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Vitamins and Autism For a parent looking to help their child manage their autism, introducing certain vitamins and minerals has been shown to be effective in reversing or mitigating the symptoms of autism. By introducing the following vitamins, autism in a child can be controlled,








life. Research shows that vitamins can help with autism. For a child with autism, vitamin B6 has been shown to be effective in helping with this condition. This vitamin helps the body process certain enzymes, amino acids and lipids, allowing a child to get the proper nutrition he or she needs to manage their autism. Vitamin B6 is often combined with magnesium, another vitamin which helps with metabolism. Magnesium also helps the body process enzymes while also regulating the body’s glucose level and helping the body absorb calcium and potassium. These two vitamins together help a child absorb food that would otherwise simply be flushed from the digestive tract allowing them to get the nutrition they need for proper brain function. More About Vitamins And Autism Vitamin D has also been shown to be another one of the vitamins autism responds to. This vitamin is normally synthesized in the body through the absorption of sunlight. However, because many autistic children do not play outside or get exposed to the sunlight they need, it can be helpful to introduce a vitamin D supplement into their diet. This vitamin also helps the body metabolize calcium and phosphate preventing their buildup in the bloodstream.

Another vitamin that helps autism is Omega 3 fatty acid. This fatty acid, found commonly in salmon and other fish, helps the brain get the essential fats it needs in order to properly function. Because some studies have shown that children




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enzyme which depletes fatty tissue within the brain, introducing Omega 3′s into a child’s diet can help replenish this tissue within the brain. This helps with disorganized thoughts, memory problems, and other cognitive issues. If a child does not like fish, there are many supplements which give a child the proper amount of Omega 3′s in pill form. Finally, vitamin A has been shown to be one of the vitamins autism responds to. This vitamin, often found in plants, can help with a child’s eyesight as well as getting essential nutrients to the brain. This can help with a child’s thought process, especially when combined with Omega 3′s.

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Vitamins and autism which ones to introduce  
Vitamins and autism which ones to introduce