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Preparing for Cold & Flu Season with Kleenex

Amanda Tippit


ver since I was a little girl I’ve had Kleenex tissues when I was sick. They were there during my most difficult times, during my wedding day and every morning when I make a mistake with my

make-up. Most importantly they’re there when my family is sick during Cold & Flu Season, to soften rough noses and wipe away little tears. Use Kleenex with noses. Sometimes the runnier the nose the more prone they are to cause chapped noses and cheeks. Kleenex provides very soft tissues, including some with lotion and aloe that ensure that they are protecting little noses. I was really happy that I ran around everywhere to get the Kleenex 4pks. with the $4 Vudu codes. It was really easy to redeem the codes (which you can see how on my Story)! I believe I am all set for when my son inevitably brings in another bug. He’s caught everything that has been through his preschool so far and it has been a trying few months (with more to come)!


$4.00 Movie Credit

With Kleenex Tissues Lori Pace


ast week I spent most of my day wiping my poor little one’s nose. She had the first

cold of the season and has since passed it to me! Cold season in this house means

TONS of Kleenex®, some really good hugs and kisses and a new movie that I don’t have to get out and pick up! Luckily, Kleenex® anticipated this; and now, on specially marked packages (I found it on a 4 pack), you can get a $4.00 movie credit to! I headed to the tissue section and found my 4 pack with the coupon on it! The four pack was $5.78 and with the coupon, I was getting FUN freebies that I would use! As you know, movies are always a popular choice in this house! I looked and looked and finally settled on a Scooby-Doo Movie. My kids LOVE Scoobs! I laid my little one on the couch, handed her a Kleenex for her still running nose and used my Xbox to select the movie from the Vudu app! And since the movie was only $2.99, I still have credit left over for another one! Win – Win – Win!



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Vudu and Kleenex

Taking On The Cold and Flu Season cover story - Andrea Kruse


don’t look forward to cold and flu season. With small children, once one catches a cold, it seems like the rest of us are just dominoes waiting to fall. So one by one we all came

down with a sniffly, miserable cold. I developed a sore throat not long after my son’s runny nose showed up. So, I decided it was time to stock up on cold and flu supplies for the season. This was my chance to SharetheSoft with my kids, so Kleenex brand tissues was at the top of my shopping list. Now if you can find them, grab the 4-pack of Kleenex that has the Vudu movie coupon on the front. Not only will you get a great tissue brand, an essential this season, but you can treat your sick crew to their favorite movie on Vudu. So what is Vudu? Well, it might just be my favorite way to rent movies at home. No returns, and it streams right to the device of your choice. Of course there are great movies and new rentals to browse. The selection is huge and you don’t have to worry about your favorite one already being rented out.



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Share The Soft

Conquering Cold and Flu Season Laura Franklin


old and Flu Season is here once again, and although (knock on wood) we’re not sick at the moment, I know better than to think that we’re safe for very long. With 5 kids

in public school, I know that the sniffles…and the coughs….and the sore throats are right around the corner. It’s inevitable. Nothing says COMFORT and rest like a day on the couch with a warm blanket and a movie on the TV. I love that the new Kleenex 4-packs at Walmart are carrying special $4 movie credits from Once you’ve got your VUDU movie credits from participating Kleenex packages (available only at Walmart), head to to redeem. The $4 credit is added to your account and will be automatically deducted the next time you rent or purchase a movie at


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Comforting My Sick Kids with Kleenex

Ellen Peppercorn


f you have been following me on Facebook then you know my family keeps getting hit with illness after illness. First I had bronchitis while 3 of my kids had strep throat and

my baby had RSV. Yes it was not fun, but I would do that again rather than relive this past weekend. Just think 4 young kids and lots of vomit… So I headed to Walmart on a Saturday during the holidays, which is a big no no! But sick kids mean you brave the crowds. One of the items I loaded my cart with was of course Kleenex®. I have fond memories of Kleenex growing up, and it’s funny how certain brands stick with you. While at Walmart I could not help but get the adorable Christmas Kleenex boxes that look like decorations! It’s the little things that make me happy like the fact that I can have these adorable Christmas Kleenex® boxes in every room for my kids to grab; and they look like cute decorations, not eyesores.



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Preparing for the Cold and Flu Season

Shelby Barone


hen I learned about the offer on specially marked boxes of Kleenex tissue at Walmart, I knew it was the perfect time to get my family prepared for the season. is a great service that my family uses to stream videos directly from our Xbox. Videos can also be streamed with a PlayStation 3, Blu-ray player, HDTV, iPad or a PC. When my kids get sick, I always use natural remedies. And we cuddle up together as a family in front of the fireplace. One of my favorite memories was lying by the fire with my sister and our box of Kleenex tissue. While we were shopping for all the supplies for our emergency cold and flu kit, the kids had so much fun shopping at Walmart. They love Kleenex tissue and were so excited about the special offer.



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Get Well Soon

Gift Basket Crystal Owens


think the most essential item during cold and flu season is a box of tissue. Even during the remainder of the year a box of Kleenex tissue is a staple in our home.

With three kiddos having a tissue box in every room comes in handy. I found a four pack at Walmart which includes a $4 Vudu movie credit. What’s better than lying on the couch watching movies when you’re sick? I picked up the four Kleenex boxes plus the on the go packs. I love those things! I keep them in my purse at all times! A few more ideas to include: a movie, book, Sudoku/crossword puzzle, coffee or tea. I took a few gift wrapping supplies I had on hand to put the gift basket together. The wire basket is from the Target dollar section, clear cellophane from the craft store, and the ribbon was left over from my glass glitter pear ornament.


Use Kleenex

Share The Soft This Season Tiffany Ellman


few months ago, I discovered Kleenex Cool Touch tissues and fell in love! So did Knuckles. As you know, she is Autistic and sensory issues are a big deal at our

house. This fall, she has used nothing but Kleenex Cool Touch tissues while dealing with allergies and there have been no tears, complaining, or moaning in pain. I am forever grateful to Kleenex for this and now am a lifetime customer. With six people in our family, colds and flu can make their way through and devastate us for weeks. Seeing that winter is actually yet to begin, I want to make sure I’m ready! Being ‘proactive’ is the new Tiffany! So, off to Walmart I go to make my ‘sick box.’ I’m going to get everything I need to make sure we are prepared in case of sickness!



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Preparing for Cold & Flu Season

With Kleenex® Brand Tissues Rebecca E. Parsons


love Kleenex!! I keep a box in every room in the house, and travel packs in the car. As a child, I remember my Mother giving me my own box when I was

sick. I would color all over the box with my crayons. As an artist, I have very fond memories of Kleenex. We are always prepared for sniffles in this house. This year we stocked up on our cold season supplies and joined the Kleenex Brand Tissues Softness Worth Sharing promotion at Walmart. Here’s the scoop…you purchase the Kleenex Tissues 4 pack featuring a $4.00 voucher for Then you sign up for Vudu and redeem your voucher at Easy peasy! It took only a few minutes and I was ready to stream movies. Cold and Flu Season is here. We are stocking up on Kleenex and Cough Cold Flu Prep supplies to prepare for it. I am a BIG believer in prevention and we rarely have colds and/or flu. I always get a flu shot…the first part of our winter wellness plan. We also start every day with an Emergen- C cocktail with a healthy breakfast. Then we take the dog for a long walk.



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Making Memories with Kleenex Kelly Denton


he smallest of things can hold the biggest memories. Whether it’s the Christmas

mouse that graces the kitchen counter, or a pile of Kleenex in your grandma’s

purse, every memory is worth sharing. Now that my little big guy is getting older, I love crafting with him. He’s at the age where he can sit for most, but not all of a certain activity. The fun for me comes later when I can proudly say, “we made that.” This Christmas Aiden and I created a brand new decorative item for our house. It is something he can remember every year. We picked up a box of Kleenex when we went shopping for the rest of our supplies. If he stuck it out I think he would’ve had fun gluing the shreds of paper onto our jar with mod podge. I loved how the final product turned out. ’Tis the season for colds and allergies, right? I think this Kleenex jar will be the perfect addition to our holiday decor.



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Stay Healthy this Winter Season

Melanie Roberts


his year I decided to create a fun gift box for our Pre-K teachers with my Teen and the Princess so they can share some “Healthy” with their classmates and

maybe, just maybe eliminate some of the germs being passed, keeping everyone healthy all season long. As I walked the aisles at Walmart, I found in the paper aisle some Kleenex packages with a $4 movie code attached. How super cool is that. If you are sick you always need Kleenex, and a FREE movie will make the time pass that much quicker and get you healthy faster as well. LOVE IT!!! I was all set with lots of things to keep the kids healthy at school, but I also wanted a fun way to present it to the teachers. I kind of wanted to create some memories that the kids will remember for years to come. I used some fun cups that I picked up at Walmart and we stuffed them with Hershey Kisses, cocoa powder and a gift card; and topped it with some ornaments and a simple bow… Voila….



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Creating Memories with Kleenex

Amber N Killmon


e headed up to Walmart to get everything we needed to create our own Winter Wonderland centerpiece. While we were shopping we found the

Kleenex and there was an extra special treat. Specially marked Kleenex boxes had $4.00 vouchers for attached! I redeemed the $4 Movie Credits at, which took me to a special page on After we got our movies from Vudu we were ready to start making our Winter Wonderland and make memories of our own. I gave my son the job of tearing up the Kleenex; a job he was totally up for. We had a wonderful time creating this together, and he had some brilliant ideas. I was amazed to see how into making something with me (that wasn’t with Lego’s) he was. Voila – you’ve made more than a Winter Wonderland; you’ve made wonderful memories with your kids! I wouldn’t recommend using anything but Kleenex tissues for this. They are the perfect quality for it. They pull apart wonderfully and turn into something magical!



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DIY Multi-Tiered Server

For Your Holiday Entertaining! Sarah Marturano


e do a lot of holiday entertaining, and a lot of entertaining in general, at our home. One thing I have always wanted to have is a multi-tiered server for our

food presentation. I headed to Walmart to get everything I needed to create my DIY Multi-Tiered Server. First I headed to the tissue aisle as we needed more Kleenex. And the tissue boxes are part of my project. Walmart had a big selection of tissues to choose from. I perused my options and chose two different sizes of Kleenex boxes. I picked up the cubes and the longer boxes. They were perfect for my project and we were running low on Kleenex! We had a fun night with all of our friends at our yearly Christmas party. It has become tradition to have all of our friends over for a fun Christmas party filled with lots of food and the dice game for adults; plus the kids get their own game with lots of fun. The multi-tiered server worked perfectly for our food presentation. It made more counter space by having the platters raised up off the counter, and overlapping so we had plenty of room for all of the food.


Gift of Kleenex

Delivering Holiday Cheer Patricia Cook


t never seems to fail that around the holidays, someone in the family is sick. But this year was a mini miracle, and we all stayed pretty healthy. Maybe it

is because I had stocked up on cold and flu medicine, and plenty of Kleenex tissues. It seems like when I don’t have any on hand, I have to make a mad dash to the store to buy some when we get sick. We have been a Kleenex brand family for years and years. For us, part of having a cold or the flu means having a box of Kleenex tissues by our side. In our family, Kleenex means comfort. As happy as I was that my family had stayed healthy, a dear family friend had not. She had the flu and wasn’t able to go out, or do anything but stay in bed. My daughter and I decided to put together a gift basket for her, stocked with things she might need to feel better. Of course, a few boxes of Kleenex had to be included in the basket. My daughter and my grandchildren are all coming with me to deliver the basket. We are surprising our friend and I’m hoping she will be cheered up a little and start feeling better soon.



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Creating Valentine’s Day Memories With Kleenex Jessica Perez


hrough the years the Kleenex® brand has become a dependable part of my

family. It is always there to wipe away tears, clean messy faces, and soothe runny

noses. It also doesn’t ask any questions! I grew up having a box in every single room of our home, and today not much has changed. Today I am passing on the admiration to my daughter, who seems to be sick a lot more often than I would like. With a stock pile in each bedroom and bathroom, there are never any unattended sniffles in this house. Since Valentine’s Day is a few weeks away I thought it would be fun to make a homemade treat box to hold cards and goodies. Your Owl Valentine Box can be used to hold cards, candy, or love notes. You can even place the original tissues back into the top of the box and use it as a tissue holder for the month of February. Until Valentine’s Day gets closer we are using ours as a decoration! Empty Kleenex® tissue boxes are great for crafting and creating.



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Be My Valentine

Brighten Up Your Valentine’s Day Shanna Shoffner


here are certain things that are a part of just about every holiday. Family, of course, is one of them; but I’m talking about the little things that you might not

always notice. For me, one of those things is Kleenex tissues. Yeah, that’s right, I said Kleenex tissues. For instance, when my hubby and I decided to use “World’s Best Grandma” and “World’s Best Grandpa” shirts as Christmas gifts to announce my pregnancy, there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. But Kleenex was there. Speaking of Kleenex, Walmart has four-packs with a $4 off coupon for Being a fan of watching movies using Vudu, I immediately added the tissues to my cart. If you think about it, the partnership between Vudu and Kleenex is pretty clever. When you’re sick, you need tissues, and what’s better than a good movie when you’re laid up in bed all day?



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Tea Party Planning with Kleenex®

Amber Edwards


t’s the dead of winter and I’m going stir crazy. I am sure many of you are feeling the same way. We need out! We need some girl time! Well, let’s do it! It doesn’t

take much to plan and get a girls night out! Or even better, a Ladies Day In! To make your party amazing, be sure to pick up a great chick flick, and Kleenex® Brand Tissues for any crying through said chick flick. This week we got some much needed girl time while we had a tea party! I went to Walmart to pick up some Kleenex® Brand Tissues. I noticed they have a special where you can redeem the special code at Vudu for a $4 credit! That’s enough for a great chick flick movie rental! Oh, the wheels started turning and I had a Ladies Day in party in the works. And we can’t forget the Kleenex® Brand Tissues! They are known for their softness and for being thick. You always have to be prepared with tissues when watching a great chick flick! You never know when you are going to have a good cry.




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