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DirtyDurdie. DirtyDurdie is redefining the hip hop game, one stage at a time. Hailing from Providence, RI by way of New Bedford, MA, DirtyDurdie has been creating a buzz in the New England music scene with their energetic live shows and thought provoking lyrical ability. Their official mix-album debut, Rhymanese Diner, has established a unique vision and rare standard of quality. Working only with the best producers, graphic artists

and photographers, DirtyDurdie has created an image of professionalism and dedication rarely seen in today’s “underground” acts. Traveling with two Djs, they are able to provide a full night’s worth of entertainment. DirtyDurdie is available for bookings nationwide and can travel on selected dates. For more info, contact

One of the most prominent features in DirtyDurdie’s arsenal is their live performance. Dirty Ice and Durdie Furby infuse creativity, talent, lyricism, charisma, energy, and character to provide their brand of entertainment. The refreshing nature in which they approach the craft of mastering ceremonies is reminiscent of artists who reigned in the “golden era” of hip hop. These guys go hard with or without a DJ and they have been spotted performing with 2 (dj’s that is). In short DirtyDurdie brandishes microphones most nimbly on the battle field of the modern stage, and they do it well.

DirtyDurdie has rocked stages in: Long Beach, CA Jacksonville, FL Portland, ME Los Angeles, CA Santa Monica, CA Brattleboro, VT Providence, RI Amherst, MA Worcester, MA

Orono, ME Springfield, MA Boston, MA New Bedford, MA Miami, Fl Newport, RI Hartford, CT North Hampton, MA NYC, NY

Rhymanese Diner CD Release Party

Rhymanese Diner, released in June of 2011 was marked as one of the most compelling and well thought out albums to be released locally and some feel nationally. The theme of the mix-album is centered around a restaurant where customers order songs made with the freshest local ingredients. DirtyDurdie serves food for thought. With song titles such as “Steamed Veggies,” “Herbal Soup” and “What’s Your Poison” there are numerous skits in which interactions between wait staff and patrons order menu items from the Rhymanese Diner. The album was pressed and distributed throughout the New England area, and DirtyDurdie had several successful record release and listening parties with hundreds in attendance.

Steamed Veggies the short film

The first video from DirtyDurdie’s mix-album Rhymanese Diner, “Steamed Veggies” is a visually provoking short film created by an alliance of audio, video and motion design talent from southern New England. Produced by DirtyDurdie themselves, “Steamed Veggies” demonstrates the creative standards and unique vision that DirtyDurdie applies to all of their work.

Watch it now:

Partners included Collective Thought Media, Audio Art Records and Short Term Media. DirtyDurdie fully embraces digital media and marketing to grow and reach their fan base. DirtyDurdie connects to their fans through a premium website, eMail blasts, high-quality HD videos, printed flyers, radio appearances and more. DirtyDurdie understands marketing, promotions and separating yourself from the crowd, and partners with design agency Collective Thought Media to achieve cohesive branding.

DirtyDurdie in the Press DirtyDurdie has been recognized by newspapers, magazines and websites across New England. In 2011, DirtyDurdie was voted Best Hip Hop Act of the Year by Motif Magazine Music Awards, and has been featured in both online and print versions of the Providence Phoenix.

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DirtyDurdie | 2012 Press Kit  

DirtyDurdie's 2012 press kit.