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Skype Feature: PC Messaging into Video Calling “Coolest Uncle Ever” - Digital Open on Wes – 28 – in his studio, hovering over a drafting table. Architecture-related materials (blueprints, sketches, partial models) are scattered throughout the smart but cluttered space. Wes is working with a set of physical blueprints on the table and digital ones on his Surface Pro 3. He pulls up contacts on the Surface Pro 3 and opens a chat window with “Sara - Sister”. Wes (types and talks): This is ridiculous! Cut to Sara – 30, married – in her home. She’s reading on her iPad at her desk while keeping a practiced, watchful eye on her daughter - 6 - in the family room. When Wes’s message comes in, she laughs – already knows what this is all about. Sara (types and talks): Is it? Wes (on Sara’s screen): There are 13 bathrooms! Cut to Wes where we can now see that the blueprints he’s working on are for a massive house. Sara (on Wes’s screen): That is a bit above average. Wes (types and talks): Heck of a starter house. Sara (on Wes’s screen): What can I say? She dreams big. Cut to Sara, amused by her little brother, as always. Wes (on Sara’s screen): She dreams expensive. Sara (types & talks): She must have gotten that from her father. Can I see it yet? Cut to Wes as he initiates a video call out of the chat window on his Surface Pro 3. It connects and we see Sara answer via Wes’s screen. Wes: Is the coast clear? Sara looks around quickly and surreptitiously… Sara: You’re safe.

Wes turns the Surface Pro 3 to face the center of his studio (which is not visible to us... yet). Wes: Good. Top-secret info here. Cut to Sara and we see her face light up, but not what she’s looking at on her screen. Sara: What?? That’s amazing! Wes: I need to cut down on this pro bono work, but... for the moment… coolest uncle? Cut to Wes and the studio. Reveal: in the center of the studio, is the amazingly elaborate mansion to which those blueprints correspond… it’s a dollhouse. Sara: Coolest uncle ever!

Skype - Coolest Uncle Ever  
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