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From design through to manufacture we are committed to creating the perfect product for your business, and when coffee is your business you shouldn’t settle for anything less than pure brewing perfection. Which is why we think there is only So Pure.

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So Pure Platinum Fresh Brew paper

MODELS Canister content Platinum FP 121

Capacity per hour:

120 cups (120 ml)

Create your personal perfect coffee

Canister content Platinum FP100

Dispensing speed:

App. 30 sec (120 ml)

Coffee: 1 x 7,2 Litre = 2.500 gram

Coffee: 1 x 4,8 Litre = 1.600 gram

Boiler volume:

4.5 Liter

Topping: 1 x 2,3 Litre = 1.250 gram


H x W x D: 780* x 375 x 605

Chocolate: 1 x 2,3 Litre = 1500 gram

Maximum cup height:

18 cm

Power rating:

ac 1N 230V, 50 Hz, 2300 W

Water connection:

3/4” BSP

Weight (empty):

38 kg

The So Pure Platinum Fresh Brew is a real asset – your guests and staff receive a 100 percent customised taste. That even goes so far that the machine can dispense two types of fresh brew coffee with the option of de-caff. Naturally, you can also select the strength of each beverage with this member of the So Pure family. However, tastes differ, the opinions on the design of this machine are unanimous. The stylish shape is combined with all kinds of technical highlights. These include the original King brewer unit. The intelligent cup sensor and, not to be forgotten, the variable drink strength and the easily adjustable dispense height.

beautiful design and superior craftsmanship

Glass front door

Multi colour door

Larger branding area

Larger LED display for customer information

Stainless steel details on door

Rotatable cup stand for jugs

In height adjustable cup stand for medium and large

Optional selection buttons

Branding on dispense cover

Technical specifications



Digital USB photo frame

Original King brewer

Stand alone water supply

1 or 2 fresh brew canisters


• •

Sevaral payment systems

Drink settings adjustable to needs

2nd Coffee

– •

Several base cabinets (with/without cold water 3.

8 drink selections


– +


Separate key for milk, sugar and ‘start’


– +

Hygiene kit for ingredient / water contact parts

Drink strength regulation

Café Crème

• •

Various cup sizes & dispensing heights


• • ~

Separate (hot) water dispensing point


– • ~

Prepared for several payment systems

Hot chocolate

– •

Illuminated branding LED panel (low energy use)

Wiener Melange

– •

Easy in use and maintenance

Hot water

• •

Jug facility

Jug function

Cup sensor




Energy saving setting

Creamy choc


Automatic daily cleaning program



Dispense counting (total and daily nr. Of drinks)



Cold water

+ +

*Height depending on adjustable feet

• Standard + Optional

CUSTOMER BRANDING ON REQUEST Waste guide set Maintenance (cleaning) kit Key switch for free dispensing


Platinum FP 100

Platinum FP 121

± Drink prepared out of 2nd coffee canister ~ If this option is used, it will replace regular coffee

So pure platinum fresh brew paper coffee machine  

So pure platinum fresh brew paper coffee machine