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Students marveled at the beautiful balconies and colors incorporated in the unique French Quarter architecture.

Reflections On Day 1 The itinerary brought the collection of CUNY staff & students back to the mission for dinner. The group then met to discuss the days events. A common theme that was learned by all was how close a bond New Orleans natives feel to their home. "Coming from New York, it was different to see such a strong bond in the community," said Danielle Maresca of Brooklyn College. "It is nice to see that people are so welcoming and appreciative." "The mission is impressive," said Hunter College Athletic Academic Support Coordinator Shannon Roberts. "The staff's willingness to make this feel like home makes me appreciate staying here rather than a hotel. It lends to the experience that we are seeking in helping New Orleans and its people."

Photo by: Gloria Cavallaro April, the New Orleans Park Ranger, educates the group on the history of New Orleans as a colony and its changing topography.

Back Home For One One of the highlights of Day One was the return home for Hostos Community College volleyball player, Bavarly Guity, who lived in New Orleans with her family during Katrina. She was actually on a two-week vacation in New York City when the storm hit but was unable to move back to New Orleans for some time, forcing her to relocate to Houston and then Alabama before eventualy returning to New Orleans. She chose to leave her family in New Orleans to move to the Bronx and live with her grandmother. While she has been back home to New Orleans a few times since she moved, the last time was just over a year ago on Mother's Day of 2010. Tonight she was able to see her mother for the first time since the 2010 visit. Being back home and taking part in the days events with the Tour stirred up some emotions for the sophomore. "I am excited to be back home," said Guity "I don't know what to expect. It looks like they are rebuilding but I haven't seen my old neighborhood yet."

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