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Architecture of the Dream a n n ua l r e p o r t 2 0 0 3 - 2 0 0 4

Table of Contents MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT 1 STUDENT, ALUMNI AND FACULTY PROFILES AND TESTIMONIALS 2 CAPITAL CAMPAIGN UPDATE ............................................................................. pg. 10 CAPITAL CAMPAIGN CUMULATIVE DONOR LIST, 1999-2004 ..................... pg. 12

Board of Trustees 2003-2004

TOWER CIRCLE ......................................................................................................... pg. 14 HOLY FAMILY CIRCLE ............................................................................................ pg. 14 GIFTS IN HONOR OF ............................................................................................... pg. 15 GIFTS IN MEMORY OF 15 IN MEMORY OF SISTER ELLEN JOYCE, S.C. ...................................................... pg. 16 STRATEGIC PLAN UPDATE ................................................................................... pg. 17 PRESIDENT’S COUNCIL MEMBERS ..................................................................... pg. 18

Most Reverend Frank J. Rodimer, D.D., J.C.D. Bishop of Paterson Chancellor Sister Maureen Shaughnessy, B.A., M.A. Chair Sister Francis Raftery, B.S., A.M., Ed.D., L.H.D. President and Treasurer

ANNUAL FUND CONTRIBUTIONS ...................................................................... pg. 20 - INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTIONS BY CLASS/CLUB ................................... pg. 20

Sister Thomas Mary Salerno, B.A., M.A. Secretary

- GRADUATES OF THE LAST DECADE 28 - FRIENDS OF THE COLLEGE ........................................................................... pg. 29

William F. Baker, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.

- THE SISTERS OF CHARITY.............................................................................. pg. 29

Ulysses J. Brualdi, Jr., B.S.M.E., M.B.A., A.M.P.

- CORPORATE MATCHING GIFTS ................................................................... pg. 31 - IN-KIND GIFTS 31 - CURRENT STUDENTS WHO DONATED TO THE 2004 ANNUAL FUND ........................................................................ pg. 31 - PARENTS OF STUDENTS AND ALUMNAE/I WHO GAVE TO THE 2004 ANNUAL FUND 31 - FACULTY/STAFF/ADMINISTRATION GIVING TO THE 2004 ANNUAL FUND ........................................................................ pg. 31

Kathleen Markey Colyer, B.A. Hugh E. DeFazio, Jr., Esq. Eileen Sullivan Fell, B.A. Patricia Harriman Foley, B.S., M.A. William S. Ford, Jr., B.A. John G. Graham, A.B., J.D.

CELEBRATE SCHOLARSHIP AND EXCELLENCE DINNER ........................... pg. 32

Carl A. Jennings, B.S., Ph.D.

INDEPENDENT COLLEGE FUND OF NEW JERSEY ......................................... pg. 32

Richard W. Keelty, B.A., M.B.A.

STATEMENT OF CURRENT FUND ........................................................................ pg. 33

Office of Institutional Advancement 2003-2004

Sister Ann Matthew Lorusso, B.S.N., M.S.N. Robert E. Meehan, C.L.U., Ch.F.C. Mary Jane Meschino, B.A.

Jeanine Hirsch Vice President

Sister Mary Teresa Orbegozo, B.S., M.A.

Sister Jane Cavanaugh Director of College Relations

Elizabeth M. Renyi, B.S., M.S.

Donna Lindemeyer Director of Communications & Marketing

Alan S. Painter, A.B.

Francine Cheeseman Shaw, B.A. Andrea J. Simon, B.A., Ph.D.

Mary Rydstrom Director of Annual Fund

Stephen J. Sweeny, B.A., M.A., M.A., Ph.D.

Annual Report of the President of the College of Saint Elizabeth for the Year 2003-2004 submitted to the Board of Trustees at the meeting of the Board on November 5, 2004.

Jack Wyszomierski, B.S., M.S.

The College of Saint Elizabeth does not discriminate on the basis of sex (except as permitted in Title IX, Educational Amendment of 1972 for admission to single-sex colleges), physical handicap, race, age, color and national or ethnic origin, in the administration of its admissions, educational policies, scholarship and loan programs or other college policies, including employment. The College of Saint Elizabeth has filed compliance with the Department of Health, Education and Welfare under Title VI-Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX, Education Amendment of 1972 and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. Credits: Photography: Kathy Cacicedo, Jessica Coreschi, Scott Harvey, Donna Lindemeyer, Joseph Rodak, Courtney Smolen Writing: Jeanine Hirsch, Colette Liddy, Donna Lindemeyer, Jerry Pawlowski, Mary Rydstrom Photo and Project Supervision: Jessica Coreschi Design: Linett & Harrison

Honorable Shirley A. Tolentino, B.A., J.D., L.L.M.

Edward J. Yaw, B.A., M.S., Ed.D.

The College of Saint Elizabeth’s Office of Institutional Advancement makes every effort to ensure that the information published in this report is accurate and complete. If we have omitted anything, or reported it incorrectly, please accept our apologies. Please notify the Office of Institutional Advancement at (973) 290-4465 so that we may correct our records. Thank you!

Message from the President I am very pleased to again share with you all we have to be thankful for at the College of Saint Elizabeth! Our theme for this year’s Annual Report is the “Architecture of the Dream.” Good architecture, as you know, describes the way components fit together. The pages that follow demonstrate how beautifully the many components of our College fit together— from the Women’s College to the School of Graduate and Continuing Studies to the Center for Theological and Spiritual Development. As you read, you will see some of the milestones we have reached over the last year: our students’ solid academic achievements, our new degree delivery systems, the outstanding scholarly work of our faculty, the social and cultural programs we enjoyed, and the wonderful renovations taking place on our campus. While this Annual Report celebrates all that is joyful, we also recall the lives of our beloved graduates, co-workers and friends who have died, most especially Sister Ellen Joyce, S.C. Sister Ellen was a devoted faculty member who gave many years of service to the College as Theology Department Chair, Director of the Graduate Program in Theology and a favorite presenter at Convocation. Her presence in our lives was indeed a blessing, and we are all the richer for having known her probing mind, her dynamic spirit and her loving heart. God always opens new doors of opportunity. We were delighted to bring to campus nine new full-time faculty members. We also engaged Linda Baratte, Ph.D. as the new Director of the Center for Theological and Spiritual Development. She is doing a wonderful job leading the College’s commitment to prepare the people of God for Church leadership in the 21st century. Msgr. Thomas McDade joined us as Scholar in Residence at the College this year, and we have benefited greatly from his expertise and spirituality. During 2003-2004, the College continued its substantial momentum in the New College Center Phase of the Capital Campaign, thanks to the outstanding leadership of our trustees and campaign chairs. We are immensely grateful for the generosity and encouragement of so many people whose names you will find inside, who have moved us towards our $14-million capital goal while also providing faithful support to our Annual Fund. Thank you on behalf of the entire campus community! The Sisters of Charity broke ground for the College of Saint Elizabeth 105 years ago. Now as we design the architecture of our 21st century, we continue their mission and spirit. I invite you to join us as we build on the powerful foundation of their dreams—and our own.


Sister Francis Raftery, President 1

Our Campus Community Builds Solid Achievements on Towering Aspirations. Opening Doors of Opportunity Elizabeth Karnas will never forget the summer of 2004. This CSE chemistry and business major spent her days in a chemistry lab at the Université Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg, France, and weekends marveling at the beauty of Europe. Through an internship program funded by the National Science Foundation, Liz worked on a project related to the synthesis of anti-tumor, anti-cancer agents. “The resumé and experiences I built during my time at CSE allowed me to be one of nine students from the U.S. accepted for the program,” she said. During the summer of 2003, Liz, ’05, participated in an internship at Princeton University in chemical engineering. She says CSE has opened up so many doors of opportunity. “Academically, there is nowhere else where I would have had the same access to resources and personal attention that I received here.” She is president of CSE’s student affiliate of the American Chemical Society and plans to purse a career in organic chemistry, but her interests go far beyond academics. She is a member of the Campus Ministry Advisory Board and a volunteer for The Seeing Eye in Morristown, N.J. “Chemistry and business are my majors, but they alone say so little about my comprehensive learning experience. The College of Saint Elizabeth has enriched so many different aspects of my life.” Those experiences include a trip with other students to Hiroshima for the World Peace Conference in 2003. Liz says CSE is also a place where she has fostered wonderful relationships with encouraging mentors and her best friends. “It’s a place where women are encouraged not only to be leaders but to make a difference in the world. It’s a place where volunteerism and community outreach are truly valued.” And she says there is something even deeper. In the midst of the busy world of student life, the spiritual environment is refreshing and uplifting. “There are constant reminders of the importance of having a deep faith and close relationship with God, an invaluable benefit of a Catholic institution.” ■ Elizabeth Karnas, ’05, Chemistry and Business major


Taking Hold of the Future Lisa Reihl knows a lot about teamwork. She ought to. She’s been playing on competitive softball teams since she was eight years old, and she spent the summer of 2004 observing medical teams and researching osteoporosis at Harvard Medical School. “That’s part of why I’m so interested in medicine because it is a team effort. You see how much researchers and physicians depend on one another.” A senior with a biology major and a chemistry minor, Lisa says she felt totally prepared for the internship at Harvard’s Children’s Hospital Boston because of the foundation she received at CSE. “I probably used something (at Harvard) from every class that I’ve ever taken at the College of Saint Elizabeth,” she said. From a young age, Lisa thought about becoming a doctor, but she was even more sure about pursuing the profession after her freshmen year when her mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. “Everything I do in my life is for my mom. I want to be able to help people and take the pain away from the patient as well as their family.” Over the past four years, she has played on the CSE softball team, been a member of the Student Ambassador Program and vice president of the National Biology Honor Society and has taken part in numerous volunteer projects. “Everything here is at the tips of your fingers, you just have to grasp onto it, take a hold of it and run with it,” says Lisa. One of her most memorable adventures was the trip she and other students took to the World Peace Conference in Hiroshima last year. There, at a nursing home, they visited with Japanese survivors of the atomic bomb. Lisa was amazed at the way the survivors had “no animosity and were able to forgive.” To her, it ties right in with what she has learned at CSE. “We are a Catholic college and forgiveness and accepting is promoted so much here.” Lisa is applying to medical schools. Harvard is her top choice, but no matter where she lands she says she’s ready. “The way this place prepares you for your future is just astounding.” ■ Lisa Reihl, ’05, Biology major and Chemistry minor


A Student Takes Action If you stop by the STAC (Student Take Action Committee) office in the basement of Saint Joseph’s Hall on any given day, you are bound to bump into the club’s president, Aksana Vasilyeva. This class of 2005 biochemistry major started doing community service in her freshman year, and she has been hooked ever since. When you sit down and talk to her about volunteerism, you cannot help feel the enthusiasm—enthusiasm for all the different ways to reach out and help those in need. “I don’t think if I had gone to another college that I would have the same information and awareness about all the community service that is out there and that I can make a difference,” says Aksana. She credits the Director of Volunteer Services, Paula Fernandes, with showing her how to lead, how to organize other students for positive change and how to provide direct service to the poor. Aksana’s volunteer activities have ranged from mentoring Newark students in the Reading for Life Festival, to serving meals to migrant workers at St. Ann’s Parish in Parsippany, to holding food and toy drives and taking part in alternative spring breaks, out of town trips focused on service to those who are suffering or vulnerable. Aksana came to the United States with her family from her native Belarus when she was just 15. She has a great appreciation for the international students at the College of Saint Elizabeth. “We have so much diversity here. I love the Japanese students, the Bulgarians. This year we have a Russian student,” she added. Aksana is vice president of CSE’s student affiliate of the American Chemical Society and a member of the Tri-Beta Biology Club. The past two summers, she held internships researching melatonin at Duquesne University. Aksana plans to go to graduate school to study pharmacology and pursue a career as a research scientist, but she still wants to find time to help others. “Graduate school in any science is usually like a full time job,” says Aksana, “but I’m already thinking about what I’m going to do in my free time.” Whether she volunteers in a hospital or chooses another way to give of her generous spirit, she will most certainly continue to be a student taking action. ■

Aksana Vasilyeva, ’05, Biochemistry major


A Person Who Matters Cassandra Bosquet knows the value of a quality Catholic education—so much so that her goal is to teach in a Catholic elementary school after graduation. An elementary education and psychology major, Cassandra says she’s a strong supporter of Catholic schools because of her own positive experiences. She attended Our Lady of the Valley Elementary School in Orange, N.J. and was taught by the Sisters of Charity in high school at Marylawn of the Oranges in South Orange. “I love the Catholic school tradition. I love what they have to offer. I love the aspect of having religion in the classroom,” says Cassandra. These days Cassandra gives of her time and talents as a member of the Campus Ministry Advisory Board. The program has allowed her to connect with other young women of faith and use her talents in service. Cassandra says, “Campus Ministry also welcomes students of other faith groups so they can be respected in the values they hold important and so they can learn from each other.” She believes “a strong Campus Ministry program allows the campus community to learn about the Christian call to service to each other and the less fortunate so that they may go out into the world to do, love and be as Jesus would.” Last year, Cassandra was chairman of Campus Ministry’s Hunger Banquet. That work made her think more deeply about her native Haiti where she lived until she was seven. “While I was fortunate enough to be able to eat healthy meals while I was growing up in Haiti, I knew all too well the reality that some of my family members and friends whom I saw on the streets in Port-au-Prince were facing,” she says. This past year, Cassandra taught second graders in a micro-teaching program at Assumption Elementary School in Morristown. Student teaching will be next, and she’s ready. “The leadership skills I have obtained here have helped me stand with confidence,” she says. “I get that sense of being wanted here from students to teachers, even the cafeteria staff. You are a person here and you matter.” And it’s that same sense of caring that she wants to give to young people. “A large part of my role as a lay person in the Catholic Church is to be of support to the young through service and teaching as a way to give back for the gifts I have received.” ■ Cassandra Bosquet, ’06, Elementary Education and Psychology major


The Principal of Success Most days you can find Principal Tom Altonjy at his desk at Cedar Hill Elementary School in Montville, N.J. by 6:15 a.m. “You have to catch up on paperwork, answer e-mails and meet report deadlines,” he says, “because when the students and teachers arrive at 8:05 a.m., it’s anybody’s guess what will happen next!” Tom loves education. He’s been in the game since 1981. He taught math at Wayne Valley, Neumann Preparatory High School and Montville High Schools, but it was the graduate degree in human services leadership and the Certification in Administration and Supervision for Teachers (CAST) that he received from CSE that gave him the extra leverage he needed to move into administration. Tom, ’96, was one of the earliest graduate students from CSE’s School of Graduate and Continuing Studies. He says he is “thrilled with the quality education he received. The faculty and staff at CSE were great and caring. Whether adjuncts or full-time teaching staff, they cared, spent time. They knew the tough balancing act between working full-time, pursuing graduate studies and raising a family. Even the administrative assistants made the ongoing process easy.” He credits Sister Joan Walters, Sister Ellen Dauwer and the late Sister Ellen Joyce for giving him extra support and encouragement. “The relationships you establish at the College stay with you— whether they are with students or staff members,” he said. After receiving his graduate degree at CSE, Tom became supervisor of business and mathematics for the Montville School District. Once he received his CAST certification at CSE, he went on to become the academic assistant principal at Lazar Middle School and later interim principal at Woodmont Elementary School in Montville. In 2004, he was named principal of Cedar Hill Elementary School in the Towaco section of Montville Township. Tom says the education he received at the College forced him to look at himself as “a whole person and become a teacher and leader based on all the different components that make up a person.” ■


Tom Altonjy, ’96, M.A. in Education: Human Services Leadership and Certification in Administration and Supervision for Teachers

Led by the Spirit Marion Sally is on a fast track. This wife, mother of three grown children and grandmother of six completed her B.A. in Communication in December 2004 and is currently pursuing her master’s in management—both through CSE’s Saturday Fast Track® program. Marion is Deputy Executive Director of the Morristown Housing Authority, which provides housing for low-to-moderate-income families and senior citizens. She says Fast Track provided just the right type of schedule, “to come here all day on Saturday in an accelerated format and finish in the normal time span is wonderful. They make it easy to do.” Marion doesn’t shy away from the fact that going to college as an adult takes discipline and sacrifice—on everybody’s end. Her employer has encouraged her to pursue her education, and her family has been behind her all the way. “I sometimes leave home on Saturday mornings and my husband is doing laundry and vacuuming. He’s been wonderful.” Getting her B.A. was a “life-long dream deferred.” Marion’s father passed away when she was 13, and she helped raise her siblings. Later she married and had children of her own. For 20 years, while juggling family and work, Marion chipped away at her associate’s degree, which she received from Morris County College in 2002. Marion has made the dean’s list every semester at CSE and was inducted into the National Communications Honor Society Lambda Pi Eta. “I’ve framed every letter,” she beamed. And, she says her educational experience has gone beyond academics. “Every professor I’ve had was special to me for different reasons, but there was one professor who touched my heart. And that’s different. That teacher was Sister Ellen Joyce.” Marion says Sister Ellen passed away shortly after the course was over, but the impressions are lasting. “She taught me about really seeing things —- not just with my eyes, but also with my inner spirit.” Marion’s boss is retiring in two years, and he has encouraged her to go for his position. She says, “CSE has given me the opportunity to live my dream and to accomplish some life-long goals. I feel I can do anything now. So it could be Executive Director of the Morristown Housing Authority or it could be on to law school. Most of my life I have traveled down the road that has been less traveled. I intend to let my inner spirit lead me.” ■ Marion Sally, ’04, B.A. in Communication, candidate for M.S. in Management


Going the Distance Dr. Patricia Heindel loves a good run. She’s been running marathons since 1998, and she’s been running the psychology department at CSE for 20 years. How does goal-setting compare in the classroom and in a 26.2 mile race? “Running is also about setting goals. The first day of any class I teach,” Trish says, “I encourage students to think about their own objectives for that particular course. I have objectives, the department has objectives, but I ask the students to set goals so the course is tailored to their needs.” Most days, this wife and mother of two teenagers (who grew up the 11th of 12 children) literally has her running sneakers on, balancing family and work. “I’ve always felt supported in my role as mother here at CSE. I’ve had support from my colleagues and from the administration. It’s been a great help.” At the College, Trish has held numerous leadership positions from inaugurating the first graduate program in counseling psychology to chairing the task force on educational offerings during the College’s current self-study and reaccreditation process. Like many of her colleagues, she has set sites on advancing the strategic plan objective of making sure CSE remains a center for educational excellence in the 21st century. “Quality teaching is the primary responsibility of the faculty. We have a student-centered focus. It’s important to have that to achieve educational excellence,” she says. Trish has completed six marathons – three New York City, two Boston and one Jersey Shore, with a best time to date a respectable 3:27:43 in NYC. “Once you start running you want to run farther. You want to run faster. You want to run more. It is the same for students. Once students here achieve something, that achievement becomes a great motivator for them to set a higher goal—to achieve something more—to continue to challenge themselves.” Trish encourages her students to ask themselves, “What is my goal and what challenge can I set for myself that will bring me closer to my life-long goal?” She says, “the smallness of the College allows students to have success experiences. That fuels good goal setting.” Trish says that although few students may take on marathon running, all of them will be well prepared to succeed at other goals, “Our students are quite successful after they leave here and that’s very gratifying to us all.” ■ Dr. Patricia Heindel, Chair, Psychology Department


“Focus on Faculty Scholarship: Knowledge, Research, and Experiential Learning” is a special exhibit in the College’s Mahoney Library, a tribute to our faculty and to the mission of our College. In a College committed to enabling student learning and service leadership, our faculty’s publications embrace the scholarship of discovery, integration, application, teaching – which both educates and entices future scholars. The range of publications is indeed reflective of the diversity and the quality of our faculty and its interests. To view a selected list of our faculty’s publications and presentations, please go to

On the Voyage of Discovery A glass replica of the ship the Santa Maria sits in Dr. Anthony Santamaria’s office in Santa Maria Hall. It is a symbol of a vessel that was part of Christopher Columbus’ bold fleet that discovered the new world in 1492—a reminder of an exploration that changed the course of world history. Anthony has always been a bit of an explorer himself. The discipline of studying and teaching philosophy involves setting out on a journey to discover new ways of thinking. This Associate Professor of philosophy and native of Toronto, Canada, discovered the College of Saint Elizabeth in 1999, and he has been teaching here ever since. “The College has inspired me to become a teacher who regards his profession as nothing less than vocational,” he says. “The character building quality of the College is not just reserved for students, it applies to faculty and staff, too. The College embraces a certain mission and values and requires a certain character and loyalty of the members of the community and confers upon them certain duties and privileges.” And Anthony thrives on that responsibility, “I want my students to develop a better grasp of their own tremendous potential and to regard learning as a life-long enterprise which they are well equipped to handle.” Anthony is on several committees at the College. He is faculty advisor to the student newspaper and faculty advisor to freshmen. His own philosophy of teaching involves “guiding students in a journey of discovery in a search for cultural and intellectual awareness of truth and value.” He says, “I would describe myself as a teacher, who like each of my colleagues at the College of Saint Elizabeth and like the institution as a whole, is dedicated to studentcentered learning. Every student has something to contribute and my principal role is to motivate them to make that contribution. I can think of nothing more rewarding than such a fulfilling role.” ■

Dr. Anthony Santamaria, Associate Professor of Philosophy


Capital Campaign Update Thanks to the generous support of our alumnae/i, trustees and friends, the College of Saint Elizabeth continues its remarkable progress toward completion of the New College Center Phase of the Capital Campaign, paving the way toward construction of the first truly new building on campus since 1969.

The New College Center When the College completed its Centennial Phase of the Capital Campaign in November, 2002, over $4 million was restricted toward the construction of the New College Center, a multi-purpose arts and education center designed to emphasize the spiritual, fine and performing arts as integral to the mission of Catholic higher education. The Center will be home to the music and art departments as well as to the theology department and Center for Theological and Spiritual Development. It will feature an acoustically sophisticated performance hall seating 647 guests, the Holocaust Education Resource Center and a permanent art gallery along with classrooms and meeting space. The New College Center will welcome artists such as Nobel Prize-winning poet Seamus Heaney, who read a selection of his published work at the College on Thursday, April 22, 2004.

The New College Center Campaign The New College Center Phase generated $1,642,818 in gifts and pledges during 2003-2004, for a cumulative total of $4,758,143. Of that, $3,795,655 is restricted to the Center and $962,488 to endowment and scholarships. Including Centennial Phase commitments, a total of $8,095,655 has been raised for the New College Center, with just over $5 million on hand in cash. Campaign Co-Chairs Thomas and Elizabeth “Beth” Weller Renyi, ’69, a trustee of the College, networked behind the scenes to gain interest and commitments from both individuals and corporations. To attract the alumnae/i leaders of the future, they hosted a Campaign reception in New York City designed to inform young graduates about the project and become reacquainted with the College. It resulted in three new class chairs and in two volunteers who are working to motivate their peers. Other Campaign receptions were held in Boston, central New Jersey and on campus, and the College welcomed renowned artists to the campus, including Nobel Poet Laureate Seamus Heaney.

From left, Yolanda Holliger, ‘59, Class Chair, and Dr. Johanna Glazewski, Vice President and Dean for Academic Affairs, look at the model of the New College Center at Reunion in June 2004.


New College Center, scheduled for construction 2006–2007.

Campaign Segments Ulysses J. Brualdi and Richard Keelty effectively lead the Trustee Campaign toward its goal of $1 million. By year-end, trustees had committed $749,000 toward their target. Trustee Alan S. Painter co-chairs the Corporate/Foundation Campaign with Mr. Keelty, building toward a goal of $2 million. Over the past year, the College researched 200 foundations and submitted seven proposals to the best prospects, with great success. Foundation work will continue to be a priority in 2004-2005. Carol Leonhard Tribus, ’65, chairs the Class Campaign segment, in which alumnae lead a mini-campaign among their classmates to claim a naming opportunity in the new building. As of June 30, 2004, $136,948 has been raised in 32 active class campaigns toward a goal of $1 million. The Class Campaigns are significant in helping to build overall participation, which encourages foundations to provide support. By June 30, 2004, planned gifts and bequests along with major gifts total over $3.4 million. The New Founders Society honors 80 members who have notified the College of their intention to leave a planned gift. Many others plan such a legacy without giving formal notice of their intention, testimony to their affection and respect for the College.

From left, Tom and Elizabeth Renyi, ‘69, Chairs of the New College Center Campaign, with Trustee Campaign Chair Les Brualdi and wife Carol, enjoy the College’s annual President’s Council Dinner at the Madison Hotel on September 23, 2004.

The Next Steps Throughout the spring and summer of 2004, Trustees and College administrators have begun to shape a timeline to complete the New College Center Campaign and begin construction. “When Can We Put the Shovel in the Ground?” is being answered in an energetic style as details of financing, construction and fundraising are studied and finalized. Watch for important announcements in calendar year 2005!

Many thanks to our Class Chairs who keep our Capital Campaign On track! Mary Grace Neagle ‘39 Mary Paul Woods ‘39 Blanche Gandolf ‘45 Clara Brophy ‘46 Veronica Dolan ‘47 Patricia Stahlin ‘47 Audrey Thomson ‘50 Mary Beth Ryan ‘50 Judy Leys ‘51 Paula Florentino ‘51 Pat Finn ‘51

Joan Lewis ‘52 Mary Zavada ‘57 Suzzette Levy ‘58 Adelaide Rossey ‘58 Yolanda Holliger ‘59 Ann Dalena ‘60 Marcia Van Note ‘61 Jeanne Boehles ‘61 Evelyn Powers ‘62 Marilyn Carni Celli ‘62 Jean Byrne ‘62

Margaret Schuelke ‘63 Mary McLaughlin ‘63 Barbara Rogus ‘64 Carol Tribus ‘65 Carol Marie Ellwood ‘69 Janet Wilson ‘71 Anne Marie Hornyak ‘73 Andrea Turk-Japinga ‘73 Mary Jane Meschino ‘75 Linda Scully ‘76 Maryanne Czarnecki ‘77

Mary Ann Jones ‘81 Karen McCooey ‘81 Virginia Hughes ‘84 Kathleen O’Leary ‘90 Michelle O’Shea ‘92 Jenny Hanselman ‘93 Stephanie Budelman ‘97 Lily Xa ‘00 Lisa McInerney ‘02


Capital Campaign Cumulative Donor List, 1999-2004 The College of Saint Elizabeth is grateful to the generous alumnae/i and friends who have given leadership gifts during the Capital Campaign from January 1999 through June 30, 2004. Many gifts are pledges of cash or securities to be paid over the next few years and may include matching gifts from corporations. Others represent promises of support through bequests, trusts, insurance, or annuities. Donors of these gifts are charter members of the New Founders Society, established in 1995 to honor their generosity during their lifetime.

We appreciate your generous support! $1 million + Nancy Dowd ‘54 NFS Dolan Family Foundation Elizabeth Weller Renyi ‘69

$500,000 + John J. Riordan NFS † Anna Jackson ‘36 NFS † Judith Katz O'Donnell ‘64 NFS Therese Maloney ‘51 Sally Lou McMurray ‘54 NFS † Ursula Uttley ‘33 NFS † Gertrude Swenson NFS Antonia Higginson ‘22 NFS J. Martin Comey

$250,000 + Kathryn Boyle Kelly ‘31 NFS † Margaret Muller Clarke ‘19 NFS † Angela Nilan ‘30 NFS † Mary R. Zavada ‘57 Margaret Sweeney McBride ‘33 NFS † Beatrice Pietroniro Nielsen ‘34 NFS †

$100,000 + Mary McGrath ‘49 NFS Priscilla Lenihan Lawler ‘40 † Thomas and Theresa A. Berry ‘01 The Bank of New York and the George Link, Jr. Foundation Honeywell International, Inc. Richard and Robyn Keelty Florence Meehan Rosse ‘70 Thomas Rosse Sister Olive Garty ‘37 NFS † Pfizer Foundation Marian Spiegel Cooke ‘41 NFS Jane Micucci Rainis ‘76 Barry and Barbara Marinan Eleanor Hess McMahon, Ed.D. ‘50 NFS † J. Hugh and Nancy Devlin Robert Bennett Mary Fitzsimmons † Sister Marian Dillon † Pamela York Klainer ‘67 Mary Feder ‘27 NFS † Grace Squire ‘38 NFS † Bergen Foundation Ulysses Brualdi Anonymous ‘57 Mary Norma Petter ‘41 †


Jean Judge ‘44 NFS Joseph Saunders NFS † The Liberty Group Michele Torchia Feltman ‘82 NFS Helen Nolan Murphy ‘33 NFS † Mary Hagen Lewis ‘56 Jane Shanley Saunders ‘51 NFS † Anita Falla, M.D. ‘43 Mary Morley McCarthy ‘57 Alana Edelmann ‘70 NFS Mary Ellen Lucey Rowan ‘54 Julianne Decker McDermott ‘51 NFS Elena T. Pietroniro ‘39 † Ellen L. Murray ‘55 †

1899 SOCIETY Elizabeth Tipper Winters ‘30 † Victoria Albright Null ‘70 Frances Murray † Nathalie Calpini Berger ‘80 Inez Stanziale ‘32 NFS † Kathryn Merrey ‘22 NFS † Mary Rossi ‘24 NFS † Anna Grace Oslansky ‘53 Virginia Sejman ‘45 Elaine Castellano Grillo ‘77 Peter Dugan The Hartenstein Family Anne Davis Smith NFS † Anonymous ‘56 Kathleen Nulty Culley ‘92 Janice Murphy Carty ‘63 Patricia Delaney ‘63 Marcelle Bernard, M.D. ‘41 NFS Hooper Holmes John and Colleen Cassese Lillian Powers NFS † Ronald Zier Ann Conoscenti Visona ‘46 NFS † Kathryn O'Rourke Costello ‘67 Maureen F. Murray ‘85 Rebecca Fields, Esq. ‘68 Winifred Markell Johanson ‘67 NFS Jayne Lair BecVar ‘44 NFS

$50,000 +

The College of Saint Elizabeth offers special thanks to these members of the faculty, trustees, and administration for their gifts to the Capital Campaign between July 1, 2003 and June 30, 2004.

Barbara Luciano ‘77 Margaret Sullivan ‘30 NFS Sybilla Farrell ‘32 † Antoinette Dughi ‘31 NFS † Ann Flynn ‘28 NFS † Frank and Lucille Hoenemeyer Joan Fissell Hall ‘65 NFS Margaret Purcell ‘24 † Frances Yang Conti ‘35 NFS † The William T. and Marie J. Henderson Foundation Alumnae/i Association Marie Dolores Henderson Griffin ‘34 NFS † Francine Cheeseman Shaw ‘76 Robert Shaw Sister Margaret Reardon NFS † Anonymous ‘29 NFS Eleanor Tracey ‘35 NFS †

Anonymous ‘57 Ulysses Brualdi Eileen Sullivan Fell ‘58 William S. Ford John G. Graham Jeanine Hirsch Carl A. Jennings Richard W. Keelty Robert E. Meehan, CLU, CHFC Alan S. Painter Sister Francis Raftery Elizabeth M. Weller Renyi ‘69 Sister Mary George Senderak ‘59 Francine Cheeseman Shaw ‘76 Andrea J. Simon Shirley Hayes Tolentino ‘65

Gloria Todino Verrochi ‘48 John Jentz NFS † The Boston Foundation Robert and Maria Meehan Jean Shanley ‘42 NFS † Harriet Lipman Sepinwall Carol-Marie Byrne Ellwood ‘69 NFS Joyce Daly Margie ‘62 Anita Angiulli ‘43 NFS Alan and Joann Painter Carlotta Irving ‘29 NFS † William S. Ford, Jr. Roberta Horton ‘59 NFS Eileen Sullivan Fell ‘58 Kathleen Mallon ‘41 † Adeline DiBianco Sorieri ‘30 † Rose Lanci † John Fiore NFS † Mary Katherine McKone ‘68 NFS Leonora Burtt Conroy ‘41 Ann Egner Waldron ‘43 † Mary Paula Woods ‘39 Elvira M. Carota, M.D. Irene Gormley Bleil ‘25 NFS † Juliet Cozzi ‘58 Estelle Farley Girard ‘43 NFS † Richard McMahon NFS Teresa McGuire † Nanna Kurtz NFS † Estate of John Hill NFS † Carl A. and Janet S. Jennings Beck Foundation Peter Mancuso Anonymous Sister Marguerite Goodwin ‘41 Patricia Harriman Foley ‘55 Dympna Judge Jessich ‘55 Marion Blake Heger ‘44 NFS Anonymous Emma Ferraro Byrne ‘65 Eileen O'Connor ‘38 Rosemary Belbey Seymour ‘35 NFS † Anonymous ‘36 † Micheline Mathews-Roth, M.D. ‘56 Axelina Mc Kinlay Porter ‘39 NFS † Lenore Loe Chen ‘39 Mary Isabel Miller ‘29 NFS † Joyce DeSenti Polio ‘73 Paula Tierney Florentino ‘51 Anne Bradshaw O'Brien ‘48 Pfizer Foundation Lois C. Flynn ‘30 † William T. Griffin Wanda Gorzynska Krzyzak ‘29 † Lisa A. Mc Inerney ‘02 Florence Meehan Rosse ‘70 Sydney W. Tompkins ‘41 †

OTHER GIFTS Josephine Keating Woodward ‘69 Joan Lewis ‘52 NFS Ann Lupardi DeVenezia ‘56 Margot Stickley Ferry ‘57 William and Susan Griffin Marilyn Fingerhut, Ph.D. ‘64 Marycecile Mortenson Pomeroy ‘50 † Alice Cassidy Maloney ‘44 Barbara Gill Rogus ‘64 John Murray Susan Sullivan Annitto ‘64 Leocadia Bajek Burke, Ph.D. ‘51

Rosemary Higgins Cass, J.D., Ph.D. ‘50 Deborah Flanagan Doris Bill ‘53 Helen Nolan Maloney ‘51 Maryanne DiPasquale Czarnecki ‘77 Barbara Drumm McCluskey ‘57 Joseph Donahue Patricia Murray Finn ‘51 Rosemary Bolan Murphy ‘44 Alice O'Connor ‘34 † Frances Blondin Govett ‘27 NFS † Mary Leahy Kaveny ‘30 † Josephine McGowan Powers ‘29 NFS † Pauline Lucius Williams ‘38 NFS † Jean O’Brien ‘43 † Ora West Grant ‘35 NFS † Mary Beth McEnroe Ryan ‘50 Katherine Vickers Walsh ‘58 Margaret Bennett Rucki ‘38 NFS † Mary Mazzarella DeMayo, M.D. ‘55 NFS Ruth Besson Shiels ‘54 Helen Scott Bijur ‘28 NFS † Grace Vallone Mariorenzi ‘52 Elizabeth Goubeaud ‘49 Blanche Cholet Gandolf ‘45 Mary Roach Taylor ‘42 Mary Jane Strattner Gregory ‘44 Colette Conroy ‘55 NFS Barbara Hensle Hoff ‘53 Cynthia Young Wynant ‘85 Valerie Van Ness Cauley ‘70 NFS Stephen and Barbara Sweeny Jeanette Fredericks ‘94 Anne Keating ‘68 Geraldine Felock Tavares ‘59 Clara Brophy ‘46 Peggy Welsh Byrne ‘55 Helen Anderson Hanlon ‘56 Lenora Delehanty Halpin ‘30 † Mary Toohey McIntyre ‘52 Julia Read † Bernice Silva Hicks ‘45 NFS † Margaret Graf Jordan ‘53 Constance Syrigos Vickers ‘71 Joan Horner Dow ‘51 Ana Soler ‘80 Adelaide Finnegan Rossey ‘58 John Blake † Susan McGlory Michel ‘80 Corinne Murphy ‘40 † Marie Corse Cieri ‘41 NFS Margaret Downey ‘33 † Elysia Gallagher Fitzpatrick ‘55 Aileen White ‘68 Sophie Campbell ‘27 NFS † Henry Sandbach Barbara Nelson Christian ‘47 NFS Ruth Carlin Markey ‘45 Kathleen Mosher Egan ‘68 James J. Egan Susan Daly Goldstein ‘71 Mary Jane Conway Matier ‘59 Mary Corcoran Doolan ‘31 † Regina Roehrle Fielding ‘49 Ann Kelly Delaney ‘82 Kathleen Ard Pankratz ‘70 Margaret Coyle Brody ‘40 Henry D. Pelletier, Jr. Marita Fallon Pelletier ‘57 Eleanor McElroy NFS † Ann Guarracini Kosco ‘76 NFS

Emily Brown Maher ‘51 Mary McElroy ‘26 NFS † Conrad and Linda Foa The John and Irene Graham Family Fund Leonard Comes Charles and Catherine Boehm Margaret McCabe NFS † Amy Whalen Gain Elizabeth Domigan ‘65 Eileen Callahan ‘92 Sister Gabriel Mary Donahue Rosemary Moran Karl ‘52 Ann Lux-Krietsch ‘60 Candace Wolfe Levy ‘67 Elizabeth Magee Horan ‘53 Frances Maraziti Drew ‘63 Mary Congedo Boyle ‘39 Grace Halligan O'Brien ‘43 NFS † Winifred Sullivan ‘31 † Virginia Toohey Eckert ‘54 E. Carol Cotter ‘54 Alice Condren ‘25 NFS † Dorothy Feher Sullivan ‘51 Mary Foley Reiss ‘47 Sister Mary George Senderak ‘59 Catherine Rogan Barrett ‘38 Judith Cowey Leys ‘51 Kathleen Murphy Toombs ‘60 Marie Regan Van Houten ‘46 Eda Franzetti Tato ‘78 Mary Ellen Ryan O'Connor ‘75 Jacqueline Landry Kritzer ‘49 Patricia Mulderry Bach ‘58 Mary Ann Kulpinski Bojak ‘65 Rita Cassidy Richardson ‘37 Teresa Granata Smith ‘36 NFS † Marcia Van Note ‘61 Ann Nolan O'Neill ‘47 Judith Regan Messing ‘60 Kathleen Jeanneret Hegarty ‘64 Margaret Augustine ‘76 Maria Medina Cecilia Romano Laureys ‘52 Francis T. Gain III Michael Brown Rosanna Lang McClurg ‘28 NFS † Sister Ann Michele Texido Marilyn Rand ‘90 Alice Monahan Walsh ‘29 NFS † Maureen White Stickel ‘52 Frances Ackerman Brandell ‘53 Patricia Galagan ‘63 Catherine Hueber ‘32 NFS † Maureen O’Keefe Black ‘65 Jeanine and Richard Hirsch Kathleen Underwood ‘02 Brian Underwood Rosemary Kane ‘43 Melissa Sarsten Ann Mishler Hutzel ‘60 Evelyn Slason Gobstein ‘77 Andrea Simon, Ph.D. Patricia Markey Anthony Sever Waterbury Chapter of the Alumnae/i Association Grace Gaffney McCrane ‘53 Joy Cass DeVivo ‘71 Margaret Stokesbury ‘44 NFS † Teresa Nodolski Hofmann ‘50 † Charlene Koenig Dowd ‘68 Maryann Acuff ‘00 Academy of Saint Elizabeth Elizabeth Durkin Stephanie Mongiello Wauters ‘67 Kathleen Markey Colyer ‘69 Patricia Sheehan Allain ‘52 Class of ‘48 Lawrence and Madeleine Brown Sally Kinsella Marie McTighe Lee ‘53 Lorraine Guzzio Chammah ‘73 Margaret Shea ‘27 NFS † Nanciann Gass Elnicki ‘63 Marion Scigliano Daddona ‘39 Elizabeth Dolan Muller ‘45 Kim Franklin Carol H. Eyres

Elizabeth Borowsky Patricia Potter Criss ‘49 Joan Wilckens Pittis ‘75 Eileen McAllister Donovan ‘49 Jean Marie Gartlan Guilfoyle ‘55 Dorothy Wesolowski Symanski ‘49 Medelise Dzinsky Jackson ‘47 Doris Dzinsky ‘43 Catherine Tansey Margaret Flaherty Gillen ‘45 Marily Rhudy

We gratefully acknowledge these bequests received in Fiscal Year 2004. The generous spirits of the donors live on in all who benefit from their legacies. Lois C. Flynn ‘30 † Anna M. Jackson ‘36 NFS † Wanda Gorzynska Krzyzak ‘29 † Priscilla Lenihan Lawler ‘40 † Beatrice P. Nielsen ‘34 † Mary Norma Petter ‘41 † Sydney W. Tompkins ‘41 † Ursula M. Uttley ‘33 † Bill Goetz Theresa Bocchino Arcadia Publishing Co. John and Barbara Morrison Nasdaq Antitrust Litigation Helen Byrne Heckman ‘69 Laura Winters, Ph.D. Gaile Benson Pohlhaus ‘60 Russell and Jacqueline Tyndall Florence Milkiewicz Patricia Franks ‘67 Elizabeth Farrell Tunny ‘53 Christine Wilk Kulikowski ‘66 Kathleen O'Connell Webster ‘50 Carol Sullivan Fowler ‘81 Stephanie St. Clair Budelman ‘97 Karen DeNooyer Textron BASF Corporation Xerox Foundation MetLife Foundation GE Foundation PepsiCo Foundation Inc. American International Group Altria Group, Inc. Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies ExxonMobil Foundation AT&T Foundation Georgia-Pacific Roebling Chapter Society for Industrial Archeology Ginty’s Irish Gifts Verizon FM Global Foundation Shirley J. Marry Allgood ‘57 Mary Louise Connell Ambrose ‘57 Kathleen M. Augelli ‘58 Helen A. Ax ‘57 Marcelle T. Bernard ‘41 NFS Doris L. Bill ‘53 Patricia Gleeson Bligh ‘58 Jeanne E. Heimbold Boehles ‘61 Edith E. Kerwin Boschian ‘52 Marianne Bulman Bozzi ‘57 Eileen R. Walsh Bradley ‘52 Lillian Zazzara Brightly ‘57 Maureen A. Liebner Brown ‘81 Barbara E. Brundage ‘52 Ann J. Johnson Brutzman ‘52 Laurette M. Bulfone-Buscheck ‘61 Arlene M. Debold Burke ‘57 Jane E. Trezenka Butkowsky ‘52 Mary A. Freund Caldwell ‘51 Beatrice J. Jandrisevits Calise ‘62 Patricia A. Hughes Carr ‘57 Margaret Wade Carroll ‘58 Janice Murphy Carty ‘63 Elizabeth Walsh Choquette ‘61

Joan M. DePhillips Clark ‘52 Anita H. Praml Coiley ‘58 Margaret H. Connell ‘27 † Mary Louise Taylor Connelly ‘57 Alice Devine Connolly ‘57 Mary E. Hutton Connors ‘61 Katharine Macdonald Curtiss ‘62 Margaret Reardon Daly ‘53 NFS Margaret A. Derwin ‘57 A. J. Garneau Dooley ‘57 Elizabeth Kraus Dumont ‘52 Carol Restivo Dunay-Kreit ‘58 Elaine L. McLaughlin Dwyre ‘58 Deborah B. Ferris Margot Stickley Ferry ‘57 Dorothy Nuss Finnegan ‘52 Antoinette Goepfert Fitzpatrick ‘48 William S. Ford Rita Menegus Foti ‘58 Carol R. Sullivan Fowler ‘81 Fern L. Buffo Freeman ‘52 Mary Jean A. Bure Gallagher ‘52 Suzanne Jacques Gavin ‘62 Faith E. Kramer Germino ‘52 Virginia E. Gallo Gerner ‘57 Edwina Hagan Giuliano ‘45 Aline Collins Glavin ‘51 Phyllis Meccia Gorman ‘52 Eileen McGrath Grace ‘52 John G. Graham Linda Moore Grant ‘45 Sister Anne V. Grimes ‘58 Carol Martine Gubernat ‘57 Mary Egbert Hamilton ‘57 Barbara E. Baldovin Hanlon ‘59 Kevin M. Healey Christine H. Seery Higgins ‘81 Yolanda M. Tomaiuoli Holliger ‘59 Marie J. Tagliabue Horan ‘59 Roberta P. Horton ‘59 NFS Barbara A. O’Sullivan Hourigan ‘58 Carol Odell Howard ‘58 Kathleen G. Hyland Rosemary Moran Karl ‘52 Sonja A. Kazmer ‘69 Claire Ann Dehler Kinney ‘57 Mary E. Dehmer Krasinski ‘52 Audry Melkowits Kravarik ‘52 Diane Paul Ladner ‘61 Cecilia G. Romano Laureys ‘52 Priscilla Lenihan Lawler ‘40 † Joyce Memminger Lehman ‘52 Suzzette A. Sica Levy ‘58 Mary E. Eckel Little ‘52 Helen Negrey Long ‘50 Mark E. Long Michael D. Loprete Rosemary A. Reilly Love ‘57 Dorothea Fitzpatrick Lucarelli ‘59 Barry Marinan Joanne Grimes Marriott ‘68 Viola Higgins Masterson ‘50 Mary Jane Conway Matier ‘59 Patricia A. Gavin McConville ‘65 Maureen P. McGuire ‘62 Carol G. Pompilio McIntyre ‘57 Grace E. O’Brien McKernan ‘52 Margaret Ginty Meys ‘57 Mary M. Mullarkey ‘58 Mary A. Burns Muoio ‘51 Mary E. Murphy ‘62 NFS Margaret A. Pinkman Murray ‘58 Carolyn Holmes Neumann ‘45 Beatrice Pietroniro Nielsen ‘34 † Patricia O’Brien Nociolo ‘58 Victoria Albright Null ‘70 Rosemary Murphy O’Brien ‘52 NFS Mary Beth Casey O’Brien ‘59 Mary A. Parker Nancy Kelly Plympton ‘58 Genevieve L. Porte ‘62 Duane M. McEwen Post ‘61 Gloria A. Knauf Price ‘52 Rosina Grogan Quinn ‘46 Concetta M. Repici Renkun ‘62 Marjorie A. LaChapelle Reynolds ‘57 Anne Gaffney Richter ‘34

Dorothy A. Richter Josephine P. Trigiani Ronca ‘61 Adelaide E. Finnegan Rossey ‘58 Diane Pizzi Ruggiero ‘57 Patricia A. Dolan Ryan ‘52 Margaret A. O’Donnell Ryan ‘57 Barbara Ann Klem Schacher ‘59 Mary Lou Noble Schneider ‘59 Richard Schnell Anne V. Keller Schreitmueller ‘58 Mary Woodruff Scirocco ‘77 Eleanor Owens Selavka ‘52 Mary Griffin Shanahan ‘52 Elaine T. Shawhan ‘01 Mary Kay C. Hughes Shortt ‘52 Andrea J. Simon Kathleen Mulderry Smith ‘61 Martha McLaughlin Stebner ‘58 Elizabeth A. Reilly Sutherland ‘52 Agnes Panella Thackston ‘59 Shirley Hayes Tolentino ‘65 Marie Wong Tsang ‘62 Ursula M. Uttley ‘33 † Marcia J. Van Note ‘61 Patricia Villanova Vetter ‘62 Carolyn A. Palcar Voda ‘52 Mary Jane Waldron ‘45 NFS Gwen Naef Wall ‘59 Mary J. Swift Whalen ‘61 Margaret F. Whelan ‘52 Clare Stauder Wright ‘57 Louise Pao-Ying Luk Wu ‘57 Cynthia Young Wynant ‘85 John M. Zavada Mary L. Zelazny ‘92 Marguerite Ryan Zerrer ‘57

New Founders Society The New Founders Society recognizes alumnae/i and friends who have made planned gifts to the College of Saint Elizabeth in the form of bequests, charitable remainder trusts and life insurance. All of these gifts help build the College’s endowment, which has grown to more than $18 million in the past decade. To provide for future students, the College seeks an endowment of at least $50 million. For information, please call (973) 290-4455.

OTHER NEW FOUNDERS Dorothy Addario NFS Patricia Brown Murray ‘50 NFS Kelli Bryant Grahill ‘87 NFS † Alix Ann Arlinghaus ‘67 NFS Beverly Powell, M.D. ‘67 NFS Joan Wachendorf Murphy ‘67 NFS Mary Grace Neagle ‘39 NFS Genevieve Jonte ‘39 NFS Georgiana Allen Daly ‘42 NFS † Genevieve Mears Mehl ‘58 NFS Mary Loughren ‘30 NFS † Anne Marie Greene ‘51 NFS Dolores Dorsey ‘50 NFS Winifred Dorgan Connolly ‘62 NFS Maria Cravanzola ‘62 NFS Dorothea Schmidt Montone ‘37 NFS Anonymous ‘43 NFS Marion Marcucci Hardy ‘60 NFS Catherine Vota, C.P.E. ‘58 NFS Helen Willis Connolly ‘45 NFS

† - Deceased NFS - New Founders Society


OTHER NEW FOUNDERS (continued) Kathleen T. Taylor ‘82 NFS Rita LaTour Goodemote ‘41 NFS Judith Masters Akbar ‘78 NFS Mary Louise Egan ‘49 NFS † Lucy Mao Sigmund, RD ‘54 NFS Yolanda Massa Kunz ‘68 NFS Vivian Infantino ‘48 NFS † Jane Murray O’Grady ‘35 NFS Jane Karpinski Demshock ‘38 NFS † Maureen Toner Bongard ‘78 NFS Joan Cantrell Brady ‘52 NFS G. Anne Emerling Brown ‘51 NFS Margaret Connell ‘27 NFS † Mary Smith Crecca ‘33 NFS Elena Pietroniro Lasko ‘39 NFS † Mary McCormick ‘52 NFS Dr. Ian Mininberg NFS Mary Murphy ‘62 NFS Rosemary Murphy O’Brien ‘52 NFS Anonymous ‘54 NFS Gladys Gutmann Rhein NFS Jane Crowe Willard ‘53 NFS Mary R. Bermingham ‘39 NFS † Helen Willis Connolly ‘45 NFS Dolores F. Dorsey ‘50 NFS Kathleen G. Eldracher NFS Janet Geraghty-Deutsch ‘43 NFS Anne Marie Greene ‘51 NFS Julianne K. Decker McDermott ‘51 NFS Genevieve Mears Mehl ‘58 NFS Joan Wachendorf Murphy ‘67 NFS Eileen C. O’Connor ‘38 NFS Judith Katz O’Donnell ‘64 NFS Jane Murray O’Grady ‘35 NFS Beverly A. Powell ‘67 NFS Ina Schroth Pyne ‘54 NFS Elizabeth Miller Rifino ‘54 NFS Margaret M. Sullivan ‘30 NFS Mary V. Toye ‘29 NFS Aileen D. White ‘68 NFS Mary Paula Woods ‘39 NFS

We gratefully acknowledge all those who plan to leave a legacy of appreciation and blessing for future generations by annuities, trusts and bequests.


Tower Circle We are deeply grateful to these individuals, families and corporate foundations whose cumulative giving to the College of Saint Elizabeth totaled $100,000 or more as of June 30, 2004. Your ongoing commitment to excellence in education is a source of strength and inspiration to the College community.

Thank you! Anonymous †

Nancy Dowd ‘54

Eleanor Hess McMahon, Ed.D. ‘50 †

Anonymous ‘54

Alana Edelmann ‘70

Sally Lou McMurray ‘54 †

Anonymous ‘56

Anita Falla, M.D. ‘43

Beatrice Pietroniro Nielsen ‘34 †

Anonymous ‘56

Mary Feder ‘27 †

Angela Nilan ‘30 †

Anonymous ‘57

Mary Fitzsimmons †

Victoria Albright Null ‘70

Allied Signal Foundation, Inc.

Charles and Joan Foerster

Judith Katz O’Donnell ‘54

Alumnae/i Association

George Link Jr. Foundation

Mary Norma Petter ‘41†

Magdalen Fullum Arkell ‘37 †

Sister Olive Garty ‘37 †

Pfizer Foundation

AT&T Foundation

Genevieve Forbes Greenwood †

Rudolph Pinter †

Helen M. Sheehan Barrett ‘33

Marie O'Keefe Henderson ‘20 †

Margaret Purcell ‘24 †

Bank of New York

Antonia Higginson ‘22

Jane Micucci Rainis ‘76

Robert Bennett

Frank and Lucille Hoenemeyer

Elizabeth Weller Renyi ‘69

Bergen Foundation

Hoffmann-LaRoche, Inc.

John J. Riordan †

Nathalie Calpini Berger ‘80

Honeywell International, Inc.

Richard Riordan

Thomas and Theresa A. Berry ‘01

Independent College Fund of New Jersey

Florence Meehan Rosse ‘70

Les and Carol Brauldi, Jr.

Anna Jackson ‘36 †

Schering-Plough Foundation

G. William Calascione, Esq. †

Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies

The William E. Simon Foundation

Dorothy Carleton ‘33 †

Jean Judge ‘44

Sisters of Charity

Lenore Y. Loe Chen ‘39

Richard W. Keelty

Grace Squire ‘38 †

Charles Edison Fund

Kathryn Boyle Kelly ‘31 †

State of New Jersey

Margaret Muller Clarke ‘19 †

John Kiernan †

Margaret Sullivan ‘30

Ann Meehan Coleman ‘25 †

Pamela York Klainer ‘67

Gertrude Swenson

J. Martin Comey

Priscilla Lenihan Lawler ‘40 †

Eleanor Tracey ‘35 †

Marian K. Spiegel Cooke ‘41

Rita Lenihan, USN ‘35 †

Ursula Uttley ‘33 †

Leonora Burtt Conroy ‘41

Barbara Luciano ‘77

Elizabeth Murphy Ward ‘27 †

Jane Charles Cunniffe ‘57

Marie Henderson Magnier ‘53

Warner Lambert Foundation

Julia L. Kerr Davies ‘18 †

Therese Maloney ‘51

Mary R. Zavada ‘57

J. Hugh and Nancy Devlin

Barry and Barbara Marinan

† - Deceased

Sister Marian Frances Dillon †

Margaret Sweeney McBride ‘33 †

Dolan Family Foundation

Mary McGrath ‘34

Holy Family Circle Our special thanks to the following individuals who made contributions of $25,000 or more to the College’s Annual Fund and/or Capital Campaign between July 1, 2003 and June 30, 2004. This exceptional support drives the College forward with great energy and faith in its future.

Thank you! Anonymous ‘57

Independent College Fund of New Jersey

Mary Norma Petter ‘41 †

Anonymous ‘59

Anna M. Jackson ‘36 †

Elizabeth M. Weller Renyi ‘69

Bergen Foundation

Carl and Janet Jennings

Florence Meehan Rosse ‘70

Les and Carol Brualdi, Jr.

Elena T. Pietroniro Lasko ‘39 †

Schering-Plough Foundation

Jane M. Charles Cunniffe ‘57

Lisa A. Mc Inerney ‘02

Sydney W. Tompkins ‘41 †

Eileen Sullivan Fell ‘58

Robert E. Meehan, CLU,ChFC

† - Deceased

Elaine Grillo ‘77

Ellen L. Murray ‘55 †

Gifts in Honor of Sister Francis Augustine

Sister Agnes Gregory Craig

Mildred M. Keegan

Viola Higgins Masterson ‘50

Nancy Bell-Malley

Sister Ellen M. Desmond ‘50

Erin Layton

Sister Rose Marie Padovano ‘60

Sister Jacqueline Burns ‘57

David Fulton

Helen Negrey Long ‘50

Sister Anita Richard Heilenday ‘50

Amelie Cavallero

Gleeson-Bligh Family

John P. Long

Anne Gaffney Richter ‘34

Christine Cluney ‘04

Sister Marianne Joyce

Sister Hildegarde M. Mahoney

Sister Frances A. Ritchie

Sister Margaret M. Conklin ‘47

Sister Mary M. Kapinos ‘50

Haley Martin

Sister Marian José Smith ‘36

Gifts in Memory of Helen Kayser Arnheiter ‘43

Lois C. Flynn ‘30

Anita Borras Kelly ‘61

Mary Mahoney O’Donnell ‘54

Stephen Bari

Sister Anne Ford

Elena T. Pietroniro Lasko ‘39

John J. O’Neill

Catherine Rogan Barrett ‘38

Frank and Edna Sheehan

Laurie P. Schneider Lauber ‘75

Mary Kelly O’Rourke ‘49

Theodora Baumgartner ‘43

Jane Carlson Frick ‘51

Marylyn Loprete ‘57

Lucy M. Flaherty Olwell ‘41

Bennett and Stickley Families

Margaret Fulboam

Aniceta Shea MacDonald ‘29

Virgil P. Pisapia

Sister Anne Brodhead

Sister Virgina Geiger ‘36

James & Katharine MacDonald

William T. Powers

Anne Flynn Cantlon ‘49

John and Bridget Ginty

Marion Madden

Maryann Preziosi

Nan and Jim Carey

Glenn & Catharina Goodman

Sister Elizabeth A. Maloney ‘47

Anita T. Pomicter Putalik Winger ‘49

Adele Chalfin

Sister Anne G. Michella Guinee

Sally A. Marion ‘71

Rosemary Kilmartin Reilly ‘30

Marcelle Y. Chenard

Sister Marie I. Hagen

Loretta Cera Mathews ‘54

Thomas J. Rowe

William J. Collict

Emma G. Hosinger Haggerty ‘30

Bette Jane McCabe ‘51

Raymond Schroth

Johanna M. Byrne Compton ‘67

Barbara J. Sweeney Hartnett ‘36

Anne E. McDermott

Madelyn P. Simmons

Dr. and Mrs. Cornelius S. Conklin

Kathryn M. Healey ‘22

Sister Anne J. McDermott

Eleanor Sirgiovanni

Mildred Maurer Connolly ‘36

Mr. and Mrs. Houghton

Mary McNamara-Gaffney

Ruth A. McClain Snyder ‘87

Grace Smith Curtayne ‘30

Steve and Ann Hughes

James & Florence McNulty

Marie Thebault Spann ‘44

Evangeline F. Watson Dana ‘32

Vivian Infantino ‘48

Yvonne M. Williams McPherson ‘53

Mary E. Steele

Muriel R. De Persio ‘45

Joel R. Jacobson

Mother of Bill Wolfson

John Sullivan

Frederick and Agnes Dente

Lillian M. Jennings

Guta Motiuk

Julia M. Sullivan

Henry and Josephine DePhillips

Susan Peterson Jones ‘63

Ellen L. Murray ‘55

Florence and Bill Trezenka

Joan E. Sweeney Donnelly ‘53

Sister Ellen Joyce ‘60

Beatrice Pietroniro Nielsen ‘34

Mary Jane Gannon Warshaw ‘53

Martin P. Downey

Eleanor Wisniewski Juby ‘53

Sister Catherine Nieuzytels

Joan Horgan Weiler ‘50

Ellen K. Druffner ‘46

Rosemary A. Judge

Anne Gannon Nolan ‘48

Marianne E. Tomasino Willis ‘99

Diane M. Robertson Duffy ‘60

Sister Mary Elise Kabis ‘32

Margaret A. Briggie Noll ‘46

Dr. John and Sophie Zavada

Arthur Finkelstein

Kevin J. Kelley

Edna & Frank Nuss


In Memory of Sister Ellen Joyce, S.C. Math teacher turned theologian, Sister Ellen Joyce, S.C., was a greatly respected and well-loved faculty member of the College of Saint Elizabeth from 1963 to 1968, and from 1988 to her death on April 17, 2004. Her life as a Sister of Charity of Saint Elizabeth for 49 years was a witness of service and leadership, coupled with dedication to her Sisters and the People of God. Sister Ellen Joyce entered the Sisters of Charity in 1955 and graduated from the College of Saint Elizabeth in 1960 with a degree in mathematics. After teaching at Star of the Sea Academy in Long Branch and St. Peter High School in New Brunswick, where her focus was on math and physics, she began a career in college teaching as an instructor in philosophy at the College 1963. She earned a master’s degree in philosophy from Fordham University in 1967 and a doctorate in theology, also from Fordham, in 1981. From 1970 to 1987, Sister Ellen Joyce was elected to increasingly responsible positions of leadership within her religious congregation. She served as Provincial Superior from 1973 to 1979, and was the youngest woman to be elected General Superior of the Sisters of Charity. Sister Ellen Joyce served with distinction as Chair of several boards of trustees, including the College of Saint Elizabeth from 1979 to 1987. Sister Ellen’s own impact on the Church of New Jersey was significant. Beyond her service as theology professor, department chair and director of the graduate program in theology at the College of Saint Elizabeth, Sister Ellen’s inspiring and insightful presentations in the College’s Center for Theological and Spiritual Development touched thousands. She was Diocesan Consultant for Religious for the Diocese of Paterson, a faculty member for the Diocese of Metuchen’s Diaconal Program, and shared her reflections and gestures of kind concern with prisoners in Trenton’s New Jersey State Prison as well. For extraordinary leadership and scholarship; for a lifelong commitment and witness to “Boundless Charity” toward her Sisters, her students, her colleagues, her friends, the disadvantaged and abandoned; and for 20 years of remarkable membership in this community of learning, the College of Saint Elizabeth bestowed upon Sister Ellen Joyce, S.C., the degree of Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa, posthumously, on May 15, 2004.

“May her memory live forever.”


Strategic Plan Update 2003-2004: The Architecture of the Dream Strategic Planning Document 2002-2006 Priority Area Goals MISSION & VALUES To ensure that the mission and values of the College of Saint Elizabeth as received from its founders, the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, are proclaimed, nurtured and lived.

ACADEMIC LIFE To advance the tradition of academic excellence of CSE while responding to emerging societal needs.

CAMPUS CULTURE To create a dynamic campus environment that enhances the academic experience of students through stimulating social, cultural, artistic, and educational programs consonant with our mission and values as a Catholic, liberal arts institution.

ENROLLMENT CONTINUING STUDIES – To realize enrollment growth of 5-10% each year through enrollments in credit, noncredit, on-campus and off-campus programming.





• WOMEN’S COLLEGE– To increase the incoming enrollment by 27, or 15%, over the next five years through ongoing monitoring of progress toward both enrollment and retention goals and effective outreach to relevant outside constituencies.




• FINANCIAL RESOURCES – To provide the resources needed to support the College’s Strategic Plan while maintaining the College of Saint Elizabeth’s history of prudent use of resources, strong fiscal planning and stewardship.

• PHYSICAL RESOURCES – To develop a deliberate approach to the preservation of our campus buildings and improve the functionality of the physical plant in a manner that is consistent with our strategic plan, through a careful and cost-effective maintenance program, new construction and renovations of older buildings.

• TECHNOLOGICAL RESOURCES – To expand and integrate technology into the academic and administrative life of the campus so as to enhance communication and learning, improve services, and provide new modes of delivery of education programs.

Motion with insight. Direction with grace. Power with purpose. In this second annual update, the College of Saint Elizabeth continues on the historic journey charted by its Strategic Plan 2002-2006 and reports the significant accomplishments of the 2003-2004 academic year. What becomes clear in the pages that follow is that the energy propelling this College’s progress into the future crystallizes into a distinct design that defines its mission and character. The blueprint for a center of educational excellence in the 21st century, an inclusive community with a particular emphasis on the promotion of women, has been carefully drawn. On page after page, it projects strength of spirit as well as mind, and blends the practical and efficient with the visionary and passionate. The bedrock of values in the Catholic tradition that was begun and is still sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth underlies solid academic achievement: new degree programs; faculty enhancement; scholarly publications and presentations. The structure of student life surrounds and complements academic life with attention to such areas as retention, tradition, spirituality, career preparation, internationalization, and leadership as service and social responsibility. The dialogue between these two integral College functions—academics and student life—is a clear expression of unity of purpose: At the College of Saint Elizabeth, students are our most important subject. The environment for the academic-student life dialogue requires both stability and flexibility. The acquiring and managing of financial, technical and human resources are the steel-solid bones on which the fabric of the building is hung. While teaching and student life may shape and color the edifice, the infrastructure gives it organic strength and form. 105 years ago, the Sisters of Charity broke ground for the College of Saint Elizabeth, keenly committed to the women of their own century and the students of the future. Today, the College continues to build on the power of those dreams, a College on the rise.

• HUMAN RESOURCES – To create an environment in which all faculty and staff support the strategic goals for the College, are valued for their efforts and ideas, perform at high levels, and are provided opportunities for professional development.

ADVANCEMENT To foster relationships and build visibility that will result in sustained financial support of the College in a way consonant with its mission and values as a Catholic, liberal arts institution.

For a copy of this update highlighting significant progress of Academic Year 2003-2004 and surveying the ground yet to be covered in 2004-2005, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement, (973) 290-4449 and request the Strategic Plan Update.


President’s Council Members The 2004 President’s Council is composed of the College’s generous benefactors who have given $1,000 or more in cash or stock to the College through the Annual Fund, Capital Campaign, and the “Celebrate Scholarship and Excellence Dinner” between July 1, 2003 and June 30, 2004. They are people from all constituencies whose generosity of spirit goes far beyond their extraordinary annual financial support. The President’s Council sustained commitment as a group and as individuals to expanding its membership and levels of support has created unprecedented growth and opportunity at the College. It is a prominent group of alumnae/i, parents, students, faculty, corporations, foundations, and other good friends on whom the President can call for help, expertise, insight, outreach and vision as she leads the College into the future. 1899 FOUNDERS SOCIETY (GIFTS OVER $10,000)

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

The Founders Society honors the valiant women who established and built the College of Saint Elizabeth and imbued it with an enduring spirit.

Warner-Lambert Company

KELLIGAR SOCIETY ($2,500-$4,999)

MAHONEY SOCIETY ($1,500-$2,499)

The Kelligar Society was named for the College’s founder and first president, Sister Pauline Kelligar, who accomplished the building of the College’s excellent academic reputation, as well as some of its finest structures.

The Mahoney Society was named for Sister Hildegarde Marie Mahoney, the College of Saint Elizabeth president whose achievements include the completion of a much-needed student center, science building and library.


Anonymous ‘59

Helen A. Ax ‘57

Helen Kayser Arnheiter ‘43 * †

Nathalie Calpini Berger ‘80 Λ

Jayne Lair BecVar ‘44


Marcelle T. Bernard ‘41

Veronica L. Bishop ‘63

Anonymous ‘64

Doris L. Bill ‘53

Carolyn A. Bradley ‘74

Helen Sheehan Barrett ‘33 * Λ

Clara C. Brophy ‘46

Laurel J. Brennan ‘67

Nancy L. Biello ‘97

Grace Reilly Conway ‘49

Leocadia Bajek Burke ‘51

Patricia Gleeson Bligh ‘58

Kathryn O’Rourke Costello ‘67

Mary Elmiger Byrnes ‘46

Julia Hoblitzell Buonocore ‘51

Mary Cupo Cruz ‘68

Leonora Burtt Conroy ‘41 Λ

Joan Fissell Hall ‘65

Kathleen Nulty Culley ‘92

Maryanne DiPasquale Czarnecki ‘77

Barbara Hensle Hoff ‘53

Eleanor Russo DeBiasse ‘45

Marie Tedeschi D’Innocenzio ‘48

Helen Harriman Holland ‘36

Frances Maraziti Drew ‘63

Margaret Mary P. Dalton ‘66

Marilyn Weigh Hudson ‘53

Kathryn O’Mahoney Fishman ‘54

Madeline McCann Dolan ‘53 *

Jean F. Judge ‘44 * Λ

Faith Kramer Germino ‘52

Nancy E. Dowd ‘54 Λ

Mary Hagen Lewis ‘56

Rita La Tour Goodemote ‘41

Ann E. Druffner ‘48

Barbara Luciano ‘77 * Λ

Rosemary MacIsaac Hundt ‘68

Marie C. Druffner ‘44

Maureen Murray ‘85 *

Winifred Markell Johanson ‘67

Alana E. Edelmann ‘70 Λ

Carolyn Holmes Neumann ‘45

Mary Karosen Kelly ‘64

Carol-MarieByrne Ellwood ‘69

Mary Beth Casey O’Brien ‘59 *

Micheline Mathews-Roth ‘56

Marilyn Haartz Fingerhut ‘64

Sheila F. O’Brien ‘53

Lisa A. Mc Inerney ‘02

Mary Malone Foley ‘44

James R. Oster ‘95

Margaret Sweeney McGann ‘51

Patricia Harriman Foley ‘55

Marycecile Mortenson Pomeroy ‘50

Mary Breslin McLaughlin ‘63

Jeanette C. Fredericks ‘94

Elizabeth Weller Renyi ‘69 Λ

Jane Micucci Rainis ‘76

Eileen C. O’Connor ‘38 *

Joanne Pietrucha Freeman ‘70

Florence Meehan Rosse ‘70 Λ

Valerie Del Tufo Rowe ‘68

Mary Foley Reiss ‘47

Elsbeth MacCulley Fullem ‘52

Elissa J. Santoro ‘60 *

Helen T. Rovinski ‘39

Agnes M. Gerrety ‘99

Ruth Burns Varley ‘46

Eileen Smith Ruotolo ‘45

Aline Collins Glavin ‘51


Virginia M. Sejman ‘45

Mary Jane Strattner Gregory ‘44 *

Margaret Sullivan ‘30 * Λ

Marylane T. Burry

Harriett Mellor Sosely ‘58

Nancy Castner Harper ‘70

Sydney W. Tompkins ‘41 †

Carl A. and Janet S. Jennings

Gemma McCarthy Sullivan ‘62

Anne McLaughlin Helfrich ‘48

Ursula M. Uttley ‘33 * †

Barry and Barbara Marinan

Aurele McNulty Timken ‘53

Janet Pedersen Horton ‘83

Elizabeth Curran Walker ‘56

Richard P. McMahon

Elvira Venneri Torcivia ‘53 *

Margaret Graf Jordan ‘53 *

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Meehan, CLU, ChFc

Cynthia Young Wynant ‘85

Ann Guarracini Kosco ‘76

Alan and Joann Painter


Maryanne Trump Barry

Hugh and Shawn DeFazio

Richard W. Keelty

Corporations and Foundations

Hannelore Hahn, PH.D.

Ulysses and Carol Brualdi Λ

Breast Care & Treatment Center

John M. Zavada

William and Susan Griffin

College of New Rochelle

Corporations and Foundations

Independent College Fund of New Jersey Λ

Anita Westcott Magatti ‘69

Hooper Holmes

CIT Group Foundation

Viola Higgins Masterson ‘50

Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of

Monmouth/Ocean County Alumnae Chapter

Eileen Carey McCoy ‘54

Saint Mary’s Abbey-Delbarton School

Joan Mathews McIntyre ‘50

The New York Community Trust

SBC Management Corporation

Mary K. McKone ‘68

Public Service Electric and Gas Company

Tompkins, McGuire, Wachenfeld & Barry LLP

M. Clare Foley O’Brien ‘54

Anonymous ‘54 * Anonymous ‘57 Anonymous ‘65 * Janice Murphy Carty ‘63

Schering-Plough Foundation

BAYLEY SOCIETY ($5,000-$9,999) The Bayley Society was named for Elizabeth Bayley Seton and her nephew, Archbishop Bayley, who played a significant role in bringing the Sisters of Charity to New Jersey.

Lenore Loe Chen ‘39 Margaret H. Connell ‘27 * † Jane Charles Cuniffe ‘57 * Λ Anita Falla ‘43 * Λ Eileen Sullivan Fell ‘58 Lois C. Flynn ‘30 * † Elaine Castellano Grillo ‘77 Marion Blake Heger ‘44 Anna M. Jackson ‘36 * † Wanda Gorzynska Krzyzak ‘29 † Elena Pietroniro Lasko ‘39 † Helen Negrey Long ‘50 * Elizabeth A. Lowe ‘84 Therese A. Maloney ‘51 Λ Mary Jane Trainer Mullaney ‘52 Ellen L. Murray ‘55 † Beatrice P. Nielsen ‘34 * † Victoria A. Null ‘70 Anna Grace Oslansky ‘53 * Mary Norma Petter ‘41 †

Francine Cheeseman Shaw ‘76 Elaine T. Shawhan ‘01 Ruth Besson Shiels ‘54

Mary R. Zavada ‘57 Λ Friends Charles and Joan Foerster

Corporations and Foundations Bank of New York Bergen Foundation Charles Edison Fund Λ Pfizer, Inc.


New Jersey

Jane O’Hara Larkin ‘54 Priscilla Lenihan Lawler ‘40 † Joan R. Lewis ‘52 Ann M. Lux-Krietsch ‘60 Alice O. Mackov ‘47

Mary Ellen Ryan O’Connor ‘75

Anne V. O’Sullivan ‘47

Ann Lupardi DeVenezia ‘56

Elizabeth Mooney ‘01

Anthony and Tina Puleo

Ellen Hanlon Purcell ‘56

Marie Nicoletti DeVita ‘49

Alice M. Morris ‘41

Andrea J. Simon, Ph.D.

Nancy Hall Roddy ‘54

Jacqueline Garneau Dooley ‘57

Elizabeth Clark Morrison ‘44

Emmet T. White

Carole G. Rogers ‘01

Joan Horner Dow ‘51

Mary E. Murphy ‘62

Saul A. Wolfe

Barbara Gill Rogus ‘64

Carol Restivo Dunay-Kreit ‘58

Rosemary Bolan Murphy ‘44

Adelaide Finnegan Rossey ‘58

Dorothy Dittrich Dwyer ‘54

Catherine Flaherty Murray ‘50

Mary Beth McEnroe Ryan ‘50 *

Virginia Toohey Eckert ‘54

Anne Gannon Nolan ‘48 †

Margaret Alvino Smith ‘47

Frances DeMaria Edson ‘95

Carol Harbord Novrit ‘88

Geraldine Felock Tavares ‘59

Kathleen Mosher Egan ‘68

Anne Bradshaw O’Brien ‘48

Priscilla A. Taylor ‘98

Genevieve Feeney Fagan ‘36

Gertrude Leddy O’Connor ‘43

Carol Leonhard Tribus ‘65

Dorothy Grey Farrell ‘35 *

Victoria E. Pesce ‘40

Caroline Caruso Wakefield ‘41

Marie B. Feeney ‘52

Mary Ann Blair Pietromonaco ‘65

Mary Jane Waldron ‘45

Jeanne Schroth Ferguson ‘49 *

Barbara Salamone Pineda ‘55

Hayden K. Williamson ‘91

Regina Roehrle Fielding ‘49

Karen Fryer Pingarron ‘61

Antoinette Goefort Fitzpatrick ‘48

Shirley A. Pomponi ‘71

Frances Bynum Flynn ‘41

Genevieve L. Porte ‘62

Mary Lou Flynn ‘59

Rosina Grogan Quinn ‘46

Rita Menegus Foti ‘58

Rita Cassidy Richardson ‘37

Mary Jean Bure Gallagher ‘52

Anne Gaffney Richter ‘34

Blanche Cholet Gandolf ‘45

Etta Marie Martorano Rizzuto ‘51

Edwina Hagan Giuliano ‘45

Mary Woodruff Scirocco ‘77

Johanna Glazewski ‘62

Yolanda Nargiello Scypinski ‘79

Eileen McGrath Grace ‘52

Margaret Garrity Shea ‘49

Kathleen McGough Grant ‘53

Kathleen Grant Skinner ‘45

Elizabeth Musante Griffin ‘47

Mary Jo Daniels Skutnik ‘68

Corporations and Foundations

Roberta Szymanski Harmon ‘74

Loretta Jones Sloan ‘40

The Robert and Joan Dircks Foundation

Mary Rowland Hennessy ‘74

Barbara Sonowski Sorvino ‘54

Semple Bixel Associates, Inc.

Geraldine Antes Higham ‘54

Ann Waldron Stuart ‘48

Anne Marie Hornyak ‘73

Audrey Shire Thomson ‘50

Rosemary A. Kane ‘43

Marie O’Donnell Timko ‘87

Carol Pedersen Karnas ‘77

Shirley Hayes Tolentino ‘65

Sonja A. Kazmer ‘69

Marie Wong Tsang ‘62

Marie La Posta Kenny ‘48

Lorena E. Tyson ‘55

Rita M. Knauf ‘47

Christine E. Virag-Non ‘71

Emily Hahn Kosobucki ‘53

Agatha Whelan Wahl ‘33

Dorothy Gombas Kotler ‘70

Janet McGinness Weis ‘54

Audry Melkowits Kravarik ‘52

Jane Crowe Willard ‘53

Emma Jayne Bernholz Kretlow ‘40

Mary Paula Woods ‘39

Anonymous ‘70

Doris Grippo Woolfenden ‘52

Yolanda Mazza Kunz ‘68

Gertrude M. Zaklan ‘68

Friends Thomas E. Baker William S. Ford John and Irene Graham Kevin and Patricia Higgins Michael and Barbara Kovacs Michael D. Loprete Mary M. Pramuk Dorothy A. Richter Harriet Lipman Sepinwall

SETON SOCIETY ($1,000-$1,499) The Seton Society was named for the founder of the Sisters of Charity, Elizabeth Bayley Seton. It is the first level of President’s Council membership. Alumnae/i Maryann Acuff ‘00 Eleanore A. Adams ‘56 Patricia Sheehan Allain ‘52 Anita M. Angiulli ‘43 Claire Burns Armstrong ‘47 Margaret A. Augustine ‘76 Maureen A. Barry ‘91 Emilia Salek Biskup ‘77 Mary Ann Kulpinski Bojak ‘65 Karen Pridmore Bossieux ‘73 Marianne Bulman Bozzi ‘57 Dolores Bersey Bradley ‘50 Joan Cantrell Brady ‘52 Jill Finn Brenner ‘51 Bridget Lynn Broadgate Burns ‘68 Jane Trezenka Butkowsky ‘52 Eileen Callahan ‘92 Rosemary Higgins Cass ‘50 Valerie Van Ness Cauley ‘70 Jane Watson Charbonnier ‘65 Frances Fitzpatrick Chasen ‘67 Helen Monahan Cirino ‘49 Mary L. Clark ‘71 Ann McGaughan Connell ‘67 Joan Crowley Conroy ‘48 * Emma Guinness Cote ‘53 Juliet A. Cozzi ‘58

Jane Bartkowiak Kwieciak ‘64 Diane Paul Ladner ‘61 Patricia Kenny Larkin ‘49 * Suzzette Sica Levy ‘58 Madeline Di Donna Longo ‘54 Elizabeth Loughlin Lortie ‘54 E. Sheila Luciuk ‘00 Emily Brown Maher ‘51 Eileen Murphy Maier ‘54 Alice Cassidy Maloney ‘44 * Helen Nolan Maloney ‘51 * Christina Jordan Manning ‘65 Carroll McLaughlin Manville ‘35 Gertrude C. Marley ‘48 Dorothy Egnor Matyskiel ‘53 Mary Mazzarella DeMayo ‘55 Ruth Everett McDonough ‘41 Elaine McGoldrick McGovern ‘51 Patricia A. McGovern ‘48 Mary C. McGregor ‘47 Sister Patricia Mary McMullen ‘47 Gina De Paolo McShane ‘00 Mary Ann Ulbrich Meyer ‘48

Corporations and Foundations A.L.M. Electric Co., Inc. Jewish Community Foundation Madison Hotel Nadaskay Kopelson Architects New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority Puleo International, Inc. The Riordan Foundation Russell Investment Group Unum Corporation

* - President’s Council Charter Members

Λ - Lifetime Members † - Deceased

Friends Anonymous Charles and Catherine Boehm J. Martin Comey Sister Agnes Gregory Craig Leo and Marion Dauwer

From left, Robyn and Richard Keelty pictured at the College’s 21st annual President’s Council Dinner where Mr. Keelty received the 2004 President’s Award for his generousity and leadership in helping to renew alumnae/i and corporate support for the College, September 23, 2004.

J. Hugh and Nancy Devlin Norman and Marjorie Feinstein Douglas Hager Carlene E. Henke Jeanine Hirsch Frank and Lucille Hoenemeyer Christina Huhmann Ellen V. Kelly Raymond T. Latour Ronald A. Loneker, Jr. Mark E. Long Jean Mallette Dorothea B. McDonough Patricia E. Murphy Louise A. Murray Gregory and Kyoung Sook Neumann Nicholas H. Politan


Annual Fund Individual Contributions by Class/Club, July 1, 2003–June 30, 2004 The College of Saint Elizabeth is deeply grateful for the generosity of its alumnae/i and friends, who have demonstrated their commitment to the College’s ministry through their gifts to the Annual Fund. The class totals represent all gifts of cash or stock made to the Annual Fund during the 2003-2004 Fiscal Year. Class participation rates are based solely on the number of alumnae/i in each class who made gifts to the Annual Fund. It is extremely important to sustain annual giving, even in the midst of a Capital Campaign. Gifts to the Annual Fund advance the College’s Strategic Plan, enliven our campus community, and ensure a bright future for the College of Saint Elizabeth. We express our deep appreciation to all listed on the following pages for making such remarkable financial success possible.


1899 Society of the President’s Council ($10,000+)


Bayley Society of the President’s Council ($5,000 - 9,999)


Kelligar Society of the President’s Council ($2,500 - 4,999)


Mahoney Society of the President’s Council ($1,500 - 2,499)


Seton Society of the President’s Council ($1,000 - 1,499)


Pelican Club ($500 - 999)


Xavier Club ($250 - 499)


Elizabethan Club ($100 - 249)


Contributor (Under $100)

Your gifts make excellence in education possible! 1929

- $816.00 Number of Class Members: 9 Percentage of Participation: 22% Class of 1929, X Anonymous, P


- $20,000.00 Number of Class Members: 10 Percentage of Participation: 10% Margaret M. Sullivan, 1899/PC


- $500.00 Number of Class Members: 9 Percentage of Participation: 11% Marienne Werthman Nichols, P


- $6,575.00 Number of Class Members: 11 Percentage of Participation: 36% Helen Sheehan Barrett, B/PC Regina Lawlor Barton, P

Hilda Salmon Dennis, C Agatha Whelan Wahl, S/PC


- $400.00 Number of Class Members: 13 Percentage of Participation: 15% Catherine A. Malloy, X Sara Bradley Martinetti, E


- $2,540.00 Number of Class Members: 28 Percentage of Participation: 29% M. E. Adkins, E Dorothy Roach Downey, C Dorothy Grey Farrell, S/PC Sister Gertrude M. Kerin, C Gertrude Carr Koch, C Carroll McLaughlin Manville, S/PC Jane Murray O'Grady, X Alice Perlaw, E


- $6,875.00 Number of Class Members: 23 Percentage of Participation: 30% Congetta M. Adamo, E Genevieve Feeney Fagan, S/PC Helen Harriman Holland, B/PC Alba Carleo Lanoway, E Janet Gaw Lenney, E Rita Smith Nesbit, P Jane Hathaway Vasilenko, C


- $1,600.00 Number of Class Members: 20 Percentage of Participation: 15% Sylvia Newmark Litwin, E Dorothy M. Norton, P Rita Cassidy Richardson, S/PC


- $2,850.00 Number of Class Members: 15 Percentage of Participation: 20% Georgiana Bavosa Cona, X Charlotte Gavaletz Criswell, E Eileen C. O'Connor, K/PC


- $13,745.00 Number of Class Members: 29 Percentage of Participation: 31% Lucille Pinnelli Adams, C Lenore Loe Chen, 1899/PC Amalia Ruocco Del Giudice, C Rita Stanton Dotto, C Dorothea McHarg Dowd, E Naomi A. Gilpatrick, C Helen T. Rovinski, K/PC Mary Louise Parsons Sullivan, C Mary Paula Woods, S/PC

1940 - $4,780.00

From left, Melanie Anton, Kathy Suppa, Lawrence Casha, Debra Eckert-Casha Esq., Carol Barton, and Vivian Cleffi pictured at the College’s Celebrate Scholarship & Excellence Dinner-Dance where Ms. Casha, a community leader, educator and role model, received the Vincentian Award for Excellence and Community Leadership, June 17, 2004.

Number of Class Members: 37 Percentage of Participation: 54% Berenice S. Arthur-Cohan, C Margaret Fitzgerald Donovan, E Gertrude C. Duffy, C Mildred Jarvis Feeley, C Eleanor Schwartz Finkelstein, X Joan Stehr Gavin, C Marjorie R. Hemingway, C Mary P. Kennard, E

Veronica T. Klein, C Emma Jayne Bernholz Kretlow, S/PC Elizabeth Chewey Lonnie, C Ruth Moran Macdonald, E Victoria E. Pesce, S/PC Muriel I. Pindar, E Frances Geoghan Reamer, X Rita Murphy Shugrue, E Loretta Jones Sloan, S/PC Celeste C. Sodano, E Evelyn Zwigard Tully, E Evelyn Cuffe Van Gieson, E


- $9,130.00 Number of Class Members: 52 Percentage of Participation: 25% Leonora Burtt Conroy, M/PC Marie Nesbitt Cosentino, E Frances Bynum Flynn, S/PC Rita LaTour Goodemote, K/PC Mary McDonald Heus, X Lorraine Kerin Hoyt, C Mary G. Hutchinson, X Marion Ward Joyce, C Ellen Hayes Lee, E Ruth Everett McDonough, S/PC Alice M. Morris, S/PC Jeanne Voelker Punderson, E Caroline Caruso Wakefield, M/PC

1942 - $2,520.00 Number of Class Members: 49 Percentage of Participation: 33% Lavinia Herlihy Ball, E Ana V. Cianchini, E Helen Petro DeLia, E Claire Devine Driscoll, E L. Frances DeLuca Dunn, C Antoinette T. Enrico, X Jean M. Enrico, P Helen McGrath Gromann, E Jessica Clayton Kilduff, X Lucy A. King, C Catherine A. McMannis, E Rosaleen A. Price, X Marie A. Rowe, C Claire Hogan Saydah, C Maryrose C. Swift, C Mary Roach Taylor, E

† - Deceased



- $10,720.00 Number of Class Members: 60 Percentage of Participation: 42% Amelia M. Angelo, C Anita M. Angiulli, S/PC Helen Kayser Arnheiter, M/PC † Helen Bindas, X Margaret McManus Brown, E Maryrose E. Burke, P Elizabeth Wade Butts, X Eleanor Ely Chase, C Eileen M. Cickay, E Florence Clancy Collins, E Doris R. Dzinsky, E Anita Falla, S/PC Mabel C. Forster, E Anonymous, X Rosemary A. Kane, S/PC Evelyn J. Kerin, E Anna Epifano Kochan, E Maryalice Beirne Maguire, E Mary Mahoney Martin, C Gertrude Leddy O'Connor, S/PC Elizabeth Frechen Padian, C Margaret M. Ralston, X Margaret Wise Strenz, E Miriam A. Wheeler, E Florence E. Wolfe, E

1944 - $32,898.00 Number of Class Members: 65 Percentage of Participation: 45% Jayne Lair BecVar, M/PC Eleanor Maloney Breslin, E Marjorie DiPietro DelGaizo, X Dorothy Crysler DeVine, E Elizabeth Marsac Dobson, E Marie C. Druffner, M/PC Margaret A. Farrell, E Mary V. Foley, M/PC Mary Jane Strattner Gregory, M/PC Margaret Fenton Haynes, E Marion Blake Heger, 1899/PC Angela Conforti Jakucs, C Alice M. John, P Jean F. Judge, K/PC Marie Morrow Klemm, E Adelaide Wunner Koch, E Alice Cassidy Maloney, S/PC Mary A. McEntee, E Elizabeth C. Morrison, S/PC Rosemary Bolan Murphy, S/PC Doris Kilminster Newcomb, E Adrienne M. Parsons, E Sophia Del Tufo Pascal, E Claire E. Portfolio, X Gertrude Haas Slowinski, X Mary A. Sweetin, P Anonymous, P Rosemary A. Whalen, P Margaret Reynolds White, P

1945 - $20,425.00 Number of Class Members: 64 Percentage of Participation: 56% Lenore G. Black, E Carlyle P. Brady, E Margaret Charlton Brown, E † Jeanne Nittoli Bruno, E Eileen D. Callaghan, E Helen W. Connolly, X Eleanor Russo DeBiasse, K/PC Edwina M. Devine, E Eileen Stuhr Fletcher, E Blanche H. Gandolf, S/PC Joan G. Garten, E Edwina H. Giuliano, P Mary E. Goris, E Linda M. Grant, E Dolores P. Hollender, C Ann R. Holzwarth, X Eileen M. Knight, X Mary Langley Lynch, E Ruth E. Markey, E Verner B. Mathews, E Margaret Coyle McFeely, X Gloria Perazzo McLaughlin, E Eleanor Devine McMahon, E

Maria Gallo Mercuro, E Mary Mackinson Miller, X Dolores M. Murphy, P Carolyn Holmes Neumann, B/PC Catharine M. O'Hern, P Eileen Smith Ruotolo, K/PC Mary A. Scannell, C Virginia M. Sejman, K/PC Kathleen Grant Skinner, S/PC Ruth LaCapra Tamburello, X Mary Jane Waldron, M/PC Carlotta F. Winslow, E Sister Adelaide Eguenia Ziegler, C

2004 ANNUAL FUND Top 10 Classes in Giving July 1, 2003 - June 30, 2004 CLASS
























1946 - $14,160.00 Number of Class Members: 56 Percentage of Participation: 37% Anne W. Albano, E Margaret A. Auer, E Katherine C. Bell, E Clara C. Brophy, K/PC Mary E. Byrnes, S/PC Shirleyan Kaiserman Fitzgerald, X Grace Hemmer Garrigan, X † Barbara Dacey Goss, C Mabel R. Keating, C Harriet E. Kelley, E Margaret C. Kiernan, E Joan H. King, C Marianna R. Kraszewski, E Mary C. Macioci, C Dorothy Mele McCloskey, C Rosemary G. McCloskey, X Marie Connolly McKernan, X Catherine B. Ritcey, E Evelyn Kenny Slason, E Ruth Burns Varley, B/PC Eileen C. Wyrough, E


- $18,350.00 Number of Class Members: 72 Percentage of Participation: 53% Claire B. Armstrong, S/PC Janice Caffrey Bennet, C Madeline C. Burns, C Mary Fran Maguire Carey, C Barbara N. Christian, E Sister Margaret M. Conklin, X Betty Ann O'Hare Corio, C Evelyn O'Brien Darcy, P Mary A. Farley, E Joan M. Gaspard, E Betty Farrell Geiger, C Elizabeth M. Griffin, S/PC Mary Jane Neumann Hampton, C Medelise Dzinsky Jackson, E Nancy Schroth Jackson, E † Barbara Rudel Johnson, E Jane Comings Kelly, E † Rita M. Knauf, S/PC Helen M. Luboja, E Elizabeth R. Lyons, E Alice D. Mackinson, E Alice O. Mackov, M/PC

Olga R. Manolio, C Elaine Goodman Martin, C Mary C. McGregor, S/PC Sister Patricia Mary McMullen, S/PC Ann Nolan O'Neill, E Anne V. O'Sullivan, M/PC Mary M. Pieslak, C Catherine A. Powers, X Eileen M. Redmond, X Patricia A. Regan, E Mary T. Reiss, M/PC Roberta A. Ryan, C Jean M. Skevington, X Margaret E. Smith, M/PC Mary Torrey Dooms, X Helen Marth Toth, C


- $18,368.85 Number of Class Members: 94 Percentage of Participation: 56% Ernestine Fabris Bangert, E Eleonora M. Blais, C Mildred B. Bogart, C Marie Miscione Cassanelli, X Beverly Bolen Cassin, C Rosemary L. Cavanaugh, E Philomene A. Center, C Joan Crowley Conroy, S/PC Jacqueline A. Cushing, C Marie J. D'Innocenzio, M/PC Claire A. Danis, E Anonymous, C Patricia C. Doherty, C Ann E. Druffner, M/PC Elizabeth W. Egan, C Jean Fattori, C Antoinette G. Fitzpatrick, P Gloria K. Goodness, C Dorothy C. Green, E Marie Monaghan Gunning, E Anne M. Helfrich, M/PC Marie La Posta Kenny, S/PC Eleanor R. Kerby, E Jane E. Lundergan, E Beryl A. Lyons, C Anne M. Mac Isaac, E

2004 ANNUAL FUND Top 10 Classes by Participation July 1, 2003 - June 30, 2004 CLASS






















Virginia M. Maguire, E Gertrude C. Marley, S/PC June M. Mazza, C Katherine M. McFarland, X Patricia A. McGovern, S/PC Eileen D. McMahon, E Mary Ann Meyer, S/PC Marie Sessa Montalto, C Mary McDermott Mulholland, E Jean M. Munning, E Patricia A. Murphy, E Anne Gannon Nolan, S/PC † Regina H. Nugent, X Anne B. O'Brien, S/PC Rosemary N. Parisi, C Anne M. Regan, E Frances C. Ruch, C Mary T. Schreiber, C Doris S. Simpson, E Jane D. Slattery, E

Joan M. Spallino, C Ann W. Stuart, S/PC Margaret Tierney, E Rita K. Titus, E Gloria T. Verrochi, E Joan H. Vreeland, E Ruth B. Weisenfeld, C

1949 - $19,660.00 Number of Class Members: 120 Percentage of Participation: 60% Merle G. Anderson, X Mary P. Bell, X Anne F. Betz, E Mary Ann C. Brennan, E Marie A. Cantlon, E Marion Cappello, E Carol R. Celli, C Helen M. Cirino, S/PC Mary Louise Clarken, P Grace R. Conway, K/PC Jeanne A. Cooke, E Mary T. Cooney, C Patricia Potter Criss, C Rose A. De Matteis, X Marie N. DeVita, S/PC Rosemary A. Donahue, P Mary L. Dooley, X Marcella M. Drechsel, E Mary Saporita Duffy, E Betty J. Eberenz, C Jeanne K. Ferguson, S/PC Regina M. Fielding, S/PC Elizabeth Caccavale Gaffney, C Adelaide M. Gautieri, C Elizabeth C. Goubeaud, P Mary Leary Graham, C Patricia M. Graham, E Sylvia H. Griffith, C Maureen Quirk Harrigan, E Jane K. Healey, X Mary Alice Henk, E Dorothy D. Hunt, X Yvonne Imbleau, X Vincenza J. Jasper, C Roberta L. Jones, E Eleanor Bittig Keenoy, E Theresa E. Kerin, C Suzanne G. Klein, E Eleanora M. Kolbert, C Jane Regan Larkin, E Patricia A. Larkin, S/PC Doris J. Macaluso, C Anne M. Markey, P Regina M. McBride, E Geraldine M. McCormack, E Mary McDonald, E Eileen G. McHugh, E Regina Reese McNamara, C Jane D. Monheimer, E Ethelinda P. Nelson, E Rosalind S. O'Connor, E Mary O'Rourke, E † Marion C. Ouellette, P Alice Goerner Pike, E Anita Putalik Winger†, E Anne G. Reeves, C Helen S. Regazzi, E Elizabeth C. Reilly, E Joanne M. Schalk, C Mary Schambach Kenyon, P Margaret F. Schmerge-McCann, C Ruth F. Schroetter, C Margaret G. Shea, S/PC Rita R. Spillane, E Marie R. Squire , E Barbara B. Stabe, E Suzanne Gobel Stabnick, E Dorothy T. Symanski, E Catherine C. Troy, E Anita Putalik Winger, E † Constance L. Young, E Bernadette M. Zimmermann, E Barbara M. Zonino, X



- $19,290.00 Number of Class Members: 91 Percentage of Participation: 52% Elizabeth E. Azzara, E Joan K. Barbato, E Dolores Bersey Bradley, S/PC Rosemary H. Cass, S/PC Patricia O'Brien Caufield, C Virginia M. Daly, X Dolores F. Dorsey, E Mary A. Eibell, E Fay Rubin Falcone, C Mary H. Finnerty, C Marie C. Flatley, C Mary Ann Hall, C Anne-Marie Hallaert, C Patricia Woods Huot, E Susanne H. Jamison, C Veronica Haracz Kaczor, X Josephine A. La Monica, E Helen N. Long, B/PC Eunice Lawless Lukas, E Dorothy Baldwin Maloney, C Viola Higgins Masterson, S/PC Viola E. Mateer, C Ann M. McDonough, C Joan P. McIntyre, S/PC Regina McNamara, E Elizabeth C. Meehan, X Genevieve Greco Morgan, E Mary E. Mounteer, E Catherine F. Murray, P Carol Polglase Noonan, E Jacqueline O'Connor, C Lorraine McArdle Petracca, P Marycecile M. Pomeroy, P †Rita P. Reardon, X Rose Marie Reiner, E Ann S. Riordan, C Vivian Corbett Ruschmann, E Mary Beth McEnroe Ryan, M/PC Mary Elizabeth Savage, P Elizabeth F. Segers, E Leonora Donahue Sheehan, E Maria V. Sovetts, E Clare A. Spitsen, E Audrey S. Thomson, S/PC Angela B. Tortorello, X June D. Waldrup, C Lois Judge West, E

Nancy Troth Kindle, C Helen M. Lennon, E Judith C. Leys, C Eleanor Shao Min Li, E Mary T. Longo, C


- $28,817.00 Number of Class Members: 122 Percentage of Participation: 58% Patricia S. Allain, M/PC Bernice Anglin, E


Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Center for Theological and Spiritual Development Schering-Plough Foundation Health Education Charles Edison Fund Grant: Honors Programs Independent College Fund Women in Science Program Johnson & Johnson Capital Grant

Mary E. Loughlin, E Marjorie V. Ludecker, E Betty J. MacInnes, C Emily A. Maher, S/PC Helen N. Maloney, S/PC Therese A. Maloney, S/PC Marijane Coughlin McCurdy, E Julianne K. McDermott, X Margaret S. McGann, S/PC Elaine M. McGovern, S/PC Marie C. Mele, C Evangeline E. Moutis, E









10/10/03 11/6/03

$10,000.00 $8,000.00



Adele D. Bergen, C Vilma S. Boero, P Edith E. Boschian, E Eileen R. Bradley, E Joan F. Brady, S/PC Anne F. Brebbia, E Mary Ann Meyer Brucker, E Barbara E. Brundage, P Ann J. Brutzman, C Jane Trezenka Butkowsky, E Helen F. Carney, E Ann Conway Clancy, C


- $23,594.00 Number of Class Members: 119 Percentage of Participation: 54% Eleanor Millott Amann, E Anonymous, E Mary N. Bailey, E Patricia G. Barry, X Nancy J. Bendokas, E Philomena Iannuzzi Berardo, E Rose F. Blum, E Jill T. Brenner, S/PC Edith Fioretti Brisson, E G. Anne Emerling Brown, C Julia M. Buonocore, B/PC Leocadia Bajek Burke, M/PC Mary A. Caldwell, E Joan Carr O'Connell, E Carmela Patti Castellone, C Rita H. Christensen, C Maureen P. , E Joan H. Clare, E Frances A. Costello, X Eleanor M. Courter, C Anna A. Daly, C Marcella F. Del Nero, E Joan A. Dow, S/PC Jane M. Dunn, E Ruth A. Fay, E Mary G. Fernandez, C Patricia Murray Finn, X Joan A. Flaherty, C Paula A. Florentino, X Genevieve J. Fusiek, C Aline C. Glavin, P Anne Marie Greene, E Helene J. Griffin, C Izolina N. Gylys, E


Alumnae Honored at Circle Rededication – The Santa Rita Circle is rededicated in honor of the Class of1954 for achieving the rank of number one in class participation at a rate of 83% to the 2004 Annual Fund. Mary A. Muoio, E Sister Kathleen O'Brien, C Patricia A. O'Hara, E Helen A. Ogden, E Etta Marie Rizzuto, S/PC Lorraine M. Robidoux, C Maureen F. Ross, E Madeline Magnier Schollmeyer, E Phyllis K. Spohrer, X Dorothy T. Sullivan, E Elinor M. Sweeney, E Irene Misdom Villanova, C Melva L. Wood, E

Carmela Lumino Clancy, C Joan DePhillips Clark, C Betty Twyford Cousins, E Rima Saldutti Daly, X Marie Kirley Darling, C Ellen M. Davis,E Marguerite Nolan Doran, E Maurine O'Keefe Eisenmenger, X Marie B. Feeney, S/PC Dorothy Nuss Finnegan, E Mary MacDonald Ford, E Elsbeth MacCulley Fullem, M/PC Xenia Carras Gakos, C Mary Jean Bure Gallagher, S/PC

Natalie J. Gibbons, C Evangelina S. Gonzalez, E Eileen M. Grace, S/PC Audrey Barton Healy, C Barbara Quigley Hungerford, E Audry M. Kravarik, S/PC Cecilia Romano Laureys, E Marie Hussey Leary, E Joyce M. Lehman, E Joan R. Lewis, S/PC Kathryn Burre Liptak, X Mary E. Little, C Joan F. Madden, E Grace Vallone Mariorenzi, E Rose Ferretti Martz, C Mary T. McCormick, E Mary Toohey McIntyre, E Mary Jean Pizzi McLaughlin, E Mary Jane Barron Melo, E Carolyn E. Mercer, E Mary Jane Trainer Mullaney,1988/PC Rosemary M. O'Brien, E Anna M. Panaccione, E Gloria Knauf Price, E Marguerite G. Quinn, E Mary Jane A. Russin, C Patricia Dolan Ryan, X Eleanor Owens Selavka, C Mary G. Shanahan, E Barbara Shay MacDonald, C Mary Kay Hughes Shortt, C Dorothy W. Smith, C Joan B. Smith, C Maureen White Stickel, P Beatrice A. Straton, E Muriel C. Sullivan, C Elizabeth Reilly Sutherland, E Grace Leonardis Swenson, E Carolyn Palcar Voda, P Barbara Blake Waas, E Margaret F. Whelan, C Rita Hughes Wilson, E Doris Grippo Woolfenden, S/PC


- $46,161.44 Number of Class Members: 109 Percentage of Participation: 58% Elizabeth Nugent Anderson, E Susan P. Bariscillo, E Mary Jane Glennon Baylies, X Ann M. Belardo, C Doris L. Bill, K/PC Alice M. Blood, C Janet M. Bonar, E Mary Lou O'Donnell Boylan, E Ellen M. Brown, E Tina Ferruggia Cardinale, C Virginia Kajan Carlin, P Ann H. Cook, C Emma G. Cote, S/PC Joan Landy Damsey, E Mary D. Denecour, E Madeline M. Dolan, M/PC Mary E. Doyle, E Marian Maltese Eschleman, E Elizabeth Hegner Fandel, E Eileen O'Brien Farrell, E Marilyn Cantasano Ferrandino, E Mary Lou Doherty Fieseler, E Joan Pluck Frey, C Kathleen M. Grant, S/PC Kathleen C. Hashim, E Barbara Hensle Hoff, B/PC Elizabeth Magee Horan, E Marilyn Weigh Hudson, B/PC Sister Jean M. Hunter, C Judith Moore Huston, E Philomena Lupardi Ippolito, E Margaret G. Jordan, M/PC Jacquelin J. Kelly, C Emily H. Kosobucki, S/PC Dorothy K. Lebeau, E Ann O'Neill Lenox, C Veronica B. Mariani, P Maryann P. Markano, C Dorothy E. Matyskiel, S/PC Vivian Bosman McCormick, C Grace Gaffney McCrane, X

Anne Manning Metzler, E Marilyn E. Mongeon, C Mary Coyle Mongeon, E Patricia A. Mulvey, E Catherine McCann Murphy, C Ann Triano Nucciarone, E Barbara Burns Petrick, C Norma Hart Potvin, C Kathleen Moore Preston, C Ellen H. Purcell, M/PC Suzanne M. Ryan, C Marylouise H. Satterlee, E Eileen F. Sheridan, E Jayne Galdieri Stehman, E Elizabeth C. Walker, 1988/PC M. A. White, X

Dolores Stauder Murtha, C Rita Simpson Niccum, C Sheila F. O'Brien, K/PC Anna Grace Oslansky, 1899/PC Barbara McAward Quinn, E Angelina L. Ranieri, E Elaine Gately Richards, E Barbara Olsen Rivell, C Christine Gero Rocco, X Eleanor M. Schneeloch, E Anne Racanelli Simone, E Elaine O'Brien Simpson, E Jane M. Spell, E Patricia Murray Stanley, C Aurele M. Timken, K/PC Elvira Venneri Torcivia, K/PC Elizabeth Shellborn Townsend, C Elizabeth Farrell Tunny, C Ann G. Walsh, E Jane C. Willard, S/PC



- $56,201.90 Number of Class Members: 85 Percentage of Participation: 83% Dorothy Keane Achtmeyer, P Clare Yarusavage Alves, P Clare Heafey Archer, E Norma Reilly Boeckel, X Sister Eileen A. Chamberlain, C Joan Leuchten Chown, C Patricia O'Malley Corrigan, P E. Carol Cotter, X Anne F. Devereaux, X Sheila Walsh Dolezal, E Nancy E. Dowd, M/PC Mary Lou Williams Dull, C Dorothy D. Dwyer, S/PC Virginia Toohey Eckert, S/PC Barbara CarollaFalcone, E Beverly McCarthy Ferner, E Kathryn O'Mahoney Fishman, K/PC Joan M. , X Ann Byrnes Garman-Pitcher, P Elizabeth C. Good, E Margaret Coughlin Guthlein, P Marcia Brown Hand, E Marita Haggerty Harper, E Judith Schneider Henrici, P Marilyn Slicklen Henry, E Geraldine A. Higham, S/PC Elizabeth C. Hoag, X Virginia M. Keeling, K/PC Jane O'Hara Larkin, M/PC Madeline D. Longo, S/PC Helen E. Lord, E Elizabeth Loughlin Lortie, S/PC Eileen Murphy Maier, S/PC Lucy M. Mao Sigmund, P Rosemary B. Marsicano, E Loretta Mathews, C †Sister Nancy McAward, E Grace E. McCormack, E Eileen Carey McCoy, M/PC Josephine M. McGurk, X Frances Karpovich Mitchell, E Joan Zarra Monte, E Evelyn Crowley Mulderry, P Lorraine Agacinski Mullin, P M. Clare Foley O'Brien, M/PC Carol Gannon O'Connell, P Azella Crysler O'Dwyer, P Arlene Masini Onnembo, C Anonymous, P Elizabeth M. Rifino, P Elinor J. Riter, C Donna Bentges Rocque, E Nancy Hall Roddy, M/PC Mary L. Rowan, P Joan M. Schnable, E Maureen B. Scott, X Isabel S. Shearman, P Ruth Besson Shiels, B/PC Barbara Sonowski Sorvino, S/PC Mary Fennelly Sullivan, X Joan Carroll Sundstrom, P Adrienne B. Thompson, X Della Ryan Walsh, E Janet M. Weis, X

Pat Singiser, CSE Director of Athletics, retired 2001 (center), Carol Kashow, CSE Director of Athletics (left), and Sheila Dynan, Chair, Associate Professor of CSE Physical Education (right) gather at the dedication ceremony of the Pat Singiser Fitness Center located in Saint Joseph Hall, October 18, 2003. Barbara Collins Wetzel, X Nancy Staples White, E Marija Jagodic Zupancic, X


Joan F. Walsh, E Anne Sweeney Ward, P Eileen Kelly Wulfhorst, X Mary K. Yauch, E

- $9,142.50 Number of Class Members: 78 Percentage of Participation: 42% Isabella Gradone Barletta, E Gloria Mack Biczak, E Teresa J. Boyle, C Harriett Mulligan Bullock, E Mary Louise Connolly, E Colette M. Conroy, P Monica K. Corbett, X Sylvia Loprete DeAngelo, E Jane Mc Entegart Dooher, E Rita Dudak Dwyer, E Marie Glasser Fabry, C Cecilia Levy Farrell, C Ellen A. Farrell, P

- $23,030.00 Number of Class Members: 86 Percentage of Participation: 51% Eleanore A. Adams, S/PC Gloria C. Barbieri, E Ann G. Blackwood, E Faith Gallo Broderick, E Flora Lu Chen, E Anonymous, E Margaret D. Connelly, C Barbara Callaghan de Hosson, C Anne M. De Luca, X Ann Lupardi DeVenezia, S/PC Mary Gately Duffy, E Patricia McGill Dugan, C

Patricia Harriman Foley, S/PC Ann R. Gervais, X Eugenia Pikulski Jacoviak, E Gertrude Fagan Kleissler, E Margaret S. Lamb. C Mary Mazzarella DeMayo, S/PC Lucille T. McGarry, X Sheila Murphy McGovern, E Caryl Bissinger Murphy, C Eileen P. O'Neill, E Barbara Salamone Pineda, S/PC Rosalie C. Scheckel, C Irene Jelinek Smith, E Barbara Cella Thomas, E Lorena E. Tyson, S/PC Cynthia S. Vignola, E

Anonymous, C Patricia G. Fitzpatrick, P Angelina LaFalce Galdieri, C Janet C. Guariglia, C Helen Anderson Hanlon, E Patricia H. Hoffmann, E Claire G. Johnsen, E Nancy G. Kerwin, E Ann Hinch Kilminster, E Doreen Wishart Kim, E Mary H. Lewis, S/PC Virginia W. Lund, C Joan W. Lynch, E Lois Perrella Malmberg, E Micheline Mathews-Roth, K/PC Mary O'Shea McLoughlin, C


- $62,295.00 Number of Class Members: 102 Percentage of Participation: 25% Carol Lasch Adamsky, C Shirley J. Allgood, E Kathleen J. Beymer, C Marianne Bulman Bozzi, E Marilyn R. Bozzi, C Arlene M. Burke, C Anonymous, C Mary Louise Taylor Connelly, X Jane M. Cunniffe, 1988/PC Barbara B. Cushing, C Sheila Grasso Duetsch, C Virginia E. Gerner, E Maureen Callaghan Griffin, E Carol M. Gubernat, E Elinor H. Jansen, C Joan P. Kelaher, C Anonymous, X Rosemary A. Love, C Margaret G. Meys, X Beverly J. Morgan, E Mary L. Rodimer, C Carol Ann Burke Ryan, C Margaret A. Ryan, C Valorie J. Schretter, E Phyllis M. Spekhardt, E Barbara C. Young, E


- $13,310.00 Number of Class Members: 95 Percentage of Participation: 38% Flora M. Barlotta, X Patricia G. Bligh, X Nancy J. Cappellino,C Margaret W. Carroll, X Sandra S. Cavanagh, E Catherine M. Collins, X Julia F. Connors, E Nancy H. Covington, X Juliet A. Cozzi, S/PC Elizabeth S. Dahill, C Carol Restivo Dunay-Kreit, S/PC Elaine L. Dwyre, C Eileen Sullivan Fell, K/PC Rita M. Foti, E Annamarie Helsper Godvin, E Claire F. Goldstein, E Pamela K. Griffin, E Carole A. Hennessy, C Carol O. Howard, E Carolyn E. Kassabian, C Dorothy Carrigan Kehoe, X Sister Catherine Macaulay, E Barbara W. Manella, C Patricia L. McGeehan, X Mary A. Meade, C Mary M. Mullarkey, E Margaret A. Murray, C Ann H. Noone, X Nancy K. Plympton, C Gail K. Ronca, E Carolyn M. Shields, C Ellen S. Simmons, E Harriett R. Sosely, K/PC Martha M. Stebner, X Catherine A. Vota, E Janice C. Young, E



- $10,590.00 Number of Class Members: 93 Percentage of Participation: 32% Maryann C. Arts, C Kim O. Au, E Georgianna Bigley, C Carol Wolf Borin, X Maureen J. Carroll, P Joan S. Carville, C Maureen C. Conneen, E Angie M. Cotroneo, C Margaret A. Ehrhardt, E Mary Lou Flynn, S/PC Barbara E. Hanlon, X Carol M. Harrington, X Yolanda M. Holliger, C Marie J. Horan, E Margaret T. Karachuk, C Rita A. Leyden, X Mary Jane Conway Matier, E Ruth E. McCarthy, C Lorraine J. Noble, E Mary Beth O'Brien, B/PC Elizabeth M. Place, X Joann E. Ranalletti, E Cynthia Berean Robbins, C Lucille H. Rockis, X Carol Ann Roman, C Lois A. Siegel, C Geraldine A. Tavares, S/PC Mary Ann S. Villanella, C Gwen Naef Wall, C Marlene D. Zweig, E

1960 - $14,570.00 Number of Class Members: 97 Percentage of Participation: 50% Marie M. Ambrosio, X Karen A. Brooks, E Patricia Q. Cagnassola, C Theresa F. Call, E Irene D. Corrigan, C Kathleen B. Cozzarelli, C Judith Brown Cussen, C Ann T. Dalena, X Carol A. DeStasio,E Cynthia M. Diana, E Diane M. Duffy, E †Anonymous, C Barbara M. Garner, C Camille D. Giancristofaro, X E. M. Hackett, E Catherine G. Halligan, E Marion J. Hardy, E Alice N. Hart, P Elaine N. Hart, E Noreen C. Heimbold, E Mary F. Helmstetter, E Elizabeth A. Henchy, P Mildred Y. Ingram, X Patricia M. Keogh, X Barbara V. Ketchum, E Patricia A. Kowal, E Joan D. Lovero, E Ann M. Lux-Krietsch, M/PC Priscilla A. Maliff, E Virginia A. McGarry, E Ida M. Meloro, E Judith R. Messing, P Catherine M. Mitchell, X Catherine B. Monahan, C Joyce D. Moscaritola, P Mary Ann Branon O'Dea, E Virginia T. Panicucci, E Lorraine D. Pentlicki, C Suzanne L. Powers, X Katherine J. Quinn, X Kathleen E. Redpath, C Elissa J. Santoro, B/PC Corinne J. Schioppo, E Gail Pastorini Scullion, E Sally Stark, C Elizabeth M. Stiles, E Dorothy D. Tighe, E Kathleen M. Toombs, E Joan Z. Trabucchi, C




2003-04 %CHANGE

ALUMNAE/I Individual Alumnae/i Corporate Matching Gifts Other Alumnae/i Gifts

$645,869 $105,067 $9,300

$676,578 $111,563 $5,346

4.54% 5.82% -42.52%





NON-ALUMNAE/I Individuals Corporate Matching Gifts Corporations/Foundations (No Grants)

$108,387 $20,022 $50,299

$84,834 $19,757 $46,823

-21.73% -1.32% -6.91%

















1961 - $5,408.00 Number of Class Members: 88 Percentage of Participation: 41% Joan H. Adler, X Patricia Coyle Ancipink, X Elizabeth A. Blajda, E Jeanne E. Boehles, E Constance J. Breslin, E Laurette M. Bulfone-Buscheck, P Andrea G. Bullard, E Jane A. Busch, C Mary E. Connors, C Mary A. Conway, E Marsha B. Czarzasty, C Sandra D'Addario, C Diane S. Fay, X Carol Anne McArdle Ford, C Patricia F. Freeman, E

Joan M. Parker, E Karen A. Pingarron, S/PC Duane M. Post, X Margaret M. Radigan, X Katherine M. Ryan, C Elaine S. Schnitter, E Kathleen M. Smith, C Anita K. Tedesco, E Mary Jane Swick Tyler, E Marcia J. Van Note, E Mary J. Whalen, C

1962 - $8,226.00 Number of Class Members: 107 Percentage of Participation: 31% Wilhelmina M. Bartosik, E Angela J. Byrne, X Maureen C. Byrnes, E Antoinette Errico Carter, E

Johanna Glazewski, S/PC Mildred J. Greenler, E Ellen Nuss Illuzzi, E Mary E. King, C Mary Ann P. Macaluso, C Elizabeth A. MacDonald, E Carol S. McCrea, X Gwen-Marie Moolenaar, E Mary E. Murphy, E Aileen D. Nowatzki, E Genevieve L. Porte, P Margaret W. Quig, E Concetta M. Renkun, E Mary Ann Restivo, X Moira W. Rossiter, C Dorothy A. Scalia, C Gemma McCarthy Sullivan, K/PC Anne E. Turner, E Patricia V. Vetter, C

Your generosity makes excellence in education possible.

1963 - $14,827.50 Number of Class Members: 115 Percentage of Participation: 26% Veronica L. Bishop, S/PC Mary K. Bucci, C Janice Murphy Carty, K/PC Elizabeth A. Connolly, X Carolyn DeCastro, C Patricia A. Delaney, P Ella R. DeNault, E Lucille J. DiRenzo, E Patricia A. Donnelly, X Frances H. Drew, K/PC Ann Marie Magnier Gronquist, C Maureen P. Hanifan, E Rosemary Adelizio Iversen, X Margaret C. Keane, E Margaret Turner Knab, C Anne H. Koons, P Charlotte A. Kurst, X Judith Bari Lobbin, E Janice M. Lyons, E Jane M. Martin, E Mary McLaughlin, K/PC Rosemary R. Morse, E Karen F. Natal, C Karen E. O'Bryan, C Katherine M. Probst, C Margaret Schuelke, E Martha Allen Seavey, C Carole M. Sharo, C Anne M. Valenzano, E Palma A. Zappa, E

1964 - $20,800.92

Mary Lou Pellegrino Gannon, C Laura J. Griffin, E Diane P. Ladner, E Delphine B. Laufenberg, E Kathleen G. Maybaum, C Rita K. McGovern, X Eileen A. Morgan, E Virginia M. Nee, C Jeanne Marschall Nocella, E Patricia E. O'Connor, E

Carol Casey, E Mary Ann Chapkosky, E Winifred M. Connolly, E Maria M. Cravanzola, X Jane Healy Degnan, E Joyce A. Delaney, X Mary Ann Everett, C Katherine F. Fagan, C Vivien S. Finn, X Elizabeth F. Garrett, C

Number of Class Members: 135 Percentage of Participation: 40% Carol H. Ash, B/PC Margaret S. Baiad, C Christina A. Bailey, X Nancy B. Barone, C Susan E. Barry, E Patricia K. Benosky, C Regina I. Birchler, C Patricia O'Brien Blank, E Catherine A. Cogan, X Theresa C. Colo, E June M. Comcowich, P Kathleen D'Andrea, C Nancy L. Dann, X Anne G. Dente, E Mary Anne Snyder Drew, E Marianne L. Egan, E Mary E. Federico, X

From left, Holocaust survivors Terry Izraeli, Regina Weiss, Erwin Weiss and author Warren Grover speak at CSE’s 15th annual Kristallnacht Week of Holocaust Remembrance, November 10, 2003, pictured with Dr. Harriet Sepinwall, CSE Professor of English and Director of CSE’s Holocaust Education Resource Center. Marilyn A. Fingerhut, M/PC Anonymous, B/PC Patricia Bauer Gerke, C Mary Anne Cramer Grady, C Dorothy A. Grysko, X Kathleen J. Hegarty, X Diane R. Hull, C Ann Hoogland Kalaher, X Dorothy E. Kelley, C Mary K. Kelly, M/PC Carole A. Kosciuk, C Jane B. Kwieciak, S/PC Mary Lynn H. Lane, E Catherine T. Lippincott, P Patricia A. Lohner, E Kathleen C. Ludwigson, E Patricia R. Maher, C Mary T. Malo, C Corinne A. Martinelli, X Margaret A. McGann, X Germaine R. McGrath, E Carol L. Niemand, C Maria A. Pluta, C Gail Sovetts Robison, E Barbara Gill Rogus, M/PC Mary Ann Schoettly, P Anonymous, E Dorothy J. Skok, X Anne L. Standley, X Claire M. Steigleder, E Patricia A. Tierney, E Regina W. Townsend, E Barbara A. Tringali, E Maria T. Walsh, C Patricia A. Walsh, X Elaine W. Whitehead, C Louise C. Wilmot, E

1965 - $19,020.00 Number of Class Members: 111 Percentage of Participation: 23% Mary Ann Kulpinski Bojak, S/PC Mary Jane Gilmour Cameron, C Mariana Cassidy, E Jane W. Charbonnier, P Irma Ferrante Chazotte, C Roseann Giglio Czerniach, C Elizabeth A. Domigan, P Kathleen D. Emmert, E Joann P. Garrity, E Ellen P. Hulsen, C Mary Ann Conroy Kaicher, E Sharon K. Kapica, E Anne O'Neill Kellers, E Mary P. Lawlor, P Rita F. Maggio, E Anonymous, 1899/PC Christina Jordan Manning, S/PC Patricia A. McConville, E Judith A. Pierce, E Mary Ann C. Pietromonaco, E Nancy Koester Randall, E

Carol Leonhard Tribus, M/PC Geraldine Cirlincione Wadia, C Kathleen R. Walsh, E Catherine Daniels Ward, C Joan S. Whan, E

1966 - $6,845.00 Number of Class Members: 113 Percentage of Participation: 32% Patricia L. Bardsley, E Barbara J. Blecka, E Rachel M. Boudreau, E Judith M. Bowers, C Jane Brady, C

Suzanne Heurich Bree, E Laurel J. Brennan, S/PC Ann G. Candido, E Mary Hoerburger Cariello, C Frances Fitzpatrick Chasen, S/PC Ann McCaughan Connell, S/PC Kathryn O. Costello, K/PC Ann Marie Argenziano Coyle, X Elizabeth A. Delaney, E Carole Melone DeRoberto, P Rosemarie Sadowski Diedalis, C Dorothy A. Donoghue, C Jane T. Fischer, E Paula McClain Flagel, C Beth L. Foley, C Maureen A. Heilbrun, C Patricia F. Hofmann, X Mary Ann Hohensee, X Winifred M. Johanson, S/PC Elaine K. Keeler, X Maureen C. Lavin, P Candace A. Levy, E Ann M. Marnell, C Margaret Madden Melnik, E Sister Rosemary T. Moynihan, C Sister M. Geraldine O'Brien, C Joan C. Rafter, C Susan F. Sachsel, C Veronica B. Schmitz, E Claire S. Skelton, E Eileen I. Sullivan, E Patricia H. Sullivan, C Sister Maureen Sullivan, C Stephanie L. Wauters, X Cecilia E. Weck, E Helen F. Westfall, X Janet Mitchell Wintrol, E

1968 - $20,841.20

2004 ANNUAL FUND Individual Gifts


Corporate Matching Gifts


Corporation/Foundation Gifts


Ave M. Bransford, E Mary Ellen Harkins Buckley, X Nancy J. Butkiewicz, C Paula M. Chester, C Margaret Mary P. Dalton, M/PC Marilyn C. Dodd, E Jean M. Fischer, E Ellen M. Forbes, X Patricia A. Glazier, C Anonymous, C Joanne Cembor Hench, C Lois E. Higbie, E Mary L. Kinney, X Christine A. Kulikowski, C Maureen A. Leddy, P Eileen F. Leonard, E Mary A. Liggio, P Kathleen Mylott Londregan, P Mary Beth J. Macchia, E Catherine B. McKee, E Mariana D. Mihalchik, E Mary Ann Burgess Motiuk, X Anonymous, E Carolyn K. Querijero, X Susan B. Rae, C Mary L. Ryan, E Marjorie Cretazzo Scott, C Ann M. Strand, C Rosemary F. Toletti, E Maureen Vincent Waters, E Mary S. Wolfson, E


- $16,420.00 Number of Class Members: 122 Percentage of Participation: 32% Deborah S. Berk, C Carol T. Blume, E

Number of Class Members: 154 Percentage of Participation: 30% Lyne C. Asselin, C Ann P. Beams, C Bridget Lynn Burns, S/PC Sharon E. Caldwell, C Anne F. Cannon, E Mary L. Cruz, K/PC Judith A. D'Arcy, P Danuta A. Dolan, E

Charlene M. Dowd, K/PC Michele A. Downey, E Kathleen M. Egan, S/PC Mary-Beth E. Eggers, C Karen D. Felfoldy, E Patricia M. Fesen, C Rebecca Fields, P Patricia F. Flaherty, C Elizabeth P. Gabel, E Denise M. Gibson, C Virginia B. Gross, E Patricia C. Hughes, X Rosemary MacIasaac Hundt, K/PC Anne Marie B. Hunter, C Carolyn Pape Keenen, C Andrea L. Kilby, E Yolanda J. Kunz, S/PC Ellen S. Kwader-Murphy, X Joanne Grimes Marriott, X Nancy M. Masuelli, C Lorayne Loftus Matthews, C Nancy A. McNamara, X Eileen M. Meyers, C Kathryn E. Miller, C Mary O. Milne, E Barbara Anne Modica, C Patricia J. Ode, C

2004 ANNUAL FUND TOTAL Alumnae/i Gifts


Non-Alumnae/i Gifts


Mary R. Peter, E Patricia A. Pilkington, C Valerie Del Tufo Rowe, B/PC Mary Pat Ruane, E Judith B. Seery, C Mary Jo Daniels Skutnik, S/PC Donna M. Suckow, E Candace A. Taubner, E Mary Jane B. White, E Gertrude M. Zaklan, S/PC Louisa D. Zimmermann, E Ann T. Zogbaum, E

From left, Father Virgilio Elizondo, Time magazine’s selected spiritual innovator of the new century, meets with Sister Francis Raftery, CSE President, author Most Reverend Robert Morneau, D.D., and Father Anthony Ciorra, former Director of the Center for Theological and Spiritual Development, at the College’s first annual Mega-Preaching Conference, Saturday, November 15, 2003. Nearly 300 people gathered for the conference to listen to pastoral experts explore practical ways of preaching today.


1969 - $7,955.00 Number of Class Members: 129 Percentage of Participation: 26% Helen Milkewicz Astarita, E Susan E. Boyd, P Margaret Conlin Christianson, C Charlotte Cikowski, C Patricia H. Clough, E Jean E. Comeforo, E Elizabeth D. Conklyn, S/PC Jo Ann Sottilaro Cross, E

Jonnie F. Holzman, E Jill A. Kane, E Dorothy G. Kotler, S/PC Anonymous, S/PC Jane F. Lawler-Savitske, E Mary Anne Ammerman Lumley, C Patricia Tartaglia Marino, E Elizabeth M. Matthews, C Ellen M. McCafferty, C Ann Marie Horvath McCarthy, X Marie K. McMonagle, E

Nancy E. Munczinski , C Eileen B. Mundorff, E Mary Mullen Newman, E Ann K. O'Brien, C Mary E. O'Leary, E Virginia A. Patten, C Maria-Louise Pinizzotto, C Shirley A. Pomponi, S/PC Anne Golino Riczko, E Marguerite D. Santino, E Marybeth Schaedel, E Judith A. Spinola, P Susan V. Staab, X Patricia M. Stengle, E Louisa C. Tierney, C Esther M. Travisano-Harris, C Jane A. Van Etten, E Lois Brower Ventura, C Constance C. Vickers, P Donnamarie Villanova, E Christine E. Virag-Non, S/PC Judith S. Yaneka, C

1972 - $4,435.00

From left, Stacey Titus, ’06, and Allison Miller, ’06, coordinated this year’s “Bands with Big Hearts,” a benefit concert featuring five local New Jersey bands to raise awareness for the disease Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, April 27, 2004.

Elizabeth A. Dangler, E Carol-Marie Byrne Ellwood, M/PC Jane K. Farmer, E Joan M. Flewelling, E Martha M. Gordon, E Gail P. Heagen, P Regina A. Lembrich, E Lynn W. Lopes, P Moira J. Loughlin, C Anita W. Magatti, M/PC Elizabeth A. Maher, E Kathleen Mollica, E Christine M. Murphy, E Patricia Saracino Nicolich, C Patricia A. O'Brien, E Maureen K. Oppenheimer, C Margaret Padovano, X Joyce A. Ruckelshaus, E Adeline Burke Rufino, E Louise Senesi, C Pamela Smodis Bush, E Constance Byars Sullivan, C Maureen T. Theisz, E Kathleen M. Waldron, C F. D. Williams, E

1970 - $17,340.00 Number of Class Members: 136 Percentage of Participation: 33% Joan Mazurek Albin, C Frances Mc Mahon Buckley, E Valerie Van Ness Cauley, S/PC Patricia Quinn Clairwood, E Mary Lou T. Comune, C Katherine H. Danneberg, C Carol A. Darrow, C Marcia Patts Dishman, C Barbara A. Duncan, C Alana E. Edelmann, M/PC Linda C. Fisk, X Maryrita P. Foley, E Joanne J. Freeman, M/PC Nancy G. Harper, M/PC Ann L. Hilkert, C


Lynne K. Meisch, X Rita D. Metras, X Victoria A. Null, 1899/PC Mary T. O'Grady, C Kathleen A. Pankratz, E Jeanne R. Parke, E Betsy Jamieson Pastine, C Susan M. Peterson, E Carolyn Gudaitis Rizzo, E Patricia C. Rolston, E Susan B. Rolston, E Theresa M. Rudnicki-Jones, E Rosemarie E. Smurro, E Barbara B. Stainkamp, E Barbara A. Stampfle, E Terry E. Stefanow, C Lavinia Oergel Trimmer, E Maureen K. Vanderspurt, E Gail E. Wenger, E

Number of Class Members: 125 Percentage of Participation: 25% Catherine Zvolensky Banach, C Jean M. Barkovitz, E Margaret G. Behnke, E Frances J. Bixby, E Donna M. Brown, C Patricia Williams Cortese, C Angela Della Ventura, E Regina M. Fischer, C Marguerite Ard Fitzgerald, C Mary Ann Gatto-Bingham, C Eleanor Jones Giles, C Janet I. Grogan, C Karen A. Hogan, E Dorothy A. Jorgensen, E Cecilia Chunka Kaczala, E Dianna M. Kemper, E Lucy J. Kristen, p Marie T. Logue, E Margaret M. Mason, E Patricia Constantin Orringer, E Catherine A. Pringle, E Marsha A. Proto, E Anna Rita Lyons Quinn, P Margaret A. Roman, E Nancy M. Ryan, E Marilyn Laskowski Sachnoff, P

1973 - $6,200.00 Number of Class Members: 125 Percentage of Participation: 30% Carley Ward Adams, E Kathleen C. Baszczewski, C Natalie I. Bilenki, X Karen P. Bossieux, S/PC Jacqueline Gariano Caffrey, E Lorraine Guzzio Chammah, E Alexandra Clark, E Elizabeth Ann Degenhardt, E Elizabeth J. Dodd, E Gertrude Schultes Duardo, E Helene R. Eichler, C Deidre K. Gannon, E Vicki Gatta Giammarella, C Margaret Brady Gill, E Judith A. Giorgio, E Constance A. Hanson, E Marie P. Hefley, E AnneMarie Hornyak, S/PC Linda J. Hummel, C Kathleen Hunter, C Janet P. Kluxen, E Kristine O. Kolarsick, C Deborah H. McKelvy, E Patricia A. McNamara, E Kathleen G. O'Reilly, E Diane Pietrodangelo, E Joyce DeSenti Polio, C Margarita Pont, C Maripat Quinn, X Linda Filippone Rafferty, E Laurie V. Schnitzer, E Kathleen A. Schultes, C Kathleen M. Solu, P Annette C. Stancik, E Elaine Taylor Taetzsch, C Joanne E. Wade, E Catherine D. Wisneski, E Patricia A. Young, X

1974 - $6,875.00 Number of Class Members: 111 Percentage of Participation: 23% Ellen Adams, E Patricia A. Bergen, C Carolyn A. Bradley, M/PC Susann N. Byrnes, E Nancy L. Campbell, E Nancy J. Carro, E Nancy Cunniff Casey, E

1971 - $7,955.00 Number of Class Members: 123 Percentage of Participation: 35% Mattie Heyward Bey, E Mary E. Byrne, C Barbara M. Byrnes, C Mary L. Clark, S//PC Rosemary E. Clark, E Anna Grimaldi Colomer, E Joy Cass DeVivo, E Stephanie Doores, E Rachel M. Fields, E Theresa A. Gilvary, C Susan M. Goldstein, E Ann M. Hale, P Linda C. Holmes, E Virginia DeLia Howell, C Patricia F. Kappus, C † Irene M. Kelly, C Anne Bennis Klyng, E Barbara A. La Mort, C Anne C. Maher, E Susan F. Malise, C Barbara McGill-Rudolph, E

Margaret Hanley Thiel, X Sabina B. Wank, E Jacqueline Washack, E Diane Mosley Whitt, C Anonymous, P

Maryann T. Cheveralls, E Carolyn E. Cuda, C Kathleen Gibney, X Mary E. Hardesty, E Roberta S. Harmon, S/PC Mary E. Hennessy, S/PC

Eleanor J. Hetzel, C Anonymous, P Christine E. Juffe, C Kathleen Donnelly Kincade, E Tina N. Kuijpers, C Margaret L. Kurtulik, X Joanne B. Markle, C Catherine T. Morton, P Loretta L. Paschke, C Karen T. Sachs, E Ruth Sanders Smith, C Agnes M. Vuolo, E

1975 - $4,300.00 Number of Class Members: 88 Percentage of Participation: 19% Dagmara Pablo Aguero, P Joanne M. Babbitt, E Jean Andresen Baker, E Patricia G. Barratt, C Mary Ellen Caro, E Christine L. Demkowicz, C Ann L. Gleason, P Barbara A. Mata, E Mary Jane Londregan Meschino, X Mary Ellen O'Connor, S/PC Elizabeth A. O'Mara, E Joan W. Pittis, E Cynthia Wilton Riggs, X Nancy Nead Robinson, P Ellen F. Sinkinson, X Roberta L. Strater, E Mary Egan Sweeney, E

1976 - $9,595.00 Number of Class Members: 109 Percentage of Participation: 24% Sheila Watson Amrich, C Patricia M. Arndt, C Margaret A. Augustine, S/PC Catherine A. Auriemma, X Julia Donnelly Besante, E Claudia C. Capritti, E Dianne E. Chester Tanis, C Nancy K. Cline, C Ellen Decker Geisel, X Nancy Renzulli Goldberg, X Ann G. Kosco, S/PC Ann K. Krivitski, C Sharon Bowin Lefferts, E Debra B. Ligorano, X C. Susan McCandless, C Christine Pietila Morgan, E Mary Kay Mullin, E Jane Micucci Rainis, B/PC Janet Gilmore Riley, C Teresa Sokol, C Cynthia A. Stumpf, C Patricia K. Tamaccio, C Nancy M. Taylor, E Patricia F. Tighe, P Sharon M. Vitiello, C Marian C. Wallace, C

1977 - $12,020.00 Number of Class Members: 84 Percentage of Participation: 25% Emilia S. Biskup, S/PC Patricia Bryant-Todd, E Gail F. Caffrey, C Michele P. Connahan, X Diana M. Cronin, P Maryanne DiPasquale Czarnecki, S/PC Sister Ellen Dauwer, E Evelyn S. Gobstein, P Kathleen M. Hanson, E Nancy M. Harris, C Carol P. Karnas, S/PC Mary A. Knodel, X Barbara Luciano, B/PC Patricia A. Malloy, E Anonymous, C Wanda J. Manzi, C Veronica P. McNally, C Helen M. Richardson, E


Mary W. Scirocco, M/PC Debra A. Smith, E Rita A. Usher, E

1978 - $4,285.00 Number of Class Members: 108 Percentage of Participation: 21% Judith M. Akbar, P Gloria A. Beers, E


CONSTITUENCY Alumnae/i Sisters of Charity Contributed Services Friends Board of Trustees Parents Faculty/Staff/Administration

AMOUNT $793,487 $420,802 $106,131 $23,000 $29,284 $17,161

Beverly A. Bodenlos, P Connie G. Cherrillo, E Lynn M. Coates, E Mary Ellen Dowd, X Barbara M. Finn, P Dorothy Callaghan Gorman, E Maryanne Maggio Hanisch, X Cecelia D. Harkness, E Theresa L. Jardine, C Nancy E. Lessner, C Therese A. McCutcheon, C Maureen A. Niclaus, C Michele T. Rensvold, E LuAnn A. Romano, P Rosanne K. Sarnese, E Jean A. Sheppard, E Eda Franzetti Tato, X Susan A. Tjon Pian Gi, E Diane S. Vezza, E Mary F. Vohden, C Nancy D. Watkinson, E

- $1,650.00 Number of Class Members: 90 Percentage of Participation: 13% Pamela D. Baldisserotto, C Bernadette M. Eppich, E Linda M. Flores-Tober, C Carol R. Fowler, C Anne M. Furnari, X Theresa Terino Gershner, E Kathleen M. Karkos, E Patrice Kinney Lisy, E Joanne W. O'Brien, X Carol H. Schwaeble, E Eileen M. Schwanemann, E Ricki La Fleur Terzis, E

1982 - $3,556.50 Number of Class Members: 92 Percentage of Participation: 25% Janet D. Allocca, E Ann T. Billak, C Joyce L. Brown, C Donna-Marie Byrnes, C Julianne G. Canfield, C Ann T. Delaney, P Patricia J. Dmuchowski, C Michele A. Feltman, P Mary E. Hurley, E Linda M. Kirby, E Judith A. Koldewyn, E Beth A. Lozier, E Clare A. Martorana, X Anna R. McDonald, C Dorothy C. McGuire, E Donna O'Neill, C Linda A. Otte, C Jane R. Pattwell, X Lisa Garasimowicz Reverri, E Joan A. Rielly, E Mary Savage-Jarani, X Diane E. Sharpe, P Gloria T. Zwick, C

Dolores Pena Diaz, E Janet Pedersen Horton, M/PC Colleen McCarthy, C Ellen D. Reynolds, C Denise M. Trimboli, E

1984 - $11,980.00 Number of Class Members: 121 Percentage of Participation: 18% Rosalind Abbott, C Virginia M. Brockett, E Mary M. Fahsbender, C Elaine Gesicki-Desjadon, E Virginia E. Hughes, E Helen A. Jakielski, E Frances J. Jerow, E Lori San Filippo Lee, C Elizabeth A. Lowe, 1899/PC Anna Marrero, E Susan R. Mimnaugh, E Michelle S. Palumbo, E Margaret E. Pelosi, C Milagros A. Perrine, C Lisa M. Quartararo, E Sandra A. Rose, C Alexis C. Shanoian, C Eileen M. Troise, E Susan Wharton, C Ann M. Wilson, X Elizabeth Young, C Albertina Zimmer, E


- $5,442.47 Number of Class Members: 94 Percentage of Participation: 18% Roxana M. Caivano, C Cynthia A. Dent, C Marey S. Doherty, C Mary P. Gallivan, X Marilyn George, E Elizabeth E. Gleason, E Theresa M. Gonnella, E Christine S. Haack, C

1979 - $2,357.00 Number of Class Members: 88 Percentage of Participation: 17% Alyson E. Dehmcke, C Margaret S. Felber, C Alma C. Fraser, C Elizabeth Ann Gilbreth, C Barbara C. Gilford, E Mary E. Greeley, E Z. Susan Guarda-Garity, E Kathleen P. Holly, E Victoria S. Lambros, C Margaret D. Molz, C Jane Dowd Oosterom, E Barbara-Jean Dwyer Pope, C Yolanda A. Scypinski, S/PC Lorri Ann Sullivan, P Christine B. Zelesny, E

1980 - $4,845.00 Number of Class Members: 105 Percentage of Participation: 18% Carmen P. Allen, P Nathalie Calpini Berger, K/PC Mary Ellen Lofredo Capron, C Deborah D. Chace, C Elena S. Charles, E Margaret M. Daraghy, E Cynthia L. Hoffman, E Kathleen E. Kaleta, P Grace M. Keslar, E Mary Jean Davis Leahy, C Mary M. McCoy, C Bernadette Ryan Meade, C Jane M. Mulligan, X Donna T. Rerecich, C Judith M. Saxe, C Bernice Snyder, E Josephine A. Spinelli, C Nancy A. Szapor, E Rosalin A. Youngberg, X

CSE alumna and 2003 Mother Xavier Award Recipient Mary Breslin McLaughlin, ’63, stands beside her husband, Donald, at Founders Day, December 3, 2003. Mrs. McLaughlin is the 48th recipient to receive the prestigious award which honors one CSE graduate each year for personal and professional achievements that mirror the life and values of CSE foundress Mother Mary Xavier Mehegan.

1983 - $2,965.00 Number of Class Members: 97 Percentage of Participation: 11% Catherine J. Billington, E Cynthia B. Buck, E Ellen L. Conley, C Marianne Ferrandino Cornell, E Anthony T. Crocamo, E Suzanne E. Dahlinger, C

Kathleen Carroll Lamken, C Louise Q. Mastrovito, P Tina M. Noll, E Donna A. Price, C Kathleen A. Radcliffe, E Susan Beck Rainaldi, E Maryanna Cheeseman Samuel, C Alice Arnold Sharick, E Cynthia Young Wynant, K/PC


Graduates of the Last Decade Annual Fund Individual Contributions (continued) 1986 - $3,070.00 Number of Class Members: 132 Percentage of Participation: 14% Louise Ann Gisoldi Artigliere, C Eileen P. Bennett, C Mary-Ann Boden, E Jeanne M. Brino, C Geralyn-Ann Durham, C Patricia J. Kalita, P Cynthia A. Kalman, E Mary Rose Migliazza, P Ellen E. Nolan, C Paula Mancini Savage, E James J. Schneidmuller, C Deborah M. Smith, E Victoria B. Tarleton, E Jude A. Trepa, P Carolyn D. Van Riper, E Mary Beth Villa, E Barbara A. Wade, E Jennifer L. Wilson, C


- $2,300.00 Number of Class Members: 121 Percentage of Participation: 10% Karen M. Fisette, E Lois K. Haid, C Virginia B. Hawkins, X Barbara M. Jones, E Magdaline J. Kalafsky, E Mary A. Nalewakov, E Anna G. Obomvv Sandra I. Raittv, E Mary Ellen Robertsv Marie T. Timko, S/PC Stephanie Valos, C Noreen M. Wiggins, X


- $2,395.00 Number of Class Members: 123 Percentage of Participation: 9% Rena F. Brello, C Sharon K. Cepeda, C Dana F. Lake, C Patrick M. Lanza, P Susan I. LeVan, E Diane B. McDole, E Susan Childs Merrick, C Carol A. Novrit, S/PC Eileen Dolan Tutaj, E Carmella R. Vowinkel, C Virginia A. Weis, C

1989 - $1,360.00 Number of Class Members: 115 Percentage of Participation: 12% Regina A. Bohn, E Ellen T. Boyd, C Patrice A. Eannucci, C Suzanne W. Goldwert, C Margaret Walsh Holzhacker, E Renee L. Knightes, X Marjorie T. Lee, E Linda A. Metcalfe, E Pamela L. , E Maryann S. Panei, E Deborah A. Radler, C Hope E. Santoro, E Maura K. Souki, X Elizabeth A. Zientara-Pringle, C

1990 - $2,325.00 Number of Class Members: 127 Percentage of Participation: 16% Ninfa M. Corrubia, C Barbara C. DiNiscia, X Janet M. DiPasquale, E Christine J. Gleniewicz, C Ramona Gomez, C Frances A. Henig, C


Emma I. Hernandez, E Jane Barriero Johnson, C Patricia M. Johnson, E † Elizabeth S. Kordahl, E Carol A. Lincoln, C Yvonne L. Maskin, E Lena D. Mosely, C Richard W. Myers, C Patricia J. O'Brien, E Kathleen M. O'Neill, E Janice L. Opsal, C Marilyn A. Rand, X Susan L. Stillwell, C Eileen B. Timko, X


- $4,665.00 Number of Class Members: 123 Percentage of Participation: 13% Maureen A. Barry, S/PC Madeline C. Brzozowski, C Elaine Cadden, C Patricia Wall Carhuff, C Paula S. Choa, C Linda M. Dodd, E Karen K. Duffy, C Elizabeth J. Graebener, C Frances M. Guilshan, E Sybil H. Keane, X Ann Marie DiPette Kelemen, E Kathleen C. Shoemaker, X Janice L. Sorge, E Maria E. Suarez, C Susan M. Wierzba, X Hayden K. Williamson, M/PC

1992 - $3,690.00 Number of Class Members: 117 Percentage of Participation: 11% Katherine A. Bayless, C Eileen Callahan, S/PC Kathleen Nulty Culley, K/PC Carol A. Hance, C Nancie T. Harris, C Mary A. Kress, C Yanire Lopez-Herrara, C Mary S. McGuire, E Paula L. Raimondo, E Lorie L. Rizzo, C Mary Z. Rydstrom, E Krista Morse Simonsen, C Christine D. Sirko, E

1993 - $910.00 Number of Class Members: 149 Percentage of Participation: 5% Roger W. Biller, E Barbara C. David, E Jennifer A. Hanselman, C Michelle Cabibbo Hart, C Frances M. Lyons, C Matthew Metzger, X Susan MacGillivray Sammond, X Elizabeth Spencer, E

Margaret M. Ahern ‘01, C Thomas J. Altonjy ‘96, E Laurie A. Anderson-Reese ‘98, E Nancy M. Anzalone ‘03, C Lourdes Arcoleo ‘02, C Judith A. Baglin ‘00, P Patricia Barter Varrichio ‘96, X Brenda B. Bass ‘97, E Nancy L. Biello ‘97, 1899/PC Elizabeth A. Bierals ‘99, C Marie E. Biringer ‘00, X Teresa S. Brennan ‘96, C Barbara Buck ‘04, E Maria R. Cammarata ‘04, P Barbara A. Carlson-Vogel ‘02, E Maribeth Cassels ‘02, C Shari Castelli ‘03, C Catherine C. Catalon ‘00, C Robin Cefalo ‘00, K/PC Judy Y. Chen-Cooper ‘97, C Valerie N. Chisom ‘99, C Carol A. Chovanec ‘03, C Colleen Clarken ‘02, C Marva M. Cole ‘02, C Jacqueline L. Coleman ‘96, C Diana P. Collins ‘97, C Virginia M. Connolly ‘00, X Jill R. Conti ‘02, C Patricia A. Crofcheck ‘98, C

Carlene E. Henke ‘04, S/PC Katherine A. Henn ‘00, P Ruth Z. Herr ‘96, C Nicole R. Hodge ‘00, C Yue Mei Huang ‘01, E Michele J. Jachim ‘97, E Frances J. Jacobs ‘00, E Nicole E. Jenkins ‘99, C Jennifer B. Jones ‘98, X Teresa M. Kase ‘00, C Mary A. Katz ‘98, S/PC Veronica Kazaba ‘97, E Barbara A. Kellner ‘99, C Lisa L. Kelly ‘00, E Christopher M. Kenny ‘96, P Rebecca A. Klinger ‘96, C Teresa R. Kolvik ‘01, E Noreen Korner ‘01, C Linda Kostrowski ‘96, E Elizabeth C. Kozakowski ‘00, P Elizabeth A. Lewis ‘03, C Mary S. Liguori ‘97, X Kristen K. Lowe ‘02, C Lenore P. Luckey ‘97, P Brian D. Luing ‘98, P Marguerite E. Lynch ‘01, E Linda L. Macios ‘03, E Jeffrey B. Maly ‘02, C Lawrence Martin ‘00, E


1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004


$1,250.00 $9,465.00 $540.00 $4,255.00 $3,090.00 $2,815.00 $6,850.00 $5,513.00 $1,470.28 $1,480.00 $1,450.00

Constance Mosca Crouch ‘95, X Patricia K. Danishek ‘01, C Kathleen Darter ‘00, C Patti J. DeFilippis ‘04, C Susan S. Delmonico ‘02, C Christine A. Derites ‘02, C Doris L. Dicristina ‘02, X Christina R. Dolan ‘02, C Christy L. Doleshal ‘03, E Roxanne L. Dome ‘99, C Kathleen Donnelly ‘97, C Lauren M. Doyle ‘95, E Elizabeth A. DuBois ‘97, E Stephanie A. Eckert ‘00, C Maureen B. Fahy ‘00, X Jeannine R. Fiorentino ‘01, C Carolyn A. Freda ‘97, E Regina E. Reilly Frey ‘95, P Rosemarie L. Gala ‘98, E Roberta L. Anderson Gannon ‘03, E Lillian H. Garafola ‘00, C Jennifer Geuther ‘98, C Neal J. Giacomelli ‘01, X Barbara A. Gorlick ‘03, C Jennifer M. Goudreau ‘97, P William P. Guilshan ‘01, E Lisa A. Harty ‘00, C Janet Hawthorne ‘02, C Kathleen B. Haydu ‘03, C Marcia H. Heiden ‘96, X Woiza Hemeon ‘97, C

NUMBER OF CLASS MEMBERS 162 169 210 200 238 271 330 275 299 244 342


6% 12% 5% 9% 10% 8% 11% 12% 9% 12% 2%

Theresa C. Martinelli-Pagano ‘94, C Linda W. Maynard ‘99, C Theresa McCahill ‘97, E Bredeen M. McGlynn ‘95, P Linda J. Meisner ‘99, C Genene Meli ‘98, C Eleonora Mellusi ‘99, E Celia A. Milano ‘04, X Michelle N. Mirra ‘00, C Roberta Montemurno ‘96, X Elizabeth Mooney ‘01, S/PC Rose A. Noonan Moy ‘00, E Catherine A. Mulvihill ‘02, C Linda D. Murphy ‘96, C Sheryl A. Murphy ‘3, C Jennifer M. Musto ‘96, C Barbara Neumann ‘97, E Donna M. O’Donnell ‘00, C Erin K. O’Brien Oesterle ‘98, C

Special thanks to our newest graduates for establishing a tradition of giving back to CSE. We salute you!

Laurie A. Pandorf ‘02, C Gayle A. Perabeau ‘01, C Linda A. Perez ‘01, X Mary Lou Pfeiffer ‘96, C Jennifer L. Polo ‘02, C Laura A. Ptaszek ‘00, C Richard T. Ranft ‘01, C Kathy S. Roberts ‘00, X Carole G. Rogers ‘01, B/PC Lori E. Shalotsky Rosenbaum ‘96, C Maureen T. Rossi ‘01, C Constance M. Rostiac ‘98, E Esther P. Rotter ‘02, C Geraldine A. Ryan ‘98, E Patricia A. Rybkiewicz ‘99, X Christine M. Sabatino ‘03, C Donna A. Santaniello ‘00, C Patricia M. Santen ‘00, X Roxanne T. Saxe ‘01, E Enid J. Schey ‘01, C Michele T. Scioscia ‘98, E Helene B. Shalotsky ‘98, C Pavan R. Sharma ‘98, E Sister Lillian Ann Sharrock ‘97, P Elaine T. Shawhan ‘01, 1899/PC Thomas P. Sicola ‘98, X Mary-Jane Snair ‘01, C Stacey C. Snyder ‘99, C Theresa A. Soda-Gould ‘97, C Mary Ellen Sofield ‘95, X Alice F. Starker ‘00, X Sheree F. Starrett ‘03, C Maureen Steenburgh ‘96, X Katherine Moore Strauss ‘01, C Nancy E. Thompson ‘01, E Jean Tirrito ‘03, C Nancy Tomaszeski ‘03, C Barbara Trueger ‘99, C Cynthia A. Tumulty ‘98, C Allison LaSapio Twohig ‘99, E Claudia P. Vega ‘94, C RC Venezia ‘99, C Patricia Verduin ‘00, E Mary Vopal ‘03, C Judith R. Potter Wajih ‘98, C Patricia A. Weber ‘01, C Carol A. Weingaertner ‘98, S/PC Mary E. Winzinger ‘99, C Mary Zambito ‘01, C Haiyan Zhang ‘00, P Gian T. Zisa ‘03, C

The Sisters of Charity We gratefully acknowledge the Sisters of Charity who serve as faculty, administrators and staff members of the College of Saint Elizabeth, and who contributed more than $420,802 in 2003-2004 for unrestricted support, scholarship, and program assistance through their contributed services.

From left, the Honorable Maryanne Trump Barry congratulates long-time friend, William B. McGuire, Esq., on being the 2004 Champion of Scholarship & Excellence Award recipient at the College’s third annual Celebrate Scholarship & Excellence Dinner-Dance, June 17, 2004.

Breast Care Treatment Center, B/PC Barbara Buck, E Marylane T. Burry, B/PC Patricia Butwin, C Caldwell College, E James A. Campbell, C James Carmody, C Josephine M. Carolan, C Van-In Linda Chan, E Guido J. Colicelli, C College of New Rochelle, B/PC Kathryn A. Collins, E Robert J. Collins, E J. Martin Comey, S/PC

David P. Cooke Bonnie Crotty, E Gloria P. Crum, C Henry F. De Mena, C Hugh E. DeFazio, K/PC J. Hugh Devlin. S/PC Rajat Dhar, C Joseph B. Donahue, E Marie Dougherty, C Louise M. Drummond, E Jean Eastman, C Essex Fells Volunteer Fire Company, E Diana B. Everard, C

Friends of the College Marie B. Addis, C Despina M. Albulescu, C Hermann A. Allen, C Rita R. Angel, C Robert J. Atkins, P Thomas E. Baker, K/PC Margaret W. Bartlett, X Adriana M. Bate, C Bernard Baumgarten, C Ruth G. Bedford, C Bedford County Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Inc., P Kathleen M. Bellias, C Marion Bello, E William G. Bendzick, C Robert W. Bennett, 1899/PC John A. Berning, C Anne Beroza, E Douglas A. Berrian, C Sharon L. Bertram, C Denise L. Blau, E Charles H. Boehm, S/PC Joseph Bonder, C Thomas R. Boniello, X Judith T. Bozza, C

Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister Sister

Elena Francis Arminio Maria Angela Brady Jane Cavanaugh Elena Colicelli Margaret Mary Conklin Agnes Gregory Craig Rosalie Curran Ellen Dauwer Ellen Desmond Gabriel Mary Donahue Suzanne Faulkner (Sacristan) Kathleen Flanagan Patricia Flynn Mary Nicoletta Gargana (Sacristan) Joan Anne Gallagher Mary Ellen Gleason Anne Haarer Rita Damien Hart Anita Richard Heilenday Jean Hemmer Ellen Joyce † Marianne Joyce Mary Kapinos Irma Kessler Alice Lubin Anita Marcellis Rose Marie Padovano Francis Raftery Agnes Vincent Rueshoff Mary George Senderak Marian José Smith

From left, CSE President Sister Francis Raftery welcomes back Lenore Loe Chen, ’39, one of the College’s first international students, at CSE Homecoming Reunion Weekend, Saturday, June 12, 2004.


Friends of the College (continued) Faith Lutheran Church, X Family & Implant Dentistry, E Thomas F. Farrell, C Jeanne Ferrucci, C Martin F. Fetherston, S Alexander R. Fitzburgh, C Florence L. Foster, C Evelyn Garcia, X Marie L. Garibaldi, P Bernadine J. Gilroy, C Cornelius W. Gilsenan, C Mary Ellen Goger, E Alan Goldberg, C Charles R. Grafton, C The Grand Café, C Mary and Douglas Hager, S/PC Anne Hanselman, C Jane M. Hanson, C Mark Hartman, C Frank J. Hoenemeyer, S/PC Sy Hoffer, C Peter S. Hornyak, X Christina Huhmann, S/PC Katherine H. Hunter, X Ying-chen Hwang, S/PC June C. Ierubino, C Independent College Fund of New Jersey, 1899/PC Robert Ingato, C John M. Irwin, E Lucie Jacobson, C Carl A. Jennings, 1899/PC Marguerite Jeremias, C Jewish Community Foundation, S/PC John I. Karesh, C Gregory N. Kasich, C Eugene C. Keegan, E Ellen V. Kelly, S/PC Robert N. Kenney, C Jack B. Kirsten, P Michael A. Kovacs, M/PC

Robert G. Kribs, E John A. Kruglinski, E Gunter P. Kuhnis, E Robin Lahue, C Peter C. Langenus, E Raymond T. Latour, M/PC Kathleen M. Levendusky, C Rebecca S. Levine, C James Lind, C Irwin J. Lipton, C Lockwood Boat Works, Inc., E Robert Loesner, X Lone Star Diagnostics, Inc., P Marcel Lonneman, E Harry Lund, E Jean Mallette, S/PC William J. Marino, E Daniel J. Mathews, C Karen A. Matte, C Dorothea B. McDonough, C Christopher J. McGrath, C Erline P. McGriff, C † Mary Sheila McGuire, E John E. McHarg, E Robert E. Meehan, CLU,ChFC, 1899/PC Juliette Meinstein, E Francis J. Mertz, C Mary Merz, C MessageOne, Inc., E Antoinette J. Messina-Pagano, C Metem Corporation, E Catherine E. Milsop, C Fanny Moncarz, C Jerry Moncarz, E Dorothy G. Montague, C George J. Moore, E Howard J. Moraghan, E John A. Morrison, E Galvin C. Murphy, C Patricia E. Murphy, E Navesink House, Resident’s Council, C Gregory W. Neumann, S/PC The New York Community Trust, P Melda M. Newman, E North Jersey Parochial Girls’ Scholastic League, C Suzanne M. O’Connor, E Margaret A. O’Regan, C

Mortimer O’Shea, C Orange Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, C Theresa Padovano, E Alan S. Painter, 1899/PC Everett C. Parker, P Nancy L. Pasley, E Raymond Pawlicki, C William B. Payton, C May J. Pennetta, E Werner B. Peter, E Robert Phelan, E Peter J. Pignatello, C Eileen M. Pilkington, C Joseph Pollio, P Mary M. Pramuk E Anthony E. Puleo, S/PC Puleo International, Inc., S/PC Sr. Kathleen Quigley, C John Rader, P Elizabeth Radil, C Father Anthony Randazzo, C Susan Rau, E The REGS Group, C Joyce Reilly, C Bess Riff, C Anthony B. Rizzuto, C The Robert and Joan Dircks Foundation, M/PC Nan E. Rogers, E Judith L. Rosenberg, E Philip D. Rowe, X Marjorie Rozman, C Mauro Ruggieri, C Kimberly Ryans, C Saint Anne Church, E Grace Schaffer, C William L. Scheffler, X Kathleen E. Shannon, X William J. Shaw, C Alan Silverstein, C May D. Smith, C Edith Snogans, C Harry Steigelman, C Eileen M. Sullivan, E Patricia Syciarz, C The CMX Group, Inc., E Stephen R. Thomas, C Irene C. Torok, C

Sharon A. Trotta, C Frank J. Unger, C Leslie A. Unger, X Unum Corporation, K/PC Catherine Vanderhaar, C Vedder, Price, Kaufman & Kammholz, P.C., X Bernard Wallerstein, C Margaret Wamp, E Philip J. Weiler, E Emmet T. White, S/PC Donna Yamanis, C Audrey F. Zekonis, C Christina Zitis, C

With deep gratitude, we acknowledge the Friends of the College, whose generous support demonstrates their faith and admiration for CSE.

From left, Eneida Perez, ’06, interviews former Mother Xavier Award winners Joan Knight Barbato,’50, and Dr. Anita Falla, ’43, for an episode of the campus television program CSE Speaks focusing on Founders Day, November 12, 2003.


Corporate Matching Gifts 2003-2004 3M Community Affairs The Allstate Foundation Altria Group, Inc. American International Group AT&T Foundation Automatic Data Processing, Inc. Aventis Pharmaceuticals Bank of New York BASF Corporation BD Matching Gift Program Bechtel Foundation The Boeing Company Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Chubb & Son, Inc. CIT Group Foundation CNA Foundation Colgate-Palmolive Datascope Corporation ExxonMobil Foundation Federated Department Stores Fleet Bank FM Global Foundation Gannett Foundation GE Foundation Gencorp Foundation Georgia-Pacific GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Hoffmann-LaRoche, Inc. Honeywell International, Inc. Horizon Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Jersey IBM International Foundation Intel Foundation J.P. Morgan Chase Foundation Jackson National Life John Hancock Financial Services Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Marsh & McLennan Companies Mellon Financial Corporation Foundation Merck Company Foundation MetLife Foundation Morgan Stanley NECA New York Life Foundation Newsweek, Inc. Novartis Pharmaceuticals Pearson Education PepsiCo Foundation Inc. Pfizer Foundation Philips Electronics, North America Corporation The Prudential Foundation Public Service Electric & Gas Schering-Plough Foundation

Shell Oil Company Foundation State Farm Companies Foundation Survey Sampling, Inc. Telcordia Technologies Textron Unum Corporation USAA Verizon Wachovia Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation Wyeth Corporatation Xerox Foundation

Your generosity makes excellence in education possible.

In-Kind Gifts 2003-2004 Dolce Hamilton Park Executive Conference Center Madison Hotel Paula Savage ‘86

We gratefully acknowledge those current students, parents, and members of the College’s faculty, staff and administration who made gifts to the Annual Fund between July 1, 2003 and June 30, 2004.

Current StudentsWho Donated to the 2004 Annual Fund Carol Kane, C Rose Marie Cusumano, X Betty Ann T. Conrad, C Elizabeth C. Kozakowski, E Lawrence J. Duffy, C Nicole Carr, E

Parents of Students and Alumnae/i Who Gave to the 2004 Annual Fund Richard M. Beck Deborah S. Berk Louis A. Buonpane William Cluney Maurice Cohen Leo P. Dauwer Dulles Diegue Elizabeth J. Dodd James J. Doolan Charles E. Foerster William S. Ford Elizabeth J. Graebener Ann Marie Gronquist Vicki Hunt Joseph P. Jones Carol P. Karnas Margaret A. Kelly Mirta C. Kenny Barbara A. Mata John M. Neubauer Julia Popovitch Ethel Marie Rosato Judith L. Schaefer Edward A. Stanton Joan M. Sundstrom Ronald F. Szymanski Dennis Temme John J. Turner Gwen Wall Patricia White

Faculty/Staff Adminstration Giving to the 2004 Annual Fund Anonymous ‘57, C William Alexander, C Rose Marie Andriola ‘95, C Gretchen T. Banker, E Darren M. Bertalan, C Elizabeth A. Bescherer, E Thomas J. Billings, E Marjorie D. Blomberg, E Katherine Buck, E Virginia Butera, C Maria R. Cammarata ‘04, E Maryanne Cannarella, C Brother Paul Chervenie, C Sister Margaret M. Conklin ‘47, X Edwin Coolbaugh, C Sister Agnes Gregory Craig, S/PC John Crews, C Sister Ellen Dauwer ‘77, E Ellen Ehrlich, E Marjorie Feinstein, B/PC Anthony Gallagher, C James P. Gerrish, C Johanna Glazewski ‘62, S/PC Hannelore Hahn, K/PC Sister Anita Richard Heilenday, E Jeanine Hirsch, S/PC Kathleen Hunter ‘73, C Linda L. Hunter, E Amy Kmetz, E Lynne A. Kraemer, C Donna Lindemeyer, C Virginia A. Lloyd, E Ronald A. Loneker, S/PC Catherine Martin, E Tracey M. Mascolo ‘96, E Catherine Martin, E Virginia E. McGlone, X Christine Montella, E Louise A. Murray, S/PC Dorothy A. Prisco, X Sister Francis Raftery, P Sandra I. Raitt ‘87, E Kathleen A. Reddick, E Virginia J. Reiner, C Joel D. Reiser, C Mary Ann Ricciotti, C Margaret A. Roman ‘72, C Mary Z. Rydstrom ‘92, E Anthony Santamaria, C Harriet Sepinwall, M/PC Eileen Specchio, C Frank J. Sturm, C Donna R. Tatarka, E Deborah Tulloch, C Lora Verducc i, C Robert G. Waks, C Teresa Walters, P Laura Winters, C

From left, Marjorie Feinstein, CSE Assistant Professor of Communication, congratulates Saturday Fast Track graduates Rose Marie Cusumano, ’04, and Barbara Wood, ‘04, at the College’s 102nd Commencement Exercises on Saturday, May 15, 2004. Cusumano and Wood are two of the 15 students who graduated from the first accelerated Saturday Fast Track in Communication class after just two years of study.


Celebrate Scholarship and Excellence Dinner We are most grateful to the following individuals and corporations for their support of our third annual “Celebrate Scholarship and Excellence Dinner” on June 17, 2004. Their financial donations and gift-in-kind contributions helped the College raise over $100,000. Anonymous A-L Services, Inc. A.L.M Electric Co, Inc. ABC Party Rental The Honorable Harold Ackerman Adams Addressing The Honorable Maryanne Trump Barry Binsky & Snyder Service, Inc. Boyar, Suozzo & Motyczka, PA. Breast Care Treatment Center The Honorable Stanley Brotman Bryan Manor C.G. Engineers, Inc. C&R Audio Visual Thomas and Ginny Campion Caritas Community Carrier Community Service Chartwells CIT College of New Rochelle Michael Connelly, M.D. Consolidated Fire Mary Conway Rev. Msgr. John Corr Ellen Crecca ‘51 Kathleen Nulty Culley ‘92, K/PC Hugh E. DeFazio, Jr., Esq. Carole Delaire ‘90 Delbarton School Robert Del Tufo, Esq. Dolce Hamilton Park Mary Donovan ‘66 Kathleen Mosher Egan ‘68 Gerald Eisenstat Carol-Marie Byrne Ellwood ‘69, S/PC Mr. and Mrs. William Fainglas Norman and Marjorie Feinstein, S/PC Eileen Sullivan Fell ‘58, 1899/PC Mary FitzPatrick ‘66 Michael FitzPatrick Patricia Harriman Foley ‘55, K/PC Rita Menegus Foti ‘58 , S/PC Milton Gallant, M.D. John and Irene Graham, S/PC Gateway Security Harwood Associates, Inc. Pat and Kevin Higgins Honeywell International, Inc. Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey Winifred Markell Johanson ‘67, K/PC Alice Patterson John ‘44, P Gregory Johnson Elaine Keeler ‘67, P Richard W. Keelty, 1899/PC D. Peter Keller William Kenny The Honorable Alfred Lechner, Jr. Linett & Harrison Advertising, Inc. Harry Margolis Martin Margolis Debra Martin Margaret McAndrew William McGuire, Esq. Joan Mathews McIntyre ‘50, S/PC Mobile Shred Muirhead of Ringoes NJ, Inc. Louise Murray Nadaskay Kopelson Architects North Jersey Counseling Centers Victoria Albright Null ‘70, 1899/PC Eileen O’Connor ‘38, K/PC Mary Ellen Ryan O’Connor ‘75, S/PC Michelle Tracey O’Shea, M.D. ‘92 Pfizer, Inc. Pitney, Hardin, Kipp & Szuch Joan Pittis ‘75, E


The Honorable Nicholas H. Politan Evelyn Dankanics Powers ‘62 Mary Pramuk PSE&G Sisters of Charity Red Oak Bank Sister Grace Reape ‘63 Thomas and Elizabeth Weller Renyi ‘69, 1899/PC Joseph P. Riccardo Riordan Foundation Christi Kobus Rokicki ‘00 Romanelli’s Italian Eatery Russell Investment Group Mary Beth Ryan Marvin Sachs Saint Barnabas Health Care Systems, Inc. Semple Bixel Eileen Shaw William Shine Andrea Simon, Ph.D., S/PC Kathleen Smolinski Kathleen Van Syckle Solu ‘73 Pelican Club Sparta Locksmiths, Inc. Stern & Kilcullen The Honorable Robert and Mrs. Tarleton Audrey Thompson Carmelita Treacy The Honorable Shirley Hayes Tolentino ‘65,B/PC Tompkins, McGuire, Wackenfeld & Barry LLP Union City Vo-Tec Christine Virag-Non ‘71, S/PC Saul A. Wolfe The Honorable Alfred M. Wolin Dr. Edward J. Yaw

Gift-in-Kind Robert Alexander Alumnae/i Association American Federal Mortgage Corporation Justin Baiter Raymond Bottiglione Irene Bradley Wellington L. Brown Dr. Jean C. Burge Emma Ferraro Byrne ‘65, B/PC C&R Audio Visual Juliet Cozzi ‘58, S/PC Kathleen Nulty Culley ‘92, K/PC Carole Delaire ‘90 Mary Donovan ‘66 Peg Dougherty Fran Maraziti Drew ‘63, K/PC Eileen Sullivan Fell ‘58, 1899/PC Hasbrouck Heights Hilton Hotel Mr. and Mrs. Carol A. Jennings, 1899/PC Patricia Kaplan Anne Keating ‘68, M/PC Mr. and Mrs. George Keelty Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Keelty The Keller Family Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Larini Linett & Harrison Advertising, Inc. Madison Grooming and Pet Supply Center Debra Martin Lois Crawford and Greg McCullough Tony Napoli Christi Rokicki ‘00 Sister Thomas Mary Salerno Francine Cheesman Shaw ‘76, 1899/PC Dr. Carol Strobeck Edward J. Susco Don Theobald Waverly TV The Wine Library John M. Zavada, K/PC

Your generosity makes excellence in education possible.

Independent College Fund of New Jersey Continues its Generous Support of the College of Saint Elizabeth The College of Saint Elizabeth continues to benefit from generous corporate and foundation support given through the Independent College Fund of New Jersey. Begun in 1953, the Fund makes a single united annual request to corporations and foundations on behalf of the 14 member colleges. For 51 years, the Fund has continued to secure corporate financial support for the state’s independent colleges and to promote a greater understanding of the importance of maintaining the opportunity for choice between public and private education. The Independent College Fund of New Jersey represents all of the state’s fully accredited, privately controlled colleges and universities, except those that are engaged primarily in religious studies. Most gifts are allocated by formula, although a number are designated to specific institutions. Support in 2003 for independent higher education in New Jersey through the Fund totaled over $1,347,343. The College of Saint Elizabeth received $68,926 from the Independent College Fund.

College of Saint Elizabeth – Statement of Current Fund Operating Revenues and Expenses for the Year Ended June 30, 2004 All amounts in $ thousands

The College of Saint Elizabeth’s Office of Institutional Advancement makes every effort to ensure that the information published in this report is accurate and complete. If we have omitted anything, or reported it incorrectly, please accept our apologies. Please notify the Office of Institutional Advancement at (973) 290-4465 so that we may correct our records. Thank you!


Our Alums Help Support the Architecture of the Dream

Dr. Elissa Jeanne Santoro, ‘60, founder of the Breast Care Treatment Center at Saint Barnabas Hospital in Livingston, N.J. where she is also attending physician in surgical oncology, delivers the Commencement address at CSE’s 102nd Commencement Exercises on Saturday, May 15, 2004. Dr. Santoro received the degree of Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa, at the ceremony in recognition of her extraordinary achievement and her role as an exemplary woman.

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President's Report (2003-2004)  
President's Report (2003-2004)  

The 2003 - 2004 President's Report entitled, "Architecture of the Dream." Publication designed by Linett & Harrison.