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Light Vol 133, No 2, Winter 2012/13

The Secret Life of Stainton Moses Instrumental Transcommunication - Part 2 ITC Research results 2013 - Welcome to the revolution Living an inspired life The intuitive talent of psychic art A momentous and magical moment Remote viewing comes of age

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Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013

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Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013

CONTENTS The secret life of Stainton Moses 5 Leslie Price The first publication of a paper given by Leslie to mark the 120th anniversary of Moses’ death. 4 Editorial The contents of this issue include:

36 A momentous and magical moment David Defty


The secret life of Stainton Moses Leslie Price

38 Remote viewing comes of age Debby-Kay Edwards


ITC feature - part 2: The extraordinary world of ITC Dr. Anabela Cardoso


Research “confirms anomalous electronic voices” Dr. Anabela Cardoso

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Book Reviews The Science Delusion Tell my Mother I’m Not Dead Be Happy Patterns of Creation The Spirit Whisperer The Miracle Workers Handbook Proof of Heaven

24 2013 - Welcome to the evolution Sue Minns 29 Living an inspired life Avril Price 33

The intuitive talent of psychic art Andie Hudson

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Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013

EDITORIAL It came, we lived through it and it went. The year of 2012, for which so much was predicted and discussed, has moved from the present into the past and we are left to ponder its significance. Indeed, was there any? One of the predictions that certainly proved accurate was that the world’s media would have their usual fun because another doomsday on which the world was expected by some to come to a physical end, was again just one of many such days which have passed into oblivion with a nod and a wink. All very amusing. But, of course, there was little if any consideration given to what the deeper meaning of 2012 might have been. Given the parlous state of our troubled planet, the opportunity was largely wasted by those in communications - who can exert so much influence on the public mindset - to ponder other factors which could have far-reaching consequences and, perish the thought, might improve our world by changing the way we see it. So, we, at least, have not left 2012 behind us without further reflection. Sue Minns, who was one of the contributors to last winter’s issue which explored the possibilities for the then year ahead, has accepted our invitation to review it retrospectively and take us via her extraordinary mind into the realms of 2013 and beyond. As she puts it: “Something is going on that seems to be gaining momentum.” We told you last year that we were going to focus more on areas of psychic studies which could benefit from open exploration on the part of mainstream science. That is very much our continuing intention, but we are not forgetting our past or the historical foundations on which the College was built. We are pleased that Leslie Price has chosen Light to publish the first version in print of his paper on “The Secret Life of Stainton Moses” which he delivered as a lecture last year marking the 120th anniversary of our first President’s death. Returning to the present, we conclude our special feature on Instrumental Transcommunication in which Dr Anabela Cardoso not only relates more of her remarkable story but also reveals the outcome of a two-year research programme which she inspired and directed into EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), conducted under the most stringent conditions. There is, of course, much more and we hope the varied nature of the topics contained in this latest issue of Light will give you food for thought as we move into the New Year. Brian Adams Editorial Board of Light


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013

The Secret Life of Stainton Moses By Leslie Price Stainton Moses (1839-1892), first President of the College, is largely forgotten today. Here, Leslie Price reassesses his wide-ranging contribution to psychic studies. Moses was not just an outstanding mental and physical medium, but also gave classic expression to the original ideals of the CPS precursor, the London Spiritualist Alliance. This is, in fact, the first publication in print of a paper which Leslie gave to the Society for Psychical Research in 2012, the 120th anniversary of Moses’ death, and which concentrates on a number of mysteries in the life of the man together with attempts to explain them. We are delighted Leslie has chosen Light, of which Moses was once the editor, for this first printed presentation. Space prevents us from publishing the entire article and illustrations in this one edition, so the second half will appear in the next issue of Light.

Imperator, Rector, Mentor and William Grocyn mentioned in this article, were all Guides of Stainton Moses Stainton Moses (1839-1892) was a Church of England minister who left parish work for reasons of health, and became a personal tutor to the Speer family. Moses was originally a patient of Dr Speer. As Myers explained in his classic SPR (Society for Psychical Research) Proceedings paper about Moses: “After some four years of residence near Ramsey, he accepted the curacy of St. George’s, Douglas, Isle of Man. Here also he was esteemed as an active clergyman, and admired as a preacher. In April 1869, he had a serious illness, and hearing that Dr. Speer, whom he knew slightly, was in the island on a holiday, he called in his medical aid. Dr. Speer brought him successfully through his illness and invited him as a convalescent to the house which he was renting in the island. The foundations of a life-long friendship with Dr. and Mrs. Speer were then laid.” Later, Stainton Moses was an English master at the radical University College School for Boys in Bloomsbury, London. About 1872, Mrs Speer drew his attention to Spiritualism which he investigated; he sat with many mediums, and his own home circle, which included Dr and Mrs Speer, produced powerful physical phenomena. Mrs Speer published accounts of his phenomena and teachings in Light, which was then a weekly newspaper. We are greatly indebted to her. The centre of his secret life was his notebook. In this he wrote questions to his spirit guides, and they replied. An edited sequence of such material was produced in book form in 1883, called ‘Spirit Teachings’ and was very successful. Under the pseudonym ‘M.A. Oxon’, he also wrote


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 numerous articles for psychic publications, some of which were edited as books such as ‘Spirit Identity’ and ‘Higher Aspects of Spiritualism’. He was active in many organisations, and served as first president of the London Spiritualist Alliance, now the College of Psychic Studies. Much of the archival material used in this paper is from the archives of CPS; it is quoted by permission. People in the psychic field remember the name of Stainton Moses. They may have dipped into ‘Spirit Teachings’ or read chapters on him in standard works like ‘Modern Spiritualism’ by Podmore. But his other books are not much read, and the two main studies of his mediumship are largely unknown today.

A vast quantity of testimony F.W.H. Myers, who had been much influenced by him, contributed an obituary to SPR Proceedings, and then a long two part analysis of his mediumship which is almost a book. Myers could draw not only on all surviving records, such as the notebooks, but on testimony from several members of the Moses home circle. It is also worth re-reading all the references to Moses in the posthumously edited masterpiece of Myers’ ‘Human Personality’ which not only gives his later thoughts on Moses, but enables one to see that the Moses’ mediumship significantly influenced the understanding Myers developed of the levels of consciousness. Indeed, the religious outlook of Myers himself owed something to Imperator and his band. Then after the first world war, Mr Trethewy who had served in India as a police officer and magistrate, was given access to all their Stainton Moses records by the LSA. He published a book ‘The Controls of Stainton Moses’ (1923) which gave their true identities that had been concealed behind pseudonyms. Nevertheless some names of persons involved were still concealed. Trethewy was able to talk with two surviving members of the home circle, Mr Percival, and Charlton Speer, the son whom Moses had once tutored. We are exceedingly fortunate to have the work of Myers and Trethewy. They both had to master a vast quantity of testimony, much of it handwritten, some scattered over dozens of issues of Light and other journals. The papers by Myers are of course on line to SPR members. Some of the chapters of the Trethewy book are being reprinted in Psypioneer monthly, which is available free and on line.


St. George’s Church in Douglas, Isle of Man. Photograph reproduced by kind permission of Peter Killey,

Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 Unless otherwise stated, the photographs accompanying this article are reproduced by kind permission of Paul Gaunt, editor of Psypioneer.

The imposing figure of Stainton Moses in two different poses.

In the Psypioneer May 2012 issue, there is a general summary, ‘The Mystery of Stainton Moses’. I am delighted to note that Marc Demarest, curator of the web site, has digitised and placed on line Mr Trethewy’s book. This will be of immense help to serious students of Stainton Moses. My purpose is to consider some mysteries in the Stainton Moses case, including sources which were not available to Myers and Trethewy. Let us begin, however with a false alarm. In November 2004, Psypioneer carried a shock headline, ‘Stainton Moses accused of matrimony’. It reported … NEW DNB SAYS STAINTON MOSES WAS MARRIED “The medium for ‘Spirit Teachings’ left a wife Mary on his death in 1892, according to his entry in ‘The New Dictionary of National Biography’ published in September 2004. Previously, historians had known only that his mother, believed to be called Mary or more formally Mrs Moses, survived him.” Therein was a clue to what might have happened. The author of the entry had confused Mrs Moses, mother of the deceased, with a putative spouse. A clue to how this may have occurred can be found in the probate entry to which Marc has drawn my attention: “MOSES. William Stainton of Surrey House Victoria Embankment Middlesex editor of “Light” newspaper died 5 September 1892 at Bedford Administration London 4 October to Mary Moses widow Effects £242 9s 7d.”


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013

Stainton Moses’ famous Notebook in which he refers to the launch of Light and receives an answer in ‘automatic writing’ - (CPS archives). Transcription on right.

In the previous entry on the same page, probate for a deceased lady is also given to a ‘widow’. Clearly, the word describes the status of the recipient, without indicating to whom they were married! It is true however, as reported by Katherine Bates, (‘Seen and Unseen’ 1907) that a lady did eventually claim to have been the fiancée of Mr Moses. Several women were members of the Moses home circle. But he was not over fond of female company, and while searching spiritually, wrote to a masonic colleague that a proposed London branch of the Theosophical Society would not meet his needs for several reasons, “Prominent among them is the fact that women are admitted to membership, and that there is at least one in London.” (see John Hamill ‘Additional Light on William Stainton Moses and the Theosophical Society.’ Theosophical History VII No 7 July 1999 .The colleague was Major F. G. Irwin.) Moses believed that his guides kept him from marriage; he may have been correct. Detailed accounts of some of the remarkable Stainton Moses home circle phenomena appeared as early as 1874-5 in the journal ‘Human Nature’ (under the pseudonym, of course, of M.A. Oxon) and were quoted by Myers. Perhaps the most impressive is in chapter three of the ‘Researches into Spiritualism’ series in HN, and deals with perfumes. To quote Moses via Myers: “In every circle with which I am


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 acquainted the conditions are harmonised by some means. Usually music is employed for that purpose. It seems to have the effect of soothing the minds of the sitters, and leading them to throw aside, for the time, thoughts of other matters, while they dwell harmoniously on what is being attempted in the circle. Whatever other effect music may have, I believe its soothing property to be its chief merit. This harmonising is effected in our circle by means of perfumes and waves of cool scented air. We are never asked for music. If, very rarely, a musical box is set in motion, its only effect is to elicit a peculiar muffled sound in the floor, and to cause a vibration to be made in the room. By these sounds we know of the presence of a particular intelligence, who so announces himself. But they are never asked for again, and they apparently have no harmonising effect. Singing is never introduced; and any noise, even of loud conversation, is checked at once.”

’Laden with perfumes’ “We are told to keep still. But when any opposing conditions are to be removed, then the room is pervaded by odours of subtle and delicate, or strong, perfume. If a new sitter is present, he or she is censed (if I may adopt the expression) and so initiated. The chair which the stranger occupies is surrounded by luminous haze, from which issues the perfume; and very frequently wet scent, more or less pungent according to conditions, is sprinkled from the ceiling at the same time. If a new intelligence is to communicate, or special honour to be paid to a chief, the room is pervaded by perfumes which grow stronger as the spirit enters. This scenting of the room in which we are about to meet will sometimes commence many hours before we begin. Indeed, when we have been in the country, far from the polluted atmosphere of smoke and dirt, charged with the nameless odours that London breeds, the air of the seance-room is always laden with perfumes. There is a subtle odour in it.” There is much more in a similar vein, and the contrast with the normal practice in physical mediumship is clear. It appears that the perfumes were produced by a skilled manufacturing process, which sometimes went wrong, and was less successful in bad conditions like illness. The power of the Moses mediumship steadily declined as the 1870s wore on, but occasional scenting persisted. In the memorial issue of Light (November 5 1892), Fred Collingwood recalled: “I was one evening sitting with him in ordinary conversation, when he complained of not feeling well, arising from rather prolonged work, when I perceived a very sweet perfume, and remarked, as it increased, “What a delicious scent; where does it come from?” From me, the top of my head, he replied. I felt the crown, which was wet with a pleasant odorous substance. I dipped the corner of my handkerchief in it and kept it for months hardly diminished in potency. This case is similar to many instances recorded in Mrs. S’s exceedingly interesting and, in my opinion, highly important records now appearing in ‘Light’. Mr. Stainton Moses told me that the development of these perfumes was intended as a healing process, and he was often relieved in that way.” It would be mistaken, however, to suggest that the production of perfumes was always powered only by the medium. Apart from the other sitters in the home circle, several guides were involved notably Mentor, who was supposedly Al Ghazali, a Muslim theologian of the first rank. Trethewy (p65) notes:


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 “He gave no independent teaching, but signed many communications jointly with others. His main duty was to manage the phenomena at séances; his power over the elements was considered by Imperator to be extraordinary for so high a spirit. He was very successful with lights, and the long brown hand sometimes seen to be holding them was said to be his (see SPR Proceedings Vol. IX, p.327.) He also was responsible for the scent and was proud of his performances; but on more than one occasion something went wrong and the consequences were unpleasant.” Mentor’s services were dispensed with, but his supposed successor William Grocyn, the Tudor scholar, had more mishaps. You may question as to why so eminent a thinker as Ghazali was involved in these experiments. Incidentally, Moses received a series of communications about world religions, parts of which are in ‘Spirit Teachings’. The section on Islam is not. This gave a psychic interpretation of the prophet, with some decline as time went on. This might be hazardous to publish.

’A preposterous story’ May I turn now to another section of the Moses notebooks which has not been discussed publicly. The year 1881 was of central importance in psychical research. The weekly newspaper Light was launched. Edmund Dawson Rogers, its prime mover, suggested to Professor William Barrett that a society be founded to investigate the paranormal, and the inaugural meeting of the Society for Psychical Research was duly held at the rooms of the British National Association of Spiritualists in London in January 1882. In India, A.P. Sinnett, a newspaper editor, had got into correspondence with two of the Mahatmas behind the Theosophical Society, founded in New York in 1875, whose leaders Madame Blavatsky and Col. Olcott had removed to India. Sinnett’s book, ‘The Occult World’ about phenomena he witnessed around Blavatsky, appeared in London in 1881. It was in November 1881, that Stainton Moses sought the advice of Imperator, leader of his guides, and wrote in his notebook, (abbreviations retained in transcription): “Some months since Mr A P Sinnett came to London with a letter of introduction to me fr Col. Olcott. He had seen much of him & Me Blavatsky, and had put together some of his experiences in a book called The Occult World. He had imbibed opinions such as those propounded by MB. and amongst them a great horror of vulgar Spsm. He was not able, however, to recognise in my experiences what he felt able to condemn, and was compelled to admit that they formed a difficulty in the way of his all round theory. I told him a good deal of what I had seen & learned, and he wrote a letter (wh. he read to me) embodying this information to Koot Hoomi, a ‘Brother’ with whom he had come into communication thro the Medium of Me Blavatsky. “I amplified & stated what I had privately told him in a review of his book, which appeared in the Psychological Review. July 1881. KH’s answer to Sinnett’s letter had not appeared when he left


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 England for India; and he sent me certain extracts from it in a letter dated July 15 followed by one dated July 23. These contained a direct claim that Imperator (SM actually represents him with a crown symbol) is a living man – a “Brother (speech marks missing) & that his dealings with me have been perfectly known to Me B. “I answered the letters at once, & pointed out that I knew perfectly who I. is, that he had always consistently told the same story; that he disavowed any sort of knowledge of the Brothers, or acquiesced in their ideas, & that somebody had evidently fabricated a preposterous story. “I have since received another letter, dated Oct 9, referring me to The Theosophist for Oct. in which appears an article called ‘Fragments of Occult Truth’ in which it is, at length, categorically affirmed that “no spirits of the departed can communicate with man”. In that letter the clause is reiterated. “On these facts I sollicit (sic) an opinion. I have not asked for any disclaimer fr. (from?) I, the whole sequence of his teaching being utterly opposed to any such idea as his being a Brother, independently of the fact that he has disclaimed any sympathy with their views. But I sh’d be glad to know what it all means.” Imperator wrote back: “It is not necessary to say more than that the whole story is false from beginning to end. We know nothing of any brothers, though there may be men who so style themselves. If there be, rest assured that all of their ideas are as false as those contained in the paper referred to, it is well for you that they have not communicated with you. “The purport of the falsehood doubtless is that they may have some answer to the objection which our teaching offers to their view of Spiritualism. It is a daring falsehood. You at any rate are warned as to what their methods are. Avoid them. We are with you now & we have never left you. Nor has any other spirit ventured to assume our cause. Moses commented: “No doubt it is an utterly stupid falsehood on its face. The only facts they rely on, are such as I have told Olcott or Me B. What shall I do?” Imperator replied: “Enter into no controversy. They who would resort to methods such as this are not within reach of argument. State the facts, and warn your friend Sinnett who is evidently being led astray. It will be no use. Keep your own counsel, and do not be led into controversy. “Do not ask further. All will be well. But you see what spirit is abroad, and how far we have warned you truly.” Stainton Moses added: “I cannot help placing on record my opinion that of all the lying spirits in and out of the body, the author of this is the most daring and barefaced.” To be continued in the next edition of Light


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013

ITC Feature Part two

In this second of a two part special feature, we continue to explore the extraordinary world of Instrumental Transcommunication, in which voice and image contacts with ‘the next world’ are said to occur through the use of radios, tape and digital recorders, computers and video. Our author is world expert Dr Anabela Cardoso who, may we remind you, was already a distinguished Portuguese diplomat before her life-changing ITC experiences resulted in her becoming a leading authority on the subject. This time, she also explores the possible ‘alternative explanations’ for ITC. The first part of Dr Cardoso’s extended article was published in the last issue of Light.

The extraordinary world of ITC

By DrAnabela Cardoso EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomenon DRV: Direct Radio Voices Rio do Tempo: supposedly a ‘station’ or emitting centre in the next world

Why is ITC important? As I held in the last paper published in Light, the great advantage of Instrumental Transcommunication contacts in relation to other forms of alleged communications with other dimensions of life lies in that they constitute objective evidence that nobody in good faith can dispute, provided the recordings of voices and images were done under controlled conditions and are clearly comprehensible. Both are indispensable requisites. As I write this, it was only yesterday that I was visited by a young man who came all the way from Lisbon to exchange views with me on the fascinating world of ITC. Luís is a 23-year-old who has just finished his studies in administration and management and, having read about ITC, was captivated by the possibilities of objective evidence the method may offer and the way in which the contact can be attempted. We discussed the issue at length and he also listened to some of my recent DRV (Direct Radio Voices) recordings. I will quote some of his comments on the latter. “How can anyone doubt these contacts?” he said, and continued: “Because anybody who is honest and not deaf can clearly understand what they say! When they state, for instance, that “we (they) are the dead speaking from another world” what other explanation can we offer?


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 “Anybody in good faith will recognise and understand the content of the messages. Some of the words are a little deformed or mixed up with radio static noise but the majority of the messages are utterly clear and loud. In such cases the content is indisputable.” He was insistent that not having an alternative proposition to offer, how could anyone doubt what the contacts say and that they come from where they say they come? Naturally I agreed, and when I started writing this second piece for Light, his comments of yesterday night came to mind. Indeed, how can anyone doubt what clear and loud ITC messages say provided, of course, that the recordings are not fraudulent? In my case, for example, the voices say they are my father, my mother, my brother and other names known and unknown to me or, sometimes, all of them together. Often they say that they are “beings from Rio do Tempo Station working (practicing with the voices) to be able to contact everybody in your (our) world interested in speaking with our world (theirs)” - and so many other things. Any native speaker of the language - since I am Portuguese my communicators speak mostly in Portuguese - who is not deaf or hard of hearing, can understand a significantly large portion of what the communicators say without any effort or special attention, as was the case of the young man who came to my home yesterday. Let me add that he had no previous exposure to ITC voices but, as he rightly remarked with astonishment: “They sound just like normal human voices, you just listen and you understand!” Naturally, a non-Portuguese listener will not understand the messages but that person will not understand what I say either, if I speak in Portuguese. Therefore, his or her opinion is not relevant to the evaluation of the communications. Moreover, if the messages were in Belarusian, for instance, instead of Portuguese, which is a widely spoken language, and a native of Belarusian could properly and clearly understand them, they would have exactly the same value as if they had been transmitted in English (or in Portuguese, Spanish, French etc.). What I mean is that, logically, when clear ITC messages are not in the language of the listener they should not be dismissed as worthless. That would definitely be a very unintelligent and inappropriate approach to the phenomenon of anomalous electronic voices. So, as Luís pondered, what alternative explanation for ITC voices can any honest evaluator of the phenomenon offer? The stray radio emissions “explanation”, i.e. the absurd proposition postulating that the voices are figments of stray radio emissions, which some years ago seemed to be in fashion, goes far beyond the limit of ridicule, considering the clear content of the messages and the fact that, overall, they reply to the questions of the operator on earth. The other option that I have seen put forward to justify the anomalous electronic voices is that they come from Unidentified Flying Objects - UFOs. This one is a little less laughable but it still leaves many questions unanswered. Let us consider my own case: First of all the presumed UFO inhabitants would need to possess a tremendously developed technology,


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013

Dr Cardoso at her home in Vigo, Spain, monitoring recorded contact voices at her mixer console and watching an audio wave display on screen. CPS Photograph

most likely based on telepathy, which would enable them to understand my questions and reply to them objectively through the manipulation of radio waves, without being present in the room, or else be invisible as the deceased ITC communicators supposedly are. They would need to have access to an all-embracing array of information which would The on-screen display shows the audio waves consist of the names and other using specialist software. very specific characteristics of my family members and other related events; know my pet name, the names of my dogs even from when I was only a little child; my likes and dislikes, features of my friends’ characters and, sometimes, the content of what I am thinking even before I myself am aware of what exactly my thoughts are ‌ I mean even before the thought has been completely formed in my mind as has happened (see Electronic Voices).


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 Furthermore, the all-powerful aliens would need a motive to tell us that they are our loved ones, that physical death is not the end of life, that there is a meaning to existence which, according to ITC messages, is fundamentally based upon progression and the expansion of consciousness, that an ethical behaviour (albeit from a cosmic, not necessarily human, perspective) is desirable, that all forms of life are equal, that there are many worlds and so on. Also, if the whole thing was just a wicked invention from their side, what would be the purpose of their imparting such important information and noble teachings to us? Nonetheless, although this option is utterly complex and unlikely, it is not impossible because we are in the dark about the ‘super-powers’ of the supposed UFOs. We, logical and normal people not acquainted with the world of the so-called paranormal, as is my case, have such enormous difficulty in accepting when we look at a dead body that death is no death at all but just the passage into another level of consciousness, another dimension, that, understandably, we search for alternative explanations which will not shake our mental patterns when faced with a phenomenon such as ITC. And this is what happened to me. The ‘aliens’ explanation, which is common in some countries such as Spain where I now live, was the first thing that paranormal investigators offered me. Reluctantly, because, unlike other people, I am not a UFO adept, but out of intellectual integrity, I pondered the hypothesis carefully and I found it extremely improbable. I will not say impossible because that word should not be part of our vocabulary, but certainly highly implausible. To carry on with this proposition we would need firstly to know the aliens, to prove their existence within the reach of our planet and to know of their own distinctive psychic and technological capacities. None of these conditions can presently be fulfilled. Consequently, the hypothesis cannot be verified and is devoid of meaning. We are left with the macro-PK explanation, very much to the liking of supposedly advanced parapsychologists, which postulates that the anomalous voices are psychokinetically produced by the operator on earth by his/her brain unconsciously interacting with the radio waves and modulating them into words. Friedrich Jürgenson, Dr Cardoso in her studio where she receives the contact messages. the admirable CPS Photograph ‘Father’ of the


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 voices, states the following about this proposition (in reply to the hypothetical question of a journalist): Question

“If we are not dealing here with the power of suggestion or the transmissions of a secret radio station, the possibility still exists that you, Mr. Jürgenson, are able to project this sound and voice phenomena completely unconsciously unto a tape through the power of your subconscious. Perhaps you are a kind of medium with the peculiar gift, possibly for the first time in the history of psychical research, to produce electromagnetic impulses and to send these into the ether. What would be your answer to this?” Answer

“I should feel extremely flattered by such a supposition if vanity had been my strong suit. But if we want to get to the bottom of the issue of a possible mediumistic capability on my part in a rational way, we will first have to clarify the physical origin of the voice and sound phenomena. “We know today that all sounds, whether generated by the larynx or mechanical instruments, not only produce sound waves that travel through the air but consist of electromagnetic oscillations that spread through the ether depending on their power source either as radio waves or as sound waves. Since our phenomena cannot be sound waves - otherwise the voices would be heard by every one in the room 1 - they must consist of electromagnetic frequencies sent into the ether by some kind of power source. Now if we want to suppose that my subconscious represents such a power centre, I would have the honour of being the biggest genius in the world capable of subconsciously producing the entire dynamics of a radio station including antenna, studio, technical personnel, musical instruments, choirs, soloists and commentators of all kind. “Besides, I would need to possess the magical gift of imitating perfectly the voices of dead people of every gender and age in the most varied languages including voices never previously known or heard by me. “But that’s not all. The most absurd ‘miracle’ would consist in my ability to overpower willy-nilly any radio wave oscillating in the ether, namely to totally or partially alter any current radio transmission, such as the British BBC or the West German Radio Network, using the ‘programme’ of my own ‘subconscious transmitter.’ Not even the most powerful Russian jamming station would be capable of such an achievement. 2 “Such a heroic act would not only exceed the achievements of good old Baron von Muenchhausen but would allow me to claim godlike capabilities. A man with such capabilities would be employed right away by the secret services of the major powers with a fantastic salary and retirement benefits.” (Jürgenson, 2004, pp. 97-98). I believe 1

Jürgenson was obviously speaking of EVP voices which can only be heard when the tape is rewound and played back.


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 Jürgenson’s response needs no further corroboration. So, having surveyed the other known hypotheses in opposition to what the communicators themselves tell us, i.e. that they are the dead, we are left without viable, alternative explanations. Thus, until convincing, testable evidence contradicts my opinion, I believe we should accept what our ITC communicators tell us - that they are “the dead speaking from another dimension beyond time”, as Rio do Tempo communicators have told me.

More on the DRV messages As I emphasised in part one of my article, since my DRV started in March 1998 and until this date, the communications have occurred on a constant basis, although with breaks of a few months on a couple of occasions (see Electronic Voices). Carlos de Almeida was the communicator who offered the most noteworthy information but there were other voices, generally anonymous, who also replied to some of my most important questions. I suppose that some of those must have been what we usually call ‘higher beings’ because the tone and mode of the voice employed, as well as the nature of the reply, point in that direction. Members of my family and voices that identified themselves as some of my most beloved dogs also spoke. My family members, namely my father, my grandmother, my mother, my brother, my grandfather, some of my uncles and cousins have lately become the ever-present communicators. There is not one of my most recent recordings that will not contain a voice that clearly and loudly identifies itself with my father’s name, João Cardoso. There is also a group of very interesting voices, normally well formed, loud and clear that speak often and seem to serve as guidance to the other voices. They may sound a little feminine but it does not mean that they belong to women. They are rather androgynous voices which may sound mechanical. I call them the ‘Speakers of Tempo’ because they speak very well and because years ago somebody from Rio do Tempo Station called them this. The voices that identify themselves as belonging to my deceased family members and to a very special dog, ‘Só’, speak normally in a monotonous cadence repeating words and sentences incessantly. I will offer a glimpse of Só’s life story to my readers. He was a golden honey colour of medium size, perhaps a hunting dog, that I found abandoned, barely able to stand up, zigzagging from side to side of an asphalt road under the blazing sun of the South of Portugal when I was driving from Lisbon to my farm in the Alentejo. I had never seen a dog in such pitiful physical condition; a living skeleton, of which every single bone was fully identifiable, covered by a very short fur skin and topped by a big head with long ears. His eyes looked blank and confused - a true image of neglect, cruelty and indifference! I called him “Só” (Alone in Portuguese) because I had to lodge him separately from my Doberman dogs who, as expected, would not tolerate intruders in their space. Although I had loved Só and felt so sorry for him, it never came to my mind that I would 2

I believe Jürgenson mentions the role of radio stations because when his EVP voices occurred they normally appeared together with, or in-between, radio emissions.


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 hear from Só when I started receiving the DRV messages. Not for the reason that he was a dog because the physical shape plays no role in these communications which are driven by the heart, but because he was not one of my most beloved dogs. I mean I loved other dogs as much as Só but my Doberman were my most beloved dogs ever. Although I have also heard from my Nisha, one of my female Doberman dogs (See CD ‘Electronic Voices’) I just never thought that Só would also speak. But he does and in the last few years almost every single time that the voices speak, together with the mention of his name, e.g. “Sou o Só, cão” (I am Só, dog), the same voice often repeats “I am Só with the mother” or “Sou o Pai com o Só” (I am the father with Só) etc. Perhaps this shows that my desires play no decisive role in the communications while the communicators’ intentions are decisive? Perhaps, but I will not definitely affirm anything. I do not think I am entitled to do so. On several occasions the voices that identify themselves as my deceased family members have insisted that they are doing very difficult work (“trabalho”), which will eventually allow them to speak to anybody in our world interested in such communications. By means of those sentences they often, albeit not always, reply to my questions in the same monotonous cadence. To us the whole thing sounds like a strange, fascinating speech ‘rosary’ for which we have no explanation. But, apparently, the next world is another dimension of consciousness and, naturally, we have no means of understanding their ways.

Content of Rio do Tempo messages The first thing that comes to my mind when I ponder the subtitle of this section is the nature of the next world’s values. As we all know, the values of our world are principally based upon power. It does not matter if power comes from a financial or from a social condition; it is all to do with power. With this thought in mind I once asked my communicators if their values were similar to ours. I also asked what the most important principle in their world was. The reply to this latter question came in English: “The truth”. On the same issue the communicators also said: “Our world is of the soul that points into another direction”. And one day they specifically replied that the values of their world were different from ours. What a relief, I thought with a smile! In brief, the contents of the most significant ITC messages I have received tell us that3: • survival is the Natural Law. “All beings – animals, plants, humans (perhaps even minerals, though I have not been told to this effect) survive physical death”. • survival does not depend on the moral conditions or the ethical or religious values of those concerned – it is simply an inevitable fact of life. • “our world is very similar to your world (ours) but much more beautiful”. • in the next world “all beings are equal” – it appears that even animals and plants also 3

All communications in italics were received directly by me. The exact words used by the communicators are in inverted commas.


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 collaborate in their own ITC projects. • “there are many other physical worlds” in addition to our own. • there are many trans-physical worlds, depending upon the spiritual development level of the beings who inhabit them (though of course it is important to recognise that the communicators may mean by “spiritual development” something very different from our own interpretation of the term). • the bodies of entities in the world of Rio do Tempo are also “material bodies”, albeit made of a different matter from ours. • the entities in the world of Rio do Tempo have extraordinary capacities, like being in two places at the same time in full consciousness; “these capacities are a natural condition in our (their) world”. • the entities in their world “travel with thought”. • the bodies of entities in their world are much more beautiful and flexible than they were when on Earth. • “suffering is very important for spiritual development. All beings on the Earth feel suffering”. • the entities in the world of Rio do Tempo know the thoughts and actions of those working with them on Earth. • “the disposition of the experimenter on Earth influences the work of the communicators”, though (classical) “mediumship is not necessary for ITC contacts”. • Reincarnation is a sporadic event, and happens “only when there is no other way”. • the Group Soul is a reality in the world of Rio do Tempo. The Technician (the name given to a ‘higher being’) said via ITC communications in Luxembourg that the descriptions given of the different planes of existence by F. W. Myers through the automatic writing of medium Geraldine Cummins (Cummins, 1932) constitute a near approximation to the next worlds (e.g. “Carlos de Almeida has passed to the 4th plane, a world of light, like a sun”). • “we are in space” (this compares interestingly with communications received by Jürgenson and has been said to me on a couple of occasions when the communicators started speaking); “you are inside time, we are outside time”; “we live on an apex of space”. The entities in the world of Rio do Tempo appear to have a wonderful sense of humour. For example, once, when I came into my studio accompanied by my small ginger cat, they said “go and wash the cat, he’s yellow”. Their voices also manifest a peculiar rhythm, syntax and symbolic use of language, the characteristics of which appear common to the majority of ITC communications. I have offered herewith a brief account of a seemingly endless succession of incredible


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 events that have definitely changed my life. I can only hope that some of those who have read my story will also try to explore for themselves the path that may open the doors of perception into another level of reality for them. Let me conclude by asking an important question: do these extraordinary voices seem to be stray radio emissions, or psychokinetically produced by me or by aliens? I leave it to my readers to decide. For further reference and reading: Cardoso, A. (2010). Electronic Voices: Contact with Another Dimension? : O Books - John Hunt

Publishing, Ltd. Ropley, Hants, UK Cardoso, A. (2010). CD: Electronic Voices (available from: Cummins, G. (1932). The Road to Immortality. London: Ivor Nicholson & Watson. Jürgenson, F. (2004). Voice Transmissions with the Deceased. Stockholm: Firework Edition Nº 101. Free download from the Jürgenson Foundation:

ITC Feature

In conclusion

Research “confirms anomalous electronic voices” We conclude our special feature into Instrumental Transcommunication with an extract from a report produced by Dr Cardoso as a result of a most recent two year research programme which she inspired and directed. Of necessity, we have had to reduce the content of this article to a minimum to be able to accommodate it - but it does give you a flavour for the integrity of the research and the findings it produced. It was intended to further explore EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) in which questions are posed by the operator on ‘earth’ and recorded via tape or computer. After asking a series of questions, to which no replies will be heard at the time of recording, the material is played back at which time ‘anomalous voices’ may be heard responding. Several background noises can be used during the recording but an acoustic support of the ‘white noise’ type is desirable. The acoustic background is thought to provide the raw material from which the ‘voices’ create their utterances.

Dr Cardoso writes:

What I posted previously about the extraordinary merits of ITC to contribute to the study and investigation of the hypothesis of the survival of consciousness beyond physical death, was clearly demonstrated by the research project of EVP voices carried out in the course of two years and recently published in the Neuroquantology Journal. Under conditions controlled to the utmost possible degree and in professionally shielded acoustic environments, which included the top of the line Laboratory of Acoustics of one


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 of the good Engineering Schools in Spain, at Vigo University, voices were obtained, the origin of which could not be explained by normal means. (Ed: Work was also carried out at the Metropolis Sound Studio in Vigo) Readers interested in consulting the whole research report can check it either in the ITC Journal website (, in the ITC Journal proper or in the NQ Journal issue below mentioned. Part of the Abstract and Conclusions of this important piece of research, actually the most thorough investigation of the electronic anomalous voices in the history of ITC research, are printed below with the kind permission of the NQ Journal. Republished from NeuroQuantology, September 2012; Volume 10: Issue 3; Page 492-514. ABSTRACT (extract)

The present report describes in detail the tests designed to record the allegedly anomalous electronic voices, or EVP, under controlled acoustic conditions. A series of experiments were carried out in Vigo, Spain throughout a period of two years under conditions controlled to the highest degree achievable. Several operators were involved in the many tests conducted in Acoustic Laboratories and professional recording studios equipped with very high levels of acoustic shielding. The protocols and procedures followed in the experiments, as well as the results obtained, are herewith described. Several extra voices were recorded during the many experiments performed for which no normal explanation was found. Participants (inserted by Light): A diversified pool of operators from different parts of Europe was selected. Names and abbreviations of the operators are: from Portugal: Anabela Cardoso (AC), Luísa Alcântara, Maria dos Anjos Antunes. From Germany: Ingrid (IH) and Uwe Hartmann (UH). From Spain: José Ignacio Carmona (Iñaki). They were all experienced EVP operators with positive results who had never experimented together. Philip Newell (PN) - British international expert in sound isolation - or another sound technician, or both, were present throughout the experiments. CONCLUSIONS The reality of the apparently anomalous electronic voices was confirmed in acoustically controlled environments with different operators. With the exception of the June 17, 2008 radio voices, none of the voices or whispers described in the present report were heard live during the tests. Extra voices, originating from undetectable sources, were identified in the following situations: 1. Under controlled speech and controlled acoustic environment - AC as sole operator at the Metropolis and at the University of Vigo; Iñaki at the University of Vigo and at the Metropolis. 2. Under controlled acoustic environment and uncontrolled speech - AC, Portuguese operators and participants (PN and Francisco, (Luísa’s husband) at the Metropolis; AC, IH and UH at University of Vigo; the same and Iñaki at the Metropolis.


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 3. Under uncontrolled speech and uncontrolled acoustic environment - AC and the Portuguese operator outside the Acoustics chamber of the Superior School of Engineering; AC and Iñaki at the same place. The voices seemed to benefit from the presence of noise in the environment (particularly human speech and metallic clicks). The very few voices recorded without any explicit noise had quite lower amplitude than the voices registered with a background of explicit noise. The amplitude of the voices seems to be related to the level of background environmental noise extant in the room when the voices appear recorded. Probably to other variables, too, but those remain undefined and need further research. The voices were louder, clearer, more abundant and flowing when uncontrolled direct human speech by two or more people prevailed, independently of an acoustically controlled or uncontrolled environment. Above all, they seemed to benefit from a situation where the operators’ frame of mind was lively and energetic, and perhaps also from a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. On the other hand, they seemed to be negatively affected if the operators were focused on the experiment. The voices seemed to benefit from a slightly chaotic situation - AC, Portuguese operators, PN and Francisco at the Metropolis; AC, IH, UH and Sound Technician ML at the Laboratory of Acoustics. The voices did not seem to be significantly more abundant when an artificial basis of human speech was used (Psychophone and EVP-maker) as acoustic background source. Methods: the Psychophone and the EVPmaker software proved to be highly unreliable not because they are particularly bad acoustic backgrounds for the production of the voices but because they are undoubtedly a source of uncertainty and ambiguity in the analysis of the results. They can very easily originate pareidolia and/or projection of meaning based upon expectation. Very particularly with the EVP-maker software, it is easy to find ‘results’ in recording-sessions where they do not exist. In addition, an erroneous interpretation of the content of possibly anomalous utterances found in the recording is very likely. Most of the EVP ‘results’, published in the Internet, fall into one of these categories. The equipment and location of the experiments did not seem to weigh on the formation of the voices but the highly sensitive microphone, Bruel & Kjaer, used at some of the University experiments appeared to capture more voices than the other microphones…in view of the results, a pertinent question is to find out if there are parallels between the allegedly anomalous electronic voice phenomena and so-called paranormal events of a different nature. Apparently, one of the distinctive characteristics of paranormal events is their occurrence in situations when they cannot be easily controlled. Prof. Hans Bender is quoted as saying (translation): “If we tentatively admit the still questionable factuality of ‘spooks’, then (the attempt) to keep hold of it by photographing, filming or by recording acoustical phenomena will have to face the difficulty that the phenomena apparently elude a critical grasp. The impression almost suggests that the intelligent forces mock the observer and produce a phenomenon just there where one cannot get hold of it.” (Bender, 1979).


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 Here are two abbreviated examples of the anomalous electronic voices recorded in the course of the research: • On June 27 another set of tests was done at the Metropolis. The diodes were connected to the Telefunken cassette recorder and this time both the condenser and the dynamic microphones were connected to the digital recording equipment. The waning crescent had been on the 26th. On this occasion a most beautiful voice that could not be heard coming through the Sony radio used as a source of background random noise - now tuned to 7,429 KHz and producing a soft hiss - appeared recorded on the computer hard disc. It was only heard by the listening team during playback. It was a soft feminine voice with great reverberation that seemed to speak from the bottom of a long, wide tunnel and sounded like uttering in Portuguese the following sentence: “Somos nós (Luís)” (Translation: “It is us (Luís)”. (Ed: Luís was the name of Dr Cardoso’s deceased brother and June 27 was the date of his birthday.) Interestingly, in the test that immediately followed, the second of the evening, AC mentioned Luís’ birthday and asked if her brother could reply to her. It should be emphasised that no listening had yet been performed when the second test took place and therefore, the sentence “Somos nós (Luís)” had not yet been detected. Once again this remarkable coincidence can make us reflect on the nature of time and on the communicators’ recurring affirmations that “We (they) are from another dimension, we are from beyond time.” (See Cardoso, 2010, p.11) • Apparently anomalous, clear voices were recorded when the first formal EVP experiment with Luísa Alcântara finished. Philip Newell disconnected the analogue machine but not the digital equipment, exchanged a couple of words with Luísa and opened the studio door. Next, a screeching metallic sound can be heard in the recording, immediately followed by a clear, well structured feminine voice that says in Portuguese: “Estamos aqui por cima” (literal translation: “We are here above”) at -33db. This is followed by what sounds like the shouted voice of a youngster that seems to resonate from far away and says “Só isso!” at -36 db: “Only that! (That’s all)”. For further reference and reading: Bender, H. (1979). Die Gleichförmigkeit von “Spuk”-Mustern in: Zeitschrift für Parapsychologie und Grenzgebiete der Psychologie 1979; 21: 133-139. Cardoso, A. (2010). Electronic Voices: Contact with Another Dimensions - O Books - John Hunt Puublishing, Ltd. Ropley, Hants, UK

Readers interested in consulting the whole research report can check it either via the ITC Journal website (, in the ITC Journal proper or in the NQ Journal issue mentioned above.


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013

2013 - Welcome to the evolution By Sue Minns Sue is an Interfaith minister, transpersonal and Deep Memory Process therapist, shamanic practitioner, workshop leader and guide to the sacred sites and deserts of Egypt. She contributed a special article on the prospects for 2012 which was published in Light in January of last year. With 2012 behind us, we invited her to write a followup article both as a retrospective and a look ahead. Sue worked at the College for over 15 years, writing the handbook for Spiritual Foundations, and is the author of Soulmates: Understanding the True Nature of Intense Connections and Bodies & Souls: A Down to Earth Guide for the Human Experience. Something is going on that seems to be gaining momentum. Whatever it is, it’s no longer on the horizon - it’s right here, now, and we are in the thick of it. Radical change. Transformation. Awakening. Reconnection. Earth herself - our home planet - is telling us that something’s going on. She has stormed, erupted, parched, tornadoed, flooded and burned. There are holes not only in her ozone layer, but also her magnetic field. She has lost countless of her species and those with magnetite homing devices have fallen from the sky or beached themselves in vast numbers, as they lost their orientation. Her lodestar, the Sun, has also been up to something, with huge sunspot activity and massive CME or plasma ejections which disturb the solar wind and therefore its effect on Earth. These extreme everythings would not come as a surprise if we had paid attention to the ancient predictors, crosscultural calendars, indigenous elders and wisdom keepers who have spoken about these times - referring to them as the Shift of the Ages or the Great Shift. Did we really listen? When an age shifts, there is a run-up to its tipping point where the old and obsolete cannot be sustained or tolerated a moment longer but yet the new has not quite been born. These huge cycles build up to the crux of transformation, like a great wave that has been travelling unseen until its force rises above the surface of the ocean as it accelerates towards its inexorable break point. This is the moment when, as Ervin Laszlo observes, ‘human societies and planetary ecologies become ultra sensitive, and capable of rapid transformation’. Of all the predictions and forecasts for this particular time in our history, the most talked about has been the Long Count of the Maya, which famously ‘ended’ on December 21 2012. This nano dot on our linear timeline was calculated from the Mayan glyphs and translated into to our prescriptive Gregorian calendar which, unlike the Mayan, pays no attention to natural cycles. This date has been completely misconstrued by some to mean The End of the World. And for those prone to catastrophobia, it was confirmation that Armageddon really was on our doorstep. That day and date has passed, like plenty of other Dooms Days before it. And while we might sometimes think that we are in such a mess that a slate-cleaning operation would be in order, there is always an alternative view:


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 Earth herself is telling us that something is going on.....

Tsunami in Japan

Volcanic eruption in Iceland

When a world finishes and time  runs out, The sleepers awaken. They discover the meaning of Love, The depth of their eternal nature, They find meaning in every second. For many people in our world, the time has come to remember. Samuel Sagan

Bush fires in Tasmania

So let’s just consider the ground we have covered as evolving sparks in the evolution of human consciousness and take notice of what has been happening as the sleepers awakened over the last 50 years. Actually, it is remarkable. We have explored ancient and modern systems of divination, moved on from peering at tea leaves to consulting astrologers, psychics, seers, palm readers, enneagrams, kabbalas, tarot readers and investigating our Human Design charts. We’ve been on retreats, vision quests, pilgrimages and infinite numbers of workshops. We’ve tapped, re-balanced, reiki-ed, drummed and danced; sat in ashrams, crop circles, caves and sacred sites; we’ve contemplated our navels, black holes (or are they the same?), quantum theories, life on Mars, and swum with dolphins. We’ve found our power animals, our inner children, our angels, ascended masters and personal crystals; learned from monks, shamans, therapists, even horses. We know about DNA, OBEs, NDEs. altered states of consciousness, our ancestors and our past lives. We’ve become explorers of inner and outer planes. And we’ve also been done over by plastic shamans, new age fairground candyfloss sellers, and seduced by the Emperor’s new clothes. All part of wising-up to what is real and meaningful for each of us. Underneath all this activity has been the rising of a Wave which brings to the surface everything it has been carrying and building towards for the last who-knows-how-long. All that


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 it carries is evident as it rises into awareness. Everything is coming to the surface for release or at least re-evaluation. We have started to remember who and what we really are, so that as the Old World falls away, the opportunity to be involved in the co-creation of the emerging new paradigm is evident everywhere. The Hopi elders gave us the powerful message some years ago that “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for …”. We are not waiting for ourselves any more – we have arrived. Michael Glickman is a wise and wonderful man. He is an architect who became involved with (and gave credibility to) the Crop Circle explosion from the time they began to appear in the 1980’s. His comment on our current state of affairs is that it is as if our consciousness has been held in a G clamp for over 2,000 years. As we know, a G-clamp is a device used to hold two pieces of wood or metal together in a vice-like bond. During the ‘era of the G Clamp’, humanity was controlled and manipulated by the powerful few using the highly effective weapon of fear to keep the sheep corralled and toeing the party line. Now the clamp on our consciousness has been unscrewed, the veils between the worlds have fallen and the horizon is a promise, not a boundary.

Master of our own destiny We have cleared away, released and looked to heal our emotional woundings from the past, and just in case you hadn’t noticed, now another player has emerged on the stage - our bodies. These, our gravity-held, physical vehicles - being earth bound creatures themselves - are involved in our wake-up call. As we have explored, released and healed the wounds of our emotional ‘bodies’ over the last 50 years, our physical container is also releasing the memories of its old woundings with strange symptoms, rashes, viruses, and illness. There have been accidents, fatigue, falls, breakups, breakthroughs, fractures, and sudden deaths. We have forgotten that our bodies, too, have a history, which has been carried down via their DNA and cellular memory through the ages. Perhaps in the past we have treated our bodies as something separate from ourselves, like a faithful workhorse who mostly did what it was told. Any breakdown had to be fixed, pain relieved and symptoms that interfered with the busy lives organised by the control tower in our heads must be removed. As we have become separated from our selves, each other and the very ground on which we stand, we have also become separated from our body’s own intelligence and, most importantly, that of the heart’s field. The challenges of the human experience include bringing conscious awareness to balance the opposites we meet on our earthly sojourn. How do we get body and soul, heart and mind, inner and outer realities to collaborate with each other? How can we bring the light of our true being to illuminate our earthly lives? It helps us to remember that we are not a radio tuned to one station. We live in a sea of frequencies and have the ability to choose which one we tune into. Our brains, too, operate at different frequencies and when we begin to better understand how these different wavelengths affect our lives, we take a big step towards understanding our physical and mental responses. We forget


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 that we are the masters of our own destiny. Our ‘reality’ is not actually made up of outside influences, but responds to our thoughts, beliefs and mindsets. We are tuning forks. If we send out the ‘note’ that we don’t have enough money - we won’t have. Change the way you look at things - really change your inner vision - and the things you look at change. Understanding the different frequencies of the brain, and what happens within these frequencies, offers us a way to see things differently. It is said that problems cannot be solved at the level at which they exist - which means we need to move to a different level of perception in order to resolve issues, or expand our ‘knowing’. We need to be 21st Century Gnostics - those who ‘knew’ through their own direct experience. Collecting more information and taking on others’ beliefs without experiencing whether they are true for you or not has no real value. So, we will take a brief look at these brain waves which - when experienced - can open doors to wider and deeper levels of conscious awareness. We are aware of the four that we know most about, called Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. Each is measured in cycles per second (Hz) and each has its own set of characteristics representing a specific level of brain activity with its own unique state of consciousness. Beta is the frequency (14 – 40Hz) of everyday life. It is not only the home of the Twitter and Facebook level of consciousness, but also heightened states of alertness, logic and critical reasoning. Whilst it is the level which helps us deal with everyday business, it is also the place where stress, anxiety and restlessness originate. Slowing down brain activity takes us into the Alpha (7.5m - 14Hz) state of consciousness. Alpha is where we can journey, have lucid dreams, access to altered states and visions. Meditation starts here as it is the gateway to our subconscious minds, our imaginations and visualisations. At 7.5Hz we begin to experience a trancelike state of consciousness. The next level ‘down’ is Theta (4 - 7Hz). Here we are in the REM dream-state, in deep meditation and at the edge of what is sometimes referred to as the void - the placeless place were ‘I’ no longer exist. The Theta/Alpha border (7 - 8Hz) is where we are conscious of our surroundings, but the body is asleep. It’s as if you can see, but not with your physical eyes, and it is the optimal range for mind programming, psychic abilities, deep insights and inspirations. As the brain slows down even further, we enter the mysterious Delta (1 - 4Hz) level in which we spend nearly a third of our lifetimes! Consciousness is lost at this level, and science has


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 concluded therefore that thought processes simply disappear into the void. However, it is the gateway to the universal mind and the experience of oneness. If we can hold on to our conscious mind at this level, we lose all sense of being differentiated, of being some one – rather we become everyone. It is linked with deep healing and regeneration, which is why not having enough deep sleep is a health hazard.

Simple code for life By now it has become clear that we are not going to find the answers to our big questions with our everyday beta mind. We are not likely to be aware of the presence of our soul unless we sit still and connect with our deep inner knowing. It is always there, that still, quiet voice of calm and useful to remember that the further away we are from our connection, the ‘smaller’ we become. So this moment in our history is both very exciting and a little unnerving. As the wave peaks there is the opportunity to let our emotional and physical flotsam and jetsam be taken away. Just let it go. It really is the time to accept only what is true about ourselves and our world. Nothing else will do. Time to practice what we have been preaching and hear the words of all the Enlightened Ones – ‘Do as you would be done by. Love your neighbour as your Self ‘. Don Miguel Ruiz, who introduced us to the Four Agreements, has recently added a Fifth. It is a beautifully simple code for life and is easier to remember than the 10 commandments: 1. Don’t take anything personally 2. Don’t make assumptions 3. Keep your speech impeccable 4. Do your best 5. Practice discernment. Yes, something is definitely going on, and at the heart of it all we find a secret, understood by all traditions and individuals as they approach the central light. This journey to the centre - the oneness - is made by all souls. From the very ancient Egyptians to contemporary Sufis the way has been known - and called - the path of the heart. All we need to do is remember… We are the children of ancient lines That walked in spirit We come again to that time, to the sacred that speaks of truths That bring strength to our side. We are the sky People, the Fire People, the Star People, The Water People, the Whale People, The Bird People and the Tree People. We see the courage and wisdom of the Ancestors, And stand tall in the power of the Unseen, For we are the sum of all that has ever been. Unknown Origin


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013

Living an inspired life By Avril Price This article has been adapted from a lecture given by Avril in Levi, Lapland at a seminar in October 2012. It is an annual seminar for spiritualist societies from Finland and Lapland - spiritualism and the development of mediumship and the psychic faculty have only a recent history in that part of the world. During the seminar, Avril also held workshops and consultations, working with her expertise of archetypes, the human dynamic and spiritual processes. She works at the College and in various countries and describes herself as an inspirational tarot consultant and tutor. I would like to start with a quote from Oscar Wilde (pictured): “Be yourself as everybody else is taken.” I think the key to being inspired by life is to be yourself. Then we will be interested in life itself. This world is all about self ... the world only exists because you are in it! When we are not being who we are, we limit our natural curiosity. It is this curiosity that will help create the experiences and the adventures that will ultimately challenge, soothe or expand our spirit, whichever is needful for our learning and growth. We become limited by thinking that if we don’t do a certain thing or behave in a certain way then we or others will suffer. We will cease to function in our jobs; our families will go without and we have an overwhelming sense of being unfulfilled. Guilt, fear, anger and terror define our lives and ultimately who we are. These shadow feelings shape our destiny ... the unconscious wants to operate in the conscious world and is responsible for what we manifest in our lives. Society dictates that we live in the post-Freudian, angst-filled, war-torn famine culture. This famine can be expressed on both a spiritual and physical level; in fact spiritual poverty is almost as bad, almost as far-reaching as food shortage - and famine is all about shortage. From our spiritual teachings we live in an abundant universe. We have a kind and benevolent great spirit. Our guides and helpers are with us always, so why then do we fall into this thinking that in order to exist we must not be who we truly are? We must be somebody else, so, we don’t listen to that inner voice - our own spirit and we wonder why our life is lacking. As a spiritual counsellor and tutor with many years experience I have become passionate about the passion in others and I gain great pleasure from helping others explore their creative, passionate, inspirational self. I have come to understand that the road to healing or wholeness is through self discovery. Our inner plane needs the life-giving waters of empowerment, enlightenment and authenticity. When we talk about creativity we are not necessarily talking about writing a book or painting a picture. We are also talking about thinking ‘outside the box’…


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 about problem solving and we should remember that when we connect with spirit we are at our most creative. I think that in these days spirit is encouraging us to move beyond what we have already been taught and to utilise all that wisdom in a fluid and creative fashion. We live in times when we are more informed than ever before. We all have an idea of a spiritual life; we each have our individual ‘download’ which is our own unique connection to spirit. The last 30 years of spiritualism have been teaching this and now is the time to put it into action. As a teacher of spiritual development, I have seen so many times students who believe spirit is something else other than them, a phenomenon outside of everyday life. They practice hard in class and then afterwards they go about their normal activities, devoid of any spirit connection. We are spirit and I believe that in order to understand the way of spirit we should first learn who we are and what we are about. The realisation of self is only possible if one is productive and if one can give birth to one’s own potentialities. Among these is passion and genius and we are all capable of it. The only reason we are born is to realise our potential, which is vast. We came into this world with the resources, appropriate for our individual consciousness; that which is needed to help manifest our so called potential.

Beautiful art and music I see that inspiration and intuition are linked. It is an act of faith. To live our life according to what inspires us is an act of faith. It is this faith that will overcome the guilt and fear that we have built into our lives. Faith will set us free. Faith also creates a spiritual chain reaction that occurs the minute we act on faith – something or somebody acts back. When we work with spirit, understanding its message, we are operating on an inspirational level. Spirit uses all that we are, have been and will become - our interests and pastimes and the things that inspire us individually. We could say that we inspire spirit... The things that inspire me are beautiful art and music. I enjoy hearing the stories of others, because stories are journeys and I like to journey with someone as they tell their story. It is essential in my work. All of these things provide a backdrop to my life. They reinforce the idea of overcoming struggle and adversity with the help of spirit, I love to see the spirit of a painter in his or her art; an author in a book, a musician or composer in their music. You can sometimes see the link to the world of light. This inspires me. We come into this world alone and we leave it alone. What we do with it in between is another matter. Each of us has a broad and blank canvas, for we are the artist. We have to live in the world. If you wanted to change the world what would you do? Think about it for a moment ... if we can’t change the world, then we can change our attitude to it. This is being creative because an attitude or perspective can be changed as readily as switching on a light. We need the joy of a peak experience. When was the last time you woke up and said “I am so glad to be alive”? Guilt and fear and lack of self worth will cloud our view of the world and we will see only sickness and trouble. Yes it is out there, but if we have to resist the dark forces that exist in our society, then we must shine our light and then we give permission for others to also shine theirs. However, it must also be remembered that we take no step unpartnered.


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 Like the Tarot Fool, we think we stand and act alone. This is not so. The great spirit is an artist and we co-create together. Our guides also want to be involved and they thread their essence through our lives, reflecting our true nature back to us. Spirit wants us to know the concept of consciousness. For most of us that is what it is - a concept - yet everything is consciousness, whether here or upstairs. We are experiencing a shift, as our consciousness expands, so does that in spirit. Now is the time for us to take responsibility for the raising of a vibration. It is not enough to talk about god, it is time to experience god. So many students have asked when practicing spirit communication, “Is it me or my imagination?” To which I have answered that it is most certainly their imagination, for it is the playground of the divine. It is the bridge between the unconscious and conscious mind. The unconscious longs to merge with our everyday reality, but it has no language other than pictures and symbols. When we are inspired and creative we can have the most amazing dialogue with our deeper, spirit self. We should never be afraid of going deeper. I have the most amazing revelations, conversations and insights doing the most ordinary of things...washing up, walking the dogs, cleaning the bathroom … those zen moments when I am not in my ego but in this state of being. Then I can truly be aware. All it takes is to step back from our everyday thinking - our ego. Seize the day, seize the moment. A closed mind does not open doors. When we are afraid to open up we put things off, we leave things for tomorrow instead of doing them today. We become uninspired and imprisoned in a mental fortress. Little by little we become worn down. It is our divine self, our true other half, that can lift us; that sense of being at one. Great spirit is a place of rest and safety. We are separated from our divine self ... instead we continue old patterns and negative dialogue; we will never have the relationship we want unless we are inspired enough to let the great spirit in. It is our journey back to the beloved, a call to home, the unifying experience that is inspired by the desire of well-being.


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 It was desire that brought us here, to the Garden of Eden. The universe conspires with us that we should have all that we desire, and that desire becomes will. We never stop being creative. Our whole being mimics the creative life force at large in the universe. As above, so below. The most important thing to do is to begin. When we are aware of spirit operating in our lives, we express a living truth - whether we are caring for families, making a living or just getting by. At the core of these activities we can find the heart of spirit. We should try to aspire at all times. It is not all about improvement but about placing our attitude towards surrender, being open to streams of consciousness. The process of spirit communication is no longer just about evidence. Whilst it is an important part, it is not the be all and end all. Spirit wants us to discover new frontiers, to push boundaries. We can do this when we are inspired and operating intelligently with the world of light. Our inspired self is key to this process. We must not forget that central to all our inspirational endeavours is love, a love of life itself, a constant reminder of the rising sun. The love that bears witness to all creation. We don’t have to be a guru or a philosopher or an important social figure to be inspired or spiritual ... most of the mystery schools were created in order to teach how to be alive. The most spiritual thing we can do, is to be alive. To be alive is the inspiration of the great spirit; your inspired self can only do good in this world as it does not have ego. It has lost the trappings of identity as it becomes integrated into the whole through service. Forgive yourselves the ego, understand it, forgive it, let go, move on. Be inspired! Live to love.

Scole Revisited In the last issue of Light, we carried a special review of The Scole Report, a reprint of the Society for Psychical Research investigations into the Scole story. It was accompanied by an article headed: ‘The home circle for physical mediumship in the light of Scole’. Both were by highly reputable writers. We hoped to publish an update in this issue by two of the Scole mediums, Alan and Diana Bennett, who we invited to discuss their continuing work since Scole itself. Sadly, however, they declined the invitation because they were not happy with the views expressed in Scole Revisited, which were those of the writers personally expressed. We did ask Alan and Diana to reconsider because we would genuinely like to tell their continuing story and, of course, they could have rebutted any views expressed as they saw fit. So far, they have not responded further. But the invitation remains open indefinitely.


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013

The intuitive talent of psychic art By Andie Hudson Andie, who teaches psychic art, has a degree in art and design, is Channel Five’s colour therapist and an art therapist with 20 years experience. She appears in the media frequently using colour and psychic readings live on Five and Sky. She is a psychic artist and spiritual healer who channels images of personal development and guidance - teaching individuals how to command this skill and create for themselves and others, images with powerful interpretations. The images come through with clairvoyant interpretation and spiritual guidance. Whether you’re naturally artistic and can paint and illustrate already, or have always had the yearning to bring out the artist in you, this process can enable your own individual psychic talents to evolve. There are many different psychic processes available to start to develop intuitive skills which lie dormant within all of us. Every soul will feel drawn to the correct module for them. Within us all lies the connection to the psychic skill of spiritual creative drawing and painting. Everyone can open their individual connection to Spirit and the Spiritual ability to channel art. Even if a person says they are not artistic and have never drawn even a straight line, the clairvoyant skill can come through with the right intention. Psychic art is an unusual type of mediumship in that it offers us the opportunity to connect to spirit through our clairvoyant abilities . Now in the 21st century, the power of psychic art is more Above: This was from a series of images produced by a student. In each case there was a valley being flooded with water which represented enormous emotional overload in this person's life. The red colours came through also showing not just anger but a desire to finish with the family situation he was in . He confirmed I was correct with my psychic pick up and was fascinated at the method being used.


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 We asked Andie to provide some examples of the psychic art which has been produced during her sessions and the response of the individuals concerned. We are publishing three very striking images with the summarised descriptions and interpretations she provided. complex and has evolved to give us readings through the various symbols, colours, patterns and pictures that come through about our individual lives. Years ago it was assumed psychic art only brought in people’s Spirit Guides visually, and with the images came messages. However, now in this new consciousness shift, progressively evolving over the last 12 years, our Master Guides are coming in to give us extra constructive knowledge about us, an amazing process of self development through psychic art! The next skill is then to learn to interpret the images. Those who want to be initiated into this clairvoyant skill need to work with a psychic teacher who can, stage by stage, tutor them into the the psychic development required to open the spiritual portals necessary to tune in and bring through images. To tune into psychic art we have to give special attention to what we are sensing in our energy fields. Sometimes the feeling is very clear. Although subtle, it is also visceral - of our physical body. The real lesson, therefore, is to interpret what you feel in your aura. Some people, when pulling through images, can feel a ripple of disturbance which comes down through the physical body to the nervous system. It is important to be still and relaxed as one needs to be in a contemplative mood with Above: The imagery depicted by blobs of different coloured oil paint, meant that when I tuned into this man’s life through the painting, I could see the multi-talents he had been born with yet he was frustrated and sad he couldn’t utilise them in this lifetime. He was angry that he was always being held back, revelations which seemed to amaze him. He confirmed his life style and annoyances and we have consequently been working on giving him back his power through psychic art and counselling.


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 no anxiety, excitement or other moods, otherwise these will block out the more subtle sensations needed to connect to the third eye. Then, the mind-brain can translate the sensations into clear images which is called ‌ clairvoyance.There is no impression through the retina which is why blind people can be clairvoyant and produce extraordinary images.  For centuries the ancients worked with psychic art images. The Egyptians of the early dynasties were advanced in their understanding of using clairvoyant abilities to foresee changes in the weather system that could affect their crops. The high priests and healers used their psychic art skills to understand illnesses . Hieroglyphics have been uncovered proving the seers’ diagnosis uncovering a form of medical intuitive artwork. And Ancient India also has a history of psychics who could bring through clairvoyant images to give information about tribal attacks, imminent rains and droughts and personal information for individuals.

Right: This piece of psychic channeled art was produced by a man at a workshop. I could see in the centre of the work the shafts of coloured - light pinks and blues and yellow that when I interpreted the imagery told me about the nervous breakdown he had experienced. The yellow depicted the solar plexus being invaded and fighting to overcome the difficulties. He confirmed the information was accurate and that he wanted to carry on working with psychic counselling and art in the future, as it had helped him to heal and overcome his breakdown.


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013

A momentous and magical moment By David Defty David became an accredited healer at the College in 2008 and prior to standing down recently, had been a Trustee since 2009. He commented that people who knew him as a keen and competitive sportsman and someone with a career in international financial management and as an entrepreneur were initially surprised by his new passion and apparent change of direction. However, they all knew that whatever he does, he does with total commitment so they gave him the benefit of the doubt, so to speak. He said that despite his many sporting achievements and boardroom conquests, nothing has given him more satisfaction than seeing people benefit from channelling healing to those in need. On a fateful yet magical day in March 2012, Fabrice Muamba, who came to England from Zaire aged 11, suffered a cardiac arrest on the football pitch whilst playing for Bolton Wanderers against Tottenham Hotspur. His heart is said to have stopped for 78 minutes, yet he has made a remarkable recovery. Club medical officials from both teams did a wonderful job in providing expert and timely life saving attention. They were joined on the pitch by a leading cardiologist who had been watching the match from the stands and who came onto the pitch to offer his services. Was that Serendipity? The hitherto baying and partisan fans of both teams watching the drama unfold fell silent. There was no thought about colour, class or creed in the minds of those at the ground and those watching the game broadcast live around the world. No, there was simply a spontaneous outpouring of unconditional love and goodwill from everyone wherever they were. The only thought was for the wellbeing of a human being - and humanity. With the benefit of social media, the worldwide web and radio and television, news of Fabrice’s collapse became known world-wide in a matter of moments. That only augmented the flow of goodwill channelled to him out there on the pitch and triggered an unprecedented stream of goodwill messages from around the world. We at the College of Psychic Studies believe in healing; energy healing, spiritual healing, call it


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013

The message was clear... what you will. Our fundamental belief is that any form of care is healing. A smile, a thank-you, a hug, in fact any instance or occasion when one human being reaches out to another with love and care in their heart. The college offers courses in healing that are accredited by UK Healers, the standard setting body for healing in the UK and which take two years to complete. Distant healing is a major part of the College’s healing programme. It is a form of healing whereby healers send loving and healing thoughts to anyone in need anywhere in the world. Many people now believe that distant healing is even more powerful than hands-on healing. Anyone can do it, not just accredited healers. The many millions of people who witnessed the spectacle and who sent out heartfelt wishes of goodwill for Fabrice’s well-being and recovery were in fact sending out distant healing. The result speaks for itself. It just shows how powerful positive and loving thoughts can be. Perhaps from now on, a spontaneous global display of unconditional love and goodwill sent from the heart should be known as a ‘Muamba Moment’. Let there be many more such magical moments.


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013

Remote viewing comes of age By Debby-Kay Edwards Remote viewing has emerged from the cloak of secrecy which apparently surrounded it for decades and is now a practice in its own right. We invited Debby-Kay Edwards, a College consultant and expert on the subject, to explain its background, bring us up to date on its current status and describe how she works with it. Debby-Kay is from Australia and is currently one of the few professionally trained remote reviewers in Europe. She regularly reads and teaches clients from the UK, US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Let me begin by trying to clarify remote viewing. What is it? Well, if you search the internet, you will be told that it is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen ‘target’ using paranormal means, in particular, extra-sensory perception or ‘seeing with the mind’. From what you will read in this article, you will understand why I would further explain that - for me - it involves a strict, standardised procedure (or protocol) developed by artist, author and ‘consciousness researcher’ Ingo Swan and used by the US military to produce detailed information of a place, event, person, object, or concept located anywhere in space and time separate from the remote viewer. Although somewhat controversial as with so many individuals associated with such matters, Swan is said to have helped develop remote viewing at the Stanford Research Institute with experiments which attracted the attention of the CIA. And so the story develops, originating from the cloaked secrecy of both the American and Soviet military, to emerge into public awareness after years in the dark. Indeed, the Russian research into remote viewing is alleged to have begun as early as 1919. We believe that from 1967-68 onward, the USSR supported between six and 14 major research centres costing an estimated $500million. These centres were controlled by their intelligence agencies and were closely linked to the military.

Mainstream popular culture By 1970, the US Army had apparently taken on the ideas of Ingo Swan and a group of other scientists and created their own remote viewing unit, funded by the CIA and Department of Defence, costing an estimated $20million. This unit used what they called ‘controlled remote viewing’ in espionage operations to gather intelligence on the activities of foreign adversaries. Reports indicate that during the cold war the US and Soviet governments were driven to fund their remote viewing programmes out of a fear of the opposition gaining advantage by engaging in ‘psychic warfare’. In 1995 the US Government’s funding for remote viewing was publicly terminated, although many believe that the programme just went underground employing a different team of scientists and test subjects. However, rumours that US Government-funded remote viewing trials are still


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 being practiced continue to be strenuously denied. Yet after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, some wellknown remote viewers admitted they had been contacted by the US government to help identify possible future terrorist activity. General academic research into remote viewing. Emerging from this murky background, remote viewing was introduced into mainstream popular culture in 2009 with the release of the film The Men Who Stare at Goats, adapted from the 2004 novel by Jon Ronson. Based on the research of documentary filmmaker John Sergeant, the film portrays remote viewing as a New Age concept with a potential for military applications. I travelled to the US in 2003 to train with Dr. Angela Thompson Smith who had trained with Hal Puthoff, the American physicist recognised for his work on gravitational physics and paranormal topics. In the 1970s and 80s he directed a CIA/ Defence Intelligence Agency-funded program to investigate paranormal abilities I come from Australia but have been living in England since 1992. I have been a professional psychic for over 13 years and use techniques such as remote viewing, tarot, astrology, numerology and psychometry to assist in my work. From a young age, I remember talking and playing with spirits and thinking that this was the norm. I want to bring remote viewing into the lives of the everyday person and I have developed two remote viewing ‘protocols’ myself - medical RV and Financial RV. The medical RV came as a result of a ‘brainstorm’ I had in 2010 in which I hypothesised that if the two methods of military RV and Chinese meridians (masculine and feminine = balance) could be blended together, it could be an excellent ingredient for detection of possible illness, and healing prospects within the human body. Chinese meridian lines plus intuition equals a clearer understanding of what’s going on in the body and over a five-year period I have sought the regular involvement of a fully qualified and registered English speaking Chinese doctor. Why do I believe in meridian lines? I have two left feet which are always falling over and I break bones. During the five years I have learned a lot about the natural way to care for the body instead of living off very heavy painkillers. I do not profess to be a doctor. I am a sensitive; these are the tools I use to achieve results through the invisible highway frequency of our world. For the student of RV, you don’t need any tools other than a pen, paper, your brain and intuition. It can be as easy as ABC or 1-2-3 and no previous


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 experience is needed. Basically, it’s very easy to follow and is meant to fill in the missing gaps, which can be very important, that a sensitive may miss coming from the source. RV protocol steps help train the senses and intuition to go back in time like a child and experience the world solely with the inbuilt intuition with which we were naturally born, without the conscious analytical mind stepping in, taking over and jumping to conclusions. So how does remote viewing work in practice? To help paint a picture for you, I am quoting two cases in memory note form as they happened and minus many technical terms, all of necessity abbreviated because of space restraints. For background, let me first explain that I meditate, with gentle music or I use a small product which produces flashes of lights and pulses of tones to gently and safely guide the brain into various brainwave patterns - the five distinct brain waves of Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma. Learning mind control opens you up to the world of your subconscious. I follow the basic format as follows, which was developed by Ingo Swann and used by the US army:

During the training stages of remote viewing, the viewer builds a model of the target with clay. These are examples of Debby-Kay’s students’ work.

1. Present a brief gestaltic notion (see later) of the nature of the intended target - biological, structure, water, land - it can be a combination of all these elements. 2. Senses, such as sounds, tastes, smells, and texture. 3. Dimensional elements of the target, sketching of the target or of aspects and sub-elements of the target and so on.


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 Case One: A lady had split up with her husband, lost all her assets and wanted to know what the next 10 years would bring her. I told her that I would be in a semi-trance state while I was performing RV work and I would explain all within a 15 minute period where, if she wished, she could ask questions. I always start with a sheet of A4 white paper and a pen. I do not ask my client about why, how or when she broke up with her husband. The less I know the better are the results obtained. I take a note of her former address. I focus on the next step in which my brainwaves become lower into a meditative state, a spontaneous squiggle (it’s called a gestaltic notion) flows off the tip of my pen and this gives me the information I need to address her current and further life. A flood of senses start to flow though my five senses; home, solid walls of brick; I start to sketch the building. Mother and a move. She will be living with her mother and children for three months, then on the fourth month within two weeks she will move house, with her children. The house will have two floors, white walls in the kitchen and bathroom (the bathroom sink needs work) - I hear the tap dripping and I feel cracks in the structure of the piping; yellow walls in two small rooms and a yellow large room; flooring is carpet of silver and light wood The street is lined with trees. More and more senses, tangibles (solid objects) flood onto my page. She will live here with her children safely for the next 18 months. Before I know it I have recorded the next six years of her life. Two years on for her there is a job offer abroad; her children learning another language, I can’t understand the language but there is a religious school which is good for the children, warm welcome, peace. Meeting a man, tall, slim, late 30s, (39) - he is starting his own business. I feel the electricity in the air, I see customers asking about travel, business around travel. Coming back to the UK each Christmas. As I revealed the information, she looked shocked, not knowing what to say. This reading was done in 2004. Everything recorded has come true, except her mother now goes to her aboard for Christmas. Case Two: In 2010, a lady came to me wanting to know about a property she wanted to purchase. She felt unsure whether it was a good investment. Again, I start with the A4 white paper and pen. I do not ask my client any questions about the property; I take a note of the address only. I focus on the next step as my brainwaves become lower into a meditative state. The spontaneous squiggle flows off the tip of my pen and I go straight into sketching; my sketching looks like childrens’s work. I sense a wonderful area as I focus on the dimensions (size) of the outer area. I hear local laughter, smell good food; it feels safe and tastes clean. I bring my dimension closer to the building itself … it is very green on the outside; the feeling of red brick; the entrance is safe, locked and secure, I take my senses up and up to the third floor. I feel much sadness, loneliness, depression. I smell this could be cleansed and made fresh; I run my senses over the floor and there is rot under the carpet danger! I run my senses into the kitchen - blue, white, black and white. Clean well, bathroom black, white very good but solid, little rusting of pipes, easy to fix. Bedroom - I sense all is good. Conclusion: good property to purchase but needs new flooring.


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 This property was checked by the surveyor and somehow the flooring was missed. The lady managed to get £10,000 off the asking price; the original flooring covered up was beautiful old oak. The flooring was fixed in patches where the damage was and the floor was restored to its former glory. To recap and bring us up-to-date, it was, as I explained, in the late 90’s that remote viewing became more visible in the public domain with many articles being written about the subject and discussions held about it on talk shows. It was around this time that the non-profit making International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA, of which I am a member) was formed, involving scientists, remote viewing professionals and other interested individuals. Its objective was and is to ‘create an organisation that would provide a mechanism for evaluating the discipline called ‘remote viewing’, encourage scientifically sound research, propose ethical standards and provide an overview and educational information to the public’. In line with this objective, the Association in collaboration with IRIS-Psi and Applications (IRIS-PA), now stages a competition for an international research award to encourage original research on all aspects of remote viewing, and to uphold distinguished examples of fresh research with a view to engaging intellectual attention on the future role of RV. The Warcollier Prize is financial and is presented to the winner of a competition for the best research proposal investigating some aspect of remote viewing. The IRVA also holds an annual conference, which I hope to attend next summer in Nevada and I, too, I look forward too seeing what new developments have been made in what I believe is an amazing technique. • Further information from


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013

BOOK REVIEWS The Science Delusion: Freeing the Spirit of Enquiry Rupert Sheldrake Published by Coronet | £19.99 ISBN: 978-1444727920 Reviewed by Sir Tom Lucas Dr Rupert Sheldrake, born 1942, is a provocative Cambridge biologist, polymath and writer. His books include A New Science of Life: The Hypothesis of Formative Causation (1981), The Sense of Being Stared At (2003) and Dogs That Know When Their Owners are Coming Home (new ed. 2011). The Science Delusion, published last year in the UK, and in the US as Science Set Free: 10 Paths to New Discovery, is in essence a challenge to the materialism of modern science which, Sheldrake claims, apparently blocks itself from investigating esoteric phenomena. With this I beg to differ, but it is not for me to suggest another chapter. Let me explain. If you are at all familiar with his work, you will know that Sheldrake’s formative fields hypothesis, the idea of ‘morphic resonance’, which he believes shapes every living thing from molecules to organisms, to societies, and even entire galaxies across space and time, has set him up for controversy with many mainstream scientists, doctors and business leaders. Inevitably they, perhaps for fear of ridicule or strictly commercial reasons, tend not to explore these links between mind and matter. So, be warned. Whilst Sheldrake’s overarching challenge is relatively straightforward - even with a gentle background mantra of ‘why don’t you do it my way?’ - this book is not an easy read. I make no apology for this warning, because without preparation it is an invitation to information overwhelm. First there is a four page Preface which tells the story of Sheldrake’s academic life at Cambridge and elsewhere and his belief that ‘the sciences will be more exciting …when they move beyond the dogmas that restrict free enquiry’. Next, a six-page Introduction to what Sheldrake judges to be the core beliefs or dogmas of modern science. This is followed by the Prologue, a 16-page challenge to ‘Science, Religion and Power’. Now for the hard bit. Sheldrake has chosen 10 dogmas to discuss (or attack) in the form of weighty questions. Here are some: Is Nature Mechanical? Is Matter Unconscious? Is Mechanistic Medicine the Only Kind that Really Works? Are Memories Stored as Material Traces? Are Psychic Phenomena Illusory? Typically, telephone telepathy has for 100 years been denied by so-called scientists as just coincidence - they claim it is impossible because


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 the mind is in the brain and therefore such telepathy cannot happen. But as we now know it is a proven and very real phenomenon. The 10 questions, and two more chapters: Illusions of Objectivity and Scientific Futures, are supported by a bibliography of more than 300 relatively esoteric books and reports, including more than 40 of his own (most of which may require many trips to Google!). Fortunately, there is an excellent nine-page Index. Nevertheless, having said all that, I can recommend this book. It is thought-provoking and I believe very timely. We now face massive social and cultural threats and transitions to the end of economic growth as we have hitherto measured it; all more or less foretold in The Limits to Growth report by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1970 - but ignored. For as Sheldrake says in his last chapter: “Nothing changes very fast when big institutions, vast amounts of money and large numbers of jobs are involved.” Actually this is not always true, it is more a question of ‘does it really matter?’ and who is asking the question. One can only reflect that Moore’s Law (the truly incredible doubling of computing power every two years for decades), and myriads of other scientific technological and social breakthroughs, are only enabled by research efforts that are seen at the time as truly serious matters (pun intended). The choice, dear reader, is yours.

Tell My Mother I’m Not Dead: A Case Study in Mediumship Research Trevor Hamilton

Published by Imprint Academic | £8.95 ISBN: 978-1845402600 Reviewed by Gill Matini Who could ignore a book with such a striking cover and title? The Editor of Light, Brian Adams, and I felt that we would like to look further into Trevor Hamilton’s story and the journey that it has taken him on. A subsequent meeting with the author proved to be a fascinating afternoon’s discussion and will form the basis of an article in the next edition of Light. Trevor Hamilton’s book begins in July 2002, with the death of his 27-year-old son, Ralph, in a car accident. Having two sons in their twenties myself, I found the honest and loving recounting of that life-shattering event for family and friends very moving. Ralph’s death ignited Trevor’s personal search for evidence of life after death. A visit to a medium for reassurance of Ralph’s survival had a very powerful healing effect and helped


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 with the grieving process, but Trevor was troubled by the complexity of it all. He began to question just how a medium’s performance could be assessed, especially when the sitter is likely to be in a highly emotionally charged state, and wanting to find significance in even the vaguest of statements. The answer was found in research material that the author was compiling for his biography of F.W.H Myers. Almost 100 years ago, Myers had written: “First the need of definite facts given in the messages, which were known to the departed and are not known to the automatist; and secondly, the need of detailed and characteristic utterances; a moral means of identification corresponding to the…..individual complex of minute markings left by the impression of a prisoner’s thumb.” Although phrased in a rather grand late-Victorian style, the statement made by Myers seemed very relevant to Trevor’s own thoughts on the subject. Over an eight year period, the author attended a total of 10 sittings with different mediums. These are recorded in detail and analysed in his book. Two of the sittings are with mediums at the College of Psychic Studies. A list of the main facts drawn from each sitting are also listed and marked as true, false, other, or predictive. Of varying quality, the best sittings had a high degree of accuracy, and in two cases no errors were made at all. The second part of the book widens to look at survival research undertaken both of an historical and contemporary nature. It is clear that the author has really immersed himself in the research of life after death in his quest to understand his own personal experiences. Trevor Hamilton’s book concludes that greater scientific research through the co-operation of researchers and mediums, would benefit and advance the greater understanding of mediumship today.

Be Happy, Release the Power of Happiness in YOU Robert Holden, Ph.D Published by Hay House | £9.99 ISBN: 978-1848501058 Reviewed by Becky Walsh Robert Holden has not written one of those average books that gives you the steps to find happiness; he says his goal in writing Be Happy is to help you listen to yourself. He scores that goal right where it matters - in the heart.

His writing style is charming, humorous and disarming. His words have the capacity to unravel the knots of unhappiness you may have tied up in yourself without even realising it. Robert provides exercises from his highly successful workshops on


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 happiness which he has conducted for many years. He insists you do the exercises that are cleverly woven into the book for the power of the work to unfold. I am one of those people who don’t do excises from books, even though I put them into the books I write. However, for anyone who loves self-development, Robert’s exercises are seductive. By taking the time to complete them you unfold and have insights into yourself that make you change perspective.

As Robert says in one of my favourite quotes from the book: “Most people don’t need therapy; they need clarity.” I have had the honour of meeting Robert twice; he exudes happiness. He and his book make happiness contagious. If you ever need a reminder of what life is really all about this book smacks it between the eyes - a must read for everyone.

Patterns of Creation - Logos and the Tree of Life in the Gospel of John Stephen Pope

Published by Axis Mundi Books | £14.99 ISBN: 978-1780991177 Reviewed by Valerie Pitts This book is very well written and researched, giving us more ancient knowledge regarding sacred geometry and how we can centre ourselves within the stillness to be at one with the planet. Stephen calls the Divine Source or the ‘One’ by the name of Logos, explaining that this entity is half male and half female as are all things manifest on our planet. It contains lots of information and tree of life geometrical layouts with which one can work. But the main interest to me was that he cited the Roman Empire as being the instigators, when they broke away from the main religious organisations to become Christians, to say that it was alright to condemn other religions and demonise them. This would appear to be against Jews, Muslims, Pagans, Gnostics and women, leading us into the worst aspects of unconscious human nature resulting in the persecution of many people over the following years. This book will awaken and open the reader’s eyes to what we should really be concentrating on today - becoming much more aware of the circle of life and our planet or the bigger picture, living with the cycles in the present i.e. here and now.


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013

The Spirit Whisperer - Chronicles of a Medium John Holland

Published by Hay House | £10.99 ISBN: 978-1848509504 Reviewed by Henry Cumming Within this book, John Holland has brought forward a very honest and fascinating account both of his life and a comprehensive explanation of the main facets that constitute mediumship. He answers a lot of poignant questions regarding the aspects of development, psychic art, sensitive children, reincarnation and imaginary friends just a handful of the subjects that anyone interested in or keen on developing would find not only useful but informative. I would highly recommend this publication to the budding medium, both as a reference book as well as a very realistic account of how mediumship fits into our modern world. He is clearly very good at what he does and this is conveyed through to the reader.

In these modern times, mediumship and “all things psychic” are constantly under scrutiny and I think John Holland helps to alleviate a lot of this with a very explanatory and down to earth book in which smoke and mirrors are left outside and daylight is allowed to stream in. It is very clearly explained with lots of interesting and thought-provoking stories of clients and some of his own experiences whilst walking the path of the lightworker. It is definitely worth a read for everyone with a keen interest in mediumship. It would be a good addition to the library as a modern and informative autobiography to help and inspire the next generation of mediums who are all lined up to shine their bright light into the world.


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013

The Miracle Workers Handbook Seven Levels of Power and Manifestation of the Virgin Mary Sherrie Dillard

Published by 6th Books| £12.99 ISBN: 978-1846949203 Reviewed by Kathleen Pepper Sherrie Dillard is a psychic medium and author. The Virgin Mary is well known throughout the world as a miracle worker. This new book documents many of them. The really fascinating message, however, is the way in which the author shares her insights into ways of using the events of Mary’s life as guidelines for any of us to follow. It shows how to invoke her presence, live in her love and become a miracle worker. The most important event in Mary’s life was to accept her spiritual purpose as the mother of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. In so doing, she shows us how to accept ours and to recognise that angels have a part to play in regaining our undefined, free and eternal pure essence. Sherrie goes on to identify seven levels of power: acceptance of your spiritual identity, activating Divine Intuition, inviting the Divine Presence to be active in your life, awareness of Grace within, awakening to Divine Direction, the emergence of miracles, the formation of the ascension body and the emergence of you, the miracle worker. There are meditations for the reader to access them. This is an excellent message at a time when many people are trying to reconnect with the Divine Feminine, whether they are female or male. The book is interesting to read and includes case studies to illustrate Sherrie’s message. It could have been better edited to avoid printing and grammatical errors.

Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife Dr. Eben Alexander

Published by Piatkus | £12.99 ISBN: 978-0749958794 Reviewed by Geoffrey Beitz A truly wonderful book written by a man of science with the soul of a poet, who brings to life an extraordinary experience of how he journeyed into the afterlife and then wrestled with the experience by trying to make sense of it within the parameters of a scientific background. Having fallen ill to a rare form of bacterial meningitis, causing massive


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013 damage and with a prognosis of not being expected to survive, Dr. Alexander’s brain went from near inactivity to awakening. He woke a changed man, certain of the infinite reach of the soul, certain of a life beyond death. The chapters are alternated between descriptions of the illness, the emotional impact on his family and descriptions of his experiences in the afterlife. His honest struggle to make sense of his unforgettable journey is a gripping story, which may well challenge our perceptions of our role in the universe. In one of the final chapters, called ‘Enigma of Consciousness’, he explores the mechanism of consciousness; he suggests through the ascendance of the scientific method based solely in the physical realm, over the past 400 years, that we have lost touch with the deep mystery at the centre of existence – our consciousness. He suggests a way of reconnecting to the deep mystery is through meditation and prayer. He states “Consciousness is the most profound mystery in the universe,” which sums up the core of exploration in this book and the depth of questions he asks in trying to find understanding, meaning and answers. A revelation at the end brings the story to a wonderful climax which enhances the deep humanity of Dr Alexander’s journey with a reassuring conclusion of love.

Death is nothing at all Death is nothing at all, I have only slipped away into the next room. I am I, and you are you; whatever we were to each other, that, we still are. Call me by my old familiar name, speak to me in the easy way which you always used, put no difference in your tone, wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.

Let it be spoken without effect, without the trace of a shadow on it. Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same as it ever was. There is unbroken continuity. Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight? I am waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near, just around the corner. All is well.

Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes we shared together. Let my name ever be the household word that it always was.

Henry Scott Holland 1847 -1918


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013


Light | Vol 133, No 2 | Winter 2012/2013

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“For those who seek to understand it, death is a highly creative force. The highest spiritual values of life can originate from the thought and study of death.” Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

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