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St. Paddy’s Day Krewe Info & Application

Krewes In a Nutshell What is a krewe? A krewe (pronounced "crew") is an organization that participates in a parade and or ball during the Mardi Gras season. Many krewes grew out of social clubs or business groups that were looking for ways to present themselves to the public and have fun while doing it.

What does a krewe look like? Krewes vary in membership size and level of involvement and have a common theme that may or may not relate to the group they represent. Common among all krewes is their over-the-top style and desire to be the most attention grabbing group.

What does a krewe do?

Pirate Themed Krewe Costume

Some krewes create huge elaborate mechanical floats, while others simply wear costumes and walk on foot. Of course they all throw beads and candy to spectators. As with their costumes and floats, krewes try to outdo one another when it comes to what they throw to parade watchers.

The Krewe of Cork is a wine themed crew that uses wine corks in their costumes and throw beads

Famous & Historic Krewe of Zulu Float

Krewes In Mercer Village How do I start my krewe? The sky is the limit when it comes to Mardi Gras Krewes. First, choose a theme and a name. If you’re representing a business, be “The Krewe of...” whatever you sell. If you represent a greek chapter, be “The Krewe of...” your fraternity or sorority. If you’re just a group of friends who enjoy craft beer, be “The Krewe of Craft Beer.” After you’ve got your name and theme, check out the info we need at the end of this document, and shoot an email to, then get your friends on board!

What could my krewe look like? Again, your imagination is the only limit to how you represent your krewe. Crazy homemade costumes using bright colors, feathers, masks, and headdresses featuring themed objects are recommended. Painted or printed banners, signs, and flags with symbols, images, and lettering are also perfect. Some krewes carry large props including statues and oversized theme items made from paper mâché. Also, many krewes play instruments while parading. It doesn't matter if you play guitar, trombone, or just bang on pots and pans. The louder and crazier, the better!

What will my krewe actually do? During Mardi Gras in Mercer Village there will be several parades in which all of the krewes will march down the street of Mercer Village. College Hill will provide some beads, but krewes are encouraged get their own unique beads. is a great (and cheap) resource for all things Mardi Gras. Above all else, it’s your krewe’s job to be the life of the party and have a great time!

Sounds great! How do I apply? Just send an email to Please include your: - Name - Organization’s Name (if applicable) - Prospective Krewe Name - Prospective Number of Krewe Members - Parade Time Availability (7pm 8pm and/or 9pm)

Help, I don’t use email! No problem. Just fill out the info sheet on the next page and bring it by our office or drop it in the mail.

Krewe Application For St. Paddy’s Day In Mercer Village Your Name_____________________________________________________ Your Organization (if applicable)________________________________ Your Email_____________________________________________________ Prospective Krewe Name_______________________________________ Prospective Number of Krewe Members___________ Parade Availability (check all the apply) 2 p.m.

5 p.m.

7 p.m.

If you have any questions please call or come by the College Hill Alliance office at 1624B Coleman Ave. Macon, GA 31207 (478) 301-2008

Updated Krewe App. St. Paddy's Day  

Krewe Call in Mercer Village.

Updated Krewe App. St. Paddy's Day  

Krewe Call in Mercer Village.