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Letter from the Editor As a business owner, I feel very fortunate and motivated to learn and expand. We have nearly completed three quarters in 2021, which is a feat. After all of the changes and battles fought last year, I believe many business owners are taking a sigh of relief. It's not that all of the changes are gone or that the battles have ended. We, now, have found our unique ways to handle and direct business-as-usual. Let's continue to encourage ourselves and others as it relates to the possibilities. They can and will be what you make of them. Sincerely, ARE

CELEBRATIONS IN SEPTEMBER Labor Day – 9/6/21 Grandparent’s Day – 9/12/21 Hispanic Heritage Month – 9/15/21 to 10/15/21 Citizenship Day – 9/17/21 Native American Day – 9/24/21

Enjoy the Month & the Season!

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Small Business & HR By Kimberly Lundy As a small business owner, Human Resources (HR) can seem like a luxury, rather than a musthave. Since you only have a few employees, you might be tempted to cut costs by delegating these duties to existing staff. After all, resources are tight. You feel that your managers can probably hire, terminate, and discipline their employees without assistance from HR – Right? Wrong! A recent ADP survey found, 54 % of small businesses add HR duties onto the workload of employees. These employees spend 20 percent of their time on workforce issues. Yet, 81 %percent of them aren't confident in their HR skills, and 82 % have no formal HR training. To understand, why this is a recipe for disaster, we must first consider what functions does HR perform.

What HR Does? HR performs a variety of functions including Hiring, Firing, Training, Onboarding, Performance Management, Benefits, Payroll, Diversity & Inclusion, and more. Businesses are required to follow state and federal laws that govern each of these functional areas regardless of the business’ size. The penalty for non-compliance is steep and includes 6 -7 figure dollar fines, debarment, loss of contracts, and reputation. Retaining the services of HR Professionals that are trained in employment law is key to compliance, strategy, and business success.

Every small business needs some level of HR presence. There are several things that HR professionals can do for a business that other employees can’t. You’ll save time and money in the long run by using HR from the start. Keep in mind – you don’t necessarily need to hire a full HR department. There are several options that you can consider including hiring full/part-time staff, consulting, or outsourcing your HR process.

Professional Consulting Lundy HR Consulting equalizes the playing field for small to mid-sized businesses by providing cost-effective, customized HR solutions around your unique business needs. We provide you with direct access to Senior Level HR Industry experts who are adept in employment law and the ever-changing legal requirements surrounding managing people. Our clients enjoy the competitive advantage of big business benefits and peace of mind in knowing that they are in compliance. This frees them up to have more time to work on their core business which after all is why they went into business. Our team of HR experts has extensive broad Human Resources expertise in all aspects of Human Resources. We specialize in Employment law, Conflict Resolution, Compliance, Risk Management, Diversity & Inclusion, Talent Management, and Training. At Lundy HR Consulting, you are our priority. We operate with integrity, service, and excellence. We are driven by the 4R’s: Relationships, Results-Oriented, Reliable, and Resourceful. To schedule a 20-minute complimentary consultation session and learn how Lundy HR Consulting can assist with your current challenges, contact us at

Dealing with Stress through Yoga By Betsy Paul, Owner of Just “B” Yoga Stress is everywhere! It is one thing to have stress from a trigger event, something sudden and unexpected that has happened. This is something that can be very traumatic. COVID-19, however, has caused people to have sustained low-grade stress. This kind of stress goes on day after day and over time it starts to wear and tear on the body. It impacts the mind and creates chronic health conditions like Diabetes, Heart Disease, and cancer. In addition to teaching corpor ate yoga to help companies increase productivity, I teach small group classes to women as well as private (one-on-one) yoga to women who suffer from stress. Along with low-grade stress, which we tend to hold in our bodies, comes aches and pains which tend to target pain in the lower back and hips.

Slow Mindful Yoga Benefits Slow mindful yoga allows for rest and proper operational functions. This includes aiding the parasympathetic nervous system in the reduction of chronic pain. Slow yoga focuses on internalizing our experiences and bringing awareness about how we are feeling and gaining a deeper understanding of where our bodies are in space. This yoga practice aids in self-regulation, posture, coordination, and focus. In a world where many people sit at their desks all day and try to multitask the best they can, this practice could not be more important. Visit Betsy at Just “B” Yoga with Betsy Paul to connect and learn more about her services.

Forbes Business Trends Predictions for 2021 Adapting to Remote Working Using Data as Assets Setting Goals for Automation Utilizing Virtual Platforms Taking Advantage of Local Services

Do you agree with the predictions made in December 2020 for this year?

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Money Talks & Sometimes It Lies By Sean D. Ensley CEO, Athelda Scotia Investments LLC Remember the old adage, “Money Talks?” Well, it’s true, money does talk. You can actually discern a lot about a person simply by paying attention to how, and on what, they spend their money. We tend to spend our money on the things about which we care deeply.

So, What Do You Believe? If you believe “money talks,” then you can assume that it also misleads and even tell lies. Some people think, “My life would be so much better, if only I had more money.” For many of these people, that’s probably not true. There’s a saying, “You should love people and use things, not love things and use people.” Money is just a “thing.” “The love of money is the root of all evil; which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” 1 Timothy 6:10. “He that loveth silver (money) shall never be satisfied with silver; nor he who loveth abundance (wealth) be satisfied with their increase.” Ecclesiastes 5:10. These are just a few verses that warns against loving “things,” especially money. Notice Timothy is addressing loving money, not having money, as well as the resulting greed which is applicable to some but not all.

It’s Just a Tool Like any tool, in order for it to be effective, one has to know both the purpose and limitations of the tool. The tools one acquires should be based upon the person’s actual and individualized needs and circumstances, at present or for the planned future. Simply acquiring tools are not the ultimate goal, but rather effectively using them for much higher and meaningful purposes.

Don’t Forget to Count When building, constructing, or simply assembling parts, the starting point is not the tool itself but what needs to be built, constructed, or assembled. On the other hand, having the right materials but improper or insufficient tools bring only frustration. “For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish it?” Lest haply after he hath laid the foundation, and is not able to finish it, all that behold it begin to mock him? Luke 14:28 Counting is basic math. Therefore, most of our planning or building should first be converted into a basic math problem. Read more about this topic at

“Build with the right tools, whether they are information, experts, or money.” ---ARE


Fall 2021 Travel … What You Need To Know By Karen Nelson The world is once again welcoming those looking to enjoy wonderful adventures!! In the past two months, I have enjoyed all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean, explored the wonders of Greece on land in Athens and Delphi, and by sea sailing to the amazing beauty of the Greece Isles, including Mykonos, Santorini, Rhodes, Patmos, Crete, and Milos. For those who are ready to start making their travel dreams come true … I am here to help!! Post-COVID there are many new protocols and some restrictions in place. These vary by country/region and are constantly changing. It is ultimately the traveler’s responsibility to understand what is required, and the assistance and guidance of an accredited travel advisor can help you navigate through the process. Most airlines are once again booking at capacity, onboard food/beverage service is limited, and masks are required at all times unless actively eating/drinking. Resorts and hotels require masks in crowded public areas, but guests can freely enjoy outdoor gardens, beaches, and pools. Tour groups sizes remain smaller with distancing protocols in place. Cruise lines typically require PCR tests for all guests within 72-hrs, in-port rapid testing before boarding, and daily temp checks. Safety instructions are broadcast in cabins prior to sail away, with guests required to check-in by phone with codes, or in person at their lifeboat stations. Be Aware of Travel Information Re-entry to the United States requires a simple antigen test at this time. If you want to bypass lines for customs, you may want to consider the Global Trusted Traveler program, which allows you to skip the line and go directly to the next available customs window. As always, all international travelers must have a passport with at least 6months until expiration. There are many online resources to verify travel requirements. Often your airline is your best source, as most require documentation to be submitted in advance of flying.

Some airlines such as United have their specifc online information available, such as the Travel Ready Center. Other airlines use apps like VeriFly as resources for travelers booking trips. Where to Travel this Fall So many great options are available for travel this Fall:  All-Inclusive Resorts throughout the Caribbean and in the Mexican Riviera Maya are open and offering a wonderful guest experience. Each island has its own entry requirements. Currently, Mexico has no additional requirements. My recommendation is Sandals Resorts in the Caribbean and Karisma Resorts in Mexico. These have proven to offer incredible guest experiences, and also maintain the highest health and cleanliness standards.  Cruise Lines are offering several itineraries this Fall, onboard ships of various sizes, at amazing rates. My recommendation is a mid-size ship, sailing to the Caribbean or Greece Isles. These sailings offer the most freedoms currently while in port, and also wonderful onboard guest experiences. All vacations can be personalized with a choice of excursions and packages. I have just returned from a wonderful Celestyal Cruise, and have upcoming sailings scheduled onboard mid-size ships with Disney, Celebrity, Princess, and Carnival. Let your imagination soar, as you plan your next travel adventure. If you have questions or would like additional information on the available options that best meet your travel goals, I look forward to hearing from you. More information about Karen Nelson and TAD Travel Services can be found online at: If you have any questions about travel or would like to discuss planning your next amazing vacation experience, Schedule a Call at .

Health & Wellness Objectives to Transform Lives By Athelda Ensley

An Interview with Karen A. Scott, Owner & Certified Life Coach This is a time where many people are struggling with the stark changes that have occurred in the world. The world itself seems much different than it ever was and it’s difficult to find your way. It’s easy to understand why studies reported by the Globe News Wire showed the importance of health and wellness coaching. In fact, a review of these fields discovered that due to chronic physical and emotional conditions, have made these types of coaching popular. The process of adopting lives that incorporate a focus on destressing, fitness, and overall health is essential to achieving personal and professional goals. Coach Karen owns and operates her business to assist clients in transforming their lives. This is done by highlighting practices that improve nutrition, movement, mindsets, and relationships. She also encourages being intentional in growing both personally and spiritually. Let’s take a look at how the objectives of these services are beneficial. Here are excerpts from a recent interview with Karen: 1 - How would you best describe your business vision? I believe that you are the product and service that you offer to your clients. As a coach, my vision and mission is to both coach and mentor people. This is one of the best ways for them to rewrite their stories, spiritual gifts, and talents. It’s a process that requires taking the seed, birthing it, and designing its purpose. Throughout my coaching, wellness is promoted and this becomes a catalyst. Clients are impacted, as well as, others within their circle of friends. Finding your purpose brings out passion, and my goal is to assist my clients in this way. Listening is paramount and is a big part of what I do, which is necessary before being able to move ahead. When people gain understanding, it adds value to their lives. This is true whether the struggle is with anxiety, stress, or anything else. The purpose of going through a cocoon stage is to eventually emerge into your purpose.

2 - What are the most popular services that you offer? My most popular services are the 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month programs. An example in this category is this year’s Spiritual and Purpose Vision Board Workshop. Clients are encouraged to determine their why and what adds value to this goal or purpose. This process is broken down to focus on the individual areas of our lives. I help my clients to drill down and determine what their specific goals are. This is necessary to move toward their overall purpose. Looking at what a person should be doing versus what they are doing is important. It is essential when it comes to figuring out if this activity is beneficial or not. Along with these popular programs and services, I make sure to connect with my clients weekly. 3 - In what ways do your clients benefit from how you approach your coaching business? I believe that my clients benefit from my unique approach to coaching because it helps them to understand that living with an intentional purpose is important. Through follow-up surveys and sessions, I get the opportunity to reinforce this and to aid clients in reaching these goals. This is transformative and leads to health and wellness. It makes me feel good to help people learn that they have meaning and to realize God’s purpose for them. I use mindfulness exercises that are based on specific senses. Clients are told to find a comfortable spot or a focal point of reflection for 5-10 seconds. Through this, they are taught to focus on positive things. I also have them reflect on the sense of taste and that of hearing. These are good tools for relaxing and delving into greater issues and topics.

“Transforming Lives One Person at a Time Towards: Healthy Nutrition / Healthy Movement / Healthy Mindset / Healthy Relationships!”

Utilizing Legal Expertise to Help Diverse Clients By Athelda Ensley

An Interview with Laila Ghauri Principal Attorney, Antares Law Firm

The objective of a law firm, despite their field of specialty, is to educate clients of their legal rights, while representing them effectively. This representation may involve business advising, civil cases, and criminal cases. Both women and men attorneys utilize their expertise in the law to help diverse clients and their needs. According to IBIS World, there were approximately 448+K law firm businesses in the US in July 2021. Included in this number are firms both led by women, as well as, composed of women serving in varying roles of responsibility. In the 2019 study by the National Association of Women Lawyers Survey Report, 30% of women attorneys were non-equity partners and only 20% were equity partners. Laila Ghauri is one such lawyer, she is the Principal Attorney and Founder of Antares Law Firm. She is a subject matter expert in trademarks, contracts, and corporate law. Motivated by love for the law and helping people, Laila applies her skills to educate and advance clients’ professional and personal goals. Here are some excerpts from a recent interview with Laila:

1) What type of law do you practice? Do you have a specialty within this area? My firm focuses on providing accessible legal services to individuals, entrepreneurs, and creatives, as well as growing companies focused on science, technology, and the arts. We have had the privilege of working with scientists, academics, writers, tech start-ups, fashion designers, and musicians—to name a few. In particular, we provide clients with legal services to

create, protect, and grow a business, and help those clients register, maintain, and protect their Intellectual Property, or IP, rights. I run a boutique practice, where I handle the majority of the cases and have a couple of contract attorneys assist me.

2) Is there a personal motivation (belief, social cause, value, etc.) that has aligned you with this profession? It brings me joy to create things. So I decided I wanted to help others do the same as a lawyer. The field of IP found me while I was serving as an honors law clerk at NASA. In this field, my technical mind and my artist mind are able to work together. I can handle the technicalities of intellectual property and contract law, while helping emerging business ideas come to fruition. I found that the underdog, whether it is a creative or a start-up company, deserves top-notch legal representation and care that is often only afforded to larger, more established companies. Larger firms procure larger corporate clients, our boutique firm is looking to help the little guy who is trying to break out and become established.

3) What was the impact of Covid-19/the pandemic on the practice? (specifically/overall) The Antares Law Firm was in business for about a year before the pandemic hit. It was certainly a challenge for a new firm. We had to pivot the way we were practicing the law. Not to mention that I was not able to network with my peers and potential clients in the same way. I have learned that people don’t want a service or product, they want human connection. It’s an understatement to say that during 2020, it was challenging to connect with humans over Zoom or Google Meet. Our services have evolved in general. For one, we have become more adaptable to providing legal services remotely and now have the necessary technological tools in place to do that with ease. In many ways, I believe, we have really made retaining and working with a lawyer more accessible. I am now able to work with clients nationwide. I am barred in Maryland and the District of Columbia thus far, but I can provide IP and government contracts services for clients throughout the US. I learned that during the pandemic when we began to feel the effects of unemployment as a society, many people who had delayed working on their business idea were now reinvested in that idea. We were thrilled that many of these entrepreneurs came to us, and we were honored to assist them.

In all, my outlook has always been that if a system is not working in your favor, build another one. Life often gives you what you did not expect, so be prepared to adapt to it. Also, I benefit immensely from having incredible mentors and resources, who help me evolve the way I think, how I practice law as an attorney, and how I run my business as a business owner. Remember, there’s always another way if you have skills and willingness to take risks.

4) How would you encourage current law students about pursuing the law? Law school is a journey. Certainly getting in is hard, but that might be the easiest part. The first year is challenging because there is a lot of work to be completed and many of your previous perspectives are being challenged. You are in the process of actually becoming a lawyer and in some ways recreating who you are as a person. I would encourage current law students to expand their exposure to industries beyond their initial interests. They should participate in clinics, internships, and jobs in law school because they will become exposed to fields and ways of thinking they didn’t know exist. I, personally learn by doing. So I encourage others to get out there and expand their experience by doing. It is the best way to build your resume for job procurement later on, as well as building a tool kit that will help you problem solve as a lawyer across many legal fields. Success means understanding what your true motivation is for doing anything. I believe that if your why is strong enough, you can weather pretty big storms. Understanding your why is a part of building a foundation for any career. You’ll need it when you are out there in the field and you’re met with your fears. You’ll need it to get you up and to help you keep going, you’ll need it to believe in yourself. People often confuse their why with something outside of themselves, something like a salary amount or prestigious title. Your why comes from inside of you; it’s deeply personal. My why is helping establish a more creative, egalitarian, and openminded world, so that I can live peacefully so that my future generations can live better. “It’s important to reflect on your why before you start running any race,” says Ghauri.

Does The Wine You Drink Give Back To Charity? By Amy Berwick Cause Entrepreneur, ONEHOPE Wine Back in 2020, during an unprecedented year, I found myself a retired, divorcee. Rather than sitting around feeling sorry for myself, I decided to find something I could do with my time. I like to drink wine, so I heard about selling wine from home for ONEHOPE Wine, a Napa Valley-based winery. Getting paid to drink wine was a no-brainer! Once I joined, I learned that not only does ONEHOPE donate a percentage of the sale for each bottle purchased to charity, but they allow me to partner with my friends and family to host private wine tastings. The host of the wine tasting gets to choose a 501(c)(3) certified non-profit organization to receive 10% of the wine sold during the tasting event. It’s a wine for everyone!

ONEHOPE Wines Impact Since its start 14 years ago, ONEHOPE has donated $7+M to over 20K non-profit organizations worldwide. ONEHOPE chooses non-profits based on 4 pillars: Water, Hunger, Health, & Education. For example, they have provided 3,164,976 meals for children fighting hunger (Hunger); $35K donated to projects that educate on America’s history of racial injustice (Education); 8 major water projects funded in the developing world, providing clean drinking water to thousands of people (Water); and 3,355 hours funded for an LGBTQ crisis and suicide prevention line. They’ve given $2.5M+ donated to 21,738 local non-profits through tasting events.

How Can You Make An Impact?

One way you can make an impact is to become a Cause Entrepreneur like me where you can host fun wine tasting parties with your friends and family. A second way would be to consider hosting a wine tasting and raise money for a charity that is near and dear to your heart. Finally, refer non-profit agencies to me, so I can reach out to them and help them raise money.

How to Find Out More about ONEHOPE To hear more about ONEHOPE Wines’ impact, check out this YouTube video: Here is a link to my website where you can join my team, review/order our wine, and learn more about ONEHOPE Wine. My contact information:

Artistic Ways to Help Overcome Adversity By Athelda Ensley An Interview with LaShanda Washington, Owner & Founder The Presence’s of Yahweh Dance Ministry & Productions According to Healthline, there are numerous benefits associated with dancing whether you’re a child or an adult. Physical and emotional strength building are among the benefits that are included on this list. Worship or liturgical dance is diverse in that it offers participants a way to stay fit to also exhibit their faith. LaShaunda Washington the owner and founder of The Presence’s of Yahweh’s Dance Ministry & Productions understands these benefits more than most. She found her love for dance as a result of being diagnosed with Scoliosis or C Spine at the age of 4. Dancing provided her with the opportunity to overcome adversity and potentially correct a medical condition. Along with this objective, the activity offered Washington ways to also battle depression, being bullied, low self-esteem, and bipolar disorder. Like many youths today, she needed a positive outlet. Now LaShaunda is helping kids and young people by teaching them one dance step at a time to transform their lives and inspire others. Here is an excerpt from an interview with LaShaundra:

1 - Why did you choose a unique business model for The Presence’s of Yahweh Dance Ministry & Productions? I wanted to both modernize and revolutionize the activity of liturgical dance by thinking outside the box. I saw this as an effective way to not simply overcome adversity for the youth, but also a way to bring this generation into a closer relationship with God. My choreography style is original because I incorporate a different type of music. This style includes praise, jazz, and modern dance focuses. I teach my students that working through pain is how we’re able to evolve. The business model makes all of this possible, not simply for me but for those who I teach.

2 - Did Covid-19 have an impact on the business, and if so, in what way(s)?

Unlike many business owners, Covid-19 was only negative when it came to activity. In my case, however, the business was actually born during this time. With all of the changes that families and kids were facing, The Presence’s of Yahweh Dance Ministry & Productions offered a solution. In the beginning, the studio was an outlet to help kids and teens to deal with things like depression. We ended up closing down for about 2 months and having to pivot. This meant leaving one location and finding another. Due to the generosity of a Christian and Pilates studio owner, we have a place to practice. It is now important to incorporate Covid-19 protocols so that everyone stays safe and productive.

3 - What's the next event where people/supporters can see performances? Well, September marks our first year as a business, which is a really special milestone. Our first production, called Backslider is scheduled for this month so that people and supporters can see a performance. We’ll be holding auditions in preparation for this and currently have 6 spots open for dancers. 240-474-2129

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Just “B” Yoga with Betsy Paul

Coach Karen

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Congrats to September’s Interviewees: Karen Scott, Coach Karen; Laila Ghauri, Antares Law Firm; LaShaunda Washington, The Presence’s of Yahweh Dance Ministry.

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