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1 oz. spruce tips, papery coverings removed 12 oz. canola or grapeseed oil (or some other neutral oil) heavy-bottomed pan 14 oz. bottle with airtight seal 1. Warm oil in a heavy-bottom pan under medium/low flame; while oil heats up, bruise spruce tips to release their flavor. 2. Add tips to oil, and keep temperature to below boiling — you don’t want your tips to burn (if you have a candy thermometer heat until 140 degrees). The oil will produce small bubbles in places. 3. Cut off flame just before oil begins to boil; allow spruce-tip oil to cool to room temperature. (The kitchen will begin to smell like an Alpine ski lodge.) 4. Bottle oil and refrigerate for one week to develop full flavor. 5. Strain plant material, if desired. Refrigerated, your spruce-tip oil can last up to two months. Enjoy as a refreshing accompaniment on poached salmon or spring salads.

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