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Telling the story. Seth's eyes were lit with anticipation as he lay down on the window box seat in our bedroom and pulled the thin blanket over him. Aiden hurriedly got comfortable on the oversized chair that we turned into a temporary bed by pulling the ottoman right in front of it. I got on Kim's side of our bed and propped my head up against the headboard. More from Lakan on page 2

College Hills Baptist Church

The Messenger

T e l l i n g t h e S t o ry

Volume 2, Issue 44

DECEMBER 5, 2012

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CHURCH STAFF CHRISTMAS LOVE GIFTS! At this time of year when we are remembering those who have been a blessing to us throughout the year, we want to include our church staff. The Personnel Committee has chosen to do something different this year! On Sunday, Dec. 16th, a tree will be placed in the Sanctuary Foyer. Between now and then, we invite you to collect cards, money gifts, presents, food items, etc. and bring them on the 16th to place on and around the tree. At the end of the Children’s Program on the evening of the 16th, we will present our staff with the gifts that you have given. Our staff will share all that you so generously give! If you have any questions, please contact Kandi Pool or any member of the Personnel Committee.

Our Staff:

Lakan Mariano, Pastor Ryan Connel, Student Pastor Cindy Hickey, Ministry Assistant

Philip Cross, Family & Education Pastor Micah Mariano, Worship Pastor Sue Harrison, Pianist

Mary Lou Fuller, Organist

Mike Lee, Sound Engineer

Telling the Story Continued “Pan, tell us some stories about Daddy and Uncle Boshi,” Seth and Aiden implored. Through the soft low light emanating from the lamp on the night stand by our bed I saw the slight smile on their faces and their eyes staring straight ahead but seeing something else beside the ceiling. Seth and Aiden love to hear me tell the same stories about their dad and uncle over and over again. Their dad tiptoeing to sneak up on a deer with a toy bow and arrow when he was six. Boshi eating roly-poly bugs he found by our fireplace in Borger when he was just barely crawling. Their dad and I breaking one of Gimma's (Kim) favorite ceramic serving bowls by playing soccer in the house. My brother Manny and I when we were kids playing Indians and cowboys with our friends in the pastures by our house with waisthigh grass where we grew up in Old Santa Mesa in Manila. These stories connect Seth and Aiden to their dad, their uncle, and their grandfather and by extension, their whole family and give them a sense of identity and family roots. The retelling of the same old stories solidifies for them the truth of the stories as the stories become part of their own lives. It would mess them up, and they will not appreciate it, if I change the stories every time I tell them. Telling stories to my grandkids remind me of how important it is to simply tell the story of Jesus the way the Bible tells it. Growing up going to church, I have heard the story of Jesus' birth and his life, and his death and resurrection and his ascension as far back as I can remember. The repetition ingrained in my psyche the Jesus story. This Christmas and through the year, and the years, give your kids the very special gift of the story of Jesus, God the Son, who became man and who went to the cross to die the death that belonged to us. You do not have to embellish it. You do not have to make it more “relevant.” You do not have to add suspense and drama to it. It is all of that and more. It is by itself the most incredible story ever told and God continues to unpack for us its wonderfully surprising blessings. This Christmas read to your kids the story of Jesus as recorded in the Bible. Read it to them not as prelude to opening presents but as the centerpiece of your dinner and your day. Tell them that this wonderful God who was born a baby two thousand years ago is right there with you, that he is a person who hears and sees them and cares and loves them, and is more real than the ground on which they are standing. Tell them the story of Jesus. Tell it to them often. Tell them. It is the only thing you can give them at Christmas that will not break, or fade, or get messed up. Tell them the story of Jesus and watch what God does with their lives.


It is our annual church staff tradition to invite all of our church family & friends as well as all of the employees at Crockett Elementary to join us for some good food and relationship building!

Tuesday, December 11th 10AM—2PM

We are providing soups, chili, and all the fixings.

We need your help in providing plenty of Christmas goodies to share! If you will help or if you have any questions please contact Cindy at the church office. (325-949-5788)

CHRISTMAS POINSETTIAS If you wish to purchase a poinsettia plant to be used for Christmas dĂŠcor in our sanctuary in honor of or in memory of a loved one or friend, please fill out the form you will find in the bulletin this Sunday. Place the form and money in an offering envelope and turn in to the offering plate. You may also come by the church office during the week to fill out a form and give your money. Cost is $7.00 each

December Calendar Events: 1st— 3rd— 4th— 7th— 8th—

9th— 11th— 12th— 15th— 16th—


24th— 25th— 26th— 30th— 31st— 1st—

Monthly Men’s Breakfast at 7AM God’s Gardeners’ Class Party at the Pool’s home Women’s Ministry Cookie Baking Night (6PM in Fellowship Hall) Final Fall Precept (introduction to 2 Timothy) Final Redeeming Marriage Conference Session at 6:30PM Monthly Women’s Breakfast at 8AM Youth One Day Retreat: Unity Project Still Young Adults Class Party at the Weber’s home Work in Progress Class Party at Gayle Bryan’s home College Graduation Recognitions BodyLife Christmas Parties Church Office Christmas Open House (10AM—2PM) Youth Christmas Caroling at Nursing Home Children’s Cookout and Hayride 5-7PM Kids Choir Musical “Signs of Christmas” at 5PM followed by Christmas Fellowship in the Foyer (everyone bring your favorite Christmas Goodies to share!) Love and Joy Class Party at 11:30AM at Zentner’s Daughter AWANA Baby Shower for Jesus at 6PM Youth Christmas Party at 6PM Church office closed Christmas Eve Service at 6PM Have a Blessed Christmas! Church office closed Family Week (No Evening Activities) Agape Sunday Church office closed Youth New Year’s Eve Lock In Church office closed



COLLEGE MINISTRIES WEEKLY MEETINGS: Sunday School: Sundays at 9:30AM (in the College Room) Home Groups: Sundays at 6:00PM (Various Homes) Pause: Wednesdays at 8:00PM (Siefker’s Home-1734 Weston) FMI: Contact Ryan Connel at 227-1778 or church office at 949-5788

Weekly Meetings Sunday School: Sundays at 9:30AM CHBC Upstairs Home Groups: Sundays at 6:00PM Various Homes Outbreak: Wednesdays at 6:00PM CHBC Upstairs

We will present our Christmas Musical “Signs of Christmas” on Sunday evening, December 16th at 5PM in the sanctuary. Afterwards we will enjoy a time of good food and fun in the Foyer with our families and friends! Come and bring your favorite Christmas sweets to share with everyone. Children’s Choir Practice Schedule: Sunday, Dec. 2nd—5:00-7:45PM Sunday, Dec. 9th—5:00-7:45PM Saturday, Dec. 15th—10AM-1PM (bring $2 for pizza!)

WEEKLY MEETINGS: Sunday School: Sundays at 9:30AM Classes for all ages Preschool—5th Grade Kids on Fire Choir: Sundays at 6:00PM CHBC AWANA room Grades K-5th Grade


AWANA Clubs: Wednesdays at 6:00PM Preschool—5th Grade


FMI: Contact Philip Cross at 277-7980 or the Church office 949-5788

When: Where:

Saturday, Dec. 15th 5-7PM 6286 Stokes Rd (home of Greg & Laura Jackson) Your own drinks & s’more making ingredients

Hot dogs & chips will be provided!

RSVP by Wednesday, Dec. 12th to Stacy Stephenson at 325-212-3932

Club Calendar: 11-28—Club Night 12-05—Nativity Night 12-12—Combined Christmas Shop! 12-19—Baby Shower for Jesus

Our AWANA clubs need our help collecting new or gently used items for the AWANA store. Several times a year, students are allowed to “buy” items from the store with “shares” they earn by completing sections in their workbooks and memorizing scriptures. The first Wednesday in December, they have their Christmas store and are encouraged to purchase gifts for all their family members and friends. There are collection boxes in the foyer and in the office hallway. If you have any questions, please contact Vickie LeWallen (895-0330) or the church office.

By Mail: College Hills Baptist Church 2102 Johnson Ave San Angelo TX 76904 By Phone: 325.949.5788

Given To Date:



Session 5: Dec. 7th Nursery at CHBC by reservation only

By Fax: 325.949.6877 By Email:


Look us up on:


Philip Cross: Family & Education Pastor

Ryan Connel: Pastor to Students

These men are responsible for hospital visitation and are available to anyone who has needs. Elder Fred Rike…….…...227-4208 Deacon John Bilberry……....942-1012 Elder Rex Stephenson.942-9537 Deacon Charles Harrison....653-4386 Elder Andrew Siefker…212-4410 Deacon Jerry Walls………..…944-1876


Micah Mariano:

We appreciate all our extended session workers. Please be in your place by 10:20AM so you can be there before the children arrive. Please call Cathy Blair at 405-496-5769 if you are unable to work your extended session or if you have any questions.

Worship Pastor

Cynthia Hickey: Ministry Assistant

CHURCH OFFICE HOURS: Monday—Thursday: 8:30AM—4:00PM Friday: 9:00AM—4:00PM Lunch Break: Noon— 1:00PM

1’s and 2’s:

3’s & 4’s:

12-02 Cami Mariano/Bethany Cross B Haskins/Valton Lewallen 12-09 Jackson/Allie Rike Ashley Minor/Avery Brown 12-16 Brittany Guevara/Cameron Cross Brad & Michon Grissom

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