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Faith Bennett Brittany Boven Malissa Kelsey Christina Weeks

Situation Analysis

Historical Context Industry Analysis Market Analysis Competitive Analysis

Objectives Quantitative Benchmarks  January 2012 increased 1,000 residents Measurements for Success New Resident Questionnaire Postcard to Students (mention networks) Signup for Twitter Discounts with text message Shopping Spree Specified time frame August-September & April-May Weekends & Specific Vendors Thanksgiving/Christmas

Budgeting Advertising on $0.51 per click blogger- $.10 per comment Pay $12 for every contact from their site Photographer- between $50-$250 per event Videographer- $50-$250 per event Radio Ads $40 for 30 second ad during drive time (7-8AM, 5-7 PM) $10-15 for non drive times

Estimated Price Radio (drive time) $40 Radio (Non-drive time) $10 Myspace Ads $0.51 Photographer $200 Videographer $200 Ads $12 Myspace Blogger $0.10 Ad type

Estimated usage Total 200 $8,000 500 $5,000 1,000 $510 24 $4,800 24 $4,800 100 $1,200 10,000 $1,000 Total Budget $25,310

Strategic Plan Persuade consumers through the use of testimonial ads Situate the brand socially by using slice of life ads Define the brand image using image ads Competition in Atlanta and Savannah Macon fills a niche market

Copy Strategy Objective Methods “Downtown Macon: Work, Play, Live.� Testimonials Slice-of-life ads Be innovative/think outside the box

Media Plan

Ad placement Radio College papers Magazine Web

Target audience

Integrated Brand Promotion Opt-in texting Twitter Newtown hosts events Partnerships to lower costs Contest drawings to help measure progress Mailings Brochure with panel emphasis Placement

Evaluation Communications test Target market views ad

Recognition Test Target market recognizes

Direct Response Testing Target market responds


Marketing InTown/Downtown Living  

A marketing plan for Macon, GA to entice more people to live downtown and intown produced by students at Macon State College.