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2012 Media Kit

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2012 Media Kit





Swing Into Spring

Ad Space: 2/15/12 Ad Materials: 2/20/12


30 Days to a Better Game


NEGM’s Top 25

• National Golf Expo Boston Official Show Guide!

•P  roducts, Places and Pros to Improve Your Game!

Our readers, writers and clients vote on the best: •P  rivate Courses •P  ublic Courses •P  ractice Facilities • I nstructors & Resorts!

Ad Space: 3/21/12 Ad Materials: 3/26/12 Ad Space: 4/20/12 Ad Materials: 4/25/12


Demo Days

Ad Space: 5/20/12 Ad Materials: 5/25/12



Ad Space: 6/21/12 Ad Materials: 6/25/12


Links Living

Ad Space: 7/20/12 Ad Materials:7/25/12

September & October

The Fashion Leaderboard

Ad Space: 8/24/12 Ad Materials: 8/29/12

October & November

Simulate Your Game

Ad Space: 9/26/12 Ad Materials: 9/31/12

November & December

18 Holes of Christmas

Ad Space: 10/24/12 Ad Materials: 10/29/12

•T  ry out the best in 2012 equipment around New England, trade up that old technology!

•N  ew England vacations for the family, for the golfer, for the fun of it!

•W  here to live and play through the Northeast

•T  he best looks at the Deutsche Bank Championship and a wrap up of the tournament!

•A  showcase of the indoor technology available and the facilities around New England that offer it!

•A  holiday gift and travel guide like no other!

New England Golf Monthly is the largest regional golf marketing platform in the nation serving the interests of New England, the United States and the International golf communities as well as the organizations in support of the game. Our sales staff will provide you with a custom integrated multi-media marketing campaign to fit your strategy and budget that delivers measurable ROI and unmatched brand awareness. Programs include space in print and digital issues, editorial, photos, video, links posted to our website and social media sites; and a mynegm profile for unlimited PR & marketing to help you achieve your companies individual marketing goals.

The New England Publishing Group • PO Box 357 Swansea, MA • 800-736-9020 •

2012 Media Kit

Print Magazine New England Golf Monthly covers the regions entire season from beginning to end with nine printed issues per year beginning in March as the official show guide of the National Golf Expo Boston and ending with our annual Holiday Gift & Travel Guide. NEGM reaches a captive and affluent audience through a new standard of excellence in a four-color digest size magazine format featuring the latest in lifestyle, fashion, travel, real estate, reviews, and news. The publication can found at over 1,500 private or public golf facilities in the Northeast as well as high visibility locations such as restaurants, hotels, super markets, liqueur stores, professional offices, transportation venues and more. In print promotions include - display advertisements, advertorials, and department/special section sponsorships featured with our very popular editorial columns. Circulation • 50,000 Printed Copies / Issue in a Unique Full Color Digest Format Bulk Delivery • 3,000+ locations throughout the Northeast

(public courses, private courses, ranges, indoor facilities, resorts, retail stores, liquer stores, restaurants, hotels, transportation, dealerships, offices & more)

• 6,000+ copies direct mailed to the golf industry Audience Profile • 63% of our current readership is in the 28-55 demographic • 59% Are Working Business Professionals • 19% Women • 28% Are New Golfers in the 25-35 Age Group • 37% Members of Private Country Clubs • 15% Transient Readership Staying in Hotels or on Vacation • 64% have over $25,000 in expendable income yearly • 63% have Bachelor Degrees or higher • 58% play golf at least once a week

2012 Equipment Editorial Calendar – Nine Issues MARCH “Gotta Haves” from the PGA Merchandise Show (6-8 important introductions) APRIL Drive for Show – Game Improvement Drivers (Drivers for the average 10-20 handicap player) MAY Irons make the difference (Getting fit to the right set and new irons) JUNE Putt for dough (The six best performing new putters) JULY Improve your long game (New fairways and hybrids) AUGUST Wedge it close (Scoring clubs from within 100 yards) SEPTEMBER Let the big dog eat (Drivers for maximum distance - better players – adjustable clubs) OCTOBER A simulating experience (Golf simulators) NOVEMBER/DECEMBER Winter doesn’t have to be the off season (Indoor training aids & 2011 Close Outs) 2012 Equipment Awards published

• 60% Spend an average of $1200.00 yearly on Golf equipment & Apparel • 28% Own more than one home • 21% Make over $250,000 yearly

The New England Publishing Group • PO Box 357 Swansea, MA • 800-736-9020 •

2012 Media Kit

Digital Issue Every printed issue of New England Golf Monthly is transformed into a live digital issue to be viewed on a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. The digital issue is loaded to and is distributed to all of our subscribers, posted online, in weekly emails and on social media. Tablet and Smartphone users who operate on the Droid Market can download the App to read the issue from virtually anywhere. Digital issues feature live links, video, flash and more! • Sent to 25,000 subscribers and growing • Features live links, video, flash, and more! • Remains live on indefinitely • Download issuu’s mobile app to read on your phone or tablet • Can be embedded into your site, shared socially, or emailed

The New England Publishing Group • PO Box 357 Swansea, MA • 800-736-9020 •

2012 Media Kit

Elle Brec - Good Looks On The Course 2012 Fashion Editorial Schedule March – National Golf Expo Boston Issue

New Looks on The Course 2012 Season Preview Elle’s Best Styles & Trends From The 2012 PGA Show What to wear in the year ahead to fit your game.

April- Swing Into Spring

Performance Wear for Your Game Elle takes a look at new tech designs that offer both style & function out on the course and at your favorite 19th hole.

May- My Golf Closet

Building the Perfect Look for Your Game Elle shows you how to choose what works for style, performance, function and design and how best to bring it all together.

June-The Shoe Review

Sept./Oct. - The Fashion Leaderboard

Best Looks on The PGA Tour/ LPGA Tour for 2012 Elle’s annual review of the best dressed in the game. The top 10 fashion review in the game today. It’s the best dressed of the best on both tours.

Oct./Nov. - Fall Fashion Preview

The Look of the Season, Outerwear That ‘s Hot Elle takes a look at great styles that offer both function & performance in the cooler weather. Layering and outerwear that is multi- functional in today’s game.

Nov./Dec. - Annual Holiday Gift & Travel Guide

Fashion & Accessories for the Traveling Golfer Elle gives us a perspective on what to pack and what to pack it in for golf travel. Styles that travel well and offer wear ability to look your best on your next trip.

Stepping Out In Style & Performance Elle takes a look at What’s Hot and What’s Not in this years shoe review. Her top 10 lists will be judged by performance, style, design and durability.

July- Summertime Styles

Your Game Colors for The Summer Elle takes a fresh look at some of the most vibrant colors and styles that make both you and your game stand out above the crowd.

August – Complete Your Look

Golf Accessories That Tie It All Together Elle takes a look at the little things that complete your look on the course. Eyewear, hats, belts, bags and jewelry and performance bracelets are just a few of the simple things that tie it all together.

The New England Publishing Group • PO Box 357 Swansea, MA • 800-736-9020 •

2012 Media Kit

Online | is one of the most comprehensive websites in today’s market designed for the golfer, the industry and the media. The site is loaded daily with news, fashion, reviews, events, coupons, pictures, videos and more! Each Client receives a profile with tools for unlimited marketing and public relations for the posting of news, events, coupons etc. with the ability to share across social media. There are prime and secondary banner positions available that rotate throughout the site in standard IAB sizes. • Designed for the Golfer, the Industry and the Media • Your own profile w/ tools for unlimited Marketing & PR • Submit news, events, pictures, videos, coupons, and more • Socially connected to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & more • Averages 25,000 unique visits per month • Averages 190,000 page views per month • Averages just over 2.5 minutes per visit • Local & Regional Traffic stats available by request Average Statistics • Unique Visits - 25,000+ / month • Page Views - 190,000+ / month

The New England Publishing Group • PO Box 357 Swansea, MA • 800-736-9020 •

2012 Media Kit

eMarketing & Promotions Populated by and our editorial staff delivered directly to our subscribers inboxes every Tuesday. Each week our subscribers are provided with exclusive content, giveaways, and features of their interest In The Spotlight. Marketing opportunities include presenting sponsorship, left column banners, In Spotlight positions and exclusive offers. Dedicated blasts and participation in Special Campaigns such as the 18 Holes of Christmas are also available on a limited basis throughout the year. • Weekly eNewsletter populated by our website users content and our editorial staff weekly • Sent on Tuesday mornings to 25,000 verified emails • Average of 17% open rate and 28% click rate to entire database • Full statistics available for each clients • Weekly sponsorship and banner placement available • Advertorials in The Spotlight available • Special Campaigns avilable on a limited basis throughout the year • Contact us for dedicated blasts Average Statistics • Verified Subscribers - 25,000 and growing • Average Open Rate - 17% • Average Click Rate - 28%

The New England Publishing Group • PO Box 357 Swansea, MA • 800-736-9020 •

2012 Media Kit

Tradeshows & Expos New England Golf Monthly is the official showguide of the National Golf Expo in Boston each year which is March 2 -4, 2012 at the Seaport World Trade Center. This year’s show should be our best yet as Michael Breed from The Golf Fix on the Golf Channel will be presenting. Our team can take care of securing you a booth space, designing your booth, expo promotion material and marketing in the show guide. Demographics • Median Age: 52 • Male: 83% • Female: 14% • Median household income: $85,000 • Average Attendance: 25,000 • Occupation: Professionals - 62%, Retired - 15% • 93% own at least one home • 73% take destination golf vacations each year

Booths start at $1,025 Sponsorships at $4,000 with a Booth

• 69% plan to visit resorts that they met at the show • 60% attend every year • 75% make purchases at the show • 26% are active weekly on Facebook • 73% mainly play public courses • 18% play semi-private courses Statistics from U.S. Census Bureau and 2007 Claritas, Top 10 DMA Markets

The New England Publishing Group • PO Box 357 Swansea, MA • 800-736-9020 •

2012 Media Kit

Mobile Content & Advertising Stay Connected when you’re on the go with for all Smartphones. From any mobile device’s browser, navigate to and get the latest news, fashion, reviews, mobile coupons and more. Available banner advertising on the homepage and secondary pages is available. Remember to bookmark the launcher icon directly to your device’s home screen for even faster access to Smart phone interaction w/ our readers, clients and writers

(There are over 4.2 Billion mobile devices worldwide growing 4 times as fast as the Internet. One out of every seven minutes of media consumption takes place on mobile).

• Optimized for auto detection on more 5,000+ devices & browsers. • Automatically populated by submissions • QR Codes bring print readers directly to special sections • Clickable banners for sponsors & premium clients

The New England Publishing Group • PO Box 357 Swansea, MA • 800-736-9020 •

2012 Media Kit

Social Media Marketing Our staff lives on social media daily for our brand and yours. Our site activity automatically feeds to social media platforms and our staff posts frequently in forums, blogs etc. As part of your customized program our staff can post about your brand, run co-branded contests etc. We can also setup and manage your page and integrate it into your website for you. Social Media sites have a high level of user participation and usergenerated content. They include the major social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, social bookmarking sites such as Del., social news sites such as Digg and the hundreds of sites that fit in the social bookmarking/news category. Other powerful sites include review sites, niche social networks, blogs and forums. • Populated by, our staff & fans (articles, photos, events, videos, likes, etc.) • Managed by our Social Media Expert • Over 1,300 Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers • Average Weekly Impressions: 23,961

The New England Publishing Group • PO Box 357 Swansea, MA • 800-736-9020 •

2012 Media Kit

Woman’s Golf Women have become a loyal audience to all our magazine and website. Each issue features a female viewpoint of The Perfect Life, Golf Fashion, Playing the Game, Travel, Spas and News. Also featured are reviews from the forward tees of courses and at resorts from coast to coast. We cover updates from executive women golfers to LPGA pros to the future players on the tours. Women tend to visit our site more than men on a daily basis! Display advertising, Product Advertorials, Fashion/Course/Resort Features, Column Sponsorships and Banner Ads available. CONTENTS Katherine Dyson Lifestyle

Emily Kay News Elle Brec Fashion Alice Scott Travel Pam Borgess Reviews Patricia Joyce Executive Women's Golf Association

The New England Publishing Group • PO Box 357 Swansea, MA • 800-736-9020 •

2012 Media Kit

HOMEPAGE AD ZONES Banners *2 companies per position available per quarter


LEADERBOARD L1 728 x 90 $1500 per quarter

SQUARE R1-R2 300 x 250 $1000 per quarter

SKYSCRAPER S1-S8 115 x 295 $500 per quarter

The New England Publishing Group • PO Box 357 Swansea, MA • 800-736-9020 •

2012 Media Kit


Weekly eNewsletter Ad Zone Pricing (every week on Tuesdays)

Sponsorship: Top Logo and Bottom Banner: $1500 (4 newsletters) Banner - 115 x 295 - $1200 (4 newsletters) Editorial Spotlight - $800 (4 newsletters) SBE Bundle One Sponsorship - One Banner, Two Editorial Spotlights - $1000 (4 newsletters) Full report of open/click rates are supplied 48 hours after newsletter distribution

Dedicated eBlasts

(every other week on Thursdays) One Blast - $1000 Two Blasts - $1500 Four Blasts - $2000

The New England Publishing Group • PO Box 357 Swansea, MA • 800-736-9020 •

2012 Media Kit

Advertising Rates

Production Specs

Print & Digital

Print Magazine Ad Sizes


All camera ready artwork must be submitted in the following formats:



6x +

Full Spread




Full Page




Two Third




JPG 300dpi, CMYK Web Coated Profile, Compression of 10 quality or higher

Half Page




TIFF 300dpi, CMYK Web Coated Profile

One Third




One Quarter




One Sixth





$125 x 9 or $1000 prepaid

*Prime positions available, call for pricing

PDF All fonts embedded/outlines, CMYK images and colors, 300dpi images, flatten all transparencies.

FULL PAGE SIZES Full Page Trim Full Page w/ Bleed Full Page w/o Bleed Full Spread w/ Bleed Full Spread w/o Bleed

5.5”(w) x 8.5”(h) 5.75”(w) x 8.75”(h) 4.8”(w) x 7.65”(h) 11.25”(w) x 8.75”(h) 10.3”(w) x 7.65”(h)

PARTIAL SIZES 1/4th Vertical 1/4th Horizontal 2/3 Horizontal 1/2 Vertical 1/2 Horizontal 1/3 Horizontal 1/6th

2.302”(w) x 3.745”(h) 4.8”(w) x 1.822”(h) 4.8” (w) x 5” (h) 2.302”(w) x 7.65”(h) 4.8”(w) x 3.769”(h) 4.8” (w) x 2.625” (h) 2.3”(w) x 2.4”(h)

Website Banner Ad Specs Please provide JPG, SWF, GIF or PNG files, 72dpi and RGB color space. Web ad sizes are: • 300x250px • 728x90px • 115x295px Mobile Banner Ad Specs Please provide JPG, SWF, GIF or PNG files, 72dpi and RGB color space. Mobile ad sizes are: • Home Page Banner - 300x200px

Full Page Advertisement

Half Page Advertisements

• Secondary Page - 300x100px

The New England Publishing Group • PO Box 357 Swansea, MA • 800-736-9020 •

New England Golf Monthly | 2012 Media Kit  

2012 NEGM Media Kit.

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