dorothy Connors Hennessey Dorothy Degnan Hunt Yvonne Imbleau, M.D. Eleanor Bittig Keenoy Eleanora Mc Alinden Kolbert Jane Regan Larkin Anne Markey Regina Burns McBride Eileen Earley McHugh Norma Masini Miele, Ph.D. Sister Jeanne Monahan, O.P. Rosalind Shea O’Connor Helen Smith Regazzi Joan Haskins Ripp Mary Pat Young Schambach Kenyon Margaret Garrity Shea† Marie Baggot Squire Catherine C. Troy Bernadette Zimmermann 1950 Elizabeth Azzara Joan Knight Barbato Dolores Bersey Bradley Rosemary Higgins Cass, J.D., Ph.D. Virginia McDonough Daly Sister Ellen Mary Desmond, Ph.D. Mary Adele Eibell Mary Higgins Finnerty Marie Flatley Louise Haynes Flood Mary Ann Velie Hall Sister Anita Richard Heilenday Joanne Higgins† Winifred Horgan Anita Tedeschi Iannacone Helen Negrey Long Eunice Lawless Lukas

Viola Higgins Masterson Viola Dischler Mateer Elizabeth Carroll Meehan Mary Mounteer Catherine Flaherty Murray Patricia Brown Murray Carol Polglase Noonan Lois and Werner Peter Lorraine McArdle Petracca Rita Polifka Reardon Rose Marie Blum Reiner Mary Elizabeth Savage Elizabeth Harrison Segers Leonora Donahue Sheehan Maria Vacca Sovetts Clare Spitsen Claire Lewis Stickel Angela Tortorello 1951 Anonymous Eleanor Millott Amann Antoinette M. Anastasia Mary Nolan Bailey Patricia Gallo Barry Mary Bellina Edith Fioretti Brisson Anne Emerling Brown Julia Hoblitzell Buonocore Leocadia Bajek Burke, Ph.D. Corinne Zoli Casali Maureen Neubelt Chu Joan Harnett Clare Frances McAward Costello Anna Di Palma Daly Jean Patterson Downing Irene Minick Esenther Ruth Bokerman Fay Mary Gabrielli Fernandez Patricia Murray Finn Joan Murphy Flaherty Paula Tierney Florentino Anne Helm Gagliardi Georgette Mailloux Genovese Aline Collins Glavin Helene Lussier Griffin Izolina Namajuska Gylys Nancy Troth Kindle Teresita Kandra Kocan Helen Michel Lennon Judith Cowey Leys Mary Tassielli Longo Betty J. MacInnes Emily Brown Maher Helen Nolan Maloney Therese Maloney Margaret Sweeney McGann Elaine Mc Goldrick McGovern Mary Burns Muoio Sister Kathleen O’Brien Joan Carr O’Connell Helen Fergus Ogden Patricia Lord O’Hara Marylin Carroll Quinn Etta Marie Rizzuto Lorraine M. Robidoux Madeline Magnier Schollmeyer Claire Saracco Sferruzza Ellen Mills Shawl Dorothy Feher Sullivan Elinor Coleman Sweeney Melva Levy Wood 1952 Florence Clisura Aluotto Bernice Anglin Adele Dell’Orto Bergen, Ed.D. Vilma Stella Boero Edith Kerwin Boschian Eileen Walsh Bradley Joan Cantrell Brady Anne Fulboam Brebbia

Mary Ann Meyer Brucker Barbara Brundage Ann Johnson Brutzman Mary Patricia Neary Brydon Jane Trezenka Butkowsky Ann Conway Clancy Class of 1952 Betty Twyford Cousins Ellen Davis Marguerite Nolan Doran Jane Mulcahy Eiseman Maurine O’Keefe Eisenmenger Marie Bradshaw Feeney Mary MacDonald Ford Dolores Depetro Fraterrigo Fern Buffo Freeman Elsbeth MacCulley Fullem Xenia Carras Gakos Mary Jean Bure Gallagher Faith Kramer Germino Natalie Gibbons Evangelina Sotelo Gonzalez Phyllis Meccia Gorman Maryanne Kozel Gross Margaret O’Connor Harty Audrey Barton Healy Rosemary Moran Karl Mary Dehmer Krasinski Cecilia Romano Laureys Marie Hussey Leary Joyce M. Lehman Joan Lewis Mary Eckel Little Joan Frank Madden Grace Vallone Mariorenzi Rose Ferretti Martz Mary McCormick Mary Toohey McIntyre Mary Jean Pizzi McLaughlin Mary Jane Barron Melo Mary Jane Trainer Mullaney Rosemary Murphy O’Brien Maureen Mc Elhinney O’Hara Anna Panaccione Gloria Knauf Price Mary Jane Woods Quinn Christine Capozzoli Raso Mary-Catherine Fagan Rogers Eileen Flood Ronan Mary Jane A. Russin Patricia Dolan Ryan

Angela Clarken Schmidt Eleanor Owens Selavka Mary Griffin Shanahan Barbara Shay MacDonald Mary Kay Hughes Shortt Joan Byrne Smith Maureen White Stickel Muriel Cordett Sullivan Elizabeth Reilly Sutherland Carolyn Palcar Voda Barbara Blake Waas Margaret F. Whelan Doris Grippo Woolfenden 1953 Anonymous Susan Perrella Bariscillo Mary Jane Glennon Baylies Ann McCloskey Belardo Doris Bill Alice McGuirk Blood Janet Bonar Mary Lou O’Donnell Boylan Ellen Morris Brown Marilyn Dietz Buckley Tina Ferruggia Cardinale Class of 1953 Michele Cusack Conlin Ann Hogan Cook Frances Sgadari D’Amico Joan Landy Damsey, FACMPE Mary Dodd Denecour Madeline McCann Dolan Bernadine Benson Donoghue Mary Evangelista Doyle Marian Maltese Eschleman, RD Elizabeth Hegner Fandel Eileen O’Brien Farrell Sheila McGan Fay Mary Lou Doherty Fieseler Joan Pluck Frey Kathleen Bischoff Gorman Kathleen McGough Grant Clare Smith Harkins Kathleen Conaty Hashim Barbara Hensle Hoff Elizabeth Magee Horan Marilyn Weigh Hudson Judith Moore Huston Philomena Lupardi Ippolito Margaret Graf Jordan

Jacquelin J. Kelly, USA (Ret.) Emily Hahn Kosobucki Dorothy Kilminster Lebeau, CFP Marie McTighe Lee Marie Henderson Magnier Veronica Budrecki Mariani Dorothy Egnor Matyskiel Dolores Stauder Murtha Sheila Flaherty O’Brien Anna Grace Oslansky Mary Pedicini Anne Conaty Pressley Angelina Ranieri Elaine Gately Richards Christine Gero Rocco Eleanor M. Schneeloch Anne McCabe Schulte Anne Racanelli Simone Elaine O’Brien Simpson † Jane Meade Spell Patricia Murray Stanley Aurele McNulty Timken Elvira Venneri Torcivia Betty Ann Farrell Tunny Ann Groark Walsh Jane Crowe Willard 1954 Dorothy Keane Achtmeyer Norma Reilly Boeckel Joan Leuchten Chown E. Carol Cotter Nancy Fallon Devereaux Sheila Walsh Dolezal Nancy Dowd † Dorothy Dittrich Dwyer Virginia Toohey Eckert Joan Marie Galla Ann Byrnes Garman-Pitcher Elizabeth Coles Good Margaret Coughlin Guthlein Judith Schneider Henrici Geraldine Antes Higham Betty Hoag Helen E. Lord Elizabeth Loughlin Lortie Lucy Mao Sigmund, RD † Rosemary Brown Marsicano Grace E. McCormack Josephine M. McGurk Dorothy Hayes Milliken

Joan Zarra Monte Lorraine Agacinski Mullin M. Clare Foley O’Brien Carol Gannon O’Connell Azella Crysler O’Dwyer Arlene Masini Onnembo Elizabeth Miller Rifino Donna Bentges Rocque Nancy Hall Roddy Maureen Brady Scott Isabel Sweetman Shearman Ruth Besson Shiels Mary Fennelly Sullivan Joan Carroll Sundstrom Janet McGinness Weis Barbara Collins Wetzel Nancy Staples White Marija Jagodic Zupancic 1955 Isabella Gradone Barletta Patricia Dante Berberich Gloria Mack Biczak Harriett Mulligan Bullock Peggy Welsh Byrne Mary Louise Connolly Colette Conroy Monica Kelly Corbett Doris Bryan Costello Sylvia Loprete DeAngelo Jane Mc Entegart Dooher Anne Grant Dravis Rita Dudak Dwyer Ann Blanchard Evans Marie Glasser Fabry Cecilia Levy Farrell Ellen Farrell Elysia Gallagher Fitzpatrick Patricia Harriman Foley Sister Maria Michael Garner Ann Reilly Gervais Mary Roberts Holsey Eugenia Pikulski Jacoviak Dympna Judge Jessich Anne Reddy Keast Patricia Harrington Lavelle Mary Weisbach Loveland Mary Mazzarella DeMayo, M.D. Lucille Talbot McGarry Eileen Parsons O’Neill

CSE Thanks Benefactors at Annual President’s Council Dinner

Student speaker Anachemy Victor looked out at the crowd of 200 filling the ballroom at the Madison Hotel and said, “Because of you, I and many other students at CSE have been given the opportunity to take the first steps in making our dreams come true. Dreams we hope will transform the world.” The event was the Annual President’s Council Dinner, held September 22, 2011, which honors the 400 committed and dedicated trustees, alumnae/i, parents, friends, students, faculty, corporations, and foundations who make up the Council. The College welcomed 18 new members at the 2011 event. CSE President Sister Francis Raftery opened the evening by thanking attendees. “You make such a difference in the lives of our students,” she said. “Many of them would never be able to go to college without your support…No one does it alone.” The President’s Award honoree was Kathleen Markey, ‘69 (pictured here with her husband Jack Colyer). In 1985, she established the Colonel Edward W. and Marguerite Markey Scholarship in memory of her father and grandmother. Since graduating from CSE, she has continued her ties to her alma mater by serving on the Board of Trustees for 18 years, sharing her expertise with the Finance Committee.


Individual Contributions by Class july 1, 2011 — june 30, 2012 (continued) Barbara Pineda, M.D. Rosalie Cooper Scheckel, Esq. Joan Sedlock-Boyle Monica Richvalsky Seifert Irene J. Smith Barbara Cella Thomas Lorena Tyson Joan Flynn Walsh Anne Sweeney Ward Mary Kearns Yauch 1956 Gloria Capozzoli Barbieri Ann Griffin Blackwood Faith Gallo Broderick Flora Lu Chen Elizabeth Ann Clarken Margaret Dowd Connelly Clare Gelston Cummings Anne Marie De Luca Ann Lupardi DeVenezia, D. Litt. Mary Gately Duffy Patricia McGill Dugan Ellen B. Emerson Dorothy I. Eska Patricia Gallagher Fitzpatrick Angelina LaFalce Galdieri Lucretia Hess Ganley Sister Barbara Garland, S.C. Janet Christensen Guariglia Helen Anderson Hanlon Patricia Henry Hoffmann Claire Grissing Johnsen Nancy G. Kerwin Ann Hinch Kilminster Doreen Wishart Kim Mary Hagen Lewis Virginia Walsh Lund Lois Perrella Malmberg Dr. Maureen Matthews Sarah Ann Yates McAfee Marianne Hayden McGovern Mary Louise Coyle Mongeon Sister Mary Louise Moran, Ph.D.

Patricia Mulvey Catherine McCann Murphy Ann Triano Nucciarone Margaret Tarrant Patterson MaryLou Gaffney Paturzo Barbara Burns Petrick Micheline Mathews Roth, M.D. Suzanne Maes Ryan Marylouise Hillman Satterlee Eileen Foley Sheridan Elizabeth Curran Walker Anita Kennedy White 1957 Anonymous Carol Lasch Adamsky Shirley Marry Allgood Helen A. Ax Kathleen Jannucci Beymer Rosemary Boylan Marianne Bulman Bozzi Lillian Zazzara Brightly Arlene Debold Burke Sister Jacqueline Burns Sister Mary Canavan Patricia Hughes Carr Mary Coleman, MSW Mary Louise Taylor Connelly Alice Devine Connolly Sheila Grasso Duetsch Miriam White Duncan Margot Stickley Ferry Virginia Gallo Gerner Maureen Callaghan Griffin Mary Egbert Hamilton Elinor Heffernan Jansen Claire Ann Dehler Kinney Oksana Smishkewych Kuzmak Sheila O’Mahoney Lombardi Rosemary Reilly Love Mary Morley McCarthy Barbara Drumm McCluskey Carol Pompilio McIntyre Margaret Ginty Meys

Beverly Glanville Morgan Patricia Conway Motto Eunice M. Myatt Cynthia Baxter O’Connell Marita Fallon Pelletier Marjorie LaChapelle Reynolds Diane Pizzi Ruggiero Margaret O’Donnell Ryan Carol Ann Burke Ryan Valorie Doran Schretter Phyllis Cox Spekhardt Barbara Lubben Wendorff Louise Pao-Ying Luk Wu Mary R. Zavada Marguerite Ryan Zerrer 1958 Anonymous Kathleen Augelli Marietta Azzaro Flora Barlotta, M.D. Nancy Lissner Beiner Patricia Gleeson Bligh Nancy Walpole Cappellino Margaret Wade Carroll Sandra Spenceley Cavanagh Mary Ann Murray Clayton Anita Praml Coiley Catherine Collins Patricia Ryan Connolly Nancy Horsefield Covington Petrunella Koster Crowley Margaret O’Brien Dalton Patricia Mulligan De Respino Rita Del Vecchio Dellasala Maureen Brown Domino Anna May Finn Doyle Elaine McLaughlin Dwyre Eileen Sullivan Fell Rita Menegus Foti Annamarie Helsper Godvin Claire Flaherty Goldstein Pamela Horn Griffin Sister Anne Grimes, S.C. †

Carole A. Hennessy Carol Odell Howard Mary Louise Turchik Jagoe Marie Carroll Jamison Marlene Kapes Dorothy Carrigan Kehoe Carol Restivo Kreit Carole Crosta Leone Suzzette Sica Levy Sister Catherine Macaulay Madeline Fagan Magnier Helen Marshall Patricia Burke McGeehan Mary Gallagher Meade Mary Mullarkey Patricia Mann Murray Margaret Pinkman Murray Kathleen E. Glasser Newill Ann Hackett Noone Rosemary Marren O’Connor Nancy Kelly Plympton Adelaide Finnegan Rossey Joel Jenco Schreiber Carolyn Meagher Shields Ellen Simmons Patricia Yori† Janice Houghton Young 1959 Kim Oanh Au Jane Hosking Barrett Deanna Gero Barry Jacquelyn Clifford Bette Georgianna Murray Bigley Carol Wolf Borin Sister Ursula M. Carr Maureen J. Carroll Joan Sharkey Carville Angie Cotroneo Patricia D. Eccles Margaret Finn Ehrhardt Mary Lou Flynn Mary McCourt Grieger Barbara Baldovin Hanlon

Class of 1962 Celebrates 50th Anniversary The road sign in the circle outside Santa Rita Hall reads “Class of 1962” in honor of those classmates who donated the highest class total in fiscal year 2011-2012, a generous $62,750. This tradition of dedicating the road sign has special significance for the Class of 1962, as they celebrate their 50th anniversary of their CSE graduation. Donations were made possible through the tireless efforts of alumnae/i volunteers in the Class Agent Program, who personally contact their classmates to solicit donations. 1962 Class Agent, Dr. Carol McCrea, says, “It is important to continue to support CSE in order to keep alive our tradition of a values-based education.” Working with the Development Office, Class Agent Volunteers contact classmates and encourage them to provide much needed financial support for the College’s operations, scholarships, and the development of programs. Director of the CSE Annual Fund, Tanya Sorce states, “The work of these volunteers is invaluable to the College because they are able to apply an important personal touch, reminding their former classmates how important it is to help current and future students. We are so grateful for the dedication of our volunteers and for the generosity of all those who give to CSE.”


Carol Zande Harrington Yolanda Tomaiuoli Holliger Marie Tagliabue Horan † Margaret Tomaino Karachuk Norine Daley Kildea Rita Nuss Leyden Lois Valenti Lionetti Mary Jane Conway Matier Dolores I. Klepacki-Migliore Mary Beth Casey O’Brien Elizabeth Place Mary Frawley Ring Cynthia Berean Robbins Lucille Hall Rockis Carol Ann Clary Roman Sister Mary George Senderak Lois Graham Siegel Geraldine Felock Tavares Mary Ann Villanella Gwen Naef Wall Maura White Wolf Nanette M.Fingerhut Yaroscak Marlene Fioravanti Zweig 1960 Patricia Ambrose Marie Mustello Ambrosio Karen O’Sullivan Brooks Patricia Quinn Cagnassola Kathleen Burke Cozzarelli Marilyn Stefany D’Alessandro Carol Farina DeStasio Cynthia DiDonato Diana Kathleen M. Doyle Theresa DeCrescenzo Dunsky Mafalda Faillace Barbara March Garner Camille Della Volpe Giancristofaro Sister Mary Ellen Gleason, S.C. Catherine Sullivan Halligan Marion Marcucci Hardy Noreen C. Heimbold Ann Mishler Hutzel Patricia Markey Keogh Sister Irma Kessler, Ph.D. Patricia Walpole Kowal Joan Doherty Lovero Ann Lux-Krietsch, M.D. Priscilla Bleth Maliff Ida Meloro Judith Regan Messing Catherine McCormick Mitchell Catherine Brown Monahan Joyce D. Moscaritola M.D. Betty Jane Nelson Alice Noonan Hart Virginia Gregori Panicucci Gaile Benson Pohlhaus Suzanne LaTaif Powers Katherine J. Quinn Corinne Bernasconi Schioppo Antonia Madrazo Schnell Gail Pastorini Scullion Sister Eileen Shaw, S.C. Sally Stark Marie McCann Swetnam Dorothy Dube Tighe Kathleen Murphy Toombs Joan Zan Grando Trabucchi Muriel Jones Uttall Margaret Donnellan Vosswinkel Vesna Krajacic Warburton

Thanks to the Dolan family, who made a generous contribution through the Dolan Family Foundation, CSE has a gathering place for performances, lectures, films, and many other campus activities in the state-of-the-art Dolan Performance Hall.

1961 Joan Burst Adler Elizabeth Murray Blajda Jeanne Heimbold Boehles Constance Breslin Liz Brown Dr. Marilyn Kelly Buccellati Laurette Bulfone-Buscheck Andrea Gorske Bullard Jane Giegerich Busch Jane Kramer Butterfield Merle Bianchi Chang Diane McDonald Chazotte Elizabeth Walsh Choquette Patricia Coyle Conneen Mary Hutton Connors Mary Myles Conway Marsha May Czarzasty Diane Sheedy Fay Carol Anne McArdle Ford Patricia Fels Freeman Mary-Lou Pellegrino Gannon Laura Holbrow Griffin Anne Burne Haworth Agnes Finnegan Hunt Diane Paul Ladner Delphine B. Palleria Laufenberg Kathleen Reilly Maybaum Rita Kennedy McGovern Eileen Bumbly Morgan Virginia Reiss Nee Jeanne Marshall Nocella Patricia O’Brien Patricia E. O’Connor Joan Schablik Parker Karen Fryer Pingarron Duane McEwen Post Mary Ryan Elaine Stephenson Schnitter Arthurine Tomlinson Sloly Anita Tedesco Mary Jane Swick Tyler Florence Vogel Mary Swift Whalen Rosa Gimenez Yapundich 1962 Anonymous Anonymous Mary Minick Ackerman Joanne Donovan Brown Angela Jean Anselmi Byrne Maureen Higgins Byrnes-Snyder Beatrice Jandrisevits Calise Marilyn Cook Carnicelli Antoinette Errico Carter Carol Casey Mary Ann Prakopcyk Chapkosky Winifred Dorgan Connolly Maria Cravanzola

Kathleen Garrity Curley Katharine Macdonald Curtiss Jane Healy Degnan Joyce Del Vecchio Delaney Ellen MacIsaac DeMaris Johanna Esposito Mary Ann Everett Katherine Fissell Fagan Vivien Sayegh Finn Kathleen Kober Gacso Elizabeth Garrett Marsha Wyhopen Garvey Suzanne Jacques Gavin Lucy Wu Gilbart Johanna Glazewski Mildred O’Donnell Greenler Sister Marion Houghton Ellen Nuss Illuzzi Claire Kennedy Mary Coyle King Mary Ann Tarascio Landweer Diane McCabe Leo Helga Gossmann Leonard Mary Ann Marotto Macaluso Beth Cashman MacDonald Frances Pellegrino MacDonald Carol McCrea Mary Melville Mehlig Judith Stradar Menacho Gwen-Marie Moolenaar Mary Murphy Aileen O’Leary Nowatzki Diane Nobile Osnato Maeve Flynn Paul Rosemarie Mistretta Pilvenis Genevieve L. Porte Evelyn Dankanics Powers Margaret Walsh Quig Jeanne Repici Renkun Mary Ann Restivo Carol Fritz Riddle Patricia Griffin Rubey Mary Ellen Sheerin Kathryn Lucas Stephan Josephine Sullivan Gemma McCarthy Sullivan Marie Wong Tsang Anne Lamb Turner Patricia Villanova Vetter 1963 Abigail Brassil Adelman Mary Kate Begnal Veronica Bishop Margaret Crisman Brimmer Karen Roberts Bucci Elizabeth Verbout Connolly Linda Ippolito Degnan Patricia Delaney Lucille Luciano DiRenzo

Patricia Alexander Donnelly Nanciann Gass Elnicki Mary Cooper Finnegan Margaret Mary Walpole Finucane Virginia Kappler Gaydosh-Gunn Ann Marie Magnier Gronquist Maureen Curry Hanifan Rosemary Adelizio Iversen Linda York Janesko Margaret Carelli Keane Dorothy Ann Dawson Kelly Patricia Puglise King Margaret Turner Knab Ann Materek Knollman Anne Hoare Koons, M.D. Charlotte Antes Kurst M. Katherine Long Lavelle Irene C. Leonardi Judith Bari Lobbin Elizabeth Wildmann Lucas Janice Levkiv Lyons Cricket Mathias Martin Mary Breslin McLaughlin Rosemary Rush Morse Marie Montecalvo Muh Karen Douglas Natal Regina Comer Noble Karen Leahy O’Bryan Gail Kirchner O’Donnell Anne Marie Scioli Petriano Katherine Hogan Probst Ellen Faulkner Quirke Margaret Schuelke Carole Sharo Virginia O’Brien Stacey Arlene Balzerini Stamm Diane Tarrant Anne Grier Valenzano Palma Cozza Zappa

Mary Anne Snyder Drew Susann Roche Driscoll Marianne L. Egan, Ph.D. Mary Beth Delaney Federico Marilyn A. Fingerhut, Ph.D. Sheilah A. Flynn Jeanne Pascal Gargiulo Karen Fromberg Gelston Carole Woicik Genovese Barbara Gittens Gladding Mary Anne Cramer Grady Dorothy Rayzer Grysko Eileen Beirne Hart Diane Roberts Hull Denise Nuttman Ingrassia Ann Hoogland Kalaher Sister Mary Anne Katlack Sister Regina Martin Keane Carole Dubas Kosciuk Jane Bartkowiak Kwieciak Lynn Heurich Lane Edna Nuss Leyden Catherine Turbett Lippincott Patricia Larsen Lohner Mary Timmins Malo Corinne Martinelli Margaret O’Connor McGann Germaine McGrath Carol Niemand Judith Katz O’Donnell Roseanne Lo Presto Parzek Maria Lazas Pluta Mary Ann Schoettly Carol Marie Segrave Marilyn Adamek Sentowski Anne Lipinskas Standley Claire Thomas Steigleder Patricia Fowler Tierney Maria Puga Walsh Louise Currie Wilmot, Radm USN

1964 Anne Amy Albrink Susan Sullivan Annitto Carol Hogan Ash Mary Flannery Austin Peggy Saidis Baiad Christina Wahl Bailey, Ph.D. Nancy Bosco Barone Susan Bubet Barry Patricia Kargl Benosky Regina Petrik Birchler Sharon Brennan, Ph.D. Catherine Flynn Campen Carol McGreevy Carpenter Catherine Pfaff Cogan Sister Anne Cunningham Kathleen Freeman D’Andrea Nancy Leifheit Dann Anne G. Dente

1965 Anonymous Mary Ann Kulpinski Bojak Sister Patricia Butler Mary Jane Gilmour Cameron Patricia Miller Caplicki Jane Watson Charbonnier Irma Ferrante Chazotte Paula Chester Sister Margaret Conlon, S.C. Roseann Giglio Czerniach Elizabeth A. Domigan Rita Driscoll, Ph.D. Kathleen Heimbold Emmert Joann Semiraro Garrity Joan Fissell Hall Ellen Cobane Hulsen Joanne Inzano Mary Ann Conroy Kaicher

Mary Mrozek Kennedy Andrea Ferretti Khoobiar Rose Marie La Bella Mary Lou Callahan Lauterhahn Mary Griffin Lawlor Patricia Gavin McConville Anne O’Neill Kellers M. Ellen O’Rourke Judith Cremen Pierce Nancy Koester Randall Sally Allen Romano Joan Dougherty Ruszkowski Florence Ryan Mary Debiak Van Starrex Diane M. Veith Geraldine Cirlincione Wadia Kathleen Shine Walsh Catherine Daniels Ward Jo-Ann Evans Wynes 1966 Susanne Hughes Alexander Caroline Apone Patricia Leddy Bardsley Barbara J. Blecka Jane Brady Ave Birdsall Bransford Mary Ellen Harkins Buckley Nancy Brown Butkiewicz Corinne Marino Chace Margaret Mary Dalton Dolores Delli Santi Marilyn Dodd Pamela Doremus Dwyer Jean Kenyon Fischer Ellen Gorman Forbes Patricia Glazier Jeanne McLaughlin Grivalsky Virginia Principe Herman Lois Egan Higbie Dorothy Bryan Holmes Christine Wilk Kulikowski Maureen Sullivan Leddy Eileen McKiernan Leonard Mary Arena Liggio Sister Anita Marcellis Theresa Chmely Matuch Catherine Cain McKee-Olesen Mariana Doores Mihalchik Mary Ann Burgess Motiuk Phyllis Lepre Pirone Carolyn Kyle Querijero Joan E. Regan Marjorie Cretazzo Scott Mary Cunningham Sealy Rosemary Toletti Georgianna Bolan Tyner Maureen Vincent Waters Mary Shepherd Wolfson


Individual Contributions by Class july 1, 2011 — june 30, 2012 (continued) 1967 Alix Ann Arlinghaus Deborah Sauer Berk Carol Markoski Blume Suzanne Heurich Bree Ann Gilland Candido Mary Jo Lyons Clendenny Ann McCaughan Connell Eileen Murphy Connelly Kathryn O’Rourke Costello Ann Marie Argenziano Coyle Joan Cavanaugh Cunningham Elizabeth Delaney, M.D. Carole Melone DeRoberto Rosemarie Sadowski Diedalis Dorothy Donoghue Jean Pirrone Drozdowski Paula McClain Flagel Patricia Franks Maureen Green Heilbrun Mary Ann Altengarten Hohensee Winifred Markell Johanson Elaine Keeler Maureen O’Neill Lavin Candace Wolfe Levy Ann McEwan Marnell Eileen Kelly May Geraldine Swiney Metzger Lois Pontillo Mignone Sister Rosemary Moynihan, SC Joan Wachendorf Murphy Sister M. Geraldine O’Brien Beverly Powell, M.D. Susan Forcino Sachsel Veronica Toner Schmitz Sister Maureen Sullivan Patricia Harvey Sullivan † Eileen O’Halloran Sullivan Patricia Bigley Thelander Stephanie Mongiello Wauters Cecilia Eng Weck Helen Sauder Westfall 1968 Lyne Crichton Asselin Ann Popaca Beams Kathleen Mc Cormick Bezdek Bridget Lynn Broadgate Burns Sharon Elliott Caldwell Anne Keever Cannon Patricia Foran Clark Barbara Shanahan Conroy Catherine Ann Carter Cowper Mary L. Cupo-Cruz Judith Dempsey D’Arcy Mary Wade Degnan Charlene Koenig Dowd Michele Anne Downey Barbara Lauter Eberhard Mary-Beth Hickey Eggers Sister Roberta Feil Karen Doyle Felfoldy Patricia Horn Fesen Rebecca Fields Patricia McLain Flaherty Elizabeth Painter Gabel Virginia Barry Gross Susan C. Harris Rosemary MacIsaac Hundt Carolyn Pape Keenen Andrea Saldutti Kilby Nancy Roche Koonce


Yolanda Mazza Kunz Valerie Del Tufo Rowe Ellen Schwartz Kwader-Murphy Joyce Keenan 2012 Annual Fund 2012 Annual Fund Ellen Geruch Landry Ruckelshaus Top 10 Classes in Giving Top 10 Classes by Participation Joanne Grimes Marriott Louise Senesi Nancy Masuelli Martena Shea Lorayne Loftus Matthews Shim CLASS % CLASS VictoriaAMOUNT Mary Katherine McKone Kathleen Gaffney 1956 75% 1962 $ 62,750 Nancy McNamara Waldron 1952 65% 1953 $ 42,423 Ph.D. Elizabeth Vetter Meier Darcy Williams, 1953 56% Eileen Ritter Meyers 1968 $ 39,361 Kathryn Miller 1970 1962 54% 1969 $ 35,714 Mary O’Shea Milne Anonymous 1958 53% 1956 $ 35,225 Frances Steiner Nartowitz Joan Mazurek Albin 1954 51% 1957 33,795 Beck Patricia Jackson Ode Patricia$Katomski 1929 50% Nancy Burke Parker Frances McMahon 1952 $ 29,007 Elaine Zachek-Prendergast Buckley 1957 49% 1951 $ 26,696 Paulson Nancy Negaro Burns 1961 47% 1967 23,752 Mary Krauss Peter Pamela$Hart Calhoon 1951 & 1948 44% Patricia Tann Pilkington Valerie $Van Ness Cauley 1948 21,349 Mary Pat Ruane Barbara Driscoll Coats Marie Roach Samudio Katherine Holzwarth Susan Rizzolo Scerbo Danneberg Carol Alerine Schebe Carol Craugh Darrow Irene McWilliams Kelly Judith Seery Barbara Keller Duncan Mary Ellen Egan Kiplok Maureen Stearle Sherry Alana Edelmann Deborah Tice Leather Susan Ferrary Simon, M.D. Linda Cericola Fisk Anne Maher Mary Jo Daniels Skutnik Mary Kathleen Mason Fitzgerald Susan F. Malise Jean Power Steinmetz Maryrita Foley Nancy Toth Munczinski Joanne Pietrucha Freeman Donna Calderaro Suckow Mary Mullen Newman Janet Lake Sullivan Elizabeth Grier Hoag Beth O’Leary Candace Pfleeger Taubner Jonnie Frisbie Holzman Maria-Louise Del Guidice Jill Naimoli Kane Jane Oates Tully Pinizzotto Mary Purcell Ullmann Dorothy Gumbaz Kotler Marguerite Dyson Santino Anne Marie Cody Last Deirdre Graham Vignone Marybeth Schaedel Ann Vornehm-Wood Jane F. Lawler-Savitske Jeannie Conner Schneider Kathleen Foley Waters Margaret Parzych Lewis Judith Spinola Joan Weiss Mary Anne Ammerman Lumley Susan Hornyak Staab Aileen White Ann Marie Horvath McCarthy Patricia Martin Stengle Mary Jane Ring White Marie McSharry McMonagle Cecelia Vertucci Lynne Zecchin Meisch Gertrude Zaklan Constance Syrigos Vickers Louisa Di Cecco Zimmermann Rita Devlin Metras Donnamarie Donegan Villanova Lois Tafaro Monti Gail Orecchiuto Wiser 1969 Victoria Albright Null Mary Boylan O’Grady Helen Milkewicz Astarita 1972 Kathleen Ard Pankratz Susan Boyd Anonymous Eileen Gould Boylan Betsy Jamieson Pastine Jean Lavelle Barkovitz Charlotte Cikowski Susan Szymanski Peterson Margaret Atkins Behnke Patricia Hallen Clough Teresa Gomez Prendergast Frances Hussey Bixby Linda LaMaida Coletta Susan Brennan Rolston Donna Frezza Brown Kathleen Markey Colyer Patricia Garnier Rolston Eileen Sullivan Cooke Jean Comeforo Florence Meehan Rosse Patricia Williams Cortese Elizabeth Conklyn Theresa Rudnicki-Jones Angela Della Ventura Janet Crager Carol Browning Ruiz Regina Carle Fischer Elizabeth Razzo Dangler Rosemarie Smurro Marguerite Ard Fitzgerald Eileen Martin Dunne Barbara Stampfle Kathleen Flynn Jane Kilduff Farmer Carol Mignogna Tumminello Diane Stahlin Galfy Joan De Lia Flewelling Maureen K. Vanderspurt Eleanor Jones Giles Rose Ann Walpole Ford Janet Toth Grogan Martha Kearney Gordon 1971 Annie Perry Hairston Elinor Mostello Iracane Mary Clark Dorothy Certalic Jorgensen Sonja Kazmer Rosemary Clark Cecilia Chunka Kaczala Carol-Marie Byrne Anna Grimaldi Colomer Laurian Burns Kehoe Kiernan-Ellwood Janet Deely Dianna Munley Kemper Regina Falls Lembrich Joy Cass DeVivo Lucy Kristen Lynn Withers Lopes Stephanie Doores Marie Logue Anita Westcott Magatti, Esq. Anne Milnamow Dougherty Peggy Dunn Mason Mary Anne Tonero McCauley Barbara Fasano Galasso Patricia Constantin Orringer Kathleen Malarkey McCoy Theresa Grandinetti Gilvary Christine Hermansen Poly Kathleen Mollica Susan Daly Goldstein Marsha Panko Proto Christine Murphy Esther Travisano Harris Anna Rita Quinn Patricia Saracino Nicolich Maxine Smalls Hernandez Margaret Roman Margaret Padovano, Esq. Linda Culp Holmes Marilyn Laskowski Sachnoff Elizabeth Weller Renyi Virginia DeLia Howell Margaret Hanley Thiel

2012 Annual Fund Top 10 Classes in Giving




$ 62,750


$ 42,423


$ 39,361


$ 35,714


$ 35,225


$ 33,795


$ 29,007


$ 26,696


$ 23,752


$ 21,349

Eleanor James Hetzel Mary Katherine Ribardo Margaret McCormack Kurtulik Shelffo Elizabeth Catlett Merclean Lorri Ann Sullivan Joanne Verdonik Rosina Lisano O’Mahoney Loretta Langhoff Paschke Frances Szymanski Zelesny Arlene Sullivan Radomski Sandra Murphy Rollins 1980 Paula Cosh Russell Carmen Ortiz Allen Marion Mannello Sacharoff Mary Ellen Lofredo Capron, 2012 AnnualKaren Fund Taylor Sachs M.S.,R.D. Ruth Sanders Smith Elena Scolamiero Charles Top 10 Classes by Participation Agnes Vuolo Jane Grossman Cheetham 2011 Annual Fund 2011 Annual Fund Shannon Prince Wilczewski Margaret Gallagher Daraghy CLASS % Top 10 Classes in Giving Top 10 Classes by Participation Fabi-Szapor Nancy 1956 75% 1975 Carole Mueller Frey 1952 65% Marie Pfundstein Babbitt CLASS CLASS Rhonda PERCENT AMOUNT Joanne Hazell Patricia Cynthia37% Hoffman 1953 56% Ponton Barratt 1968 $46,063 1968 Phila J. 29% Ibaugh Rosemary McPeak Bonin 1953 $39,892 1953 1962 54% Mary Ellen Caro Mary Jean Davis Leahy 1956 $37,934 1956 53% 1958 53% Paland Collister Mary McCoy Elizabeth 1952 $25,612 1952 31%Koch Mendes 1954 51% Ann Liebrock Gleason Rosemarie Carol Michel Susan McGlory 1961 $24,105 1961 72% 1929 50%J. Bilella Grant Darlynn O’Donnell Marsh Sharon48% Staudinger Perry 1948 $22,385 1948 1957 49% Barbara Leonard Mata Diane Zepko Quaglia 1971 $21,685 1971 17% 1961 47%Jane Londregan Meschino Mary Donna Rerecich

1951& 1948 1951 1969 1958

Charlotte Carl Toke Sabina Block Wank Jacqueline Washack Ean See Tan Wong 1973 Anonymous Carley Ward Adams Karen Pridmore Bossieux Jacqueline Gariano Caffrey Alexandra Clark Elizabeth Ann Mullen Degenhardt Elizabeth Dodd Gertrude Schultes Duardo Deidre Kelly Gannon Judith Sudol Giorgio Laura Widmann Hames Constance Colburn Hanson Marie Grosso Hefley Carol Pellet Hiscock AnneMarie Hornyak Dr. Kathleen Hunter Janet Betz Kluxen Kristine Olsen Kolarsick Geraldine Muthig Leary Deborah Heckle McKelvy, Esq. Kathleen G. O’Reilly Joyce DeSenti Polio Linda Filippone Rafferty Laurie Van Iderstine Schnitzer Kathleen Rozanski Schultes Kathleen M. Van Syckle Solu Annette Stancik Karen Walsh Tarricone Joanne Wade Catherine Lockwood Wisneski 1974 Anonymous Ellen Adams Carolyn A. Bradley, Ph.D Susann Nash Byrnes Nancy Campbell Sister Maryanne Campeotto Nancy Cunniff Casey Carolyn Zincio Cuda Maribeth Doria Kathleen Gibney Mary Preston Hardesty, M.D. Roberta Szymanski Harmon Mary Rowland Hennessy


$18,074 Mary 44%Ellen Ryan O’Connor Joan Wilckens Pittis $17,348 Cynthia Wilton Riggs $17,202 Nancy Nead Robinson Nagy Sigafoose Pien $246,270 Ellen Sinkinson Mary Lucille Egan Sweeney 1977 Mary Knodel

1978 Judith Masters Akbar Beverly Cooney Bodenlos Maureen Toner Bongard Mary Orban Chambers, RD Connie Gussis Cherrillo Lynn Skevington Coates Mary Ellen Dowd Debora Blaha Duvall Barbara Finn Maryanne M. Hanisch Cecelia Doyle Harkness Theresa Bauer Jardine Sharon Huhn Lawler Florence Clark Marple Linda Lantermann Nick Maureen O’Neill Niclaus Mary Reid O’Leary Mary Quigley Maria Terracciano Ricciardi LuAnn Cherrillo Romano Jean Biondo Sheppard Kerry O’Connor Swistro Eda Franzetti Tato Susan Markano Tjon Pian Gi Diane Simone Vezza Mary Costello Vohden Nancy Degelmann Watkinson 1979 Katherine Brieger Marion Dagostino Alyson Rubin Dehmcke Margaret Smith Felber Alma Fraser Ann Frast Barbara Buchsbaum Gilford Mary O’Brien Greeley Kathleen Holly Victoria Lambros Colleen Flanigan LeBoeuf Jody Linder MacNicoll Joan Lagomarsini Manzo Yolanda Nargiello


1969 1958

24% Judith Saxe Sloan Sweeney 28% Scully Cullinen Sisk Deborah 48% Ana Soler Josephine Orlando Spinelli Joan Cook Turner Kathleen Doyle Whelply Rosalin Liebelt Youngberg

Ricki La Fleur Terzis Maureen Flanigan Vatalaro Martha Amerman Zeckets-Reina 1982 Janet Davis Allocca Claire Rochford Bergstrom Joyce Brown Nancy Kelly Delaney Michele Torchia Feltman Eileen Handover Frech Sokol Judith Lovas Koldewyn 2011 Dolores Annual Fund Mabin Top 10 Dorothy Classes in Giving McGuire Jane Ryan Pattwell CLASS Lisa Garasimowicz AMOUNT Reverri 1968 Joan Rielly$46,063 Diane E. Sharpe 1953 $39,892 Joanne Masterson Spahn 1956 Kathleen $37,934 T. Taylor 1952 Susan Kelly $25,612 Williams 1961 $24,105 1948 1983 $22,385 Catherine Sillinski Billington 1971 Leona Codispoti $21,685

1951 Mary Pat $18,074 Barry Colicchio Ferrandino Cornell 1969 Marianne$17,348 Crabb 1958 Sarah Morris $17,202 Anthony Crocamo Emmons TOTAL Lisa Geiger $246,270 Carolyn Glassman MacPherson Colleen McCarthy Judith Moresco-Waggoner Jean Zimmerer Nordfors Denise Trimboli Margaret Anne Quinn Waldrop

1981 Pamela Haroski Baldisserotto Maureen Liebner Brown, R.D. Janine Sheganoski Devenney Linda Flores-Tober Carol Sullivan Fowler Anne O’Brien Furnari Nancy Slavic Herbert Christine Seery Higgins Mary Ann Percarpio Jones Kathleen McGlory Karkos Patrice Kinney Lisy Francesca Luraghi Meersseman Janine Leahy Masucci Edie Laezza Merkel Joanne Wallin O’Brien Veronica Masterson Sullivan, C.P.A

1984 Barbara Banks Virginia Fortt Brockett Elizabeth Macomber Calamito Theresa Rocks Cuomo Mary Magnusen Fahsbender Angela Giannetta Carolyn Harder Griedl Anna Marrero Maureen Quinlan McNamara Susan Mimnaugh Mary Oswald Michelle Palumbo Milagros Alicea Perrine

Mary Robertson Barbara Nicholas Sandelands Lynn-Beth Schwarz Satterly, M.D. Alexis Shanoian Eileen Donnelly Troise Carmen Iturralde Wood Ellen Hatala Zuppani 1985 Allison Adams, D.M.D Roxana Russo Caivano Lisa Bove Dyer 2011Mary Annual PowersFund Gallivan Top 10Marilyn ClassesGeorge by Participation Elizabeth Amatucci Gleason CLASS PERCENT Theresa Gonnella Christine Schadelbauer Haack 1968 37% Maureen Murray 1953 29% Susan Salvo Newvine 1956 53% Tina Papetti Noll 1952 31% Radcliffe Kathleen Rosenkranz Susan Rainaldi 72% 1961 Maryanna Cheeseman 1948 48% Samuel, R.N. 1971 17% Carmen Feliciano Sanchez 1951 Lisa Malkowicz24% Seneca Claire Sullivan Tucciarone 1969 28% Marilyn Vasquez Weingartner 1958 48% 1986 Ann Anderson Elizabeth Sullivan Armetta Jeanne Wielechowski Brino Geralyn-Ann Stackhouse Durham Patricia Cisek Kalita Mary Rose Migliazza Katharine Smith Natale Mary O’Donnell Paula Mancini Savage James Schneidmuller Deborah Myers Smith Victoria Tarleton Sandra Maciejewski Weiner Jennifer Regan Wilson 1987 Constance Barry Chari Torello Cunningham Cheryl Meiner Delgado Kathryn Fitzpatrick

Mary MacDonald Gould William Q. Harty Virginia Brandt Hawkins Laura Beck Hurley Barbara Cisek Jones Diane Mallon Theresa D’Antuono McAllister Ellen McGee Mary Rooney Nalewako Denise Henry Rawding Susan Rinaldi Mary Ellen Fraatz Roberts 1988 Lynda Barrood-Silva Mary Cunniffe Bauer Carol Bufardeci Bradt Rena Brello Tracey Pawlowski Carmean Sharon Cepeda Joan Marie Grennan Dana Lake Aileen Holliger Lange Patrick Lanza Susan Childs Merrick Kathleen Joyce Shields Christine DeLucia Steinberg Carmella Vowinkel 1989 Lucia Berry Rosalie Pirone Cerza Christine Giblin-Daniello Lucille M. Duetsch Janet Templeton Garrity Margaret Walsh Holzhacker Renee Fresco Knightes Mary Aileen Mackenzie Linda Metcalfe Doris Mierendorf Pamela Troy Moyer Jenee Fresco Perz Ann Collins-Ribsam Proko Hope Hanlon Santoro Maura Kelly Souki Antoinette Mellody Unger Elizabeth Zientara-Pringle 1990 Elenora Benz, Esq. Ninfa Corrubia

Alumna Yolanda Kunz and Husband, Raymond, Endow Scholarship in Her Parents’ Name Yolanda Kunz, ’64, knows a lot about dreams and how important they are to young people. “The College of Saint Elizabeth was instrumental in helping fulfill my lifetime goal to be an early childhood teacher,” says Kunz, who continued her education to earn her master’s degree from Seton Hall University. “I have always been grateful to the College for accepting me in 1964. I feel it is important to support the College so that it can continue its mission and help students fulfill their dreams and aspirations.” She also credits her parents, Leo and Yolanda Mazza, in helping her to reach her goal. To thank and honor them, Kunz and her husband, Raymond, established a scholarship in their name. “I was fortunate to have had parents who were able to send me to the College of Saint Elizabeth,” she explains. “The scholarship in their name would help me express my love, thanks, and appreciation to them for my college education. I also felt that my parents would want to assist someone else so that she, too, could reach a goal; therefore, they would make a difference in someone’s life.”


Individual Contributions by Class july 1, 2011 — june 30, 2012 (continued) Christine McCarthy Gleniewicz Ramona Gomez Frances Kelly Henig Emma Santiago Hernandez Jane Barriero Johnson Carol Lincoln Yvonne L. Maskin Cathleen Moore Lena D. Mosely Richard Myers Janice Krulan Opsal Marilyn Rand Eileen Brennan Timko 1991 Anonymous Maureen Barry Nancy Best Elizabeth Froehlich Graebener Ann Marie DiPette Kelemen Christine Hulsart Oppegaard Linda Leanza Slusarz Janice Keeler Sorge Susan Wierzba Hayden Williamson 1992 Christine Bodon-Daly Eileen Callahan Joaneileen Cunning-Coughlan Denise Fowler Carol Hance Barbara Harrison Lorraine Palmisano Nemeth Paula Raimondo, R.N. Deborah Snead Margaret Tobin 1993 Karen Carroll Pamela McNelis Cole Barbara David Diane Szpiech Fattorusso Elizabeth Gianturco Jennifer Hanselman Frances Lyons Michelle Norelli Susan MacGillivray Sammond Christina Siino-Swan Elizabeth Spencer Stephanie Korab Stankiewicz Kristina Veintimilla Kerry Murphy Vreeland Dorina Esposito Wiendl 1994 Judith Dickstein Pamela Ernstrom Kathleen Fitzpatrick Adele Haley Ronald Hansen Kristen Everard Kmiec Susan C. O’Connor Kelly Foley Skobo Sharon Troisi 1995 Anonymous Rose Marie Andriola Linda Doran Kathi Dubin Fran DeMaria Edson Connie Fronzoni Mary Gentilesco Arnold


Ivy See Lim Patricia MacAniff Lynne Martin Danielle Miller James Oster Melissa Pitts Sefah Diana Tarullo Diane Whitmore 1996 Thomas Altonjy Ed.D. Patricia Barter-Varrichio Diana Figueroa Franco Marcia Heiden Nancy McCabe Patricia Neyhart Betty Lee Squire Manomi Tennakoon Cara Stevens Welker 1997 Brenda Bass Nancy Biello, M.A. Diana Collins Nancy Di Dio Patricia Ouirk Frankoski Jennifer Goudreau Briany Gutierrez Woiza Hemeon Julie Kot Theresa Kupets Lenore Luckey Brian Luing Kathryn Lynch Theresa McCahill Ellen McEwan Karen Mentesana Rutkowski Carol Speck Carolyn Stein 1998 Nancy V. Andre Maripat Brennan Megan Quinn Davis Leanora DeSantis Rosemarie Gala Kathleen Haber Jennifer Jones Rosemary Kelly Lynn Kraus Stacey Paoloni Kara Sakowski Helene Shalotsky Thomas Sicola, Jr. Suzanne Trowbridge 1999 Aurora A. Alvarez-Martinez Debora A. Blanchard Christopher Curran Stacey Snyder Dooley D.J. Himics Barbara Kellner Sharon McGrogan Beata A. Mikolajczyk Erin Nowak Jeanette Oliveira Ernestina Obeng Katherine Reid Patricia Rybkiewicz Leah Van Scoy Elaine Vincent 2000

Maryann Acuff Claudia Bateman Tom Capuano Catherine Catalon Virginia Connolly Judith G. Fink Tanya Harvey Susan Kalousis Elizabeth Bornemann Kozakowski Lawrence Martin Claire McCulloch Diane McGreal Rosemary McNiff Thomas Miller Nicole Myshkoff Petrosillo Kathy Roberts Kathleen Romano Donna Santaniello Patricia Verduin Debra Wickham Helen Zhang 2001 Theresa A. Berry Tara Cooper Elmer Joseph Dante Janet Griffin Melissa J. Haas Teresa R. Kolvik Kristen M. Layton Tara Connors Meyer Carole Garibaldi Rogers Joanna Zofia Russo Jean Sapienza Terri Shawhan, D. Min. Cynthia Anne Wetter 2002 Leonila Alfonso Diana Amaya Christie Cafiero-Attard Joanne M. Calafiore Jacqueline K. Damaso Leighann Day Julicza Feliciano Claire M. Fitzsimmons Michelle Harris-King Janet Hawthorne Josephine A. Krzysztow Diane R. Magliaro Lisa A. McInerney Tracey Polifka Margaret Saccaro Eloisa Villalobos 2003 Joyce Baten Jennifer Bayles Julia Egan Elaine Hanington Marisa Ippoliti Lynne Johnson Melhuish Laura Polacek Diane Possumato Patricia Thompson Nancy Tomaszeski Ann Melonakos Trabucco Rebecca Vecchione Mary Vopal 2004 Nicole Anderson Meredith Beebe-Novkovic Susan Woodley Birosak

Maria Cammarata Melinda Ciattarelli Maryann Kowalczyk Csencsits Patti J. DeFilippis Carole Harazim Janyneton Balnicky Hatzisavva Carlene Henke Laurie Krauss Erika Lapeyrolerie Jennifer Linne Glenn Monticello Toni Ann Russo 2005 Hailany Amaya Carrie Ballone Jacquelyn Cobb Rose Marie Cusumano Ann Greszczak Joyce Halpin Lisa Ippoliti Dorianne Jerman Elizabeth Karnas Maria McCusker Patricia Meaney Jenny Morrissey Steve Naylor Ann Picone MaryRose Scalo Carole Soricelli Mallory Symczak 2006 Mary Doolan Caitlin Conroy Espey Marianne Fitzgerald Mary Ford Beverly Lynch JulieAnn Oliveros Basil Pizzuto Josephine Sanchez Danielle Shanley Bobbie Sobel 2007 Janice Ballantyne Aneta Brzoza-Mendoza Franklin Clayton Fran Comiskey Gina Dandrow Maria Dios Debra Donnally Deacon Lawrence J. Duffy Janet Froelich Cecilia Horne Mary Kate Lanzo Barbara Lebbing Jennifer E. Lepori Mary FitzPatrick Magnier Clarivel Marte Rosa Martell Diep Nguyen Dasha Perez Maurice E Prior III Mary Scibelli Mary Jane Seeman Caitlin Sendell Janet Sissick Meg Smith Heather Sossong 2008 Abigail S. Beauparlant Sanaa Kassam

Maria Leccese David J Moran Erika Naranjo Sharon Parker Rubi Soriano Nancy Tomaszeski 2009 AnneMarie Ammacher Kathleen Basile Amanda Drewes Kathleen FitzPatrick Peter Fredas Lisa Kelly Rose Marie Kelly Paula A. Lefever Erik Lih Lynn McCartney Emily McHugh Rebecca B. Nelson Nicole Nelson Laura E. Nicolette Cassandre Noel Kim Ann Rowe Annemarie Steigerwald Siuling Tang John Valenza Bridget M. Vasto 2010 Bonnie L. Blaszak Audrey Helen Byram William C. Carpluk, Ed.D. Stefanie L. De Simone Erin M. Del Re Chris Demarco Jennifer I. Lavalette Isabel Machuca Sabrina I. Nowosielecki Georgette V. Oestreicher Diane E. Santillo Sharon Scherzer Oluwafumilola F. Talabi Sarah J. VanderBok Marlene Peluso Welsh Katerini A. Zeris 2011 Chelsea L. Bonetti Patricia S. Foote Janice A. Hasenohr Valerie Helene Martin Adrienne Mosley Suzanne E. Myett Miriam O. Petgrave Edward A. Rostiac Vanessa C. Scypinski Marie-Therese Vaz 2012 Melissa V. Madail Michael A. Meyer

† – Deceased Can’t find your name? This list includes Annual Fund gifts made between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012. If you made your gift after June 30, 2012, your name will appear in the 2012-2013 Annual Report. Thank you for your gift!

friends of the college

With deep gratitude, we acknowledge the Friends of the College, whose generous support demonstrates their faith and admiration for CSE. Anonymous Donor Anonymous† Anonymous Dr. Vincent Aniello Christine Antola Robert and Sally Atkins Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Baker Carol A. Banks James Barry Edward Batta Allen and Mary Beaman Marion Bello Mrs. Mary P. Benevenia Robert Bennett Mr. R. Bruce Benton Mr. and Mrs. Raphael H. Beresford Ms. Lillian M. Bisson Marjorie Blomberg, R.N. Josephine Bonomo Cornelia Bowe John P. Brody Les and Carol Brualdi, Jr. Carolyn M. Buck-Luce Rev. G. Thomas Burns Mary K. Burns Marylane Burry Bella A. Bustamante Sister Patricia Butler 1965 Anthony P. Caggiano, Jr. Brian E. Cain Deborah Camp David I. Canavan Janice Cancelliere Jane L. Cary Mary W. Castro Donna M. Celestini Linda Chan Thomas Chen and Sophia Chen Walter and Barbara Cincotta Susan C. Clopton J. Martin Comey William H. Connolly, Jr. Harold and June Coyne Thomas B. Davis Thomas W. Desmond John Dolan Mary Durocher Franes Eardly

Robert and Corinne Errico William and Saralan Faherty Irene R. Farley Ms. Elizabeth Federico Ms. Lara Feldman June B. Ferrante Mr. Martin F. Fetherston, Sr.† Catherine Fetherston Magdalene Figuccio Mary Fitzsimmons† Adrian M. Foley, Esq. Mr. Gerald Ford III and Melissa G. Ford Gerald F. and Mary Ford James and Robin Ford Gary J. Fulena Sister Theo Furniss Jenny Gaudiosi Emilio G. Gautieri Frederick and Joan Gensicke William Georges Margaret Gogarty Ms. Alice Gordon John and Lamia Guarniere Mrs. Josephine Guss Douglas and Mary Hager James J. Hargadon Mary Alice Hartmann Kevin M. Healey Carla Heath Marguerite R. Henderson Patricia Henderson-Kusen William P. Hennig Frank and Lucille Hoenemeyer Sister Mary Pauline Hogan Louis and Ann Holzberger Henry and Catherine Hulser Paul R. Huot Ying-Chen Hwang June Ierubino Margaret M. Johnson Kelly Johnson David and Lois Jones Joseph and Wendy Jones James Joyce Dorothy A. Jung Robbin Kalt Roberta Kanarick Ms. Jeanne I. Kappel

William Keeley Richard W. Keelty Mary E. Kelley, R.N., M.S.N. Ellen V. Kelly Mr. George J. Khouri Mr. and Mrs. James Knoblauch Patricia Kopf Colagiuri John and Maryann Kruglinski Thaddea Kuchera Mr. and Mrs. Michael LaForge Ms. Kristine E. Lamb Ms. Linda Larue Mary G. Leary Yuechu Li Mark Liff Bernadette Lish Rev. Joel R. Livingston, Jr. Ronald Loneker, Jr. Sister Ann Matthew Lorusso Mrs. Nancy Luchetti-Mettler Mr. and Mrs. John S. Luckstone Ms. Nancy A. Macknowsky Mr. and Mrs. Norman MacPhail RADM Archer M. Macy Peter Mancuso William and Paula Marino Robert A. Marino Patricia Markey John L. Mc Dermott Judith R. McCarren Meganne McCarthy-Klein Brian P. McCrane Dorothea McDonough Joseph McDonough and Geraldine McDonough Dr. Virginia E. McGlone Marla K. McIntyre Ms. Elizabeth A McNamara Mary E. McTigue Susan Rizzuto Mello Robert J. Meyer Mr. John W. Moeller Wendy Molinari Louis A. Mondrone Bonnie Monte George and Rosemary Moore Nancy Morgan John and Barbara Morrison Sister Alicia Mullins

Mary Mundth Patricia Murphy Louise Murray Barbara Nedo Keith Neigel Dianne Nicolette Frank W. Nolan, Jr. Marieclaire Odell Morris W. Offit Margaret M. O’Malley M. Ellen O’Rourke 1965 Ruth Overholser Vincent Pagano, Jr. Alan and Joann Painter Arthur N. Papetti Jr. Everett Parker Nancy Pasley South T. Patterson John and Deborah Peterson Emily M. Pfohl Elaine L. Pierson Peter H. Plamondon Ms. Michelle Poerio William B. Pomeroy Robert J. Pures Mary A. Quinlan Bernadette Reidy John C. Rizzuto Mary Jane Robertson Most Rev. Frank J. Rodimer, D.D. Martin B. Rosch Steven Rose Philip D. Rowe, Jr. William Saller Laura Sawhill Alan Sedell Mary Sharp Sydney Shaw Greg Sherman Mrs. Anelise Shrout Sister Rosemary Smith Helen Sperling Gary Paul Spillane John Patrick Spillane Michael J. Spillane Noel A. Spillane Timothy Kevin Spillane William David Spillane Frank Sturm

Mr. Jeffrey Suckow Viola Sutherland, Ph.D. Craig C. Talley Ms. Orasa Tanticharoenkiat Terry Tegnazian and Scott H. Whittle Louis and Dolores Thebault Irene Torok Tully Family Mr. and Mrs. Warren Umholtz Leslie Unger William Verrochi Natalie Wallach James and Ann Welch Amy Whalen Emmet T. White Brian and Margaret White Linda A. Willett Peggy Wuestneck Christopher P. Wynne Barbara Zmich Sue and Burton Zwick Businesses Eureka Spring Co., Inc. Bridgewater Marriot American Medical Association BAE Systems, E&IS, Network Systems Broadridge Financial Solutions EMC Corporation Faith Lutheran Church Institute of Medicine and Public Health of NJ Medical Society of New Jersey Mercury Insurance Services Meridian Morris Township Day, Inc. Mountain Ridge Tower Condominium Association Northern New Jersey Parish Nursing Network Perth Amboy Domestic Violence Response Team Princeton Marriott Saint Luke the Evangelist The Baruch Fund The Tea Pot


Faculty, Staff, and Administration Giving Anonymous Anonymous Nicole Anderson 2004 Rose Marie Andriola 1995 Dr. Vincent Aniello Meredith Beebe-Novkovic 2004 Thomas J. Billings Marjorie Blomberg, R.N. Virginia Fabbri Butera Maria Cammarata 2004 Maria Checton Joseph Ciccone Theresa Corso John Crews Sister Ellen Dauwer, Ph.D. 1977 Sister Ellen Mary Desmond, Ph.D. 1950 James S. Dlugos Debbie Dwyre Ellen Ehrlich James P. Gerrish Johanna Glazewski 1962 Sister Mary Ellen Gleason, S.C.

investing in the future Benefit We are most grateful to the following individuals and corporations for their support of our 11th Annual Scholarship Benefit held in April 2012. Their financial donations and gift-in-kind contributions helped the College net more than $150,000.

Alix Ann Arlinghaus 1967 Emma Ferraro Byrne 1965 Peggy Welsh Byrne 1955 Maria Cammarata 2004 Judith Cangialosi 1987 Mariana Cassidy 1965 Maria Checton J. Martin Comey William H. Connolly, Jr. Kathleen Nulty Culley 1992 Maureen Curtis 1995 Elizabeth Razzo Dangler 1969 James S. Dlugos Vincent Doherty Patricia Alexander Donnelly 1963 Mary Donovan 1966 Mr. John Eardly Alana Edelmann 1970 Julia Egan 2003 Patricia Harriman Foley 1955 William S. Ford, Jr. Dr. Walter Fricke, D.Ac.,L.Ac. Elaine Castellano Grillo 1977 Janice A. Hasenohr 2011 Christine Seery Higgins 1981 Thomas and Betsy Hollo Jonnie Frisbie Holzman 1970 Winifred Markell Johanson 1967 Ellen V. Kelly Ann Guarracini Kosco 1976 Ms. Jane A. Kurek Mr. Ronald H. Lataille Donna Marie Lindemeyer Jennifer Linne 2004 Elizabeth Loughlin Lortie 1954 Anonymous 1965 Seth Malkin Shelly R. Masi Nancy Masuelli 1968 Deborah M. McCreery, Esq. Dr. Jacqueline McGlade Mary Breslin McLaughlin 1963 Donna McNamara and Lawrence A. Cohen Robert E. Meehan Frank and Gail Mertz Mary Jane Londregan Meschino 1975 Louise Murray Rebecca B. Nelson 2009 Mrs. Louise Novotny Alan and Joann Painter Mary Darroch Pramuk 1942


Angelo Pruscino Sister Francis Raftery Ms. Katherine A. Regan Elizabeth Weller Renyi 1969 Bea Riccardo Constance Rostiac 1998 Valerie Del Tufo Rowe 1969 Catherine Stanzione 1994 Karen Walsh Tarricone 1973 Eda Franzetti Tato 1978 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ward Andrew P. Weisz Businesses A.L.M. Electric Co., Inc. Adams Addressing Associates, Inc. Air Duct Cleaning Solution Allister Business Solutions

Alumnae Association Assemblyman Thomas P. Giblin Bank of America Foundation Biff Duncan Associates Binsky & Snyder Service, LLC Bon Secours Health System Boyar, Suozzo & Motyczka, PA Brandon - Quay Inc. Chartwells Colgate-Palmolive Communication Cable Company Crum and Forster Foundation DM Airports, LTD Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge Everlast Floors, Inc. Follett Higher Education Group Garden Savings FCU Honeywell International, Inc.

International Union of Operating Engineers Kevin J. Langan, CPA Linett & Harrison Advertising, Inc. Morristown Aviation Assoc. Inc. Morristown Memorial Hospital Office of Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver Ozzy’s ( DBA D’Hair Eminence Inc.) Passaic County Community College PNC Bank Public Service Electric and Gas Company Resources for Retirement Ruffalo Cody

Russell Investment Group Saint Barnabas Health Care System Saint Clare’s Hospital., Inc. Sister of Charity - Assumption / All Saints Convent Specialist Metal and Glass LLC St. Joseph’s Hospital The Leegis Group, Inc. The RBA Group The Shakespeare Theatre of NJ The Timbers, Inc. Tom Cullen Construction UNK Trinitas Hospital UPS Foundation, Inc. Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Connie Grigo Mrs. Janice F. Hill Dr. Kathleen Hunter and Mr. Arthur Leyenberger Ms. Courtney Kelsch Sister Irma Kessler, Ph.D. 1960 Donna Marie Lindemeyer Ronald Loneker, Jr. Sister Alice Lubin 1945 Catherine Martin Valerie Helene Martin 2011 Mary Ann Matlock Dr. Maureen Matthews 1956 Mrs. Deborah M. McCreery, Esq. Rev. Msgr. Thomas J. McDade Dr. Jacqueline McGlade Dr. Margaret L. Mittricker Louise Murray Rebecca B. Nelson 2009 Mrs. Louise Novotny Mrs. Carol Pisani Sister Francis Raftery Dr. Kathleen A. Reddick

The Sisters of Charity Mary Ann Ricciotti Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rohr Margaret Roman 1972 Paul Rossi Anthony Santamaria Angela Clarken Schmidt 1952 Maryann S. Schnipp Sister Mary George Senderak 1959 Dr. Harriet Lipman Sepinwall Julienne Simpson Ms. Ewa B. Slowakiewicz Tanya A. Sorce Eileen Specchio Mrs. Frances M. Sullivan Deborah Tulloch Amy Whalen Laura Winters, Ph.D. Human Resources Department

Mr. and Mrs. George Keelty Ellen V. Kelly Ernest and Veronica Larini Mr. Ronald H. Lataille Robert Lodato Anonymous 1965 Donna McNamara and Lawrence A. Cohen Robert E. Meehan Michael Miller Dennis O’Brien George J. Palmer

Sister Teresa Bruno Sister Jane Cavanaugh Sister Elena Colicelli Sister Diane Collesano Sister Ellen Desmond Sister Gabriel Mary Donahue Sister Kathleen Flanagan Sister Mary Ellen Gleason Sister Anne Haarer Sister Irma Kessler

Sister Mary Pierre McPhee Sister Geraldine O’Brien Sister Rose Marie Padovano Sister Francis Raftery Sister Patricia Reynolds Sister Agnes Vincent Rueshoff Sister Marian José Smith Sister Anita Thompson

We would also like to thank the Sisters of Charity who sit on the CSE Board of Trustees for their leadership: Sister Rosemary Moynihan, Sister Regina Martin Keane, Sister Ellen Farrell, and Sister Patricia Butler. And thank you to the Director of Sponsorship, Sister Barbara Conroy.

2011 Golf Outing Alix Ann Arlinghaus 1967 Bernadette M. Benda Emma Ferraro Byrne 1965 Maria Cammarata 2004 Mariana Cassidy 1965 William H. Connolly, Jr. James S. Dlugos Vincent Doherty Norman and Marjorie Feinstein Nancy Jo Greenawalt Thomas and Betsy Hollo Kenneth Kaprelian

We gratefully acknowledge the Sisters of Charity who serve as faculty, administrators, and staff members at the College of Saint Elizabeth, and who contributed more than $396,387.61 in 2011-2012 through their services and additional gifts.

Margaret M. Pego Florie Petti Mary Darroch Pramuk 1942 Bea Riccardo Michael L. Rich Eda Franzetti Tato 1978 Nick Wood Businesses A.L.M. Electric Co., Inc. A-L Services, Inc. Allister Business Solutions

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Biff Duncan Associates Binsky & Snyder Service, LLC Block Vision, Inc. Chartwells Coraid Delta Dental of New Jersey, Inc. Goldman, Sachs & Co. Humana Investors Savings Bank J.R. Prisco Inc. Pfizer Foundation

PNC Bank Public Service Electric & Gas RBS Citizens Bank Russell Investment Group The Guardian Life Insurance Co The Leegis Group, Inc. The Maryknoll Group, LLC. The RBA Group

Golfers Tee-Up to Support CSE Scholarships

Alumnae/i and Friends Gather for the 11th Annual CSE Scholarship Benefit Friends of CSE gathered on April 26, 2012 in the Madison Hotel’s Ballroom for Investing in the Future, the 11th Annual CSE Scholarship Benefit and Silent Auction to support CSE student scholarships. The fund raiser celebrates scholarship and excellence, bringing together alumnae/i, friends, and current students. This year’s honoree was alumna Lorena E. Tyson, ’55, the president of the College Alumnae/i Association Board of Directors. Tyson remarked, “The principles that are and were instilled in us at the College to be all that one can be gives us the motivation that we can and must make a difference if we are to fulfill the mission of the College. Always remember that God made us for a purpose and that purpose is to be there for others.” Recent graduate and current CSE professor of history Nicole Anderson, ’04, also addressed the crowd, saying, “I know that without the help of the generous people in this room, many of my students might never have gotten this chance to better their lives. Were it not for assistance from people like you, alumni and friends of the College, I myself would not have done so, either. Thanks to you, I get to wake up every morning doing what I love and being who I want to be – at a place I admire and very much want to continue to serve.” Pictured third from left, Tyson, along with classmates, (left) Dr. Mary Mazzarella DeMayo, ’55, (far right) Dr. Barbara Salamone Pineda, ’55, and (not pictured) Eugenia Pikulski Jacoviak, ’55, started the Sister Marian José Smith Scholarship Fund to support science education. Sister Marian José, pictured second left, passed away October 2, 2012 after serving the CSE community for 64 years. (See related arricle on page 3.)

Overcast skies didn’t diminish the spirits of the 80 golfers who teed up in support of scholarships for College of Saint Elizabeth students at the second Annual CSE Golf Outing on October 13, 2011. While enjoying the facilities at Cedar Hill Golf and Country Club, the golfers raised funds to help make a college education possible for many CSE students. “We had people who feel good about coming here,” said Richard Keelty, golf committee chairperson and CSE trustee. “It is a nice way to raise funds where people can have fun while giving to the College.” The format was a scramble, allowing for players of all skill levels to participate. The registration included a golf cart, green fees, range balls, tee prize, cocktail and dinner reception, as well as a silent auction and raffles.


We are most grateful to 21st Century Leaders for their generosity and dedication to the 2011-2012 Annual Fund.

Anonymous 1977 Denise DeGraaff Abney 1995 Elizabeth Sullivan Armetta 1986 Lyne Crichton Asselin 1968 Lynda Barrood-Silva 1988 Deborah Sauer Berk 1967 Jacquelyn Clifford Bette 1959 Frances Hussey Bixby 1972 Maripat Brennan 1998 Karen O’Sullivan Brooks 1960 Harriett Mulligan Bullock 1955 Jane Kramer Butterfield 1961 Karen Carroll 1993 Paula Chester 1965 Elizabeth Paland Collister 1975 Patricia Coyle Conneen 1961 Winifred Dorgan Connolly 1962 Kathleen Burke Cozzarelli 1960

Petrunella Koster Crowley 1958 Judith Dempsey D’Arcy 1968 Leanora DeSantis 1998 Nancy Fallon Devereaux 1954 Anne Grant Dravis 1955 Barbara Keller Duncan 1970 Patricia McLain Flaherty 1968 Anne O’Brien Furnari 1981 Kathleen Kober Gacso 1962 Lucy Wu Gilbart 1962 Annamarie Helsper Godvin 1958 Elizabeth Froehlich Graebener 1991 Catherine Sullivan Halligan 1960 Cecilia Horne 2007 Ann Mishler Hutzel 1960 Ellen Nuss Illuzzi 1962 Sandra Lyng Jensen 1976 Dorothy Certalic Jorgensen 1972 Dorothy A. Jung Ann Marie DiPette Kelemen 1991 Mary E. Kelley, R.N., M.S.N. Rose Marie Kelly 2009 Mary Mrozek Kennedy 1965 Carol-Marie Byrne Kiernan-Ellwood 1969 Eleanora Mc Alinden Kolbert 1949 Dana Lake 1988 Mary Ann Tarascio Landweer 1962 Carole Crosta Leone 1958 Sister Alice Lubin 1945 Darlynn O’Donnell Marsh 1975 Janine Leahy Masucci 1981 Cathleen Moore 1990 Carol Gannon O’Connell 1954 Kathleen G. O’Reilly 1973 Michelle Palumbo 1984 Marita Fallon Pelletier 1957

Evelyn Dankanics Powers 1962 Carolyn Kyle Querijero 1966 Ellen Faulkner Quirke 1963 Susan Rainaldi 1985 Nancy Koester Randall 1965 Elizabeth Diehl Reichlen 1943 Kathy Roberts 2000 Marjorie Cretazzo Scott 1966 Sloan Sweeney Scully 1980 Marilyn Adamek Sentowski 1964 Isabel Sweetman Shearman 1954 Kathleen Joyce Shields 1988 Mary Kay Hughes Shortt 1952 Kathleen M. Van Syckle Solu 1973 Carole Soricelli 2005 Annemarie Steigerwald 2009 Christine DeLucia Steinberg 1988 Donna Calderaro Suckow 1968 Janet Lake Sullivan 1968 Jane Oates Tully 1968 Mary Debiak Van Starrex 1965 Kathleen Gaffney Waldron 1969 Ean See Tan Wong 1972 Rosa Gimenez Yapundich 1961 Mary R. Zavada 1957 Ellen Hatala Zuppani 1984

Corporations, Foundations Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies MetLife Foundation IBM International Foundation John Hancock Financial Services HSBC-North American

Independent College Fund of New Jersey The College of Saint Elizabeth continues to benefit from generous corporate and foundation support given through the Independent College Fund of New Jersey (ICFNJ). Begun in 1953, the Fund makes a single united annual request to corporations and foundations on behalf of the 14 member colleges. For 59 years, the Fund has continued to secure corporate financial support for the state’s independent colleges and to promote a greater understanding of the importance of maintaining the opportunity for choice between public and private education. The Independent College Fund of New Jersey represents all of the state’s fully accredited, privately controlled, not-forprofit colleges and universities, except those that are engaged primarily in religious studies. Most gifts are allocated by formula, although a number are designated to specific institutions. Support in 2011 for independent higher education in New Jersey through the Fund totaled $1,210,724. The College of Saint Elizabeth received $60,985 from the Independent College Fund.

2011-2012 Grants Grants Received Between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012 Bon Secours Health System Dominican Republic Sixth Annual Service Learning Mission Trip Independent College Fund of New Jersey Green Campus Project: “Focus on Sustainability” Energy and Carbon Footprint Reduction Initiative The Robert Sydney Needham Foundation The Robert Sydney Needham Memorial Scholarship Program Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies – in collaboration with ICFNJ Women in Science Day Pfizer – in collaboration with ICFNJ Pfizer Undergraduate Research Endeavors Science Program

- Choosing to Act: The Role of Kindertransports, a CSE Holocaust Education Resource Center program for grades 6-12 The Walter and Louise Sutcliffe Foundation The Sutcliffe Scholarship in Nursing The Switzer Foundation The Switzer Scholarship in Professional Nursing The Edward W. & Stella C. Van Houten Memorial Fund The Van Houten Scholarship in Nursing Verizon – in collaboration with ICFNJ Enhancing Teacher Education Programs

Parents of Students and Alumnae/i Who Donated in 2011–2012 Bret and Joan Altemose Richard and Virginia Beck Deborah Sauer Berk 1967 Mary Orban Chambers, RD 1978 Lynn Skevington Coates 1978 Pamela McNelis Cole 1993 Leo and Marion Dauwer Mr. and Mrs. Louis Del Re Elizabeth Dodd 1973 Charles and Joan Foerster William S. Ford, Jr.

Donna Gabelmann Elizabeth Froehlich Graebener 1991 Ann Marie Magnier Gronquist 1963 Joseph and Wendy Jones Carol Pedersen Karnas 1977 Margaret Kelly David and Mary Kensler Eileen D. King Janet Betz Kluxen 1973 Christopher and Jan Linne

Gift Dollars Raised by Designation

Dr. Paul Rossi, chair of mathematics and science, exemplifies CSE’s unwavering commitment to educating young adults in these specialized areas. He holds a Ph.D. in mathematics from Stevens Institute of Technology as well as undergraduate degrees in mathematics and chemistry from Wagner College. He recently published A First Look at Real Analysis, Linus Publications, New York.

State of New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education - Learning from the Nation’s Experts: New Resources for Holocaust/Genocide Education, a CSE Holocaust Education Resource Center Teacher Workshop

Barbara Leonard Mata 1975 Lois Tafaro Monti 1970 Yolanda Nargiello 1979 Ms. Maryanne M. Nelson Dianne Nicolette Wendy Nunn Ethel Marie Rosato Joan Carroll Sundstrom 1954 Gertrude Swenson Gwen Naef Wall 1959 Richard and Marlene Weinschenk

In-Kind Gifts 2011–2012 Joan Burst Adler 1961 Robbin Kalt Mercury Insurance Services Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rohr Sue and Burton Zwick

Gift Dollars by Source

UNRESTRICTED .............................. $1,033,855.40

ALUMNI .................................................................. $1,637,235.49

RESTRICTED GIVING ......................... $180,622.67

CORPORATIONS AND FOUNDATIONS .............. $261,726.00

CAPITAL PROJECTS ........................... $747,086.56

FACULTY, STAFF, CURRENT & PAST TRUSTEES ....................................................... $54,711.88

ENDOWMENTS ................................ $434,846.30 TOTAL DOLLARS RAISED ........... $2,396,410.93

PARENTS, FRIENDS, & STUDENTS ............................................................ $442,737.56 TOTAL DOLLARS RAISED BY SOURCE ............$2,396,410.93



Thank You, Volunteers!

Board of Trustees 2011–2012

we appreciate your support

Most Reverend Arthur J. Serratelli, S.T.D., S.S.L., D.D. Bishop of Paterson

The Office of Institutional Advancement would like to offer a special thank you to the Champions of the 21st Century Initiative, Class Agents and all volunteers…We truly appreciate your time, helping hands, and dedication to The College of Saint Elizabeth. Your love and support of the CSE mission shines through and through!

Sister Rosemary Moynihan, B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Chair, General Superior of Sisters of Charity

Alexandra Altonjy Thomas Altonjy Nancy Andre Elizabeth Scott Bairner Jennifer Bayles Abigail Beauparlant Nancy Best Diana Borges Virginia Fortt Brockett Joanne Donovan Brown Emma Ferraro Byrne Peggy Welsh Byrne Diane McDonald Chazotte Kimberly Shuler Chenoweth Elizabeth Paland Collister Laura Nicinski Cotten Kathleen Nulty Culley Gina Dandrow Elizabeth Razzo Dangler Joan DeLuca Mary Mazzarella DeMayo Ann Lupardi DeVenezia Pegeen Dombrowsky Mary Evangelista Doyle Patricia Murray Finn Antoinette Goepfert Fitzpatrick Paula Tierney Florentino Rita Menegus Foti Connie Fronzoni Briany Gutierrez

Winifred Davidson Class Agents Valerie Martin, ’11 and Rebecca Harback Nelson, ’09, are devoted Nancy Slavic Herbert to supporting the CSE Eugenia Pikulski mission. Jacoviak Alice Patterson John Barbara Smith Parker Patricia Markey Keogh Joyce DeSenti Polio Mary Knodel Anne Bonner Ramaglia Yolanda Mazza Kunz Caitlyn Redding Joan Lewis Christine Rennie Christina Licitra Elizabeth Miller Rifino Kathleen Hull Liebhauser Etta Marie Matorano Rizzuto Sheila O’Mahoney Lombardi Patricia Garnier Rolston Joan Doherty Lovero Veronica Ruiz Valerie Martin Hope Hanlon Santoro Viola Higgins Masterson Margaret Schuelke Cristina Linarducci Matthes Swarsattie Sewnarine Carol McCloskey McCrea Sister Marian José Smith Germaine McGrath Joanne Masterson Spahn Eileen Earley McHugh Josephine Orlando Spinelli Mary Breslin McLaughlin Wendy Szymanski Mary Rose Migliazza Eda Franzetti Tato Kathleen Moriarty Mary Roach Taylor Patricia Mann Murray Lorena Tyson Rebecca Nelson Teresa Vicente Nadine Terreri Noonan Mary Costello Vohden Kathleen O’Leary Caroline Caruso Wakefield Godwin Onukaogu Mary Jane Waldron Diane Nobile Osnato Mary Zavada Nancy Burke Parker

Comparative Operating Revenue and Expenses Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2012 (In Thousands)

2012 Expenses

2012 Revenues

Sister Francis Raftery, B.S., A.M., Ed.D., L.H.D. President and Treasurer Sister Regina Martin Keane, B.A., M.A., M.Ed.


Sister Patricia Butler, B.A., M.A. Emma N. Byrne, A.B. Kathleen Markey Colyer, B.A. Elizabeth A. Dangler, B.A., M.A. Alana E. Edelman, B.S., M.A., M.B.A., M.A. Sister Ellen Farrell, M.S.N., P.N.P. William S. Ford, Jr., B.A.

Student Tuition and Fees Government Grants and Contracts

$30,472 $293

Thomas P. Hollo, B.S.

Gifts and Private Grants


Richard W. Keelty, B.A., M.B.A.

Endowment Income


Ronald H. Lataille, B.S., M.B.A.

Net Contributed Services


Peter V. Mancuso, B.S., M.B.A.

Transfers from Capital Contributions


Donna B. McNamara, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.

Other sources


Investment Income


Margaret Ward Mahoney, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.

Robert E. Meehan, CLU, ChFC Francis J. Mertz, B.A., J.D. Lynn M. Mertz, B.A., M.U.P., Ph.D.

Auxiliary Enterprises

Alan S. Painter, A.B.


George J. Palmer, B.S., M.B.A. Margaret M. Pego, B.A., M.B.A. Katherine A. Regan, B.A., M.A.

$4,314 $40,603

Instruction Sponsored Programs Library

$251 $1,132

Student Services


Operation and Maintenance of Plant


General Administration


General Institution


Student Aid


Staff Benefits


Interest Expense / Debt Service


Auxiliary Enterprises


Total Transfers



Elizabeth M. Renyi, B.S., M.S.



Steven M. Rose, B.A., Ed.D. Robert Towey, B.S., C.P.A.

Office of Institutional Advancement Deborah McCreery, Vice President, Institutional Advancement

Note: The College of Saint Elizabeth Office

Janice Hill, Director of Corporate, Foundation & Government Relations

of Institutional Advancement makes

Donna Marie Lindemeyer, Director, Communications and Marketing

every effort to ensure that the information

Tanya Sorce, Director, Annual Fund

published in this report is accurate and complete. If we have omitted anything, or

The College of Saint Elizabeth does not discriminate on the basis of sex (except as

reported it incorrectly, please accept our

permitted in Title IX, Educational Amendment of 1972 for admission to single-sex

apologies. Please notify the Director of the

colleges), physical handicap, race, age, color and national or ethnic origin, in the

Annual Fund at (973) 290-4465, so that we

administration of its admissions, educational policies, scholarship and loan programs or

may correct our records. Thank you!

other College policies, including employment. The College of Saint Elizabeth has filed compliance with the Department of Health, Education and Welfare under Title VI-Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX, Education Amendment of 1972 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.



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save the date! January 28, 2013: College of Saint Elizabeth Opens Biology Laboratories Renovation, Henderson Hall on Campus The College will celebrate the opening of the newly renovated biology laboratories at an Open House Reception. April 11, 2013: 12th Annual College of Saint Elizabeth Scholarship Benefit, Madison Hotel, Morristown, N.J. Join us for an evening of dancing and dining to support student scholarships. The event also features a silent auction. Come be inspired by the recipients of your generosity, our amazing CSE students. April 19 and 20, 2013: Annual CSE 21st Annual Spirituality Convocation, Annunciation Center on Campus Sponsored by the Center for Ministry and Spirituality, the Convocation brings together leading theologians and practitioners to conduct workshops in their areas of expertise. May 18, 2013: College of Saint Elizabeth Celebrates 111th Commencement Ceremony, CSE Front Lawn Families and friends of the College of Saint Elizabeth Class of 2013 gather on the campus for the 111th Commencement Exercises. July 8 to 19, 2013: CSE Center for Ministry and Spirituality Annual Summer Institute This popular, two-week summit features workshops, a Saturday retreat, daily liturgy and prayer along with showcasing guest speakers and presenters. Featured is our new Graduate Certificate Program in Pastoral Care for Second Half of Life!

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President's Report (2011 - 2012)  

The 2011 - 2012 President's Report entitled, "When Art & Science Collaborate" Editing and design by Current Creative.

President's Report (2011 - 2012)  

The 2011 - 2012 President's Report entitled, "When Art & Science Collaborate" Editing and design by Current Creative.