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EYC 211

End of the Year Celebration

College Bound celebrates 20 years of

Excellence through Education


y r a s r e v i n An

Generation to Generation

Creating a Legacy of Educational Excellence

EXCELLENCE Thursday, May 19, 2011

Continue the great work you do... making college a reality

River Road Unitarian Universalist Church

Congratulations College Bound

20 years of serving the community

EYC 2011 Executive Director

Kenneth Ward

Greetings, It is a great joy to welcome each of you to our 20th Annual End of the Year Celebration. Under the theme Generation to Generation: Creating a Legacy of Educational Excellence we come together tonight to celebrate a rich legacy that began in 1991 as a neighborhood after school tutoring program. We have now grown to five Academic Mentoring sites and reach hundreds of youth through our myriad of programs. In my second year as the Executive Director of College Bound, I pause to give thanks to everyone that has supported me in this labor of love. Your belief in me and the vision of making college a reality is humbling. I understand more and more each day the importance of the village in raising our children and ensuring that they escape the snares that entangle too many youth, especially our males. I realize that to continue our graduation and college going rate of 100% we must work collectively and each of us is charged with doing our individual part. The work may be hard, but the rewards are worth every bit of it. As we celebrate our 20th year, there are hundreds of lives that have been made better through our work. The power of mentoring resonates loudly as our class of 2011 goes on to the next chapter of their life. As they proudly march across the stage and receive high school diplomas, we are committed to supporting them through college with our Virtual Mentoring program to make sure that they will also be awarded a college degree. The Virtual Mentoring program will allow us to support our alumni as they matriculate at the college or university of their choice. Like myself, many of our students are first generation college students and this support will be invaluable. It will also allow us to provide scholarship, internship and other relevant information as they navigate their new world. To the students of College Bound, I charge you to live life fully. Live each day passionately. Understand that this is your journey and you must take advantage of the opportunities that are before you. Your family, friends, mentors and College Bound staff will be here to offer advice and support, but you must remain focused on your goals. Never forget that you have a unique gift to share with the world so unleash your potential. I thank all of you immensely for not only joining us tonight, but also believing in and supporting our youth. I hope that you will continue to be a part of this movement as we further College Bound's legacy of educational excellence. My best, Kenneth Ward Executive Director


EYC 2011 College Bound

Order of Ceremony

Mistress of Ceremonies Michelle Green ‘11 Master of Ceremonies Kevohn McCormick ‘12 Processional…………...………………………………………………….Class of 2011 Lift Every Voice and Sing….……...…..Chabeli Arroyo ‘13 & Indigo Myers ‘11 Welcome...…………….........…..……………Kenneth Ward, Executive Director Alumni Greeting.….…...…...……....De’Von Robinson, Temple University ‘11 Greetings………………………………………………...Michael Warsaw, Chairman Introduction of Keynote Address…….............…………………Daron Hilton ‘13 Special Guest Performance................................................Max Light Quartet

Keynote Address

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson

Author and Georgetown University Professor Hall of Fame Award…………..…………..…Dr. Rita Kirshstein, Board Secretary Presented to Sol and Diane Pelavin, American Institutes for Research

Community Leadership Award……….…Timothy Woods, Finance Committee Presented to Debra Lee, Black Entertainment Television Network

Site Recognition Awards………………………………………… Site Coordinators Outstanding Partner, Team Work, Most Committed, Exemplary Student

Scholarship Awards…………………..Dr. Jacqui Francis, Programs Committee Thelma Sanga, Program Director Toronto Alsbrooks, Program Coordinator Closing Remarks…………………..…………..Kenneth Ward, Executive Director Special Tribute to the Class of 2011 Carlos McMillian Fuentes, UNC-Greensboro’11

EYC 2011 Keynote Speaker

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, who is an American Book Award recipient and two-time NAACP Image Award winner,is one of the nation’s most influential and renowned public intellectuals. He has been named one of the 150 most powerful African Americans by Ebony magazine. The Philadelphia Weekly contends that Dyson “is reshaping what it means to be a public intellectual by becoming the most visible black academic of his time.” He is host of the nationally syndicated public radio program, The Michael Eric Dyson Show. Dyson’s pioneering scholarship has had a profound affect on American ideas. His first book, 1993’s Reflecting Black: African American Cultural Criticism, helped establish the field of black American cultural studies. His next book, 1994’s Making Malcolm: The Myth and Meaning of Malcolm X, was named one of the most important African American books of the 20th century and was also named a Notable Book of the year by the New York Times. Dyson’s first book on Martin Luther King, 2000’s I May Not Get There With You: The True Martin Luther King, Jr., made a significant contribution to King scholarship by recovering the radical legacy of the slain civil rights leader. According to book industry Bible Publisher’s Weekly, Dyson’s 2001 book, Holler if You Hear Me: Searching for Tupac Shakur, helped to make books on hip hop commercially viable. His 2006 book Come Hell or High Water: Hurricane Katrina and the Color of Disaster was the first major book on Katrina and probed the racial and class fallout from the storm. And Dyson’s 2005 New York Times bestseller Is Bill Cosby Right? Or Has the Black Middle Class Lost Its Mind? helped to jump-start a national conversation on the black poor that has been called the most important debate in black America since the historic debate between Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois. Dyson’s New York Times bestselling April 4, 1968: Martin Luther King Jr.’s Death and How It Changed America, has been hailed by the Washington Post as “an excellent sociological primer on institutionalized 17

EYC 2011 Keynote Speaker

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson

racism in America.” His latest book is Can You Hear Me Now? The Inspiration, Wisdom and Insight of Michael Eric Dyson. Not only has Dyson taught at some of the nation’s most prestigious universities – including Brown, Chapel Hill, Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania – but his influence has carried far beyond the academy into prisons and bookstores, political conventions and union halls, and church sanctuaries and lecture stages across the world. Dyson has appeared on nearly every major media outlet, including The Today Show, Nightline, O’Reilly Factor, The Tavis Smiley Show and Real Time with Bill Maher – and he has cemented his star appeal on such shows as Rap City, Def Poetry Jam and The Colbert Report. He is also a contributing editor of Time magazine. Dyson’s powerful work has won him legions of admirers and has made him what the Washington Post terms a “superstar professor.” His fearless and fiery oratory led the Chronicle of Higher Education to declare that with his rhetorical gifts he “can rock classroom and chapel alike.” Dyson’s eloquent writing inspired Vanity Fair magazine to describe him as “one of the most graceful and lucid intellectuals writing on race and politics today.” Dr. Dyson is presently University Professor of Sociology at Georgetown University. His legendary rise – from welfare father to Princeton Ph.D., from church pastor to college professor, from a factory worker who didn’t start college until he was 21 to a figure who has become what writer Naomi Wolf terms “the ideal public intellectual of our time” – may help explain why author Nathan McCall simply calls Dyson “a street fighter in suit and tie.”


S 2011 EYC College Bound

pecial Guests

College Bound alumnus and scholarship recipient De’Von Robinson was enrolled in College Bound for five years at the Gonzaga site. He is a 2011 graduate of Temple University with a degree in Advertising and a focus in Account Management. During his matriculation at Temple University, De’Von completed several marketing internships that served as valuable introductions for a career in the marketing industry. He has recently accepted an offer to work with the NY-based marketing firm Ogilvy & Mather beginning in September. De’Von is an active member of the Lambda Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. He pledged in 2009 and has served in several key roles including Guide Right Chairman and Student Organization Representative. De’Von was College Bound’s 2010 recipient of the Juliette Tyler Lewis Civic Award. The Max Light Quartet Sahil Ansari is a senior at Walt Whitman High School, where he is a member of both the wind ensemble and the jazz ensemble. He has played in such groups as the Montgomery County Honors Jazz Ensemble, the Maryland All-State Jazz Ensemble, and the Jazz Academy of Music, and has played at venues such as Strathmore, the Kennedy Center, and Carnegie Hall. Next year, he will be attending Columbia University where he plans to continue playing music. Stephen Jacobson is a senior at Walt Whitman High School and bassist of its orchestra and jazz ensemble. He has played at Strathmore, Carnegie Hall, and other such venues. He plans to major in film production at New York University and continue playing music through college. Adam Schefkind is a senior at Walt Whitman High School, where he is concertmaster of the wind ensemble and lead alto saxophone in the jazz ensemble. He currently studies with Paul Carr. He has played in numerous local groups such as the Maryland Classic Youth Orchestra, the Jazz Academy of Music, and the Montgomery County Honors Jazz Ensemble. He plans on attending Washington University in St. Louis in the fall. Max Light is a senior at Walt Whitman High School where he is a member of the jazz ensemble. He has played in the Montgomery County Senior Honors Jazz Ensemble, the Maryland All-State Jazz Ensemble and the Jazz Academy of Music Orchestra. Last summer, he studied jazz guitar at the Berklee School of Music and plans to continue his studies next year at a New England Conservatory. 19

S 2011 EYC College Bound

pecial Guests

Carlos McMillan Fuentes is a 23-year-old singer, songwriter, and pianist. He is a May 2011 graduate of the University of North Carolina- Greensboro, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Composition. Largely selftaught on the piano, Fuentes demonstrated an affinity for performance and composition in middle school. Upon enrolling at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, he continued to develop his skills under the direction of acclaimed composers Alejandra Rutty and Mark Engebretson and pianist Joseph DiPiazza. As a pianist, his composition style is influenced largely by Romantic and Contemporary composers-his favorites being Chopin, Brahms, and Scriabin. He continues to create new and innovative songs for voice as well as piano, chamber, and orchestral works. Carlos has also had the opportunity to write compositions for specific performers. Through this process he strives to find new ways to bring unique and beautiful compositional voices to the repertoire. Carlos is in a small group of individuals having a condition called synesthesia, a neurologically-based condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. For Carlos musical notes and patterns are associated with a spectrum of colors. Carlos has used this as a compositional tool and is frequently finding new ways to expand his harmonic and tonal languages. He is also a prolific lyricist and songwriter, and has written numerous works in varying styles for his own tenor voice. In the fall of 2010 he premiered his Concerto for solo piano with an orchestra of his peers, and plans to continue work on a choral Symphony and his first opera, Hatshepsut, in the coming months.


EYC 2011 College Bound

Community Leadership Award Debra L. Lee, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BET Holdings, Inc, is a prominent area businesswoman who has humbly served the AfricanAmerican community. Lee, who holds a law degree and a master's in public policy from Harvard, left the Steptoe & Johnson corporate law firm to join the newly-formed BET in 1986. Prior to becoming CEO of BET, Debra served as BET’s President and Chief Operating Officer for 10 years where she guided the company to consistent increases in viewership, revenue and earnings. She played a key role in taking BET public in 1991, making it the first African-American company traded on the New York Stock Exchange. To her credit, Lee has taken measures to improve BET by taking a stand against degrading images, going so far as to boldly ban certain videos by popular artists. Under Lee’s leadership, BET has been reinvigorated and has expanded. Lee has served on the board of directors for numerous companies and organizations, including National Cable & Telecommunications Association, the Ad Council, the National Cable Television Association, Marriot, Eastman Kodak Company, and Revlon. She has been a director of the Washington Gas Light Company since 2000. Debra Lee has received many awards and honors, including the 2001 Woman of the Year Award from Women in Cable and Telecommunications, being named one of the 100 Most Powerful Women in Washington, DC by Washingtonian Magazine, and has been an exemplary leader in the African-American community. College Bound salutes Ms. Lee for her accomplishments and her significant contributions. We are pleased to present the 2011 Community Leadership Award to Ms. Debra Lee.


EYC 2011

Hall of Fame Award College Bound

Sol and Diane Pelavin, former President/CEO and Senior Vice President of the American Institutes for Research, respectively, began their professional careers as educators. Today, they are two of the most highly skilled and well respected professionals in the field of social science research. Sol founded the educational research firm Pelavin Associates, Inc., which later merged with AIR in 1994. Under his leadership, AIR has become one of the largest and most respected behavioral and social science research organizations, with offices in more than 30 locations in the United States and around the world. Sol served as one of the lead researchers in the ground-breaking study “Changing the Odds.” The study investigated, for both poor and minority students, how demographic characteristics, college aspirations, and high school courses affected college attendance and college completion. This report prompted the nation to work towards better preparing minority students for college. Sol emphasized the importance of a familial atmosphere at AIR and helped build a highly qualified, cohesive staff that strives to improve people’s lives. Sol holds advanced degrees from Stanford University and the University of Chicago. Diane has been a trailblazer in the educational research field. While working with AIR, she directed a number of educational research projects, including congressionally mandated research involving vocational rehabilitation, studies of programs serving people with disabilities and various school improvement efforts. She has worked tirelessly to improve people’s lives and well-being, especially the disadvantaged. Diane obtained a B.A. in English from Southern Illinois University and an M.S. in Social Science and Education from California State University, San Jose. The Pelavins form a dynamic team that has made significant contributions to the field of education, helping AIR become the ‘gold standard’ of social science research. College Bound salutes them for not only their great professional achievements but for their unconditional support of College Bound. We are proud to award them the 2011 Hall of Fame Award.


EYC 2011 College Bound

S tudents Ambassadors Angel Brock, BET Site Grade 11, McKinley Technology High School

“College Bound has helped prepare me for college by giving me new experiences and great information. It also partnered me with someone that I can really look up to. We have a close connection and she is a really good role model.”

Vondae Donaldson, Sherwood Site Grade 11, Wilson Senior High School

“College Bound has really made me a well rounded person -socially, educationally and mentally. It has helped me in making the right decisions that will benefit me in my future. I have met some really wonderful people at different events and I now have a better outlook on life.”

Aaron Jones, Sherwood Site Grade 11, Capital City Public Charter High School “Limitations outside of the law that are not set by a parent or mentor but by society are illusions.”

Infiniti Nowlin, Beacon House Site Grade 11, Phelps Architecture, Construction and Engineering High School

“College Bound has helped me realized that the minimum does not define the maximum.“

Joseph Rascoe, Chavez Site Grade 10, Cesar Chavez Public Charter School "Doing your best means never stop trying." 23

EYC 2011 S tudent Ambassadors College Bound

Maurice Rucker, Beacon House Site Grade 11, McKinley Technology High School

“College Bound has given me the extra push I needed to become an honor roll student.”

Mulu Tsega Senshaw, BET Site Grade 10, School Without Walls High School

“College Bound has exposed me to college, its benefits, and how to make it there. College Bound puts me in an environment where excelling is the goal of everyone around me and everyone around me is trying to help me reach that goal. College Bound gives me a place to speak positively about my week even through the toughest ones. Since 8th grade, College Bound has been one of my major motivations to graduate from high school, graduate from college, and live a successful life.”

Quenice Simms, Chavez Site Grade 11, Benjamin Banneker Academic High School

“A mentor is someone who knows your past, understands your present, and believes in your future. ”

Chesley Swann, Gonzaga Site Grade 10, Benjamin Banneker Academic High School

“College Bound has allowed me to see the many possibilities in life that education can help me obtain.”

Parris Washington, Gonzaga Site Grade 10, Benjamin Banneker Academic High School

“College Bound is a program full of connections and opportunities that I can honestly say I wouldn't have otherwise. From the college tours, to the White House visits. I appreciate every opportunity presented to me.” 24

Seniors EYC 2011 College Bound

Ashley Allen Isiah Boddie Casscius Colbert Sierra Cunningham Tyesha Day Jamual Forest Brea Govan Michelle Green Christiana Hammond Stephanie Hampton Delantia Hellmams Bianca Jones Donte McCormick Indigo Myers Victor Parkinson Ciara Roberts Jasmine Robinson Demetrius Ryans Jabari Sadler Malaika Shaheed Taylor Talbert Demetrius Tyler Destiny Willard Heather Wimbush John Zanders

McKinley Technology High School Thurgood Marshall Public Charter High School McKinley Technology High School McKinley Technology High School Hyde Leadership Public Charter School Charles Herbert Flowers High School Woodrow Wilson Senior High School Woodrow Wilson Senior High School School Without Walls Senior High School School Without Walls Senior High School McKinley Technology High School Friendship Collegiate Academy Benjamin Banneker Academic High School Duke Ellington School of the Arts McKinley Technology High School Paul Laurence Dunbar Senior High School Calvin Coolidge High School Paul Laurence Dunbar Senior High School Washington Math Science Technology PCHS Cesar Chavez Public Charter School Crossland High School School Without Walls Senior High School Hospitality High School Washington Math Science Technology PCHS Eastern Senior High Sschool


EYC 2011 S College Bound

tudents and Partners Beacon House Site



Aryana Alexander Rashawn Alexander Chabeli Arroyo Jerniece Ballard Jasmen Cheese Forrest Davis Angel Gray Julian Jones Dematri Justice Sara Lamar Mayalena Lamar Tomecia McAllister Donte McCormick Lani McFadden Indigo Myers Infiniti Nowlin Roxana Pacheco Victor Parkinson Keimoni Perry Keturah Preister Rashaad Purnell Jasmine Robinson Maurice Rucker Dionna Tyler Demetrius Tyler Kasaurat Yekini

Nubia Gerima Laura Summer Lesley Ann Bailey Antonia Washington Nyounti Tuan Kelsey Purdue Malaika Jeter Barry Brinkley Josiah Labala Dipa Patel Lina Gedvilaite Carol Ware Matt Gove Alicia Thomas Treneisha Jones Tiffany Pinkney Mary Ann Kutny Jon Harris Jessica Schrier Joan Kato Alex Lewis Amanda Prestegard Dante Thomas Alana Abednego Marquell Pinkney Donita Nelson


EYC 2011 College Bound

College Acceptances

Continuing the Legacy of Educational Excellence! Alleghany University Barry University Benedict College Bethune Cookman University Bowie State University Cheyney University Coastal Carolina University Delaware State University Drexel University Eastern Carolina University Fayetteville State University Florida A&M University George Mason University Georgia State University Hampton University Hood College Howard University Johnson C. Smith University Kansas State University Lincoln University of Pennsylvania Morgan State University North Eastern University Norfolk State University North Carolina A&T University

North Carolina Central University Ogelthorpe University Old Dominion University Penn State - Mont Alto Penn State University Harrisburg Penn State University Park Rutgers University at New Brunswick Shaw University St. John's University Temple University UNC - Charlotte UNC - Greensboro University of Akron University of the District of Columbia University of Maryland University of Nebraska-Lincoln Vaughn College Virginia Commonwealth University Virginia State University Virginia Union University Washington Adventist University West Liberty University Winston-Salem State University


EYC 2011 S College Bound

tudents and Partners Chavez Site



Kiara Aull Diamond Brooks Samantha Dudley Samdrea Dudley Jeffrey Freeland Jennifer Hightower Armonni Johnson Coeco Martin Eric McGhee Tyree Pelzer Eric Pierre Joseph Price Joseph Rascoe Jhayla Richardson Jasmine Shaw Treasure Shields Quenita Simms Quenice Simms China Smith Beatrice Smoot Jessica Smoot Linstrum Terry Jamar Traynham Anthony Williams Jerquia Wilson Paige Woods

Kyanna Skinner Mary Alice Parks Monique Morgan Kerri Borne Jordan Hird Laura Graham Karrenthya Simmons Katherine Sikendick Billie Joe Bender Zack Oakley Benjamin Solomon Mathew Smallcomb Joshua Dubose Ashley Miller Michelle Smith Meaghan Cherico Takiyah Henry Denise Terry Brittany Henry Patrice McMillan Jessica Kleist Daryl Edwards Reginald Hart Jared Thigpen Sasha Hammond-Lee Erin Hailes


EYC 2011 S College Bound

tudents and Partners BET Site



Khadijah Akeem Taylor Allen Angel Brock Milana Caliman Asha Caliman Simone Crozier Dominick Daly Kevohn McCormick Joseph Moore Kevonna Quarles Jalen Stewart Cardell Richardson Mulu Tsega-Senshaw

Kittrina Thompson Ashley Brown Christina Bennett Jenna Hendershot June Macon-Askew Kiarra Barrow James Hutchinson Quinton Bowman Kyle Washington Patricia Homer Keith Matthews Junius Carter Erin Williams

Alternate Mentors Alonzo Barber Shanda Gottlieb

Gonzaga Site John Akuamoah Shepsu Baker Isiah Boddie Jasmin Briggs Jamal Brown Gi’Anna Canada Anedrea Cluff Vincent Cropper Sierra Cunningham

Brandon Moore Mouhamed Diop Deontay Morris Kiana Moore Annan Mortensen Amy Scarton Sandhya Nakhasi Peter Mattocks Alicia Benyard 29

EYC 2011 S College Bound

tudents and Partners Gonzaga Site



Tyesha Day Eboni Ellis Kristin Ellis Joshua Hamilton Kenneth Hamilton Christiana Hammond Stephanie Hampton Alyia Hicks Daron Hilton Miani Ingram Kyaira Ingram DaJuan Jenkins Kristina Johnson Jonas Jones Byron Lewis Darian Marshall Courtney McCrimmon Alyx Moore Hameed Paul Thomas Pearson-Green Ciara Roberts Demetrius Ryans Jabari Sadler Malaika Shaheed Ebony Sturdivant Chesley Swann Taylor Talbert Parris Washington John Zanders

Robin Millican Jane Baker Jocelyn Burston Courtney Griffith Gary Butler Nicole Alfred Rebecca Thompson Katie Smith Karl Hornelaw AllisonWalthal Hugette Sun Sara Feuerstein Christie Kolzik Amen Ra Mashariki Thomas Hurst Jonathan Hore Katherine Graham Kristina Doan Steven Pennington Brian Burgess Jacqueline Westley Dirk McCalop Anthony Ching Michelle Bracy Julie Simon Knoll Cymando Henley Nyema Mitchell Caitlin Leutwiler Kenneth Davis 30

EYC 2011 S College Bound

tudents and Partners Sherwood Site



Denae Blount Shaneja Brown Dierra Bynum-Reid Casscius Colbert Robia Colbert Shanti Colbert Erin Day Vondae Donaldson Justin Gay Brandi Govan Brea Govan Michelle Green Stephanie Hamilton Layla Japa Derrica Johnson Aaron Jones Bianca Jones Joshua Jones Rachel Jones Elihu Kennedy Moses Kennedy Sarah Kennedy DeLoniel McCombs Thaddeus Nelson Delante Perry Derell Perry Erika Perry Shaan Taylor Heather Wimbush

Jacqueline Lemaire Alisha Powell Joyce Bailey-Wilson Kyle Harlvordson Karen London Amy McKlindon Erica Fein Giovanna Slaughter Robel Bing Krista Vogt Dea Watkins Kerry DeVooght Anne Guzzi Kenyatta Albeny Portia Brown Kimani Little Julia Hicks Joe DeVooght Rachael Yeager Shegun Bruno-Gaston Chibuike Ezeibe Shannon Rice Thomas Hampton Matt McCormick David Greer Lennon Thompson Alena Hadley Dean Armandroff Nicole Lake 31

EYC 2011 College Bound

Recognition and Awards Beacon House Awards: Most Committed Student: Jerniece Ballard Exemplary Student: Jasmine Robinson Partner of the Year: Carol Ware Team Work: Treneisha Jones and Indigo Myers

BET Awards: Most Committed Student: Cardell Richardson Exemplary Student: Joseph Moore Partner of the Year: James Hutchinson Team Work: Mulu Tsega Senshaw and Erin Williams Gonzaga Awards:

Chavez Awards: Most Committed Student: Paige Woods Exemplary Student: Kiara Aull Partner of the Year: Denise Terry Team Work: Diamond Brooks and Mary Alice Parks

Most Committed Student: Chesley Swann Exemplary Student: Taylor Talbert Partner of the Year: Tom Hurst Team Work: Gary Butler and Kenneth Hamilton, Jr.

Sherwood: Most Committed Student: Heather Wimbush Exemplary Student: Michelle Green Partner of the Year: Kenyatta Albeny Team Work: Joyce Bailey Wilson and Dierra Bynum-Reid

Scholarship Finalists: Ashley Allen, Diamond Brooks, Dierra Bynum-Reid, Casscuis Colbert, Vondae Donaldson, Kristin Ellis, Michelle Green, Stephanie Hampton, Bianca Jones, Byron Lewis, Donte McCormick, Indigo Myers, Jasmine Robinson, Malaika Shaheed, Taylor Talbert, Demetrius Tyler, Heather Wimbush Senior AIR Advisors: Ms. Mahua Baral, Ms. Chandra Champion, Ms. Rachel Goins, Ms. Ashley Hill, Dr. Rita Kirshstein, Ms. Megan Lebow, Ms. Nicole Massengale, Ms. DeAngela Milligan, Ms. Tamika Owens, Mr. Reyhan Reid, Ms. Katherine Sadowski, Ms. Jessica Waddell


EYC 2011

College Bound Organizational and CommunityPartners Adams Charitable Foundation American Institute for Research Anthony F. Lucas-Spindletop Foundation Begal Enterprises Ben’s Chili Bowl Black Entertainment Television (BET) Blacks in Government Booker T. Washington Public Charter Brand Resources Group, Inc. Busboys and Poets Butterfly Works C.R.W. Mechanical, Inc. Cake Love Capitol Hill Community Foundation Catto Charitable Foundation Cavanaugh, Hagan, Pierson, & Mintz Cesar Chavez Public Charter School Clark-Winchcole Foundation Clyde's Restaurant College Board College Connections, LLC Commonweal Foundation Congressman Bennie Thompson Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropoloitan Area D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation D.C. Government D.C. Public Charter Schools D.C. Public Schools Delmarva Surety Associates

Deloitte Consulting Dennis Stubbs Plumbing, Inc. E & G Property Service, Inc. E.C. Wareheim Foundation Ernst & Young, LLP F.M. Burnham & Associates Financial Literacy for Kids Freddie Mac Foundation Georgetown Cause Consulting Glass Packaging Institute Gonzaga College High School Hallmark Iron Works, Inc. Hands on DC Hartman Consulting, Inc. Hattie M. Strong Foundation HCM Strategies Howard University Blackburn Center IVY Cause Events Jerry Taylor & Nancy Bryant Foundation John Edward Fowler Memorial Foundation Joyce and Donald Rumsfield Foundation K4 and Company Marjorie Harris Reynolds Foundation Marshall B. Coyne Foundation Mercer (US) Inc. Minerva Foundation National Capital Cares National College Access Network


EYC 2011

College Bound Organizational and CommunityPartners Paint Branch Unitarian Universalist Church Perry School Community Services Center Presicion Wall Tech ProBuild Inc. Radio One River Road Unitarian Universalist Church Rollins Construction Company Rolyn Companies, Inc. Sparkle Painting Co., Inc. Sticky Rice Suntrust Foundation Thayer Clinical Psychology Services The Community Foundation The Dimick Foundation The Electric Shop, Inc. The Georgetown Cause Consulting Group The Miller-Wehrle Family Foundation The Nahigian Family Foundation The National Capital Bank The University Club of Washington DC The Vestry of All Souls Parish, All Souls Memorial Episcopal The Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation Thompson Industries, Inc. Thunder Grill Restaurant Tompkins Builders, INC. Triad Precision Products, Inc. U Street Parking 34

United Health Group Employees United Way of Central Maryland United Way of the National Capital Area Unum Provident Corporation Valley Lighting, LLC Vapianos Restaurant Venable Foundation, Inc. Verizon Foundation Vinco Capital Inc. Washington Gas Webber Family Foundation Weisman, Noble & Associates Westley Family Foundation Xcalibur Scholarship Sponsors American Institutes for Research Hands on DC Friends of the Justin Holman Family River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation The Tyler-Lewis Family

Executive Committee

Board of Directors

Mr. Michael S. Warsaw, Chairman Partner, Ernst & Young, LLP

Mr. Bill Begal, President Begal Enterprises, Inc.

Mr. Leo Lawless, Vice Chairman President, BCube Ltd

Mr. James Brown, Founder and President Xcalibur

Mr. Barry Lake, Treasurer President, Vinco Captial

Ms. Myra Dandridge, Vice President of Government Relations National Association of Broadcaster

Dr. Rita Kirshstein, Secretary Managing Director, American Institutes for Research

Dr. Jacqui Francis, Medical Officer Food & Drug Administration

College Bound Staff

Ms. Vanessa Jones, Assistant to Senior VP Tompkins Builders, Inc.

Mr. Kenneth Ward, Executive Director Ms. Thelma Sanga, Program Director Mr. Toronto Alsbrooks, Program Coordinator Ms. Janelle Williams, Office Manager and Executive Assistant

Mr. Eugene Kinlow, Public Affairs Director DC Vote Mr. Micheal McQuerry, Special Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer U.S. House of Representatives

Volunteer Office Staff

Mr. Kenneth E. Redd, Dir. of Research & Policy Analysis Council of Graduate Schools

Ms. M. Linden Griffith Ms. Yvonne Vines Ms. Diana Brown

Community Outreach Staff Ms. Erica Berry, Sherwood Site Coordinator Mr. Derrick Faison, Chavez Site Coordinator Ms. Joytrese George, BET Site Coordinator Mr. Amir Paul, Beacon House Site Coordinator Ms. Nicole Williams, Gonzaga Site Coordinator

Mr. Timothy Woods, Division Head of Finance Washington Gas

Consultants: The Balancing Act The Creative Bakery The Georgetown Cause Consulting Group Center for Social Impact Communication

Mr. Henry Hamburger, Math Tutor Ms. Djuana Henderson, Math Tutor MBA Howard University Math Incentive Students



Congratulations on a job well done

20 years of Success 20 years of Excellence

Lend a hand? At Ernst & Young, we’re hands on when it comes to encouraging potential. We proudly support College Bound and their mission to help Washington, DC high school students enter college, earn a degree and achieve their goals. It’s one of the ways we’re helping to make our community a better place to work and live. A brighter future starts with all of us.

Congratulations College Bound

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All good things must come to an end, except your education. Education lasts a lifetime.

Congratulations Seniors! The journey is just beginning.

Congratulations‌ on your graduation seniors!

Wishing you luck & success in all that you do!

The Westley Family Glenn, Jeanne, Jacqueline and Chris

Nahigian Family Foundation

Congratulations on 20 years of execellence

. Congratulations graduates!

Good luck seniors!

Congratulations College Bound

Congratulations graduates! Congratulates College Bound for another productive year!

Best of luck in all your endevours!

Marjorie Arrington

Congratulations on 20 years of great work! William & Mary Burgan We are proud of you. Congratulations on 20 years of great work! Dr. and Mrs. Tyler

Congratulations College Bound

Keep your eyes on the prize!

Good Luck Seniors

Supports College Bound

Congratulations College Bound and the 2011 seniors for a job well done! ~Brent Yacobucci

Best of luck to the graduating class of 2011!

Great job and good luck

class of 2011

t o ben ef i t

The mission of College bound is to prepare public school students in metropolitan D.C. to enter college, earn a degree , and achieve their personal and professional goals.

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The 11 Campaign strives to educate stakeholders about the dropout rate in D.C.

Text “CB 11� to 85944 to donate $10 to College Bound

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11 students dropping out of school daily is unacceptable.


Excellence through Education

College Bound celebrates 20 years of

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A Life of Excellence Unleashed Support College Bound’s 20th Anniversary Gala by participating in a forum with special guest panelists to discuss excellence unleashed within the world of education. Hosted by the National Visionary Leadership Project Featuring Dr. Camille Cosby

October 18, 2011 Hyatt Regency Washington on Capital Hill Gala Reception (Black Tie Optional)

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