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Alcohol & Energy Drinks: Alcopops Alcopops are pre-mixed spirits, like vodka or rum with added sugar/ caffeine, coloring and flavoring. Energy drinks containing alcohol, are being produced by many beer companies.

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These products are creating a problem for retailers and consumers who have a hard time telling the difference between the two. The packaging is similar to non-alcohlic energy drinks and is difficult to distinguish against non-alcohlic certainvarities. energy drinks contain alcohol.


ALCOHOLIC DRINKS specify WHAT TO LOOK FOR:alcohol content and1.have a warning ondrinks the canlist or bottle. Non-alcoholic nutritional facts on the can or bottle 2. Alcoholic drinks specify alcohol content printed as “ALC/VOL” printed on the can or bottle. 3. Alcoholic drinks will have a surgeon generals warning printed on the packaging like the one shown below.

n ingredient, the amount varies by product. As with must be 21 to purchase alcoholic energy drinks.

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Targeting Girls: Alcopops have about the same amount of alcohol as beer, but their high sugar and caffeine content does a great job of covering the flavor and the affect which attracts teen girls.

3. Due to the caffeine in the drink, you are less drunk and more alert? T F 4. There are less calories drinking an alcopop than drinking a beer? T F

Taxes: Alcopops producers avoid the higher tax rates because they are categorized as “beer” instead of spirits/hard alcohol which means they help keep the consumer price lower making this appealing to youth and college students.

5. The majority of people who drink alcopops are college males? T F



Both alcohol & caffeine also dehydrate individuals. Mixing them together dehydrate you twice as fast!

2. Alcopops are less potent than beer or wine so it is safer to drink them? T F


Caffeine loaded energy drinks are stimulants. Your heartrate spikes, you feel jittery & alert, & worst of all, you have the illusion that you are not buzzed or drunk when you actually are!

1. You can overdose on caffeine? T F


Alcohol is a depressant, when you drink it your whole body slows down. When you drink your heart rate drops, your reaction time slows, & your thinking and judgement are impaired. This is the body’s way of telling someone they have had too much to drink.

Availability: Due to Alcopops being labeled as beer they are made available wherever beer is sold, such as convenience stores, gas stations, and minimarts making it easier to buy & obtain.


There is no doubt alcohol is dangerous & illegal for teens. But mixing alcohol & energy drinks is even more hazardous.

True. Surprised? It is possible to overdose on caffeine & this can cause some serious problems, including: chest pains, heart palpitations, & brain damage. False. Mixing alcohol & caffeine means you are mixing a depressant & a stimulant which is more dangerous! False. Fatigue is one of the ways the body tells someone that they have met their alcohol limit. The caffeine stimulates a person masking this feeling & can give the person the impression they aren’t impaired. False. Most Alcopops have just as many calories as a regular beer, sometimes more. There are more calories in one Alcopop than a Krispy Kreme donut! False, Most Alcopop drinkers are 14-18 year old females.

The Dangers of mixing energy drinks & alcohol

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Wide- Awake Drunk

How Alcopops Lure You:

Do you know the facts?

Know what you are Buying! Popular Alcopops: Sparks, Tilt, BudExtra, Liquid Charge, Liquid Core, Rockstar21, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, & Twisted Tea .

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