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SP01 ten-piece collection

Savour Patisserie by Collectivus With a design concept encapsulated in the phrase, “love me, savour me, devour me,” Collectivus has created the store interiors, branding and art direction for a new take on dessert: Savour Patisserie in Chermside, Queensland. Savour features contemporary, minimal interiors with a central counter display to showcase eclairs and pastries. The interiors are characterized by bright colours, bespoke ceiling pieces and eye-catching desserts, with the open space allowing the food to be the hero. Photographer — Andrew McKinstray Collectivus —

WeWork Bourke Street

Conceived in Australia, designed by London-based designer Tim Rundle and made in Italy, the latest collection by SP01 is designed to be comfortable and useful. The ten-piece collection combines industrial materials such as tubular steel with finishes of fluted glass, brass, pewter and luxurious upholstery. The frames of each piece express form by encircling, tracing or cradling. Detailed upholstery in rich fabrics and textures further defines each piece, with inner surfaces soft and relaxed and the exteriors crisp and bold. The design of each chair, table and mirror has been informed by another era, resulting in a series that is both contemporary and timeless.

WeWork Bourke Street in Melbourne is the latest site for the New York-headquartered co-working giant, which has 175 locations globally, including three in Sydney. WeWork Bourke Street has been designed to reflect the Melbourne landscape and culture and offer an immersive, creative working environment. WeWork engaged Australian artists, including Georgia Hill and Fun Skull, and graphic designer Sui Yao to lead the look and feel of the space, which uses plants, raw materials and eye-catching artwork to create a relaxed yet stylish space, complete with a balcony terrace. Photographer — Daniel Mahon WeWork —

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12/1/18 1:37 pm

Artichoke- Savour  
Artichoke- Savour