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What is VoIP? VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, has become one of today’s Internet communications solutions of choice, thanks to its inherent advantages over competing solutions. Voice over IP systems, including models from Inter-tel and Mitel form the backbone of many companies’ communications the world over. VoIP systems work for small businesses, and large call centers alike. That said, there are certain factors that would-be adapters may need to consider before they select the best VoIP system to fit their needs. For one, by definition, VoIP systems require consistent and high-quality Internet connectivity in order for users to be able to make and receive phone calls; without an Internet connection or with a poorly functioning connection, making calls may be hard or even impossible. In some parts of the world, some Internet solutions may not be as reliable or be as consistent as a regular telephone; for businesses that operate in such areas or which have facilities operating in these areas, depending on the Internet for communication may be less than a viable solution. A related area of concern is regarding power interruption. Regular telephone systems will continue to operate even without a supply of electricity. VoIP equipment, including refurbished Inter-tel communications equipment, requires a constant and steady supply of electricity to operate. Thirdly, before going with VoIP service provider, a business owner may need to check first if the network infrastructure utilized by said business is VoIP-ready. If users frequently send sizeable files back and forth or are otherwise heavy web users, one might need to consider the installation of a separate network only for voice calls. One may also need to see if one’s Internet connection is fast enough and has enough bandwidth to support VoIP usage via, for instance, Inter-Tel Axxess equipment or other such communications equipment. Lastly, budget considerations can also come to the fore. Business owners and network administrators may have to make comprehensive checks to see if locally-available VoIP services are offered at rates that fit within their telecommunications budgets. Additionally, they would also need to make allowances for communications solutions such as Inter Tel phones. The good thing is that many vendors can offer these services and equipment at friendly rates.

What is VoIP?  

<b>VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol</b>, has ...