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Skype Feature: Video Calling “Not So Top Chef” – Digital Open on Wes – 28 – in a mood in his kitchen, which is pretty messy. Looks like he’s been cooking but it clearly isn’t going well. He needs help. He initiates a video call on his Surface Pro 3 to his sister, Sara. Cut to Sara – 30 – who answers on her Android. She’s in her daughter’s room tidying up a mess of toys before bedtime. Sara: Calling your big sister at 7 o’clock on a Friday? You must need something. Wes: She’s coming over. Sara: You’re letting the girlfriend see your place? That’s a big step for you! Wes: Yeah. So… I cooked for her. Sara’s excitement suddenly becomes slightly horrified shock. Sara: You did what? Cut to Wes, where we now see that he has made paella on the stovetop. Wes: I made paella. Everything looked good… Sara: But? Wes: The chicken is kind of… cold. Cut to Sara. She winces and, knowing Wes, she’s got a feeling she knows what went wrong here. Sara: Any chance you used frozen chicken? Wes: Maybe…

Sara: Did you defrost it? Cut to Wes, embarrassed, frustrated, and holding out for a miracle. Wes:

I cooked it.


Without defrosting it first?


Apparently. Tell me how to fix it!

Cut to Sara as she tries to deliver bad news with grace and far less judgment than she’d usually be inclined to muster. Sara:

If you keep cooking, you’ll burn the rest. But if you serve raw chicken, you’ll make her sick. So…

Cut to Wes as he comes to terms with the disaster he’s created and pivots to Plan B… which probably should have been Plan A all along. Wes:

Know any good takeout spots?

Skype - Not So Top Chef  
Skype - Not So Top Chef