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Tara Gianoulis’s research strives to combat superbugs and improve the environment Magazine for Alumni and Friends of the College of Staten Island  SPRING 2009


Volume 1, Number 1 Spring 2009

alumni EVENTS Metropolitan Museum Tour of The Egyptian Galleries Led by Fran D’Atria Romano ‘70 March 20, 2009

Alumni Career Stimulus Event Motivational speaker Eric Barron will discuss skills and techniques for finding a job in tough economic times. Presented in collaboration with the CSI Career and Scholarship Center. April 14, 2009 A Day of Fun at Mohegan Sun Casino Bus trip departing from and returning to the CSI campus. April 18, 2009

CSI Barnes & Noble College Booksellers Golf Outing April 24, 2009 (cloud/rain date May 30)

2nd Annual Alumni Board/Faculty/College Alumni Staff Reception April 28, 2009

Nursing Reunion May 12, 2009

Commencement May 28, 2009

Observatory Night with Prof. Irving Robbins May 29, 2009 • (cloud/rain date May 30)

Annual Meeting, CSI Alumni Association June 15, 2009

Annual CSI Alumni Night at the Richmond County Bank Ballpark June 20, 2009

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12 A CSI Grad Goes to Yale (and soon Harvard) Tara Gianoulis’s research strives to combat superbugs and improve the environment ON THE COVER: Acinetobacter baumannii, a multidrug-resistant superbug that targets people with weak immune systems, most notably wounded veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

20 25 Years MALS Program celebrates Silver Anniversary

16 Caring for Staten Island’s Pets A CSI biology graduate’s vet practice serves the Island’s dogs and cats

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Meets Traditional North American Rehabilitation

Joining Rothman were Judi Laprade, PT PhD, Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto and Bill Holcomb, PhD, ATC, Associate Professor in the Sports Injury Research Center at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. Rothman reported that before he arrived the Chinese “had a high incidence of injuries and a number of the athletes were suffering what they call ‘Overuse Syndrome’—they were basically pushing themselves for the Olympics and suffering injuries. I’d done some work in this area and knew indirectly some of the people who were trained in the United States, went to China, and were helping the Chinese athletes.”

CSI STUDENT Interns for NY Congressman


and interests of Chinese team doctors (a group of 40 professionals, including chiropractors, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, and an emergency room physician who train the athletes to prevent injuries).The goal of the workshop was to provide the team doctors with practical and clinical information on using North American traditional rehabilitation techniques to prevent and treat sports injuries. The Chinese team doctors employ traditional Chinese medicine, which includes the use of herbs, acupressure, acupuncture, and manipulation for the management of sports injuries. Workshop topics included Immediate Management of Common Athletic Injuries, Evaluation of Athletic Injuries to the Upper and Lower Extremities, Sports Taping, Strengthening through Manual Therapy, Prevention of Injuries to the Spine, and Programming Techniques to Prevent Overtraining and Underrecovery.

While in China, Rothman and his colleagues organized presentations to meet the needs

Reflecting on his experiences, Rothman said that one of the best aspects of the visit for him

College of Staten Island Junior Matthew Signorile served as an intern for U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) last summer. Signorile was selected for the internship through The City University of New York (CUNY)-sponsored Edward T. Rogowsky Internship Program in Government & Public Affairs. The program’s mission, according

to CUNY,“is to provide ‘education for the public service’ by bridging the gap between academic study and the practical world of government and public affairs.” Signorile, who is double-majoring in English and Philosophy/Political Science with the Macaulay Honors College, says that he “was encouraged by genuine curiosity. I'm obsessed with how


n an effort to decrease the number of sidelined athletes on their national team, prior to the games, the Chinese Olympic Committee invited Jeffrey Rothman, PT, EdD, Chair of the Department of Physical Therapy at the College of Staten Island and co-director of the Clinical Doctorate Physical Therapy Program in the Health Sciences Doctoral Programs at the CUNY Graduate Center, to China to co-present a “Workshop for National Team Doctors.”



was “the informal exchange of information and sharing ideas. [The Chinese] also have a lot to offer. It was a nice blending of traditional Chinese medicine with North American medicine… In terms of physical therapy,” Rothman continued,“I think what we picked up was the fact that their acupuncture and the types of medicine that they provide are definitely something that people in North America should be able to learn from. I think in terms of physical therapy, there is a lot going on at that end and I think that we should learn more about it…” Rothman also stressed that the Chinese were both gracious and grateful for the information that he and his colleagues imparted. Rothman says that he has already shared some of what he has learned in China with his students back at CSI and that the China/U.S. dialogue will continue after the Olympics with exchanges of faculty, students, and research.“I’m looking forward to that,” said Rothman.“It wasn’t just the one trip; it will lead to other things.”

things tick, and the inner workings of the legislative branch appealed to me.” Once he graduates from CSI, Signorile plans “to eventually drift into politics, but I want to start out as a lawyer in the public realm.This way, I can bring in some real-life experience into politics and avoid becoming a career politician.” 5

CSI faculty receive $1.7M for



Dr. Maria Knikou received $1,443,000 for her research entitled “Mechanisms Underlying Locomotor Recovery after Step Training in SCI.” The main objective of this research project is to identify through non-invasive electrophysiological techniques the neural mechanisms underlying locomotor recovery in individuals with a spinal cord injury after repetitive step training. This project will promote the establishment of successful rehabilitation strategies for people with an SCI, based on neurophysiological data. Dr. Zaghloul Ahmed received $309,600 for his research regarding the effects of combined magnetic stimulation and acrobatic exercises on an animal model of spinal cord injury. It is hoped that this research may lead to improved care in humans, as spinal cord injuries are devastating and their effects are far-reaching for individuals and their families. Commenting on the grants, Professor Jeffrey Rothman, PT, EdD, Chair of the Department of Physical Therapy at the College of Staten Island and co-director of the Clinical Doctorate Physical Therapy Program in the Health Sciences Doctoral Programs at the CUNY Graduate Center, says,“These grants recognize the excellent quality of the College, the program, its faculty, and students.The two faculty who have received this support are outstanding researchers with the primary goal to improve the lives of those with an injury to the spinal cord. “The Department of Physical Therapy at the College of Staten Island/Graduate Center of CUNY,” Rothman adds,“provides an invaluable service to the community by providing much-needed physical therapists who provide important rehabilitation services for our aging population, developmentally disabled, and the physically challenged throughout the lifespan.”

The students who are enrolled in the Macaulay Honors College seminar “Science and Technology in New York” had some special visitors recently.As they attended class in Manhattan, New York Times reporter Marc Santora and photographer Ruby Washington observed their class and followed them on a side trip to the American Museum of Natural History. Santora subsequently published an article in The Times on the Macaulay Honors College and its mission. The seminar’s instructor, Charles Liu, who is an Assistant Professor of Engineering Science and Physics, and no stranger to media coverage, notes that “I welcome the opportunity to share what we have going on in the classroom, in the learning environment, in the things that we’re trying to do to bring knowledge to people.” Liu explains that the idea of the course is to help the students learn the difference between scientific knowledge and nonscientific knowledge, and learn how to obtain, conduct, process, and understand scientific knowledge and its applications.” Although the seminar’s focus is on science, Liu adds that “it doesn’t take away from the importance of nonscientific knowledge... So what the seminar does is to help these students—there are about 20 of them in a section—to understand what science is and what technology is, to know the difference between science and nonscientific knowledge, and to be able to do that science.” As far as the curriculum is concerned, Liu notes that “we look first at scientists who have written books for nonscientists,

so you can see what they’re trying to convey and how they try to convey it.Then we look at scientific journal articles, at scientific research…so they can see how the professionals do it, how scientists conduct it on the professional level, and then all through this time, the students are setting up their own scientific research projects.They conduct them, so at the end of the semester, they produce original scientific knowledge following a well-understood scientific research paradigm and then they present it at a symposium at the end of the semester.” One of the most significant aspects of “Seminar 3” is its cross-campus aspect, says Liu, as students from all seven CUNY senior Honors College campuses take part.“The combination of the subject matter and the opportunity to interact academically with other CUNY Honors College students from other campuses is what makes this particular section especially interesting.The students, when they finish at the end of every semester, invariably consider the opportunity to interact with students from other campuses one of the most significant and rewarding parts of the course.” The Macaulay Honors College at CSI is home to a select group of University Scholars,who are highly motivated students enrolled in a special Honors curriculum of innovative and challenging courses. Macaulay Honors College classes of 20 or fewer students feature field trips as well as independent and collaborative research, and other creative activities, which students may present at undergraduate research conferences. In recent years Macaulay Honors College classes have visited such destinations as West Point, the National Museum of the American Indian, and the Tibetan Museum.

rank Burbrink,Associate Professor of Biology at the College of Staten Island, has received the 2008 Joseph B. Slowinski Award for Excellence in Snake Systematics from the Center for North American Herpetology for the research paper “How and When Did Old World Rat Snakes Disperse into the New World?” published in Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, which he coauthored with Dr. Robin Lawson (California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco).


“I am very honored to be given this award…particularly since Joe Slowinski was my mentor. Our paper is one of the first that combines molecular phylogenetics with intense mathematical methods of divergence dating and ancestral area estimation to demonstrate the timing and the path for the invasion of the North American continent by snakes from the Old World nearly 26 million years ago.This research is the tip of the iceberg in my lab and, along with my graduate students,

CSI Professor Receives Prestigious Award for Research in

SNAKE SYSTEMATICS we are demonstrating similar temporal patterns for most groups of snakes.These invasions ultimately account for 95% of the living species of serpents in North and South America…including all venomous taxa.” Burbrink, who is the senior author of the paper, is the sixth recipient of the Slowinski Award, which includes a $500 check.

The Center for North American Herpetology inaugurated the award in 2002 in honor of Joseph Bruno Slowinski, the curator of amphibians, turtles, reptiles, and crocodilians at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco who died on September 12, 2001 at the age of 39 in the jungles of Myanmar after receiving a bite from a venomous snake. Burbrink named a new species of snake


Gail Simmons, Dean of Science and Technology at the College of Staten Island, comments,“Frank Burbrink is one of our most outstanding researchers at CSI, and we are very proud of the national and international reputation he has established, of which this award is just one example.As a leader at CSI, in CUNY, and nationally for his work on the evolutionary relationships of reptiles and amphibians, Frank is also a great teacher, having mentored many students at all levels.”


campus AROUND


he NewYork State Department of Health,Wadsworth Center Spinal Cord Injury Research Board (CART Research Grant) has awarded faculty members in the College of Staten Island's Physical Therapy Department major support for their innovative research.


that he discovered after Slowinski—Slowinski’s Corn Snake.

New York Times Staffers Visit

Burbrink has recently received national recognition for research that he conducted with two of his graduate students,Alex Pyron and Tim Guiher, regarding the expansion of Burmese pythons outside of their current introduced location in south Florida.The pythons are major predators and have the potential of wreaking havoc on the Florida ecosystem. Other researchers have predicted that these snakes will migrate to other parts of the U.S. Burbrink’s lab employed a unique computational approach to the study, which examined more inclusive climate data, and concluded that it is unlikely that the snakes will expand outside of their current Florida habitat. This research is published in the online journal PLoS ONE.

Dr. Morales Inaugurates a New Era at his FIRST CONVOCATION Describing CSI as “an institution on the brink of a new and exciting era in its history,” CSI President Tomás Morales began his first Convocation speech to a near-capacity audience in the Center for the Arts Williamson Theatre. Dr. Morales noted that the “past year has been exciting: more courses, new faculty, new professional positions, outstanding students, improved transportation,record public funding for capital projects, and innovative advertising

campaigns.” However, he also stressed that his vision for the future is founded on the College’s people— “Outstanding faculty, an outstanding student body, and an outstanding staff. In short, it is based on you, our people. You are second to none.You are world class, right here.” Dr. Morales further spotlighted the College’s faculty and the great contributions that they are making to the quality of scholarship at CSI and the record enrollment on campus, including a burgeoning class in the CUNY Macaulay Honors College.“Our outstanding faculty is attracting other great scholars.This year alone, we have hired 27 new faculty— men and women who will carry on the

extraordinary work of opening young minds and expanding the world’s knowledge.” Looking toward the future, Dr. Morales discussed the College’s Strategic Plan for the next five years, underscoring his commitment to academics in the face of tough economic times, saying that “I pledge to do all that I can to hold harmless our academic programs and initiatives.” In addition, CSI will move forward with infrastructure and transportation improvements, its new residence halls, and strengthened initiatives to increase student retention and graduation rates. The Convocation concluded with a ceremony that recognized CSI faculty and staff who have 25 and 30 years of service to the College. 7

The Economics of Counterfeit Trade Governments, Consumers, Pirates and Intellectual Property Rights

CSI Professor Co-Authors Book on

THE ECONOMICS OF COUNTERFEITING rom videos to pharmaceuticals, counterfeit products flood the U.S. market annually. Alan Zimmerman, Professor of Business at the College of Staten Island, and his co-author Peggy Chaudhry, Professor of Business at Villanova University, have recently completed a book, The Economics of Counterfeit Trade: Governments, Consumers, Pirates and Intellectual Property Rights, (scheduled for February 2009 release from Springer Publishing), that examines the problem of counterfeiting,but goes further in offering international business managers effective tools to combat the problem.


In discussing his research for the book,Zimmerman recalls,“I started out by surveying all the research that has been done by various people who wrote in many journals saying,‘Here’s what you can do.You can do this or this.’ Nobody ever asked the people who are actually facing this problem ‘What works?’ So what I did was make a comprehensive table with all the recommendations that people gave in their writings over the last 20 years and then we tested it with managers. We found that some of the strategies that were recommended just do not work at all and managers do not use several of these tactics. For instance, going after consumers, generally speaking, was not seen as very productive at all. In other words, telling consumers that it is a bad idea to buy counterfeit products can be a waste of time.” 8


Peggy Chaudhry Alan Zimmerman

Multicultural workplace


Springer Publishing reports that so far, Zimmerman and Chaudhry “have received overwhelming support from the Motion Picture Association, RIAA [the Recording Industry Association of America], and the Business Software Association.”

ravel to and from CSI is a lot easier this semester thanks to a free nonstop shuttle bus service between the campus and the Staten Island ferry terminal in St. George. Riders will simply need a valid CSI or CUNY ID to take advantage of this convenient new service.


When classes are in session, the first shuttle to the CSI campus will leave the ferry terminal at 7:05am each weekday morning to the CSI campus and then depart every half-hour. At the ferry terminal, passengers can access the shuttle bus at the Upper

According to a press release from Springer Publishing, the book informs readers that “70% of all seized counterfeit products in the U.S. are from China; China is by far the problem country for piracy; the global counterfeit market is not only seeing [the] use of traditionally pirated goods such as fake Gucci and Prada, but also counterfeit pharmaceutical products...[such as fake] Viagra.” Zimmerman adds that an entire chapter of the book is dedicated to presenting methods to stem the tide of counterfeiting. Other chapters identify the sources of counterfeit products,the consumer support for these products, approaches to dissuading consumers from buying counterfeit goods, the Internet's role in selling fake products, and governmental and industry-led approaches to the problem.

FERRY SHUTTLE MAKES IT EASIER TO GET TO AND FROM CSI South Lobby Passenger Pickup.To reach this location, take the stairs or elevator opposite Ramp A. The last shuttle from the ferry to CSI will leave at 10:35pm. The first shuttle to the ferry will leave the CSI campus from the Great Lawn side of the Center for the Arts at 7:35am each weekday morning.The last shuttle will depart from the CSI campus to the ferry terminal at 11:05pm. When the College is open,but classes are not in session, buses will run once every hour, departing the ferry at :05 and CSI at :35.

CSI’S ACCOUNTING PROGRAM Gears Up for Changing Requirements CSI offers Nursing Certificate in Cultural Competence, first in the nation In an effort to address the critical need for cultural competence in the health care profession, the College of Staten Island’s Department of Nursing launched a newAdvanced Certificate in Cultural Competence program last fall, the first certificate program of its kind in the nation. The program is the brainchild of Marianne Jeffreys, Professor of Nursing at CSI, who points out the importance of being culturally competent in the health care field.“We have an increasingly diverse population.With increased globalization and immigration throughout the world, people are moving more rapidly and cultures are changing. Nurses and health care professionals are also becoming much more diverse, so we really need to do this to enhance health care outcomes.” “I applaud and fully endorse CSI's Advanced Certificate in Cultural Competence.This program has it all: culturally specific action plans across diverse practice settings for educators, practitioners, managers, and researchers,” said Larry Purnell, a nursing professor with the University of Delaware.“Graduates of [CSI’s] program will have readily available knowledge and skill that will enhance their cultural competence as well as the skills necessary to conduct culturally competent education and research and work more effectively with culturally diverse staff.” The Website notes that to be “culturally competent the nurse needs to understand his/her own world views and those of the patient, while avoiding stereotyping and misapplication of scientific knowledge. Cultural competence is obtaining cultural information and then applying that knowledge.” For more information on the program call 718.982.3823.

The Accounting program at the College of Staten Island has received approval from New York State for its 150 Program, in an effort to keep abreast of changing requirements for Accounting majors to sit for the New York State Certified Public Accountant examination. Beginning in August 2009, future accountants will need 150 credit hours to sit for the state exam; at present, the requirement is 120 hours. In response, CSI has unveiled the 150 Program, which gives budding accountants 120 credit hours at the undergraduate level and adds the additional 30, through the College’s Master’s of Science in Business Management program, that will be required next summer. John Sandler, Assistant Professor of Business at CSI, says that the changes “offer students an enhanced program. The program was expanded, more courses were added in order to meet the guidelines that New York State set, so

they’ll be better prepared for the accounting world. Even students who don’t go on to complete the 150, students who are just getting an accounting degree for 120 credits, can get a much more substantial education.” As a result, Sandler continues, “we’ll be able to get more people out there who are better prepared in the workforce. If we didn’t have this program, obviously, students would have to go elsewhere. Now they can stay on Staten Island and fulfill all the requirements that they need.” Sandler adds that CSI’s current Accounting program meets the 120-credit-hour requirement for students to sit for the state CPA exam.


campus AROUND

Many authors have proposed actions to combat counterfeiting. Chaudhry and Zimmerman are the first to take a global look at the intellectualproperty environment using a research-based approach. This book also gives international business managers practical, tested tools they can use to combat piracy. These recommendations are based on the successful experience of managers wrestling with these problems every day. The book is based on solid research but written in an accessible style.

 The Economics of Counterfeit

Walk down any main street in Shanghai, Paris or New York and you will see evidence of the counterfeit goods trade. Everyone has seen or heard of fake Prada bags or Omega watches. But how large is the counterfeit market? It appears that the same numbers have been quoted repeatedly in sources ranging from serious academic journals to the BBC to the Sydney Morning Herald. This is the first book to fully examine the measurement of the counterfeit market.

Chaudhry · Zimmerman

P. Chaudhry · A. Zimmerman The Economics of Counterfeit Trade

The shuttle is the result of a very successful pilot program last March. During the test period, some students reported that the shuttle service cut as much as 30 minutes each way. Besides, offering a convenient alternative to driving to the campus, the shuttle will also improve the traffic and air quality situations on the Island, as fewer cars will be on the Borough’s congested roads. For more information, call 718.982.3220 or visit

CSI International Business Program Offers a

WORLD OF OPPORTUNITIES Jessica Serrano, a recent graduate of the College of Staten Island’s International Business program, is working on her master’s degree. However, unlike a lot of graduate students in the U.S., who move on to another college in this country, Jessica is out seeing the world.As a result of the experience that she gained in the CSI International Business program, she has been accepted into an International Business Practice program that is giving her the opportunity to study for her MBA in London and Bangkok.The program was developed by the Mountbatten Institute, in conjunction with American National College, School of Business Administration (AIC) in Springfeld, MA. Discussing CSI’s International Business program, program chairperson Alan Zimmerman says,“It’s the only undergraduate international business major in CUNY. There aren’t any others; they’re all graduate. We have about 60 majors now. Most of our students have double majors—they’re majoring in International Business and Finance or International Business and Marketing, and a few of them are double majors in Accounting.” Zimmerman adds that the program also gives business students a unique edge in today’s competitive marketplace,“It’s a good idea for students to have double majors because their initial job may not be that much different from somebody else’s. For instance, it might be in marketing or in finance or it might be in accounting. But that International Business degree and all the other experiences that go with it put them a notch over just a Marketing major or just a Finance major.” At present, the program offers internship opportunities for students to get them out in the real business world before they graduate. Zimmerman says that many International Business students participate in the College’s program in China, and he notes that there are also student exchange opportunities in Ireland (Dublin Institute of Technology) and France (IPAG). 9

CSI’s Center for Developmental Neuroscience and Developmental Disabilities (CDNDD) received $45,000 to establish training fellowships for undergraduate students to become acquainted with the profession of Physician Assistant (PA), specializing in treating individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities, while the College’s Center for the Arts received $25,000 to further develop and expand its presentation series, and the Office of Continuing Education received $5,000 for curriculum design of an ESL bridge-tovocational-training program. In an effort to expand outreach commitment to the needs of

Students applying for fellowships under this program will be drawn from broad and diverse backgrounds, and will take part in the training as part of a paid summer internship under the direction of Robert L. Freedland, PhD, director of the CDNDD and Jeffrey Rothman, EdD, PT, Chair of the Department of Physical Therapy at the College of Staten Island and co-director of the Clinical Doctorate Physical Therapy Program in the Health Sciences Doctoral Programs at the CUNY Graduate Center.

“I am also exceptionally proud of our faculty members for coordinating this initiative, and for taking on these added responsibilities without compensation,” Morales added, noting that the project would not

“We salute the faculty of the College of Staten Island as they continue to provide students with exceptional educational and career opportunities for success.The Staten Island community will benefit from these initiatives and the Richmond County Savings Foundation is honored to fund on the College’s behalf,” said Cesar Claro,Executive Director of the Richmond County Savings Foundation. The initiative will also facilitate conferences and videoconferencebased colloquium series across multiple sites.Access by educational programs and clinics throughout the state would meet through this facility, providing additional opportunities to spread this initiative to a larger community. For more information contact CDNDD at 718.982.3950.

Current Exhibit


Clear Lights and Shining Ruins: Nineteenth-Century Photographers of Athens February 18 to March 21, 2009.

The CSI Gallery presented 17th-century Dutch mezzotint prints from the collections of The National Gallery of Art in Washington and The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The exhibit was on view from September 24 to November 1, 2008.

Gallery Hours: Monday to Thursday from noon to 4:00pm and Saturday noon to 3:00pm For further informaton call 718.982.2553.










CREATING TOMORROW’S LEADERS through CSI’s Exchange Ambassadors Program ast fall semester, the College of Staten Island has launched a new international program —Exchange Ambassadors, where CSI students attend classes at institutions of higher learning abroad and students from those same institutions come to CSI and take courses here. Participating students pay tuition fees that they would normally pay at their home institutions, thereby reducing the cost of studying abroad.


Last fall five students from abroad participated in the program. Ann Helm, Director of the College’s Center for International Service, which oversees the program, explains,“We’ve sent a lot of students on study abroad programs at international partner institutions in other parts of the world but we haven’t had a reciprocal exchange program and that’s what this is.Whereas we have international students coming to us for degrees, the exchange students actually come as representatives of their institutions and these

institutions are our partners around the world.” According to Helm, the Exchange Ambassadors engage the CSI and Staten Island communities “in a very deliberate way.Their Exchange Ambassador time is only one semester or one year, so we want to take advantage of their presence to really help them meet as many people as possible, represent their institution and their culture in as many ways as possible, so that everyone gains.” Students who are visiting CSI will represent their home institutions by “giving ‘World on Wednesday’ presentations, participating in all forms of student activities, representing the Exchange Ambassadors program to local civic organizations, and being invited to special gatherings in the community.” In addition, these Ambassadors serve as representatives of both their home institutions and CSI. “They go back as ambassadors from CSI and spread the word about what CSI has to offer and the opportunities available here

among their fellow students. While they are here, they represent their own institution and the exchange program. If it works the way it’s designed, then we have a constant flow of students back and forth between two institutions—CSI and another institution—and we strengthen our relationship with that institution and our opportunity to do all sorts of collaborative projects. This is an exchange of people, but it’s also linked to an academic program... and each Ambassador has an advisor in that academic department.That person also arranges for the student to meet with people, perhaps in class presentations, and that person serves as a mentor while the student is here,” according to Helm.Another aspect of the academic connection is an exchange of faculty, as well as students. As for the selection process, Helm says that “these students are chosen for their ability to represent, so it is a selective program.As the program becomes better known it will











uta ine Bo


on ae

become more competitive.” At present, the Exchange Ambassadors program is working with a select number of institutions, but Helm expects that number to grow.For example, Jonathan Peters, Associate Professor of Finance at CSI, has concluded an exchange agreement with the University of Canberra in Australia, announcing the news at two student seminars. Peters has already visited Canberra in a faculty exchange, and Cameron Gordon, a member of the University of Canberra’s faculty, will join CSI’s faculty in spring 2009 as the College’s first Senator John J. Marchi Visiting Scholar in Public Affairs. In addition, this year the student exchange will be initiated with two CSI students exchanging with two Australian students. For more information about CSI’s Exchange Ambassador program and study abroad opportunities, contact Deborah Stengle, Study Abroad Advisor, at the Center for International Service 718.982.2100.


Gallery EXHIBITS Seventeenth Century



“CSI is proud of its outreach and commitment to the needs of people with developmental disabilities, their families, and their communities,” said CSI President Tomás Morales.“This initiative will allow us to establish new training fellowships and community partnerships, and our students will gain an appreciation and sensitivity to the needs of this underserved community while stimulating a strong desire to incorporate a sense of service in their future professional careers.

have been possible without critical funding from the Richmond County Savings Foundation.


Selection into the program will be based on commitment to additional field training rotations with select service providers while in school.



people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and their families and their communities, CDNDD will collaborate with its long-time partner and neighbor, the Institute for Basic Research (IBR).The long-term goal of the CSI program is to establish statewide community partnerships with government and non-profit service providers to assist students in pursuing this career path.


he College of Staten Island (CSI) has received a $75,000 grant from the Richmond County Savings Foundation to establish a new community service learning partnership and revitalize other core services fundamental to the College’s mission.


campus AROUND


Myra Hauben,Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the College of Staten Island, has received the 70th Oscar Foster Award from the Chemistry Teachers Club of New York. Hauben was honored, according to the Club,“in recognition of sterling character, intellectual integrity, devotion to the Club, and long and faithful service as a teacher of chemistry.” Hauben, who could not be reached for comment, has made sustained contributions to teaching and learning at the College since 1967. She was also the recipient of CSI’s Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching for 2005-2006. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Hunter College and her Master of Science from Purdue University.

Switzerland Celebrates

LUNNEY DAY Dr. Margaret Lunney ‘73, Professor in the Nursing Department of the College of Staten Island, presented a synthesis of her research program last October in Basel, Switzerland. She was the keynote speaker at a national conference referred to as “The Lunney Day.”The conference attracted 100 nurse leaders from all areas of Switzerland, and from The Netherlands and Sweden.The topic was “Evidence-based Nursing and Diagnostic Accuracy in Electronic Health Records.” In this program, Professor Lunney reviewed the research evidence that supports the proposition: accuracy of diagnosing human responses is a complex and challenging endeavor that must be addressed by nurse leaders in order to achieve high-quality care.


ACSI Grad Goes to Yale (AND SOON, HARVARD)

Tara Gianoulis’s research strives to combat superbugs and improve the environment

ara Gianoulis has been very busy since she graduated magna cum laude in June 2003 from CSI with a BS in Bioinformatics, serving also as student speaker at Commencement.Since then,she has pursued her PhD in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.As a student in the laboratory of Mark Gerstein and Michael Snyder atYale University, she just recently defended her dissertation successfully.

T Tara Gianoulis ‘03, as she collects ulmo tree wood samples in Patagonia in the hope of finding Gliocladium roseum, a fungus that produces diesel fuel. 12

Those achievements are impressive, but the research that

she has conducted while at Yale is another reason for Dr.Gianoulis to be proud. She and colleagues in the Snyder and Gerstein lab have sequenced the pathogen Acinetobacter baumannii, a multidrug-resistant superbug that targets people with weak immune systems, most notably wounded veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and people in hospitals; her dissertation sought to identify how microbes adapt to changes in their environment, which could be potentially used as biosensors. She is currently studying a fungus called Gliocladium roseum, in the lab of Scott Strobel, that has the remarkable ability to produce jet fuel from plant matter. It All Began at CSI Dr. Gianoulis reports that she discovered her interest in bioinformatics, thanks to the urging of the former Chairperson of Bioinformatics at CSI, Dr. Richard Davis (now at the University of Colorado).“When I first got to CSI, I knew that I liked research,but I wasn’t entirely sure what program would be the best

fit for me,” Dr. Gianoulis recalls. “Bioinformatics was a relatively new field that fuses molecular biology with computer science, and Richard Davis strongly suggested that I try it. I quickly found that I loved computer science, and as a research student in Dr. Frank Burbrink’s lab studying snake evolution I was able to see first-hand just how powerful the combination of training in two fields could be.” Taking on a Superbug Once at Yale, Dr. Gianoulis began research on A.baumannii, using computational biology.What is computational biology? Dr. Gianoulis explains,“In its most basic form,computational biology uses computers to answer questions in biology.” In the case of DNA sequencing, which was key to her research, Dr. Gianoulis notes that all DNA is comprised of“a four-letter code,ATCG, but the arrangement of these letters provides the instructions underlying…all of life. What does this mean though? Although somewhat simplified, what color your hair is, how tall you are, etc.,

are determined by your particular arrangement of all these ATCGs, almost one billion of them for humans.” The trick, though, is to find particular sequences that might demonstrate that a person has a predisposition to a particular disease or height, and in order to identify these sequences, you can employ something called machine learning. In machine learning, Dr. Gianoulis programs (or teaches) a computer to identify particular characteristics of something of interest. In this case, to look for portions of baumannii that might be involved in making people sick. This pathogen is common in hospital settings, attacking patients with compromised immune systems, and causing a number of life-threatening conditions, such as pneumonia, respiratory infections, meningitis, and more. In addition, A. baumannii has been a significant problem for injured veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Based on her predictions of which regions are pathogenic, other researchers 13

From A. baumannii to Gliocladium roseum Thanks to her research on A. baumannii, Dr.Gianoulis became involved in an investigation of Gliocladium roseum, a fungus found in the Patagonian rainforests that produces jet fuel. After giving a lecture on her work on A.baumannii, colleagues in Scott Strobel’s lab

were adapting to those different environmental conditions.“We identified a number of capabilities that varied, like portions of the cell that transport stuff from the environment and how the microbes make energy. These types of correlations could be used to detect environmental perturbations like pesticide usage, and potentially be used as biosensors. Such biosensors could serve as the modern equivalent to the canary in the coal mine.” What is most interesting to Dr. Gianoulis is the feedback between how microbes adapt to the environment and how microbes change their environment. “When most people think of microbes, they think of germs that make you

On to Harvard The next stop for Dr. Gianoulis will be Harvard University, where she will conduct postgraduate research under George Church (Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and Director of the Center for Computational Genetics laboratory).As for her future work, she says that “I really love computational biology. In the Church lab, I want to extend my work in metagenomics more specifically for bioremediation and bioenergy. Once you know a system well enough, the real power of these kinds of technologies is that you can start to reengineer them. Ultimately, I want to use this knowledge to create synthetic

CSI Alumni Association Awards SCHOLARSHIP TO MI XU he CSI Alumni Association has awarded its $2,000 Endowment Fund Scholarship to junior Accounting major, Mi Xu.Thanks to the scholarship, Xu will receive $1,000 per semester for the 2008-2009 academic year.


“When I heard I received the scholarship I was so excited and proud of myself,” Xu says. “The Alumni Endowment has helped me save money for my studies because I do not have a job at this time. I now have less stress having to think about the tuition. If I did not have the scholarship I would have to find a part-time job. I would be afraid that my GPA would be lower because of less time to study.” Xu came to the U.S. seven years ago with a dream to receive a

When I first got to CSI, I knew that I liked research, but I wasn’t entirely sure what program would be the best fit for me.

better education. Her English was not very good so she decided to work on communications skills first. She attended the Queens Library ESL Program to study English writing and speaking. In addition she attended the Queensborough Community College Literacy Program. She received the perfect attendance award and describes her English as much improved since then.

and for the relatively small class size.She passed theTOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and was accepted at CSI. Xu has chosen Accounting as her major; she sees it as the foundation of the business field. In today’s world, Xu views China as having a greater economic connection with the U.S. Her goal is to use her accounting knowledge and her language skills in English and Chinese to help her succeed in a career in International Business/Accounting. Xu hopes to attend graduate school to further her ambitions.

Two years ago, Xu applied to CSI, after attending an Open House, to achieve her dream. Xu chose CSI for its suburban setting and college environment – she finds CSI a quiet and a positive place to study, away from the stresses of urban life. She was also drawn to CSI because it attracts many international students like herself


Speaking of the Environment… Dr. Gianoulis’s ongoing research on Gliocladium roseum isn’t the only environmentally significant work that she’s done. Her dissertation, which she successfully defended this January, also seeks to help the planet.“My main thesis is on a newer field called metagenomics,” Dr. Gianoulis explains.“With baumannii, I had one microbe that I was interested in and then I learned as much as I possibly could, just about that one particular microbe. In metagenomics, instead of just picking one, I’m interested in a particular environment, like a bucket of water or a shovel of soil, because what’s really neat about microbes



can now attempt to manipulate the pathogen’s DNA to better understand how it functions,why it so drug resistant, and maybe even to help design more effective drugs.This research was so groundbreaking that NOVA Science Now on PBS spotlighted Dr. Gianoulis and her fellow researchers.

9/11 ALUMNI CEREMONY Hall of Fame Induction

asked her to work on the sequence of the fungus to determine which enzymes are responsible for producing the diesel fuel. She even had the opportunity to go to South America to conduct field research on the fungus that is found in the ulmo trees that are native to the region. Although still years away, once researchers find the answer to how the fungus produces diesel fuel and how to make them do this more efficiently, they will be on track to producing a renewable fuel that will lessen the world’s dependence on carbon-based fossil fuels.


is that they tend to work in communities instead of just working alone. So what I wanted to do was to see how the conditions of the environment affected what the microbes did [based on DNA sequence data].” In a previous study called the Global Ocean Survey, Dr. Craig Venter traveled to 40 different places in the ocean and at each spot collected both DNA sequence of the microbial community and environmental variables of the ocean, like temperature, etc. Based on this study, Dr. Gianoulis developed sophisticated and complex mathematical models to investigate how the microbes

sick, but they also play many important roles. Oceanic microbes are responsible for a staggering 80% of the ocean’s biomass and all kinds of tasks including breaking down dead things and returning those nutrients to the environment, regulation of climate and energy balance, etc.Without microbes in the oceans, life couldn’t exist.” Humans have an enormous impact on these environments, and Dr. Gianoulis wants to continue to develop new methods to identify these signatures by looking at the function of microbial communities.

‘metagenomes’ that can do something specific like remove heavy metals from soils, etc.” Dr. Gianoulis isn't the only member of her family with a distinguished history at CSI. Both her mother Gloria ‘90 and ‘92 and sister Ashley Fotinatos ‘04 and ‘07 received their Bachelor's and Master's degrees in English from the College. Since 1991, Gloria has been an Adjunct Lecturer in the English department at CSI, and following in her footsteps, Ashley splits her time between teaching English at Staten Island's Monsignor Farrell High School and as Adjunct Lecturer of English at CSI.

Twenty-seven alumni who perished on September 11, 2001 were inducted into the CSI Alumni Association Hall of Fame on September 10, 2008.These individuals join over 100 CSI graduates in the Hall of Fame whose first induction was in 1983. During the ceremony, held at our campus World Trade Center Memorial, a granite memorial was unveiled with the names and class years of the honorees.The monument was graciously created and donated by Robert F. Flood, Jr., president of Staten Island Monuments, Inc. To commemorate their induction, family members were presented with a crystal award. Joseph Agnello Laura Angilletta Jane E. Baeszler Paul V. Barbaro Greg Buck Kenneth J. Cubas Beverly LaVerne Curry Scott Matthew Davidson John DiFato Lisa DiFato Cannava Donald Joseph DiFranco Carole Beth Eggert John Rudolph Fischer Thomas P. Hannafin

1990 2001 1981 1988 1995 1975 1999 1991 1984 1993 1979 1990 1978 1990

Lee C. Ludwig Richard Miuccio Troy E. Nilsen Brian Nunez William S. O’Keefe Mark James Petrocelli Edward F. Pullis Michael T. Quilty John F. Rizzo Lisa L. Spina – Trerotola Larry Sumaya Darryl Anthony Taylor Jeffrey P. Walz

1972 1978 1994 1999 1976 1995 1992 1979 1977 1985 1981 1981 1986




CARING FOR STATEN ISLAND’S PETS A CSI Biology Graduate’s Vet Practice Serves the Island’s Dogs and Cats asquale Meleleo’s journey to becoming a veterinarian has been long and interesting. After attending veterinary school in Ithaca, NY, Dr. Meleleo is back in the borough treating the community’s dogs and cats at Staten Island’s Bay Street Animal Hospital.


Dr. Meleleo came to Staten Island from Rome, Italy when he was seven. He graduated from St. Joseph by-the-Sea High School and then enlisted in the U.S. Navy where he served as an electrical operator on a nuclear-powered submarine. After his military service, Dr. Meleleo enrolled at Wagner College as a Biology major with, as he recalls,“no goals in mind at that point. I knew that I liked biology and I was pursuing a degree in the subject.” After about three semesters at Wagner, Dr. Meleleo still didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do with a degree in biology. He decided to leave Wagner, work full-time, and attend CSI part-time. It was here that he discovered that he wanted to become a veterinarian.“I continued going to school and knew that I was interested in biology and in medicine, per se, but not in human medicine.When I explored my options a little further, I began thinking about veterinary medicine and started volunteering at Bay Street Animal Hospital. At that point, I was hooked; I went back to school full-time to finish up my degree and applied to veterinary schools.” In order to gain entry into the top veterinary schools, Dr. Meleleo added to his stellar academic record well-rounded experience by interning at the Staten Island Zoo and the Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center. Beyond the discovery of his love of veterinary medicine, Dr. Meleleo also found CSI to be a different experience from that of his previous college. After receiving straight As at Wagner and not feeling very challenged, he says that “when I [arrived at CSI], I quickly realized that it would take much more effort to maintain a competitive GPA. I think that the challenging level of work that was expected of me at CSI really prepared me for veterinary school, which says a great deal for the caliber of education 16

provided at CSI. The only measurable difference between my classmates and me at Cornell was the amount of undergraduate debt we had accumulated.” Dr. Meleleo graduated from CSI magna cum laude in 2004 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. He was accepted to every veterinary school to which he had applied and chose to attend Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, where he earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, and was selected to receive the James Gordon Bennett Prize for his careful, humane use of anesthesia to relieve pain in animal patients. Once he graduated from Cornell University, Dr. Meleleo visited a number of practices in and around Staten Island, always knowing that he had an invitation to come back to Bay Street Animal Hospital. In his own words,“The more I looked around, the more I wanted to return to Bay Street, not only for the great caring staff, but for the high level of quality medicine that is practiced there.” He is currently an Associate Veterinarian, part of a five-doctor team at the state-of-the-art facility in Rosebank that treats Staten Island’s pets. What does Dr. Meleleo find most rewarding about his career? “When you have an owner who comes in with a debilitated pet and they’ve lost some hope and you say,‘let’s give this animal a chance.’ As a doctor I evaluate, diagnose, and initiate a treatment plan and after a couple of days, sometimes the pet makes a remarkable turnaround and the owner really appreciates you steering them in that direction and giving the animal another chance.” As for the future, Dr. Meleleo notes that he is happy at Bay Street Animal Hospital and hopes to eventually own part of this great facility. Toward that end, he is currently applying to Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business so that he can not only manage tough medical cases, but also manage an excellent health care team.




A Fun First FALL FEST at CSI he first annual Fall Festival, held last fall at the College of Staten Island, was an overwhelming success. More than 10,000 people flocked to CSI’s park-like campus for the event, raising over $12,000 for the Staten Island Breast Cancer Initiative.


Attendees had a wide variety of activities and about 60 vendor booths from which to choose, including a pumpkin patch with pumpkin painting, live entertainment all day, costume parades and contests, great seasonal food and treats, face painting, a strolling unicyclist/ juggler, free raffles every hour

that included a NY Jets super basket with tickets and gear, tickets to Center for the Arts events paired with restaurant gift certificates, and more. Jennifer Furnari, owner of The Little Gym, which offered free gymnastics clinics throughout the day, commented,“We were so happy to be a part of the CSI Fall [Festival] this weekend. It was wonderful to see so many families and children participate in the event.The Staten Island community has so much to offer and we were so happy to have had the opportunity to be a part of it. It was such a wonderful way

to bring the community together and we look forward to being a part of it for years to come.” Considering the great success of the event, CSI's Interim Vice President for Institutional Advancement Robert Huber commented that “the College has proven that our Great Lawn lives up to its name. We are proud to host so many fun and family-friendly activities, and we are already planning to make next year's event bigger and better.” Other participating companies at the Festival were The Home Depot,The Actor’s Workshop, Calla Karate, Babies ‘R’ Us, Art Lab Inc., Party With A Fairy Tale Princess, The Little Gym, FDNY,

SIUH, A Little Bit Country, the Staten Island Yankees, Sweetbrook Nursery, SI Family Music, RUMC, Bernie’s Fun House, A&J Party Inflatables, and many others. Fall Festival visitors were asked to make a $5 per person or $10 per family donation to the Staten Island Breast Cancer Initiative, a multidisciplinary approach toward making a positive impact on breast cancer incidence and mortality. In addition, Initiative representatives knitted and sold scarves at the Festival for $10 each to help raise additional funds.


nce again, our Alumni Travel Program showcased our talented faculty, while making our alumni ties stronger. This past July Prof.Andy Ohan led a group of 12 alumni through the big island of Hawaii and Kilauea.The group was taken to destinations such as Volcanoes National Park and Lava Tree State Park. Prof. Ohan led discussions on various geological points of interest. After a trip filled with hikes, shopping, and excursions to Rainbow Falls and Akaka Falls, to name a few, a farewell dinner was held for our travelers.We hope that you will join us for future trips.

The Festival was also sponsored,in part,by the CSIAlumni Association and the Friends of CSI.

Alumni Day at the SI YANKEES


Richmond County Bank Ballpark was the setting for the Third Annual CSI Alumni Night with the Staten Island Yankees. Over 150 CSI alumni and friends filled the picnic area to watch the Opening Day game between the Brooklyn Cyclones and the SI Yankees. Pre-game festivities included President Morales throwing out the first pitch of

the game and Scooter, the Yankees mascot, greeting fans and posing for pictures. This event has grown each year and is eagerly anticipated. As a tradition, this is the first official event to which our new grads are invited as members of the CSI Alumni Association and special recognition is given to them.



Celebrates Silver Anniversary Sharing his own experiences, alumnus Lou Bruschi shed light on how MALS affected his life,“I have always been an eager student,if not a good one; part of the difficulty for me was being pigeon-holed into a single discipline. MALS removed the constraints of looking at a topic The MALS program provides college graduates the opportunity to engage in an intensive study of Western society, culture, and thought. from one perspective. I am a social studies teacher for grades three through five and nine through 11; to be able to support the The curriculum consists of interdisciplinary courses (seven required courses and two electives) in the social sciences and humanities that curriculum through literature, philosophy, mythology, and the broader humanities has been an invaluable resource to me as a have been specifically created for the program. Successful degree teacher. Currently,” Bruschi continues,“I am a student in the candidates must also submit a Master’s thesis. Educational Leadership program at Wagner College. In CSI Professor of History David Traboulay, who is the the courses I have taken at Wagner I have come to coordinator of the MALS program,says that the program, appreciate the deeper lessons imparted through the which stresses close advisement and a cohort approach coursework in the MALS program. Understanding Not only do you to learning,“has helped students to grow in their jobs comes through metaphor. MALS provided a foundation and become public citizens.” learn new and of understanding through texts that have applications Alumni of the program agree with Traboulay’s exciting things, you in so many disciplines…To become an effective steward of an institution, there are two factors that assessment. Philippe Marius, Director of the Office of learn to question contribute more than any others, experience and Student Financial Aid at CSI, and a MALS program knowledge.Without providing specific vocational or and think. alumnus,comments,“A Master of Arts in Liberal Studies, professional training the MALS program has given me a in the best tradition of a liberal-arts education, would wealth of both.” indicate an educated member of a modern polity, which is not necessarily the same as an individual Noting that “the curriculum is essentially about the trained—even to the highest proficiency—in a modern occupation. classic texts of Western Civilization in the Modern Period, the 19th My completion of the CSI MALS program indeed greatly enhanced my and 20th centuries,” with one non-Western class and another regarding civic character by immensely augmenting my appreciation of the ancient Roman and Greek civilizations,Traboulay said that the poetics as well as the mechanics of modern life, moving me closer— anniversary event gives MALS alumni a chance to offer suggestions by however much—to the ideal constituent of a civil society.” on how to change the curriculum for the better. Another alumnus,Tony Gallego, Assistant Director of Media Services The event featured remarks from Traboulay and founding coordinator at CSI, adds,“Not only do you learn new and exciting things, you learn Fred Binder, an alumni panel discussion, and a keynote address from to question and think. It has also helped me to advance in my career. Professor Alfred Levine, Interim Dean of Research and Graduate Because of the MALS program, I’m thinking of pursuing a second Programs at CSI, entitled,“Culture, Consciousness, and Nature: The Master’s in Cinema and Media Studies.” Context on Global Warming.”


Dr. David Traboulay at Dartmouth University where he attended a MALS conference in 2003.


he Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) program at the College of Staten Island celebrated its 25th anniversary with a reunion and conference last November.


CELEBRATING CSI ast October, the CSI Alumni Association hosted “A Special Autumn Evening,” a night of celebration of a new era at the College of Staten Island and its second annual dinner. The event celebrated the first Convocation of President Tomás D. Morales, and also recognized CSI alumnae Kay Pesile, ’73, Francine Raggi,‘85, and Mary Regan,‘72 for distinguished service to the CSI Alumni Association.


Kay Pesile was first appointed in 1998 as a Trustee of the Board of The City University of New York, and then reappointed in 2005. She is a financial advisor, educator, and has a diverse background in international banking and higher education. Francine Raggi served as Director of the CSI Alumni Association from 1987 to 2004, helping the Association to expand a database of 3,000 alumni to its present 55,000+ members. Mary Regan was employed by the NYC Board of Education for 40 years, teaching French, Spanish, and Latin in various Staten Island high schools. She has spent the last 20 years at the College of Staten Island, where she worked to implement collaborative efforts between the College and Island high schools. In his remarks, Dr. Morales discussed the College’s Strategic Plan for the next five years, underscoring his commitment to academics in the face of tough economic times, saying that “I pledge to do all that I can to hold harmless our academic programs and initiatives.” In addition, CSI will move forward with infrastructure and transportation improvements, its plans for new residence halls, and strengthened initiatives to increase student retention and graduation rates.


the holiday season. This year’s Holiday Party featured sumptuous hors d’oeuvres for the alumni to enjoy as well as an exciting array of raffle prizes. There was a

successful turnout and everyone in attendance had a wonderful time; the Alumni Holiday Party was a great way to start off the season and get into the holiday spirit. Old friendships were


In a game that see-sawed back and forth, both teams shared spurts of momentum throughout the contest. Nazareth grabbed the early 6-2 lead, but the Dolphins grabbed their first lead, 10-8, on a Ryan Hennessey jumper at the 15:56 mark. The game then bounced from one hand to another. CSI led by as many as five points, 18-13, before the Golden Flyers posted an 11-2 run, to take back the lead, 24-20. Ryan McAdam posted back-toback three-pointers to highlight the run, part of his 26 points on the night. CSI never stopped fighting, and grabbed the lead back, 33-32, with just less than six minutes left. Ultimately, however, it was Nazareth who took a 41-40 lead into the lockers. After CSI took a modest 45-43 lead, it was time for Nazareth to make a sparkling run, and the visitors did with a 21-7 run that spanned seven minutes and gave the Flyers their biggest lead, 64-52, with 10:24 remaining.

CSI Alumni Association HOLIDAY PARTY Last December, the CSI Alumni Association held its annual Holiday Party. The festivities took place at the Manor Restaurant, where CSI alumni dropped in to relax and kick off

he College of Staten Island men's basketball team ended their longest losing streak in program history, scoring an 89-83 win over visiting Nazareth College in the consolation round of the Seventh Annual Tournament of Heroes played at the Sports and Recreation Center on December 30.The Tournament of Heroes is an annual event, played in celebration of three former CSI basketball players, Scott Davidson, ’91,Thomas Hannafin, ’90, and Terrance Aiken, who died on September 11, 2001.The win lifted CSI to 1-8 overall on the season,while Nazareth College fell to 1-6 overall with the loss.

rekindled and new ones made, once again proving that the Alumni Association brings together CSI students of all ages.

From there, however, momentum belonged to CSI. A jumper by Christian Montervino and a lay-up by Jordan Young cut into the lead. When Nazareth went back up by eight, CSI countered with a pair of Hennessey freebies, a three-

ball by Michael Pulci and another lay-up by Hennessey, part of his game-high 31 points, to bring CSI to within one, 66-65, with 6:43 left. Nazareth then took a threepoint, 73-70, lead via a pair of Chris Barrett free-throws, but again CSI had an answer.






CSI Nets First Win; Trine Takes Championship

The Dolphins went on an 11-2 run, highlighted by a four-point spurt by Young. Free throws then told the story, as the Dolphins went 10-for-12 down the stretch to preserve the win. The win was CSI's second against Nazareth in Tournament of Heroes play. The two teams met in the Consolation Round of the 2006 installment of the tourney, with the Dolphins scoring an 8475 win in that game. CSI was led by Hennessey's 31 points, while Jordan Young, who was named to the All-Tournament Team, pitched in with 22 markers and a team-high nine rebounds. Young scored 44 points and 21 rebounds and six assists in the tournament. For Nazareth, Ryan McAdam's 26 points led the way, and the senior was named to the All-Tournament Team as well, collecting 55 points and 24 rebounds in the two-day window. In the nightcap,Trine University took down St. Joseph's College, 71-55. Tournament Most Valuable Player Wes Weir dumped in 27 points on 9-of-15 shooting, adding four rebounds and three assists. Fellow All-Tournament Team honoree Lamar Jackson chimed in with 13 points and seven rebounds, while Glenn Alfieri led all players with ten rebounds. For the Bears, Justin Gist led the way with 23 points, also earning all-tourney honors. Trine improved to 4-7 overall, while St. Joseph's ended at 3-6.


highlights SPORTS

highlights SPORTS


WOMEN’S SOCCER CAPTURES CUNYAC CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE CSI made it five straight CUNYAC Championships with a 1-0 win over Medgar Evers College

BREAST CANCER Awareness Night he College of Staten Island men’s baseball team will promote breast cancer awareness, when it sponsors the 6th Annual Grace Hillery Breast Cancer Awareness Night at the CSI Baseball Complex on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 at 7:00pm, hosting Rutgers University Newark for a single nine-inning contest. The Dolphins will don pink uniforms for the event, and proceeds raised will be donated to the Staten Island Breast Cancer Initiative and the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation.


Originating in 2004, the special evening serves to honor the memory of Grace Hillery, mother to former CSI student-athlete and baseball star Anthony Hillery ‘07, who passed away from the illness prior to the 2004 baseball season. Hillery went on to play for the Dolphins through the 2005 campaign and has since graduated CSI with a degree in History and Education. He is currently a teacher and baseball coach at New Dorp High School, and looks forward to returning to CSI to continue the highlighted event each year. “It was my grandmother who felt that it would be better if our family could raise money for breast cancer awareness, in lieu of all the flowers we received at my mother’s funeral,” said Hillery. “I felt if I tied that idea into a baseball game dedicated to my mother, it would be a nice way of keeping her memory alive while raising money for a great cause.” With a charity to seek out, Hillery chose the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation for breast cancer research. Since 1982, Komen for the Cure is the world's largest grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists fighting to save lives, empower people, ensure quality care for all,and energize science to find a cure.Thanks to organized events and donations like those at CSI, Komen for the Cure has invested nearly $1 billion to fulfill that promise, becoming the largest source of nonprofit funds dedicated to the fight against breast cancer in the world. Beginning in 2008, proceeds generated have also benefited the Staten Island Breast Cancer Research Initiative, housed within the College of Staten Island. 24

“I’m happy to have this event done each year,” Hillery said. “It keeps my mother’s memory alive and helps other people as well. Everyone has been very supportive, and if we can keep this going for years to come, it would be incredible.” In 2008,CSI raised over $5,000 for the cause,the most ever in its four years, mostly through concessions, raffle tickets, donations, and breast cancer awareness t-shirts. This year, expected raffle prizes will feature gifts from the Staten Island Furrier, CSI Alumni Association, SI Community Tennis Center, the Staten Island Yankees,the Brooklyn Cyclones,Rawlings,the CUNY Athletic Conference,the CSI Sports and Recreation Center, and numerous Staten Island and Brooklyn restaurants, as well as a host of signed baseballs and other memorabilia. Admission to the event is free of charge. Those who cannot attend the game but would still like to make a contribution can do so by contacting David Pizzuto,Interim Director ofAthletics, at 718.982.3169.

March MARCH 16 Men’s Tennis home opener vs. Polytechnic U. CSI Tennis Center 3:00pm MARCH 19-21 NCAA Men’s Swimming Championships Rutgers, Piscataway, NJ MARCH 26 Women’s Softball home opener vs. Polytechnic U. CSI Softball Field 4:00pm

For a full list of upcoming sports dates, go to

he College of Staten Island remained the only school to ever win the CUNY Athletic Conference Women’s Soccer final, with a hard-fought 1-0 win over Medgar Evers College in a game played in a cold driving rain at CSI.


“This was by far the best game of the three we played with Medgar Evers this season, neither team wanted to give in to the other,” said CSI head coach John Guagliardo, who has guided the Dolphins since their inception in 2004. “Actually losing to Medgar early in the season and having our 23-game CUNY winning streak stopped was a great wake-up call for our team.” In the first half, the Dolphins had better offensive opportunities, including two free kicks deflected by Jasmine Rodriguez, and led in shots, 7-5, while CSI held a slimmer 3-2 lead in shots on goal. Medgar forward Shakera Ho-Sang, CUNY’s leading scorer with 32 goals in 19 games for the

Cougars, had the single best opportunity in the period, hitting the right post with 1:20 remaining, as the teams went into the break scoreless. In the 59th minute, CSI sophomore Kelly Kenny sent a forward pass to Lauren Neglia, who had a clean look at the goal. Rodriguez slid to cut off the angle, but Neglia sent the ball to the far side of the net to give the game its first goal. Ho-Sang and the Cougars had some late chances, including a loose ball only two yards out, but with the rainy conditions, nothing got past CSI goal keeper Tina Bellocchio. Bellocchio finished with 11 saves in the match. Rodriquez was also outstanding with 15 saves, as CSI outshot Medgar 22-16 for the game. Kenny was outstanding on defense for CSI, clearing two balls off the goal line herself, as well as getting the gamewinning assist, en route to an easy selection for game Most Valuable Player honors.

“She’s a star player. I knew she’d come through for us today,” continued Guagliardo on Kenny’s outstanding play.“Kelly set up the winning score like a pro.We moved her to the back today and it proved our gameplan to be solid.Tina was amazing in goal today and Kristin Kvetkoff was perfect in stopping Ho-Sang, who didn’t score in either of our wins versus Medgar.” This year the two title game teams split a pair of lopsided contests with each winning on their opponents’ field with the Cougars beating CSI 5-2, followed by a Dolphins’ 5-0 victory in Brooklyn.The Dolphins have won the first four CUNYAC titles, since the women’s tournament was started in 2004. Last season, CSI defeated CCNY, 1-0, to win the CUNY title. In 2008, MEC returned to the final following a year’s layoff, marking the school’s third championship appearance.


KEEPING TABS Wants to Know What’s New with You! As this is our inaugural issue of Eye on CSI, and our first edition of “Keeping Tabs,” we’ve decided to publish some pictures from the past that we hope will spark some fond memories of SICC, Richmond College, and CSI. Drop us a line if you know anyone in the pictures or if you’d like to share a memory about the people in the photos. We also encourage you to tell us what’s new in your life—a new job, recent marriage, baby announcements, any awards or honors that you’ve received, or simply what you’re doing right now. Every edition of “Keeping Tabs” will not only give you bragging rights, but it will help your fellow alumni to know how you’re doing.



he College of Staten Island Foundation was established in 1992 to promote charitable giving that sustains mission-critical programs and initiatives of the College of Staten Island. Our alumni, friends, faculty, staff, corporations, and foundations contribute to a number of programs ranging from scholarships to student and faculty research initiatives. With each gift you make, the CSI Foundation’s Annual Fund supports a wide range of such initiatives, making it one of the most popular and impactful ways to support a number of CSI’s priorities, and most importantly, our students.


We are grateful to all of our donors, regardless of their level of commitment, and hope that they will continue to support us to the best of their ability. Among other ways of acknowledging your support, each and every one of our donors is listed in the Annual Report, which highlights the people and events that have made a significant impact on the Foundation. This can include you, too. In addition, as a donor to the CSI Foundation, you may receive select invitations to join special events, briefing sessions, and much more.

CSI Student Remembered with Scholarship/Benefit

There are many ways of giving, as outlined on the opposite page. We strongly recommend that you consult with your tax advisor/financial planner to fully realize the tax/planning implications of your gift.

WAYS OF GIVING The following are alternative ways to make gifts/pledges to the College of Staten Island (CSI) Foundation:

scholarship fund has been established in memory of Anthony Priolo, a Computer Science major at CSI who passed away last April as the result of an accident involving a drunk driver.


Carmen Priolo, Anthony’s mother, notes that he was an exemplary student who“was a fantastic kid who was very well liked by everybody.” The scholarship fund was established by Anthony's parents, Carmen and Vincent,and his girlfriend,Michelle Rauen. Scholarships will be awarded to full-time CSI students,with GPAs of 3.0 or higher, pursuing an education in music and computer science. On Sunday, April 19, a benefit will be held at The Staaten, 697 Forest Avenue in Staten Island, to raise funds for the scholarship. For more information on the event, which is scheduled for 5:00pm to 9:00pm,please contact Michelle Rauen at 917.696.1102 or via email at To contribute to the Anthony Priolo Fund or for more information, contact the CSI Office of Institutional Advancement at 718.982.2365.

Gifts of Cash are the simplest way of contributing, and the most beneficial to CSI.A donor may claim a charitable income tax deduction up to 50% of adjusted gross income for gifts of cash. Gifts of Appreciated Securities is an outright contribution of long-term appreciated securities; it eliminates the capital gains tax on those securities, and entitles the donor to a charitable deduction equal to their fair market value. Because a donor can avoid the capital gains tax, it is usually more advantageous to contribute appreciated securities directly to the CSI Foundation rather than to sell them and give the proceeds of the sale. Matching Gifts Many businesses have matching gift programs. Under these programs, an employee's gift to the CSI Foundation is matched by the company. Matching gifts are credited to the donor's individual gift record. Gifts of Closely Held Stock are gifts of stock of a privately or family-held corporation. Donors will avoid capital gains taxation on appreciation of closely held stock, while earning a tax deduction based on the stock’s fair market value. Gifts of closely held stock exceeding $10,000 will be receipted at the fair market value placed on the stock by a qualified appraiser. As with publicly traded stock, donors may obtain an immediate charitable income tax deduction up to 30% of their adjusted gross income. Bequest and Living Trusts are gift of cash, securities, or real property made upon the donor’s death, through provisions in his/her will or living trust. Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) is an irrevocable transfer of assets to a trust, naming the CSI Foundation as the only


We hope you will consider a gift to your College. Our students need your support. Please feel free to contact the CSI Foundation at 718.982.2365 or A development officer can guide you through the process of making a gift to support our students. Thank you in advance for investing in the College of Staten Island.

remainder beneficiary, or as one of several charitable beneficiaries. Life income of a set dollar amount (annuity trust) or a fixed percentage (unitrust) is paid annually. Charitable Lead Trust (CLT) is an income-producing asset placed in a trust, the income of which is contributed to the CSI Foundation for a designated period of time not less than two years or more than 20 years, after which the trust’s assets are returned to the donor or revert to noncharitable beneficiaries named by the donor. The donor may gain immediate tax advantages or may reduce gift, transfer, or estate taxes when the assets are passed to children or grandchildren. Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) is an irrevocable gift in exchange for a guaranteed fixed income for life, which is based upon the annuitant’s age at the time of the gift. Upon the annuitant’s death, the remainder is transferred to the CSI Foundation. If the donated asset is appreciated securities, capital gains taxes may be reduced and paid over many years. Gift annuities will be valued based upon the annuitant’s age(s) when the annuity is created. ($10,000 minimum). Gifts of Tangible Personal Property and Gifts-in-Kind Many types of new and used equipment, jewelry, paintings, sculptures, antiques, rare books, and collectibles, or other types of property can be used to make a gift. If the CSI Foundation uses a donated asset, the donor is entitled to a charitable deduction equal to the fair market value of the asset, determined, at the donor’s expense, by a qualified appraisal. Gifts of Life Insurance requires the designation of the CSI Foundation as the owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Gifts of life insurance will be credited only if the CSI Foundation is the owner and irrevocable beneficiary of the policy.

Alumni Honor Roll of Donors $35,000 AND OVER Ferdinand Alvaro, Jr.‘75

$10,000 TO $34,999 Christine D.‘88 and Peter Cea Lucille ‘65 and Jay D.‘65 Chazanoff Joseph A.‘88 and Ann Marie Franzese Laura, RN ‘76 and Charles Gasparis Vonfrolio Robert A. Hagerman ‘83 Christopher J., CPA ‘88 and Michele Loiacono Margaret Ricciardi ‘86

$5,000 TO $9,999 Karen M. Cocchi ‘04 Nerina ‘95 and Vincent R. Martire Richard M., Jr.‘93 and Angela Prinzi Mary F.‘72 and James F.‘71 Regan Barbara L. Solan ‘62 Michael B. Sturm ‘74 Jean ‘70 and Saul Weisser

$2,000 TO $4,999 Kathleen E.‘87 and Arnold E. Galvez Beverly ‘82 and Lawrence Garcia Anderson Helen M. Granatelli ‘75 Deborah M.Hartnett,Esq.‘80 Michael E., PhD ‘75 and Bernadette Kress Margaret, PhD ‘73 and John H. Lunney Lewis Duncan F., RN ‘92 and Gloria M. McGonagle George Murphy ‘73

Robert D.‘70 and Linda S. O’Mara Kathleen M.‘73 and Frank Pesile Robert J. Schwenk ‘94 Carol A.‘71 and Richard E. Sorensen Manuel P.Vara ‘73

$1000 TO $1999 Carlton J.Abbott ‘65 Arlene Assile ‘72 Joseph Bianco ‘90 Elsie S. Blackshear ‘84 Michael ‘63 and Frances ‘64 Bloomberg Louise O.‘80 and Louis J. Brinskelle Heidi ‘82 and Ernest G. Busch Gregory G. Calderaro ‘86 John C.‘67 and Laraine Caminiti Patricia A. Carroll ‘85 Gloria Castellucci ‘02 Rosario P. Castioni ‘85 and Janet Bonnett Karen K. Choi Wong ‘86 Thomas E.‘80 and Eileen Chorman Peter W.‘81 and Gertrude B.‘95 Coleman Nancy Correra ‘00 Vera M. Cottone ‘71 Linda L. Coull ‘81 Charles L., Jr.‘79 and Leonida Croatman Patricia A.‘70 and Joseph Cuzzocrea Carlos M. Delgado ‘75 Stephen G.‘76 and Rhea K. Dignam Rita DiMartino ‘76 Donna Dimino ‘90 Howard S.‘73 and Marsha T. Duchan Robert L. Epstein ‘72 Peter G. Finn, KHS ‘71 Donnamarie Fulco ‘77

Maureen C.‘98 and Raymond R. Fusillo Maria ‘95 and Vincent Garcia Bulkley Donna B.‘84 and Michael A. Gerstle Gregory J. Harden ‘78 Barbara ‘76 and Joseph E. Irolla Panepinto Jerry L.‘78 and Kim D. Jackson Edward C. Josey ‘64 Gilbert Kabul ‘05 Grace Y. Kwong ‘79 Marcela‘02 and James Leahy Frances Lowney ‘86 Linda C. Marino ‘80 Concetta ‘73 and Philip Mauro Kathryn McGrath-Oliver ‘76 and Richard Oliver James F.‘75 and Linda S. McMahon Arthur J. Merola, DPM ‘85 Paula E. Milazzo, Esq.‘82 Phyllis Minacapilli ‘91 Russ J.‘07 and Laura Morisi Nancy ‘73 and Christopher Myers Benbow, Esq. Lois T.‘75 and Richard Nicotra Catherine “Mac”‘86 and Pearse M.‘76 O’Callaghan Jonathan R. and Nancy Peters Joan S.‘84 and Allen A. Peters Glenn Rand ‘97 Joan B. Rannie ‘71 William M. Roane ‘87 Kathleen M.‘90 and William M. Rode Joseph ‘76 and Marcia ‘82 Rumolo Monica E. Scott ‘92 Robert H. Shullich ‘88 Cynthia A. Somma ‘82 Thomas P.Tellefsen ‘77

Thomas M.‘82 and Deborah A.Terracino Ginger C. Zarske ‘94

$500 TO $999 Madeleine Agai ‘80 Diane P.Amodeo ‘91 Evelyn M.‘66 and Thomas R.Anderson Angelo J.‘79 and Linda ‘75 Aponte Steele G.Arbeeny ‘91 Vernice P.‘86 and Roger Augusty Marie E.‘70 and Frank Ballweg Joseph J. Barreca ‘99 Lewis P. Bassin ‘01 Daniel J. Beaton ‘89 Juritta Bellaragione ‘70 Thomas O.‘85 and Diane Bergendale Martin B.‘72 and Patricia K.‘95 Berntsen Miriam L.‘75 and Pepper Birchard William L. Boutin ‘81 Linda J. Brizendine ‘98 Florence Burrus ‘85 Patricia C. Byrne ‘88 Rhoda B. Cahill ‘87 Rosemarie Caiazzo ‘88 Barbara Caldwell ‘00 Philip J. Canlon ‘75 Joseph A. Cantalupo ‘86 Salvatore Carangelo ‘82 Kirsten A.‘81 and Felix Cardegna, PhD Sally ‘81 and Richard Carp Angela ‘00 and James F.‘05 Cartmell-McGlyn Jonathan J. Chui ‘98 Geraldine ‘87 and Ralph Cicero Denise ‘00 and Anthony Ciluffo Christine Cipriano ‘93 Peter M. Cisyk ‘98 Alla M. Clark, RN ‘82

Ann M. Clinton ‘79 Barbara C.‘78 and Thomas J. Coffey David ‘80 and Kathryn Colton Francis C. Cooke ‘00 John Paul ‘73 and Louisa Vezza Culotta Sharon A. Curley ‘86 Richard Dammer ‘67 Frances ‘70 and Frank P.‘72 D’Atria-Romano David S.‘73 and Gail De Fazio Lisa Dearden ‘05 Mary E. DeRosa ‘77 Vincent J.‘71 and Grace Marie DeSantis John A. DiClemente ‘78 Elly Donovan ‘97 Dorothy H. Evensen ‘71 Maryann S. Feola, PhD ‘76 William ‘71 and Cathleen Figuccio Madeline J.‘75 and Michael Fiore Natalie T.‘77 and Vincent Fisher Donna S.‘93 and Peter Gallagher Lidia A. Galluzzo ‘98 Dianne Garcia ‘03 Mary Gerena ‘79 Gloria Gibbons ‘83 Karen ‘99 and Harry N. Goodell Richard Gralla ‘94 Subha Gupta Abdallah ‘85 Hadley Haden-Guest ‘77 Frances M.‘76 and Paul Halamandaris Jason S. Handelman ‘01 Laura ‘71 and Thomas F. Harris-Chwastyk Frances T. Hayes ‘90 Edward A.‘84 and Christine ‘92 Hazel Evelyn M. Henry ‘72

Robert G.‘83 and Joan B. Herrmann Alma P. Hill ‘90 June C., RN ‘79 and Bruce Hoff Christopher Howard ‘07 Frank J.‘70 and Karen Ingrassia Dorothy A. Isola ‘98 Annie M. Jones ‘77 Patrice M.‘97 and John Jordan Carole Joseph ‘69 Gladys Kalriess ‘93 Linda M. Kelly ‘86 Carla ‘92 and Gamil Kostandy Dorothy M. Lyons ‘79 Evelyn E. MacDonald ‘77 Michael ‘83 and Sandy Maffattone Vera A. Majerski, PhD ‘72 Timothy Mc Kinney ‘74 Diane C.‘71 and Kevin McConnell Loretta McGinn ‘79 Bernard J. Mendez ‘83 Joseph K. Mendez ‘78 Michael Mesheriakov ‘01 Ralph Micelotta ‘92 Joan M. Migliori ‘90 Patricia L. Mishkin ‘81 Frank J. Molinaro ‘94 Charles L. Montanti ‘75 Maureen A. Morgan ‘71 Michael P.‘70 and Anne Marie Morrell Phyllis ‘79 and Alex Morris Anna J. Moynihan ‘86 Louis E., Jr.‘90 and Teresa Mugnano Marie ‘83 and Roger Mulcahy Noreen A., MD ‘76 and James H. Nelson, MD Frances Foon Yee ‘89 and Siukit Ng Bozena Niebrzydowska ‘08 John M. O’Dowd ‘69 29

Jayme M. Olivari ‘85 June M., RN ‘85 and Magnus Olsen Claire Olsen, MSW ‘80 Judith A. Perlowitz ‘73 Linda S.‘81 and Robert Peters Marie A.‘84 and Thomas Prisco Eileen ‘92 and James W. Pryor Joseph P.‘73 and Maureen Quinlan Francine Raggi ‘85 Faith ‘88 and Steven Ratner Norman E.‘92 and Susan Reid Jean Reiss ‘87 Angel Rodriguez ‘89 Martin G. Rosenthal ‘86 Johanna E. Rosvold ‘91 Yolanda L., Esq.‘79 and Larry Rudich John M. Ruffe, Jr.‘74 Paulette ‘76 and Frank Russo Hyacinth M. Salmon ‘92 Sandra A. Sanchez ‘91 Caryl ‘07 and Albert Santore Ronnie A.‘72 and Sheldon P. Schmidt Kathleen Schwartz ‘87 Mary A., EdD ‘74 and Hal S.‘69 Schwartz Joan M.‘93 and Ignatius Sclafani Dorothy S.‘85 and John B. Shay John J. Shea ‘80 Hilda Silletto ‘96 Lorraine C.‘70 and Joseph M. Smith Kathleen A.‘79 and Kevin Smith Helene Sokal ‘74 Kenneth J.‘80 and Joyce Spamer Bruce I. Spender ‘67 Harold M., PhD ‘69 and Yachiyo Staack Ciro R.Taddeo ‘69 James Tarangelo ‘87 Charles Taverna ‘75 Marianne J.Teta ‘85 Alfred Thompson ‘90 Richard ‘77 and Barbara E.Turman Thomas G.‘73 and Susan Tyburczy Yves Vilus ‘77 John, PE ‘63 and Carole Vokral Richard J.Walker ‘94 Denis A.Watkins ‘75 Ronald S.‘75 and Francine Weiss Thomasina ‘82 and Charles Williams Patricia Yak ‘81 Juliana Yanushefski ‘76 Sandra A. Zummo ‘70 Anthony P.‘90 and Carol J. Zupo Margaret Zwiren ‘01

$250 TO $499 Adnan Abdallah ‘85 Bella Acharya ‘84 JoAnn ‘87 and James Adams Albert J.‘75 and Marie Adams Sampson O.Afuape ‘89 Steven L.Alfano ‘92 Marion Allen ‘92 Mimi D.‘78 and Thomas Aloia Edith ‘78 and Edward Alter Elisabeth A.‘81 and Paul F.Altruda Venturo ‘85 and Ellyn Amesse Susan G.Amico, DPM ‘78 Michael A.‘73 and Linda Ammirato Marie E.‘03 and George Anderson 30

Mary E.‘85 and Robert J.‘87 Andrews Ese Apoe ‘00 Alyce ‘91 and Constantine S.‘90 Arniotes, CLU Christabell J.Arrindell ‘88 Susan E.‘02 and Stephen A. Ascolese Charles H.‘74 and Christine L.‘74 Auer Kimberly A.‘90 and Victor P.Avis, DDS Pamela Bailey ‘01 Richard W. Baldwin ‘71 Vivian Barone ‘91 Dorothy A. Barron ‘74 Thomas H.‘71 and Barbara Baur Maureen Becker ‘97 Hyun Sook Beidel ‘78 Bonnie A.‘73 and Howard M.‘73 Bender Alan I. Benimoff ‘67 Judith I.‘85 and Joel J. Berger, PhD Nicholas F. Berlingieri ‘79 John Bevando, Jr.‘99 Joseph ‘97 and Maureen Bevilacqua Patricia A. Bolt ‘75 William C. Bommer ‘67 David M. Bonamo ‘89 John ‘83 and Bernadette M. Bono Barbara K.‘72 and Theodore S. Borek Ann ‘99 and Michael J. Borik James P. Bowne ‘81 Edith E. Boyd ‘82 Noel J.‘76 and Anna Boyle Barbara A.‘89 and James P. Braisted Alma Lola ‘83 and Robert V.‘88 Braisted Everett Breland ‘70 Ivy L.‘85 and Ronald Brown Shirley ‘74 and Herman Brownstein Richard Buegler ‘01 Marlena L. Burek ‘97 John W. Burtner ‘74 Carmen A.‘76 and Leonard L. Bushey Sharon M. Callahan ‘78 Kathleen Callan ‘76 Carol ‘81 and Kenneth Canavan Emil G., DMD PA ‘69 and Joann Cappetta Lana Capuozzo ‘79 Lewis Carbonaro ‘00 John M.‘89 and Alisa Carbone Diane Carducci ‘72 Lorraine D.‘89 and Robert F.‘80 Casella Anthony M.‘77 and Nancy Catania Dolores A.‘80 and Dominick J. Celentano Mhed F. Charles ‘97 Paul J. Chase ‘73 Peter Cheung ‘75 Michael ‘90 and Christine Chiacchiero Ivy K.‘99 and Kenneth Chin Kristin E. Choo ‘83 Dennis A. Christensen ‘78 Marcia Chu ‘06 Michelle ‘07 and Yinam Chung William P. Ciardiello ‘73 Eileen R. Coffey ‘89 Mary A.‘81 and Victor Cole Thomas J. Colombo ‘77 Salvatore J. Conforti ‘87 Harold P.‘77 and Audrey ‘80 Conley Gayle P. Corabi ‘86 Michael V.‘69 and Mary Coraggio Catherine and Lee S.‘77 Covino Kim ‘88 and Richard Crabbe

Laura ‘80 and Edward H. Craig Maryanna P.‘94 and David G. Crawford Kevin J.‘79 and Nancy J. Cronin Jane M.‘99 and Anthony Cuccurullo Diane D. Cunningham ‘79 Joan K. Curran ‘83 Margaret K.‘65 and Richard A. Currie Alfred B.‘86 and Aurelia ‘98 Curtis Anne M.‘80 and Roger P.‘75 Dacey Marie T.‘92 and John K. Daly Anne Demarzo ‘06 Angie DePompo-Seff ‘81 Anthony DeRosa ‘94 Joyce ‘74 and Michael DeRosa Lee Ann DeRoy, RNC ‘84 Beatrice A. DeSapio ‘73 Barbara C.‘87 and Sean ‘99 Devita-Doyle Francis ‘80 and Rosemarie T. DeVries Nicholas L., DC ‘01 and Linda C.‘74 Dianto, CTRS CLP Salvatore ‘95 and Toni-Ann DiBenedetto Patricia ‘94 and Joseph DiFilippo Marie E. DiSanti ‘77 Kathleen ‘88 and Steve Dober Casano Lorraine C. Donlon ‘80 Rita, PhD ‘78 and Michael J. Donlon John B. Dunne ‘02 William P. Edwards, MD ‘71 Debra ‘86 and Karl R.‘81 Emigholz Robert E.‘68 and Charolette Eriksson Joseph C.‘94 and Shari L. Esposito Kevin M.‘83 and Lejla Esposito Donna J. Fauci ‘96 Kathryn M. Fazio ‘87 Catherine Fazzolari ‘81 Elise V. Feiner ‘77 Dolores M. Ferragano ‘71 Daniel A.‘85 and Barbara Finn Jon L.‘71 and Mildred ‘69 Fiorella James H. Fisher ‘81 Joseph K.‘74 and Roberta S.‘71 Fisler Patricia Flanagan ‘88 Ann Marie C. and Aubrey B.‘98 Flanagan Lawrence Florek, CSW ‘82 Gilbert Flores ‘88 Elaine D.‘98 and Tony E. Flynn Betty J.‘80 and Andrew Ford Marjorie E. Forman ‘73 Melissa ‘91 and Kenneth Franz Mary M.‘71 and George Gage Robert C. Galli ‘75 Lisa I. Ganesh ‘96 Beth A. Gargiulo ‘95 Thomas N.‘77 and Patricia Gaudio Dennis R.‘73 and Marilyn Genovese Dominick J. Gervasi ‘87 Victoria Gibbons ‘79 Joan Giebelhaus ‘77 Christopher T.‘98 and Marissa Gigliotti Max Glover ‘84 John P.‘66 and Lena ‘66 Gobinski Elizabeth K.‘93 and David Goldfarb Terrence J.‘78 and Eileen Golway Jairo Gomez ‘81 Jean M. Gordon ‘84

Joseph ‘77 and Sheila Gosler Kathleen A. Graham ‘77 Elizabeth Gregg, RN ‘85 Antonina ‘81 and Michael R.‘76 Gregory Patricia and Eric F.‘71 Guerrino Alfred N.‘78 and Annette Hadaway Judith A.‘95 and Howard Hafner Lois S. Haldeman ‘90 Rhona V.‘87 and Jerome Hanshaft Margaret ‘76 and Mel Harrington Muriel A.‘71 and Frederick T.‘70 Hassel, Jr. Peter D. Haugk ‘67 Maureen A. Hayes ‘82 James A. Haynes IV ‘02 JanetA.Hedstrom-Falcone‘99 and Robert Falcone, Sr. Marguerite R. Heyer ‘87 William J.‘76 and Suzanne Higgins Valerie A.‘88 and Barlow G. Hill Michael A.‘83 and Rosemary Hodgin Stephen M. Huebler, MD ‘82 Susan, PhD ‘89 and Steven Imberman Joseph A. Impeduglia ‘85 Maureen B.‘75 and George Jacobsen Judith I. Jacoby ‘71 Patricia L., Esq.‘72 and James T. Jannaco Linda John ‘93 Kristine ‘97 and Richard Johnson Gary W., Esq.‘74 and Leslie Johnson Carol and Robert J.‘76 Kanowicz Jacqueline D.‘88 and David Keane Gloria E. Keck ‘79 George T. Kirk ‘70 Arleen ‘79 and Arthur M. Klapper Elizabeth ‘08 and Kenneth Klingele Lophney H. Knight ‘85 Stasia K.‘85 and Stanley Krebushevski Rosalind A. Kurland ‘92 Norman E. Lahage ‘80 Anthony J.‘65 and Barbara H. LaMarca Danielle L.‘98 and Richard Lazzaro Sheldon ‘61 and Sheila Lebowitz Donna M. Leung-Alleyne ‘94 Melinda V.‘70 and Joseph J. LiBassi Annette J. Ligot ‘70 Bernadette Lombardo ‘05 Othniel Lopez ‘68 Kenneth A.‘96 and Lise A.‘92 Lorentzen Remigia Lozano ‘98 and James C. Pearson, Jr. Ciro J. Maddalone ‘78 Daniel F. Magrino ‘02 Roberta ‘92 and Joseph Maida Renee ‘78 and Valentine Mancini Madelyn ‘79 and Mark Marabello Graves Virginia Marino ‘77 Ellen M. Marks ‘73 Joseph, Jr.‘69 and Sandra Marretta Antoinette T. Marten ‘80 Thomas W.‘74 and Diane ‘75 Matteo Joseph May, Jr.‘74 Blanche A. Mazza ‘87 Denise and Gerard C.‘95 McAuley Catherine ‘68 and Stephen McCarthy Virginia B. McGee ‘84

Thomas McGeehan ‘90 Patricia L. McLaughlin ‘75 Rita M. McNamara ‘92 Robert A.‘87 and Celia McNeill Jeannette McNulty ‘86 Irene J.‘80 and Anthony S. Melchior Viola G.‘80 and Frederick Merlino-Huston Kevin S.‘92 and Colleen Miller Louis J. Miucci ‘71 Dorothy C. Mooney ‘89 Frederick ‘76 and Linda Moscowitch Maureen Muhlenforth ‘94 Thomas A. Mulholland ‘90 Karen L.‘76 and Thomas J.‘86 Munnelly Helen Napoli ‘76 Thomas M.‘76 and Eileen Neeri Ann F. Nelson ‘78 Francis J.‘88 and Elizabeth O’Callaghan Diane O’Donnell ‘00 Mario, Jr.‘91 and Alice E. Ogno Andrew J. Ohar ‘97 Patricia D.‘86 and Robert A. Orlando, Jr. Thomas S.‘78 and Patricia L.‘74 Overbye Susan G. Pace ‘03 Vita ‘00 and John Paino Gloria ‘70 and Angelo Palmeri David J. Palughi ‘76 Dibyendu S. Pandey ‘00 Rose Paniccioli ‘97 Paul B.‘79 and Sarah A. Passero Geralyn J. Paulsen ‘89 Melvin Pedersen ‘71 Olav J. Pedersen ‘74 Mary J.‘83 and Frank Peters Mark A. Peters ‘76 Amelia M.‘86 and Paul R. Piccione Kenneth R.‘67 and Josephine Pierce Sue Ann and Dominick V.‘85 Pisano Barbara R.‘91 and Ira Pisetzner Mark L.‘01 and Judith Pohl Jay H.‘73 and Ida S. Pollack Hsiang C. Poon ‘87 Susan E. Porter ‘69 and Howard Snyder Stella Porto ‘91 Kathleen M.‘93 and James Quilty-Bussey Donna Quinn ‘02 William C. Quinn ‘77 Linda A.‘76 and Micheal Quintavalle Leif Ranestad ‘67 Glennda M., LMSW ‘82 and David K. Rassin, PhD Diane Razzano ‘01 Joseph Ricciutti ‘94 Calvin ‘84 and Willie Mae Rice Linda ‘91 and Larry Rogando Maria F.‘97 and Liberio Romano Edward F.‘70 and Nancy F.‘87 Ronckovitz Aldwyn ‘74 and Gloria Rooks Henry Rosario ‘75 Lucille A.‘96 and Thomas A. Ross Gail ‘98 and Robert Rostawanik Augusta Russo ‘97 Suzanne I.‘94 and Richard Salinardi Bruce R. Sandberg ‘77 Michael P., Esq.‘70 and Pauline C. Sasso Joann Scamardella, RN ‘80 Catherine Scannapieco ‘95 Stuart M.‘74 and Linda Scherer

Deborah H. Schlackman ‘99 Anthony A., Sr.‘79 and Ylonda Schoonmaker Stephen F. Sciannamea ‘96 Roland ‘77 and Elizabeth A. Seitz Marcia K. Serra ‘91 Loreta Seymour, DDS ‘75 Linda Sharib ‘02 Barbara Sheehan ‘85 Sally ‘95 and James A. Sierra Ratigan George T. Siller ‘92 Charlene ‘68 and Walter Skonieczny Thomas L. Smith ‘78 John L.‘77 and Dina M.‘77 Soldini Richard F. Soyack ‘77 Gary Sparago ‘85 Adam G. Stein, PhD ‘90 William M. Stenson ‘76 Frederick M.‘73 and Connie B. Stern Jeanette Stern ‘74 Mary E.‘76 and Carmine Stoffo Jennifer E.‘75 and Philip Straniere Walter B., Esq.‘74 and Luna Strauss Paige Stuhlman ‘05 Elizabeth and Frank ‘76 Sunshine Marguerite E.‘00 and Paul Surat Laura A., Esq.‘93 and Mike Sword Keevin G.‘75 and Linda ‘71 Tash Shawn L.Thomas ‘01 Marlene A.‘80 and John V.‘81 Tona Mary A.‘01 and Richmond J.Trapp Michael J.Tuohy ‘75 Phyllis A.‘77 and Harold Valvik Leah R.‘98 and Frank Vasquez George P.Vierno ‘59 Dominic R., Jr.‘95 and Joyce Vignola Michael A.‘80 and Dorothy Virgadamo Richard ‘72 and Mary Virgilio Nancy R.‘89 and Edward M.‘85 Vomero Sarah-Rachel Walters ‘91 Kamel H.Wazne ‘91 Staci J.Weile ‘94 Laura A.‘88 and Vincent Wenger Thomas F.Wieland ‘68 Donna J.Williams ‘99 Dianne ‘84 and Stephen Woitkowski Bayrei Wong ‘93 Barbara A.‘73 and Geoffrey Worton Elaine Yu ‘95

$100 TO $249 Susan E.‘92 and Martin J.Aanonsen Christie A.Abenante ‘03 Jules C.Abercrombie ‘79 Gregory J.‘86 and Jeanette Adamo Emmanuel A.‘84 and Taiwo Adeniji Magdalie Adolphe ‘87 Mark V.‘91 and Claudia Adomaitis Mary Jean Agalio ‘88 Morris O.Ailey ‘77 Karen T.Aimetti ‘97 Grace E.Alexander ‘74 Shirley A.Allen ‘95 Fernando Almodovar ‘77 Robert J.Alouisa ‘73 Gayle M.Alstrom ‘76 Ronald F.Alzate ‘02 Roberta L.‘03 and Robert A.Amerosa John V.‘00 and Theresa Amodio

Karl E.Amundsen ‘94 Lisa Anastasia ‘01 Rose M.Ancona ‘72 Jennifer ‘95 and Christian ‘04 Ang-Aberin Penny Angelakos ‘90 Michael Angelis ‘03 Iona A.Angevin ‘90 John P.‘95 and Evelyn Anthony Oghenemudiame Apoe ‘00 Ogheneruona Apoe ‘00 Kevbe Apoe ‘00 Elise A.Arambages ‘85 Alfred J.‘88 and Simone Arcuri Joseph A.Arleo ‘86 Jerome A.‘71 and Gabriella Armani Mary T.Armstrong ‘69 Evan R.‘69 and Barbara D.‘71 Arrindell Mario J.Ascrizzi ‘72 Sadie Asfour ‘97 Nancy E.Ashon-Poku ‘00 Camille P.Astel ‘98 Avichai Atary ‘07 Brian G.Atkinson ‘77 Paula E.Attanasi ‘81 Terri L.Aurigemma ‘74 Anthony Avena ‘01 Myrna ‘83 and Al Ayari John G. Babich ‘71 Annemarie ‘75 and Edward C. Backlund Patricia M. Ballweg ‘77 Christopher C.‘03 and Deirdre Bandhold Elizabeth M.‘04 and Robert Banome Lance R. Barbarino ‘74 Judith C. Barral ‘73 Ellen Salvione ‘94 and Michael Barron Maria T.‘91 and James N. Barry William S. Bartley ‘93 John G. Bartsch ‘89 Pauline Baselice ‘97 Kathleen M.‘82 and Paul Battiste Kenneth G.‘98 and Carol Bayne Victoria M.‘86 and Donald Bearer Damian A. Begley ‘76 Stephen A. Beinert ‘96 Suzanne ‘64 and Edward Bell Gerald B. Bellamy ‘93 Bernadette Bellantoni ‘78 Mehmet C. Bellibas, PE ‘76 Andrey Belyayev ‘02 Mathew A.‘93 and Mariamma Benjamin Juraj Beno ‘93 Estelle Benzi ‘81 Carol ‘90 and Norman Berger Flora Berisha ‘03 Thomas E. Berry ‘93 David J.‘85 and Mary Besignano Constance ‘85 and Frederic B. Beyer Clare E. Beyer ‘84 Abrar A. Bhatty ‘96 Antonello ‘90 and Karina Bianco Donna Bianco Caccese ‘07 Haik ‘76 and Julie Biglari Judith Bischoff ‘90 Alice Bishop ‘83 Susmita Biswas ‘95 Carolyn A.‘93 and Leonard C. Bivona Lauren Bivona ‘05 Christine BivonaCardello ‘95 Jennifer Black ‘85 Roger A. Blackwood ‘73 Doyley O. Blackwood ‘74 Esther Blatt ‘70 Virginia Boga ‘99 Nadine ‘91 and Robert J.‘91 Boles Steven A. Bollon ‘97 Donna A. Bonomi ‘99

Anna Borg ‘94 Catherine Bottaro ‘88 Ardouin ‘78 and Patricia Boucard John J. Bouma ‘88 Kenneth C. Bovo ‘71 Margaret Bowman ‘75 Jeanette K.‘80 and Richard Boyle John M. Boyle ‘84 William P. Bozza ‘71 Vernon A.‘83 and Gloria Bramble Gregory Brasco, PsyD ‘96 Wendy L. Braunstein ‘97 Dawn Bray ‘67 Gertrude Brier ‘98 Janet I. Briggs-Bhola ‘91 Gerard J. Britton, Esq.‘83 April ‘05 and Christopher Brogna Emmel T. Brown ‘06 Edward E.‘76 and Janette Brown Robert I. Brownstein ‘72 Jessica ‘99 and Louis A.‘05 Bruschi Barbara Buckley ‘74 Lynn A.‘76 and George Buckner Peter ‘71 and Carmen Buendia Diane M.‘73 and Richard A. Burdge Ellen B. Burns ‘97 Joseph Buro ‘05 Patrick J. Bush ‘79 Debra C.‘91 and Edward Bush Mergen Thaler, Jr. Patricia R. Byrne ‘76 Linda J. Calarco ‘70 Eddie A.‘87 and Susan Calla Edith ‘86 and Frank R. Camarda Grazia Campanile ‘76 Frank, Jr.‘98 and Melinda ‘94 Campione Carole Campolo ‘74 Lisa Camporeale ‘90 Thomas S. Canecchia ‘88 Mark F. Cannizzaro ‘93 Enzo F. Cannizzo, Esq.‘73 Sharon A.‘88 and Robert V. Cappello Daniel J.‘79 and Mary Cappiello Rosemarie Cappola ‘93 Armand J.‘83 and Alanna Capponi Joseph C. Carbonaro ‘94 Alice M.‘96 and Francis J. Cardamone Barbara A. Cardone ‘05 Robert M. Carey ‘07 Tracey Carlson ‘98 Rocco, Sr.‘79 and Kathleen Carlucci Anna Carter ‘89 Donna Casazza-Lieber, DDS ‘76 and Jack Lieber Linda E. Cassano ‘71 Susan M. Cassidy ‘71 and David Levy John A. Castellano, Sr.‘70 Joseph A.‘79 and Mary Castelluccio Jason Castro ‘02 Brian Catanese ‘99 Margaret M. Caterina ‘78 June E.‘74 and William Catherwood Peter F. Cerenzio ‘67 Linda Cerini ‘77 Jinnie Cha ‘02 Walter W.‘88 and Margaret M. Chadwick Anita L. Chambas ‘70 George Chaparro ‘98 Wei-Xiong Chen ‘91 Claire ‘94 and Harold Chesnoff Thomas Chimera ‘72 Nancy J. Chipura ‘93 Joanne C. Cimino ‘97 Dena M. Ciotta Scarso ‘00 Virginia J.‘99 and John C. Clarke

Marion and John J.‘76 Clarke John D.‘91 and Barbara G. Clements Irene Clifford-Mcgraw ‘03 Theresa Codispoti ‘89 Frank N.‘80 and Linda Codispoti Deborah A. Cognata ‘79 Judith Cohen ‘81 Agathe Coismain ‘80 Michael ‘95 and Audrey Cole Carol E. Colletta ‘74 Phyllis B. Collins ‘72 Marilynn A.‘94 and Angel L. Colon Marguerite Colonna ‘85 James R.‘78 and Barbara Columbo Ann ‘81 and Vincent Conelli Michael ‘72 and Wanda Conforti Marie K. Connelly ‘74 Alice L. Conolly, RN ‘98 Michael J.‘82 and Theresa Contardo Joseph S.‘67 and Dorothy R.‘69 Conti Robert W. Cook ‘63 Gladys E.‘77 and Howard R. Cooper Jayne Cooper ‘80 Vincent L. Cositore ‘70 Margaret M. Cottone ‘91 Maryann Cottone-Fama ‘71 Maria L. Crisci ‘99 John C. Criso ‘80 Anthony F. Criso ‘78 Margaret J. Crooks ‘69 Christine M. Crowdell ‘97 Luis F. Cruzatte ‘01 Dariusz Cudnik ‘02 Vincent J. Curren ‘70 Carl E.‘89 and Laura Cuttita Michael V. Cuttita ‘96 Joseph J.‘75 and Madeline Czerwinski Louis R. Czubachowski ‘82 Barbara A. Czukiewski ‘99 Marcia ‘87 and John Dabbene Lori A. Daggett-Jones ‘81 and Mark P. Jones ‘78 Rose Dalessio ‘75 Maryann ‘79 and Joseph D’Amato-Fanale Adrienne Y.‘88 and Carl D’Angelo Michael A.‘74 and Michele D’Angelo Kaylon Daniels ‘99 Christopher ‘96 and Danielle D’Antuono Dolores N.D’Aquisto,RN‘84 Margaret Darraugh ‘75 Alfred D’Auge ‘80 Ruth L.‘76 and George M. David Herman L., Esq.‘90 and Tina Dawson Nellie A. De Bruycker ‘82 and Uwe De Bruycker Margaret M. De Gaeta ‘72 Barbara A. De Mayo ‘81 John A.‘76 and Grace De Meis Michael A. DeBetta, Jr.‘95 Richard Decker ‘80 Louis P. DeGrazia ‘02 Joan ‘83 and Anthony DeGregorio Dorothy M.‘75 and James R. DeHaven Matthew Deliberti ‘74 Christina Delin ‘00 Barbara J.‘91 and James DellaSalla Andrew J. DeNardo ‘91 Gerald A. Denaro ‘70 Donareen R. Denny ‘81 Lillian A.‘73 and John A. DePalma Sandra Depass ‘93 Vincent A. Desanti ‘87 David M. Desario ‘89 Jagadish K. Dhanraj ‘03

Richard P.‘89 and Ellen Diaz Theresa ‘00 and John Dick Beresford C.‘83 and Sandra Dick Pasquale N.‘77 and Alice DiFazio Alexis M.‘75 and Joseph ‘68 DiGrazia Dolores M.‘90 and John M. Dillon Margaret T.‘82 and Frank S. DiMare Harry D. Dinella, USA (Ret.) ‘70 Virginia B.‘77 and Joseph Dominic Peter V. Donahue ‘86 James H. Donnelly, Jr.‘61 Dorothy M. Doran ‘81 Lillian H.‘94 and James Dougherty Ellen S.‘71 and Barry Dounn Panagiotis N. Drakontis ‘98 Barbara ‘90 and Ronald Dreisch Lawrence, Sr.‘80 and Marilyn Droge Rebecca ‘91 and Alan P. Dubin Desma A. Dunne ‘89 Joseph P. Dunne ‘74 Margaret P. Dunphy ‘77 Richie P.‘88 and Faye Duong Dianne M. Dutka ‘80 Nancy M.‘78 and Michael Edelman Frances B.‘86 and Edward C. Edwards Jewel M. Edwards ‘84 Barbara B.‘92 and Matthew Edwards Paige ‘97 and Timothy J. Egan Palma Eisner ‘02 Ahmed El-Ansary ‘02 Linda Elassad ‘89 Deidre Elcock-Summers ‘01 Wicy Elisma ‘02 Kenny C.‘69 and Lisbeth Eng Frederick J. Enigan ‘97 Dianne Epps ‘87 Lisa Esposito ‘03 Sandra L.‘83 and Andrew Esposito Debra Evans ‘99 Danny W. Fackovec ‘98 Mohammad Z. Faisal ‘99 Michael Fakhreddine ‘98 Joseph C.‘70 and Carmela T. Falco Rosemary ‘01 and Robert Fallar Gloria Farley ‘90 Thomas J. Farmer ‘02 Josephine ‘00 and Joseph ‘74 Fedele Laura A. Felmore ‘88 Susan P.‘88 and Joseph Fernandez Charles Fernandez ‘03 and Lisa R. Noble ‘91 Thomas L.‘78 and Lorraine Ferramosca Richard Ferraro ‘97 David ‘87 and Lynn Feuerman John J. Filippelli ‘74 Caroline A. Fills ‘97 Susan ‘78 and Richard Finkelstein Christina ‘73 and Douglas G. Finn, MD James W. Finnegan ‘71 Victoria A. Fioravante ‘99 Frank P.‘01 and Hallie M. Fischetti Robert Fisher ‘97 Stephen, MD ‘76 and Vera E. Fitzgerald Thomas M. Fitzgerald ‘88 Linda A. Fiumano ‘99 Ira J. Fleck ‘66 John Flolo ‘75 Irene ‘82 and Stanley Fogel

Rosemarie ‘96 and Dominick Fontano Robert R. Forlenza ‘74 Janis A. Forsyth ‘71 Jean A.‘97 and Alberto Forte Maria ‘96 and Paul S.‘82 Francavilla Fran Franco ‘05 Rosalie Frangella ‘85 Louis ‘86 and Cira ‘87 Fraser Emmanuel S.‘78 and M. Gladys Frasier Alice P. Free ‘82 Virginia ‘73 and Douglas S.‘72 Friedman Margaret A.‘84 and Joseph A. Friscia John S., Esq.‘80 and Gayle S.‘79 Friscia Rosa M.‘98 and Marc Furio Patricia Z. Galletta ‘76 Arsenio A. Galva, Jr.‘02 Anne ‘75 and Edward Garvey Gloria M. Gasper ‘71 Eudelia D.Gassaway-Price‘83 Vincent N. Gattullo ‘75 Linda B. and Bruce J.‘83 Gavioli Gloria E.‘83 and Robert Geller Anthony J. Gentile ‘02 Kathleen ‘80 and Alan Gerbing Noam I. Germain ‘03 Noel Giammarino ‘03 Alice F. Giannone ‘84 Linda G.‘71 and John B. Gibney Russell J. Gilkeson ‘69 Alana A.‘88 and Paul J.‘63 Gilkeson, Jr. Stephanie Gioe ‘07 David J. Giovanelli ‘71 Laurie A. Giovansanti ‘02 Lois G. Gitelson ‘94 Valerie A. Giuliano ‘01 Jo Ann M. Giustino ‘74 Ester Hanna Glikman ‘02 Barry Goffred ‘05 Theresa M.‘85 and Timothy J. Golden Jeff R. Goldstein ‘90 Manuel Gonzalez ‘05 Joanne Goodfellow ‘83 Gary D. Gotlin ‘63 Thelma Graber ‘87 Eva S.‘71 and William Grace Robert T. Graciano ‘99 Angelina J. Grandison ‘73 Marie A.‘94 and William J. Grandner Jacquelyn M.‘93 and Michael J.‘70 Gray Conrad H. Green ‘77 Michael F. Green ‘71 Evelyn Green ‘07 Gail L. Greenberg ‘75 Yvonne A. Greenfield ‘97 Louis D.‘67 and Roslyn D. ‘85 Greenzweig Angela Grupinski-Nasti ‘84 and Thomas R. Nasti Richard K. Guarino ‘86 Joseph R. Guerci ‘84 Edward J. Gugliucci ‘79 Elia Guldan ‘97 Pragya Gupta ‘86 Miryam Gutierrez ‘96 Betti ‘89 and Leon J. Haft Bill N. Hals ‘90 Elizabeth B.‘76 and Donald Hamilton Paul S., RN ‘99 and Joy Hancock Mary Hanley ‘85 Marie R. Hannafey ‘77 Catherine Harding ‘05 Genevieve Harkins ‘74 Deborah A.‘75 and Kenneth J. Harnos Beverly Harris ‘94 Joan M. Hassler ‘00 Alan E. Hatoff ‘78 Thomas W. Healy ‘86

Barbara E.‘90 and Joseph R. Heins Harold J. Hellman ‘73 Linda Hellow ‘94 Christopher ‘99 and Erika Hellstrom Erik G. Helman ‘91 Marie C.‘80 and Laurence W. Hemsworth Sherman ‘67 and Catherine R. Henzel Lance J.‘92 and Iva B. Hermus Steven T. Higgins ‘71 Carole P. Higgins ‘95 Jane F. Higgins ‘79 Dorothy ‘94 and Robert Himmelstein Lois ‘94 and Mark Hirsch Lisa H. Hochstein ‘69 Eileen M.‘94 and Joseph Hodges Barbara A.‘75 and Steven Hoffman Norma B. Holmes ‘80 Edith G. Holtermann ‘75 William Homan ‘01 Kathleen M. Horenburg ‘91 Karen Horstmann ‘78 Mehdie ‘91 and Joonay Hossain Pi-Ling Hsieh ‘02 Marion T., MS RNC ‘86 and Mark R.‘03 Hudson Svetlana ‘95 and Anwar Hussain Adam Hussein ‘02 Eleanor R. Hyland ‘94 Philip Hyland ‘01 Linda Iacurto ‘01 Vito A.‘84 and Linda B.‘73 Ingravallo Josias Innocent ‘99 Carmen Irizarry ‘04 Fidelia Iwegbu ‘00 Rosemarie Izzo ‘90 Elaine Jackson ‘72 Elva M.‘71 and Clarence Jacobson Marian L.‘00 and Robert Jaffe Darlene K. Jefferson, CSN ‘71 Tina M. Jefferson ‘97 Margery F.‘86 and William ‘67 Jehle Joan A.‘81 and Solomon Jenkins-Meaders Maria Jesfen ‘00 Juan R. Jimenez ‘72 Cynthia Johannssen ‘07 Garth D.‘80 and Hortence Johns-Harris Dorothy Adell ‘89 and Reginald Robert Johnson Lynn M. Jonas ‘78 Kabinet Kaba ‘98 Barbara Kaestel ‘74 Thomas T. Kaleekal ‘88 David E. Kalmus ‘85 Martin Kalve ‘91 Sergey Kapchits ‘02 Danuta A. Kaplan ‘96 Stacy Karp ‘00 Loretta ‘80 and Howard Kasper Illene M.‘98 and Alan S. Katkin Jerry H.‘67 and Lenore Katz Evangeline D.‘99 and Steven Kaufman Ensi ‘88 and Louis Kaufman Deborah ‘83 and Robert Kehoe Katerina Kelesovska ‘03 Paula H. Kelley ‘87 Patrick E. Kelley ‘85 Ivan B. Kelly III ‘74 Richard L.‘80 and Frances M. Kent Joan A.‘79 and Thomas J. Kielty, Jr. Deborah A. Kiernan ‘05 Young Joo Kim ‘97 Mary F. King ‘78 Julia Kolar ‘02 31

Vullnet, JD ‘98 Kolari Kenneth F. Kollar ‘73 Yaeko ‘92 and Richard Kono-Krivo Michael W. Konstalid ‘03 Anastacia Konuhova ‘00 Anthony K. Koon ‘83 Elizabeth Koutras ‘77 Charles R. Kramer, PhD ‘69 Jessica Kratz ‘02 Steven F.‘93 and Nancy ‘95 Krause Felicia A. Krause ‘81 Tricia M. Kress ‘00 David W.‘78 and Terry Krone Coleen P. Kumar ‘02 Joan C.‘89 and Raymond D.‘79 Kurtis Tak Shing Kwan ‘80 Dolores Lafata ‘02 Leonard Lagana ‘85 Ralph J. Lake, Jr.‘67 Wen Wo Lam ‘96 Kathleen A. Lamarca ‘96 Jennifer LaMarca ‘04 Gerald X. Lamb ‘85 Victor J. Landi ‘75 Tricia ‘97 and Richard G. Langelotti Frank A. Lanotte ‘74 Jutta M. LaPinta ‘71 Linda B. LaRocca ‘01 Frances LaSala ‘97 Francis J. Lasalla ‘87 Pamela ‘93 and John Latanzio Verna ‘82 and James Lauria Matthew Lazarus ‘05 Celeste Lederer ‘98 Warren K. Lee ‘95 Douglas K. Lee ‘99 Robert, Sr.‘87 and Laura Leonardi Bee ‘94 and Felix Leong-Choy Andrew L. Lewis ‘77 Angelo Lewnes, Jr.‘99 Maureen Liberth ‘76 Albert Liguori ‘94 Vincent ‘91 and Josephine Lima Anne B.‘75 and Robert J. Lind Luthmann Donna M.‘88 and John C. L’Insalata Robert M., PhD ‘72 and Linda Lipp Linda G. Lipscomb ‘79 Lydia Livolsi ‘86 Theresa M. Lobritto ‘89 Jerod M., PhD ‘71 and Sherri T. Loeb Lawrence N.‘60 and Anita Lofaro Rosemary Loffredo ‘96 Yvonne M. Loinig ‘74 Rosa Longetti ‘00 Ana ‘80 and Joseph Loposky Anthony Lotito ‘01 Scott Lotito ‘99 Scott M.‘82 and Dorothy Low Glenville E. Lowe ‘80 Jerry Lu ‘03 Robert D.‘71 and Susan Luggisi Robert A. Lurie ‘85 Margaret G.‘81 and Albert Lutfey Patricia M.‘82 and Timothy R.‘86 Lutz Charmaine A. Lywe ‘91 Joseph A.‘98 and Shari Maggiore Thomas G. Magluilo ‘88 Sally E. Mahoney ‘87 Christine Mahoney ‘91 Lila B.‘94 and Henry Majewski Phyllis A.‘81 and Alfonso Malgieri Joan Mandel ‘79 Carolann ‘00 and Ronald A. Manfredi Leonard T. Mangano ‘71


Carla ‘81 and Kenneth Manheim Donald ‘63 and Sandra L. Manigault Mario ‘97 and Roseann Manna Debra A.‘04 and Leo Manookian-Jones Belen C. Manuel ‘76 Robyn ‘95 and Marc D.‘94 Maramag Patricia Marceante ‘78 Avi M. Marcu ‘98 Simone A.‘82 and Mary Marino Joyce F. Marks ‘76 Robert Marquez ‘67 Theresa C. Marro ‘89 Jeannette M.‘73 and Robert Martin Luann Martin ‘82 Michael W.‘75 and Nilsa A. Matthew Joseph J. Mattia ‘82 Liisa J.‘97 and Arni M.‘79 Mattsson Christine A. Maxwell ‘93 Anne M. and Peter Mazzella Carol D. Mc Carthy ‘70 Deborah Mc Nally ‘01 James McBratney ‘05 Maureen A. McCarthy ‘70 Helen J.‘90 and Terence McCorry Cora McCusker ‘02 Kevin P. McDermott ‘92 David J. McDonald ‘91 Anne McDowell ‘96 Ann A.‘74 and Martin McGowan Iris B. McGrath ‘71 Lillian M. McIsaac ‘06 Elsie ‘83 and Cynthia McLemore Maureen McMichael ‘82 Margaret ‘96 and Dan McOlvin Audrey McQuillen ‘80 Edward J., Jr.‘93 and Lisa Meachem Conrad H. Meibauer ‘74 Maria ‘04 and Byron Meister Michelle Mercado ‘03 Alban Merdani ‘03 Donna M. Merlino ‘75 Andrea ‘00 and Michael Messina Sherry L. Messo, RNC ‘92 Toby ‘90 and Isis Messrie Esther Michaels ‘76 Brian S. Middendorf ‘05 Martin J. Mineroff ‘84 Barbara Mingoia ‘95 Paula Minichino ‘91 Phyllis M. Miranda ‘05 Carol Lynn ‘94 and Theodore W. Moeller Debra ‘79 and John Mohr Ralph J., Esq.‘66 and Christine Molinari Robert P.‘74 and Marie I.‘73 Mone Mary Ellen A. Montalvo ‘74 Susan Moore-Mouner ‘05 Donna M. Morelli ‘72 Laura ‘81 and Anthony A. ‘80 Moretti, MD Henry G. Morey ‘71 Terence G. Morgan ‘72 Hector J.‘77 and Mary Anne Morisi Victor ‘89 and Franca Morvillo Margaret Moscariello ‘90 Eileen M. Moscato, PhD ‘80 Deana M. Moschella ‘94 James M. Moskie ‘97 Deborah A.‘86 and Murray Moslin Nicholas A. IV ‘98 and Linda Muglia Boon L. Mui ‘77 Beverly P.‘02 and Robert F. Mulligan Judee M.‘90 and Edward T. Mulvey

Edward A.‘75 and May Muntz Roxane I. Murano ‘99 David G. Murphy ‘75 Michael R. Murphy ‘89 Barbara J. Murphy ‘98 Victoria M. Muscianisi ‘71 Makeda Myorba ‘86 Linda M. Naradovy ‘84 Jane M. Nash ‘91 Kathleen T. Nastasi ‘99 Kathleen T. Nastasi ‘75 Conny A. Nayo-Patterson ‘95 Dawn Nazari ‘87 Gilbert ‘87 and Victorie Ndjatou Lorenz Neuwirth ‘08 Deena New ‘00 Robert H.‘70 and Kristina J.‘73 Newmark Constantinos ‘80 and Genene Nicolaou Jerry Noia ‘78 Francis V.Nonnenmacher‘69 Patricia A. Nuara ‘95 Helena Nunes, SSD ‘92 Catherine Kane Nyhus ‘92 Kathleen ‘89 and Andrew ‘84 Oberfeldt Laurie A. O’Byrne ‘88 Susanne O’Callaghan ‘74 Thomas J. O’Connor ‘82 Joan O’Donnell ‘83 Mary Ann ‘80 and Francis O’Donnell Dolores O’GormanMartin ‘99 Joan C. O’Hare ‘86 Grace Okocha ‘00 Shoshana Olin ‘94 Georgiana Oliveri ‘92 Barbara A.‘86 and Taube Olsen Curtiss W.‘72 and Wendy S. Olsen Joanne, Esq.‘95 and Dennis Olson Kathleen A.‘87 and Kenneth D. Olson Walter R. O’Neil ‘76 Kerri A. O’Neill ‘01 Judith ‘76 and Daniel P.‘71 Orlando Linda M. Orlando ‘82 Luz S. Orozco ‘91 Dean C. Ortiz ‘94 Samuel K. Osho ‘04 Jesse S. Ostrow ‘70 Ralph A. Pacchiano, Jr.‘90 Annette A. PadavanoKaplun ‘71 and Bruce P. Kaplun Jacqueline A. Pagano ‘74 Leah D. Pallin-Hill ‘75 and Bryan H. Hill Nicoletta Pallotta, MD ‘75 Linda A.‘86 and Neal Palmieri Frank G.‘86 and Elizabeth Panzarino Jean K.‘77 and Richard G. Papazian Lewis N. Parisi ‘70 Louis J. Park ‘72 James E. Patella ‘79 Fred Patelsky ‘78 Odette N. Pato ‘77 Bernadette T. Paulo ‘73 Michele Payton-Garrett ‘03 Ronald P., MD ‘85 and Diana Pedalino Janice Peddie ‘06 Adelina Pelle ‘01 Joanne M. Pellegrino ‘71 Ingrid ‘81 and John Pellicone Joanne M.‘89 and Constantine Pengos Donna M. Pennachio ‘02 Donna Perez ‘98 George ‘92 and Joan Perretti Matthew S.‘83 and Eileen Peters Sean M. Peterson ‘98 Michele R. Petito ‘93 Anthony D. Petosa ‘93 Daniel C. Pettigrew ‘75

Doreen A. PiazzaGoldiner ‘86 Michael H. Picciurro,DD ‘81 Barbara ‘99 and Martin T. Pincar Joan E.‘80 and Michael C. Pirot Joseph F. Pisicolo ‘84 Danielle Polichetti ‘99 Grace M.‘81 and Victor N. Popolano James L. Powell ‘96 Patricia A.‘81 and Thomas Prapas Joan A. Press ‘78 Barbara Prideaux Cabell ‘84 Eitel E., MD ‘74 and Deloris Providence Joseph A. Puglisi ‘72 Donna P.‘87 and James P. Pynn Anita and William M.‘73 Quinn Virginia M.‘74 and Timothy J. Quinn, Jr. Victoria Radolinski ‘96 James V.‘70 and Roseann Raggi James P. Raichle ‘76 Gloria A.‘75 and Alex Ramos Cheryl Ranieri ‘02 Marietta Rapetti Cawse ‘76 and James N. Cawse Edward ‘93 and Patricia Rasa Lee B. Ravine ‘92 Bobbie J. Razo ‘01 Sue E. Reel ‘87 Sandra M. Reher ‘86 Rose M. Reinhold ‘72 Anthony Rhodes ‘02 Cara A. Ricci ‘97 Nanci E. Richards ‘05 John-Paul ‘85 and Gina Richiuso Rose A. Rizzi ‘72 Joan ‘91 and John Roach Tamadja Roberts ‘01 Rosemary K.‘70 and Andrew D. Robinson Janet G. Robinson ‘83 Robert J. Roesch, Jr.‘89 Albert M. Romano ‘70 Luchy Romero-Secaira, PsyD ‘90 Ellen A. Rorke ‘72 and Richard Eckert Hector ‘73 and Aurora Rosales Victor ‘72 and Gretchen Rosenberg Nancy Rotante ‘01 Iris R.‘88 and Alan Rothstein Sheila ‘98 and Brian Rudder Catherine R. Rugani ‘92 Joseph G.‘78 and Sharon Rumpolo Irene Ruotolo ‘71 John W., Jr.‘76 and Lauraine A. Russell Angela Russo ‘87 Vincent P.‘76 and Nancy L. Russo Theresa Rutigliano ‘75 Edward J. Ryan ‘73 Lily Sa ‘84 Leonard P.‘82 and Alice Sabatino Rosemary E.‘70 and Kenneth Saccaro, DDS Mario A. Sakacs ‘81 James R. Salazar ‘71 Lisa Salhany ‘99 Emelia Santiamo ‘85 Kathleen ‘80 and Thomas Santo Susan C. and Dennis J.‘75 Sarlo Patricia M. Savage ‘06 Joseph Sblendorio ‘86 Robert J. Scamardella ‘70 Mary-Ann Scampas ‘75 Frank W. Scarangello, Jr.‘86 Maria L. Scarcella ‘95 Judith K.‘82 and Ronald E. Schefkind

Joan Schenck-Prideaux, PhD ‘75 Fay S. Schiff ‘81 Anna T.‘00 and Robert Schneider Juergen Schnetzer ‘99 Helene Schonbuch ‘79 Betty Sciacca-Stryker ‘89 Carmella Sciarrillo ‘79 Donna M.‘02 and Anthony Scimeca Norman S. Seidman ‘92 Patricia ‘76 and Chester Sellitto Thomas R. Seluga ‘74 Kathleen Senese ‘05 Maureen P.‘94 and Gregory Senft Keerat Sethi ‘02 Haider A. Shah ‘03 Ted M. Shapses ‘69 Jacklin ‘92 and Esmat Sharobeem Susan B. Shavitz ‘87 Molenies L. Sheeko ‘77 Emily R.‘96 and Burt Sheier Annmarie Shenton ‘03 Carol A. Sheridan ‘76 Jo A.‘76 and Jethro Shifrin Martha O., Esq.‘70 and Ercument Shoemaker Nicholas E., MD ‘74 and Peggy Sholty Christopher M. Short ‘05 Marvin Shuldman ‘71 Albert J. Silvestri ‘80 Lawrence E. Siminski ‘75 Dorothy Siminski ‘70 Hilda G. Singer ‘98 Reuben Sivagnanam ‘05 Mary J.‘73 and Nelson Sizemore Ann R. Sly ‘71 Alan L. Smith, CH, RH ‘74 Alan E. Smith ‘03 Loretta A. Smith ‘97 Vivian A. Smith ‘98 Laurence ‘62 and Betty Smith Phyliss A. Snyder ‘02 Beth Carol Solomon ‘90 Valentina Soni ‘01 Sandra L.‘71 and Stanley M. Sonn Susan L. Sorola ‘69 Gary T. Sottile ‘74 George A. Spadaro ‘92 Rocco J. Spinelli ‘80 Lucianne Squatrito ‘89 Piotr Sroczynski ‘94 Jean R. St. Louis ‘98 Raymond Stagno ‘93 Michael ‘00 and Linda Stavola Gerald F. Sterlacci ‘97 Joanne M.‘76 and Thomas O. Stodgel Catherine R. Stone ‘89 Piyush B.‘85 and Bindu Sukhadia Elizabeth G. Sullivan ‘84 Sylvia E. Sumter ‘69 Keerthi ‘01 and Chandrani Suraweera Karen ‘05 and John Svenningsen Larisa Sviridova ‘95 Judith E. Palm and David B. Swanson ‘86 Anne E. Swenson ‘81 Jeffrey M.‘75 and Shelley M.Taffuri Christine ‘70 and Alexander Tallarico Jaina Tarantino ‘04 Samuel L.‘73 and Junell Taylor Elmore R.‘75 and Yvonne Taylor Luann Tedesco ‘79 Nelly Telesford ‘96 Louis L.Terruso ‘87 Marian Tessa ‘96 Lila Thabit ‘93 Jack P.Thaon ‘85 Debra S.Theogene ‘97 Theresa M.Thingelstad ‘87

Susan S.‘90 and Sunny Thomas Louise Thomas ‘82 Sandra E.‘82 and Stephen H.Thomas Sylvia L.Thomas ‘08 Lillian Thome Appleman ‘76 Yvonne M.‘93 and Eric T.‘97 Thurman Valentina Tikhonova ‘94 Diane, PhD ‘78 and Jeffrey Tirado-Lampert, MD Angela J.Tirone ‘82 Ralph, CPA ‘72 and Sandra G.Torgerson Laurie Torres ‘03 Angela Toscano ‘98 Augustine J.‘75 and Setona Trinchese Michael T.Troncone ‘86 Margaret S.Tsui ‘91 Vincent Tubito ‘01 Eileen Tucker ‘89 Hannah Turay-Selli, RN ‘94 Robert E.Turner ‘74 Joseph M.‘73 and Debra Tursi Diane B.‘91 and Robert F.Tyson Yehiel Tzur ‘97 Rasika Udugampola ‘03 Kishani Udugampola ‘02 Stephen R.Varga, Jr.‘99 John L.‘03 and Jennifer Vaselli George F.Veit ‘99 Gaetano N.‘88 and Cheryl Veni Peter Ventimiglia ‘76 Nick Vento ‘96 James V.Ventre ‘00 Margaret ‘94 and Thomas Ventrudo Marilyn A.Verna ‘78 Diane M.‘93 and Fred Viggiano Mary Anne Viola-Fiore ‘77 Therese M.‘79 and Ralph J.Vivo Christopher Vollor ‘96 Loretta Volpe ‘74 Larry P.Walker ‘75 Dawn T.‘77 and Kevin A.Walker Carol A.Walsh ‘85 Michael T.‘89 and Caroline Walsh Mary Anne ‘73 and Rory Walsh Kathleen B.Walters ‘74 Silas T.Wandera ‘06 Nicole Warner ‘01 James P.‘88 and Harriet Watt Bernice S.‘79 and Eugene Waxman Sidney ‘71 and Cynthia Waxman Conrad R.‘77 and Maritza Webley Allison M.Weck Parkinson ‘87 and Charles Parkinson Edward ‘92 and Fay I.Wegener Penelope C.‘69 and Thomas Weil Steven Weisman ‘77 Teresa A.Weissert, CPA ‘95 Herbert P.Weixlbaum ‘71 Ann Welden ‘75 Richard M.‘75 and Celia Wexler Rhonda M.Whitfield ‘84 Antoinette D.Whittet ‘72 John J.‘92 and Xerna J.‘91 Widlund Michelle ‘96 and Dr. Stephen Wild Christopher G.‘86 and Julie R.Williams Derrick A.Willoughby ‘80 Akil A.Wilson ‘98 Sheek M.‘87 and Lam Stun Wong Patrick Wong ‘76 George K.‘73 and Valerie Wonica Piotr Wozniczka ‘02

Robert J.‘93 and Joyce Wright George Xenakis ‘96 Betty J.Young ‘75 Clarence L.Young ‘75 Barbara J.Youngman ‘90 Joy Zaleski ‘91 Mona L.‘83 and Vincent Zaloom Judith ‘98 and Ralph Zampella Eileen M.‘75 and Louis Zanelli Darlene N. Zanoni ‘03 Christine Zappolo ‘92 Julia ‘95 and Peter Zerato Matthew Zeumann ‘98 Mark ‘82 and Diane P. Zimmer Michael Ziselman ‘05 Gertrude ‘91 and Milton Zlotnick Michael L.‘92 and Lucianne Zogby

UP TO $99 Raymond Aalbue ‘75 Margo S.Abady ‘79 Rose M.Abdallah ‘85 Ermell ‘91 and Rafiq Abdul-Halim Taiwo S.Abdullah ‘88 Hyacinth I.Abrahams ‘72 Masaaki ‘90 and atsumi Adachi Avril C.Adams ‘73 Adekemi L.‘93 and Sonayon Adebayo Olga D.Adebowale ‘71 James J.‘91 and Mary Adinolfi Joyce A.‘06 and Enrique Adorno Cathy Agar ‘75 Melissa Agnetti ‘06 Frank ‘89 and Marangela Agosta Mary M.Agresto ‘00 Anna L.Agro ‘71 Ann Ahmed ‘74 Sherin Ahmed ‘94 Vivian M.Akel ‘74 James T.‘93 and Janet Akindele Anne Albicocco ‘76 Nat A.Alcamo ‘78 Andre R.Alcindor ‘79 Tina M.‘89 and Luis I.‘75 Aldazabal Gary F.‘82 and Antoinette M.‘81 Alessandro Edward Ali ‘72 Lois Anne ‘90 and Joseph Alonzo Ann M.Altadonna ‘98 Jeffrey D.Altieri ‘99 Lynn G.Altobello ‘89 Armando Alvarez ‘03 Gladys ‘69 and Angel Louis Alvarez Anthony Amatullo ‘73 Grace Ambelas ‘83 Gloria ‘71 and Louis ‘78 Ambio Jose A.Ambroise ‘99 Susan E.‘80 and Steven Amigo Nicole Amitrano ‘07 Charles A.Amundsen ‘73 Anthony, Jr.‘72 and Felicia Anarumo Vincent M.Anastasio ‘05 Chrisanthi Anastopoulou ‘01 Judith Andariese ‘92 Gerald S.‘71 and Arline Andelman Laurel and Mark S.‘85 Anderson Arthur D.Anderson ‘72 Alice ‘91 and Ralph Andino Adeline ‘75 and Vincent ‘71 Andreano Isabel M.‘89 and Jeff Andresen Gail S.Andrews ‘86 Patricia ‘02 and Salvatore Annarumma

Annmarie Antenucci ‘73 Lisa Antico Vincenza G.Antonelli ‘02 John F.Antoniello ‘78 Michael C.Aponte ‘76 Mark ‘96 and Nancy Aponte Jennifer D.‘95 and Thomas Aptaker-Lovetere, DDS Alexa ‘01 and Paul Arce Eileen Archer ‘01 Patricia A.Archer ‘93 Paul Arena ‘90 Patsy ‘81 and Jane Argenziano Carmelo ‘86 and Lina Armenia Virginia L.Arnell ‘76 Felicia M.Arnold ‘71 Dora V.Arnone ‘73 Elizabeth A.Arrabito ‘86 Malva Arrendell ‘95 Jean ‘76 and Anthony Arthur Edwin Artuz ‘96 Alan ‘84 and Susan C.‘74 Ascher Charles Aseervatham ‘97 Alison Ashenberg ‘02 Barbara Ashley ‘84 Ciro Asperti ‘79 Rosemary Assenso ‘96 James Astuto ‘73 Virginia Attanasio ‘81 Maria C.Attardo ‘92 Sameh Attia ‘88 Gerard D.‘74 and Gloria Attilio Marilyn Auerbach ‘87 Frank J.Aurelio ‘80 Amy ‘90 and David Aviles-Perez Eda S.Avnayim ‘78 Anna M.Ayudtud ‘99 Nancy J.Azzaro ‘79 Angelina Babino ‘93 Genevieve S.‘93 and John Bagley Debra Balinski ‘06 Lynn A.‘70 and James Ball Frank J.‘85 and Mary Ballweg Robyn M. Balsam ‘87 Nina and Joseph ‘77 Balsamo, Jr. Sanjaykumar ‘00 and Preeti Balte Marie A. Baratta ‘77 Diane R. Baratta ‘92 Margaret Barbera-Kinsella‘76 James C. Barberi ‘79 Joanne Barbieri ‘95 Henry J. Bardel ‘75 Pathenia B. Barnes ‘81 Vincent M. Barone ‘87 Joseph Barresi ‘73 Mary E.‘74 and Ronald Barringer Harrison Barritt ‘92 Elsie F. Barthelemy ‘97 Cornelius W. Barton ‘76 John Basciano ‘03 Elizabeth A.‘78 and Allen Basile Grace A. Baskin ‘80 Jeanette C. Baskin ‘84 John W. Basso ‘96 Robert L. Bateman, Jr.‘71 Nancy ‘89 and Steven Bates James ‘83 and Juanita Batra Gina Battista ‘03 Anthony Battista ‘72 Carol F.‘75 and Michael Bayus Frederic Beacham III ‘72 Bryna Bear ‘88 Lisa Beatha ‘95 Hilda Becker ‘83 Joseph L. Bedell ‘75 Robert ‘86 and Rosaria Begun Terence Bellew, Jr.‘92 John G. Belli ‘83 Maria Bellino ‘06 Linda L.‘94 and George Belnavis Fedora L.‘80 and Salvador Beltran Barbara E. Bengtson ‘78

Vincent Benintende ‘86 Olga Benitez, MD ‘77 Ruth G.‘79 and Edward Benjamin Jeffrey K.‘90 and Roseann Benjamin Thomas Bennett ‘94 Bernadette Bennett ‘75 Jennifer Benvenuto ‘01 Ruth M. Berg ‘75 Louise M. Bergamini ‘81 Judith A. Berge ‘97 Danielle I. Berger ‘97 Marc A. Berger ‘73 Vjolca Berkani ‘97 Ilene G.Berland-Calabrese‘71 Diana M. Bernal ‘96 Arnold B. Bernardini ‘71 George Bertolotti ‘83 Donna M.‘70 and Joseph Besignano Noreen Besio ‘89 Mark A. Bettencourt ‘94 Michelle Bianco ‘97 Pamela G.‘07 and Paul C. Bierman Nanna M. Bims ‘80 Miriam Biren ‘74 Jean Bivona ‘89 Carolyn A. Bivona ‘76 Debra B. Bjornstad ‘89 Maryanne Blaine ‘91 Claude R. Blanchet ‘71 Allen Blank ‘71 Staci B. Blass ‘02 Samuel ‘78 and Linda Bloch Carol R., CSW ‘71 and Peter Bloom Alicia ‘74 and Michael D. Boccellari Carl D. Bocchicchio ‘76 Young O. Boehner ‘86 Mark F. Boeniger ‘74 Angelina Boffardi ‘75 Rochelle F.‘93 and Alan Boland Joan Bolger ‘92 Clare M.‘87 and Vincent Bonafede Jessica ‘90 and John ‘90 Bonavita Joseph T. Bonelli ‘74 Mary E. Bonner ‘85 Diane L.‘74 and Harvey Bonner-Dubin Ralph L.‘84 and Elise Bonsignore Beverly Bord ‘74 Jeanine R. Borkowski ‘71 Michelle Borowski ‘08 Leszek ‘99 and Eva ‘99 Borowski Nereida ‘88 and Daniel Borrero Bernice P. Bostick ‘86 Steven Boswell ‘05 Alfred C.‘84 and Eileen Boulton George E. Bouquio ‘85 Robert ‘95 and Alice Bova Ruth F. Bowden ‘75 Howard F. Bowe, Jr.‘81 Victoria Bradley ‘99 Sandra K.‘86 and Robert P.‘86 Bradley John E. Brady ‘76 Alicia H.‘82 and Fred Brafman Ronald L. Braine ‘79 Patricia A.‘72 and George Y. Bramwell Robert Branciforte ‘86 Josephine Brantley ‘77 Edwin C.‘75 and Catherine Brech Frances ‘86 and James Britton Elaine J. Brodsky ‘87 Susan L.‘74 and Joseph B. Brody Donna Brogna ‘74 Lillian L. Brosnick ‘91 James W.‘93 and Catherine Brown Jeanne Brown ‘95 Julius Brown ‘75 Philip Browne ‘75 Frederick S. Browne ‘81

Pamela A. Browne ‘74 Rosette Brown-Irving ‘73 John Brunetti ‘72 Gladys A. Brusa-Lynch ‘71 Denise ‘76 and Paul A. Brusda-Caruselle William Buck, Jr.‘89 Veronica Buck ‘90 Arnold M. Buglione ‘71 Ron Bulla ‘86 Louis M.‘75 and Rosetta G. Bunch Cara Buonincontri, JD ‘76 Barry ‘73 and Laurie Burbank Joseph H.‘80 and Annette Burdi Concetta Burgess ‘80 Carol Burke ‘91 Shelly K.‘90 and Harvey Burko Castell E.‘93 and Claude Burton William L. Bush ‘88 Marilyn D. Butawice ‘82 Mauvin J. Bute ‘93 Asrine Butler ‘78 Raymond Butler ‘98 Stephen Buttafuoco ‘02 Carlos Buzzetta ‘93 Patricia A. Cable-Perkins ‘95 Arthur Cacace ‘07 Jody M. Caccese ‘90 Colette R. Caesar ‘93 Eugenia A. Caffrey, RN ‘88 Marie A.‘97 and Palmiro Caiazza Valli M. Calabrese ‘92 Patricia Calchi ‘01 Julius Caldari ‘75 Helene M. Callari ‘84 Minnie C. Callender ‘74 Joseph H. Calvanese ‘88 Anthony P. Calvano ‘75 Craig‘62 and Renee Cambria Brian V. Camera ‘82 Patrick J.‘89 and Marie A.‘75 Camerlengo Elizabeth Cammarano ‘74 Shannon D.‘97 and Frederick J. Cammarano Laura G. Campagna ‘07 Mary Campanella ‘74 Joan E. Campbell-Roberts, RN BSN ‘00 Joan K. Campione ‘75 Barbara H.‘96 and Philip Camporeale Lisa A. Candido ‘87 Joyce G.‘64 and Anthony Cangro Barbara A.‘81 and Mark C. Cannizzaro Edmond Canova ‘77 Xian M. Cao ‘99 Maria L.‘93 and Anthony Caporaso Elaine M. Capper ‘84 George Carapella ‘79 Ellen G. Carbone ‘75 Joseph L.‘74 and Nicolena Carcaterra Neil N.‘78 and Pam Carcaterra Augustine Cardeli ‘76 Esta R. Carelli ‘89 Paula W. Carlo ‘78 Janice Carlozzi ‘94 Marie A., PhD ‘76 and Daniel Carrese-Araoz Mary T. Carrig ‘84 Wilfred C. Carrington, Sr.‘77 Merle Carter ‘81 Joan ‘80 and Louis Caruso James V. Casale ‘71 Jeanne Casanovas ‘80 Karen A. Casino ‘80 Carlo A. Casoria ‘76 Joseph A. Cassiano, Sr.‘70 Domitila Castagnetto ‘97 Barbara J. Castaldo ‘79 Leonardo Castellanos ‘97 Edith Castelletti ‘77 Salvatore M. Castelli ‘79 Derrick ‘94 and Roxanne A.‘93 Castillo Lydia Castro ‘96 Agatino Cataldi ‘05

Virginia ‘84 and Phil Cattano-Van Dongen Maryann Cavallo ‘99 Linda Cavicchio ‘72 Leonor Cedeno ‘75 Paula A. Cenci ‘95 Linda Cennamo ‘99 Mary C.‘86 and Anthony Cerullo Linda A.Cerullo-Picciotto‘77 Normajean ‘87 and Vincent Cesario Helen A. Chambers ‘82 Rosa H.Y. Chan ‘96 Lake Chan ‘98 Susan ‘08 and Thomas R.‘79 Chapman Allison L. Charles ‘78 Humera N. Chaudry ‘94 Claudia A. Chesnulovitch ‘84 Susan Chew ‘06 Patricia ‘77 and Anthony Chiarelli Ludwin F. Chicaiza ‘98 Raymond J. Chichi, Jr.‘75 Rosemarie Chirdo ‘02 Wai F. Chiu ‘88 Chot Cho ‘03 Byeong C. Choi ‘95 Frank J. Chorman, Jr.‘81 John R.‘94 and Joyce M.‘84 Chow John A. Christiansen ‘85 Daniel H. Christiansen ‘82 Bernice Christmas ‘75 Melanie Christon ‘87 Siuwang Chu ‘74 Joady Ciceio ‘98 Joan L. Cilenti ‘92 Michael Cillo ‘03 Elizabeth ‘80 and John Cincotta Domenico Cintorrino ‘75 Joanne Cipolli ‘00 Ellen M.‘86 and Joseph Cipriano Albert ‘79 and Danya Cirigliano Nicole L. Cirillo ‘01 Antoinette Cirillo ‘79 Joseph J. Ciulla ‘75 Lenora Clark ‘71 William J. Clark ‘85 Stacy A. Clark ‘99 Livingston B. Clayton, Jr.‘77 Constance L. Clayton ‘75 Amy C. Clegg ‘97 Carolynn B.‘75 and Pat Clemente Eleanor W. Clifford ‘91 Ronald J. Clohessy ‘88 Andrew R. Clunis ‘81 Lee J. Cogan ‘80 Bruce J.‘74 and Janet Cohn Margaret ‘85 and John Colangelo Rose T. Colarusso ‘73 Richard A. Coleman ‘75 Hugh ‘89 and Linda Coleman Karen B. Collins ‘83 Gianna Colombo ‘01 Joann C. Comas,ANP ‘87 John Comfort ‘03 Erma M.‘79 and Ernest Competiello Caroline M. Conevery ‘91 Glen Connell ‘03 Jeff Conocchioll ‘81 Barbara C. Consolazio ‘74 Vivian Conti ‘69 Kermit R. Cook ‘70 Susanne Cook ‘76 Ellenmarie Cope ‘88 Susan Corcoran-Tagliaferr‘07 George ‘91 and Tina Corde Anne Corigliano ‘92 Loyda Correa ‘84 Gloria M. Cortopassi ‘89 Margaret C. Cosentino ‘75 Carol Costello ‘74 Patricia Covello ‘96 Jane E. Coyle ‘83 Thomas J., Jr.‘80 and Joann Craw Joan Crawford ‘90 Joanne F.‘90 and Thomas Cresci

Louis J.‘72 and Diane ‘72 Crisci Vincent A.‘87 and Joanne Critti Nina ‘87 and Paul Critti Theodora M. Cross ‘06 Elaine B. Croteau ‘75 Alexis V. Crowdell ‘06 Anthony C. Crowdell ‘94 Marta H. Cubas ‘70 Janet Cuccia ‘89 Penny Cummings ‘02 Margaret E. Cummins ‘82 Maureen E.‘03 and Michael Curran John B.‘83 and Mary Ellen Currie Jack S. Curro ‘76 Colette ‘77 and Dean Curry Cathy E. Curry ‘74 Chet S. Cutick ‘87 Raymond J. Czajkowski ‘98 Robert W.‘69 and Rosemary Daetsch Joseph ‘91 and Susan D’Agostaro Ronnie L. Dagostino ‘89 Angela B. Daif ‘92 Jennifer E. Dalbero ‘97 Damian P.‘78 and Kathleen A. D’Albero Lourdes P. D’Alessio ‘79 Richard A. Daley ‘94 Joseph A. Dalimonte ‘66 William Dalton ‘02 Joseph N. Dambra ‘78 Gregory A.‘82 and Catherine D’Ambrosio Rosalie ‘82 and Gerard Dangelo-Dragonetti Lorraine ‘93 and Roy K. Danischewski Frances M. Danke ‘89 Jay Darraugh ‘87 Michael S. Darsillo ‘80 Malinda E. Davie ‘78 Byron W. Davis ‘86 Vernon ‘84 and Rosalind Davis Dorothy J. Davison ‘77 Donald A. De Gard ‘82 Rafael ‘78 and Maritza De Leon John N.‘80 and Patricia A. De Santis Mary S. De Silva ‘93 Maria DeAcetis ‘05 William A. DeAngelis ‘82 Louis J. Deangelis ‘86 Carmine M. DeBetta ‘80 Sonja Debs ‘71 Victor E., Jr.‘76 and Lola Debs Annette DeCarlo ‘92 Sharon P. Deegan ‘81 Maureen Deery-Walsh ‘83 Connie M. DeFrancesco ‘76 Diane M. Defranco ‘94 Louis Delahanty ‘89 Margaret F. Delbagno ‘81 Evens Delbrune ‘83 Elizabeth M. D’Elia ‘85 Ann Marie Delinikolaou ‘77 Ronnie Delprete ‘84 Anna M. DeLuca ‘77 Daniel Deluca ‘91 Maryann T. DeLuca ‘75 Normajean A. DeMaio ‘84 Michael Demarest ‘96 Phyllis I. Dembin ‘72 Kathleen A.‘70 and Donald J. DeMeo Ellen R. Dempsey-Atlas ‘76 Phillip Denis ‘84 Marie Dente ‘76 Camille L.‘87 and George Denti Carl DePasquale ‘91 Rita Maria Depaulo ‘94 Patricia DePutron ‘97 Ann S.‘69 and Alan Derison Gracemarie ‘70 and Richard J.‘70 D’Erizans Mary B. DeRosa ‘91 Patricia Desalvia-Savage ‘72 Georgette J. DeSalvo ‘97 Mary Jane DeSantis ‘73 Robert A. DeSantis, Jr.‘85 33

Christina M. Desario ‘80 Ashley W. Deshong ‘81 Andrew III ‘91 and Theresa Desimone Margaret Desimone ‘95 Francois N.‘78 and Jeanine Desravines Maria J. Destefano ‘84 Daniel F. D’Eugenio ‘76 Kim ‘03 and Thomas DeVito Joanne T., PhD ‘85 and Thomas J. DeVito, Esq. Joan R. Deyoreo ‘78 David Diakow ‘89 Rita ‘91 and Herb Diamond Scott D. Diamond ‘02 Victor P. Dias ‘76 Raymond Diaz ‘81 William C.‘96 and Kari Diaz Sal DiBenedetto ‘97 Andrew G. Dickos ‘77 Kimberly ‘03 and Daniel DiDonato Eleanor Dienes, CSW ‘77 Louisa Digerolamo ‘07 Carvin DiGiovanni ‘75 Carol ‘74 and Rocco DiGregorio Josephine ‘04 and Arnold DiJoseph Gehrig P. Dilgard ‘74 Patrick J.‘74 and Christine DiLillo Troy H. Dillard ‘98 Jessica Dillon ‘84 Carolyn ‘84 and Joseph L. DiMartino Michele Dinapoli ‘69 Joseph Dinatale ‘70 Donna M.‘75 and John DiNatale Jerrold M.‘67 and Mary Ellen Dinkels Lucy DiPaola ‘71 Ann ‘87 and Joseph C. DiPietro Jennifer A. DiPilato ‘92 Josephine A. Disanti ‘80 Nicholas DiTommaso ‘01 Joanne DiTommaso ‘73 John Dixon ‘69 Marie Deanna E. Dizon ‘93 Suzanne E. Doccola ‘91 Eve K.‘85 and Hyman Doctor John F. Doherty, PhD ‘82 Sandra Dolan ‘89 Linda M. Dombi ‘97 Christine ‘77 and Patrick Donahue Frank D. Donato ‘80 Elaine M. Donlin ‘73 Michael J.‘76 and Rita Donlon Brian M. Donlon ‘88 Catherine M. Donnelly ‘87 John E.‘77 and Concetta Donnery Eileen M. Donovan ‘73 Gregory D’Orazio ‘72 Edmond Dorcelus ‘87 Laurie F.‘73 and Norman ‘73 Dorf Susan H. Doria ‘87 Salvatore A.‘66 and Antoinette D’Orio Emaan Dosouki ‘03 Rita M. Dougherty ‘06 Catherine DoughertyEastep ‘71 Carmen M.‘72 and Fredrick Douglass Eva M. Dowdell ‘90 Gustave R. Dowling II ‘85 Wendy D. Driesman ‘91 Daniel T. Driscoll ‘69 Francoise Drozd ‘75 David Dubarry ‘91 James P.‘89 and Catherine Duffy William M. Dugan ‘65 Kathleen Dunn ‘05 Carol L. Dunn ‘89 Vincent Durante, Jr.‘91 Marie M. Dutel ‘82 Frances Dyball ‘05 Jeffrey W. Eagel ‘72 Carol A. Eberle ‘83 34

Brendan Eccleston ‘83 Mitchell A. Edelstein ‘89 Scott M. Edelstein ‘87 Carol ‘73 and David E.‘75 Edgar Don R.‘86 and Yvette E. Edwards Karen M. Edwards ‘92 Katherine Edwards ‘88 Barbara Egitto-Merino ‘88 Alice ‘79 and Louis W. Eib Carl Eisenberg ‘66 Eme E. Ekpe-Enyosiobi ‘93 Frieda M. Elefant ‘82 Rita El’Hakim ‘76 Joan ‘75 and Charles Eller Irma Ellis ‘79 Kathleen Elsibay ‘05 Tracey ‘04 and Ira Elting Suzanne Emerling ‘99 Joan Engelhardt ‘01 Jeanne ‘92 and John T. Englert Katherine C. Engles ‘71 Madeleine G. Entel ‘73 and Bruce P. Hurter Frances S. Epstein ‘83 Ahmed A. Eraky ‘91 Alverna L. Eriksson ‘71 Nancy Errichiello ‘87 Barbara A. Esmilla ‘93 Carol A. Essig ‘72 Lawrence E.‘87 and Tanya Etah Gerald ‘01 and Ronni ‘03 Ettinger Theodore L. Eusebi ‘88 Denise M.‘94 and Richard A. Evers Olusola Fadare ‘94 Marie A.‘79 and Harry J. Fahey Joseph V. Failla ‘72 Dorothy T.‘86 and Thomas A. Faison Nancy Fama ‘01 Jason Famularo ‘06 Dolores P. Fanelli ‘91 Julio E. Farah ‘07 Richard H.‘69 and Shera I. Farkas Alice B., EdD ‘75 and Charles Farkouh Victor Farley ‘79 Carolyn M. Farley ‘71 Brian I. Farley ‘93 Redwan Farran ‘99 Maria Farrell ‘85 Laura L. Farrell ‘70 Grace ‘76 and James P. Fasullo James V. Fazzolari ‘78 Ruth Fede ‘78 Kathy Federico ‘75 Ellen ‘90 and Thomas Felci Beverly Feldstein ‘77 Christine A. Felton ‘73 Betty Fenner ‘77 Arlene Feola ‘98 Philip Fera ‘03 Adele F. Fernandes ‘79 Jean J. Ferrer ‘75 Louis R.‘82 and Theresa Ferretti Floria Ferretti ‘82 Thomas S. Ferrie ‘84 Patricia A. Festa ‘84 Frank Ficazzola ‘83 Maureen G. Fields ‘90 Jackeline Figueroa ‘99 Jean Paul Fils-Aime ‘74 Eileen M. Finn ‘83 Christine Fiorenza ‘87 Joan A. Fischer ‘85 Barbara Fischer ‘76 Robert Fisher ‘87 Kathleen Fitzgerald, RN ‘89 Mary P.‘94 and Martin K.‘64 Fitzpatrick Robert J. Fitzpatrick ‘79 Frances Flachofsky ‘86 Ruth Flanagan ‘77 Carol N. Flannery ‘73 Marsha L.‘90 and Fred Flashburg Beth D.‘88 and Allen Flashner Eva J. Fleischman ‘84

Jo Ann Fleming, CPA ‘86 Maryclare Flood ‘83 Edith Flores-De-Isaza ‘05 Robert A. Florio ‘73 Denise ‘99 and Joseph Flynn Donald J. Flynn ‘72 Frank J. Foder ‘76 Judith A. Fodor ‘74 Elizabeth A. Folan ‘07 Wai S. Fong ‘97 Michael R. Foran ‘76 Glen G. Forde ‘84 Bernadette ‘79 and Robert D. Forster Susan Fosco ‘95 Aldo J. Fossella ‘77 Jane M. Frangos ‘77 Korinne ‘72 and Cornell C. ‘83 Frank, PhD Allan Frank ‘91 Bonnie J., MS ‘88 and Louis Freda Kimberly Frisina ‘99 Beatrice A. Fulciniti ‘79 Maria E.‘82 and Daniel N.‘83 Fullenwider Carl J.‘76 and Laura Fumando Evelyn D. Fusco ‘96 Eileen Gabriel ‘05 Joseph M. Gaffney ‘81 Kathleen M. Gaffney ‘85 William Gagliardi, Jr.‘76 Janet J. Galante ‘05 DeboraA.‘81 and Sal Galazzo Allison M. Galdorisi ‘87 Patricia Galicia-Saur ‘75 Mary J. Gallagher ‘87 Julie C. Gallagher ‘92 Angelo Gallego, Jr.‘80 Joanne R. Gallo ‘98 Manette Gampel ‘93 Joseph F. Gandolfo ‘82 Keila Garcia ‘06 Gilbert Garcia ‘96 Fedalia L. Gardiner ‘80 Yocheved Garfinkel ‘98 Paul C. Gargiulo, PhD ‘85 Marjorie L. Garpestad ‘91 Elizabeth T.‘83 and William J. Garry Brian ‘00 and Nicole ‘02 Gasper Barbara Ann Gattullo ‘72 Edward J. Gdula ‘66 Paul Gemarro ‘82 Michael J. Geraci ‘95 Blanca G. Gerard ‘72 Jean E. Gerosolina ‘71 Sara S. Ghafari, Esq.‘77 Eileen T. Giacobbe ‘82 Bessie L.‘81 and Vasilios A. ‘81 Giannopoulos Gloria Gianoulis ‘92 Elizabeth Giasemedis ‘86 John F. Gibson, Sr.‘74 Thomas Giddens ‘76 Allison J. Gigante ‘98 Carrie L. Giglio ‘02 Joan Gilbert ‘74 Michele M.‘74 and Kipyard Gilbert Michael T. Gilbride ‘92 Elizabeth Giles ‘95 Toni Gill ‘08 Rose Anne M. Gillen ‘89 Phyllis D. Gino ‘81 Angela E. Giordano, RN ‘90 Ralph G. Giordano ‘93 Connie Giove ‘03 Judith Gitnick ‘71 Mary Giuriceo ‘80 Timothy K. Glennon ‘77 Ingrid Godfrey ‘05 Nancy ‘00 and Rudolph Goetze Kathryn Goffredo ‘04 Marjorie J. Goldberg ‘88 Allen Goldberg ‘72 Arnold Goldfarb ‘80 Norman Z. Goldfarb ‘71 Sue Ann ‘70 and Robert Goldman Barry L. Goldstein ‘79 Paul Goldstein ‘84 Marcia A. Goldstein ‘74 Victor V. Gomez ‘79

Cynthia ‘83 and Edward Gonzalez Barbara J. Gonzalez ‘97 AliceT.Goodloe-Whipple‘77 Lydia Goolsby ‘72 Susan ‘86 and Reuben Gorbaty Elaine ‘79 and Roberto Gorbea John ‘99 and Anne Gordon Bernice K.‘86 and hilip C. Gordon Elaine C. Gordon ‘76 Lawrence I. Gordon ‘69 Carolyn A. Gordon ‘81 Mary E. Gore ‘77 Christine Gould ‘06 Barry J. Governale ‘77 Virginia Grady ‘77 Joseph M.‘70 and Judy Graf Harry Graf ‘82 Catherine A. Graham ‘86 Theresa D. Gramprey ‘81 Maria Grande ‘89 Jeannette C. Grande ‘89 Thomas G. Granello ‘88 Marie B.‘94 and Joseph Granite Anita Grasso ‘77 Stephen B. Greeley ‘94 Jill L.‘71 and James J. Greenan Toby R. Greenzang ‘96 Ronald A. Gregg, Esq.‘77 Eirini ‘04 and Petros A. Gregoriou Helen R. Gretz ‘97 Barbara Greves ‘92 Annette M.‘77 and Kenneth Grieco, MD Eileen M. Griffo ‘92 Kim M. Griffo-Ferrezza ‘94 Joan Grillo ‘76 Douglas E. Grimes ‘82 Lorraine Grochowski ‘93 Michael R. Grogan ‘01 Deborah L.‘86 and Donald W. Gross Michael Grullon ‘81 John A. Grzeskowiak, Jr.‘71 JoAnne C.‘03 and Anthony Guadagno Joanne Gualtieri ‘86 Dolores Guardino ‘84 Lauren Guarneri ‘04 Lynn C.‘85 and Julius Guarnieri Marc Guerin ‘93 Jeanne G.‘71 and Robert Gugliara Phyllis Guglietta ‘98 Kathleen J. Guise ‘75 Joseph N.‘77 and Irene Gumbs Patsy A. Gumbs ‘72 Eileen D. Gupta Melnik ‘08 Paula Gural ‘81 Renaud A. Gustave ‘84 Martha Guttilla ‘71 Charles V. Guttilla ‘73 Martha Guzman ‘88 Rami M. Habas ‘04 Neva‘77 and Richard Hacker Walter A. Haggerty ‘73 Wayne Hall ‘84 Barbara A. Halleran ‘75 Erin Halligan-McCaleb ‘92 Kerry L. Halvorsen ‘86 Mayer Hamedanykohan ‘85 Eileen ‘79 and Harvey Handel Susanne and Stephen P.‘69 Hanibal Nabil F.‘02 and Valentina V. Hanna Laura ‘84 and Jeffrey Hannan Judith Hannan ‘83 Mary S. Hannan ‘03 Arthur J. Hansen ‘66 Gladys A.‘72 and Knude Hansen, Jr. Bette Hansen ‘78 Mary Jo ‘90 and Mark ‘01 Hansen Sharon‘87 and Mark Hanson Daniel J.‘97 and Marie Lois Haran

Lynn ‘66 and Herbert Hardie Cantor Henry O.‘77 and Patricia Harlow Barbara E. Harrigan ‘93 Enid W. Harris ‘74 Frances ‘72 and Joseph Harris Kevin M.‘86 and Marianne Harris Francesca Harris ‘07 Gary ‘00 and Carol Harte Alvin C.‘88 and June Hartje Marika O. Hartman ‘72 Sayeh R. Hashemi, MD ‘98 Rita A.‘73 and Jacob Hasselbacher Herbert R. Hasselgren ‘74 Farzaneh Hatami ‘85 Joseph A.‘77 and Carole Haynor Joseph Hegel ‘02 Diane ‘81 and Christopher ‘76 Hemmes Amy B. Hennessy ‘81 Kathleen M. Hennessy ‘89 Ralph C. Henninger ‘80 Sarah M. Henry ‘76 Marc F. Herman ‘71 Maria Hernandez ‘00 Linda M. Herron ‘97 Eric L. Hershkowitz ‘65 Neil Hershkowitz ‘73 and Judith Rivas William Hertling ‘77 Kathy M. Hetherington ‘90 Maria E.‘75 and Stephen D.‘73 High Marjorie J. Hill ‘75 Nobuyoshi Hirai ‘97 Ethel ‘71 and Ronald Hirshon Eve Hodes ‘80 Ellen ‘90 and Alex J. Hoehn Jacqueline D.‘76 and Alan Hoffner Joan M.‘77 and Robert Hogan Kathleen ‘94 and John F. Holler John P.‘71 and Claudia Hollywood Rosalie E. Holmes ‘91 Christine P. Holt ‘71 Virginia R. Hoolahan ‘86 Celeste A.‘80 and Russell Horai Lisbeth K. Horn ‘80 Dianne Horning ‘05 Mercedes E. Horton ‘75 Maureen Howard ‘84 Dora L. Howell ‘87 Quentin Huang ‘88 Marian T.‘84 and John Hughes Rosemary Hunt ‘90 Nancy Hyman ‘89 Kathleen Iannolino ‘88 Christian O. Imonina ‘88 Sumru Inal ‘92 Paul Ingenito ‘98 Brant E. Inners ‘01 Madeline Innocent ‘74 Robert J. Irrera ‘70 Shelldy E.‘78 and Patricia Isibor Abu M. Islam ‘91 Jacqueline A. Israel ‘96 Theresa H. Isser ‘77 Anthony N. Izzo ‘90 Judith ‘92 and James E.‘79 Jackson Ellen Jacobs ‘97 Arlene ‘84 and Jerry Jacobson Sally J. Jacobs-Walsh, RN ‘87 Denise M. Jacoby ‘04 Arlene S. Jaffe ‘92 Melvina ‘00 and Edmund ‘75 Jagacki Elaine M. James ‘83 David V. James, PhD ‘71 Kim ‘02 and John Jastremski Zangar A. Jefferson ‘03 Joyce K. Jeidel ‘69 Mildred Jenkins ‘92 Elizabeth A. Jennings ‘96

Marianne D.‘75 and Roger Jerome Patricia M.‘93 and Michael Jezycki Torrey I.‘61 and Judy Johannessen Mary Johansen ‘72 Ralph G. Johnson ‘67 Jesse L.‘82 and Martha R. Johnson Fred M.‘74 and Altheada Johnson Frederick E. Johnson ‘77 Renate C. Johnson ‘07 Jerome ‘76 and Virginia Johnson Michael Johnson ‘84 Mike P. Johnson ‘84 Kathleen E. Johnson ‘72 Felice Johnson-Gullo ‘83 Sally E.‘97 and David Jones Charles A. Jones ‘84 Patricia A. Jones ‘74 Verla E. Joseph ‘87 Prisca Joseph ‘99 Elizabeth Joyce ‘02 Justyna K. Jung ‘98 Margaret M. Kabak ‘93 Lenora A. Kain ‘90 Neerbala ‘98 and Suman Kalia Antoinette M. Kalin ‘72 Francine F.‘81 and Willy Kaplan Cynthia A. Karczewski ‘95 Mohammed Karim ‘07 Michele Karpeles ‘08 Toby J. Karten ‘79 Glenna A.‘90 and George Karyczak Gail ‘76 and Leonard Katcher Alexander ‘87 and Merle S. Katimbang Alan Kaufman ‘69 Helane E. Kaufman ‘84 Kevin R. Kavanagh ‘83 James J. Keane, Jr.‘60 Joy A. Keithline ‘79 Francis V. Kelleher ‘69 Ann F. Keller ‘74 Nellie M. Kemevor ‘93 David G. Kemp ‘86 Linda A. Kennedy ‘80 and James L. Kerr Brenda‘94 and Ahmad Khan Donal J.‘93 and Carol B. Kidney Margaret J. Kiernan ‘70 Donald J.‘77 and Audrey B. Kiloh Paula J. Kindos Carberry ‘75 Michael J. King ‘96 Christopher King ‘93 Joan Kirson ‘81 Jeanne B. Kish ‘75 Fotios Kitzantides ‘75 Frank Klapuri ‘88 Vincent W. Kliesch ‘98 Eric D. Knutsen ‘94 Gregory L. Koellner ‘84 Edris A.‘89 and Charles Kohm Marie H. Kokkonen ‘73 Aleksandr Koltunov ‘95 Veronica Konieczny ‘86 Erica Korzekwinski ‘01 Susan T.‘89 and Walter Kotula Dennis Kovol ‘70 Barbara Kramer ‘76 Roberta Ellin Kranz ‘95 Kathryn J. Krause-Ingulli ‘81 and Robert Saa Joanne D. Krisky ‘89 Lillian ‘89 and Arthur Krollage Elina Kruglyak ‘98 William P. Kubinski ‘86 Judith A.‘72 and Stephen J. Kudless Arlene Kuffner ‘76 Elise J. Kump ‘74 Rudy Kvenvik ‘78 Kwan Yee ‘78 and Pak Kwong Mary La Bella Gay ‘86 Vincent LaBarbera ‘03

Richard R.‘70 and Anna L. Labbate Allison Laffin ‘99 Eugene K., Esq.‘70 and Lillian Lamb Concetta L. LaMorte ‘84 Randee Lampell ‘96 Judith Lancaster ‘78 Joan A. Landi ‘96 Linda A. Laner ‘76 Maryann Lange ‘81 Rita‘73 and John M.Lanorith Annmarie ‘80 and Neil Lanza-Bisciello Ann Marie ‘91 and Stephen Lanza-Caifa Veronica A. Larney ‘99 Brent R. LaRosa ‘90 Mary L. Larsen ‘88 Bernardette S. Larsen ‘75 Eric P.‘77 and Pat Lau Robert B.‘71 and Rena Lauer Esther M. Laurant ‘77 Carol A.‘91 and Mark Laurie Arthur M.‘75 and Geri Lauter Ann M. Lautner ‘92 Carolyn S. Lawler, JD ‘98 Celeste S. Lawrence ‘94 Camille Lazar ‘79 Minhtan Le ‘90 Phyllis R. Lederman, Esq.‘83 Richard L.‘73 and Dorothy Leide Linda Leimone ‘87 Mercedes R. Lemos ‘72 Janet M. Lendzian ‘72 Marilyn G. Lenkowsky ‘86 Dean M.‘93 and Christine Lenzini Maria Leo ‘02 William J.‘79 and Laura Leonardi Monte ‘89 and Barbara A. Lependorf Arthur F. LePorin, Jr.‘78 Barbara Leskowicz ‘96 Arline Lester ‘74 Peggy E. Lettieri ‘75 Brenda O. Leung ‘89 Karen L. Levay ‘98 Allison Leventhal ‘02 Anne Levesque ‘74 Denise R. Levin ‘75 Arnold E.‘75 and Elaine ‘74 Levine Peggy I. Levine ‘76 Brian D., Esq.‘70 and Theresa Levine Jerry Levine ‘82 Theresa K. Levine ‘84 Emery H.‘83 and Lucinda Lewis Kelly Li ‘03 Siu Yu Li ‘81 Nicholas G.‘74 and Susan Liatsis Lynne Libert ‘03 Joel R. Lichtenstein ‘74 Leonard W.‘74 and Rose Lichter Marilyn ‘82 and Morris Liebman Ellen M. Ling ‘70 Harriet E. Liodakis ‘98 Joseph G., PE ‘87 and Cynthia Lione Shirley T.‘72 and Alan Lipkin Carol A. Lisa ‘71 Nancy Lisiewski ‘80 Hector M. Llanos ‘81 Jane Locastro ‘79 Susan F. Locke ‘92 Patricia A. Lockhart ‘96 Gregg ‘95 and Cynthia Lockhart Josephine ‘72 and Mark LoFrisco David W. Lohman ‘72 Patricia A. Lomando ‘72 John A. Lombardo ‘76 Jessica Lopa ‘02 Rose S. Lopa ‘91 Antoinette LoPresti ‘03 Bridget Losche ‘82 Cathy P.‘81 and William B. Love Lorraine M. Love ‘74

Camille M.‘84 and Michael Luciano Patricia Ann Lunny ‘71 Robin Luxenberg ‘85 Maryann ‘96 and James Lyons Roger MacCormack ‘73 Helene Mackenzie ‘93 Noel Macwan ‘97 Pamela ‘65 and James MacWilliams Edwin I.‘91 and Surekha Madari Marian‘91 and Noah Maggio Joanne ‘83 and Guy C.‘83 Maggiore Joseph F. Magliocca, MD ‘95 Irene Magnani ‘99 Janet Magnuson ‘07 Beatrice D. Magnuson ‘79 Monica Mahan-Withers ‘91 Mary R. Mahoney ‘87 Janet Mahoney ‘90 Margaret Maksimowich ‘99 Santa ‘74 and Anthony J. Malatestinic Christopher ‘86 and Lisa Maldarelli Eufemia A. Maldari ‘74 Gloria Maldonado ‘01 Herbert ‘63 and Karen Maletz Elizabeth A.‘80 and Edward Malone Maria T. Mammano ‘94 Jamie Manaois ‘03 Peter C.‘91 and Susan Mancuso Virginia Mancuso-Hogan ‘71 and Gary W. Hogan Joyce Mandel ‘02 Matthew A. Mandracchia ‘89 Susan G. Manejias Parke ‘90 Linda ‘91 and Keith J.‘95 Manfredi Elaine A. Manfredonia ‘91 Janet A. Manfredonia ‘97 Rosanne Mangione ‘84 William J. Manigault ‘63 Paul ‘84 and Laura C. Mannino Valerie Manos-Sofia ‘71 Ogie G. Mapp ‘72 Gaetano Marasa ‘94 Janet ‘92 and Salvatore Marcello Charles M. March ‘95 Lisa ‘79 and Donald Marchesiello Jane Marchi ‘74 Santina ‘99 and Franco Marcolin Elena Marell ‘80 Michele L. Mareno ‘89 Sergio G. Marin ‘92 Susan Marinelli ‘03 James T.‘72 and Margaret Marini Carolyn W. Mark ‘89 Thomas J.‘91 and Maureen Marlow Diana E. Marquis ‘89 William M. Marsh ‘72 Joan B.‘70 and Leroy Martin Maria E. Martin ‘86 Frank C.‘94 and Elba Martin Barbara R. Martin ‘96 Frank A.‘76 and Mary Martucci Kathleen R.‘72 and Peter J. Marzano Linda A. Mascari ‘72 Victoria Masi ‘97 Jennifer M. Masiello ‘01 Denise Massi ‘00 Thomas M., PhD ‘74 and Carmella Masucci Donna F. Mathew ‘70 Paulette M. Mathieu ‘96 Erica Mattera ‘01 Thomas ‘00 and Vynne Mauro Paul J.‘82 and Brenda Mazur Debra L.‘85 and Robert F.‘89 Mazzarella Frank J.‘88 and Susan Mazzella Henry V. Mazzola ‘76

George ‘91 and Susan ‘99 McAnanama Booker T. McArthur ‘75 Elizabeth M. McAvoy ‘69 Kevin R. McBride ‘87 Maureen McCabe ‘79 Michael McCaffrey ‘85 Marybeth ‘87 and James McCarthy John J. McCarthy ‘73 Joseph McCarthy ‘96 Katherine McCarthy ‘78 Donald McCartney ‘83 Brian J. McCormick ‘95 Patricia J. McCue ‘94 Janice McDonnell ‘75 Kristin McDonough ‘75 Elizabeth A. McGinley-Foley ‘72 Barbara McGinn ‘77 Mary-Jane McGlynn ‘91 William J.‘93 and MaryAnn McGowan Dana McGowan ‘92 Claudia ‘98 and Thomas J.‘94 McGrath Eileen McGrath ‘74 Mary ‘88 and Patrick McGrath Marie A. McIntosh ‘86 Thomas McIntyre ‘99 Thomas J. McKenna ‘70 James F. McKillop ‘65 James A. McKinnon ‘83 Virginia McLoughlin ‘79 Kevin J. McMahon ‘79 James D. McManus ‘68 William P. McNamara ‘72 Amy S. McNeely ‘76 Ann McNeil ‘79 Lillian A. McNichol ‘74 John ‘81 and Jo Anne McQuade Elizabeth ‘86 and Thaddeus McTigue Rosemarie Meckeneck ‘92 Zarina ‘88 and Mohamed Meerani Lucy Meglio ‘07 Pasquale Meleleo ‘04 Ronald K. Meltzer ‘80 Erica Melville ‘58 Doreen ‘68 and Kenneth Mercer Phyllis ‘04 and Harold Mercil Vivian Meringolo ‘74 John W.‘72 and Dolores Merrell Sidi Mesbahi ‘01 Moises Messulan ‘02 Marion L. Meyers ‘82 Marcella Miccio ‘72 Josephine Micciulla ‘92 Sandra L.‘86 and Peter Micciulla Jack ‘58 and Beate Miceli Joseph M. Miceli ‘73 Linda Miezejeski ‘82 Joseph J.‘70 and Ann Migliozzi Frances Mihich ‘75 Edward C. Mikol ‘80 Maria A.‘86 and Nick Milazzo Regina Milazzo-Innocente‘88 Lester M. Miles, MD ‘72 Wayne J. Miller ‘97 Lora ‘95 and Jonathan S.‘82 Miller Elsie Miller ‘80 Marcie A.‘95 and Paul Milligan Mary Mills ‘98 Leslie V. Mills ‘71 Nathan J.‘72 and Johanna D.‘77 Minucci Mary Mirabello ‘77 Edward Miracco ‘69 Augusta F. Mitchell ‘88 Catherine Mitchell ‘75 Edeline Mitton ‘98 Frank D. Moccaldi ‘75 Wesam M. Mohamed ‘96 John F. Mohr ‘05 Michael Mok ‘01 Kathryn M. MolfinoLogan ‘90

Thomas J.‘99 and Sarah Molinaro Frank L.‘71 and Jean Molino James E. Moller ‘75 Jeanne Moniot ‘93 Bessie L. Moore ‘78 Maureen M. Moore ‘73 Peter Morales ‘93 Helen Moran ‘91 Patricia A.‘96 and Anthony J. Moreira Joseph D. Moreno ‘82 Malka Morgan ‘99 Debra Moriarty, RN ‘91 Charles A. Mormilo ‘80 Phyllis Moroney ‘77 Joseph Moroz ‘73 Bobbie B. Morretta ‘71 Robert T. Morris ‘73 Mary Morrissey ‘05 Martha ‘79 and Michael Morrongiello Raymond W. Mortara ‘74 Jeanne Moscardini ‘93 Karen A. Moscola ‘78 Wendy Moses ‘00 Kalliope K. Moskos ‘89 Cini Mottola ‘05 Stella Motyka ‘70 Mary Mousmoutis ‘76 Tony A. Mrakovcic ‘77 Anita Mrozinski ‘81 Ilir, CPA ‘98 and Behdzet Mujalovic Peter G.‘92 and Dorothy Muller Raymond B. Mullick ‘70 Florence M.‘77 and Gerald Mulvaney Mari Alyss Mulvihill ‘89 Margaret R. Munno ‘71 Sylvia M. Munroe ‘74 Winifred L. Murdaugh ‘71 Robert M.‘92 and Joanne Murphy John D. Murphy ‘58 Richard R. Murphy ‘74 Frank X.‘94 and Linda Murphy Dennis G. Murphy ‘83 Kevin Murray ‘97 Sheryl J.‘88 and Joseph Musacchia Albert W.‘82 and Kathryn Myles Cheryl A. Nadeau ‘91 Baseemah Najeeullah ‘81 Philip F. Napolitano ‘79 Marie T. Napolitano ‘79 James A. Napolitano ‘89 Subram Narayanaswamy ‘97 Elyse Nass ‘73 Linda H. Nassar ‘90 Robert Natalicchio ‘84 Leslie Neckin ‘70 Pauline Neglia ‘80 Alan ‘76 and Susan A. Nelson Thelma A. Nelson ‘83 Richard J.‘89 and Maureen Neumayer Michelle M. Neverson ‘92 Marcia L. Newcombe ‘77 Lisa Nezowitz ‘95 Donna M. Nicholson ‘81 Joseph S. Nicolosi ‘91 Kate F. Nielsen ‘86 Charles J. Niemeyer ‘71 Bessie T. Nieves ‘79 Dana Nigro ‘03 Mark Nolan ‘95 Madeline A.‘84 and Peter Nolan Gail M. Noonan ‘80 Edward O. Norbert ‘92 Daniel Norton ‘75 Alfred V. III ‘94 and Helen Norton Susan E.‘89 and Mark Novak Sylvia A.‘90 and Harold Nudelman Yvette R. Nugent ‘86 Sergio ‘07 and Irma Nusfaumer Angela Nusser ‘75 Elaine M.‘01 and Carmine Nuzzolo Carol Obler ‘76

Mary Ellen ‘77 and John O’Boyle Roseann O’Brien ‘91 Lydia B. O’Brien ‘83 Catherine M. O’Brien ‘00 Catherine O’Callaghan ‘79 Christine A. O’Connell ‘85 Noris Oddo ‘83 Dennis O’Dowd ‘70 Douglas ‘71 and Patricia Ogle Kathleen O’Hanlon ‘94 Joan Ohre ‘76 Nora F. O’Keefe ‘94 Steven C. Okulewicz ‘72 Michael A. Okusanya ‘94 Sharon ‘93 and Peter Oliver Janet S. Olonko, RN ‘74 Debra A.‘93 and Raymond ‘75 Olsen Cynthia Olsen-Dinkins ‘93 Lynne S. Olsen-Pagano ‘76 Clifford R. Olson ‘65 Maureen A. O’Neill ‘85 Robert A.‘86 and Patricia Orlando Simone J. Orlando ‘72 Frank A.‘81 and Donna Orlando Joseph A.‘95 and Antonietta Orlando Rocco A. Orlando ‘69 Teresa B. Orlando ‘88 Nancy Ormonde ‘97 Terrie Anne O’Rourke ‘87 Lillian S. Orrok ‘70 Jose L. Ortiz ‘71 Grace Osborn ‘70 Yvonne J.‘90 and Paul Osterlund Susan M. O’Toole ‘81 Gregory C.‘79 and Doreen Overstrom Faith B. Oviasuyi-Brown ‘06 David K.‘70 and Marilyn A.‘92 Owens Virginia Ozgar ‘94 Patricia A. Pagnotta ‘73 Joseph W., Jr.‘84 and Geraldine Paini Joseph F.‘86 and Patricia Palermo Walter H. Palmer ‘94 Josephine Palmeri ‘94 Anne Palumbo ‘02 Bart F. Panettieri ‘02 Mary M. Pannone ‘71 Susan Paoletti-Calise ‘77 Anthony F. Papa ‘76 Pauline E. Papapietro ‘98 Frances Papayiannis ‘96 Dean N. Parker ‘90 Julieann Parker ‘03 Frank G. Pascale ‘92 Susan D.‘72 and Joel B. Pasternack Nancy M. Patella ‘71 Geneva Patterson ‘75 Diana Patterson ‘04 Frances A. Patti ‘75 Basil T. Paulakis ‘69 Carol A. Pavin ‘83 Yvonne Payne ‘82 Lorraine M.‘95 and David B. Pearson Stephen Pearson ‘93 Paul M. Pedersen ‘70 Frank M.‘90 and Lisa Pennisi Michael Pepe ‘95 Luigi Pepe ‘03 Martha Perez ‘78 Anne C. Perez ‘97 Ellen M. Perroth ‘83 John Petkus ‘83 Anna Petrak ‘83 Dora Jean Petrecca ‘01 Aleyamma ‘83 and Philip Philip Alison M.‘80 and Steven R.‘81 Phillips Diane E. Picco ‘97 Margaret M. Picerno ‘00 George ‘89 and Donna Pickett James A. Picone ‘88 Allison ‘90 and Stuart M.‘87 Pierce, Esq.

Stephen B. Pierre ‘81 Gwendolyn L.‘82 and Fritzgerald Pierre-Louis Catherine Pignata ‘07 Anthony L.‘81 and Patricia Pignataro Nicholas F.‘84 and Marie Pileggi Wendy P. Piller ‘72 Bekir ‘69 and Sumeray Pinarli Charles J. Pincus ‘95 Ellen Pincus ‘84 Joel H. Pinsker ‘78 Alice I. Piper ‘92 Marie E. Pirraglia ‘91 Vincent L. Pirro ‘75 John Pisano ‘74 Rosemarie Pisciotti ‘99 Lucille A. Pistilli ‘07 Joanna ‘77 and Natale Chris Pizzolo Rose A. Plastina ‘97 George J. Platoni, Jr.‘63 Elizabeth M. Plonski ‘85 Anne M. Politi ‘94 Anthony J. Polizzi ‘79 Amy B. Pollard ‘73 Lesley B. Pomeranz ‘95 Margaret Ponterella ‘05 Maria Porcell ‘05 Thomas A. Porfilio ‘84 Stephen E.‘83 and Sandra Poris Robin B.‘91 and Craig Posner Harvey Possner ‘75 Barbara ‘93 and Joseph Pravato Eleanor Preston ‘76 John S. Principe ‘80 Leo Priola ‘06 Dawn T. Priore ‘94 Joseph Procopio ‘74 Cecilia T. Proscia ‘96 Howard I. Prussack ‘70 Barbara Pucciarelli ‘77 Jodi D.‘97 and Frank Pugliese Ronald P. Puglisi ‘77 Barbara Puleo ‘06 Alfred Pulvirenti ‘76 Gregory J. Purpura ‘76 Thomas P. Quaadman ‘87 James A. Quadrino ‘08 Suzanne K. Quilty ‘72 Margaret L.‘73 and John M. Quinn Ann Marie Quinn ‘86 Thomas Quinn ‘01 Lisa Quinn ‘98 Thomas F. Quinn ‘74 Mary A. Quinones ‘91 Dilio Quinones ‘77 Iris P.‘74 and Matthew Quintavalli William J. Quirk, Jr.‘77 Janine M. Rabidoux ‘93 Thomas Raccuglia ‘75 Valerie Ann Raccuia ‘88 Linda M. Rackmill ‘95 George R. Radu, Jr.‘88 Carryl ‘77 and Samuel T.‘84 Raffel Joanne D. Rafferty ‘90 Joyce ‘76 and Carmine Ragucci Rama Raguthu ‘03 Joseph H. Raimo ‘75 Victor J.‘80 and Raimondi Bruce ‘89 and Anne Rajswasser Upali ‘92 and Martiale Ranaweera Edward Ranieri ‘04 Isabel M. Ranieri ‘71 Rosanne J. Raso ‘76 Diane ‘69 and David Rathgeber Patricia Ray-Torres ‘84 Santa Raziano ‘85 Mary E. Reardon ‘83 Mary Ann Recor ‘91 Charlotte L. Reed ‘72 Russell P. III ‘73 and Deborah Reeder Jennifer L. Reel ‘95 Diane M. Reeves ‘08 35

Amy‘99 and Matthew Reher Andrew W.‘89 and Kathryn Rehorn Gail W. Reilly ‘74 Maureen K. Reilly ‘77 Philip Reina ‘72 Daniel C. Remine ‘95 Adolf F. Renaud, Sr.‘80 Magalie Renazile ‘83 John R. Rende, Esq.‘76 Paul E. Rendeiro ‘91 Mary L. Renny ‘93 Jeannette M. Repaci ‘93 Hipolito Reyes ‘77 Jacek ‘96 and Eva Rezler Leanor Rhatigan ‘91 Madeline D. Ribaudo ‘77 Mario J., Jr.‘84 and Debra Ricca Mark J. Ricciardi ‘90 Robert J. Rice ‘75 Samantha Rick ‘94 Dawn M. Ridgway ‘96 Bertha M. Ries ‘75 Christopher Rigby ‘02 Mary P.‘78 andArthur Rinaldi Margot V. Rivadeneira ‘90 Felix M. Rivera, Jr.‘82 Eleanor Rivkin ‘72 Anna Maria Rizzo ‘88 Therese M. Rizzocascio ‘78 Jackie E. Robinson ‘73 Bernice Robinson ‘77 Rosalie ‘74 and Steven ‘93 Robinson Ann Rodberg ‘05 Herbert J. Rodriguez ‘97 Alison W. Rodriguez ‘80 Rosa M. Rodriguez ‘85 Lisa Roe ‘95 Francine M. Roesch ‘85 Virginia Roessl ‘83 Patricia B. Rogers ‘91 Julia I. Rojas ‘91 Nadine ‘78 and Charles Roland, Sr. Kimberly A. Romagnuolo ‘91 Hildegard E. Romano ‘81 Matthew A. Romano ‘96 Richard R.‘75 and Francis Ronay Samuel D. Rosa ‘95 Albert M. Rosa ‘72 Johnny ‘68 and Darlyne M. Rosario Steven Rosenbaum ‘76 Sharyn and Martin ‘69 Rosenblatt Steven R.‘87 and Barbara Rosenfeld Carol Rosenfeld ‘91 Matthew J. Rosenwasser ‘93 Leslie Ross ‘83 Victor ‘70 and Selma Ross Maureen Ross, RN ‘84 Richard Rossi ‘81 Lisa Rossman-Murphy ‘99 Anita Rotunno ‘86 Marie Rouse ‘79 Frederique Roy ‘84 Karen J. Rudick ‘97 Richard ‘02 and Marie Ruffino Kathleen Ruffo ‘84 Carl W. Rumignani ‘76 Ann M. Rummo ‘05 Michael E.‘78 and Margaret M. Russo Nancy L. Russo ‘71 Frank A. Russo ‘78 Concetta Russo ‘92 Joanna M. Russo ‘80 Jeanie ‘86 and Joseph Russo Marian Ryan ‘86 Linda Ryan ‘76 Nora R. Ryan ‘94 Jan E. Ryen ‘97 Karen E.‘90 and Frank Sabella Michael J. Sabella ‘79 Susan Sabry ‘95 Paul G.‘91 and Diana Sacco Nancy L.‘77 and Danny Sacco Emmanuel O. Sackeyfio ‘77 Geneva Sadler ‘71 Maureen M. Sadowski ‘90 Ann Marie Safranek ‘00 36

Alexandra Sainato ‘86 Cecilia ‘99 and Peter Salber Patricia H.‘94 and Reynold Salmon Gerd T. Salvesen ‘86 Margaret A. Salzano, RNC ‘87 Simon B. Sanchez ‘95 Cheryl Sanders ‘90 Virginia A. Sandison ‘97 Dorothy Sanguinedo ‘76 Paulette B. Santapaga ‘98 Matthew G. Santapaga ‘94 Siobhan M.‘93 and Frederick Santarsiere Grace Santisi ‘89 Jamie Santore ‘03 Yvonne ‘86 and Barton A. Sapenoff Deborah Sarria ‘07 Kevin Sasowski ‘79 Valeries J. Satchell-Carr ‘77 Phyllis M. Saurino ‘86 Carol L.‘62 and Terry Savage John Savarese ‘88 Cathleen S.‘69 and Thomas P. Savery Judith L.‘97 and Anthony Savoca Betty Saw ‘99 Laurie Sawrey, CPA ‘96 Janet A. Scaffa ‘75 June B. Scallan, RN ‘76 Frank Scarangello ‘75 Maria ‘84 and Santino Scarcella Thomas Michael Scarcella‘89 James T. Scarcella ‘80 Anne C. Scarcella ‘89 Theresa R.‘75 and Anthony Scavo Patricia M. Schade ‘86 James Schelker ‘01 Georgette Schioppo ‘89 Rosa Schirripa ‘01 Anne D.‘71 and George Schlereth Miriam M.‘79 and William Schreiber Batya ‘97 and David T. Schulman Rae B. Schwartz ‘76 Florence F. Schwartz ‘96 Teresa H.‘92 and Frank Schwartz-Esposito Robert A., Jr.‘01 and Ann Marie Scott Lois A. Scotto ‘74 Rosemary V. Scragg ‘91 Kevin G. Scully ‘88 Barbara Scundakis ‘05 Lois A. Segman ‘73 Barry E.‘73 and Donna Seidel Barbara L. Sekulski ‘72 Susan E. Sekulski ‘99 Shirley B.‘76 and Montgomery P. Selman Roseanne ‘87 and Gregory Seminara Ronald J. Semler ‘82 Mary M. Senk ‘97 Michael R.‘87 and Lisa C.‘87 Sera Jennifer Serao ‘07 Amy S. Setareh ‘94 William J.‘72 and JoAnne M. Setteducato Elon Shang ‘99 Lily S. Shao ‘76 Joan F. Shaw ‘96 Eileen M. Shay ‘93 David Shear ‘76 Carolyn A. Sheedy ‘78 Jean P. Sheil ‘81 Michael Sherman ‘83 Mona C.‘87 and Ervin A. Shriver, Jr. Suzy Shu ‘81 Harriet Shulman ‘92 Catherine J.Shuriah-Kelly‘90 John V. Siciliano ‘85 Joseph A. Siclari ‘75 Afshan‘93 andTariq Siddiqui Claire D.‘85 and Jack Sidney Paula Z. Siegel ‘72 Shaindy Siegfried ‘97 Arleen Siemietkowski ‘98

Luz Sierra ‘88 Ann K. Sigillo ‘80 Gasper Signorelli ‘77 Saul Silberman ‘75 Michael A. Silva ‘92 Ricardo R. Simmons ‘92 Roseann Simonelli ‘96 Susan I. Simonson ‘72 Joyce E. Simonson ‘72 Robert L. Sims, Jr.‘72 Joan P. Sinclair ‘76 Jeffrey M. Sinclair ‘95 Anthony Sindone ‘07 Joy T. Singh ‘86 Pam A. Sinski ‘74 Janet Sirotta ‘02 Deborah Sklar ‘95 Alice M. Slade ‘77 Nancy R. Slatkin ‘01 Sharon Slepian ‘96 Ann V. Slocum ‘70 Margaret R. Smith ‘71 Mary E. Smith ‘83 Betty Smith ‘69 Marilyn J. Smith ‘89 Dhaydia Smith ‘00 Janet A. Sofia ‘74 Ann T. Sohm ‘92 Lucy M. Solla ‘87 Howard J. Solomon ‘75 David M.‘69 and Ruth Sorensen Catherine ‘78 and Frank Sorensen David Sosa ‘01 Michelle E. Spadaro ‘01 Mark V. Spadaro, MD ‘76 Dominick Spagnolo ‘75 Ann Spahitz-Mackey ‘94 Frederick Spataro ‘91 Cynthia A. Spellacy ‘92 Sasha M. Spence ‘00 Jacqueline O.‘91 and William Spiezia Mary D.‘72 and Nicolas Spilotro Deirdre A. Spollen-LaRaia‘99 Brandy Squitieri ‘03 Anthony N. Stabile ‘97 Regina A. Stafford ‘77 Sadie Stambler ‘72 Joan Stark ‘95 Urmila O.‘94 and David L. Staudacher Patrick Steffens ‘76 Diane D. Steiker ‘95 Rea E. Stein ‘78 Ellyn T. Steinbok ‘72 Diane M. Steinhardt ‘85 Suzanne ‘81 and John Stephan Lorelei Stevens ‘76 Marjorie A. StewartGaynor ‘72 Stefanie Stingo ‘00 Rosemarie E. Stoffo ‘88 Ina Stone ‘74 Gina A.‘92 and Robert Stout Edward R. Stouter ‘85 Steven J. Strandberg ‘93 Jeffrey N.‘87 and Paulette Strauss Kathleen A. Strebel ‘74 Kenneth ‘78 and Maria Sulfaro Richard ‘92 and Jennifer Sullivan Edward J.‘91 and Jean Sullivan Sharon A. Sullivan ‘98 Daphine P. Sumpter ‘78 John ‘84 and Lorraine Surowiec Paul Sussex ‘74 Joseph K. Swami ‘89 Arne K.‘71 and Laura Syvertsen Mohammed T.Tabasi ‘88 Vida Tabibian ‘75 Mariano J.Taclay ‘72 Helen C.‘74 and John N.Taglianetti Barbara ‘96 and John Tait Jennie M.Talley ‘92 Eva Tam ‘76 Karen L.Tanachion ‘90 Denise Tannariello ‘00

Linda ‘70 and John A.Tarantino Jeanmarie M.Tari ‘94 Frederick C.Tarter ‘85 Lewis B.‘71 and Gloria McDonough Taub Mary Tavoukjian ‘94 Loretta Tayar ‘02 Fe’ C.Taylor ‘74 Marianne Taylor ‘83 Robin A.Taylor ‘91 John J.‘89 and Tina Tedesco Edward B.Tennant ‘77 Leith I. ter Meulen ‘76 Audrey Tesora ‘06 Lynne M.Tetlus ‘79 John M.Theung ‘82 Sunny‘93 and SusanThomas Roberta Thomas ‘92 Westley Thomas ‘80 Kimberly Thompson ‘07 John J.Thompson ‘06 Carolyn J.Thompson ‘83 Arsenia B.Thompson ‘89 Helen ‘91 and John Tierney Maryanne Tierney ‘80 Salvatore J.Tinerino, Jr.‘78 Kathleen C.Titolo ‘78 John N.Tolino ‘87 Loretta Tomlinson ‘91 Janet Torre ‘75 Ivi Torres ‘93 Louis A.Torres ‘70 Eileen J.Torricelli ‘78 Frank J., Jr.‘63 and Maria Toscano Richard Toussaint ‘00 Jean-Robert Toussaint ‘04 Alice M.‘81 and Robert J.Trapani Kathleen P.Treacy ‘02 Evelyn W.Trentalange ‘97 Louise A.‘68 and Antonio J.Trigo Maria F.Trimboli ‘01 Elaine A.Trischetta ‘70 Colleen Troiano ‘01 Rizalina N.TrompetaWong ‘87 Maureen Trudeau ‘95 Emanuel N.Tsourounakis, DC ‘73 and Mary Ann White Tsourounakis Alexander E., Jr.‘72 and Ellen Tulli Thomas W.Tullo ‘71 Rosemary Tung ‘69 Jason Turetsky ‘07 Tricia Turman-Yaya ‘03 Kathleen A.Turner ‘72 Frances Turner ‘90 Pamela A.Turzo ‘75 Ray G.Tweten ‘71 Leslie L.Twyman ‘70 German V. Ulanov ‘99 Marilyn Ulrich ‘94 Barbara S.‘72 and Jerry Underhill Thomas ‘80 and Karen Uttaro Dora L.Valente ‘76 Louise M.Valente ‘71 Louise Vallario ‘92 Maureen B.Van Pelt ‘92 Mary T.Van Valen ‘76 Rosemarie Varriano ‘84 Vera E.Vaskis ‘98 Lucy T.Vasquez ‘92 Angelita Vazquez ‘89 Juan R.Vega ‘80 Debra Vella ‘02 Patricia VenitoChristensen ‘67 Anthony, DC ‘73 and Mary Elizabeth E.‘74 Verrilli Jiuseppe ‘76 and Lucille Vicenti Deborah Vigliarolo ‘97 Jeanette L.Vilinsky ‘85 Richard M.Villar ‘97 Jeannette ‘01 and Renold Vilme Rosa C.Viteri ‘93 Karen R.Vollaro ‘91 Immacolata T.Volpe ‘67 Theresa Volpe-Johnstone, PhD ‘86 Phyllis Volpicella ‘80

Charles N., Sr.‘66 and Frances ‘87 Volpini Elaine B.Voluz ‘75 Despina ‘90 and William H.Wilson Eleanor E.Wilson ‘89 Jean D.Wilson ‘76 Judith D.‘01 and Francis Wilson Ronnie T.Wilson ‘01 Brian Windsor ‘73 Michael A.Winley ‘86 Barbara ‘89 and Russell Winrock-Hampton James P.Winter ‘86 Michael Wintfeld ‘01 Stacy Wishner Costosa ‘89 Frances ‘90 and Kenneth J.Wisniewski Maxine ‘74 and Joseph Wison-Mizell Audrey R.Wolfe ‘97 Janis ‘74 and Fred Wolfson Lok Fay J.‘91 and Junko Wong Florence L.‘83 and Thomas J.Woodford Suzanne Woodman ‘03 Stacy I.Woodward ‘08 Steven D.Wren ‘89 Jean A.Wright ‘84 Edward Wronski ‘70 Cheryl C.Wu ‘90 Jian Ping Wu ‘95 Sue-Mei ‘80 and Theodore Wu Swarupa R.Yalamanchi ‘90 Wenting Yan ‘91 Alex ‘81 and Anne Yang Diana D.Yates ‘99 Sookhee Yi ‘04 Kyung H.Yoo ‘00 Linda M.‘92 and Brian A.York Anna M.Yosmanovich ‘98 Jonathon A.Young ‘87 Brian L.Young ‘71 Tak L.Yuen ‘86 Sylvia B.‘73 and Herman Zaage Randa, Esq.‘86 and Vratislav Zagzoug-Pechota Vito E. Zajda ‘08 Max Zaks ‘79 John L. Zangara ‘78 Raymond ‘76 and Christina Zaniewski Lorraine C. Zazula ‘96 Anne Zeakis ‘08 Mary A.‘96 and Mark E. Zguro Sharon Zhang ‘02 Zhanyang Zhang ‘88 Karen G. Ziegast ‘98 Donna-Lee Ziegeler ‘01 Noel M. Ziegler ‘71 Barbara E. Zimmerman ‘77 Celeste H.‘95 and Anthony R.‘87 Zopich Donna M. Zuccarelli ‘90 Robert L. Zuckerberg ‘76 Sari Zukerman ‘74 Carmen R.‘96 and Robert J. Zuzworsky Rose Zwirn ‘97


LEGEND Home Addresses Hawaii

Map by Nora Santiago with Richard Flanagan College of Staten Island December 23, 2008

State Boundaries

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SAVE THE DATES March 6, 2009 at 7:30pm

JACK Quartet Featuring the world premiere of Cristian Amigo’s String Quartet No. 2/Ambiguous Dog Center for the Arts (1P) Recital Hall April 20, 2009

Frank Dodge Center for the Arts (1P) The concert series is made possible through the generosity of Dr. Michael Shugrue.

For information call 718.982.2365

Tara Gianoulis, Spring 2009  

Tara Gianoulis, Spring 2009

Tara Gianoulis, Spring 2009  

Tara Gianoulis, Spring 2009