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“A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish”

Meet the Business and Exit Planning Team at SFP

Tim Watson CFP, AIF ®

Randy Ward CFP



The Business & Exit Planning Team at SFP, led by Tim Watson and Randy Ward, understands the many directions you are pulled as the leader and visionary of your business or practice. Life as an owner/partner can be a seemingly never ending race of strategic objectives to hit and operational tasks to achieve. Our team will work with you to understand and clarify the goals you have set for your business, as well as the targets you are shooting for outside of it. We will work with you to create a personalized strategy for corporate benefits, executive compensation options, business protection & buy/sell planning, and ultimately the creation of a comprehensive Exit Plan.

Strategic Financial Partners Colorado Springs Office

1755 Telstar Drive, Suite 501 Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Denver Office

5619 DTC Parkway, Suite 425 Greenwood Village, CO 80111

www.SFP.us 719-388-0287

John W. Ferguson, Jr.


President & CEO

On behalf of Strategic Financial Partners, I am pleased to introduce the, “Business and Exit Planning Team.” Tim Watson, CFP®, AIF® and Randy Ward, CFP®, bring team-based, specialized expertise to bear on business owner client exit planning goals, dreams and aspirations.

Randy Ward, CFP® and Tim Watson, CFP®, AIF® are Registered Representatives and Investment Advisory Representatives, Securian Financial Services, Incorporated., Securities Dealer Member FINRA/SIPC, A Registered Investment Advisor. Strategic Finacial Partners is independently owned and operated. #1840088 DOFU 07062017

Anchorage, AK

Colorado Springs, CO Headquarters

Denver, CO

Leawood, KS

Odgen, UT

Salt Lake City, UT

We’re Known for Our Animal Magnetism. Nobody makes pet daycare more fun. With open play, quiet time, luxury suites, and a staff working round the clock, your best friend will have the best time ever.

COME, PLAY, STAY. DAYCARE BOARDING GROOMING TRAINING 719.471.BARK (2275) www.BamPaws.com Located Downtown Colorado Springs

815 S. Sierra Madre Colorado Springs, CO 80903 M-F 6:30 AM - 7:00 PM Saturday by Appointment Closed Sundays


KISSING CAMELS Option for one level living with 2 of the MOUNTAIN SHADOWS KISSINGon CAMELS 4 bedrooms the main level, 2-car + golf cart garage and amazing views. Offered at $1,025,000 6335 Wilson Road ~ $799,000 3740 Cumulus View ~ $795,000 3 bedrooms (2 on main), main level office, 5 bedrooms (3 on the main level), study, 4S baths,O 3-car garage, panoramic views. 5 baths, elevator, 3-car garage, terrific views. L D

MONUMENT - BENT TREE IV BROADMOOR - SPRING GROVE 1315 Boldmere Court ~ $950,000 2781 Fawn Grove Court ~ $825,000 STRATTON FOREST 5 bedrooms (3 on main), main level study, 3 bedrooms (master on main), study, 6 baths, Gorgeous 4 bedroom + office home with main 4-car garage, private treed 2.64 acres. 3-car garage, amazing entertaining areas. level master on 2.34 acres of views and privacy. Backs to open space. Offered at $1,199,000

KISSING CAMELS 3755 Camel Grove ~ $985,000 4 bedrooms, master and office on main level, 5 baths, 3-car garage, outstanding views.

KISSING CAMELS 3910 Star Rise Point ~ $1,025,000 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, 2+golf cart garage, 2 main level bedrooms, Pikes Peak views.


OLD NORTH END 1306 Wood Avenue ~ $1,025,000 Turn-of-the-century 6 bedroom home, office, 5 baths, 3-car garage, mountain views.

KISSING CAMELS - THE GREENS 4140 Reserve Point ~ $1,045,000 3 bedrooms, main level master and study, 3-car garage, on golf course, stunning views.


BROADMOOR - SKYWAY 593 Vista Grande Drive ~ $1,250,000 5 bedrooms, 6 baths, elevator, 3-car garage, .78 acres, amazing city/mountain views.

UNIVERSITY PARK 5039 Stonehill Road Represented the Seller W NE ICE PR

KISSING CAMELS 3515 Hill Circle ~ $1,395,000 On the 7th Fairway, 4 bedrooms, 5 baths, 3-car garage, great outdoor spaces, stunning views.

CATHEDRAL PINES 5545 Vessey Road ~ $1,425,000 Located on 2.57 acres of privacy and views, 4 bedrooms, office, 6 baths, two 4-car garages.

KISSING CAMELS 3670 Hill Circle ~ $1,850,000 4 bedrooms, study, 6 baths, 3-car garage + room for 2 golf carts, one-of-a-kind panoramic views.

KISSING CAMELS 3724 Camelrock View ~ $2,650,000 5 bedroom suites, office, 8 baths, 3-car garage elevator, backs to golf course, sweeping views.

A Leader in Residential Home Sales Kevin Patterson, Owner, CRS,GRI The Patterson Group 800.900.1775 / 719.575.1200 Kevin@PattersonGrp.com www.PattersonGrp.com

FALL 2017





Terry Bradshaw


27 18 54


Cover Photography: SDK Photo



PINCED NERVE IN THE NECK Multiple treatment options are available


THE NEW FAMILIAR Province is redefining the concept of senior living


ORAL CANCER SCREENING Dentists look at more than just teeth


NATIONAL HOME BUILDER Digs into the Colorado Springs market


46 48 50 52


SENIOR LIVING Get a refreshed idea of what senior living is like


TESTOSTERONE Low T isn’t something men have to just live with

COOK LIKE A PRO No more overcooking with sous vide


SCIATICA A toothache pain running down my leg

CUSTOM HOMEBUILDING Much more than bricks and sticks


AGE STRONG, LIVE LONG Care and wellness for older adults

PENROSE-ST.FRANCIS Ornish Lifestyle Medicine Program reverses damage


A DEVASTATING DISORDER with promising treatment options


SKIN HAPPENS What can you do to help yours




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YOI SHIGOTO Providing purpose. Supporting community

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All advertisements in this Magazine are placed by third parties. We do not sell, distribute or provide any of the goods or services advertised herin. We herby expressly disclaim any liability with respect to the goods and services herin. We further disclaim any and all warranties or representations, expressed or implied, with respect to such information. We are not liable or responsible for any loss, injury, damage or harm that you may suffer as a result of the information contained in any advertisement or goods or services contained herin. “We” refers to the name Colorado Springs Living Well Magazine.

WELCOME from the Publisher’s desk


Your Health & Lifestyle Magazine

Fall 2017 Edition Designed and Printed in Denver Colorado




Don Jones, Studio 9 Commercial Photography

2005 - 2017



The start of something new

elcome to the Fall issue and another beautiful season of color change in the Rockies. Let me take a minute and thank my good friend and local photographer, Don Jones, for the photo above. This shot is at one of my favorite mountain bike spots in town, Ute Valley Park. Don and I had just wrapped up our first photo shoot for House Calls, a new annual feature starting on page 32. I had him snap this picture on our way out, as it’s been one of my long-time favorite views in Colorado Springs. Thanks Don! Now back to the inspiration behind House Calls and my desire to tell you a great story with beautiful photography. Anyone who’s been around me for more than five minutes, knows I love to hear and tell a great story, so what better story to tell than a human interest piece filled with passion and excitement! The ability to document our beautiful city and profile many of our leading doctors was a highlight of my year. My team and I wanted to find out what takes away their stress. What are they like when the gloves and white lab coats come off?! We had more fun “pulling the curtain back” – no pun intended – on their lifestyles and shooting original photography on location right here in El Paso County. I believe we’d all agree that a great story gives people hope, it humanizes us and gives us something to aspire to and talk about, so please enjoy! Coming up in December, keep an eye out for our Winter issue featuring Vince Gill and Amy Grant. Plus an inside feature on Governor John Hickenlooper and his wife with exclusive photography shot on location at the Governor’s Mansion. LIVE WELL!


Joshua D. Cates Publisher & Founder Josh@COLivingWell.com 8


PUBLISHER & FOUNDER Joshua D. Cates CO-FOUNDER & CFO Bob Cates SENIOR WRITER Wendy Wilkinson EDITOR Nancy Kay White PHOTOGRAPHY Don Jones, Studio 9 Commercial Photography CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Dr. Katharine Leppard, Tim Watson Randy Ward, Andrea Sinclair, Tim King Greg Von Berg, Stephanie Edwards, Dr. Deb Riekeman, Laurinda Flaks, Mason Cullen, Dr. John Burroughs, Dr. Nicholas Toepfer, Tara Miller, Dr. William Lunt, Charles Sabadell, D.D.S. ART & DESIGN Ashlyn Taylor, Dustin Myers SUBSCRIPTIONS Email subscribe@COLivingWell.com Online www.COLivingWell.com/subscribe LETTERS TO THE EDITOR editor@COLivingWell.com ADVERTISING SALES Joshua D. Cates (719) 325-8856 Josh@COLivingWell.com SALES ASSOCIATE Wendy Pearce Nelson DESIGNED AND PUBLISHED BY

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C Ten Peaks Media, LLC

Re-imagine your dream home at Gold Hill Mesa, designed to fit your lifestyle. Surrounded by magnificent mountain and city views, Gold Hill Mesa’s picturesque community is perfectly situated at the gateway to Colorado’s recreational areas and downtown Colorado Springs – a convenient escape to nature, trails, shopping, restaurants, and night life. Visit one of Gold Hill Mesa’s masterful builders and ‘right size’ your life with low maintenance living, in a stylish new home with more thought per square foot.



Neck and arm problems can be due to a number of issues, which can mimic one another. Accurate diagnosis is important for appropriate treatment.

PINCHED NERVE IN THE NECK Cervical Radiculopathy

By: Katharine Leppard, MD


ervical radiculopathy, commonly called a “pinched nerve in the neck� occurs when a nerve exiting the spine in the neck is compressed or irritated. This can cause pain in the neck or shoulder, radiating pain into the arm with tingling, numbness and or weakness in the pattern of that particular nerve. Some patients experience pain at the lower tip of the shoulder blade rather than in the actual neck. Sometimes neck movements increase the symptoms. At times pain can be better if one holds their hand on top of their head. Our spine is a series of bones stacked on top of each other. In between the bones is a structure called a disc. A disc is built like a jelly doughnut, there is a tough outer wall called the annulus and jelly on the inside called the nucleus. A disc rupture (or herniation) is when the outer wall tears and the jelly inside the disc escapes. Next to each disc is a nerve. A ruptured disc can pinch on a nerve, this is most common in a younger patient. As we age, the discs dry, they become narrowed and develop bone spurs. All of this can narrow the 10


bone canals where the nerves exit. Typically pinched nerves after age 40-50 are due to these degenerative changes. Often people live with a chronic level of neck pain. When new symptoms in the arm develop, it is easy to assume that the problem must be originating in the spine. Any person over the age of 40 will have disc bulges in the neck on MRI, so again it is easy to assume everything is coming Typically pinched from the neck. However, rotator cuff nerves after age and shoulder issues can also cause 50 are due to neck and scapular pain. Numbness degenerative in the upper extremity can be due to changes rather than nerve compression at either the wrist a disc rupture (carpal tunnel syndrome) or the elbow (cubital tunnel syndrome). Sometimes there is a combination of issues present. This makes an accurate diagnosis more difficult, and even more important for appropriate treatment. Diagnosis of a pinched nerve is made by a combination of history, physical examination, cervical X-ray, cervical MRI or CT scan, and an EMG study.

Medical treatment for cervical radiculopathy falls into several categories.


Often mother nature will resolve the problem. If a pinched nerve is due to a disc rupture, the jelly inside the disc is 80% water which can be reabsorbed over time. This can make a large disc rupture smaller over time. Please seek medical attention prior to doing nothing. There is risk of nerve damage if a serious condition is ignored. The longer there is pressure on the nerve, the greater the risk of permanent nerve damage. - SURGERY -

The most extreme intervention, done when there is significant pathology such as spinal cord compression, instability, or severe nerve compression. - STEROIDS -

These reduce the swelling of the pinched nerve. Options are either steroid pills, or a steroid epidural injection which is a cortisone injection into the spine under x-ray. There are potential risks of both the medication and injections. Cervical epidural injections have the remote risk of a spinal cord injury.

allows natural healing to occur. Traction and spinal decompression are the same thing. If traction is done through physical therapy, it is typically paid for by health insurance companies. If traction is helpful, there are home traction units that allow patients to do traction several times a day home, thus reducing the cost of treatment even further. Traction, unfortunately, does not make bone spurs disappear, it does not make disc protrusion smaller, nor can it rehydrate a dry degenerative disc. - HANDS ON THERAPY -

Soft tissue work and modalities can reduce muscle spasm, exercise can improve range of motion. High-velocity adjustments should be avoided in the presence of a cervical radiculopathy, as these can irritate a pinched nerve and make a small disc rupture larger.

Classic Position of Comfort



Neck and arm problems can be due to a number of issues, which can mimic one another, making it difficult to determine if the problem is coming from the neck, the shoulder, or problems further in the arm. At times a combination of issues is present. Accurate diagnosis is important for appropriate treatment.

Spinal traction temporarily opens the nerve canals while the patient is on the machine. This temporarily relieves the pressure on the inflamed nerve and

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Katharine Leppard, please call her office at 719-575-1800.

Bone spurs

Intervertebral disc

As we age, the discs dry, they become narrowed and develop bone spurs.

Katharine Leppard, MD Specializes in EMG Nerve Testing 20 Plus Years Practicing in Colorado Springs Voted Top Doctor Several Years Running



Board Certified: Electrodiagnostic Medicine Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Neuromuscular Medicine



3470 Centennial Blvd, Suite 110, Colorado Springs CO 80907

Call for an appointment

719-575-1800 Fall 2017






HANDLE COLORADO IN STYLE All New Jaguars are available with Dynamic All-Wheel Drive, perfectly suited for the Colorado roads and changing road conditions. We invite you to experience the dynamic performance and handling of the entire Jaguar line up at Jaguar Colorado Springs. Jaguar Colorado Springs 565 Automotive Drive Colorado Spring, CO 80905 719.302.1000 www.JaguarCS.com THE ART OF PERFORMANCE


By: Nancy Kay White, Editor


WHAT DO YOU GET when two fun-loving Texas transplants relocate to Colorado Springs with 50 years of combined experience in retail? Answer – A great new shopping venue in Old Colorado City. I have such respect for the courage and gumption required to launch a new business. My first impression when walking into Mackenzie & WEST in Old Colorado City was the wonderful assortment of distinct, original, quality clothing, and unique gifts. I knew immediately, I had found my new “go-to” store. In my first 5 minutes, other shoppers came through and complimented the warmth and hospitality of the store and the owners. Co-Founders Laura and Glynis are a hilarious duo. They are certainly outgoing and boy do they know their store and products. Their personalities and charm instantly draw you in. We laughed about their whirlwind adventure, traveling to shows all over the country, to prepare their unique offerings of clothing, accessories, jewelry, and gifts.

“Mackenzie and West are family names. We wanted to build our legacy into our small business adventure,” says Laura. “We wanted a thoughtful and purposeful place to go every day,” the ladies say. “Retirement is overrated,” they both chime in boldly! “Our core values are family, friends, and community. We believe in kindness towards people and providing a genuinely happy place to shop,” says Glynis.


Mackenzie & West 2530 West Colorado Avenue Suite A // 719-471-4463 mackenzieandwest.com

// In this edition: Mackenzie & WEST


// In this edition: National Mill Dog Rescue

Founder Theresa Strader was featured in People Magazine’s a “Hero Among Us” in 2012

By: Joshua Cates, Publisher


When Theresa started her nonprofit 10 years ago, she will tell you that 9 out of 10 people had never heard the term puppy mill. “One stereotype we want to get people over is that rescue dogs are broken,” says Theresa. “They do heal and even some of our more ‘mature’ dogs can make wonderful pets. The bond between a shelter dog and owner can be deeper than you could ever imagine” she continues. NMDR typically cares for 100 dogs at their kennel and 50-60 additional dogs in foster homes across Colorado. “Obviously, we need to keep our adoptions going, so we have the room to rescue more dogs. My hope is that

This winter NMDR will open their new Vet & Kennel facility. A gift from one very generous local donor. 14


education will help with adoption and prompt people to be part of the solution,” she says.



National Mill Dog Rescue was established in February 2007, in honor of a forgiving little Italian Greyhound named Lily

I asked Theresa what one major milestone or turning point was in their past 10 years. Without hesitation, she told me about their People Magazine feature in 2012, where Theresa was honored in the “Hero Among Us” feature. “This was a turning point for us! One out-of-state donor who read the article made a six-figure contribution, really helped solidify our future,” Theresa says. Over the years many donors have made Theresa’s mission possible and thanks to a few key donors, major progress has been made in the logistics and structure of the campus. However, Theresa will tell you, “We are always in need for new donors to help keep the mission alive. Expenses for day-today operations are $100,000 per month.”

What’s new this year for National Mill Dog Rescue? This year, a local couple who’s been watching the work of NMDR from day one asked, what’s your biggest dream, Theresa? “I’m not good at asking for money, so after some thought and a big gulp, I let him know our biggest need was a proper facility for our Vet Team and a proper rehab center with kennel runs,” says Theresa. “We would like to make that dream come true”, they replied. The new NMDR Vet and Kennel building is in the works as I write this story and Theresa estimates they’ll be moving in by Christmas. In addition to their own mission, National Mill Dog Rescue invested $80,000 to construct a custom building space for a national pet food bank. “We are the central hub in this region. It’s another way for us to help support like-minded non-profits across the U.S.,” she says.


National Mill Dog Rescue www.MillDogRescue.org 719-445-6787



richdesignshome.com | 719.475.1200 | f


An entirely new concept is opening this fall and redefining senior living in Colorado Springs

Province has partnered with Food Network star, Beau MacMillan on their dining experiences

By: Joshua Cates

NEW IS GOOD. NEW KEEPS YOU CURIOUS AND MOVING FORWARD. Familiar allows you to settle in and feel at home. It feels natural and relaxed. At Province Springs, a new senior living community in Colorado Springs, you’re invited to keep your familiar while adding a dash of new.


Your home is where you relax and unwind. It’s where you host celebrations, small gatherings and nights in. It’s your place to make your own. So, it’s no surprise that American Seniors Housing Association research shows that overall satisfaction with your living environment depends on how strongly you feel “at home.” While the feeling of being at home includes the level of comfort and quality of your community, it also consists of the connection you feel with the staff and residents, and the sense of control and independence you have there. Recognizing that independent living is about more than just a beautiful apartment, Province also offers the bestin-class wellness services and amenities including a spa, a salon, an indoor pool and a fitness center. They have partnered with renowned American Southwest chef and Food Network star, Beau MacMillan on their dining experiences, where you can enjoy innovative seasonal menus and 16


flexible dining options that allow you to choose when and where you want to eat.

how to manage conflict and changes throughout life.


OCCUPATIONAL: Meaningful opportunities to contribute to your community through work, volunteering and mentorship programs.

Older people are more healthy and active than ever. That’s why Province is built on the six pillars of wellness, that together, keep you connected, engaged and curious. PHYSICAL: Best-in-class dining experiences, nutritional oversight, exercise and fitness programs create your ideal physical environment. SOCIAL: Individually tailored opportunities for you to interact with friends, family and neighbors.


When you move to Province Springs, it’s because you are looking for a welcoming place of exceptional quality that supports your well-being, fosters genuine connections and embraces your independence. The team at Province never loses site of what matters to you and they’re always inspired to reach for more—just like you. Because when we do, every day becomes remarkable.

INTELLECTUAL: Classes and learning opportunities that promote sharing your personal experiences and discovering new ideas. SPIRITUAL: An open and inclusive community where you can explore your beliefs, deepen your relationship to something larger and cultivate meaningful connections with others. EMOTIONAL: Room to enhance your most important relationships and learn


VISIT PROVINCE ONLINE OR AT THEIR LEASING CENTER 2960 Tutt Blvd, Colorado Springs 719-377-3900



richdesignshome.com | 719.475.1200 | f

FAILURE TO PLAN HAS A PRICE Preparing for your Inevitable Business Exit

Control your own destiny or someone else will – Jack Welch. By: Randy Ward, CFP® and Tim Watson, CFP®, AIF®


haven’t decided what I ultimately want to do with my business. I’m not sure when I want to step away, how much money I’ll need upon leaving to live comfortably, or even whom to sell the business to. So - how can I plan for this?” If you’ve said or thought something similar to this, you are not alone. Many business owners are either overwhelmed by the thought of exiting or are so busy fighting daily fires in their businesses that they assume they cannot plan for their eventual departure. If you aren’t sure about what you want to achieve from an exit or when you want to leave, why is it so important to decide to act today? First, we need to recognize that when owners have a passive attitude toward the irrefutable fact that they will—one way or another—leave their businesses someday, they are settling for less than the most profitable exit for themselves and their families. Second, we need to understand that preparing and transferring a company for top dollar takes time - on average, 5 to 10 years. This doesn’t happen 18


overnight! Most of those years will be spent preparing the business for a profitable transfer or, if the owner decides to sell to key employees or children (two groups who rarely have any money), giving them time to earn and accumulate enough cash to buy out the owner’s interest. The more time that owners have to design and implement income tax– saving strategies, build corporate value, strengthen executive and management teams, and begin a gradual transfer of ownership (while retaining control) to key employees or children, the more likely they are to reach their goals. Third, assuming the owner(s) decide to sell to a third party entity, we must remember that the market does not operate on a set schedule and the current valuation cycle may not create an ideal offer at exactly the same time when they are ready to sell. If the prospect of leaving your company with little to show for all of the time, effort, and passion you have put in is unacceptable to you, let’s look at your three potential options.

#1 - Wait for a Buyer Owners who wait for a third-party offer for their businesses believe that one day, a buyer will contact them, negotiate a fair price, and that will be that. This is certainly a course of action, but one that flies in the face of reality. There is a pent-up supply of businesses owned by baby boomers who, given strong interest from buyers, are clamoring to sell their companies. The simple law of supply and demand implies which kind of market sellers will face. In a buyer’s market, only the best-prepared businesses sell for top dollar. The owners of those well-prepared businesses will have made the decision to prepare their companies years ahead of the actual sale.

#2 - Liquidate

Liquidation is a common Exit Path for owners of companies whose cash flow is declining and has a low probability of improving, absent the design and execution of an alternative Exit Plan. If this description fits your company, we recommend that you meet with your tax and other advisors to do the planning necessary to create the most taxefficient liquidation possible.

Many business owners are either overwhelmed by the thought of exiting or are so busy fighting daily fires in their businesses that they assume they cannot plan for their eventual departure. #3 - Decide to Exit and Plan Accordingly Start today by asking yourself the following questions: Do you know your primary planning objectives for leaving the business, such as: Departure date? Monthly after-tax income needed to achieve family financial goals? To whom you want to leave the business? Do you know how much your business is realistically worth? Do you know how to increase the value of your ownership interest through enhancing the most valuable asset of the company – your employees? Do you know the best way to sell your business to a third party, with the goal of increasing your cash, decreasing your tax liability and reducing your risk? Do you know how to transfer your business to family members, co-owners or employees, while paying lower taxes and achieving your financial goals? Have you implemented all necessary steps to ensure that the business continues if you don’t? Have you provided for your family’s security and continuity if you die or become incapacitated? Whether you plan to exit your business in 12 months, or 12 years, there is no better time than now to begin planning and positioning your business for its eventual transition. You have worked much too hard to leave this important event to chance – accelerate through the finish line and exit on YOUR terms! ABOUT THE AUTHORS

Randy Ward, CFP® and Tim Watson, CFP®, AIF® head up the Exit Planning team at Strategic Financial Partners here in Colorado Springs and work through their 7-step exit planning process with business owners to game plan for an eventual exit. By acting as the quarterback of the Exit Plan, it allows them to know the need for subject-matter-experts and facilitate that part of the plan when needed, such as utilizing valuation experts, attorneys, ESOP specialists, and M&A consultants to make sure your goals are achieved with the highest probability of success. Randy Ward, CFP® and Tim Watson, CFP®, AIF® are Registered Representatives and Investment Advisory Representatives, Securian Financial Services, Inc., Securities Dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC, A Registered Investment Advisor. Strategic Financial Partners is independently owned and operated. 1840088 DOFU 07062017

See Advertisement Inside Front Cover

Fall 2017


By :









BR T E AD RR SH Y AW idely acknowledged as today’s preeminent NFL in-studio personality, Bradshaw currently serves as co-host and analyst for the wildly successful Fox NFL Sunday, earning three Sports Emmy Awards along the way.


personality that she had this praise for his performance, “He is not only a natural in front of the camera. He is one of the most genuine people I have ever worked with. Even with four Super Bowl rings, and all that testosterone, the man is so down-to-earth and loveable.”

Fox NFL Sunday is the country’s most watched NFL pregame show, and Bradshaw has been at the helm since its start twenty-three years ago. “It is the ear mark of a successful show when it is copied by different networks,” Bradshaw says with pride, “and we’ve been copied over and over again. We’ve created a genie in a bottle and I love working with all the guys – Curt Menefee, Jimmy Johnson, Howie Long, and Michael Strahan, as our success is based on all four of us and we all get along so well together. Our ratings far exceed any of the other sports shows combined who keep firing and hiring to try to find our magic.”

This summer NBC television is taking him, Henry Winkler, George Foreman, William Shatner and Jeff Dye on a second season of major adventures throughout Europe. Better Late Than Never, an alternative comedy series based on the South Korean format Grandpas Over Flowers, the first season ran for four episodes, filming in Tokyo, Kyoto, Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Chang Mai. It was ranked as the No. 1 new broadcast show this past summer and has been picked up for a second season. Their adventures will continue on NBC in the late summer and early fall with travels to cities in Europe yet to be revealed.

In addition to an on-going career in broadcasting, this multi-talented man has successfully tried his acting chops, appearing in Failure to Launch with Matthew McConaughey, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Bates; voiced Broken Arm Boot in the animated film Robots; and had a heck of a lot of fun with Burt Reynolds in Cannonball Run.

The five older actors/celebrities will once again navigate their way through each city — communicating with the local population, immersing themselves in local traditions and enjoying exotic food — all the while dealing with the unexpected twists and turns that any international trip presents to the unprepared travelers. As they check off items on their own personal “bucket list,” the five will rely on each other for support and encouragement and in the process, demonstrate that friendship is the ultimate gift.

Academy Award winning actress Kathy Bates was so impressed with both Bradshaw’s acting ability and


FOX NFL Sunday is the country’s most watched NFL pregame show. Bradshaw has been there since it’s start 23 years ago.


Cover Story // Terry Bradshaw

Football great Terry Bradshaw may have retired from the NFL thirty-five years ago; but the four-time Super Bowl winning Quarterback has brought his winning ability off the playing field into the broadcast booth and onto the small screen.

Fall 2017



THE FREEDOM TO BE WHO YOU ARE Sunny Vista’s legacy of quality senior care is growing stronger with the opening of our new Assisted Living and Memory Support community. Our professional staff will provide the level of care you want, so you can keep doing the things you love.

NOW ACCEPTING RESERVATIONS Visit our Discovery Center in the Sunny Vista Living Center. 2445 E. Cache La Poudre St. in Colorado Springs.


Opening Fall 2017 719.375.2352 | sunnyretreat.org 22


Although he’s under contract to not discuss the particular locations and misadventures of the series, Better Late Than Never has been great fun for Bradshaw. “I have a great working relationship with all four of the guys. I’ve become closest to Henry, and the young comedian Jeff Dye. I would constantly tell Henry animal jokes, as he is such an animal advocate, and he bought into every story I would tell him. He’d get so mad at me, ultimately saying, ‘you’ll never get me again.’ So I waited for weeks and got him again.” Although not quite as fit today as when he played for the Pittsburg Steelers, Bradshaw has a home gym filled with extensive stateof-the-art workout equipment. The driver of a delivery van dropping off additional exercise gear at his garage-turned-fitness center recently asked, “Is Mr. Bradshaw training to play football again?” The answer was no, but as active and busy as he was thirty-five years ago, the former elite athlete has an impressive exercise regimen. He walks four miles almost daily, at a seventeen minute mile or better pace, lifts weights five times a week for an hour, and tries to eat as healthy as possible.

When asking the famed Quarterback to recount a favorite football story or play, he replied without hesitation “the Immaculate Reception!” “I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and the medicine I take can make me bloated; so I am very careful about what I eat. I frequently have oatmeal or eggs for breakfast, protein for lunch such as chicken or fish as this is usually my big meal, and a salad filled with all sorts of vegetables for dinner. I drink very little alcohol. I’ve recently lost more than the twenty-five pounds I gained taking this medicine due to the water retention. I have to be pretty rigid about my exercise regime and eating routine.”

In addition to his regular workout routine, the retired all-star athlete enjoys living and spending time on his 750-acre Terry Bradshaw Quarter Horse Ranch in Thackerville, Oklahoma. The ranch borders the Red River, near the Texas border. “My uncles were cutters and ropers and I started out riding and raising roping horses, but I got hurt and the Steelers wouldn’t let me rope anymore,” Bradshaw explains. “So I started reading the Quarter Horse Journal and saw all these beautiful horses, deciding to turn part of my cattle ranch into the breeding, raising, and showing of halter horses. “Animals, in general, are all about giving back to you (except for a few of my most ornery horses.) My love for animals started at an early age, especially horses, as I love the smell of them when they sweat. My love of horses elevated from there as I always wanted a farm or ranch. In 1972, I purchased my first property and it has grown from there. We have lots of other animals as well; dogs, cats and even goats. My daughter Erin, was on a horse the moment she hit the earth; collecting Breyer Model Horses and building a miniature barn in her bedroom. Today she shows Paint Horses in the Pleasure categories.” A native of Shreveport, LA, Bradshaw attended Woodlawn High School, the program that also produced former Buffalo Bills quarterback Joe Ferguson. He went on to attend Louisiana Tech, where he still holds the single-season passing and total offense records. He was a first-team Associated Press All-America as a senior in

I started out riding and raising roping horses, but I got hurt and the Steelers wouldn’t let me rope anymore, so I turned part of my cattle ranch into the breeding, raising and showing of halter horses.

Bradshaw has won 3 Sports Emmy Awards for his work on Fox NFL Sunday 1970 and later that year received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education from Louisiana Tech. After being drafted by the NFL that same year, Bradshaw became one of the most prolific quarterbacks in the history of the game. In his four Super Bowl winning performances, he completed 49 of 84 attempted passes (nine for touchdowns) for 932 yards, with just three interceptions while amazingly calling his own plays. When asking the famed Quarterback to recount a favorite football story or play, he replied without hesitation – “the Immaculate Reception!” “The play was named that as there had to be some divine intervention during the drive,” he explains. “We were playing the Raiders in Three Rivers Field and I had just thrown three incompletions and finally gunned the ball down the field blindly to a black (Steelers) jersey, but couldn’t see the intended receiver. It was either our (John) ‘Frenchy’ (Fuqua) or the Raiders Jack Tatum who then fumbled the ball. “The Ref didn’t know who touched it last, but our Franco Harris picked it up and ran into the end zone. Then came twenty seconds of agonizing silence as the refs conferred. There was no instant replay at that time. If Tatum had touched the ball before Harris, the play would be ruled an

incomplete. But if Fuqua had his hand on the ball last, it would have been a touchdown. “Touchdown Steelers. We went on to win the game and start our march to four Super Bowl wins from 1975 to 1980, and the beginning of the Steelers–Raiders rivalry, which continues to this day,” says Bradshaw. Bradshaw has racked up numerous awards and honors during his long, diverse career. His work on behalf of those less fortunate has helped raise a tremendous amount of money and awareness while earning the gratitude and respect of countless charitable organizations. The Associated Press, SPORT magazine and the Maxwell Club of Philadelphia, following his 1978 season with the Steelers, named him NFL Player of the Year. In 1979, he shared Sports Illustrated’s Man of the Year award with Willie Stargell of the Pittsburgh Pirates. He was inducted into the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. From being honored as the only NFL player with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, to winning multiple Sports Emmy Awards in the Outstanding Sports Personality/Analyst category for his work on Fox NFL Sunday; this four-time Super Bowl winning quarterback can spiral them into the end zone like no one else.

Apparel • Jewelry Gifts • Accessories

2530A W Colorado Avenue (719) 471-4463 mackenzieandwest.com Mackenzie & West @mackenzieandwest Fall 2017


YOUR PET’S HOME AWAY FROM HOME BamPaws Stay and Play was born out of a need in our own family for quality daycare for these four-legged family members.


wo years ago, if you had asked any of us if we could see ourselves in the Pet Daycare and Boarding business, we all would have replied, “Seriously?”. But as avid dog owners, it really is no surprise that we found ourselves in this industry.

By: Laurinda Flaks

BamPaws Stay and Play is a partnership between family members, Greg and Lesley Flaks and David and Laurinda Flaks. I should also mention other influential family members in this endeavor-- Sophie, Suki, Cooper, Ryder, and Abbey. BamPaws Stay and Play was born out of a need in our own family for quality daycare for these four-legged family members. With five dogs between our two families, the need for daycare and boarding was evident. We have used many different facilities in Colorado Springs and Scottsdale, Arizona; and while each place was adequate, there always seemed to be something missing.

LEFT to RIGHT: BamPaws Founders Greg, Laurinda, David and Lesley Flaks. The name came from David’s grandfather “Bampa.”

All boarding includes daycare and personal walks with an attendant, who are trained in behavior and group play.

What really put our idea in motion was when we had to board the newest member of our family, Abbey. Abbey is a toy poodle that we rescued at a year old. We had just gotten her and she hadn’t yet bonded into our family of two Standard Poodles, Cooper and Ryder. We had dropped her off at a large daycare and boarding facility at closing time. Most of the staff were getting ready to leave when I asked if someone was there overnight. The young lady checking us in stated, “No, but we are monitored.” I asked, “What if there is an emergency?” She replied, “That is a good question,” and my question to her was, “What is a good answer?” Her answer was, “I don’t know.” As we were leaving, I said to David, “We could do such a better job.”

We get asked all the time where the name BamPaws came from. After learning an expensive lesson in trademark registration, we had to find a unique name that had never been registered before. After submitting thirty plus names with no luck, David said, “What about BamPaws?” David grew up calling his grandfather, Stanley Flaks, “Bampa.” Stanley and his wife, Regina, had built this warehouse and office building in 1972 that housed a family wholesale distribution business. As a tribute to Stan, and the opportunity to continue business in his building, it seemed only fitting.

As our conversation turned to the planning stage, we called our parents Greg and Lesley and pitched our idea. At first, they were not too excited about our proposal. We asked that they visit and tour some upscale facilities in Scottsdale. As is their nature, they took their task very seriously when researching various locations. After that, they were not only excited but also on board to start this new venture. We were fortunate to have a family owned building located downtown at 815 S Sierra Madre Street which was properly zoned for this type of business. Dave and Laurinda Flaks with Abbey, their toy poodle who put the idea of BamPaws in motion

Our standard is high touch personal care. We adore animals and consider them like our own family members. We make certain every dog or cat enjoy a safe, happy, and enjoyable stay. BamPaws Stay and Play is attended twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week in our boarding kennels. We offer three standard size kennels-- 32, 48 and 64 square feet. We also have 10 private luxury suites in three sizes - 60, 80, and 144 square feet. We don’t believe that one size fits all. All boarding includes daycare and personal walks with an attendant if requested. Our attendants are trained in dog behavior and group play. They are required to engage, interact, and monitor all dogs in their group. We have quiet time from 12:00 to 1:30. The lights are turned off, soothing music is played, and the dogs settle into an afternoon rest period. We do not believe in warehousing dogs in crates. For grooming appointments, each dog has a reserved, individual grooming session. We are not the biggest facility in the area, but we strive to be the best.

SERVICES Pet Daycare & Boarding // Attended 24-hours // Pet Spa // Grooming // Training Brand new state-of-the-art location // All luxury boarding kennels feature DogTV CONTACT (719) 471-BARK (2275) // www.BamPaws.com // 815 S. Sierra Madre, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

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Eat like royalty. Play like a local. Stay in style.

Eat like royalty. Play like a local. Stay in style.











48 HOURS IN TELLURIDE Where to Stay, Play and Eat


GOVERNOR HICKENLOOPER In our exclusive interview, Governor Hickenlooper talks holiday memories and life at The Mansion

{ Page 41

{ Page 24


48 HOURS IN TELLURIDE Where to Stay, Play and Eat


GOVERNOR HICKENLOOPER In our exclusive interview, Governor Hickenlooper talks holiday memories and life at The Mansion

{ Page 41

{ Page 24

Nashville’s Multi-Grammy Award-Winning Couple

{ Page 32

Nashville’s Multi-Grammy Award-Winning Couple

{ Page 32

An evening with


“This summer I had the privilege to sit on a back porch in Texas with an icon (and my hero) in Country Music.” Joshua Cates, Publisher

LEFT TO RIGHT: “Highways and Heartaches” cassette cover Skaggs has an amazing 15 Grammy Awards to his name Hanging out on the porch in Gruene, Texas


s a young boy, how could I forget the summer of 1983. My Dad, an oilman working in the heart of Texas, had my rag tag behind shadowing him around the oilfields of small towns like Ballinger, Coleman and Paint Rock, Texas. There was nothing glamorous about it, but it didn’t matter because all I could remember was the music Dad was playing as we cruised down the road. I was a little guy, barely 5 years old at the time, but the beat of that song was hypnotic to me. Instantly I was drawn to the sound of the banjo, asking my Dad, ‘what is that instrument,’ and proceeding to tell him I was going to play that one day (more about that later). The artist ringing through the speakers 28


of Dad’s Ford F-150 was none other than Ricky Skaggs and the song was Highway 40 Blues, which Skaggs had just released earlier that year. Fast forward to this past spring and the chance meeting of a lifetime. I was in my office on a call and my wife happened to walk by and give me that look of wonder because she could tell I was up to something! On the other end of the phone was Ricky’s Publicist telling me that Ricky Skaggs and his band Kentucky Thunder had a scheduled performance at Gruene Hall, just 45 minutes from my house. Instantly I thought ‘pinch me.’ Not only was I going to meet and interview one of my favorite artists of all time, but he would be performing in the oldest dance hall in Texas. The best part

yet – I’d get to take my Dad, who introduced me to Ricky’s music 34 years earlier. Of course I jumped at the opportunity and we made arrangements for the meeting and interview. Now, if you’ve ever had the chance to meet someone you admire, then you must admit it’s a bit of an out of body experience. There’s naturally a nervousness and anxious spirit that says ‘hey man, don’t mess this up.’ What I found was that my hero was a humble, gentle man who was more than accommodating and pleased to meet us. The interview took place right next to Gruene Hall, where a series of cool old cabins right out of a movie scene perch over the lawn behind Gruene Hall, with the faintest whisper of the bands at the other honky tonks filling the evening air.

Sitting on the back porch, Ricky talked about his legacy as an artist and how he enjoys taking care of his band members and keeping them busy with a very full performance schedule. “I love the opportunity to be with the guys. I feel like a Papa, like I’m responsible for their well being and to keep them working,” says Skaggs. “These boys are keeping me young. In the past, I was so tired after a 2-hour show, I used to not like doing autographs. But after getting my health in check and losing over 75 pounds, I have an entirely new love and respect for people and our fans. I’m grateful and thankful for what I get to do,” he says.

Ricky talked so much about his admiration for The Father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe, and how much he honors the man who taught him so much. “Back in 2007 I had a deal with Gibson, as they produced a limited run on a mandolin modeled after the worn and torn mandolin Bill Monroe played for so many years,” says Skaggs. “This model I’m holding now is pretty close to Bill Monroe’s mandolin that’s now in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. We went back and studied pictures from the 1950’s and I feel this mandolin is pretty close to what he played,” continues Skaggs.

This model I’m holding now is pretty close to Bill Monroe’s mandolin that’s now in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

LEFT: Ricky Skaggs and I hanging out before his show RIGHT: Ricky Skaggs signing my Sonny Osborne Chief banjo

RICKY SKAGGS A LIFE FULL OF MUSIC Born in Cordell, Kentucky 15 Grammys Started playing at age 5

Later that evening, as my Dad and I enjoyed a front-row seat at the concert, I was in awe of the talent displayed by Ricky Skaggs and his entire band. Being that close to my hero playing Highway 40 Blues and so many other favorites, I was instantly transported back to that day as a 5 year old boy when I first fell in love with Bluegrass music. Ricky Skaggs struck his first chords over 50 years ago, and as a 15-time Grammy Award winner, he has more than left his mark on the music charts and those of us who love his music.

Now about that banjo - almost 20 years ago I stumbled across an old banjo and started learning to play. However, it wasn’t until my mid-30’s that I truly realized how special it is to play an instrument and allow the soul of that instrument to resonate through your entire body. Today I have the privilege of owning a beautiful banjo, a 2006 Sonny Osborne Chief - and wouldn’t you know, Ricky was kind enough to pen his signature on the inside of my banjo during our interview. What a treasured signature and one I’ll cherish for years to come.

Appeared on TV at age 7 1971 entered professional music CMA Entertainer of the Year CMA Male Vocalist of the Year Founded Skaggs Family Records Billboard Magazine’s Artist of the Year CMT’s 40 Greatest Men of Country Music International Bluegrass Music Association Album of the Year Fall 2017


All cancer is scary, and oral cancer is no exception. Catching suspicious lesions early is the most important step in a successful outcome.



Dentists look at more than just teeth. By: Dr. Charles Sabadell, DDS

Dental Exams Dental exams are important to maintain oral health. A thorough dental exam includes checking the teeth and gingiva (gums), but it also includes a thorough examination of the soft tissues of the mouth and oro-pharynx (tonsils and upper throat). Specific areas your dentist should look include the roof of your mouth, floor of the mouth, the sides of and underneath your tongue, your cheeks, lips, and even around the outside of your mouth. There are several conditions that can be noticed first in the oral region, but one of the most important is oral cancer. It is estimated that over 49,600 people in the United States will be diagnosed with oral cancer in 2017.

What is Oral Cancer? Oral cancer is any growth of mutated cells in the oral cavity (mouth) or the upper part of the throat. Not all cancer is 30


malignant, but many oral cancers could be. Oral cancer can appear as a sore, irritation, lump or thick patch in the mouth, lip, or throat, or a white or red patch in the mouth. More advanced stages could include a feeling that something is caught in the throat, difficulty chewing or swallowing, difficulty moving the jaw or tongue, numbness in the tongue or other areas of the mouth, or swelling of the jaw that causes dentures to fit poorly or become uncomfortable.

What Causes Oral Cancer? Tobacco and alcohol use. Most cases of oral cancer are linked to cigarette smoking, heavy alcohol use, or the use of both tobacco and alcohol together. Using tobacco plus alcohol poses a much greater risk than using either substance alone. HPV. Infection with the sexually

transmitted human papillomavirus (specifically the HPV 16 type) has been linked to a subset of oral cancers. Age. Risk increases with age. Oral cancer most often occurs in people over the age of 40. Sun exposure. Cancer of the lip can be caused by sun exposure.

What Type of Cancer is Found in the Mouth? The most common type of oral cancer is called squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). SCC usually occurs on the surface of the affected tissues, and can appear as a color change (usually red or white), and ulceration, or an asymmetrical mass. Other types of cancers that occur are salivary gland tumors, bone tumors, and lymphomas. It is important to note that not all oral cancers are malignant, but they should all be addressed as early as possible.

How is Oral Cancer Diagnosed? Your dentist will do a thorough examination of all the hard and soft tissues in and around your mouth. This should include visual inspection of your teeth, gums, and lips, feeling your cheeks for lumps, and moving your tongue up and to each side to see the floor of your mouth as well as the sides of your tongue. They may ask you to say “Ahh” in order to see your soft palate, uvula, and tonsils. Your dentist is looking for anything that doesn’t look like normal oral tissues. However, they cannot know for sure whether something is or is not cancer by the way it looks. The only way to know for sure is by putting a piece of the questionable tissue under a microscope. Of course, that means that some (or all) of the lesion must be surgically removed from the mouth. This is called a biopsy. After the biopsy is completed, the surgeon (or your dentist) will discuss the results with you, and go over your options.

What can be Done? Early stage cancers are much easier to treat than later stage cancers that have progressed. Treatment modalities can range from simple excision (cutting the cancer out) to more advanced treatments to include chemotherapy and/or radiation. If your general dentist finds a suspicious lesion, they will likely refer you to a specialist for further evaluation and treatment. All cancer is scary, and oral cancer is no exception. Catching suspicious lesions early is the most important step in a successful outcome. We encourage you to see your dentist regularly, and ask for an oral cancer screening with every exam.

ABOUT Author Dr. Charles Sabadell, DDS is located in Colorado Springs with Dr. Monica Dobbin, DDS and Dr. Richard Dobbin, DDS.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call (719) 473-5122 730 Cheyenne Boulevard Colorado Springs, CO 80905

Oral Cancer: Causes and Symptoms & The Oral Cancer Exam. (2015, September). https://www. nidcr.nih.gov/OralHealth/Topics/OralCancer/ AfricanAmericanMen/CausesSymptoms.htm NIH Publication No: 15-6424 Cancer Stat Facts: Oral Cavity and Pharynx Cancer. https://seer.cancer.gov/statfacts/html/oralcav.html

Fall 2017


Dr. Larson flying his 1966 Beechcraft Bonanza en route to the Leadville Airport.



Special Feature




WELCOME TO HOUSE CALLS The inspiration behind this feature came from my desire to profile medical leaders in our community who live life with intention and pursue greatness no matter the endeavor. Each doctor was personally interviewed to learn more about their passions and hobbies and most importantly - what takes away their stress after a long day. Working with longtime Colorado Springs Photographer, Don Jones, we brought these stories to life through his beautiful photography; truly capturing each doctor’s personality in a way words cannot express. The doctors’ passions outside of medicine are a perfect illustration of the inspiring diversity that enriches our Colorado Springs community, characterized by a relentless pursuit of excellence and pioneering spirit. Joshua Cates, Publisher & Founder

Photography by: Don Jones, Studio 9 Commercial Photography Fall 2017




Special Feature




719-531-5400 COderm.com


Dr. Reagan Anderson - Dermatologist


Outdoor Enthusiast

There is something calming to the soul while out in nature early in the morning, when the air is brisk and the day is full of possibilities.



Dr. Reagan & Angela Anderson

olorado Springs residents Angela and Reagan Anderson are outdoor enthusiasts who can often be found trekking one of the many local trails with their rescue dogs, Snoopy and Lucy. “There is something calming to the soul while out in nature early in the morning, when the air is brisk and the day is full of possibilities. We feel very grateful to have access to such beauty in our backyard,” says Dr. Anderson. Connecting to nature while living an active lifestyle helps both Angela and Reagan stay grounded so they have the energy to help others.

Reagan is a Dermatologist and Angela spends her free time, after working a “9 to 5” job, as an Independent Beachbody Coach. She helps people of all ages achieve fitness goals that might have always seemed out of reach and can be contacted at BeTheChangeHWF@gmail.com “What you focus on grows. We all have the ability to define our lives or let life define us. The life Reagan and I chose to live is one of nurturing our own health & wellness while helping others discover theirs in different ways,” says Angela.



Special Special Feature Feature



Dr. Chad SCHOOLEY Urban Farmer

The kids, the chickens and the rabbits share this large garden where we grow mint, raspberries, tomatoes, peppers and so much more. It’s a wonderful way to live.”





Dr. Chad Schooley

r. Chad Schooley is faced with stressful, highpaced cardiac calls and patient emergencies all the time. From his home on Cascade Avenue, a few blocks from Penrose Hospital, he can hear emergency helicopters approach when patients suffering heart attacks and other cardiovascular emergencies are flown in. Schooley is an Interventional Cardiologist at Colorado Springs Cardiology, a Centura Health Clinic. The doctor’s Old North End neighborhood home provides a comforting, fascinating retreat, as Schooley and his family have created an urban farm with beloved chickens and rabbits, bountiful vegetable plants and fruit trees. Schooley, his wife and three children moved to Colorado Springs in 2003 and bought their beloved home ten years later. The

property was built in 1913 and included a large, covered chicken coop that inspired the start of the family’s passion for urban farming. Their six adult chickens, which they have raised and cared for since they were all tiny chicks, are the kids’ favorite pets. For Schooley, spending time with his family, caring for the chickens and their urban farm companions is an excellent way to slow down and find fulfillment outside of medicine.“We got the chickens right after we moved in. The kids just love them and they’ve always taken great care of them, picking the eggs and cleaning the coop,” Schooley said. “The kids, the chickens and the rabbits share this large garden where we grow mint, raspberries, tomatoes, peppers and so much more. It’s a wonderful way to live.”



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Larson became a pilot primarily to teach his son Eric. Father and son fly their 1966 Beechcraft Bonanza up in the skies at least a few times per month.


Dr. Wallace Larson - Orthopedic Surgery CENTURA ORTHOPEDICS



Dr. Wallace LARSON Pilot


Dr. Wallace Larson


r. Wallace Larson moved to Colorado Springs more than thirty years ago and has enjoyed flying, one of his favorite hobbies, to the fullest. He has always been fascinated by aviation and he enjoys the precision and discipline of being a certified flight instructor. Larson earned his private pilot certificate in 1986 and eventually his flight instructor and instrument flight instructor certificates. He became a pilot primarily to teach his son, Eric. Larson is not the first or only family member to fly: his father was an aviation navigator in World War II; his father-in-law, Charlie, was a private pilot and Charlie’s father was a flight instructor for Army Air Force pilots

during WWII. His son-in-law is a pilot in the U.S. Air Force and his son, Eric, completed his first solo flight at the age of 16 and has earned multiple ratings, including instrument flight instructor. Larson is a surgeon at Centura Orthopedics who specializes in hand, wrist and upper extremity surgery, and his son is a financial manager for Penrose-St. Francis Health Services. Father and son fly their 1966 Beechcraft Bonanza up in the skies at least a few times per month from Meadow Lake Airport in Peyton. “Flying has been a wonderful hobby and I really enjoyed teaching Eric to fly. We still enjoy flying together,” Larson said.



Special Special Feature Feature

719-428-2202 IHWCwellness.com


Dr. Michael Barber - Medical Director




Dr. Michael BARBER

Their level of training is remarkable; I’m still amazed at my dogs’ capabilities when you release them on a command and watch them in the field. ”

Field Trial Labradors



Dr. Michael Barber

abradors have been common place in the Barber household for years. Annie (pictured), is 12 ½ years old and she is their matriarch, the first accomplished dog Dr. Barber had the pleasure to train. “Years ago, I really gained an interest in learning more about well-bred, highly trained Field Trial dogs,” says Dr. Barber. Today, Dr. Barber is proud to also own Dakota, a Grand Master Pointing Lab, who’s currently close to his Master’s title, the highest AKC ranking a dog can achieve. “What I love most is their uninhibited demeanor to simply please you and love you. After a busy week, Dr. Barber enjoys getting outdoors to work with his dogs, a bond he will tell you is like nothing else. Their level of training is remarkable; I’m still amazed at my dogs’ capabilities when you release them on a command and watch them in the field,” he says proudly.

Maverick, the little guy pictured on the right, is their newest puppy. “It was so fun, because the breeder had live cameras on the puppies and mom, so we literally watched him grow until we flew out to Oregon to pick him up,” says Dr. Barber. At 12-weeks-old, Maverick is already pointing; sitting and following basic commands; even starting to water train. “It’s quite remarkable watching Maverick’s natural instincts doing what he was born to do with such a passion to learn,” say Barber. Dr. Michael Barber is the medical director of the IHWC at Garden of the Gods and was instrumental in the design and function. He brings his years of experience as a cardiologist and knowledge from years writing medical research grants to our community. His wife Angie has over 30 years of clinical experience and is the current IHWC clinical liaison and nursing coordinator.



Special Special Feature Feature

I love the diversity of amazing trails and endless supply of wildlife. I’ve seen about every animal on my rides, except for a bear thankfully.

719-473-8801 DrJohnBurroughs.com


Dr. John Burroughs - Plastic Surgeon SPRINGS AESTHETICS



Dr. John BURROUGHS Mountain Biker



Dr. John Burroughs

ountain biking is a passion many enjoy and share living in Colorado Springs. For Dr. Burroughs, he will tell you one of his favorite things about riding in the Springs area, is the diversity of amazing trails and getting outdoors to enjoy the wildlife. “I’ve seen just about every kind of animal on my rides, except a bear thankfully,” he says. For the past 18 years, mountain biking has been a part of his consistent fitness regimen. Originally from Colorado Springs, Dr. Burroughs spent 15 years in the Air Force and served all over the country practicing medicine. “11 years ago, I decided it was time to return home and fulfill a passion to start my own practice,” says Burroughs. Today that dream is a reality. With a flourishing practice and even national recognition as one of America’s “Best Doctors,” he loves to get away and engage his

mind in an entirely different manner. He will tell you that mountain biking helps him refocus; ready to give his best. “I’ve found that being on my bike is good for the entire body, mind and soul,” says John. For those of us who enjoy cycling, whether on the open road or a rocky trail, we’d agree with John that the sensory experience, comradery of meeting other riders on the trail, and covering great and scenic distances are just a few elements that make this sport so addicting. “Any local knows that great trails in our region are not in short supply,” says Burroughs. From favorite trails like Raspberry Ridge and Limbaugh Canyon to more adventurous days tackling the Stoopid Trail, John loves them all. In addition to mountain biking, Burroughs starts his day in the gym to keep fit. “Physical fitness is an important part of what keeps me focused and healthy. I feel extremely blessed to call Colorado home once again.” says Burroughs.


According to a Trulia analysis, 93.4 percent of Colorado Springs homes are above their pre-recession peak, making it the sixth-best recovery rate of the 100 metro areas examined.

By: Anne Dylan


ouston-based David Weekley Homes founded in 1976, the nation’s largest private builder, has broken ground in four Colorado Springs developments. Operating in Denver since 1993, executives have kept a watchful eye on the sleepy Colorado Springs housing market anticipating an eventual shift. Denver’s escalating home prices, along with Colorado Springs employment growth, are a few of the factors that started driving people to the area in search of quality lifestyle and affordability, reinforcing the builder’s well-timed decision to make a move to the Springs. Dustin Nelson, president of the new Colorado Springs division, explains that part of the company’s growth plan is exploring midsized and smaller markets. “Colorado Springs is one that we recognize provides valuable opportunities to pick up home sights in growing developments that give us running room.” 44


According to a Trulia analysis, 93.4 percent of Colorado Springs homes are above their pre-recession peak, making it the sixth-best recovery rate of the 100 metro areas examined. A June 2017 Market Watch report validated the boost listing Colorado Springs as number-one among “The 15 Hottest Housing Markets in the U.S.” Despite their national presence, with over 80,000 homes sold across multiple metro areas since their inception, Nelson explains that David Weekley Homes can operate like a regional home builder with a very decentralized structure so they will make product and process adjustments that are detailed for the individual markets. Boasting multiple awards that recognize their quality and attention to detail, David Weekley Homes was the first builder in the U.S. to be awarded the Triple Crown of American Home Building, an honor which includes

‘America’s Best Builder,’ ‘National Housing Quality Award’ and ‘National Builder of the Year.’ “David Weekley Homes is a large builder with a local sensibility, said Renee Zentz, CEO of Colorado Springs Home Building Association. “Their corporate culture is deeply rooted in community and they will be an asset to the local new home building industry.” Identifying Colorado Springs’ unique market, Nelson says he was struck by demographics which skew toward a mix of retirees and millennials. With that spectrum in mind, he plans to offer varied product and price points.

art exhibits, and activities year-round. Gold Hill Mesa was a natural fit for David Weekley Homes, whose model is scheduled to open there this Fall. Gold Hill Mesa executives concur that David Weekley Homes is a good fit for their business model: “We are excited to welcome David Weekley Home’s award-winning designs and world-class service to Gold Hill Mesa homebuyers,” says Stephanie Edwards, executive vice president of Gold Hill Mesa. “Their production plan to build more inventory homes will help stimulate velocity to meet our ever-growing demand. Further, we share the philosophy that choosing a place to live is about overall experience and quality of life.” Like Gold Hill Mesa’s other masterful home builders, David Weekley Homes has crafted a collection of architectural styles and specialized floorplans designed to suit life, that seamlessly complement the community’s masterplan. “We have carefully selected each builder at Gold Hill Mesa for their ability to meet and maintain our design standards,” said Gold Hill Mesa’s Chairman and Owner, Robert Hadley. “We value David Weekley Homes’ commitment to building in a traditional neighborhood development like Gold Hill Mesa, with our purposefully established operational, aesthetic, and functional guidelines, for which David Weekley Homes is well-experienced and equipped to deliver.”

Their production plan to build more inventory homes will help stimulate velocity to meet our ever-growing demand. Stephanie Edwards Gold Hill Mesa VP

With the recent announcement of being the first 1-Gigabit community in Colorado Springs, Gold Hill Mesa emphasizes connecting, be it through high-speed internet,a network of sidewalks, trails and open spaces -- or slowing down to connect with family, friends, and free time. People of all ages embrace the walkable streets, smartly designed homes, with welcoming front porches in a community that promotes a fulfilling lifestyle, rather than squandering time maintaining oversized houses and big yards -balancing qualities that make Gold Hill Mesa a sought-after community for homeowners and new builders alike.

“Along with traditional, larger single-family, we’ll do higher density product, that would be attractive to both segments,” he notes. “We do a mix that works very well in a new urban area like the Gold Hill Mesa neighborhood.” An active, outdoor enthusiast, when he moved to town from Texas with his wife and little boy, Nelson stayed near Gold Hill Mesa and was struck by its proximity to downtown, Old Colorado City, eclectic Manitou and an abundance of outdoor trails and recreation nearby. “Residents can grab their bike and backpack and be in national forest within minutes,” Nelson observed. “Everything you could want from access to work, brunch on the weekend, nightlife and entertainment, to a gamut of parks including Bear Creek’s dog park, Red Rocks, and Garden of the Gods – all accessible without getting in your car.” Along with the central location, Gold Hill Mesa offers a fitness and community center brimming with events, concerts,

Gold Hill Mesa offers a fitness and community center brimming with events, concerts, art exhibits, and activities year-round. Gold Hill Mesa was a natural fit for David Weekley Homes.

Fall 2017


Preventative Senior Living

Get a refreshed idea of what senior living is like by visiting some senior living communities.

By: Mason Cullen


think there is one dimension of healthcare we can all agree on, the benefits of preventative medicine. Preventative medicine is important from a socio-economic standpoint as it allows us to live longer happier lives free of illness, and it also keeps healthcare costs down. The interesting thing about preventative medicine that I have found while working in the senior living industry is how it applies to seniors with respect to their living arrangements. The benefits of “preventative medicine” extend to senior living in a slightly different way, although the goal and outcome are the same: being proactive to mediate a health crisis. The preventative measures I am referring to are the act of either planning ahead for a senior living solution such as assisted living or considering a continuing care retirement community with independent living and higher levels of care. In my line of work, all too often I work with families looking for immediate accommodations for a loved one who has been caught in a health crisis, and living at home alone is no longer feasible. Generally, these families have no idea how senior living works, how much it costs, or even where to find 46


Senior living has come a long way in recent years.

resources to communities available to them. The end result is generally a very anxious family, and often a very unhappy senior who is pressed to make a decision to move instead of transitioning on their own terms. Senior living has come a long way in recent years. I find that many folks I talk to have a negative predisposition about senior living that discourages them from investigating it all together.

Many seniors I counsel feel that making a transition represents a loss of independence, but they are in denial about the lack of independence they have in their own home. Furthermore, it’s difficult to visualize how detrimental a fall or other health emergency is until we are scrambling to find answers like, How am I going to get the help I need at home? So what am I suggesting as far as “preventative medicine” goes for our seniors? Find an opportunity to educate yourself on what options are available to you. Get a refreshed idea of what senior living is like by visiting some senior living communities. Who knows, you may even get a free lunch out of the deal! For more information on the multiple Brookdale Senior Living Solutions in Colorado Springs or around the nation, please visit www.Brookdale.com See Advertisement Inside Back Cover


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COOK LIKE A PRO No more overcooking with sous vide


ave you heard of cooking your food in a water bath? I hadn’t either until recently, when a friend was telling me about his new toy, the Anova precision cooker. This technique, known as sous vide (pronounced “sue-veed”), immerses the food, sealed in a bag, in a water bath. The greatest thing about this technique is the ability to achieve superior, professional-quality results at home.

WORKS WITH ANY POT The Anova precision cooker works with any type of pot and has an easy-to-use adjustable clamp so you can attach it to the side, allowing the heating element to stay submersed in the water.

PHONE APP Our phones and apps are so extremely capable and the Anova phone app boasts some impressive features. Using your smart phone and Anova app, you can start your cooking, watch video tutorials, share recipes, follow easy directions, adjust temperature and be alerted when your food is done. Leaving you to relax and enjoy a glass of wine instead of fretting over the stove. Plus, the app includes 1,000+ recipes right at your fingertips. Anova claims they offer the world’s largest collection of sous vide recipes and they’re all free.

SO WHAT IS SOUS VIDE COOKING Quite simply, sous vide (which means under vacuum in French) is a cooking technique that utilizes a precise temperature control device, combined with vacuum-sealing the food and cooking it in a water bath. Sous vide provides restaurant-quality results that are impossible to achieve through any other cooking method and it’s extremely easy.

WHY COOK WITH SOUS VIDE CONSISTENCY. Because you cook your food to a precise temperature for a precise amount of time, you can expect very consistent results. TASTE. Food cooks in its juices. This ensures the food is moist, juicy and tender. WASTE REDUCTION. Traditionally prepared food dries out and results in waste. For example, on average, traditionally cooked steak loses up to 40% of its volume due to drying out. Steak cooked via precision cooking, loses none of its volume. FLEXIBILITY. Traditional cooking can require your constant attention. Precision cooking brings food to an exact temperature and holds it. There is no worry about overcooking.

Source: https://anovaculinary.com

The Anova app includes over 1,000+ recipes, which they claim is the world’s largest collection of sous vide recipes.



Traditionally Cooked Steak vs. Sous Vide Steak The steak (bottom) cooked sous vide at 129ยบF with Anova versus the steak (top), which was pan-cooked. As illustrated in the comparison above between cooking sous vide steak and pan-cooking steak, there are important advantages to cooking sous vide over traditional methods.

Sous Vide Salmon vs. Traditionally Cooked Salmon The salmon cooked with Anova (bottom) remains a translucent pink, with a delicate, flaky texture. The pan-cooked salmon (top) has overcooked edges because the surface temperature of the pan is higher than the target cooking temperature. As it dries out, it begins to expel the white albumin.

Her vitality is important to me.

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For us, the healing and positive role of energy is at the fore of our thinking during the design/build stages of each new home.



he physics of the twenty-first century continues to bring with it powerful discoveries and affirmations of an all-encompassing energy, connecting both people and planet. At Copperleaf Homes, we believe this holds significant ramifications for the connectivity of homebuilding and wellness.

through the front door. Some of this vibe is inherent within the home’s design, color, and the textures employed in, on, and around the home. Much of this energy is due to the families living within, and some of that energy is from the intent of the ones who took great care in planning and then constructing the home.

Have you noticed that your favorite homes all seem to exude a certain vibe, feel, or energy? You can feel it as soon as you see the home or the moment you step

Yes, like all matter, there is a deep structure at work within our homes, comprising much more than what may be seen by the naked eye.

For us, the healing and positive role of energy is at the fore of our thinking during the design/build stages of each new home. Our mission statement is fixated upon tapping into this energy: “At Copperleaf Homes our mission is to thoughtfully build one-of-a-kind works of art of the highest quality and beauty for families to grow together, love together, and age together…for this is a life well lived.” Let that sink in. The noblest purpose in the design/build of any home is to create a sacred space wherein families can live together with those most committed to sharing heart, mind, and soul. Home is the place where we live together, love together and age in place together.

Homebuilding is about living, loving, and aging in place together. For this to occur, the design of the home is priority one.

At Copperleaf, homebuilding is much more than sticks and bricks. Homebuilding is about hopes and dreams and aspirations of a life well lived. It’s about creating ideal spaces that inspire us to share together in morning sunrises and evening sunsets. Homebuilding is about living, loving, and aging in place together. For this to occur, the design of the home is priority one.

Gathering Spaces Often I remind others that families traveling to Colorado may save for a year or more just to spend a brief vacation here – and yet we get to live here every day. What a blessing! Designing and building homes that capture the surrounding Colorado landscape is always an exhilarating part of any new home build. Outdoor spaces that capitalize on the mountains, plains, and rolling hills bring us into shared places that become our everyday sanctuaries and islands of sanity. Large kitchens with island seating provide great spaces to gather with friends and family. The same is true of our living rooms and great halls. When the outside joins with the inside, de-stressing is almost a given – and who doesn’t aim to lessen the stress of everyday life and gather with family and friends as we leave the work world to tomorrow’s agenda? For those privileged to design and build a home customized just for them… there is much more to accomplish than merely putting together the sticks and bricks. Building a new home is about energy; both the energy you’ll bring to the project and the energy that a well-designed home will give back to you for many years to come.

Building a new home is about energy; both the energy you’ll bring to the project and the energy that a well-designed home will give back to you for many years to come

Copperleaf Homes Model: 13610 Kitty Joe Ct., Colorado Springs 719-598-8900 / www.CopperleafHomes.com Fall 2017


LEARN MORE To enroll or learn more, please call (719) 776-4880 or visit www.Ornish.com 52


PENROSE-ST. FRANCIS ORNISH ™ LIFESTYLE MEDICINE PROGRAM This Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation program helps participants identify and accomplish sweeping changes in four areas of their lives.

The program is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of heart attacks.

The program has shown to undo years of heart damage and it’s the first of its kind.

By: Andrea Sinclair


eart disease is the No. 1 cause of death in the United States, killing nearly 800,000 people every year. In the United States, someone has a heart attack every 34 seconds and heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases claim more lives in the U.S. that all forms of cancer combined. Colorado Springs is not exempt from these alarming statistics and Penrose-St. Francis Health Services proudly introduces the Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™ Program, the first and only program scientifically proven to reverse the progression of heart disease. The Penrose-St. Francis Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™ Program transforms the lives of participants by optimizing four key areas of their lives: nutrition, stress management, activity level and emotional support. Long-term lifestyle changes require life-long commitment and by factoring every aspect of a

person’s life into the program, participants learn how to make the necessary changes to create healthier, happier lives. “This is an intensive cardiac rehabilitation program that helps participants make and sustain lifestyle changes for the long-term,” explained Dr. Robert Cadigan, the program’s medical director.

“This is not an ‘easy’ program, but it’s effective and it requires participants to be really committed to following its guidelines.” This Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation program helps participants identify and accomplish sweeping changes in four areas of their lives: what they eat, how active they are, how they respond to stress and how much love and support they have in their lives. A comprehensive, holistic approach to these four key elements empowers participants to minimize their reliance on medications, avoid future surgeries and take back control of their health.

“The program is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of heart attacks, decrease or completely do away with chest discomfort, lower the likelihood of future surgery and decrease dependency on medications,” said program coordinator Melanie Faulkender, RN. “Anyone can participate in this program and the results speak for themselves; the program has shown to undo years of heart damage and it’s the first of its kind.” The Penrose-St. Francis Ornish Lifestyle Medicine™ Program shows participants how dietary and lifestyle choices affect their lives – and how to make better choices and positive changes that will last a lifetime. People often assume that only drugs or surgical intervention can make real impacts on their condition, but simple choices, when coupled with longterm commitment, can make powerful differences in health and well-being. Fall 2017


LOOK YEARS YOUNGER WITH CELLUMA Colorado Springs Cryotherapy adds CELLUMA, a non-surgical treatment for anti-aging, pain management and acne treatments.

NO DOWN TIME: Celluma treatments can be completed in less than 20 minutes, and do not require any anesthesia or pain medication. No recovery time is required, and patients can return to normal activities immediately.

The healing power of light is both well-known and scientifically-proven. NASA has used light therapy as a way to help astronauts cope with pain and discomfort while on long space flights.



By: Greg Von Berg


n just minutes a day, you can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while experiencing an improvement in skin texture, quality, and smoothness. Using wavelengths that are scientifically proven to stimulate fibroblasts to increase collagen and elastin, Celluma’s low-level light therapy is a safe, effective, and convenient way to achieve a healthy, youthful glow in a natural, non-toxic, non-invasive manner. The healing power of light is both well-known and scientifically-proven. Used by NASA to help astronauts cope with pain and discomfort while on long space flights, and used by physicians for years as an alternative method of pain relief, Celluma LED Light Therapy now offers the ability to harness the power of light to fight both acne and the effects of sun and aging on the skin. Delivered with a revolutionary flexible light-array panel that gently molds to the shape of your body, Celluma LED Light Therapy delivers powerful yet gentle TLC for your damaged skin, targeting its healing energy through the deepest tissues of the skin to restore your skin’s healthy, youthful glow.

Left image: In a 4-week clinical trial, subjects were treated with Celluma for 30 minutes, 3 times a week, for 4 weeks. Right image: 12 weeks following the final Celluma treatment, the facial tissue maintains its rejuvenated appearance.

So how does this amazing technology work? The proprietary Celluma light array panel gently rests on the skin in order to deliver Red, Blue, and/or Infrared LED light precisely into the skin, stimulating cellular activity to reduce and control acne outbreaks (both inflammatory and non-inflammatory), reduce the visible symptoms of hyperpigmentation and sun damage, and rebuild your skin’s healthy glow from the inside out. The light gently stimulates the production of collagen and elastin for stronger, healthier skin, increases circulation and lymphatic activity and promotes cellular turnover and growth. Blue light, in particular, works by targeting the harmful bacteria at the root of many acne breakouts. The result: fresh, smooth, healthy skin that will help you look light years younger!

USES FOR CELLUMA ANTI-AGING In a clinical trial using Celluma to treat facial wrinkles; 80% of participants said that they experienced an improvement in skin texture, 77% reported an improvement in skin firmness and 66% reported an improvement in facial wrinkles after only 4 weeks.

WHAT IS LIGHT THERAPY? __________________________

Light Emitting Diode (LED) phototherapy is the application of light energy to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits. The energy is used to improve cellular performance. Phototherapy is known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties and has a variety of applications across many medical fields. Research has shown that phototherapy can: increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, decrease wrinkles, decrease inflammation, improve skin tone, texture, and clarity, ease muscle and joint pain, stiffness, spasm, arthritis, kill acne bacteria, and much more.


PAIN MANAGEMENT Celluma provides compromised cells with the energy to regain and restore vitality naturally. This process increases the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – the fuel that drives all cells. This boost of cellular energy results in a cascade of metabolic events leading to an increase in microcirculation, tissue repair, and a decrease in inflammation and pain. ACNE Celluma light therapy works safely and effectively, without abrasive chemicals, harmful UV-rays or side effects, to destroy acne-causing bacteria – not only clearing up existing blemishes but preventing future breakouts before they happen. In just minutes a day, you’ll be on your way to a clearer, smoother, more radiant complexion. WHEN CAN I EXPECT RESULTS? Celluma treatments can be completed in less than 20 minutes, and do not require any anesthesia or pain medication. No recovery time is required, and patients can return to normal activities immediately. Some mild damage can be treated with one or two Celluma sessions, but most patients require a series of treatments 2-4 times per week for several months for optimal results.

Try Celluma. We are conveniently located by Starbucks in Briargate at 9275 N. Union Phone: 719-888-0444 ColoradoSpringsCryotherapy.com



First treatment special for Living Well Readers

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According to recent data, as many as 1 in 4 men 1 currently suffer from low testosterone levels.

By: Dr. Nicholas Toepfer


hen it comes to opening up about issues, men usually aren’t the first in line to share their experiences, especially when it comes to their urological health. According to recent data, as many as 1 in 4 men currently suffer from low testosterone levels. Testosterone is the male hormone that controls development and sexual drive. Low testosterone occurs when a man’s 2 testosterone levels dip below normal. They can begin to experience symptoms such as decreased sexual drive, loss of muscle, decreased strength endurance, mood changes and concentration issues. Low testosterone is also closely linked with erectile dysfunction, or ED, which is the inability to achieve or sustain an erection suitable for sexual activity. Many men that come into my clinic often are under the impression that issues like low testosterone and erectile

dysfunction are normal and that “every guy goes through this.” While as men age, testosterone levels will naturally decrease; low testosterone isn’t something that men have to just live with. There are options. Some of the more notable options for ED include oral medications. These medications increase blood flow to the

Low testosterone and ED are problems a man can have treated at their Urologist...you don’t have to go to a ‘men’s clinic.’ penis in order to encourage erections. However, some men do not respond to medications for ED without the supplementation of testosterone.

Do you suffer from low testosterone or erectile dysfunction? Our DaVita Medical Group Urology Team is here for you. Call us today to schedule an appointment or visit our website.

(719) 475-9800 (TTY: 711) DaVitaMedicalGroup.com/CO © 2017 DaVita Inc.



Options for testosterone replacement therapy include injectable medications, topical gels and patches, or new treatment therapies like testosterone pellets, small oval shaped pellets that are placed under the skin and last six months. Testosterone pellets also eliminate the risk of transmitting the testosterone to someone else, which is a common concern with topical gels. Many men prefer this new option because it keeps the testosterone levels stable for months and the results are reproducible. Low testosterone and ED aren’t problems that require a man to get treated at a “men’s clinic.” A physician or a urologist can treat these conditions. I urge all men to talk to their physician if they are experiencing symptoms of low testosterone and ED in order to find a treatment that works best for them and their families. At DaVita Medical Group, our urologists and specialists at Medical Center Point focus on these and other common men’s health issues that are treatable. 1 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17698901 2 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17698901






un-retire AT

THERE IS MORE TO CELEBRATE AT LIBERTY HEIGHTS! CALL TODAY TO LEARN MORE OR SCHEDULE A TOUR! 719-387-8806 an orthopedic surgeon, I developed back pain at the age of 28. “As Due largely to the knowledgable instruction and my consistent practice at Sun Pilates Studio, I do not use any pain medications and have been able to completely avoid back surgery.


Retired Orthopedic and Hand Surgeon



818 S. Tejon Street | 402 W. Garden of the Gods Road www.sunpilates.co | info@sunpilates.co | 719.632.0509

TIRED OF SAYING “I’ll start next week, month, year”?

For more information contact: Angela Anderson Be the Change HWF, LLC [Health-Wellness-Fitness] Independent Beachbody Coach BeTheChangeHWF@gmail.com “Decide. Commit. Succeed.” ® - Beachbody ®

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A TOOTHACHE PAIN RUNNING DOWN MY LEG An annoying ache or sharp stab, sciatica is one of the more common conditions seen in my office. By: Dr. Deb Riekeman


n annoying ache or sharp stab, sciatica is one of the more common conditions seen in my office. It is inflammation of the sciatic nerve usually due to irritation of nerve roots at the lower back. That irritation is often due to misalignment of a vertebra which can pinch the nerve root or cause disc bulging against the nerve. The good news: most people can be helped. After a thorough case history, I perform an examination to find out the probable cause of the irritation to the nerve and make a plan to correct it. Sometimes x-rays are needed. In 37 years of practice, I’ve treated over 2,500 cases of sciatica. Of those, only three have needed surgery. My goal is to keep a patient away from drugs and surgery if at all possible.

In 37 years of practice, I’ve treated over 2,500 cases of sciatica. Of those, only three have needed surgery. My goal is to keep a patient away from drugs and surgery if at all possible.

VARIOUS CARE MODALITIES MAY BE USED: Adjustments to the spine and pelvis, muscle work and exercises of the spine and buttocks muscles, and laser to the joint to improve healing time. It could take a few weeks or a few months to correct depending on many factors. Drugs, shots, and surgery are always an option, but it is logical to try 58


natural care first and avoid possible side effects and high costs in work loss and medical expense. When I was first in practice about 1981, an elderly man came into my office with sciatic pain that was severe. He had been a bronco rider in the rodeo as a young man. I looked at the degeneration of the lower spine and thought, “I don’t know if his spine is too damaged for me to help.” I explained the problem and we agreed to give it a go. After 3 visits I didn’t see him again and I thought perhaps I was right. But several weeks later his grandson called me and said: “My family all want to thank you for making it possible for my grandfather to walk again.”

REINVENT YOURSELF Nutrition Counseling Chiropractic Care Allergy Testing Bloodwork Analysis Zerona inch loss laser Doctor assisted accelerated weight loss

They say “the proof is in the pudding,” so here’s what our patients are saying: “I had right side sciatic pain for years. Since I began chiropractic care with Dr. Deb, I can walk again without pain. My daughter recently told me, Mom you know you walk better since you’ve been seeing Dr. Deb.” - Beverly Saller “My monthly visits with Dr. Riekeman have truly helped with my sciatic nerve pain. I can now be more active for longer periods of time.” - Karen Winterbower “I had a twisting back injury almost five years ago which resulted in daily sciatic pain. After two sessions of low force chiropractic care, I have been sciatica pain-free.” - Marilyn Flores

Dr. Deborah Riekeman, D.C.

(719) 632-6988 If you are experiencing sciatic pain, we would love to help. Please call our office at 719-632-6988 to schedule an appointment. We are conveniently located at 708 North Tejon.

37 years practicing in Colorado Springs

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S E RV I N G S O U T H E R N CO LO R A D O S I N C E 1 9 5 7

THREE LOCATIONS Bob Penkhus Motor City Drive 1101 Motor City Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80905 Sales: (800) 363-1085

Bob Penkhus Mazda at Powers 7455 Test Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80923 Sales: (888) 803-6887


Bob Penkhus Mitsubishi 1115 Motor City Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80905 Sales: (844) 431-2345

AGE STRONG, LIVE LONG Care and Wellness for Older Adults By: Andrea Sinclair

F Dr. Emily Valenta

Dr. Gary Klein

Dr. Dominique Walker

Penrose-St. Francis Primary Care for Seniors is located at 3027 N. Circle Dr., Colorado Springs, Colo., 80909. Business hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.



ully committed to improving the quality of life in the communities we serve by promoting healthy aging, Penrose-St. Francis Primary Care for Seniors is devoted exclusively to serving the healthcare needs of adults aged 65 years and older. Recent health initiatives have encouraged the promotion of wellness and self-care among the elderly. Studies have shown that comprehensive and patientcentered, wellness programs consolidated in one location are most effective for aging populations. Penrose-St. Francis Primary Care for Seniors was created to provide a broad range of screening and counseling services, health education programs and management services for older adults. Specially trained healthcare professionals at Penrose-St. Francis Primary Care for Seniors are sensitive to the needs of aging adults, with a multidisciplinary care team ready to help patients live well and maintain a maximum level of independence. The care team includes three primary care physicians, a nurse practitioner, pharmacist, behavioral health counselor, health coach and a care navigator who work closely with patients and their families to meet individual healthcare needs and concerns.

We work with our patients to make sure we have an accurate and complete medication list and history, that their vaccines and immunizations are in order and that they’re taking the lowest doses possible.

“We know that there is a need to provide better, comprehensive care to our region’s aging population and this is a fresh, new approach to take care of patients in a preventive, multi-disciplinary and convenient setting,” said Dr. Gary Klein, one of the primary care physicians at Penrose-St. Francis Primary Care for Seniors. “It’s also a very effective way to prevent emergency department visits and hospitalizations that are not necessary, which happens a lot in older patients.”

To promote wellness and healthy aging, physicians and nurses work with patients and family members closely to ensure medication reconciliation and proper consumption, explained primary care physician Dr. Emily Valenta. “A major concern for aging patients is taking too many medications at the same time, not taking them correctly, or taking medications that have adverse reactions to each other,” Valenta explained.

We know that there is a need to provide better, comprehensive care to our region’s aging population and this is a fresh, new approach to take care of patients in a preventive, multi-disciplinary and convenient setting,” said Dr. Gary Klein Penrose-St. Francis Primary Care for Seniors physicians and nurses understand the unique health care needs and insurance changes faced by older adults, with care tailored to meet those needs and surpass their expectations. Keeping patients’ convenience and accessibility in mind, same-day appointments are available for registered patients, as well as on-site lab and radiology, online access to health records and reserved parking.

“We work with our patients to make sure we have an accurate and complete medication list and history, that their vaccines and immunizations are in order and that they’re taking the lowest doses possible.”

Penrose-St. Francis Primary Care for Seniors provides care for patients on a Medicare Advantage Plan through UnitedHealthcare®. To learn more, please call (719)776-4650.



Fecal Incontinence:

A Devastating Disorder with Promising Treatment Options HOW IT WORKS The InterStim system for Bladder Control and Bowel Control helps to control symptoms of overactive bladder, non-obstructive urinary retention, and chronic fecal incontinence through direct modulation of the nerve activity. The InterStim system electrically stimulates the sacral nerve which is thought to normalize neural communication between the bladder and brain 1 and between the bowel and brain 2 A new and exciting treatment option approved by the FDA in 2011 is sacral nerve stimulation.

By: Dr. William W. Lunt


ecal Incontinence is the inability to control bowel movements, causing stool (feces) to leak unexpectedly from the rectum. Incontinence may range from occasional leakage of stool to a complete loss of bowel control. This disorder is very common and is estimated to occur in over 18 million Americans.

Loss of bowel control can be devastating. It will significantly affect that person’s quality of life with damaging social and emotional implications. Due to the embarrassment that accompanies this problem, many people are reluctant to even seek medical attention.


What used to be a devastating disorder with very damaging social and emotional ramifications is now not only treatable,

but in many cases reversible, allowing complete bowel control and the return of a normal active and productive life.



Many Causes of Fecal Incontinence

Sacral Nerve Stimulation

There are many causes of fecal incontinence. The most common is an injury to the anal sphincter during child birth that only comes apparent many years later. Diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, severe Diabetes, and dementia may lead to incontinence. Surgeries to the spine or rectum and anus can cause nerve or muscle damage. Radiation treatment, especially for prostate cancer, may also impact good bowel control. No matter what the cause, the implications of this disorder are devastating.

A new and exciting treatment option approved by the FDA in 2011 is sacral nerve stimulation. This minimally invasive procedure is indicated for patients with fecal incontinence who fail more conservative therapies. Very small slender wires are inserted into the small holes in the sacrum (tail bone) where the nerves that control both the bowel and bladder muscles (sphincters) are located. The wires are connected to a small flat battery source (size of a silver dollar) that sends low-frequency stimulation to the nerves, strengthening the sphincter muscles and producing improved bowel and bladder control. The beauty of this new treatment allows individuals to be tested for 7 days with temporary stimulation wires to see if they will respond. If the fecal incontinence improves (and most do) they would then be a candidate for more permanent pacer wires to be implanted for long term sacral nerve stimulation.

Treatment Options The good news is there are exciting new treatments for fecal incontinence that can help restore bowel control. The type of therapy will depend on the cause and severity of fecal incontinence and more than one treatment option may be necessary. Initially, oral bulking agents (fiber supplements) may be used along with diet modification. Medication may be required to treat the underlying condition or disease. If these more conservative approaches are ineffective, then physical therapy may be valuable to help restore bowel control through pelvic muscle strengthening. Traditionally, if the individual with fecal incontinence failed all other conservative therapeutic approaches they were a candidate for surgery. Many of these invasive surgeries, however, show poor durability in maintaining bowel control long term. This frustration prompted many physicians to seek alternative therapies that provide better long term results.

The results of this minimally invasive procedure are astounding. Multiple scientific studies have shown greater than 85% reduction in fecal incontinence with close to 50% of individuals achieving complete bowel control. These incredible results are also durable with similar success rates past 5 years. Since its introduction, more than 85,000 people worldwide have been treated with sacral nerve stimulation. What used to be a devastating disorder with very damaging social and emotional ramifications is now not only treatable but in many cases reversible, allowing complete bowel control and the return of a normal active and productive life. If you or someone you know suffers from fecal incontinence, please call Dr. William Lunt at Associates in Gastroenterology at 719-635-7321.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. William Lunt is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in gastroenterology. He is fully trained in all endoscopic procedures, and specializes in endoscopic ultrasound. He practices in all aspects of gastroenterology but has special interests in liver disease and fecal incontinence.

Associates in Gastroenterology, PC (from left to right) Bryan Kavanaugh, MD - Michael Baker, MD - Austin Garza, MD - Erik Van Os, MD Karin Cesario, MD - James Howden, MD - Scott Swendsen, MD - William Lunt, MD Fall 2017


SKIN HAPPENS: What can you do to help yours?

Colorado Springs is a high altitude, very dry environment and skin ages and is damaged faster than in other areas because of the harmful UV rays and air pollutants. By: Dr. John Burroughs

Science-Backed Skin Care Colorado’s First Advanced Clinical Spa Coming to Colorado Springs


SkinCeuticals are designed to work synergistically with aesthetic procedures and surgery to yield dramatic skin improvement. The Springs Aesthetics team is highly trained to develop customized skin care programs, including at-home products and office-based procedures, to deliver optimal results.

Dr Burroughs

r. John Burroughs, oculofacial plastic surgeon, and medical director of Springs Aesthetics Medical Spa cares about skin. Colorado Springs is a high altitude very dry environment and skin ages and is damaged faster than in other areas because of the harmful UV rays and air pollutants. I’ve noticed over the years while practicing both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery that patients who follow a regular skincare routine and are healthy do better following surgery and procedures. Those who take care of their skin also just look better. Skin is our largest organ and one that matters tremendously as it’s one of the first The grand opening of features others notice in us.

As an example, skin resurfacing patients heal faster and better by using topical CE Ferulic. Additionally, dermal filler patients can have better and possibly even longer lasting results by using topical HA Intensifier serum. We will have the most comprehensive line of products to prevent, protect, and correct skin issues. Ranging from free-radical neutralizing and repair to physical block sunscreens to restore your skin to its healthiest, these products meet all skin needs and can be used on all skin types. These products are the best of the best and really work; making them a wise investment in your skin beauty maintenance.

our retail partnership with SkinCeuticals will be open to the public, so call for more information at 719-473-8801.

In light of this, and after diligent research, Dr. Burroughs partnered with SkinCeuticals and will open Colorado’s first Advanced Clinical Spa on September 21, 2017. Dr. Burroughs chose SkinCeuticals because their products are backed by science. SkinCeuticals pioneered cosmeceuticals which are the bridge between prescription-based ingredients and over-the-counter cosmetics. Their formulas, based on optimal concentrations of active ingredients, improve skin health, repair damage, and improve the visible signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, laxity, and hyperpigmentation.

Dr. Burroughs partnered with SkinCeuticals and will open Colorado’s first Advanced Clinical Spa on September 21st. Dr. Burroughs chose SkinCeuticals because their products are backed by science.

MBK’s Yoi Shigoto Service Program

Provides Seniors with Purpose, Supports Local Community


t’s been said, “Charity benefits the giver more than the receiver.” According to numerous studies, this statement is exemplified in the health and wellness of older adults. Fact is, seniors who participate in service programs experience significant wellness benefits as well as a greater sense of purpose and productivity. According to Tara Miller, Executive Director of MBK Senior Living’s The Palisades at Broadmoor Park community, the impact on residents who participate in the company’s Yoi Shigoto community service program has been substantial. In general, residents who take part in monthly community service activities and volunteering report higher levels

of health, happiness, and connectivity. What’s more, the program has helped to stave off issues that affect seniors such as isolation, depression, and inactivity. As part of the Yoi Shigoto program, which simply translated in Japanese is “the good work,” residents and associates regularly collaborate in community service endeavors. Local shelters, hospitals, schools, and veteran services are some of the many programs in which The Palisades has contributed to and continually serve. Most recently, the community took part in the company-wide MBKommunity for Kids fundraiser. Through the program, MBK partnered with Together We Rise, a non-profit organization focused on supporting

foster children. Monies raised purchased supplies for Together We Rise’s “Sweet Cases” - duffle bags filled with supplies for children coming into foster care, who usually have to transport their belongings in a plastic trash bag. In addition to contributing to the total $32,000 raised, residents and staff of The Palisades assembled 10 “Sweet Cases” that were then donated to a local foster care agency. “Yoi Shigoto activities add up to big results and have lasting impact – for our community and for our residents,” said Miller. To learn more about MBK Senior Living or The Palisades, visit www.mbkseniorliving.com

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If you have questions about senior living, we have answers. Aging is often difficult enough with seemingly overwhelming decisions and changes. Let us offer simple solutions. We’ll share with you information on your many options, and a helping hand to assist you on your journey.

Brookdale Bear Creek

Assisted Living Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing 1685 South 21st Street Colorado Springs, CO 80904 (719) 329-1774

Brookdale Broadmoor

Assisted Living Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care 615 Southpointe Court Colorado Springs, CO 80906 (719) 579-5000

Brookdale Monument Valley Park Assisted Living Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care 10 W. Monument Street Colorado Springs, CO 80903 (719) 635-6300

Brookdale Palmer Park

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care 2850 North Academy Boulevard Colorado Springs, CO 80917 (719) 637-0877

Brookdale Skyline

Independent Living Assisted Living Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing 2365 Patriot Heights Colorado Springs, CO 80904 (719) 667-5360

Brookdale Vista Grande Assisted Living 2780 Vickers Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80918 (719) 598-0400

Brookdale Briargate

Assisted Living 7560 Lexington Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80920 (719) 598-4200

For more information, contact one of the communities listed above. CO-P5-0515-FLY SC

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Centura Orthopedics provides you with the ultimate patient experience and excellent outcomes when undergoing orthopedic surgery. Your care, comfort and peace of mind are constantly our top priority from your first office visit, to surgery, and stay at the hospital. Whether you are an athlete, have a traumatic injury, or are seeking the best option to treat joint pain, our surgeons are committed to providing accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment options for your individual condition.

Centura Orthopedics in Colorado Springs includes: Steven R. Myers, MD

Edward S. Szuszczewicz, MD

Timothy S. Hart, MD

John H. Pak, MD

David L. Walden, MD

Wallace K. Larson, MD

Ronald O. Royce, DO

Jonathan C. Barnwell, MD

Richard P. Meinig, MD

Michael R. Schuck, MD

Sergiu Botolin, MD

Orderia F. Mitchell, MD

G. Alexander Simpson, DO

Geoffrey P. Doner, MD

Michael B. Simpson, MD

Michael E. Feign, DO

Centura Orthopedics Broadmoor 1263 Lake Plaza Drive, Suite 210A Colorado Springs, CO 80906


Centura Orthopedics Briargate 4105 Briargate Parkway, Suite 300 Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Centura Orthopedics Audubon 3010 Circle Drive, Suite 100 Colorado Springs, CO 80909


Centura Orthopedics is the official orthopedics provider for: We are part of Centura Health, the region’s leading health care network.

Centura Health does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, age, sex, religion, creed, ancestry, sexual orientation, and marital status in admission, treatment, or participation in its programs, services and activities, or in employment. For further information about this policy contact Centura Health’s Office of the General Counsel at 1-303-673-8166 (TTY: 711). Copyright © Centura Health, 2017. ATENCIÓN: Si habla español, tiene a su disposición servicios gratuitos de asistencia lingüística. Llame al 1-719-776-5370 (TTY: 711). CHÚ Ý: Nếu bạn nói Tiếng Việt, có các dịch vụ hỗ trợ ngôn ngữ miễn phí dành cho bạn. Gọi số 1-719-776-5370 (TTY: 711).

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Colorado Springs Living Well - Fall 2017 Issue  

Colorado Springs Living Well Magazine is the premier health and lifestyle magazine for El Paso Co.

Colorado Springs Living Well - Fall 2017 Issue  

Colorado Springs Living Well Magazine is the premier health and lifestyle magazine for El Paso Co.