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Wax Worms Are The Very Best For Fresh And Healthful Pet Nutrition Serving your pets the freshest food will provide them some of the best nutrients and vitamins available for birds and reptiles. When they are given that nutrition through food sources instead of vitamin supplements, just like humans, birds and reptiles are thought to be more capable of absorbing the vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients that they need. Purchasing bulk wax worms for fresh and healthy pet nutrition means you are going to always have a healthful satisfying meal readily available for your pet. Providing unmatched health benefits and overall pet and owner satisfaction, these live, fresh grubs are both a food and a nutrient supply. Many pet types and species can eat bulk wax worms. Live larvae have a tasty and flavor-rich content that pets and other animals love. Your pet deserves to have their natural instincts satisfied by catching and eating live food, while you can be assured that they are eating only good quality, protein- packed, and fat rich meals. Instead of being forced to eat meals full of artificial flavorings, stale processed ingredients and vitamins supplements, your animal will feel more like their natural self. Reptiles Perfect for all types of reptiles, wax worms make an interactive meal- time experience for frogs, lizards, turtles, and snakes. Because of their natural instinct to hunt live prey, reptiles absolutely love the experience of catching and eating live food. Wax worms really are just young larva. The wax moth’s young are packed with protein. Packed with healthful fatty nutrients that enhance your pet’s satisfaction and health, these fatty larva are also delicious. Giving wax worms to your pets is also a great way to teach kids about nature and how a reptile would hunt and eat their prey in the wild. Teaching children how to feed a reptile with wax worms is an educational experience that's also exciting and builds confidence in kids. Birds Whether you are an avid bird watcher, or raise birds in an enclosed area, wax moth larvae are a popular choice to lure or feed many species of bird. Unlike other bird feeders or seed, the live motions of the larvae appeal to the natural instincts of birds. The typical and almost automatic response for the bird when they see the motion of the worm is to move closer to capture the prey. The key to luring a bird in a safe, natural way without causing injury to or hostility from the bird is the motion of the live worms. Several species particularly are drawn to the wax worms wriggling motion and fresh smell. The motion of the worm triggers a response in bluebirds and finches and their instinct is to catch it and eat it. It is believed that cardinals are also much more easily lured in when wax worms are around. Buying bulk wax worms gives residential and commercial bird owners a lot of fresh and nutrition rich food for their birds. Often used as a positive motivation for the bird, wax worms are great for

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Wax Worms Are The Very Best For Fresh And Healthful Pet Nutrition training your bird to do tricks or behave in a particular manner. Wax worms are a terrific way to lure or feed a bird or reptile whether you are seeking to supplement your pet’s diet with healthful meals, feed or train a reptile or bird, or simply love seeing animals in their natural habitat. Using live food to teach kids how to care for a pet is a good way to get your kids engaged in the action and offer kids a learning experience while giving your pet a fresh and a healthy food alternative. You are going to routinely find high grade bulk wax worms for excellent prices when you purchase on the internet. For further particulars on Wax Worm Store, pay a visit to them at their web site,

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Wax Worms Are The Very Best For Fresh And Healthful Pet Nutrition