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collabsheet n r. 2 : h a b i t s

Results of a collaborative analog photography project Cover photo: Shannah M. Casey 11/01/2018

Welcome to our second edition!

This edition’s theme is habits! Habits drive all our day-today experiences, yet are happening in the background of our choice making. We thought it’d be interesting to introspect a little this round, and dig deeper into what makes our daily experience is it is. Especially what we’re in the habit of (visually) paying attention to, is in our opinion a topic that’s super interesting to explore more. Luckily we have photography for that. We’re super excited to share these personal accounts of our contributors on their own habits, and snapshots of life. Here’s a short piece of wisdom (to end this introduction) that Steve Jobs shared on his 30th birthday:

In the first 30 years of your life, you make your habits. For the last 30 years of your life, your habits make you. ------------------------------------------------If you’re interested in participating or getting more involved with collabsheet, mail us at Please enjoy the magazine! xxx, Mark, Fabian & Marieke

Camille Rullรกn Last spring, I moved back to my college town for a couple of months. I dreaded it as much as any 20-something-year-old would dread exile to suburban New Jersey, but on top of that I havd to accept that my escape from the stale town I spent four years in had not been triumphant after all. And yet those ended up being some of the most pleasant months of my year, where I fell back into comforting habits that I did not even know I had or missed, like going on hours-long walks with Lizzie. She would come from New York almost every weekend because, perhaps unbelievably, we both preferred the suburbs (and our old ways) to the city. We taught ourselves that habits can be rescued from the background noise and even the dullest ones can be made to sparkle.

film: camera:

Fujifilm Superia X-TRA400 Olympus XA2

Mark Tensen My friend Hugo’s a big fan of efficiency. Always experimenting on how weeeks can be scheduled more efficiently. Full-week Mealprep is the new thing. film: Fujifilm 400 camera: Yashica t-4 web: instagram @sumakuschmark

Ewa I always like to watch at buildings. No matter where I am. It makes me feel at home somehow. The structure, color & environment gives the building personality. Mostly strong - tough - grounded Sometimes vulnerable - sentimental - broken But always dreamy. Just like us. So I captured my dreamy moments. I can look at it for hours. It brings me back to the place where I felt at home at that exact moment. Can you feel it? I like to watch at buildings. I’ts a habit i’ll never break. film: Fuji Superia 200 camera: Canon F-1 web:


Kira Walz Habits are anything that transgresses our lives and either impede or allow us to succeed. My personal habit is allowing myself to be stuck in nostalgia and the defensive forthright pessimism and absolutism that comes with realizing that perhaps memories don’t matter and that you should, in fact, throw away those old photos. Those don’t matter anymore. Well, at least not in the earnest, naïve way I believed they did years ago. Instead, now, I have come to believe that the only thing that matters is how I chose to live with those memories in my body: how they have shaped me and will continue to shape how I handle my future. I guess you could say that I’ve made a habit of not being nostalgic anymore. I think I needed to constantly prevent myself from breaking my own heart again. As photography can be a tool of memory, death, and shadow, I think our way of photographing our habits, or our habits in the act of photographing, are both ways of being productive and counterproductive to our true desires. I guess, productive not being the best choice of words, but perhaps more enabling. Can I enable myself, through these sorts of habits, to progress and mature my own outlook onto the world? How do we allow, or choose (whether it’s subconscious or not) our habits to direct our lives? Our outlook? Our ability to cope with and manage change? What are we choosing when we choose our habits? I think I’ve broken my heart enough times. film:

400 TMAX camera: Minolta X-570 web: @kira____w


Sebastiaan van Thienen For a lot of my work I don’t care about telling the story of my subjects, its more about ‘me’ using them for my story. The pictures I sent in for this magazine edition can be seen as an exception to that. And captures a true moment of the subjects what they were doing on a specific time and day. film:

superia 400 camera: Canon Prima Zoom 76 & Nikon F3 web: @sebastiaanvanthienen or

Camila Wee After reading about how habits work and how they are formed, I became mostly interested in the absent mindedness of most habits. And what the cost is of succumbing to every trigger, tradition, want and craving. camera: Canon 5d mkii web: instagram @camilawee


collabsheet confusion

Wouter Andeweg ... film:

Kodak Portra 160 camera: Canon AE web: instagram @wouterandeweg



Marieke My friend Ushani bought lychees on our way to Morocco. On the plane ride to Fez we discoverd a beautiful habit of Moroccan culture: the constant sharing of food with strangers. An old lady brought homemade pancakes, dividing them over as many people as her arms could reach. Throughout our journey we continued to experience this generous habit over and over again. Lychee, anyone? film:

Rollei RPX 400 camera: Olympus mju ii web: @mariekedg


Paulien Tensen Habits often comfort me with familiarity, and help me with focus at the tasks before me. However, they often make me forget to look outside my bubble by letting me stay in my comfortable repetitions, as if I’m a goldfish trapped in a non-transparant bowl

film: Fuji film 260 camera: Mju-II


shannamcasey We are trapped. They will eventually kill us - literally making us live our life away in continuous loops of doing the same thing over and over and over again. I wonder if we still continue acting out our normalities and chores after we have taken our last breath. But then again, dying is a universal habit, too. film:


Ilford HP5 400 Canon T 60

web: @shannamcasey

Fama During wintertime, we tend to introduce more lights into our environment. A collective habit that I personally enjoy a lot as these temporarily lights brighten the street and highlight the objects and people in it.



Fujifilm XF 18mm f/2.0 R

Jolijn Peters film: Kodak 200 camera: Pentax


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Collabsheet #2 : Habits  

This edition’s theme is habits! Habits drive all our day-today experiences, yet are happening in the background of our choice making. We tho...

Collabsheet #2 : Habits  

This edition’s theme is habits! Habits drive all our day-today experiences, yet are happening in the background of our choice making. We tho...