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Rejector Schools Research Summary Roger Titford, Further Thought Susie Fisher, The Susie Fisher Group


First, the bad news External email communication generally doesn’t reach the right teacher Often sent without personal name / designated job title Very little incentive for school office to pass on Some HoD are diligent; Senior Management perhaps less so Some very strong (out-sourced) SPAM filters exist

Even if it does get through it’s likely to be ignored Teacher focus on internal email only Deluge of emails for some – ‘snowflakes in a snow-storm’ Mental pre-disposition says there is not time for ‘reaching out’


The moment of readiness “No stability with teachers. Impossible to find HoD”


“Not right now, we’re two staff down.” 3

“You can’t insist on meetings. The circumstances have to be right”

“Unengaged parents, high SEN, sick teachers – It’s all about containment not innovation.”

ALL initiative s

The moment of readiness

42 (?) days But every now and again the moment of readiness dawns. How do we spot it – and how do we fertilise it? 4

Some possible opportunities out there now? Huge current focus on Maths Accrediting BTEC assignments with CREST Some ring-fenced G&T funding within target schools Unused / under-used enrichment days / flexi-weeks Pupil Premium funds Widespread lack of awareness of CREST among these teachers


The 5 stages of CREST adoption Awareness Acceptance Relevance Adoption Endorsement 6


The 5 stages of CREST adoption - schemas State

Awareness Acceptance Relevance Adoption Endorsement 7


Desired response

PGCE, TES, Network events

“It’s about extra-curricular or enrichment for STEM.”

CREST website, CEO / LC, teacher events LCs, projects, ideas, resources Registration, 1-2-1s Assessment, ambassadors Network events, case histories, being ambassador

“From British Science Association. UCAS and nationally accredited, lots of support, 3 levels, well-established – wow!” “Got it! Just what I need for my Y8s and the Science Club.” “We’re going to do it and they’ve been really helpful setting it up.”

“It’s made me a better teacher, helped my students and I’d like to share the experience.”

CREST Rejector Schools Presentation  
CREST Rejector Schools Presentation  

Research findings on schools who have declined a tailored opportunity to take up CREST Awards