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CYA Athens Quest: A Photo Scavenger Hunt Spring 2013

ATHENS QUEST: A PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT (Adapted from document put together by Ryan Zeigler, a student who was at CYA with a Greco-Roman Progam of the College of Saint Benedict-Saint John’s University, Minnesota.)

As an Orientation Week activity CYA organized a scavenger hunt to help students to get to know each other, the city of Athens and make contact with Athenians. The hunt was designed to whet their appetites for exploring on their own and discovering for themselves this ancient/modern city of contrasts and surprises. Here is a sampling of what they found.

Participants D TEAM Cottrell, Alexandra Downes, Zoe McComiskey, Anthony Rogers, Stephanie Rome, Jordan Wimsatt, Zebulon

G TEAM Alberty, Melinda Bird, Darcy Herzfeld, Tasha Quattrocki, Matthew Roeck, Victoria Wright, Alexander

I TEAM Agsten, Elora Cronin, Matthew Ke, Jiaochen Matton, Elise Palis, Christina Prater, Jeni

F TEAM—2ND PLACE Cline, Adrianne Gould, Megan Gunderson, Ariana Kaple, Elizabeth Prakken, Kelsey Whitaker, Marian

H TEAM Amico, Frank Gialessas, Robert Mathiesen, Sarah Oshinsky, Michael Poppen, Elise Torrence, Brittany

J TEAM—WINNERS Bensen, Katherine Burke, Brian Cugley, Caraline Hampson, Neil Krause, Stephanie Miller, Emily

lots of street musicians around

reenacting Olympic events in front of the Zappeion

National Gardens— reenacting scene of monkey biting King Alexander

gyro places and tavernas everywhere

lots of cafes

street vendors and a special pub

lots of statues to mimic

lots of street animals & the people who care for them

the Metro

Greek people

and flags

Syntagma Square

wierd stuff in the flee market

and lots and lots

graffiti everywhere