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For years the boys have been building a reputation as DJs for murdering dancefloors worldwide – not only playing what they really feel, but also performing their own multidimensional electronic music. In 2007, ROBOSONIC released their highly acclaimed debut album called “Sturm und Drang” [accompanied by a series of 12” vinyl] on their own, now defunct label DISKOMAFIA. Tracks by ROBOSONIC have been remixed by stars and heroes like Jesse Rose [Made To Play], Oliver Koletzki [Cocoon, Stil vor Talent] & Florian Meindl [Trapez, Flash], Christopher Just [Gigolo, Kitsuné], Deadset [Frontroom] and Alexander Robotnick; and have been played by a slew of big name DJs. Since 2008 they have collaborated with their friends BERLIN MITTE INSTITUT Web TV show, to host the BERLIN KREUZBERG INSTITUT [BKI] show. The archive of this platform for DJ mixes and live sets now reads like a who’s who for talent in electronic dance music: Phonique, Anja Schneider, Riva Starr, Style of Eye, Stephan Bodzin, Dominik Eulberg, Rodriguez Jr., Zombie Disco Squad, Mike Monday, Dapayk, Cats’N’Dogs, the Martin Brothers and the Keinemusik crew are just a few names among the hundreds that participated in the project BKI.

With a new House track for this Month, with the title Johnny Corporate - “Sunday Shoutin’ (Robosonic Rework)” - Defected Robosonic present a new version of the soulful house jam “Sunday Shoutin’”, released on 4th Floor / Defected in the year 2000 by JOHNNY CORPORATE, the New-Jersey born and bred, NYC and DC based DJ & producer duo consisting of Doug Smith & Richard Payton. A few words about the Team. ROBOSONIC aka Cord and Sacha have finally arrived on the international scene in summer 2012 with their hit record „Worst Love“, released on Off Recordings with remixes by Dr. Dru and Fritz Zander. Already a „classic“ now, the record was stuck for weeks in the top positions on Beatport and, besides being charted by some players of the house scene like DJ Sneak and many more, has made it to Number 1 in June on Resident Advisor’s „Top Charted Tracks“ and Number 35 in the Resident Advisor „Top Charted Tracks of 2012“. Nonetheless, ROBOSONIC are not new to the game at all!

New Exclusive MixCast from Kreativgang with the title Collage Art Street Mixcast No. 1 We met him live at the Vision Circle II at 14 of December 2012 at Stilbrvch (Gรถttingen, Germany). Daniel, is an openminded person who started to mix Music at end of 2009 by the name of Kreativgang and the Idea TonResonanz. Till today he continues to mix and produce, but also support other djs by sharing their links. His style is indiscrible, a mix of Electro, Minimal, Tech House, Techno, Progressive House, Tribal House, House, French House, Latin House & many more Subgenres.

A few words - Collage : Who is Kreativgang? What’s is his music?? - Kreativgang : When i produce a Track, I don’t start with a particular goal in my mind. I like to do the things while they’re coming. You could say, that I let the creativity “flow”. - Collage : How you define ‘a goal’ ? - Kreativgang : A goal within this, for example, is to let the person, who listens to the music, get in resonance with it.I’m very experimental when it comes to genres, and for the future, I plan to make music which inhabits many different styles. - Collage : How Kreativgang will continue to produce Music? - Kreativgang : What’s most important for me is to use sounds which have their very own character. - Collage : So, here are the personal expectations of Kreativgang, it only lefts to hear the Mixcast and stay tuned for more.

For the 3rd time the BMX Flatland Contest take part in the city of Göttingen in Germany. As our Team supports the local movements and underground Street exhibitions, we decided to take a look and be in the contest. Almost 21 riders travelled in the Fun Sport Halle at Saturday 2.2.2013 in Göttingen to ride and compete to eachother.

The funSport Halle hosted the contest inside its big area painted with graffiti, including ramps, and the contest competition’s area. It started around 15:30 o clock with the first Round, after hours of practise and warm up. Beautiful scratches and mixes by the Dj SlickTec were with us as long as the riders were fighting the Winter with their best tricks. After 2 hours, The Judges made a pause to decide which of the names will compete in the final round.

After a quite long pause that made some The moving fluency wich made us people leave of the contest, the finalists observe that the Flatland Bmx is not only a technique, but a hidden way of ride again in the final round. moving and grooving yourself with your bike in the sounds of the music. Martin Drazil, Markus Reich and Wolfgang Sauter with their expression What can we expect fr m the next and personal riding style were the final Fight the Winter contest? top winners, that we had the chance after the announcement of the winners, to meet and exchange a few words. The Great riders, high quality, more people to reach the Flatland Spot, more people riders personality combined with their technical and emotional riding with the to support the Flatland movement, people who will fight the Winter again. most important key.

The Flatland Contest was organised by Malte Orth, graffiti artist and local flatland rider from Gรถttingen, supported by friends and other sponsors. What we saw, Highlight moments , Interviews from the top Winners and Photography are attached and shared by the media sponsors of the contest, Collage Art Street & Film E films&art into a full hd video. Enjoy the ride. Article : Collage ArtStreet Department

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ISSUE #1