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December 2013

College Heights Christian Church

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With Us: The Light in the Dark

With Us: The Light in the Dark “Look! The virgin will conceive a child! She will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel,” which means “God is with us.’” —Matthew 1:23 It was a dark night, the night Jesus was born. Shepherds in the fields outside Bethlehem were guarding their flocks from predators who sought to slaughter and thieves who sought to steal. The shepherds knew they were always nearby, hidden under the cover of darkness. It was a normal night, just like the thousands of nights that had come before— darkness and dangerous—for the sheep in the fields and for God’s own flock— his people. They had been trapped in a world of fear and danger and prayed for years upon years for their own shepherd, for their Savior, the One who would finally give them a safe place to live, laugh, and prosper under His protective care. Suddenly…“Look!” The darkness was replaced by a glorious light. It terrified the shepherds. “Don’t be afraid! A Liberator has been born for you!” God’s messenger proclaimed. A liberator born for them—for us. Born as light into a world that had only known darkness. Immanuel, which means “God is with us,” had come to the world—and pierced the darkness with light. Until this night, until this birth, the light had never been with us. We were no longer trapped in a world of darkness. The Light was here, and hope came alive on earth. The Shepherd had arrived, so we need not fear the darkness of night again. The hope of the world was alive. With us. Overcoming the darkness we had no power to overcome on our own. The darkness of the world would never truly be dark again. Jesus, born on Christmas Day. The Light alive. Our hope became real. We never need to walk alone or in the dark again—God is with us. May we join the shepherds and angels singing in thanksgiving and joy this Christmas season!

THE WORD “I have come as a light to shine in this dark world, so that all who put their trust in me will no longer remain in the dark.” — John 12:46

For more information contact: Carol Bowland, WIM Director 417-624-6915 x301 Your WIM Planning Team Cheri Adcock Carol Bowland Tiffany Fink Dalenna Giles Sandi McReynolds Lesli Neuenschwander

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Emphasis on PRAYER Developing a Disciplined Relationship with God will be offered each Thursday at 1:30 pm starting January 16 (watch bulletin for location). Corky Nelson will be leading this women’s study group using the book by Stormie Ormartian, “The Power of a Praying Woman.” Our sessions will draw us closer to God, expose His plans and purposes for our lives in whatever season of life we are in, and offer comfort, help and strength for each day as we trust our Heavenly Father with the concerns of our heart. For more information call Corky at 649-5114.

_______________________________________ BECOMING A WOMAN OF PRAYER – Part 2 Beginning January 15, Wednesday nights at 7pm Despite the fact that we want to pray, we need to pray, and as a Christ-follower we should pray, we often don’t pray in our private lives – in our daily walk. Last semester in Part 1, we resuscitated our prayer lives and added to our disciplines. This coming semester we are continuing our study for the purpose of building relationship and practicing the disciplines together. These sessions will be full of small group discussions focusing on Stormie Omartian’s book “30 Days to Becoming a Woman of Prayer,” as well as small group prayer time. Even if you didn’t attend Part 1, you are still welcome and can easily join us for Part 2. We are moving on in prayer as we realize that now is the time – we don’t have to be any wiser, stronger, or better to be a person of prayer. We just need to slow down, look up, and pray. See you January 15! Call Joanie at 402-680-4493 for more information.

Bible Study Testimony This last semester I attended the Wednesday evening class: “30 Days to Becoming a Woman of Prayer” by Stormie Omartian. The book has had a big impact on my life and it is one I will keep in my basket of quiet time resources. It was apparent that the WIM Prayer Team had put a lot of prayer and effort into the class. Corky & Joanie covered the subject of prayer very thoroughly. The teaching was excellent. Both of them are very engaging speakers so the time in class flew by. Their heart for prayer was felt. I know that while in that class I was being prayed for. One week in particular, I was having a rough week and I received an e-mail from Corky saying she was praying for me. I had never mentioned anything to her about what was going on in my life. It showed me that she is a woman of prayer and the Holy Spirit is working through her. My favorite take-away from this class will be a new method of journaling I learned. I have never had the patience or the time to journal like I should. Joanie showed us a way of journaling in bullet points which helps me to stay focused. I’m sure God meant this just for me. Since I’ve started using this method I am journaling and focused in my prayer life. Thank you, Joanie & Corky, for investing in us and drawing us closer to Him. Lori Good

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Highlighting New Bible Studies beginning in January

Beloved Disciple Wednesday evenings beginning January 15 Beginning in January on Wednesday evenings, we will be studying Beth Moore's "Beloved Disciple: The Life and Ministry of John.” You ask: Why would I want to come?  It could be because you get to meet other women, and get to know them a little better.  It could be that you need something to do while your kids are in their programs.  It could be that you want to make a New Year's resolution to study the Bible more. 

Whatever your reason, the one that is the most important to me, is that I need to study the Word to truly understand the heart of God. I have found from my own private study that the more I am in the Word, the more I crave it. The Spirit speaks to me when I study the Bible, I learn more about the Lord, who He is, and His love for me. I am hoping that you will make the decision to join us. ~Kris Johnson

Nothing is more exciting when you see a ministry begin to click – to feel like it is accomplishing what the intent was in the first place. Together We Stand, our ministry to/with single moms is CLICKING (maybe a slight exaggeration, but hey! THIS THING IS TAKING OFF!) For many in this group of women, life has been an incredible challenge. So when God is faithful in giving a job where it is desperately needed, or babysitting is found during work hours, or when enough money is made to open a savings account, WE CELEBRATE! We mentors have a passion to get the Word of God into these women’s lives so WE STUDY! We want to emphasize in all of our lives that talking to God is the key to a power-filled, contented, and healthy life, so WE PRAY! And of course, we are women, so WE LAUGH and CRY . . . A LOT!! Together We Stand meets at 6:15pm on Wednesday nights at the church. We begin with a meal provided for the moms and kiddos. Then at 7:00pm the kids go to their youth activities while the moms have their meeting with the mentors. If you are a single mom, won’t you give us a little of your time, so we can give you a whole lot of encouragement! Please call Angela Grantham (417-439-6836) or Julie Gariss (417-529-8012) for more information.

JUST FOR FUN: Christmas Sweaters Hiding your sweater? Years ago it was fashionable and looked great on you, everyone said so. But now you know the truth – they lied. It was and always will be…an ugly Christmas sweater. It’s time to wear it once again! Celebrate the season with an ugly Christmas sweater party. Challenge friends to wear their ugly sweaters out to dinner, or have an ugly sweater day at work. And laugh!! It’s guaranteed to clothe you with joy this Christmas! Design and base content © 2011 and 2014 Group Publishing, Inc., Loveland, CO, Permission to photocopy granted for local church use only.

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February 7


Mark your calendars now!! CHCC will be hosting a Four State Women's Rally on Friday evening, February 7.

Daughters of the King There will be praise and worship, fellowship, fun, and a message from Julie Gariss. All churches in the four-states area are encouraged and invited to come and enjoy an evening of fellowship, praise & inspiration.

Have you ever said the word ENOUGH! We have said it in frustration, exhaustion & in joy. But God says it with a quiet voice, whispering in your ear… “I AM ENOUGH! I AM MORE THAN ENOUGH for your every need.” And besides that, He says to you “Because I AM – YOU, my child – are Enough!” Let’s explore that concept together at our Annual Women’s Getaway February 28 – March 2 at Cave Springs – Quapaw OK

3 Registration Options: Option 1: 1 night, 3 meals - $40 Option 2: 2 nights, 4 meals - $60 Option 3: Saturday only, 2 meals $28

Mark your calendar now & watch the bulletin, email, Facebook and SPICE for more details Design and base content © 2011 and 2014 Group Publishing, Inc., Loveland, CO, Permission to photocopy granted for local church use only.

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