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What is in That Toy Everyday all those toys you and your friends play with probably have petroleum in them. When you put them in your mouth your eating and chewing on petroleum When your sleeping in your comfy pajamas your sleeping in petroleum. When you brush your teeth the toothpaste you use contains petroleum.

Next time you want to chew on something stop and think you are eating petroleum!

Are you Ready to be a Hero Oil companies make billions of dollars a year. They make more money then Mommy and Daddy combined. They make more money then the President!

Most successful oil companies are in the Middle East. Where the big battle is going on. Maybe you can be a soldier that owns a big oil company when you get older.

How much petroleum do you use in one day? The world uses about 85 million barrels. A barrel is 42 gallons, so in terms of gallons, we use 3.570 billion gallons.

The US uses the most oil per day. In a day the US uses a total 20 million gallons. That is more then many countries population’s.

That has Oil in It!! Combs, Toilet Seats, Candles, Paint, Cups, Sports Balls, Crayons, Toothbrushes, Soap, Clothes. Yes all of those things contain petroleum.

Things that we use everyday can have petroleum in them. This tells us that things have stuff we didn’t even know about.

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this is awesome. nuff said