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Collaborative for Children has helped me grow my experience in ways that have made me a better person and leader. I have learned more about


organization, leadership, business sense and who I am. My goals have gone to the next level. I cannot find all the words to say how much this program is needed. Your mentors are so dedicated and awesome. They work hard to encourage and support us. I really believe that all centers need this program! Venus Fisher, Director of Gessner Kiddie Kollege Participant in our Training and Leadership Development Program


If Houston’s youth are unprepared to succeed in the knowledge economy of the twenty-first century, it is hard to envision a prosperous future for the city as a whole. Nothing could make a greater difference in shaping that future than the efforts now under way to ensure that all children in this city have access to

quality preschool programs. Dr. Stephen L. Klineberg

Professor of Sociology at Rice University


2012 Annual Report

A Note From Our Leaders


his year, we celebrate 25 years as the trusted

We hope you will enjoy this report as a celebration of

early education expert for our community’s

all that has been accomplished to ensure that more

families, early childhood educators, and

of Houston’s young citizens receive a strong early

decision makers! It has been such an

start in life. Through the years, we have expanded

honor to work with so many skilled, creative staff

programs to reach more children, successfully

and volunteers, who together have helped this

merged two outstanding organizations to strengthen

organization succeed at building a strong educational

impact, helped the child care community back to its

foundation for over 923,000 of Houston’s

feet after two major hurricanes, managed $9.6 million

young children.

in federal stimulus funds to strengthen the quality of the child care community—and arrived stronger than

We started as two paid staff members and many

ever at the 25th Anniversary mark! We couldn’t have

faithful volunteers fearlessly blazing a trail to help

done it without you and can’t tell you how much your

Houston’s families locate child care in 1987. Twenty-

support has meant. Here’s to the next chapter!

five years later and 50 team members strong, our QualiFind child care referral service continues to

Paving the Way,

provide a lifeline for families seeking guidance in the search for child care. We also continue our legacy of improving the quality of child care options available

Carol S. Shattuck

to families through our cutting-edge educator training

President and CEO

Top: Kathleen Rowland, founder of Initiatives for Children, predecessor to Collaborative for Children (left), and Ann Kaufman, second Board Chair (right).

united around three focal areas: building parent

Juan Torres

knowledge, strengthening early childhood educators

2012 Chair, Board of Directors

Middle: Suzanne Hinds, second Executive Director of Initiatives for Children (middle), with early volunteers Russ East (left) and Glenna Pierpont (right).

and quality improvement work that took root in our early years. While these core services have evolved, today they remain central to our full suite of programs

and programs, and educating our community.


Bottom: Juan Torres, 2012 Board Chair (left), and Carol Shattuck, President and CEO (right).

a tribute to our past

The issue of child care quality and access splashed across headlines in our community in the 1980’s. The need was clear for an organization with an

exclusive focus on strengthening early care and education in Houston. Initiatives for Children, the predecessor of Collaborative for Children, was formed

in response.

1970’s-80’s More women entering the workforce. Working families challenged to find quality child care they can afford. Many women choose to leave their occupations in absence of good quality care for their children.

1981 President Reagan charges local communities to develop private sector leadership focused on local needs. Houston Private Sector Initiatives is founded, with child care as one of three focus areas.

1984 Houston Private Sector Initiatives launches educational corporate Child Care and Referral resource equipment service. Companies like IBM and Transco grants awarded to outfit classrooms in contract for theofservice to help their need materials employees find child care.


1987 Initiatives for Children, predecessor of Collaborative for Children, is formed to focus on early education needs of Houston, inheriting corporate Child Care Referral service from Private Sector Initiatives.

paving the way since 1987 We started out guiding families in their search for good child care options, serving 365 families our first year. In 2012, we helped 18,625 families find child care through our QualiFind Child Care Referral service available online and by phone.


serving houston’s families Our Child Care Referral service was originally developed in 1985 to


provide telephone assistance to guide families in their search for child care.



Today, technology continues to transform our Child Care Referral service, now called “QualiFind.” QualiFind offers a full suite of online and telephone-based information to guide families, including information on how various child care programs rank on nationally-recognized standards of quality, such as teacher-to-

Child Care She Could Trust Any parent can relate to the anxiety that accompanies the joy of preparing for a new baby. Nursery? Check. Car seat? Check. Baby care essentials? Check. But for Demori Driver, an expectant mom eagerly awaiting the arrival of her first baby girl, the most daunting step was beginning the search for child care. “I was terrified,” she remembers. “I really didn’t know where to start to find child care I could trust.”

child ratios and teacher training. Our parent support programs also continue to grow. Our team of certified Parent Educators

Late one evening, Demori did an Internet search looking for

continues to help build strong parenting skills through parenting

answers and found Collaborative for Children.

classes, in-home visits, and group meetings using research-based, Using our online QualiFind search tool, Demori could see all the

nationally-recognized curricula.

different child care options in her area and also see how they stacked up against national standards of quality like teacher-to-child

2 012

ratios, teacher education and accreditation. She was able to print

hi gh l igh t s

out a list of programs, visit them, ask questions and ultimately end up selecting a program she felt good about for her daughter.


parents served through our QualiFind Child Care Referral service


parents served through our interactive parenting classes and home visitation services


of parenting class participants reported being much more confident in their parenting skills

knowing my child is in a safe, educational place being well-cared for all day,” says Demori. “My daughter is happy, and I’m confident in the decision I’ve made for our family.”

1988 We serve 365 parents (from 11 corporate contracts) with Child Care Referral services.

We begin offering caregiver training through a broad-based training program called Family to Family for home-based child care programs.

“It definitely helps me be a productive, better employee today

1989 Child Care Referral service expands to serve the entire community free of charge.



educational resource and equipment We produce an award-winning video for grants awarded to outfit classrooms in parents and caregivers about quality need of materials home-based child care.


serving houston’s early childhood educators Our first early childhood educator training program was launched


in 1988. With funding from Mervyn’s and the Dayton Hudson Foundation, we became one of four model sites nationwide to implement the broad-based training program known as Family to


Family for home-based child care programs.



h i ghl igh ts


High quality early childhood programs and educators are more important than ever in building the strong educational foundation

early childhood educators trained and/or coached

young children need to excel in school and eventually succeed in today’s knowledge-based economy. Our services have grown


to include cutting-edge online and in-person training, mentoring, scholarships, and educational supplies and equipment grants

early childhood educators who received scholarships for continued education

serving a variety of early childhood programs throughout a 13-county region in the Texas Gulf Coast. In 2012, these services helped build a stronger educational foundation for nearly


18,000 children.

early childhood educators who completed the 120 clock hours required to receive their Child Development Associate credential


educational resource and equipment grants awarded to outfit classrooms in need of materials


1991 We launch Child Care Aware, a consumer education campaign about quality child care.


1992 We develop the Corporate HANDS program to improve the quality and availability of child care in Greater Houston.

1992-1994 We begin offering caregiver training in Spanish and in Vietnamese for home-based child care programs.

Diane Sawyer does a segment on PrimeTime that sparks conversation among Houston foundations to focus support on early childhood education.

paving the pathway to quality In 1996, Anella Coleman and

Scholars Academy for our Corporate HANDS project.

her husband were enjoying

Through training, coaching, and equipment grants,

the love of their lives: a happy,

Corporate HANDS helped early education professionals

bouncing five-month-old

just like Anella create exceptional early care and education

baby boy. Watching his little

programs to help young children flourish and prepare for

mind grow was such a joy that they were soon inspired


to devote their entire lives to the development of young children. The Colemans opened Young Scholars Academy

“I realized that if you don’t have the skills, the education,

on May 15, 1996, with the goal of providing affordable,

the exposure to know what good quality looks like, you

high quality child care to families in downtown Houston.

can say you have high quality, but the results won’t be high quality,” says Anella. “Collaborative for Children helped to

“I realized that

“I remember the stress of those first few months,” recalls

cement my view and vision for what my program needed,

if you don’t have

Anella. “I remember we had to get 50 families to break

and they helped me put that vision in place.”

the skills, the

even the first year, but getting to 50 families wasn’t easy.” Today, Young Scholars Academy is thriving, and Anella

education, the exposure to know

Anella worked hard, and the program began to grow. But

continues to hear great things about the students who

soon she realized she had another challenge. She felt

benefited from our investments in her program all those

what good quality

lost when it came to creating the high quality of care and

years ago.

looks like, you can

education she had always wanted to provide.

“I know that my success today is attributed to “While I wanted quality—I wanted high quality—I didn’t

organizations like Collaborative for Children,” she says.

really know what that looked like,” she remembers.

“My program would not be what it is if I hadn’t had their support in the beginning.”

She felt overwhelmed, but didn’t know where to turn for guidance.That’s when a parent nominated Young

1996 Kathleen Rowland retires and Suzanne Hinds becomes our new Executive Director.

1997 Brain research and early education gain prominence in the media.

Greater Houston Collaborative for Children is formed to invest in collaborations that benefit young children and families.


say you have high quality, but the results won’t be high quality.”



With funding from ExxonMobil, United Way educational resource and equipment Greater Houston Bright Beginnings program grants in Collaborative forawarded Childrento outfit classrooms is launched to dramatically needfor of materials and Initatives Children improve child care programs. begin working together.


partnership spotlight: united way bright beginnings 2012

45 of 51


achievement tests by United Way Bright Beginnings students were performed better than their peers over 4 years.

Celebrating 10 Years of Partnership We are pleased to join with ExxonMobil and United Way of Greater Houston this year to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the United Way Bright Beginnings program! This innovative early education program is designed to help children from families with lower incomes achieve social, emotional, physical and cognitive milestones, preparing them to enter school ready to succeed. Since 2002, the program has made a dramatic impact in the lives of over 5,000 young children who have attended United Way Bright Beginnings early childhood programs. Today, these students are outperforming their peers in reading and math and are proof of what science and economics have been demonstrating for years—that quality early childhood experiences truly set a child’s course for lifelong success in school. A solid partnership has been the key to the program’s success over the years, with ExxonMobil providing critical funding and United Way of Greater Houston providing key leadership in coordinating the program partnership and evaluation. We have played a key role as the consultation and training partner, working closely with participating early childhood centers to offer staff development plans, business and leadership training for directors, training opportunities for teachers, consultation, and developmentally appropriate classroom equipment.



or more students have attended a United Way Bright Beginnings program.


of United Way Bright Beginnings centers have received accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children, as compared to 2% of Greater Houston centers.


United Way Bright Beginnings teachers have earned Child Development Associate certificates.


average tenure increase for United Way Bright Beginnings teachers, compared with national average between 25% to 40%.


2004 Greater Houston Collaborative for Children and Initiatives for Children merge, forming Collaborative for Children as we know it today.

h i ghl igh ts

2007 We launch College Bound from Birth in partnership with City of Houston, HISD and Texas Children’s Hospital.

We enhance our Child Care Referral service by adding QualiFind, which offers information on how programs rank on nationally-recognized standards of quality such as teacher-to-child ratios and training.

We work with funders and partners to help almost 400 child care programs back to their feet after Hurricane Ike.

a strong start in early education We have played a key role as the consultation and training partner for the United Way Bright Beginnings program. Our consultants work closely with participating early childhood centers to offer staff development plans, business and leadership training for directors, training opportunities for teachers, consultation, and developmentally appropriate classroom equipment.


mobilizing our community Then

Informing the public and advocating for improved early education standards in our region have always been crucial ingredients in our efforts, beginning with the Child Care Aware campaign in

pr e sch o o l

fo r

al l

1991. Created and funded by Mervyn’s, Target and the Dayton Hudson Foundation, Child Care Aware was a national consumer education campaign about the importance of quality child care,


which we implemented locally in Houston. In the 1990’s, we also began the first of many trips to Austin to inform key decision makers about the importance of strengthening the early education system in Texas.


Today, we continue working with our key partners to raise the bar for early education standards and resources, with significant results during the recent 82nd Legislative Session. With our partners, we helped secure passage of a bill that increased the state’s minimum training requirement to become a child care worker from 8 to 24 hours of pre-service training. This year, we also had the opportunity to lead the creation of a plan to transform early care and education in our region. Entitled the Texas Gulf Coast School Readiness Challenge and supported by Houston Endowment Inc., the plan outlines action-oriented steps that could significantly improve

the quality of, and access to, early education resources for families and programs serving young children. The plan will be released in 2013.

If children get a good start, the likelihood of them being successful in school and being successful human beings is enhanced. James Calaway

Chairman, Center for Houston’s Future & current volunteer working with us on the Texas Gulf Coast School Readiness Challenge


We receive federal stimulus funds to dramatically strengthen early childhood programs in Greater Houston.

We are asked to lead a planning process to develop recommendations on ways to transform the quality of the early education system in the Texas Gulf Coast.


We reach our 25th Anniversary, serving 923,000 young children, 310,000 families and 48,000 early childhood educators to date.

A partnership with the Center for Houston’s Future in 2003, Preschool for ALL was one of our most important early efforts to mobilize community leadership around strengthening the early education system in Texas. Preschool for ALL was a research and policy-focused initiative that specifically aimed to expand investment in and access to quality early education.

With our partners, we celebrate the 10th We partner with United Way Anniversary of United educational resource and equipment of Baytown to launch an Way Bright Beginnings , grantsyoung awarded to outfit classrooms in effort to improve intensive serving 5,000 need of materials the quality of child care children to date.



programs in Baytown.

a plan for their success tomorrow Through the Texas Gulf Coast School Readiness Challenge launched in 2012, we have brought community leaders together to develop a tiered plan that could transform early education for thousands of young children throughout our region.


new frontiers: college bound from birth Then

It began with a bold vision in 2007: what would be possible if Houston’s leading health, education and civic organizations worked together to build a career-bound environment for children in Houston’s most underresourced neighborhoods? The College Bound from Birth project was


born in response, uniting the talents and resources of 15 collaborating partners, including Texas Children’s Pediatric Associates, the Houston Independent School District and the City of Houston. Since 2007, we have worked toward the goal of improving kindergarten readiness, third grade reading scores and ultimately high school graduation and college participation rates among youth living in Houston’s Sunnyside/South Park neighborhood.


2012 results increasing kindergarten readiness Child Outcomes: Letter-Word Identification

Today in our fifth year of implementation, external evaluations are

College Bound Four-Year Old Children

revealing that we are making significant progress toward our first goal

+3 months

of increasing kindergarten readiness. Every year on average, we are

+2 months

reaching nearly 700 young children through our work with 18 child care

+1 month

sites, 85 early childhood educators and 457 families in the Sunnyside/

At age expectation

South Park neighborhood.

Spring 2012 Fall 2011

In the fall of 2011, several classes of four-year old College Bound children were tested on their ability to identify letters and words and retested the following spring. Slightly behind their age expectation in the fall, on average, the children scored significantly higher, and well above their age expectation, in the spring.

Child Outcomes: Applied Problems College Bound Four-Year Old Children - 1 month (behind age expectation) - 2 months - 3 months - 4 months

Spring 2012 Fall 2011

In the fall of 2011, several classes of four-year old College Bound children were tested on their ability to identify letters and words and retested the following spring. Substantially behind their age expectation in the fall, on average, the children scored signifcantly higher, and close to their age expectations, in the spring.


One of the first young students to participate in College Bound from Birth since 2008, Brandon proudly clutches his diploma after his kindergarten graduation ceremony on May 24, 2012.


Financial summary Statement of Activities (for the year ending December 31, 2012) Operating Revenues Government Contracts 1985-1987


United Way Service Contracts


Program Income (Fees for Services) Fundraising*

Other Income

< 1%





Total Operating Revenues


Revenue Government Contracts United Way Service Contracts Program Income (Fees for Services)

Operating Expenses


Program Expenditures

Training/Support for Educators

Parenting Education

Child Care Resources & Referral

College Bound from Birth


Community Education


Subtotal - Program Expenditures Management & General Fundraising

Total Operating Expenses Change in Net Assets Total Net Assets, End of Year




Other Income 1%

310,102 7%


$3,951,690 1,113,248 395,138



Program Expenditures Management & General Fundraising



$553,881 $2,420,309


*Includes multi-year funding

Program Expenditures Training/Support for Educators


Parenting Education Child Care Resource & Referral


College Bound from Birth Community Education




leadership 2012 Board of Directors Executive Committee Mr. Juan Torres 1985-1987 Board Chair Gainer Donnelly

Board Members Dr. Robert Austin R J Austin Consulting, Development and Training

Ms. Janice E. Character Chair, Board Development ExxonMobil Corporation

Mr. Rance Buss McConnell, Jones, Lanier & Murphy, LLP

Mr. Stephen M. Kaufman Board Vice Chair Chair, Fund Development Fulcrum Partners, LLC

Mr. Brandon Clarke, JD CBRE, Inc. Mr. Julius Cox Dynegy

Ms. Stephanie Rudd Chair, Finance Cadence Bancorp, LLC

Mr. Glenn Godkin Chair, Audit Wells Fargo

Dr. Barbara G. Samuels Chair, Program Community Volunteer

Mr. Shawn A. J. Gross SAJG Investments, Inc. Ms. Julie Hempel Community Volunteer

Mr. Harlan Hooks H-E-B Houston Division Mr. Christopher Jones Crady, Jewett & McCulley, LLP Ms. Lisa McBride Thompson & Horton, LLP

Ms. Suzanne McCarthy Chair, Circle of Friends Community Volunteer

Deborah Noser College Bound from Birth Trainer/Consultant Deborah Noser is our longest-tenured employee and has been with us for 24 years! We asked her how our organization has changed since she started in 1988.

“When I started working here, the importance of quality early childhood care and education for a child’s later success

Ms. Virginia L. Mithoff Mithoff Family Charitable Foundation Co-Chair, 25th Anniversary Celebration

in life wasn’t widely recognized by the community. At first, I

Ms. Nancy Powell Moore The Powell Foundation

depended on us to help them find quality child care, so it was

Ms. Carol Simon Community Volunteer

their understanding of quality.

started out as a Parent Counselor helping parents find child care options for their children. Families really needed and

really fulfilling work to be able to help them by broadening

Since then, I’ve held many different training and coaching positions working directly alongside child care providers in the field. For me, the most exciting thing to see happening

Senior Staff Members

today is our continued mission to help families understand the importance of quality early care and education for their

Ms. Carol Shattuck President and CEO

Ms. Wendy Coats Ruiz, CFRE Chief Development Officer

Ms. Grace Hill Chief Communications Officer

child’s future. I’m also proud of our continued support to

Mr. Jerry McGreer VP of Administration and CFO

Ms. Andrea Francis AVP of Family Engagement

Ms. Gail McClung AVP of Human Resources

encouragement, mentoring, and training. I think we make

Mr. Sul Ross VP of Programs and Collaboration Development

Ms. Leslie Gerber AVP of Community Engagement

Ms. Sharon Spillman AVP of Provider Engagement

the child care community through our programs that offer

a difference because we provide a personal approach, inspiring educators to work toward personal achievement and professional development. And when teachers are inspired, their enthusiasm spills over to the children.“



Circle of Friends

Thanks to our Circle of Friends giving society, chaired by Suzanne

Under the leadership of Stephen

Kaufman, our Fund Development Chair, we raised more than $2,555,154 in 2012 from individuals, foundations and corporations, together building a strong educational foundation for over 49,000 young children. 1985-1987

We appreciate the extraordinary generosity of corporations, foundations and

$2,023,347 in major investments

in our programs to strengthen families, improve child care environments and fuel community awareness and action. President’s Circle - $100,000+ The Brown Foundation, Inc. The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health Houston Endowment Inc. Benefactor - $25,000-$99,999 The Cullen Foundation The Eleanor and Frank Freed Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kean M.D. Anderson Foundation The Samuels Foundation St. Luke’s Episcopal Health Charities Leader - $10,000-$24,999 The Stanford and Joan Alexander Foundation Ascende Charitable Trust The Clayton Fund, Inc. Harris County Hospital District Foundation H-E-B Tournament of Champions Holthouse Foundation for Kids Ann & Stephen Kaufman Foundation Kinder Foundation, Inc. The Lyons Foundation Mike Calvert Toyota Mithoff Family Charitable Foundation The MST Foundation Robert R. and Kay M. Onstead Foundation The Powell Foundation St. Martin’s Episcopal Church Sterling-Turner Foundation


in 2012. Benefactor - $25,000-$99,999 Mr. and Mrs. Marc Shapiro Leader - $10,000-$24,999 Mr. and Mrs. Lee Beckelman Ms. Stephanie Rudd

Major Gifts individuals in 2012 who together made

Sklar McCarthy, we welcomed more than 90 new contributors and raised $113,669

The Tapeats Fund Toyota Patron - $5,000-$9,999 Ruth and Ted Bauer Family Foundation Highland Resources Inc. KBR MACEIL Family Foundation Spectra Energy Corporation Associate - $2,500-$4,999 ExxonMobil Corporation United Way of Greater Houston Friend - $1,000-$2,499 Chevron The Kayser Foundation The W.T. & Louise J. Moran Foundation Supporter - up to $999 BP America The George R. Brown Partnership LP Kroger Randalls In-kind Support IBM Lakeshore Learning Materials

Patron - $5,000-$9,999 Mr. and Mrs. Drew Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Clarke Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kaufman Dr. and Mrs. James McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mithoff Mr. and Mrs. Randall Onstead Associate - $2,500-$4,999 Mr. and Mrs. Dan Boyles Jr. Ms. Janice Character and Mr. Jiles Daniels Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Gross Mr. and Mrs. Milt Hempel Ms. Nancy Powell Moore Mr. and Mrs. Vic Samuels Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sklar Mr. and Mrs. Trey Snider Friend - $1,000-$2,499 Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Ables Dr. and Mrs. Robert Austin Mr. and Mrs. Dan Boyles Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Murray Brasseux Ms. Erin Charlton Mr. and Mrs. Richard Everett Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Godkin Mr. and Mrs. Greer Grace Ms. Suzanne Hinds Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Hooks Mr. Christopher Jones Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kellner Ms. Gail McClung Mr. Sul Ross Ms. Eloise Rowan Mrs. Wendy Coats Ruiz Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sandweiss Mrs. Carol Shattuck Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Smith Mr. and Mrs. Juan Torres Supporter - up to $999 Dr. Kay Albrecht Mr. and Mrs. Craig Allen Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Allen III

Ms. Cat Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Ferd Andres Ms. Janna Barnhart Ms. Elaine Berg Ms. Kate Bizzell Ms. Naomi Black Mr. and Mrs. Jack Blanton Jr. Ms. Deborah Bradford Ms. Fran Brockington Ms. Trang Bui Mr. and Mrs. Rance Buss Ms. Kathy Butler Ms. Shelley Byrd Ms. Jacinth Chapman Ms. Marcela Clark Ms. Katie Coats Ms. Corinne Cooper Ms. Flo Crady Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Crossman Mr. and Mrs. Holcombe Crosswell Mr. and Mrs. E. Ted Davis Ms. Julie Dill Mr. Jack Dillard Ms. Ronesha Dotson Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Downs Ms. Sue Foglietta Ms. Verla Fourcard Ms. Andrea Francis Ms. Sanjuana Frank Ms. Whitney Garcia Ms. Jeri Gates Ms. Betty Gaughan Ms. Leslie Gerber Mr. Abdolreza Gharesi Ms. Deirdre Glover Ms. Martha Gonzales Ms. Grace Hill Mrs. Evelyn Howell Mr. Michael Huffman Mr. Jerry Jeanmard Dr. Kathryn Jenkins Ms. Dawn Johnson Ms. Ann Jones Dr. Tracy Anne Jones Dr. and Mrs. Larry Joseph Ms. Carla Knobloch Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Kovar Mrs. Catherine Campbell Lane Ms. Cathy Liesman Mr. Barry Mandel Mr. Khambrel Marshall

Ms. Rachel McCarty Mr. Russell McCarty Ms. Shannon McClellan Mr. Steven McClung Mrs. Kara McCormick Mr. and Mrs. Bill McGee Mr. Jerry McGreer Ms. Mary Hale McLean Dr. Linda McNeil Mr. and Mrs. Downing Mears Ms. Irma Mims Ms. Ginger Neely Ms. Amity Nelson Ms. Kristian Nielsen Ms. Joan Osterwell Ms. Monica Penn-Sutgrey Ms. Jan Phipps Ms. Nancy Pittman Ms. Eileen Ramirez Ms. Elizabeth Ramirez Ms. Beverly Reed Ms. Debra Reed Mr. Donnell Reed, Jr. Dr. Ilana Reisz Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Selman Mr. and Mrs. Alan Smith Ms. Pat Sorrells Mr. Ben Spilker Dr. Sharon Spillman Ms. Freda Spillman-Jackson Mr. and Mrs. John Sumner Ms. Linda Swenson Mr. Joe Synan Mr. and Mrs. Philip Tappan Mr. and Mrs. Jay Tarnow Ms. Jacklyn Tatge Mr. Kent Taylor Ms. Chereze Therkildsen Ms. Janice Thomas Ms. Martha Turner Mr. and Mrs. David Underwood Ms. Helen Vietor Ms. Teresa Villafaña Ms. Constance Wall-Fisher Ms. Harriet Wasserstrum Mr. and Mrs. David Welsh Ms. Sara White Mr. Jason Whittington Ms. Jocelyn Wright Ms. Staci Young Ms. Claudia Zelaya

Paving the Way for the Future 25th Anniversary Celebration On the evening of September 27, 2012, Event Co-chairs Ginni and Richard Mithoff welcomed close to 500 guests to our 25th Anniversary Celebration, where we honored H-E-B with the Maconda Brown O’Connor Spirit of Collaboration award. The event, held at the Royal Sonesta Houston Hotel, raised a record-setting $418,138. Paving the Way Sponsor Wells Fargo Silver Anniversary Sponsor ExxonMobil Corporation H-E-B Grocery Company LP Mithoff Family Charitable Foundation Star Sponsor Bank of America CenterPoint Energy Datacert, Inc. Spectra Energy Corporation Wanda Law James Trust/ Mr. Bill Burwell Collaborative Sponsor Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Ables Mr. and Mrs. Drew Alexander Anheuser-Busch/Silver Eagle Distributors Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital The Friedkin Group Kaplan Early Learning Company Lakeshore Learning Materials Mr. and Mrs. Harry Locher The Methodist Hospital System Robert R. and Kay M. Onstead Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Vic Samuels Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sklar Towers Watson Table Sponsor Amegy Bank of Texas Amerigroup Corporation Bracewell & Giuliani LLP Mr. and Mrs. Murray Brasseux Mrs. Fredricka Brecht CBRE, Inc. Chevron Community Health Choice Ms. Melanie Gray and Mr. Mark Wawro Harris County Hospital District Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Hays Mr. and Mrs. Milt Hempel Houston Community College Houston Texans Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kaufman

Legacy Community Health Services Locke Lord LLP Mr. and Mrs. Rocky Mafrige Dr. and Mrs. James McCarthy Ms. Nancy Powell Moore Mr. and Mrs. William Pierpont Mr. and Mrs. Jim Postl Ms. Stephanie Rudd Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Ruez Texas Children’s Hospital Thompson & Horton LLP U.T. Health Science Center at Houston/ Children’s Learning Institute YMCA of Greater Houston Contributors Ms. Lucretia Ahrens The Stanford and Joan Alexander Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Allen III Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Amos Anadarko Petroleum Corp. Mr. Buddy and Dr. Nicole Andrews Mr. and Mrs. David Askanase Ms. Anna Babin Mr. Bert Baker Mr. and Mrs. Brent Baumann Ms. Jane Bavineau Mr. and Mrs. Lee Beckelman Dr. Charles Begley and Ms. Laurie McGill Ms. Barbara Bends Mr. and Mrs. Lan Bentsen Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Blachman Ms. Kristen Blakely Mr. and Mrs. Jack Blanton Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Blanton Sr. Ms. Chree Boydstun Mr. Doug Boyle and Ms. Tiernan Shea Mr. and Mrs. Dan Boyles Jr. The Brodsky Foundation Mr. Travis Broesche Ms. Kasondra Brown Dr. and Mrs. Bill Bryan Mr. and Mrs. Rance Buss Ms. Alix Cadavid Mr. and Mrs. Luis Campos Dr. Barbara Carlson Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Cashiola Mr. and Mrs. John Cater Mr. and Mrs. Bob Cavnar Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cherry Mrs. Julie Cohn and Mr. John Connor

Mr. and Mrs. David Copeland Dr. Juanita Copley Ms. Ann Crider Ms. Renee Davis Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Day DePelchin Children’s Center Mr. and Mrs. Jere Dial Mr. John Dickinson and Ms. Nancy Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Harold Edaburn Mr. and Mrs. Brandt Edwards Dr. Roger Eichhorn Mr. and Mrs. Mike Feinberg Dr. Marybeth Flachbart Mr. and Mrs. Charles Foster Harriet and Joe Foster Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Frels Mrs. Kathy Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Tom Glanville Mr. and Mrs. Julius Glickman Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Godkin Greater Houston Community Foundation U.S. Representative Al Green Mrs. Antonia Day Helland Mr. and Mrs. Jim Henderson Ms. Gloria Herman Mr. and Mrs. Josh Hill Ms. Suzanne Hinds Mr. and Mrs. Bob Holloway Mr. and Mrs. Josh Holm Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Hooks Houston Endowment Inc. Mr. Scott Howard Dr. Rebecca Huss-Keeler Mr. and Mrs. Ken Janda Ms. Dianne Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Johnson Dr. Tracy Anne Jones Dr. and Mrs. Larry Joseph Mr. and Mrs. Richard Keeton Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kellagher Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kellner Mr. and Mrs. James Ketelsen Mr. and Mrs. David Kinder Dr. and Mrs. K. Terry Koonce Mr. and Mrs. Michael Landrum Mr. and Mrs. Truett Latimer Mr. and Mrs. Barry Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Steve Mafrige Mr. Neal Manne and Ms. Nancy McGregor Ms. Debra Marino

Mrs. Amy Markwort Mr. Khambrel Marshall Martha Turner Properties Mr. and Mrs. Vidal Martinez Ms. Lisa McBride Mrs. Gracie McClure Mr. and Mrs. Bill McGee Mr. and Mrs. Ray Meyn Dr. Darla Miller Mr. and Mrs. Harvin Moore IV Ms. Catherine Mosbacher Mr. Jeff Nash Ms. Neena Newberry Ms. Nancy O’Connor Ms. Sandra O’Donnell O’Donnell/Snider Construction Office Depot Mr. Doug Onstead Ms. Kay Onstead Mr. and Mrs. Randall Onstead Mr. and Mrs. John Orton Ms. Imogen Papadopoulos Mr. and Mrs. Gary Petersen Mr. Jake Porter Mr. and Mrs. Irving Pozmantier Mr. Richard and Dr. Kathryn Rabinow Mr. and Mrs. Nick Raia Ms. Sheryl Rapp Mr. and Mrs. John Reed Mr. and Mrs. James Robertson The Wilhelmina E. (Beth) Robertson Fund Ms. Regina Rogers Mrs. Kathleen Rowland Dr. Michele Sabino Mr. and Mrs. David Saletan Mr. and Mrs. Leo Sayavedra Mr. Don Schad Scurlock Foundation Mrs. Carol Shattuck Ms. Shirley Shockley Mrs. Carol Simon Smith Graham & Co. Ms. Patricia Snyder Mr. and Mrs. George Stark Sterling Associates Ms. Jo Stevenson Mr. and Mrs. Greg Stirman Ms. Gina Sullivan Sysco Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Peter Taaffe Mr. and Mrs. Juan Torres Mr. C. Loren Vandiver

Mrs. Melinda Walker Mr. and Mrs. Jack Weingarten Ms. Sue Trammell Whitfield Mr. Jason Whittington Mr. and Mrs. Randy Wilhelm Mr. Herman Wilson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Reid Wilson Mrs. Betsy Winn Young Learners School

(from left to right) Cyndy Garza-Roberts, accepting the Maconda Brown O’Connor Spirit of Collaboration award on behalf of H-E-B, and Event Chairs Ginni and Richard Mithoff.

(from left to right) Event keynote Dr. Sharon Lynn Kagan with Khambrel Marshall, KPRC Channel 2, and Carol Shattuck, Collaborative for Children President and CEO.


Collaborative for children We’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to building a strong educational foundation for young children to succeed in school and life. We achieve our mission by working with families, early childhood educators and community leaders—the people who most influence a child’s life. By building parent knowledge, helping parents find quality child care, improving early learning environments, and driving community awareness and action, we ensure that our youngest citizens receive the foundation they need today for a brighter tomorrow.

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Building a strong educational foundation for young children to succeed in school and life.

Collaborative for Children


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Collaborative for Children 2012 Annual Report  
Collaborative for Children 2012 Annual Report  

2012 Annual Report highlighting progress over our 25-year history.