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Reaching Mercer Students Here’s a list of the ways College Hill reaches out to students, including suggestions from the Student Government Association: 1. Promote and update facebook and twitter pagesdaily 2. Add students to your email list 3. Setup informational table in the Student Center • Make reservations online: (click “Other Organizations” under “Forms” on the left-hand side) 4. Place flyers for events on campus • Distribute to Residence Life, Campus Life and Center for Leadership and Volunteerism (all in Student Center) 5. Stuff student mailboxes with flyers: Mail Center located in Student Center 6. Add events to Mercer’s online calendar: 7. Place ad in the student-run newspaper, The Cluster: email 8. Place ad on student-run tv channel, Mercer 99: email 9. Give away free items, such as t-shirts or discounts 10. Reach out to student organizations or professors about making presentations

Reaching Mercer Students  

How to Reach Mercer Students

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