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An app to see where people are playing basketball as well as stay up-to- date with the basketball community. Available now in the Apple App Store.

About the App Available today the app ‘Are They Hooping’ solves the age-old problem of not knowing what court to go to. This app is to show users where and when other people are playing pick-up or organized basketball.

It also offers the ability to create your own personal network of players as well as stay up to date on basketball news.

App Developer Ron Jones

This app allows you to stay updated in real-time. When a player is playing basketball, they will instantly appear on the map at the push of a button and removed after they are finished playing. The news feed is constantly updated with new content and news. Artists, entrepreneurs and trainers can benefit from this app as well by placing an ad on the “Sponsored” page. Finally users can discover new players and message them to set up times to play or to simply talk hoops. Are They Hooping is a free app that is available world-wide for Apple users. This app is currently under construction for other platforms.


Janko Maslovarić


Ball Out Beadz, the Royalty Collection, lets EVERYONE know who’s the king of the court! Ball Out Beadz are unisex stretch bracelets handcrafted with 10 mm natural or glass beads. Each bracelet is accented with two copper base royal crowns with a 12 mm crystal basketball as the centerpiece. Each classic piece is enclosed with a hematite bead for good vibes and positive energy and can be paired with other accessories. Rep Ball Out Beadz...It ain’t just a game; it’s a lifestyle! #balloutbeadz


John Leong

The Summer of Lebron With the Cleveland Cavaliers second straight NBA Finals loss a thing of the past, the Cavs and owner Dan Gilbert must now deal with the Summer of LeBron James. The 15-year veteran is on the verge of becoming a free agent once again and will most certainly be courted by several teams around the league. Where will James land? The Case for Cavs A native of Akron, Cleveland is not just where James spent 11 of 15 NBA seasons. It’s home. It’s where he met his wife Savannah Brinson. It’s where his kids Bronny (13) and Bryce (soon to be 11) are learning the game that has allowed James to acquire a fortune. While northeastern Ohio is home, the Cavs are also the team that can offer James the most in terms of money and years. Cleveland can offer its star up to five years and over $200 million. It’s unlikely that James will go for a long-term deal as he has signed with Cleveland four times and none of his contracts have been for more than three years. If he does decide to remain in Cleveland, James will surely recruit at least one marquee player to help him with another NBA title. Houston, We Have a LeBron While it may appear impossible for the Rockets to compete for James, it is not entirely out of the question. Houston might have to forego Clint Capela, but adding James to the lineup would create a Golden State-like superteam. James Harden, Chris Paul, and James would surely give the Warriors all they could handle in a run for a third straight NBA championship.

LeBron Loves L.A. The James family spends many a summer in Los Angeles. LeBron bought the family a nice 9,350-square foot abode in Brentwood where Bronny and Bryce have spent time. More importantly, the Los Angeles Lakers have a ton of money to offer LeBron. They also have a lineup loaded with youth and talent. James could be the missing ingredient that along with Julius Randle, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, and Lonzo Ball could form the makings of a new Lakers dynasty. What About Ben? There is also the possibility that James heads to Philadelphia which surprised many with its third-place finish in the Eastern Conference this season. They have two of the best young players in the NBA in Joel Embiid and 6-10 point guard Ben Simmons. Add in a future Hall of Famer like James and Philadelphia could become the next Boston in the East. Simmons’ game would certainly improve with the addition of a perennial All-Pro like James. Trade? James has until June 29 to execute the player option for his contract with Cleveland. Doing so would pay him $36 million in 2018-19. Executing the option would also allow Cleveland to trade James and acquire some youth and draft picks. Regardless of what he chooses, James, the rest of the NBA and fans around the country are in for a treat – the Summer of LeBron.

NAOMI JONES My Team, My family, by Naomi Jones I believe that everyone experiences a moment in their life when they feel invisible. When they don’t seem to quite fit in. This could be the first day of kindergarten, or the first day of college. It could be starting a new school or starting a new job. Adjusting to a new situation can be challenging and doing it alone can be intimidating. What happens if you make a mistake, say or do the wrong thing or fail at a new task, who will have your back. There is a Japanese Basketball Anime called Kuroko’s Basketball or Kuroko no Basket. This is a cartoon created in Japan about an elite basketball team made up of players with very unique and powerful skills. The main character is Kuroko, a smaller and seemingly less skilled player. Kuroko has a special talent that allows him to be a big asset to the team. Ironically this talent is directly related to his inability to fit in or his feeling of being invisible. Kuroko learns to use his unassuming personality to lead his team to victory by passing and assisting. By helping his teammates reach their full scoring potential, Kuroko eventually leads his team to a championship. What I learned from this story is that being yourself is the best way to fit into a new situation. a good teammate means that you except others strength and weaknesses and use your skill to support them. Being part of a good team is like being part of a family, you are never invisible.

Why Download Are They Hooping? Are They Hooping; Why it’s the perfect app for anyone who plays the game


can log in, set your status as “Hooping” when you start playing. Then you’ll get a notification if someone nearby also wants to hoop with you. Once you’re done, you simply press “Done Hooping” and your little icon on the map disappears until the next time you go out to ball!

We all love a pickup game. All us basketball heads live for going down your local rec and playing a game with anyone; whether it be KD down at Dyckman or your best pal down the park in hoops that don’t have nets, or are slightly wonky or The map feature gives an exact location, set at around 8ft. pinpointed to the court you’re playing on so whoever wants to hoop with you Whether your idea of a game of basketball knows exactly where to find you. You can is indoors or outdoors, with nine others create your own team, start a league or or just you and a mate. This app ‘Are They simply ball out with your closest friends. Hooping’ is perfect for finding out who’s playing nearby. Are They Hooping has found the perfect blend of social mobility and the common So many times I’ll go down my local park competitive nature of basketball. No lonand find either no one there or twenty ger do you have to guess who’s down to others there. This app allows you to know play a game of pickup. who’s there before you even have to leave your home. Are They Hooping is a real game changer.

It’s the ideal blend of social media and Compete with your friends and download finding pickup games in your area. It Are They Hooping now! incorporates every aspect of connecting people through one popular medium; basketball. Archie Corbett @thr33pointplay_

Lebronto By Archie Corbett

So, the Cavs have swept the Raptors once more in dominating fashion. Lebron certainly ‘Started From the Bottom’, and maybe this series was just ‘God’s Plan’ (I’m done with Drake themed puns...for now at least), but one thing can be said for sure; Lebron’s career will go down as one of the greatest in sports history. This team looked completely different from the Cavs team that eked out 50 wins in the regular season. In the regular season, they looked dysfunctional - like a team thrown together on trade deadline - but in the post-season, they’re a different beast. For starters, you cannot bet against any team featuring ‘The King’ in the playoffs. A quote from Sir Alex Ferguson - ex-Manchester United manager - comes to mind when I think of Lebron James and that is: “Give me (Zidane) and 10 pieces of wood and I’ll win you the Champions League” This quote is certainly applicable to Lebron and the playoffs as the man has simply been unstoppable. In the post-season so far, he has been averaging a staggering 34.3 ppg, 9.4 rpg and 9.0 apg to go along with 1 block and 1.5 steals per game. In NBA history, no player has averaged at least 34 points per game over the course of the entire playoffs. It’s clear that Lebron was dragging this Cavs team who just weren’t performing in Round 1 against the Pacers in their lengthy 7-game series and the so called ‘supporting cast’ of Kevin Love, JR Smith, Kyle Korver and George Hill etc didn’t help Lebron in any way. In that series, Lebron averaged 34.4 ppg

while the next most productive player for the Cavs in terms of scoring was Kevin Love who averaged a dismal 11.4 ppg. However this series sweep of the Raptors has told a different story when it comes to Lebron’s supporting cast who are currently providing enough to make the Cavs look like a legitimate title contender if they continue to help James. So far this series, the second option of K Love is doing wonders for Cleveland as he has upped his numbers drastically to averaging a very solid 20.5 ppg and 11.5 rpg. On the othr end of the spectrum, the Raptors once again showed that they are one of the most disappointing post-season teams in NBA history by rolling over to the 3rd seed Cavaliers. Their All-Star backcourt of Lowry and Derozan failed to show anywhere near their regular season form and coach Dwayne Casey has gone from being considered Coach of the Year back in the regular season to having his job on the line thanks to the abysmal performance of Toronto in this series. But take nothing away from Lebron and the Cavs who have once again proved that regular season form means pretty much nothing come playoff time and could well be on their way to another NBA finals appearance. It’s often easy to forget that Lebron is in his 15 season and putting up his best statline for his entire career. His dominance looks unlikely to waver in the next few years and his outings in Canada will likely to haunt Raptors fans for years to come.

Huang Yu-Ming

w e h t t r e a v o M l G

Malik Wood is doing what it takes to make a change in his community.


By using and combining the principles of basketball and being a mentor, he steers the children of the community in the right direction. Wood is the CEO of E.I.E Training which is a motivational basketball training facility for the youth. E.I.E stands for “Enough Isn’t Enough”. The title in and of itself shows that Wood runs a program that is determined for success. Being a former All American basketball player at Bismarck State College, Wood has plenty knowledge of the game and passes it on to the athletes. “It’s a mentorship program first and a training camp second.” stated Wood. He started E.I.E Training from the ground up out of Bismarck, North Dakota in 2012. With hard work and dedication he built his brand and business and was able to relocate to North Atlanta, Georgia. Through his life stories and moral lessons, Wood is able to show the kids how to be successful in basketball and life in general. “E.I.E teaches the athletes life lessons through the game of basketball with positive male role models. Wood and his company offer athletes an opportunity to be skilled in the game of basketball as well as the game of life. Providing elite one on one training, top notch gear, and a competitive basketball team, Wood and his team definitely delivers quality to the athletes. He goes above and beyond for the athletes at his training camp. “The biggest advice that I would give athletes and the youth in general is to never let anybody tell you that you can’t and to give 300% at everything you do”. Wood and E.I.E training doesn’t only teach athletes the principles of basketball but also the principles of determination, hard work, and being successful in the game of life.


photos by: Heather Buck

Varsity Boys

photos by: Heather Buck

l a i n n e t n e C

photos by: Heather Buck

Lady knights

photos by: Heather Buck


There are several key components to building a successful feeder basketball program. It starts with good leadership and a strong board who supports that leadership; making decisions and helping to execute the program’s objectives throughout the season. Secondly, the parents and community who volunteer their time is vital. Most feeder programs don’t have the benefit of financial support from the school board or county for which they represent. The leadership and board positions are filled voluntarily. We rely heavily on parents who give of their time and money to help support the program’s mission. The coaches who are responsible for building their teams and teaching players the game of basketball is another critical component. They should know the game well, be dependable and committed to the program. They are role models and confidence builders to the young athletes they coach. They are people who will leave an indelible mark on their players’ lives forever. Thus, coaches are chosen with careful consideration. Lastly, the players who represent the program is most important. Not only are CJK players highly skilled at the game, they are also expected to conduct themselves professionally and respectfully on and off the court and in the classroom. Shonda Cooper - Co-Director, Jr. Knights


“Building a successful basketball program starts with getting the players to believe in what you’re teaching and buy into a culture of playing together. Our first goal as a program is instilling a culture where players put the success of the team over personal accolades.”

“In terms of a successful program, it starts and ends with the people. Any successful organization needs to be built on trust and communication. Therefore, it was imperative that we have a great staff because it’s easier to create and execute ideas when everyone has the same mission and vision. Truly, all of the credit for any success we’ve had here at Centennial goes to the girls, staff, and community!”



photos by: Heather Buck

CMI Are They Hooping Issue  

This special issue of CMI is dedicated to the new release of our mobile application "Are They Hooping". See amazing basketball art, exclusiv...

CMI Are They Hooping Issue  

This special issue of CMI is dedicated to the new release of our mobile application "Are They Hooping". See amazing basketball art, exclusiv...