Colorado Springs Living Well - Fall 2017 Issue

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// In this edition: National Mill Dog Rescue

Founder Theresa Strader was featured in People Magazine’s a “Hero Among Us” in 2012

By: Joshua Cates, Publisher


When Theresa started her nonprofit 10 years ago, she will tell you that 9 out of 10 people had never heard the term puppy mill. “One stereotype we want to get people over is that rescue dogs are broken,” says Theresa. “They do heal and even some of our more ‘mature’ dogs can make wonderful pets. The bond between a shelter dog and owner can be deeper than you could ever imagine” she continues. NMDR typically cares for 100 dogs at their kennel and 50-60 additional dogs in foster homes across Colorado. “Obviously, we need to keep our adoptions going, so we have the room to rescue more dogs. My hope is that

This winter NMDR will open their new Vet & Kennel facility. A gift from one very generous local donor. 14

education will help with adoption and prompt people to be part of the solution,” she says.



National Mill Dog Rescue was established in February 2007, in honor of a forgiving little Italian Greyhound named Lily

I asked Theresa what one major milestone or turning point was in their past 10 years. Without hesitation, she told me about their People Magazine feature in 2012, where Theresa was honored in the “Hero Among Us” feature. “This was a turning point for us! One out-of-state donor who read the article made a six-figure contribution, really helped solidify our future,” Theresa says. Over the years many donors have made Theresa’s mission possible and thanks to a few key donors, major progress has been made in the logistics and structure of the campus. However, Theresa will tell you, “We are always in need for new donors to help keep the mission alive. Expenses for day-today operations are $100,000 per month.”

What’s new this year for National Mill Dog Rescue? This year, a local couple who’s been watching the work of NMDR from day one asked, what’s your biggest dream, Theresa? “I’m not good at asking for money, so after some thought and a big gulp, I let him know our biggest need was a proper facility for our Vet Team and a proper rehab center with kennel runs,” says Theresa. “We would like to make that dream come true”, they replied. The new NMDR Vet and Kennel building is in the works as I write this story and Theresa estimates they’ll be moving in by Christmas. In addition to their own mission, National Mill Dog Rescue invested $80,000 to construct a custom building space for a national pet food bank. “We are the central hub in this region. It’s another way for us to help support like-minded non-profits across the U.S.,” she says.


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